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Ⅰ 阅读理解
(2018•长沙模拟)The old Chinese saying “as happy as spending the New Year” might be outdated now in the busy modern world. The Spring Festival is regarded as the most important festival for Chinese people and an occasion for all family members to get together, like Christmas in the West. But many traditional customs accompanying the Spring Festival, however, have weakened in practice.
Setting off fireworks was once the most typical custom of the Spring Festival. People thought the sputtering(爆裂) sound could help drive away evil spirits. However, the activity has been completely or partially forbidden in big cities for years as the government has taken security, noise and pollution factors into consideration.
“In recent years, some cities have begun to allow people to light fireworks during limited hours at the Spring Festival, surrendering to(屈从于) public demand. Respecting folk traditions is a gesture of respect toward public opinion,” said Zhou Xing, a folklore researcher.
“As people gain more income and it becomes easier to buy daily goods, the New Year holiday is just like any other. After long workdays, many people use the New Year holiday to take a rest, rather than visiting friends and neighbors. The process of making and enjoying the family dinner on Spring Festival Eve is the most important thing. However, many families would like to eat out to save time and energy,” said Li Shunzhi, a resident of Harbin, Heilongjiang.
“I enjoy the holidays very much in the countryside. My family has been preparing for the Spring Festival more than two weeks before the holiday, cleaning the house, buying holiday goods and decorating the house with paper cuttings. On New Year’s Eve, the whole family stays up to see the New Year in, and in the days to follow, a series of activities such as lion dancing, dragon lantern dancing, lantern festivals and temple fairs will be held. Without the ancient traditions, the holiday is nothing to us,” said Zhang Hui, from Hebei.
【解题导语】 本文主要介绍了中国春节的传统习俗在逐渐消失的现象以及人们的不同观点。
1.Which of the following is WRONG according to the passage?
A.Setting off fireworks has been forbidden in some big cities for years.
B.Nowadays, people can light fireworks in some cities at the Spring Festival.
C.People believe that the sound of fireworks can drive away evil spirits.
D.In the past, setting off fireworks couldn’t be seen almost anywhere.
D 解析:细节理解题。根据第二段的第一句“Setting off fireworks was once the most typical custom of the Spring Festival.”可知,过去放鞭炮是过春节最典型的传统习俗,应该到处可见,故选D。
2.What Li Shunzhi said implies________.
A.what people do during the festival now is different from the past
B.people would like to have the family dinner on Spring Festival Eve
C.people prefer to visit friends and neighbors rather than take a rest
D.the New Year holiday is just like any other day
A 解析:细节理解题。根据第四段的整体内容可推知,哈尔滨的一位居民所说的这段话是在感慨今昔过年的差异,故选A。
3.What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A.Zhang Hui often spends two weeks preparing for the Spring Festival.
B.Zhang Hui is used to spending the Spring Festival with his family.
C.Zhang Hui always takes part in a series of activities after the Spring Festival.
D.Zhang Hui lives in the urban area.
B 解析:推理判断题。根据最后一段的“I enjoy the holidays very much in the countryside.”和“Without the ancient traditions, the holiday is nothing to us”以及本段的整体内容可推知,张辉习惯和家人一起过春节,故选B。
4.What does the whole passage show?
A.The Spring Festival is as lively as before.
B.The Spring Festival is outdated now.
C.The Spring Festival is losing its qualities.
D.The Spring Festival in China is more important than Christmas in the West.
C 解析:推理判断题。根据第一段的最后一句“But many traditional customs accompanying the Spring Festival, however, have weakened in practice.”,并结合全文的整体内容可推知,本文主要讲述了中国春节逐渐失去年味这一现象,故选C。
(2018•唐山一模)A new research brings some good news for lovers of spicy(辛辣的) foods, after finding that eating hot red chili peppers might help to extend lifespan(寿命).
Consuming hot red chili peppers might reduce death risk, say Chopan and Littenberg from the research team. In hot peppers,such as Mexico peppers, the strong flavor comes from a compound(化合物),which does not exist in sweet peppers or onions. Studies have suggested that this compound can offer wealth of health benefits.
A study of more than 16,000 people in the United States showed that individuals who consumed red chili peppers had a lower risk of death from all causes over an average of 18 years than those who did not eat the spicy food. Compared with participants who did not consume hot red chili peppers, those who did were found to be at a 13 percent reduced risk of all-cause death.
For example, a recent study reported by Medical News Today, found that the compound might have the potential to stop breast cancer, while an earlier study linked the compound to a reduced risk of digest system cancers. Still, the available data suggested that hot red chili pepper consumption was most strongly associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease.
While the researchers are unable to identify the specific compound by which red chili peppers might extend lifespan, the team says that it is likely due to the compound that is effectively against obesity(肥胖症).
Overall, the team says that these latest findings support those of the 2015 study, linking spicy foods intake to reduced risk of death by showing “a significant decrease in death associated with hot red chili pepper consumption”. However, Chopan and Littenberg note that the earlier study was only conducted in Chinese adults, so the new research makes these findings more credible.
【解题导语】 一项新的研究发现,食用红辣椒之类的辛辣食物可能会降低死亡风险,延长人类的寿命。
5.What can be inferred from the passage?
A.The study only goes for American people.
B.Red chili peppers can cure all-cause diseases.
C.The compound protects people against obesity.
D.Onion consuming can reduce death risk.
C 解析:推理判断题。根据倒数第二段内容可知,尽管研究人员还不清楚到底是哪种具体的化合物能够延长寿命,但是研究团队认为可能是一种对防治肥胖症有效的化合物。由此可以推断,这种物质能够控制肥胖。故选C项。
6.What is the finding of the new research mainly about?
A.Hot red chili pepper lovers develop no cancers.
B.Hot red chili peppers help control breast illness.
C.Hot red chili peppers decrease heart disease.
D.Hot red chili pepper intake may increase lifespan.
D 解析:推理判断题。文章在第一段就提出了研究发现食用辛辣食物如红辣椒能延长寿命,在下文中用具体的数据和例子来支持这一观点。由此可知,这个新发现主要是关于红辣椒的食用可能会延长寿命。故选D项。
7.Which of the following has the closest meaning to the underlined word “credible”?
A.Convincing.      B.Practical.
C.Encouraging.   D.Attractive.
A 解析:词义猜测题。文章第二段和第三段的数据和事例是在美国进行的研究,画线词所在句则提到,以前的研究只是在中国成年人中进行的,那么现在的研究结果使得这项新发现更加令人信服了。convincing意为“使人信服的”;practical意为“切实可行的”;encouraging意为“令人鼓舞的”;attractive意为“有吸引力的”。故选A项。
Ⅱ 完形填空
(2018•长沙高中毕业生联考)Every morning, on my way to work, I see homeless people sleeping on sidewalks. Clearly, they’re in need of __1__. I feel it a(n)__2__to see this, and most people walk by,__3__the homeless don’t exist, and don’t offer any help at all, not even a __4__. Recently, it’s been extremely cold, making things especially__5__for the homeless.
Usually I arrive at work around 8 a.m., when the homeless are still asleep. I’m not sure whether it’s a good__6__to leave something for them while they’re __7__, as it may get stolen or they may not even __8__it.
Today, I __9__someone, who seemed to be homeless, sitting on the sidewalk, awake. I had some time __10__I was due to start work, so I dashed across the street to ask if I could get anything for him to drink or eat. He wanted a cola, so I went and got this for him __11__a banana.
I gave him the drink and banana, then went back to my office across the street, and went upstairs to get the bag I recently __12__with everyday items. I’d been planning to give it to someone in need, so this was a great__13__. I hurried back to give the bag to the stranger, who was __14__.
Society may feel uncomfortable with homeless people. __15__, we must remember they’re just like us. They’re just down on their __16__for different reasons. If we __17__to those in need, our hearts will grow and we can __18__make our world better.
Singer Phil Collins sang a song titled Another Day in Paradise, which __19__us to be grateful for the many blessings we have and not to __20__those who are less fortunate.
【解题导语】 本文主要讲述了作者帮助无家可归的人的故事
1.A.balance        B.significance
C.performance   D.assistance
D 解析:根据下文的“don’t offer any help at all”可知,这些无家可归的人需要帮助。assistance意为“帮助”。故选D。
2.A.duty   B.regret
C.advance   D.equality
B 解析:根据下文作者帮助无家可归的人可推知,作者同情这些无家可归的人,看到他们睡在大街上感到很是遗憾。故选B。
3.A.imagining   B.expecting
C.pretending   D.announcing
C 解析:根据“and don’t offer any help at all”并结合上文的“I feel it a(n)______to see this”可推知,大部分的路人对无家可归的人漠不关心,视而不见,即假装(pretending)没看到。
4.A.word   B.hug
C.pity   D.gift
A 解析:根据“even”可推知,大部分人不仅不提供帮助,甚至连一句问候都没有。
5.A.absurd   B.boring
C.complex   D.tough
D 解析:根据空前的“it’s been extremely cold”并结合语境可推知,天气特别寒冷,无家可归的人的日子更加艰难(tough)。
6.A.idea   B.excuse
C.lesson   D.reason
A 解析:结合语境可知,作者不确定自己的那种做法是否是好主意(idea)。
7.A.relaxed   B.absent-minded
C.unaware   D.dizzy
C 解析:承接上文的“Usually I arrive at work around 8 a.m., when the homeless are still asleep.”可推知,无家可归的人在作者早上开始上班时还都在睡觉,是不会觉察到的(unaware)。
8.A.know   B.want
C.share   D.afford
B 解析:根据“even”的提示并结合上文作者的犹豫可推知,作者不确定自己对他们的帮助是否正是无家可归的人所需要的。
9.A.spotted   B.approached
C.recognized   D.interviewed
A 解析:根据语境可推知,作者在人行道上发现了一个醒着的无家可归的人。spot表示“发现”,符合语境。
10.A.when   B.since
C.before   D.unless
C 解析:根据语境可知,作者离上班还有些时间,所以选C。
11.A.instead of    B.except for
C.regardless of   D.along with
D 解析:根据语境以及下文的“I gave him the drink and banana”可推知,作者顺便还给这个人带了香蕉。along with表示“除……以外(还)”。
12.A.replaced   B.packed
C.decorated   D.combined
B 解析:根据空后的“with everyday items”可知,作者包里装着每天的必需品。pack with sth.表示“装着某物”。
13.A.trial   B.honor
C.opportunity   D.reward
C 解析:根据语境可知,作者认为这是一个极好的帮助无家可归的人的机会。
14.A.grateful   B.careful
C.hopeful   D.skillful
A 解析:根据语境可推知,把自己的东西馈赠给他人,别人是感恩的(grateful)。
15.A.Besides   B.Therefore
C.Meanwhile   D.However
D 解析:根据语境可知,前后句表示逻辑上的转折关系,故选D。
16.A.effort   B.luck
C.appearance   D.reputation
B 解析:根据语境可推知,那些无家可归的人只是由于某种原因一时穷困潦倒而已,down on one’s luck表示“穷困潦倒”。
17.A.look out   B.break out
C.reach out   D.turn out
C 解析:根据语境可知,如果我们愿意帮助他们,世界会变得更美好。reach out to sb.表示“愿意为某人提供帮助”。
18.A.truly   B.properly
C.deliberately   D.approximately
A 解析:根据语境可知,帮助他人的确会让我们的世界变得更美好。truly“的确,真实地”;properly“恰当地”;deliberately “故意地”;approximately “大约”。
19.A.intends   B.reminds
C.promises   D.persuades
B 解析:Phil Collins的歌提醒我们要感恩。remind sb. to do sth.意为“提醒某人做某事”符合语境。
20.A.trick   B.blame
C.doubt   D.forget
D 解析:根据语境可推知,人们不要忘记那些不幸的人。 文章来
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