2019高考英语二轮复习专练模块4--Unit 1 Women of achievement(含解析)

模块4 Unit 1 Women of achievement


1.(新疆乌鲁木齐第一中学2019届高三上第一次月考)He was left out when they ______ choosing a new manager, which came as a complete surprise to him.
A. set out          B. set about        C. set off            D. set up
2. 【2017-2018学年江苏省泰州中学高一12月月考】Among the biggest problems facing those remote mountainous primary school          the lack of experienced teachers.
A. is          B. is there            C. are       D. are there


【2018届河北省衡水中学高三上学期第六调考试英语试题】As you know, science plays   61   very important role in our education. Do you want to keep up   62   the latest research and discoveries in science? There are many good websites   63   you can check out the latest in the science world.
One great site is Science News for Kids. This site reports science news   64   (cover) a wide range of subjects. The articles are intended for younger readers, but adults will find this site   65   (suit) for them as well. Another wonderful site, one that I check out every day,   66  (call) Science Daily. The site is   67   (constant) updated with news, often about exciting   68   (finding) that change how we view the world.
These sites post the latest stories and also keep all the past articles they   69   (post) earlier. That way you can find articles just about anything that   70   (be) related to the science fields you are interested in.
【兰州一中2018-2019-1学期高三年级期中考试试题】Believe it or not, have you ever noticed that you feel happier and more relaxed after you eat bread, pasta or fruit? Do you find that you are more energetic and awake after eating yogurt or beans? These things are not accidents. Food affect ___41___ we feel more than we think. Scientists researching ___42___ (it) effect on our moods are beginning to understand that we can influence our feelings with what we eat.
Although our moods relates ___43___ having various foods, it is not quite as simple as choosing the foods for the right occasions. If that ___44___ (be) the case, athletes would not eat a lot of carbohydrates before a race.
Another chemical ____45____ (connect) with our mood is caffeine, which ____46____ (find) in coffee, chocolate and many types of tea, is perhaps ___47___ worst thing you can have when you are feeling stressed.
Of course, ___48___ (enjoy) a nice meal with friends, whatever we eat, can also impact our spirits. Being with friends and family plays a big part in experiencing happiness.
Most ___49___ (important), though, remember the following old rule: try to eat different food, ___50___ not too much.


A big storm destroyed two villages in South Africa on last Friday, causing 4 death. Over 200 people became homeless as a result of the storm. A farmer said the storm began early in the morning and last one hour. He said, “I was in the kitchen with my wife and children while we heard a loud noise. A few minutes late, our house fell down. I managed to climb out, but much to my shocking, one of my boys were missing. I quickly went back inside and found them safe but frightened.” Soldiers came to rescue those burying under the ruins, and the government provided food, clothes, and shelters for homeless.







【解析】句意:当他们开始选择一位新经理时,他被排除在外,这让他十分吃惊。考查词组辨析:set about出发,开始,后面接to do;set off出发,引发; set out出发,开始,后面接to do;set up建立。根据用法可知选B项。
【解析】句意:这些偏远山区小学面临的最大问题之一是缺乏有经验的教师。考查主谓一致。此句是介词短语放在句首,是倒装句。主语是the lack of experienced teachers是单数,指缺乏有经验教师这种现象,故选A。


【答案】61. a         62. with       63. where       64. covering       65. suitable
        66. is called   67. constantly   68. findings     69. posted        70. is
61.考查固定用法。play a very important role in“起着非常重要的作用”,是固定用法,所以填a。
62.考查固定短语。你想跟上最新的科学研究发现吗?keep up with“赶得上”,是固定用法,所以填with。
63.考查定语从句。 “   63   you can check out the latest in the science world.” 是一个定语从句,关系词在从句中作地点状语,所以填关系副词where。
64.考查非谓语动词。“cover”与其逻辑主语“This site”之间是主动关系,所以用现在分词,填covering。
65.考查固定结构。 find + sb. / sth. + adj. 意为“发现某人(物)……”。形容词作find的宾语补足语,所以填suitable。
66.one与call之间是被动关系,用被动语态,且表示主语现在的状态,用一般现在时,综上所述,用一般现在时的被动语态,填is called。
70.考查主谓一致。 “that __70___ (be) related to the science fields you are interested in.” 是一个定语从句,修饰先行词“anything”,先行词“anything”在从句中作主语,谓语动词用单数,所以填is。

【答案】41. how       42. its     43. to                 44. were          45. connected   
46. is found    47. the    48. enjoying / to enjoy    49. importantly     50. but / yet
41. 考查宾语从句。分析该句结构可知,空处引导宾语从句。由“we feel more than we think”可知后面的宾语从句不缺成分。结合语境可以判断,应用疑问副词how引导该从句。
42. 考查代词。由名词effect可知,应该用形容词性物主代词its。
43. 考查动词短语。relate to为固定搭配,意为“和……有关系”。故填to。
44. 考查虚拟语气。句意:根据该句中的“athletes would not eat a lot of carbohydrates before a race”可知该句为虚拟语气,表示现在情况的虚拟。与现在事实相反的虚拟语气,if从句要用一般过去时,be动词要用were。故从句谓语动词用过去式were。
45. 考查过去分词。句意:另一种与我们的情绪联系在一起的化学物质是咖啡因,分析句子可知,本句的主句是chemical,而connect with our mood是做它的定语,chemical和connect为动宾关系,故用过去分词短语作后置定语。因此填connected。
46. 考查动词时态和语态。分析句子可知,此处which引导非限制性定语从句,先行词为caffeine,它和find之间是动宾关系,故用被动语态。此处是对客观情况的描述,应用一般现在时。因此填is found。
47. 考查定冠词。根据空后的形容词最高级worst,形容词最高级前要用定冠词the,因此本空应用the。
48. 考查非谓语动词。分析该句结构可知,本空是作主语的。因此可以用动词的ing形式或不定式作主语,因此此处可填enjoying / to enjoy。
49. 考查固定短语。Most importantly为固定用法,意为“最重要的是”,在句中一般作状语。故用副词形式importantly。
50. 考查连词。根据语境可知,本句句意为“尝试吃不同的食物,但是不要吃太多”。根据语境可知,表示转折的可用but / yet。


1.去掉last Friday前面的on
2. death变为复数deaths
3. last变过去时态lasted
4. while改为when
5. late 改为 later
6. shocking 改为 shock
7. were 改为 was
8. them 改为 him
9. burying 改为 buried
10. homeless 前面加 the
1. 去掉on,last Friday前不需要加介词。
2. death改为deaths。考查名词的单复数。4人死亡,应用复数。
3. last改为lasted。考查并列谓语动词的时态一致,前文began为一般过去时,此处and之后的last也应该用一般过去时,lasted。
4. while改为when。在引导时间状语从句时,while之后只能跟延续性动词,而hear一词是短暂性动词,故用when替代。
5. late改为later。later用在一段时间之后表示“…之后”,a few minutes later 几分钟之后。而late意为“迟的,晚的”。
6. shocking改为shock。属词类用错,此处应用名词形式。shock 名词,震惊。much to my shock使我非常震惊的是…。
7. were改为was。考查主谓一致。one of my boys主语是one,为单数,因此谓语用was。
8. them改为him。代词用错。根据前文one of my boys,此处应为单数,代词宾格用him。
9. burying改为buried。those buried under the ruins指那些被埋在废墟下的人。
10. for后加the。the homeless指的是那些无家可归的人。the + adj.表示一类人。






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