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SectionⅠ WarmingUp,Pre-reading,
in search of belong to in return less than be worth
without doubt by design at war
1.She sometimes does things         just to make me angry.
答案:by design
2.China is a country           developing country.
答案:belonging to
3.The police published information on the Internet           the murderer.
答案:in search of
4.My wife bought me a gold watch on my birthday.I will give her a diamond ring on her birthday       .
答案:in return
5.The meeting has been,          ,one of the most useful meetings we have had so far.
答案:without doubt
6.I paid $50 for the MP4,but he thought it            $5 at most.
答案:was worth
7.She looks very tall,but in fact,she is         1.65 metres.
答案:less than
8.In the 1930s,the two countries were         and his father was fighting at the front.
答案:at war
1.He will pass the exam without doubt because he is always studying hard.
                       he will pass the exam because he is always studying hard.
答案:There is no doubt that
2.It took a team of the country’s artists about ten years to make it.
A team of the country’s artists      about ten years             it.
答案:spent;in making
3.I will have my house painted today.
I will                my house today.
答案:have someone paint
4.He is one member of the football club.
He           the football club.
答案:belongs to
5.The boy went into the kitchen to look for a drink.
The boy went into the kitchen                a drink.
答案:in search of
1.—A car accident happened yesterday.
—I saw it.Luckily all the people in the car       (生还).
2.As soon as the cake is done,     (移出来) it from the oven.
3.—He has bought a new house.
—Yes.He is busy         (装修) it.
4.As far as I know,the designers who      (设计) all our bank cards have made our life easier.
5.My friend Tom is          (寻找) his lost bicycle,which is said to be       (值) five hundred yuan.Both of us like the        (图案) on it,which are very       (奇特的).Though I       (怀疑) whether we can find it,I am trying my best to help him.
答案:in search of;worth;designs;fancy;doubt
1.She has done some worthwhile things during the summer vacation,and she is worthy of          (praise).
答案:being praised
2.There is still some doubt        they will go to America for their holidays this week,but there is no doubt      they will go there on May Day.
3.China is at the best time      economy is developing.
4.Claire had her luggage         (check) an hour before her plane left.
5.The problem of building a tall building remains             (settle).
答案:to be settled
6.What he has said is really true;it is not     (imagine) but reality.
7.Your desk is crowded with too many unnecessary things.Some of them should         (remove).
答案:be removed
8.Old as she was,she still         (fancy) herself to be young and beautiful.
9.We      (select) him as/to be our monitor because he was very responsible.
10.My brother is always going to school early.It is      (rarely) for him to be late.
11.The building      (design) in the 18th century is very beautiful.
12.Do you know who this new car      (belong) to?
( 语言能力)
It’s well-known that cultural relics belong 1.      the human beings rather than individuals.A lot of people try their best to search 2.      them.Some of the cultural relics 3.            (damage) while only a few 4.     (survive).All of us should increase the awareness of protecting our cultural 5.     (relic).In order to avoid this,every one of us should make 6.     (effort) to take action to protect them.There is no doubt 7.      it is our responsibility 8.        (protect) cultural relics,9.      (especial) the young people.If you take the 10.        (responsible),you will be happy and proud.It’s high time we should protect our cultural relics.
答案:1.to 2.for 3.have been damaged 4.survive
5.relics 6.efforts 7.that 8.to protect 9.especially 10.responsibility
( 思维品质)
What historical site impresses you most?I’ve always been fascinated by the pyramids in Egypt.A few years ago I braved a long queue and climbed through a narrow passage to reach the main chamber deep inside one of them.Like millions of other tourists,I marveled (赞叹) at stone-walled rooms full of the magic of this ancient civilization.
But popularity might be the destruction of such archaeological treasures.Take Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings for example.It lay untouched for more than 3,000 years until the British archaeologist Howard Carter uncovered it in 1922.Now more than 1,000 people a day walk through it.
But as more and more people visit,the temperature and humidity inside the tomb change.As a result,the beautifully decorated plaster is coming away from the rock.
In order to preserve its heritage,a replica (复制品) of the monument is being opened about 1 kilometer away from the actual burial site.Specialists have recorded every detail of Tutankhamun’s tomb and used the data to recreate it.
Adam Lowe from the organization behind the project says the copy is identical to the original.He believes visitors will want to become part of the force that protects it rather than a force that is leading to its destruction.So they won’t mind seeing a replica.
But for historian Tom Holland,a copy is still a copy.He believes that although preservation is important,there is something unique about places like Tutankhamun’s tomb.He says it was built by people who believed in the world of the spirits,the dead and the supernatural.You don’t have to believe in a god or gods to feel a place is consecrated (神圣的) and has a particular quality that can’t be reproduced.
What about you?Would you visit a replica of a monument rather than the original to help preserve it?
1.What may account for the destruction of some archaeological treasures like Tutankhamun’s tomb?
A.Climate change. B.Copies.
C.Popularity. D.Thieves.
2.What measures have been taken to preserve the heritage of Tutankhamun’s tomb?
A.Decorating the monument again.
B.Building a replica of the monument.
C.Limiting the number of visitors.
D.Moving the tomb away from the actual site.
3.The underlined word “identical” is closest in meaning to    .
A.superior B.sensitive
C.exposed D.similar
4.Historian Tom Holland may hold the opinion that    .
A.some unique ancient places can’t simply be replaced by replicas
B.visitors are advised to see replicas because preservation is first
C.ancient civilizations are consecrated and can’t be redecorated
D.visitors to ancient civilizations must believe in a god or gods

SectionⅡ LearningaboutLanguage,Using
in search of belong to be at war by design in return
think highly of take apart debate with care about be worth
1.Do you think the house was burnt down           ?
答案:by design
2.The two families          with each other.
答案:are at war
3.The brave boy             for he had saved a girl being robbed in a clever way without being hurt.
答案:was highly thought of
4.All the parents          their children’s safety and health.
答案:care about
5.Many old people having received others’ presents often give some gifts         ,showing politeness.
答案:in return
6.The worried parents who were           their missing son felt a little easier for their son had been seen somewhere some days before.
答案:in search of
7.He          his friends on the problems of life.
答案:debated with
8.This robot’s job is to          bombs that may go off.
答案:take apart
9.The film         seeing again because it is very instructive.
答案:is worth
10.It is easy to take away the possessions           others on a crowded train when getting off.
答案:belonging to
1.The bill is under      (debate) and hasn’t been passed yet.
2.There was only one        (survive) in the plane crash.
3.As we all know,he is a famous        (design).
4.Some students hold the view that universities should be centres of        (cultural).
5.I have         (rare) seen such a beautiful present.
6.Finally we got several        (prove) of his innocence.
7.The price of the        (wood) bed is reasonable,I think.
8.We are to get together at the         (enter) to our school at 8:00 a.m.
9.With a bomb      (explode),the people nearby ran away as fast as possible.
10.Real friendship is more         (value) than money.
11.The smokers don’t care      the dangers of smoking.
12.The teacher rather than the students      (be) to blame for the failure of the experiment.
13.Never before      she seen anybody who can play tennis as well as Robert.
14.Though he is a murderer,he should receive      fair trial.
15.     (evident) he is not equal to the job.
1.Begin to build your confidence,and then work through problems rather than to avoid them.
2.The machine didn’t function suddenly.I took apart it and saw if I could find out what was wrong with it.
答案:apart it→it apart
3.He doesn’t like classic music,nor I do.
答案:I do→do I
4.Our English teacher,whose humor always makes our class lively and interesting,is highly thought.
答案:在thought后加 of
5.Do you know the new rules are in debate?
( 思维品质 语言能力)
The Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world.It  1 from west to east, 2  mountains, 3 valleys and finally  4 the sea.
The Great Wall has a history of over two  5  years.People began to  6 the wall  7  the Spring and Autumn Period in Chinese history.In about 221 BC Qin Shihuang had all the walls  8 . 9 ,the Great Wall came to the world.The Great Wall is  10  6,000 kilometres long,6-7 metres high and 4-5 metres wide.In most places it is  11  enough for five horses or ten men to walk  12  along the top.It was very  13  to build  14  a great wall in the old  15 .Thousands of men  16 when they built it.The Great Wall was made not only of stones,but of millions of  17 .
Today,the Great Wall has become a place 18  interest not only to the Chinese but also to people all over the world. 19  the Egyptians feel proud of their pyramids, 20 Chinese people also feel proud of our Great Wall.
1.A.comes         B.goes
C.lies D.stands
2.A.through B.along
C.over D.across
3.A.and B.from
C.to D.through
4.A.gets B.comes
C.reaches D.arrives
5.A.thousand B.million
C.hundred D.billion
6.A.create B.design
C.form D.build
7.A.between B.at
C.in D.on
8.A.made up B.joined up
C.sent up D.put up
9.A.Since then on B.Now and then
C.From then on D.Before then
10.A.no more than B.not more than
C.less than D.more than
11.A.wide B.long
C.high D.tall
12.A.one by one B.day by day
C.side by side D.step by step
13.A.easy B.difficult
C.good D.bad
14.A.like B.look
C.so D.such
15.A.time B.history
C.countries D.enemies
16.A.killed B.died
C.murdered D.gone
17.A.life B.live
C.lives D.living
18.A.of B.with
C.for D.about
19.A.Just as B.As if
C.Look like D.Such
20.A.us B.we
C.our D.ours

SectionⅢ Grammar
1.Tom’s brother works in the company,       computers are made.
答案:where/in which
2.I live in a new house       windows face south.
3.I study in the classroom,in front of      stands a big tree.
4.(2017•北京) If we are not careful,then,we could face a kind of global chess match against very determined,super intelligent machines      objectives conflict with our own,with the real world as the chessboard.
5.The gentleman about      you told me yesterday proved to be a thief.
6.My classmate lives in Wuhan,      is one of the hottest cities in China.
7.      is known to us all,he has a gift for music.
8.The teacher is much kinder to girls than to boys,     ,of course,makes the boys very angry.
9.The old man remembered the very day      he met the country’s president.
10.I have two brothers,the taller of      is a college student.
1.Finally he reached a lonely island      was completely cut off from the outside world.
2.Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment      they live.
答案:where/in which
3.We have launched another man-made satellite,      is announced in today’s newspaper.
4.(2017•全国Ⅱ)The friendship      grew out of the experience of making that film and TheSting four years later had its root in the fact that although there was an age difference,we both came from a tradition of theater and live TV.
5.(2017•全国Ⅰ)I myself went through this searching process and found something      has changed my experience at college for the better.
6.The man      is shaking hands with my father is our headmaster.
7.This is the reason      he gave us for being late for the meeting.
8.Our English teacher told a joke during class,      made all of us burst into laughter.
9.Can you tell me the reason      you came so late?
10.Is this factory the one      you visited last year?
1.He often tells us about the role he played in the play,that made others upset.
2.There are three libraries in our school,two of them were built five years ago.
3.Which has been said above,grammar is a set of dead rules.
4.We do the same work which they do.
5.Pisa is a city,that there is a leaning tower(斜塔).
6.The teacher gave us so difficult a problem as we couldn’t solve.
7.I bought some books from the bookstore,five of that were English novels.
8.Such signs which we use in the experiment are Greek letters.
9.He lived in Beijing for two years,during when he learned Chinese.
1.The noodles were delicious.I cooked the noodles.
答案:The noodles (which/that) I cooked were delicious.
2.The factory is in the west of the city.His father works in that factory.
答案:The factory where his father works is in the west of the city.
3.They planted the trees.The trees didn’t need much water.
答案:They planted the trees which/that didn’t need much water.
4.I have a friend.Her father is an engineer.
答案:I have a friend whose father is an engineer.
5.He failed in the examination.His failure made his parents angry.
答案:He failed in the examination,which made his parents angry.
6.Ellen was a painter of birds and of nature.She,for some reason,had withdrawn from all human society.
答案:Ellen was a painter of birds and of nature,who,for some reason,had withdrawn from all human society.
7.I wish to thank Professor Smith.Without his help I would never have got this far.
答案:I wish to thank Professor Smith,without whose help I would never have got this far.
8.By 16:30,nearly all the paintings had been sold.The time was almost the closing time.
答案:By 16:30,which was almost the closing time,nearly all the paintings had been sold.
9.Maria has written two novels.Both of them have been made into television series.
答案:Maria has written two novels,both of which have been made into television series.
10.The air quality in the city has improved over the past two months.It is shown in the report.
答案:The air quality in the city has improved over the past two months,as is shown in the report.
( 思维品质)
More than 2,000 years ago,when the last shovelful(一铲) of dirt fell on the Tarracotta Warriors,it was thought that they would never see the sunlight again and would spend the rest of their “lives” guarding and protecting the first Chinese emperor,Qinshihuang,who died in 210 BC.
But things got better off these clay (陶土的) soldiers.Ever since they were discovered in Xi’an in 1974,by a group of farmers;they’ve been able to see the bigger world—traveling from one museum to the next.
They are now on display in New York at Discovery Times Square,reported the NewYorkTimes.
However,the story doesn’t end here.The roughly 2,000 soldiers found so far are estimated(估计) to be only one quarter of the total number.Moreover,scientists haven’t yet dared to touch the central tomb,which is believed to contain the body of the emperor himself.
“Partly it’s out of respect for the elders,” explained Kristin Romey,consultant(顾问) for the exhibition.“But they also realize that nobody in the world right now has the technology to properly go in and excavate(挖掘) it.”
This is true.According to ancient writings,the emperor’s tomb is circled by rivers of liquid mercury(水银) which is highly poisonous but can keep the body in good condition.Studies of the soil around the tomb also found a large amount of mercury.This makes exploring the tomb very dangerous.
The other reason that scientists have been hesitating is that they are afraid of the damage they might cause by opening the tomb.
“When we began excavating ‘the soldiers’,the minute they were exposed to air and sunlight,the pigment(颜料) just flaked off (剥落),” Romey told the FoxNews.
But he believes that the solution will come when science advances.Perhaps a visual robot can be sent into the tomb first to investigate and help figure out the best way to protect it.
In the end,scientists and historians must weigh their desire to know against the damage their digging might cause.“Archaeology,ultimately (最终),is a destructive science,” Romey said.“You have to destroy stuff in order to learn about it.”
1.What is the point of the article?
A.To tell about the mysteries of Qinshihuang’s tomb.
B.To analyze why archaeology is a destructive science.
C.To introduce the Terracotta Warriors exhibition in New York.
D.To explain the risks of further excavating Qinshihuang’s tomb.
2.What can be concluded from the article?
A.It is estimated that about 10,000 clay soldiers were buried with Qinshihuang in his grave.
B.The decision whether to open the tomb or not is likely to be influenced by the pace of technological progress.
C.The highly poisonous mercury was used by Qinshihuang to keep away those who attempt to destroy his tomb.
D.Scientists won’t excavate Qinshihuang’s tomb until they think of a good way to preserve the body of the emperor.
3.The underlined word “investigate” in the second-to-last paragraph probably means    .
A.explore B.arrange
C.take over D.settle down
4.What should scientists and historians pay attention to in their work according to the article?
A.They should respect the ancient world during their work.
B.They should always take their own safety into consideration.
C.They should balance the value and damages of their work.
D.They should have a continuous desire to know new things.
( 语言能力)
I have a classmate called Kate,1.      mother is my former English teacher.Kate is a girl 2.     is easy to get along with and we all like her.Last year Kate 3.     (take) the first place in the Speech Contest,4.      made her mother very happy and proud.I will learn from her and want 5.     (make) friends with her.I think it is worthy of 6.     (be) her friend.If I have some 7.     (difficult) in English,I will ask her for help.The New Year 8.     (come) and Kate will go to Hong Kong together with her mother.9.      we all know,Hong Kong is a 10.   (shop) paradise,where Kate intends to buy what she needs.I hope they will have a good time.
答案:1.whose 2.who 3.took 4.which 5.to make 6.being 7.difficulty 8.is coming 9.As 10.shopping
( 语言能力 学习能力)
select,fancy,design,doubt,worth,think highly of
My sister is a college student.Last Sunday she went to a clothing store and selected a dress with some fancydesigns.But to her surprise,its price was 10 thousand yuan.She doubted whether it was worth the price though she thoughthighlyof its designs.


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