课时作业(四) 必修1 
Module 4 A Social Survey—My Neighbourhood
 1.—Would you mind if I turned the TV down?
—________Do as you please.
A.Absolutely!         B.Definitely!
C.Not at all!   D.Is that right?
2.—Shall we go shopping at the weekend?
—________OK.Maybe we can find some bargains.
A.Sounding   B.Sound
C.Sounded   D.Sounds
3.They are planning to tear down these apartments and________an office building here.
A.put away   B.put off
C.put up   D.put down
4.—It’s the first time she________the beautiful scenery of the sea.
—Is that the reason why she looks so excited?
A.has seen   B.is seeing
C.sees   D.had seen
5.—Shall I make tea for you?
—No,don’t________.Thanks a lot.
A.hesitate   B.worry
C.bother   D.hurry
6.After climbing for a whole night,we finally arrived at the peak of Mount Tai,________.
A.exhausting   B.being exhausted
C.having exhausted   D.exhausted
7.—Mary________from Oxford University last year,where she________English for four years.
—No wonder she speaks English so well.
A.has graduated;studied B.graduated;studied
C.has graduated;was studying. D.graduated;studies
8.It is three years________my sister went to Japan and it will be ten days________she comes back.
A.when;after   B.since;when
C.before;until   D.since;before
9.When doing the work,we can’t________the waste of a single minute.
A.manage   B.afford
C.take   D.suffer
10.(2011•山东实验中学模拟)His mother had thought it would be good for his character to________from home and earn some money on his own.
A.run away   B.take away
C.get away   D.break away
11.(2011•山东实验中学模拟)It seems there are________people out of work because of economic crisis.Something must be done to create more employment.
A.a great many   B.a great many of
C.a great deal   D.a great deal of
12.(2011•山东青州模拟)These robots will be designed to look like people to make them more________and easier to sell to the public.
A.positive   B.attentive
C.active   D.attractive
13.(2011•江苏省南通一中模拟)The technical cooperation and cultural________between the two countries are increasing gradually.
A.revenge   B.expenses
C.exchanges   D.extension
14.At the meeting they discussed three different________to the study of mathematics.
A.approaches   B.means
C.methods   D.ways
15.(2011•成都市摸底测试)—Don’t forget to return the book in two weeks.
—________.Don’t worry about it.
A.Yes,I won’t   B.No,I won’t
C.Sorry,I wouldn’t   D.I don’t think so
 Recently,I stopped by a convenience store to get a newspaper and a bottle of drink.The young woman at the check  out__1__said,“That’ll be five dollars in all please.” She then__2__down at the paper I was buying and said,“I’m __3__all these negative (消极的) words on the front pages.I want to read some__4__news for a change.” She  then said,“__5__,I think someone should just__6__a good news newspaper—a paper with wonderful,inspirational__7__about people overcoming difficulty and doing good things for others.” She__8__me for coming in and said,“Maybe we’ll get some good news,” and she__9__.She made my day.
    The following day after my business appointments,I__10__the same store again to pick up bottled water and a newspaper, but a__11__young lady was behind the counter.As I checked out I said,“Good afternoon” and__12__her my money.She said nothing—not a word,not a smile or not a__13__.She just gave me my change and__14__a negative tone ordered “Next!”
    It __15__me right between the eyes:Two people,the same age;one made me feel__16__,but the other,well,made me feel that I had inconvenienced her by__17__.
Every morning,you should ask__18__this important question:“Who do I want to be today?‘The Grouch (不高兴的人) ’ or‘The Good News Girl’”?Your answer will go a long way toward__19__the joy and happiness that you will experience in your__20__.
1.A.bed    B.counter
C.table   D.shop
2.A.put   B.got
C.glanced    D.turned
3.A.tired of B.interested in
C.careful about D.fond of
4.A.latest B.good
C.interesting D.real
5.A.In fact   B.As usual
C.However     D.By the way
6.A.collect   B.print
C.sell   D.publish
7.A.stories   B.ideas
C.pictures   D.habits
8.A.told  B.thanked
C.praised D.congratulated
9.A.did   B.agreed
C.laughed    D.pointed
10.A.dropped by B.stood by
C.brought in D.took in
11.A.beautiful   B.different
C.clever   D.stupid
12.A.carried   B.passed
C.handed    D.showed
13.A.gesture B.movement 
C.shake  D.problem
14.A.for   B.at
C.through   D.in
15.A.caught    B.hit
C.pushed    D.saw
16.A.great B.sad
C.excited D.disappointed
17.A.moving on B.going away
C.showing up D.showing off
18.A.her B.them
C.yourself D.themselves
19.A.creating B.determining
C.sharing D.forming
20.A.home    B.office
C.study   D.life
Generations of Americans have been brought up to believe that a good breakfast is one of life essentials.Eating breakfast at the start of the day,we have all been told,and told again,is as necessary as putting gasoline in the family car before starting a trip.
But for many people the thought of food first in the morning is by no means a pleasure.So despite all the efforts,they still take no breakfast.During the past ten years the number of people who didn’t have breakfast,have increased by 33 percent.
For those who feel pain of guilt about not eating breakfast,however,there is some good news.Several studies in the last few years indicate that,for adults especially,there may be nothing wrong with omitting breakfast.“Going without breakfast does not affect performance,”said Arrold E.Bender,former professor of the nutrition at Queen Elizabeth College in London,“nor does giving people breakfast improve performance.”
Scientific evidence linking breakfast to better health or better performance is surprisingly not enough,and most of the recent works are about adults,not children,“The literature”,says one researcher,Dr Erresto at the University of Texas,“is poor”.
1.For those who do not take breakfast,the good news is that________.
A.several studies have been done in the past few years
B.not having breakfast does no harm to one’s performance
C.studies have been specially on adults
D.eating little in the morning is good for health
2.“...nor does giving people breakfast improve performance” means________.
A.anyone without breakfast does improve his performance
B.not giving people breakfast improve performance
C.having breakfast does not improve performance,either
D.people having breakfast do improve their performance
3.The word “literature” in the last sentence refers to________.
A.poems,plays,etc. B.written works on a particular subject
C.the famous works in history D.the modern stories of America
4.What is implied but NOT stated by the author is that________.
A.breakfast does not affect performance
B.Dr Erresto is engaged in research work at the Universty of Texas
C.not eating breakfast might affect the health of children
D.Professor Bender once taught nutrition in London 

1.解析: 考查交际用语。Absolutely!意为“当然!”Definitely!意为“肯定!”Is that right?意为“是这样吗?”Not at all!意为“一点儿也不!”问句为“我把电视音量调低你介意吗?”根据答语后一句“随你的便”,可知选C。
答案: C
2.解析: 考查sound的用法。sound意为“听起来”,作系动词,后常跟形容词、名词或介词短语作表语,不能用于被动语态。Sounds good/great/OK.意为“听起来不错”。句意为:“周末我们去逛街好吗?”“听起来不错。也许我们能找到减价品。”
答案: D
3.解析: 考查短语辨析。put up意为“修建”。put away意为“收好,放起来”;put off意为“推迟”;put down意为“放下;写下”。句意为:他们打算把这些公寓拆了盖一栋办公楼。
答案: C
4.解析: 考查现在完成时的用法。在This/It is the first (second,third...) time that...句型中,that从句常用现在完成时。句意为:“这是她第一次见到大海的美景。”“这就是为什么她看起来这么兴奋的原因吗?”
答案: A
5.解析: 考查动词辨析。Don’t hesitate意为“别犹豫”;Don’t worry意为“别担心”;Don’t bother意为“不用麻烦了”;Don’t hurry意为“别着急”。句意为:“需要我给你泡茶吗?”“不用,别麻烦了。多谢。”
答案: C
6.解析: 考查形容词作状语。exhausted意为“筋疲力尽的”,形容词作状语。句意为:经过一夜的攀登,我们终于筋疲力尽地登上了泰山顶。
答案: D
7.解析: 考查时态。第一空由last year可知应用一般过去时,第二空表示过去一段时间内发生的事情,故用一般过去时,选B。
答案: B
8.解析: 考查连词。“It’s/has been+一段时间+since”表示“自从……多长时间了”;“It will+一段时间+before”表示“要过……才/就……”。句意为:我姐姐去日本三年了,再过十天她就回来了。
答案: D
9.解析: 考查动词辨析。manage设法;经营,管理,afford“(通常与can,could,be able to连用)有时间或金钱去做……,供给”,take拿,suffer遭受。句意为:做这件工作时,我们不能浪费一分一秒的时间。
答案: B
10.解析: 句意为:他的母亲原以为离开家独立挣钱会对他的性格有好处。get away from在此处表示“离开”。run away逃跑;take away带走;break away背叛,脱离。
答案: C
11.解析: 句意为:看起来这儿有很多人都因为经济危机而失业了,现在必须采取措施来增加就业岗位。a great many与of连用时,其后的名词前应有限定词;D项修饰不可数名词。故选A。
答案: A
12.解析: 句意为:这些机器人将被设计成人的模样以便使它们更具吸引力,这样也就更容易卖给大众。positive乐观的;attentive专心的;active积极的;attractive吸引人的。由句意可知选D。
答案: D
13.解析: 句意为:两国之间的技术合作与文化交流正在逐渐增加。revenge报复,报仇;expense消费,花费;exchange交流,交换;extension延伸。由此可知C项符合句意。
答案: C
14.解析: 本题的关键词是题干中的介词to,只有approach才能跟to搭配使用。句意为:他们在会上讨论了三种不同的研究数学的方法。
答案: A
15.解析: 考查特殊句式。上一句是否定祈使句,再结合答语的后一句可知说话人不会忘记,所以选择B项,意思是“是的,我不会忘记”。
答案: B
[语篇解读] 有一天我去便利店买报纸和水,碰到了一个乐观而开朗的女收银员,我们相谈甚欢,这一天我很快乐;而第二次,我却碰到了另外一个冷漠的女收银员……后来发生了什么呢?让我们从文章中寻找人生的真谛。
1.解析: 从下文11空后的counter提示可知,此处表示“收银台”,故选B。
答案: B
2.解析: 她向我买的报纸瞥了一眼(glanced)说:“我早就厌烦了(tired of)头版的那些消极的东西了,我想读些好点儿的(good)东西,换换口味。”这里glance at是固定词组,表示“对……看一眼,瞥见”。
答案: C
3.答案: A
4.解析: 这里表达的意思应该与negative相反,所以选good,也可从6空后的提示得到答案。
答案: B
5.解析: 实际上(In fact),我认为人们应该出版(publish)一些只有好消息的报纸。
答案: A
6.答案: D
7.解析: 报纸上应该讲些美好的、鼓舞人心的故事,讲述人们如何克服困难……这里用stories表示“故事,事情”,选A项。
答案: A
8.解析: 这个女收银员对我能够光顾她们的便利店表示了感谢,所以用thanked。
答案: B
9.解析: 从上文可知,我们告别的时候,彼此都很高兴,所以她应该是“笑着”跟我说再见的,用laughed。
答案: C
10.解析: 第二天,我又顺路经过这家店。drop by顺便经过,stand by站在……旁边,bring in引进,take in欺骗;让……进入,根据语意选A项。
答案: A
11.解析: 从上下文可知,这次的收银员不是上次的那个,用different。
答案: B
12.解析: 我买了报纸和水后,给了她钱,所以用handed,表示“交给……”。
答案: C
13.解析: 但这个收银员什么也没说,微笑也没有,甚至连一个手势都没有。所以根据上下文,该空用gesture,表示“手势,姿势”。
答案: A
14.解析: in a negative tone表示“用消极的语调”,故选D。
答案: D
15.解析: 从上下文可知,这让我非常震撼。此处hit表示“使某人突然想起”。
答案: B
16.解析: 从上文可知,第一个收银员让我感觉非常好,所以用great,但第二个收银员给我的感觉好像是我的出现(showing up)给她带来了很多麻烦和不便。
答案: A
17.解析: move on表示“向前进;继续”,go away表示“走开”,show off表示“炫耀”,都与语境不符。
答案: C
18.解析: 从上下文可知,你每天早上都要问问自己,所以用反身代词yourself。
答案: C
19.解析: 从语境可知,这将决定着(determining)你人生(life)中要经历的幸福和快乐。此处determine决定。create创造,share分享,form形成,都与语境不符。
答案: B
20.答案: D
[语篇解读] 本文先讲传统观念,强调早餐的重要性;再讲最新研究成果,表明不吃早餐不会影响工作和健康,通过对比来阐述最新研究成果。   
1.解析: 推理判断题。根据文章第三段的内容可知。
答案: B
2.解析: 推理判断题。题中这句话是承接前面的否定句“Going without breakfast does not affect performance”,nor 修饰improve,由此可知这句话的意思是:吃早餐也不会提高工作效率。
答案: C
3.解析: 词义判断题。根据recent work(作品)和researcher(学术研究者)可推测出literature是“著作”的意思。
答案: B
4.解析: 推理判断题。从文章最后一段可知不吃早餐可能会影响小孩的健康。
答案: C






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