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莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y

(   )1.go  over    (   )2.swim  swing    (   )3.under   study
(   )4.jump  run   (   )5.have   skate     (   )   watch
(   )7.walk  call   (   )8.catch  kangaroo  (   )9.insects   experiment

1. climb_________   2.run_________ 3. swim_______________ 4.get________ __________ 6.take__________ 7.make________________ 8.write__________
9. have_____________ 10.shop__________ 11.plant__________12.walk__________

(   )1 Thank you for _______ about your day.     A. to tell me  B. telling me   C. tell my
(   )2.Everyone _____ to get birthday cards.     A. like    B. likes   C. likes to
(   )3.I am ______ a birthday chart.           A. make    B. makes   C. making新
(   )4.Can she _____ a snowman?           A. makes   B. making  C. make
(   )5.Do you _____TV in the evening?          A. looking  B. watch  C. watching
(   )6.What___ your sister ______?            A. is,doing  B. is, do  C. do,do
(   )7.What___ the elephants ______?,doing    B. are, doing  C.are,do
(   )8. The birds_____ flying.                   A. are    B. can    C. is  
(   )9. Mother lion isn’t________.               A. walks   B. walking   C. walk
(   )10. What do ants _____ eat?           B.liking    C. like to
(   )11.Can the tigers really ____?              A. runs   B. running  C. run
(   )12.Look,the tiger______.                 A. is sleeping   B. sleeps  C. sleep
(   )13.Listen!The students______English.          A. is read   B .reading  C. is reading
(   )14.Look,the boy can______ABC.             A. writes  B.writing  C. write
(   )15.Here______ two tigers.                 A .come  B. comes  C. coming
(   )16.He_________ the desk and chairs now.      A.clean  B. is cleaning  C. cleaning
(   )17.Do you see _____ tigers?            A. some  B. any  C. a
(   )18.What ___ Sarah _____ over there?       A .is doing  B. does do   C. are doing
(   )19.I can play___ the cat.             B.and    C.with
(   )20.The elephants are drinking water____ their trunks.   B.on   C. with
(   )21.We can write E-mail _____ my computer.  B.and  C.with
(   )22.Are there______sheep in the nature park?.       A. some    B. any   C. a
(   )23.Are your friends and you walking?---________          
A.Yes, we are.    B.Yes,they are.    C. No, I’m not.
1. Are the pandas _______(爬) trees?
2. Mike likes _______(观察)insects.
3. Chen Jie is _______(捉)butterflies.
4. Let’s do some ________(实验).
5. How many ________(季节)are there in a year
6. My teachers are writing ________(报告).
7. Do you see any ________(袋鼠)?
8.Let’s ________(游泳).
9.猴子在荡秋千吗?________ the monkeys ________?
10.爸爸不在散步。Dad ________  ________.
11.妈妈每个星期写信给我。Mom ______ a _______ to me every week.
12.那些蜜蜂在做什么?What ________ the bees ________?    
13.你的同学在喝水吗?不是。________ your classmates ________ water? No, they ________.
2.counting,she,insects,is_________________________________________________. , look , tiger , the __________________________________________________.
4.trees , are , they , climbing _____________________________________________? , what , it , doing __________________________________________________?
6. see, the, lions, can, you___________________________________________?

1. The tiger is run. _______________________________________________
2. The fish is swimming. ____________________________________________
3. What is he do?__________________________________________________
4. I often walking with my mom.___________________________________
5. He’s write a letter in the study.________________________________

It’s very hot today.We are in the zoo. We can see many animals. Look, the monkey are very interesting. The baby monkey is eating an ice-cream!The mother monkeys are climbing from trees to trees. The elephants are walking.
The tigers are swimming in the lake. The bears are not eating; they are playing under a big tree.The giraffes are watching around. They want to pick up leaves. Oh, a lion is running to them. It looks very hungry.Help! 
(   )1. It’s warm today.
(   )2. The baby monkey is eating an ice-cream.
(   )3.The elephants are swimming.
(   )4. The bears are eating under a big tree.
(   )5. The giraffes want to pick up leaves. 
九、作文。(看图,描述Amy,Sarah,Chenjie,Wu Yifan,John and Zhang Peng所进行的活动)Look at the picture. There are many children in the park. Mike is picking up apples.______________________________________________________________________.

莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y



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