1. 了解小学阶段四种时态的陈述句;
2. 了解小学阶段四种时态的一般疑问句;
3. 了解小学阶段四种时态的特殊疑问句;
4. 了解祈使句及there  be结构。
 1. 询问名字:
  What’s your name? My name’s Wang Ling. 你叫什么名字?我叫王玲。
    What’s his name? His name’s Wang Gang. 他叫什么名字?他叫王刚。
    What’s her name? Her name’s Wang Fei. 她叫什么名字?她叫王菲。
 2. 询问年龄:
  How old are you? I’m twelve. 你多大了?我12岁。
  How old is he? He is thirteen.他多大了?他13岁。
 3. 询问生日:
  When is your birthday? It’s March 12th.你的生日是什么时候?是3月12日。
 4. 询问职业:
Are you a doctor? Yes, I am./No, I am not.
  What do you do? I am a teacher.你是做什么的?我是一名老师。
What’s your father’s job? He is a postman.
 5.  询问身高、体重:
  How tall are you? I am 1.58 meters tall.你有多高?我身高1.58米。
  How heavy are you? I  am 60 kilograms.你有多重?我体重60公斤。
 6. 询问喜爱的颜色:
Do you like red? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.
  What colour does he like? He likes blue. 他喜欢什么颜色?他喜欢蓝色。
 7. 询问喜爱的食品 :
  What’s your favorite food? I like chicken.你最喜爱的食物是什么?我喜欢鸡肉。
 8. 询问喜爱的学科:
What’s your favorite subject? My favorite subject is math.
 9. 询问喜爱的季节:
  What season do you like best? I like spring.你最喜欢哪个季节?我喜欢春天。
 10. 询问喜爱的运动:
What’s your favorite sport? I like playing football.
 11. 询问喜爱的动物:
  Wh at ’s your favorite animal? I like dogs. 你最喜爱的动物是什么?我喜欢狗。
  Who’s that girl? That’s Ann.那个女孩是谁?那是安。
Who’ he? He’s my father.他是谁?他是我的父亲。
 13. 询问身体状况:
  How are you today? I’m not well.你今天好吗?我不好。
  What’s the matter? My leg hurts. 怎么了?我的腿受伤了。
Do you have a cap? Yes, I do./No, I don’t.
Does he have a watch? Yes, he does./No, he doesn’t.
 15. 询问经常在固定的时间做什么事情:
  What do you do on Sunday? I play sports.你星期天做什么?我做体育运动。
  What does he do on Monday? He goes to school.他星期一做什么?他上学。
 16. 询问经常在什么时间做这样的事情:
  When do you get up? I get up at 6:00.你什么时候起床?我6:00起床。
  When does he get up? He gets up at 6:30. 他什么时候起床?他6:30起床。
 17. 询问现在正在做什么事情:
  What are you doing? I’m reading a book.你在做什么?我在看书。
  What is he doing? He is singing.他在做什么?他在唱歌。
 18. 询问将来的计划.活动安排:
What are you going to do tomorrow? I’m going to ride a horse.
What will you do next Sunday? I will go shopping.
Where are you going tomorrow? I’m going to the Great Wall.
 19. 询问所在的地点.方位:
  Where are you? I’m in front of the car.你在哪儿?我在汽车前面。
  Where were you yesterday? I was at home.昨天你在哪儿?我在家。
 20. 询问过去时间内做了什么事情:
  What did you do yesterday? I went to school.昨天你做什么了?我上学了。
 21. 询问、质疑过去所做过的事情:
  Did you go to the park last night? Yes, I did./No, I didn’t.
What’s this? It’s a pen. 这是什么?(它)是一支钢笔。
What are these? They are pens.这些是什么?(它们)是钢笔。
  How many pencils are there? There are ten. 有多少铅笔?有10支。
  How much is the book? It is ¥30.书多少钱?(书)30元。
  How much are the pants? They are ¥60. 长裤多少钱?(长裤)60元。
Who se computer is this? This is my computer. It’s mine.
Whose CDs are these? They are her CDs. They’re Ann’s.
  What colour is the duck? It’s yellow.鸭子是什么颜色?(鸭子)是黄色。
  Where is the book? It’s under the bag.书在哪儿?在书包下面。
  1.询问钟表时刻: What time is it? It’s 6:20.几点了?6点20分。
  2.询问星期: What day is today? It’s Monday.今天星期几?星期一。
What’s the date today? It’s September 1st.今天几号?9月1日。
  4.询问天气状况: What’s the weather like? It’s windy.天气怎么样?有风。
四、以Can 开头的问句:
  Can you swim? Yes,I can./No, I can’t.你会游泳吗?是的,我能。/不,我不会。
Can he go out after school? Yes, he can./No, he can’t.
I’m cold. What should I do? You should wear warm clothes.
He is angry. What should he do? He should take a deep breath.
1. 建议自己与对方一起做某事:Let’s go to school.我们上学去吧。
2. 给某物涂色: Colour it red.把它涂成红色。
3. 提醒别人看某物:Look at me.看着我。
七、the re be结构
    1. 描述某地有某人/物:
There is a lake in the nature park.自然公园里有一个湖。
There are many flowers in the garden.花园里有许多花。
    2. 一般疑问句:
    Is there a river in the park?公园里有河吗?
Is there any bread on the plate?盘子上有面包吗?
Are there any tall buildings in the village?村子里有高楼吗?
1. —_____ is on duty(值日) today? —Tom.
2. —_____ is your coat? —It’s yellow.
3. —_____ did you go yesterday? —I went to the park.
4. —____ do you get up every day? —At 7:00.
5. —____ do you go to school? —By bus.
6.  —____  are you? —I’m 158cm tall.
7. —____ is your new bike? —It’s 300 yuan.
8. —_____ is it today? —It’s Friday.
9. —____ do you like summer? —Because I can swim in the sea.
10. —_____ is your brother? —He is only four years old.
(   )1. Did you watch TV yeste rday?              A. Yes, it is.
(   )2. Are there any rivers in the park?            B. Yes, he can.
(   )3. Is this your c omic book?                  C. Yes, I did.
(   )4. Can he play the violin?                   D. Yes, she does.
(   )5. Does your sister like English?              E. Y es, there  are.
1. a, she, what, teacher, is, good(!)
2. are, we, happy, how(!)
3. milk,the, any, box, in, there, is(?)
4. river, are, any, fish, there, the, in(?)
5. any, aren’t, f lowers, there(.)
A. Sing a song, please.
B. No fishing!
C. Do sports.
D. Let’s go to school.
E. Let’s clean the classroom.
(   )1   (   )2 (   )3 (   )4  (   )5
1. —What's the matter with you?
—I hurt my foot.   
A.     B.  
2. —How do you feel?
—I feel sad.   
A.        B.  
3. —Are you taller than your brother?
—No, I'm shorter than him.   
A.         B.  
4. —What did Wu Yifan do last Monday?
—He went swimming with his friends.   
A.       B.  
5. —How did you go to Xinjiang?
—I went there by train.   
A.     B.  

一、1. Who  2. What colour  3. Where  4. When/What time  5. How
6. How tall  7. How much  8. What day  9. Why  10. How old
二、1. C 2. E 3. A 4. B 5. D
三、1. What a good teacher she is!
2. How happy we are!
3. Is there any milk in the box?
4. Are there any fish in the river?
5. There aren’t any flowers.
四、1. B 2. A 3. D 4. E 5. C
五、1. A 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. B





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