We’re encouraged to be nice to other people. However, many people 1 to be nice to the environment.
Nature has 2 the alarm and global warming is quite a big 3 today in the 21st century. Carbon dioxide
is the largest pollutant. That 4 causes greenhouse gases to stay in the earth’s atmosphere, 5 the
temperature of the globe, causing abnormal weather and melting glaciers in the north and south.
Simple things we can do every day can help 6 the earth, prevent the extinction of animals such as the
polar bear, and make the earth a 7 place to live in for us and future generations to come.
I’ve found tons of carbon dioxide are sent out by cars every day, 8 to the climate crisis. So I decide to
take 9 now to publicize the danger of carbon dioxide, or 10 do something worthwhile to help slow
the rise of the weather.
There are many ways for me to help reduce global warming. I often choose public 11 , buses, for example.
This can 12 money and energy. I prefer to bike or walk whenever I can. Somehow, I’ve 13 my body
and grown muscles 184 the preference. If I have to go to a place and I can’t walk, I’ll share a car with others.
I feel very 15 that New York city has decided to popularize hybrid (混合的) buses.
I also try to 16 friends and family to do the same in order to reduce carbon dioxide release. If everyone
does something to help, together we can make a 17 .
People who are interested can visit the 18 www.environmentaldefense.org to work with me. I’m 19
for everyone’s support and let’s fight together to make the earth healthy, 20 and free from pollution.
1.A.resolve B.hurry C.swear D.forget
2.A.shut B.sounded C.preferred D.broken
3.A.threat B.opportunity C.mystery D.fantasy
4.A.population B.solid C.pollution D.surface
5.A.increasing B.recording C.reducing D.maintaining
6.A.destroy B.preserve C.decorate D.acknowledge7.A.quieter B.hotter C.better D.larger
8.A.leading B.admitting C.adapting D.applying
9.A.breath B.action C.cover D.offer
10.A.never B.so C.ever D.even
11.A.transportation B.space C.justification D.entertainment
12.A.produce B.combine C.economize D.employ
13.A.enquired about B.pulled up C.cared about D.built up
14.A.as for B.thanks to C.except for D.regardless of
15.A.absurd B.annoyed C.delighted D.sensitive
16.A.forbid B.urge C.warn D.permit
17.A.profit B.promise C.bet D.difference
18.A.site B.item C.channel D.charity-
19.A.guilty B.qualified C.hungry D.noted
20.A.autonomous B.digital C.enormous D.clean
Several months ago, I made a promise to myself. I had put some money in an envelope in my 1
and set an intention to give this envelope 2 to the first person I came across who 3 it.
Months passed by, and as my daily life got 4 , I was unable to keep my own 5 .Whenever I
opened my wallet and saw the 6 , I was reminded my 7 for it. and I would feel a little 8 for
not having acted upon it. The voice within told me to do 9 .
Today, while walking to work on a busy street, I passed a 10 elderly lady with her hands out on the
sidewalk. Seeing her wrinkled face and sightless eyes, I stopped 11 . Waves of sympathy washed over
me, and I 12 the envelope of money that had been lying in my wallet all these months.
I 13 the money from the envelope and bent down to her level. 14 , I took her hand, pressed
the dollar bills into her hand, and closed her fingers over them so that she could 15 the money and
understand my gesture.
When I got up, I slowly moved away. I felt like I had 16 something. I had kept my 17 to
myself. The lady slightly nodded her head. I felt 18 and moved on. Afterwards, I thought about why
such a heartwarming act had taken so long.This 19 act was a huge step toward facing and walking through my own fears around 20 . What a blessing it is to complete these generous little gestures!
1.A.coat B.pocket C.wallet D.handbag
2.A.away B.out C.back D.up
3.A.found B.deserved C.earned D.used
4.A.crazy B.easy C.cozy D.busy
5.A.attention B.principle C.belief D.promise
6.A.envelope B.note C.photo D.sign
7.A.design B.respect C.intention D.longing
8.A.disappointed B.satisfied C.surprised D.angry
9.A.anything B.something C.everything D.nothing
10.A.deaf B.weak C.tired D.blind
11.A.calmly B.gradually C.immediately D.unhappily
12.A.discovered B.ignored C.remembered D.forgot
13.A.took out B.counted out C.threw away D.added up
14.A.Nervously B.Gently C.Proudly D.Quickly
15.A.keep B.see C.accept D.feel
16.A.noticed B.explored C.achieved D.missed
17.A.idea B.experience C.word D.message
18.A.worried B.blessed C.awkward D.hopeful
19.A.effective B.practical C.common D.small
20.A.doing B.giving C.promising D.communicating
1-5.DBACA 6-10.BCABD 11-15.ACDBC 16-20.BDACD
1.考查动词词义辨析。句意:然而,很多人忘了对环境友好。 A. resolve 解决; B. hurry 匆忙;C. swear
诅咒,发誓; D. forget 忘记。结合前一句:我们被鼓励善待他人。本句中 however,然而,可知,之后的
内容和前面的内容相反。选项 D 符合题意。故选 D。
考查动词词义辨析。句意:自然界敲响了警钟,在 21 世纪的今天,全球变暖是一个相当大的威胁。 A. shut
关闭;B. sounded 发出声音; C. preferred 偏爱;D. broken 破坏。根据上下文可知,大自然已经发出了
(sounded)警报。选项 B 符合题意。故选 B。
考查名词词义辨析。句意同上。A. threat 威胁; B. opportunity 机会;C. mystery 神秘; D. fantasy 幻想。
结合下句,二氧化碳是最大的污染物,可知,这使得全球变暖是一个相当大的威胁。选项 A 符合题意。故
选 A。
天气和南北冰川的融化。句意:A. population 人口; B. solid 固体; C. pollution 污染;D. surface 表面。
高了(increasing)全球气温,导致气候异常,融化了南北极冰川。选项 C 符合题意。故选 C。
考查动词词义辨析。句意同上。A. increasing 增加 B. recording 记录; C. reducing 减少; D.
maintaining 保持。结合本句后半句,causing abnormal weather and melting glaciers in the north and south. 造成
了不正常的天气和南北冰川的融化。可知,这些污染物使全球的温度是增加了,选项 A 符合题意。故选 A。
考查动词词义辨析。句意:我们每天可以做的简单的事情可以帮助保护地球, A. destroy 破坏; B. preserve
保护; C. decorate 装饰; D. acknowledge 感谢。结合后半句 prevent the extinction of animals such as the
polar bear,阻止像北极熊这样的动物灭绝,可知,这些简单的事情是对地球的保护。选项 B 符合题意。故选
考查形容词词义辨析。句意:防止像北极熊这样的动物灭绝,让地球成为我们和子孙后代更好的居住地。 A.
quieter 更安静的; B. hotter 更热的;C. better 更好的;D. larger 更大的。根据本句后半句内容可
知,为了我们和下一代能够居住,这是有利的地方,所以此处表达的意思是让地球成为一个更利于(better)居住的地方。选项 C 符合题意。故选C。
考查动词词义辨析。句意:我发现汽车每天排放大量的二氧化碳,导致了气候危机。 A. leading 引起,
导致; B. admitting 承认;C. adapting 适应; D. applying 应用。根据上文可知,每天汽车排出
大量的二氧化碳,应给是导致气候危机。选项 A 符合题意。故选 A。
来减缓气候的上升。A. breath 呼吸;B. action 行动;C. cover 封面;D. offer 提议。take breath 呼吸;
take action 采取行动;根据 publicize the danger of carbon dioxide 可知,“我”决定现在就采取行动(action),公
开二氧化碳的危害.故选 B。
考查副词词义辨析。句意同上。A. never 从来没有; B. so 如此;C. ever 曾经;D. even 甚至。根据语境,
语意上是比之前采取行动程度更深,做一些有意义的事情。与上一句为递进关系。故选 D。
考查名词词义辨析。句意:我经常选择公共交通工具,比如公共汽车。A. transportation 交通 ; B. space
空间;C. justification 正当理由; D. entertainment 娱乐。根据下文中的提示词“buses”可知,此处应
该指公共交通(transportation)。选项 A 符合题意。故选 A。
考查动词词义辨析。句意:这样可以节省金钱和能源。A. produce 制造;B. combine 结合; C. economize
节省,节约;D. employ 雇佣。根据上文可知“我”选择的交通方式是公共交通,按照常识,这样可以节省
(economize)钱和能源。选项 C 符合题意。故选 C 项。
考查动词短语词义辨析。句意:不知何故,由于这种偏好,我强健了身体,锻炼出了肌肉。A. enquired about
询问,打听;B. pulled up 减速停下;C. cared about 担心,关心; D. built up 增强。根据 grown muscles 可
知,身体和肌肉是通过这样的方式增强了。选项 D 符合题意。故选 D。
考查介词短语词义辨析。句意同上。A. as for 关于,至于; B. thanks to 幸亏;C. except for 除了……
之外; D. regardless of 不管,不顾。根据 I prefer to bike or walk whenever I can 以及结合前半句,肌肉和
身体是通过这样的方式增强了,这些都是多亏了自己的偏好。选项 B 符合题意。故选 B。15.
考查形容词词义辨析。句意:我很高兴纽约市决定推广混合动力公交车。A. absurd 荒谬的,可笑的;B.
annoyed 恼怒的;C. delighted 高兴的;D. sensitive 体贴的。结合本句后半句,纽约市决定推广混合动力
情来减缓气温的上升。因而作为作者对此行为是赞同的,是高兴的。选项 C 符合题意。故选 C。
考查动词词义辨析。句意:为了减少二氧化碳的排放,我也试图敦促朋友和家人也这样做。A. forbid 禁止;
B. urge 敦促;C. warn 警告;D. permit 许可,允许;根据本句后半句,可知,下文可知,为了减少二
氧化碳的排放,应该是“我”也试着督促(urge)朋友和家人这样做。选项 B 符合题意。故选 B。
考查名词词义辨析。句意:如果每个人都能帮上忙,我们就能改变世界。A. profit 利润; B. promise
承诺; C. bet 打赌; D. difference 影响。固定搭配 make a difference,有影响,有意义。根据上下文
可知,如果每个人都做一些有利环境的事,大家一起就能有所作为,就能改变世界。选项 D 符合题意。故
选 D。
考查名词词义辨析。句意:有兴趣的人可以访问网站 www.environmentaldefense.org 和我一起工作。A. site
网站; B. item 项目,物品;C. channel 频道;D. charity 慈善。根据下文中的网址 www.environmentalde
fense.org 可知,此处填入网站(site)最合适。选项 A 符合题意。故选 A 项。
A. guilty 愧疚的; B. qualified 合格的;C. hungry 渴望的; D. noted 闻名的。be hungry for“渴望得到,
渴求”;be guilty for“因……而愧疚”;be qualified for“有……资格;能胜任……”,be noted for“因……而闻名”,
根据上文得知,If everyone does something to help, together we can make a ____17____ .作者想到每个人要都
支持的话,就会改变世界。所以此处是渴望得到每个人的支持。选项 C 符合题意。故选 C。
考查形容词词义辨析。句意同上。A. autonomous 自治的; B. digital 数码的; C. enormous 巨大的; D.
clean 干净的。根据本句后半句 free from pollution,远离污染,可知此处指的是干净的地球,选项 D 符合题
意。故选 D。
1-5.CABDD 6-10.ACABD 11-15.CCABD 16-20.CCBDB
遇到的第一个应该得到它的人,但因为生活变得繁忙, 一直没做出行动。有一天,作者遇见了一位盲人老
考查名词辨析。句意:我把一些钱放在钱包里的一个信封里。A.coat 外套;B.pocket 口袋; C.wallet
钱包;D. handbag 手袋。根据后文“and the envelope of money that had been lying in my wallet all these
months.”可知作者一直把这些钱放在钱包里的一个信封里,故答案为 C。
考查副词辨析。句意:并且达成心愿,把这个信封交给第一个人我遇见的人。A.away 离开;B.out 外面;
C.back 后面;D.up 上面。give back 归还、退还;give out 释放,放出,发出(气体、热量、气味等),在
外部;give away 赠送、捐赠;give up 放弃。根据后文内容可知作者把钱给了一位老奶奶,所以这里作者是
决定把这个装有钱的信封送给别人,give away 为固定搭配,意为"赠送,分发"符合语境,故答案为 A。
考查动词辨析。句意:把这个信封交给第一个人我遇见并值得的人。A.found 发现;B.deserved 值得的;
C.earned 赚得、获得; D.used 使用。结合语境,此处作者是想把钱给值得这笔钱的人,故答案为 B。
疯狂的;B.easy 容易的;C.cozy 温暖舒适的;D.busy 忙碌的。根据后文“I was unable to keep my_ 5.”
可知作者无法遵守自己的诺言,这是因为他的日常生活变得繁忙了,故答案为 D。
注意;注意力;B.principle 原则;C.belief 相信、信赖、信仰;D.promise 承诺。根据前文“A couple of months
ago, I made a promise to myself”可知作者对自己做出了一个承诺 ,此处作者因为生活繁忙,没法遵守自己
的承诺.故答案为 D。
考查名词辨析。句意:无论什么时候我打开钱包,就会看到这个信封。A.envelope 信封;B.note 笔记、注解; C.photo 照片;D.sign 标志、符号。根据前文“I had put some money in an envelope”可知作者在钱
包里放了个信封,所以每次作者打开钱包都会看到这个信封,故答案为 A。
考查名词辨析。句意:每当我打开钱包,看到这个信封,我就会想起(放)这个信封的目的。A.design 设
计;B. respect 尊重;C.intention 目的、意图; D. longing 渴望。根据语境可知信封使作者想起来自
己在钱包放着信封的目的,故答案为 C。
为还没有采取行动感到有点失望。A.disappointed 失望的;B.satisfied 满意的;C.surprised 惊讶的;D.angry
去这件事,作者应该是失望的,故答案为 A。
考查不定代词辨析。句意:内心的声音告诉我,我应该去做些什么。A. anything 任何东西;B.something
某物、某事;C.everything 一切;D.nothing 无事、无物、所有事物。根据后文“I felt like I had_ 16 something.”
可知作者把钱送给了老奶奶之后感觉自己完成了一些事 ,说明此处作者内心的声音告诉她/他要做些什
么.故答案为 B。
考查形容词辨析。句意:我从一位手伸开过马路的盲老太太身边经过。A.deaf 失聪的;B.weak 虚弱的;
C.tired 疲惫的;D. blind 失明的、盲目的。根据后文中的“sightless eyes”可知老奶奶的眼睛是看不见东西
的,故答案为 D。
考查副词辨析。句意:看到她布满皱纹的脸和失明的眼睛,我立刻停了下来。A.calmly 冷静地;B. gradually
逐渐地;C.immediately 立刻;D. unhappily 不高兴地。结合语境,可知看到这位老奶奶布满皱纹的脸和
失明的眼睛,作者应该是立刻就停了下来,故答案为 C。
考查动词辨析。句意:我想起了这几个月来一直放在我的钱包里装钱的信封。A.discovered 发现;B.ignored
忽视;C. remembered 想起;D.forgot 忘记。根据下文“I_ 13 the money from the envelope and bent down to
her level.”可知作者拿出那个信封把信封给了老奶奶,所以此处作者想起了那个信封,故答案为 C。
13.考查动词短语辨析。句意:我把钱从信封里拿出来,弯下腰去和她平齐身子。A.took out 拿出;B.counted
out 算出来;C.threw away 扔掉浪费;D. added up 加起来、总计。根据前文“the envelope of money that had
been lying in my wallet all these months.”可知此处作者是把钱从信封里拿出来给老奶奶,故答案为 A。
考查副词辨析。句意:我轻轻地握住她的手。A.Nervously 紧张地; B.Gently 轻轻地;温柔地;C.Proudly
骄傲地、自豪地;D.Quickly 快速地。根据文章内容尤其是前文“A wave of sympathy washed over me”可知
作者是一个富有同情心的人,因此面对这位盲人老太太作者的动作应该是轻轻地,故答案为 B。
考查动词辨析。句意:让她能触摸到钱并且明白我的意思。A.keep 保持;B.see 看;C.accept 接受; D.feel
故答案为 D。
考查动词辨析。句意:我感觉我有所收获。A.achieved 取得;B.explored 探索;C.noticed 察觉到;D.missed
错过、想念、实现。作者终于把钱送给了需要的人,做了一些有意义的事,有所成就,achieve something 意
为:有所收获、有所成就,符合句意,故答案为 C。
考查名词辨析。句意:我遵守了自己的诺言。A.idea 想法;主意;B.experience 经历,经验;C.word
单词,话语;D.message 信息。根据 I made a promise to myself 可知,此处作者将信封送给了值得的人,
遵守了自己的承诺,keep one's word 为固定搭配意为:遵守诺言,符合句意,故答案为 C。
考查形容词辨析。句意:我感到幸福和感动。A.worried 担心的; B.blessed 幸福的;C.awkward 尴尬
的;D.hopeful 有希望的。根据文章最后一句“What a blessing it is to complete these generous little gestures!”
可知作者认为完成这些慷慨的小动作是令人非常幸福的!所以此处作者感到幸福,故答案为 B。
考查形容词辨析。句意:这个小小的举动是我面对和克服自己对给予的恐惧的一大步 A.effective 有效的;
B.practical 实际的 ;C.common 普通的;D.small 小的。根据下文“a huge step toward 一个巨大的进步”
可知作者觉得这个行为很小但是这是一个巨大的进步,故答案为 D。
考查动词辨析。句意:这个小小的举动是我面对和克服自己对给予的恐惧的一大步。A.doing 做;B.giving给予、赠送; C. promising 承诺; D. communicating 沟通。根据前文“giving this envelope_ 2 to the first
person I came across who_ 3 it”可知作者 要将装钱的信封给第一个遇见的值得的人,这种行为是一种给予,
故答案为 B。





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