Unit1 Women of achievement-vocabulary &useful expressions测试

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Unit1 Women of achievement-vocabulary &useful expressions测试

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Unit1 Women of achievement-vocabulary &useful expressions测试



1. I’ve a         only half of what I’d hoped to do.ks5u

2. You can go out on c          that you wear an overcoat. ks5u

3. She d       all her efforts to her task.

4. The police o         the man enter the bank. ks5u

5. We a         with the waiter about the price of the meal.

6. Will you           (支持) me in my campaign for election? ks5u

7. He’s involved in the            (组织)of a new club.

8. She was ashamed of her children’s bad         (举止). ks5u

9. He fell in the water, much to the          (开心) of the children.

10. Did you          (传递) my message to my father? ks5u



11. I don’t mind what time tomorrow you arrive at my place ___________ you promise to come and help me.

A. on condition that       B. so far as              C. as well as        D. as good as ks5u

12. Wallace and Darwin didn’t agree _____different forms of life had begun

A. with the person whose                            B. on the way in which ks5u

C. on the way which                                   D. to the plan to which

13. The seller would sell the skirt for 50 dollars, but the customer ___ only half the price, and finally they agreed ____ the price.

A. supplied; on                                        B. charged; on ks5u

C. offered; with                                      D. offered; on

14. The lawyer was so kind that he devoted all his spare time he had ______ the disabled.

A. to helping                                          B. helped

C. helping                                             D. to help

15. It was only when I read this story for a second time ________to appreciate its beauty.

A. did I begin                                         B. that I began ks5u

C. then I began                                       D. had I begun

16. Only after           did people know it was not an accident, but an attack of some kind.

A. the second tower of the World Trade Centre was hit

B. did the second tower of the World Trade Centre fall ks5u

C. was the second tower of the World Trade Centre hit

D. the second tower of the World Trade Centre was fallen

17. It’s no use trying to solve problems ________. Talks are the only solution.

A. by the way of war                         B. by force

C. by communication                         D. by means

18. She knows so much about England. She       there before.

A. must be                                      B. must live  

C. must have been                                D. must have lived in

19. --Would you like to come to my birthday party?

-- ________ to go to. At what time will it start?

A: I’m very willing                                   B: I’m too willing

C: I’m sorry I have no time                      D: I hate

20. Only by shouting at the top of his voice              .

A. he was able to make himself hear

B. he was able to make himself heard

C. was he able to make himself hear

D. was he able to make himself heard



1. achieved   2. condition  3. devoted    4. observed  5. argued  6. support  7. organization  8. behavior   9. entertainment  10. deliver


11. A

解析:on condition that 只有在……的条件下,例如:You can go out to play on condition that you should come back before dark.

12. B

解析:解本题的关键是正确理解句意并理清定语从句的结构。从句意看,应该使用agree on,取“在……取得一致意见”之意。如果选C项,which在定语从句中作begin的宾语,定语从句可以改成Different forms of life had begun the way.很明显这是错误的。故选B。

13. D

解析: charge的意思是“要价”,这不是顾客的所为,故排除B;supply意为“供给”,与句意不符;offer的意思是“出价”;agree with意为“同意某人的意见”;agree on意为“(对…)意见一致”,因此,D项符合句意。

14. A

解析:he had是修饰time的定语从句,因此排除B项;在短语devote … to 中to是介词,其后应用名词或动名词,而且to不可省略,故选A。全句意思为:这名律师很热心,他的业余时间都用来帮助残疾人。

15. B

解析:本题考查的是强调句型:It is / was … that …。

16. A


17. B


18. C

解析: 从句意看,应该用must have done结构,由于地点副词前一般不能使用介词,因而选C。

19. B

解析:从答语的第二句看,他愿意去。故排除C、D项。依据too …to表肯定的用法,确定最佳答案为B。


解析:依据“only+状语”放在句首时,主句倒装的规则,排除A、B项;依据make oneself done,确定答案为D。

源 莲山 课件 w w
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