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1.On such a sunny day,lying on the beach is really relaxing.
2.Regular exercise is a part of a healthy lifestyle.
3.Don't respond to any emails requesting personal information,no matter how official they look.
4.Dad is afraid of waking up late,so he always has an alarm at the end of his bed.
5.The manager always has a lot of things to do.He lives a stressful life.
6.I often miss my grandmother who lives in a remote(遥远的)mountain village.
7.Sue bought a portable(手提式的)computer so that she could carry it here and there.
8.Wait a moment.I have something urgent(紧急的)to discuss with you.
9.This evening,my secretary will send you my documents(文件)by email.
10.Many people now often complain(抱怨)that there are always too many ads on TV.
1.I want to listen to some latest news.Please turn on the radio.
2.She took off her coat and hung it on the wall.
3.Fish can't live without water.
4.I tried my best to study so that I made great progress.
5.No delay!We urgently(urgent) need these books.
6.—What's the matter with you?
7.You were supposed(suppose)to come here an hour ago.
8.Your complaint(complain)may make the manager angry.What he needs is your solution.
9.The bottle is filled(fill) with fruit juice.
10.They plan to get married(marry) in this spring.
In 2012,Anshu Gupta and his wife Meenakshi heard about an earthquake and they wanted to help the victims (受害者)by donating clothes.As the Guptas looked at their collected clothing,they were surprised.They had so many extra clothes!The Guptas began to wonder how many people just left these clothes in their homes.
Gupta remembered one time when he visited a village after an earthquake.He saw an aid organization throw clothes at the people from a truck without any care or respect for how the people felt.The people were so shocked and troubled by this event that they would not use the clothes.
As Anshu and Meenakshi looked at the clothes,they had an idea.They wanted to start a new clothing organization which collects clothing all year—not just at times of crisis (危机).So the Guptas began their organization and called it GOONJ.GOONJ encourages people with more than enough clothes to donate.It also wants to change the way people think about giving away clothes.One of the biggest problems with clothes donation is that you give what you have,not give what people need.Often,you do not give away old clothes as a gift.Instead,you just throw them away.But someone who is using your‘second hand’ used material is doing you a service.They are extending(延长)the life of a material.“We need to move the importance away from the giver's pride,” Anshu Gupta said.
GOONJ hopes to make sure the clothing is given to people who can use it,so it sorts the clothing.GOONJ does not give the clothes away for free.Instead,it helps organize projects that improve the community (社区).People receive clothes in return for their community work.Gupta believes this helps the receiver have respect because they have earned the clothes.It also helps the receiver be proud of what they have done to help their community.
1.What happened in the aid event?
A.The donated clothes couldn't meet the victims' needs.
B.A truck with clothes got into trouble in a village.
C.The victims threw away the donated clothes.
D.The victims were badly treated.
2.The organization GOONJ aims to         .
A.provide clothes for people in need
B.gather clothes in a special way
C.help earthquake victims
D.serve the community
解析:细节理解题。根据第三段的“GOONJ encourages people with more than enough clothes to donate.”可知。
3.We can learn from the text that GOONJ is         .
A.attractive      B.interesting
C.mysterious  D.considerate
4.What's the best title for the text?
A.The Guptas  B.Helping hand
C.Love in the world  D.Clothes and respect
If you make a close friend in school,you will be the most fortunate.A true friend is someone who stays with you for life.  1   teaches that this is right.A good friendship is not easily   2  .
It is possible that we simply do not stay in one place long enough for a   3   friendship to develop.However,there can be   4   disagreement on the need for each of us to think carefully about the kinds of friendships we   5  .
To most of us,  6   are considered very important,but we need to be clear in our   7   the kinds of friendships we want.Are they to be close or   8   at arm's length? Do we want to   9   ourselves or do we want to walk on the surface? For some people,many friendships on the surface are   10   enough and that's all right.But at some point,we need to   11   that our expectations are the same as our friends' expectations.The sharing of personal experience of our tears as well as our dark dreams is the   12   way to deepen friendships.But it   13   be undertaken slowly and carried on only if there are   14   of interest and action in return.
What are some of the   15   of friendship? The greatest is the attraction to expect too much too soon. Deep relationships   16   time.Another “major difficulty” is the selfishness to think one “possesses” the other,including his time and attention.Similarly,friendships   17   actions in return.In   18   words,you must give as much as you take.Finally there is a question of taking care of the friendship.Unless you spend   19   time together,talking on the phone,and writing letters,friendships will die   20  .
[语篇解读] 本文主要讲述了友谊的重要性,详细阐述了建立友谊的过程中需要注意的一些问题。
1.A.Knowledge      B.Teachers
C.Experience  D.Parents
2.A.understood  B.formed
C.realized  D.produced
3.A.true  B.common
C.deeply  D.actually
解析:“a true friendship”与上文的“a good friendship”一致。
4.A.no  B.some
C.any  D.none
5.A.obtain  B.apply
C.want  D.appeal
解析:根据句意和下文第7空后面的“the kinds of friendships we want”可知。
6.A.disagreements  B.friendships
C.expectations  D.relationships
7.A.hearts  B.thoughts
C.actions  D.minds
解析:in our minds“在头脑中”。句意:……但是在头脑中我们要清楚我们需要什么样的友谊。
8.A.remained  B.left
C.stayed  D.kept
解析:keep “保持”,为及物动词,可用被动语态。文中表示“使友谊保持一定的距离”。
9.A.own  B.owe
C.share  D.spare
解析:share ourselves 指朋友之间相互分享。
10.A.that  B.very
C.not  D.quite
解析:根据句子下文“and that's all right”可知,对很多人来说,表面上的友谊就足够了。
11.A.make sure  B.remember
C.expect  D.check out
12.A.easiest  B.simplest
C.surest  D.hardest
13.A.can  B.need
C.will  D.must
14.A.marks  B.sights
C.scenes  D.signs
解析:sign 迹象;mark 符号,标记;sight 视力,景象;scene 景色,场面。
15.A.difficulties  B.differences
C.advantages  D.things
解析:本段讲述的是影响友谊发展的困难,即“the attraction to expect too much too soon”和“the selfishness to think one ‘possesses’ the other”,根据本段第四句也可得到暗示。
16.A.cost  B.spend
C.ask  D.take
17.A.require  B.request
C.depend  D.suggest
解析:句意:类似地,友谊需要有回报的行为。require 这里相当于need。
18.A.some  B.many
C.other  D.different
解析:in other words 换句话说,属于固定短语。
19.A.enough  B.comfortable
C.less  D.a lot
20.A.for  B.away
C.out  D.from
解析:die away“逐渐消失、停止”,符合语境。die for “为……而死”, die out “灭绝”,die from “死于……”。
A Couch Potato
When I wake up,I  turn 1.on the television and watch the children's 2.programmes(programme) and old movies 3.until about half­past ten.Then I get up,go downstairs and switch on the TV in the 4.living(live) room.During lunch,I watch the news.In the afternoon,I watch some good old films.In the evenings,I often watch soap operas.At nine thirty,if there is a good play on BBC 2,I switch 5. over and watch it.I usually switch 6.off the TV at about two o'clock.
When I take Tina,the dog,for a walk every afternoon,I always take my 7.portable(portability) TV and I sit on the wall while the dog walks round in a circle.
My wife makes it possible for me 8.to live(live) this lifestyle. We don't have much money,but we're happy.Sit down and watch TV.Here is 9.the remote control.You've got the world at your 10.feet(foot).And in your hand.Great!
Here are the information about Manchester University.It is about 200 miles far away from London,and it has the very big schoolyard.You can live in the school or near the school.They have all sorts of course.I'm sure you will find one you like it.I know you are particularly interesting in human rights.So I will see that there is anything on their website.I'll send my friend Charlie meet you at the airport when you arrived.You met him a few years ago,but he had changed a lot since then.Both your aunt or I look forward to seeing you again.
Here areis the information about Manchester University.It is about 200 miles far away from London,and it has thea very big schoolyard.You can live in the school or near the school.They have all sorts of coursecourses.I'm sure you will find one you like it .I know you are particularly interestinginterested in human rights.So I will see thatwhether/if there is anything on their website.I'll send my friend Charlie∧to meet you at the airport when you arrivedarrive.You met him a few years ago,but he hadhas changed a lot since then.Both your aunt orand  I look forward to seeing you again.

1.—Shall we have some cakes or bread?
—I prefer cakes.
2.Jack was under pressure from his father to study abroad.
3.All of us should have a balanced diet(饮食).
4.The pop star is popular among young people.He has a good social(社交的)life.
5.I think we must reduce(降低)our prices,or spend more money on advertising.
1.It's relaxing to lie(lie) on the beach on a sunny day.
2.My sister prefers dancing(dance) to drawing(draw).
3.Who can stand having(have) dinner with him?
4.Andrew prefers that they should not go(go) to the concert.
5.We are all members of society(social).
One day,a man stopped his car at the traffic lights.The woman in front of his car was going through some newspapers in her car,and when the lights changed to green she didn't go.A green light is more of an order than a suggestion,but she didn't notice.
When the lights turned red again,the woman still had not moved.The man in the car behind now started shouting and hitting his steering wheel (方向盘).
A policeman knocked on his window and asked for his driving license.“You can't fine me for what I am doing in my own car!” said the driver.The policeman replied,“I didn't want to fine you for shouting in your car.But I was directly behind you at the light,and when I saw your behaviour I said to myself,‘That man is out of control.He's going to hurt someone!’Then I noticed the cross hanging from your rear view mirror (后视镜),the bright yellow ‘Love Is a Choice’ license tag,the ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and ‘Patience Changes Things’ stickers.So I thought you might have stolen the car.”
The_man's_behaviour_did_not_reflect_his_car_stickers.But are we always who we want to be? Personal change can happen when we act like the person we hope to be.The important question is not “Who are you today?” but “Who will you be tomorrow?”
[语篇解读] 红灯时,一男子的车子停在了一位女士开的车子的后面。绿灯亮了,女士没有反应,使得男子非常恼火,他在车里大喊大叫,拍打方向盘。不一会警察来了,警察不是因为他的大喊大叫等粗鲁行为罚他,而是因为他的行为与他车子上贴了很多人生信条的行为大相径庭。
1.When the lights turned green,________.
A. the man was reading a newspaper
B.the policeman went up to the man's car
C.the woman didn't notice
D.the man started shouting
解析:细节理解题。从第一段“The woman in front of his car was going through some newspapers in her car,and when the lights changed to green she didn't go.”可知那位女士在绿灯亮的时候在看报纸,没有注意到灯,故选C。
2.The man shouted in his car because ________.
A.his steering wheel didn't work
B.the car in front was in the way
C.the police wouldn't let him go
D.the police thought he was a thief
3.The policeman went up to the man's car to ________.
A.get the man under control
B.give the man a ticket
C.tell the man to drive off right away
D.find out if the man had stolen the car
解析:推理判断题。从倒数第二段警察说的话“Then I noticed the cross hanging from your rear view mirror,the bright yellow ‘Love Is a Choice’license tag,the‘Give Peace a Chance’ and ‘Patience Changes Things’stickers.So I thought you might have stolen the car.”可知警察调查这名男子是因为怀疑这辆车可能是他偷的。故选D。
4.The underlined sentence in the last paragraph probably means ______.
A.the man didn't know what he wanted to be
B.the man didn't want to change himself
C.the man still wasn't the person he hoped to be
D.the man didn't understand the meaning of the stickers
How to Become a Top Student
Successful students use different techniques to study,which brings them more success.
 1  Here are the four techniques almost all top?performing students use.
They are regular.Almost all successful students study regularly,because they know “what you give is what you get”.If you put in regular hours of studying,then you will learn more and get better grades. 2   This will help you to study regularly.They have clear goals.All top?performing students have definite,specific goals. 3  They motivate you and drive you to study more.But make sure that you do not get carried away.Set realistic goals which can challenge you,but do not seem impossible or too difficult to achieve.
They study without strain (压力).Successful students study a lot.But they study without putting strain on themselves.Most students make the mistake of studying too hard or studying continuously for a long time. 4    Studying should be done in a balanced manner.Take a break for a few minutes,after studying for 30 or 45 minutes.Relax,walk around your room or house,or drink some water and return to studying.Such short breaks will refresh your brain and you will learn more.
 5    Studying is not something you do just because your parents ask you to do it.It's actually very important for you.Studying gives you knowledge and skills that will remain with you for the rest of your life.It gives you the ability to get a job and earn money.And successful students recognize the value of studying well.
A.This creates tension and actually slows down learning and memory.
B.But to score A grade in English,you should make well?planned efforts.
C.Set aside some hours,each day or each week,for studying.
D.Having such goals gives you a purpose to study better.
E.Learn their techniques,and you will also join their rank.
F.They finish their homework on time.
G.They give importance to study.
答案:1-5 ECDAG
W:Peter,where is your car? I haven't seen you drive to work for a long time! Did it break down—or did somebody steal it?
M:Of course not!I 1.________(give)up driving to work.I've been riding my bike to work recently.
M:Well,my office is just 2.________  stone's throw from my home.3.________(ride)my bike is 4.________(convenient)than driving and finding a parking place.
W:Really?But it would take you at least 25 minutes 5.________(ride) to your company from here.
M:Yes,sometimes 30 minutes.6.________ I love riding to work now.I love the fresh air—riding my bike helps me feel energetic.By the time I reach the office I have so much 7.________(energetic).I don't even need coffee 8.________(keep)me awake for the morning's work.
W:9.________ do you think you'll continue riding to work in the future?
M:I think so.I love not having to look through grey car windows every day.I feel like I can  see real life 10.________(go) on around me again.
1.gave 考查时态。从后面的“I've been riding my bike to work recently.”可知,我过去放弃了开车,近来一直骑自行车上班,give up 是过去的动作,因此用一般过去时。
2.a 考查冠词。a stone's throw意为“近在咫尺”。可以理解为“扔一块石头那么远的距离”,是泛指一块石头,因此用不定冠词a。
3.Riding 考查非谓语动词。这里是非谓语动词作主语,而且是指经常的或者习惯性的动作,因此用动名词形式。不定式表示具体的一次性的动作。
4.more convenient 考查比较级。从后面的than可知,这里用比较级的形式,因为convenient是多音节词,因此其前面加more。
5.to ride 考查不定式。it是形式主语,代替后面的不定式。这是“It takes sb.some time to do sth.”结构。
6.But 考查上下文的逻辑关系。前面说公司离家很近,骑自行车要花费25到30分钟的时间,但我喜欢骑自行车上班,上下文是转折关系,因此填But。
7.energy 考查名词。从后面的我甚至都不需要咖啡来提神,说明骑自行车使得我精力充沛,再分析前面的句子have so much ________,可知要填名词energy。
8.to keep 考查不定式。这里填不定式作目的状语,意为“以使我保持清醒”。
9.So 考查副词。起到承接上文的作用,意为“那么”。句意:那么你认为你还会继续骑自行车上班吗?
10.going 考查see的用法。see sth.doing sth.表示“看见某物正在做某事”。


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