2019高考英语二轮复习专练模块3--Unit 2 Healthy eating(附解析)

模块3 Unit 2 Healthy eating


1.【南京师大附中2018届高三年级模拟考试】If you want to improve your figure and health, the most effective thing to do is to show up at the gym every time you ________ be there.
A. can         B. will         C. may       D. shall
2.【2018江苏卷】It’s strange that he         have taken the books without the owner’s permission.
A. would    B. should    C. could    D. might
3.【江苏省常州市田家炳高级中学2019届高三开学考试】In particular, we associate ancient Greek civilization with the capital city of Athens, _________ is the Acropolis.
A. the greatest symbol of which          B. of which greatest symbol
C. whose the greatest symbol            D. of whose greatest symbol
4.【北京市石景山区2018届高三3月统一测试(一模)】The accident        have been caused by a dog running across the road, but we don’t know for sure.
A. might          B. should           C. will          D. must
5.【天津市河东区2018届高考英语二模】It’s great that all the visitors who              on the island were saved.
A. trapped        B. have been trapped  C. had trapped      D. had been trapped
6.【天津市河东区2018届高考英语二模】Everything is amazing. Thank you all. We            without your help.
A. can’t make it       B. mustn’t have made C. won’t make        D. couldn’t have made it
7.【2018届江苏省苏北四市(淮、宿、徐、连)高三第一次调研考试】The idea of green packaging has received wide _______ since the government announced specific goals to green the delivery industry.
A. currency   B. creativity     C. cooperation   D. criterion
8.【天津市耀华中学2018届高三上学期第一次月考】Now that you have practiced a lot, there     be any difficulty in performing well.
A. mustn’t         B. shan’t        C. shouldn’t       D. needn’t
9.【天津市耀华中学2018届高三上学期第二次月考】—What do you think of Betty?
— She is a lovely girl, though she ________be naughty sometimes.
A. should        B. must        C. need        D. can
10.【北京市丰台区2018届高三上学期期末考试】—I’m sorry. I        at you the other day.
—Forget it. I was a bit out of control myself.
A. shouldn’t shout        B. shouldn’t have shouted     
C. mustn’t shout            D. mustn’t have shouted


【2018届河北省衡水中学高三上学期九模考试】As a child, I was always told to “eat my greens”. These were the unappealing vegetables that sat on the edge of my plate. Peas, and green beans, all looked and tasted ___11___. Let’s face it, when there were so many other delicious treats to ___12___, why eat boring vegetables?
Since then my taste buds have ___13___ and I’m also fully aware of the health benefits of eating fresh vegetables. But we still need ___14___ of the amazing goodness these green super foods give us. In the UK, a campaign has been ___15___ for several years to encourage us to eat our “5 A Day”—five portions of fruit and vegetables. That’s ___16___ evidence has shown there are significant health ___17___ to getting at least five 80g portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables every day.
But I struggle trying to fit these five portions into my daily ___18___, partly because I have a sweet ___19___ and vegetables are, well, tasteless. Researchers have been ___20___ how to make eating vegetables more ___21___. They analysed the psychology behind our food ___22___ and found that most of us are ___23___ by taste. Brad Turnwald from Stanford University says that “studies show that people ___24___ to think of healthier options as less tasty for some reason.”
In Europe, a project called VeggieEAT has also been trying to find ways to get people to ___25___ more vegetables. Project leader, Professor Heather Hartwell believes in ___26___ encouraging people into eating the right things. One idea has been to put a ___27___ of a tasty looking fruit on a supermarket trolley as a ___28___ about buying something from the fruit store. She says, “Choice is a really ___29___ thing. But making vegetables look attractive will increase their sales.”
Certainly, eating “twisted citrus-glazed carrots” does sound tempting, even if it just ___30___ like a carrot, but if it makes us eat more vegetables then that can only be a good thing for our health.
11. A. disgusting B. delicious C. ripen D. sweet
12. A. buy B. prepare C. offer D. enjoy
13. A. appeared B. developed C. existed D. shrank
14. A. reminding B. informing C. warning D. talking
15. A. planning B. aiming C. running D. intending
16. A. why B. how C. when D. because
17. A. needs B. benefits C. issues D. risks
18. A. diet B. education C. work D. exercise
19. A. tendency B. preference C. tooth D. appetite
20. A. showing B. discovering C. reporting D. studying
21. A. appropriate B. attractive C. beneficial D. independent
22. A. choices B. values C. wastes D. judgments
23. A. confused B. disturbed C. motivated D. challenged
24. A. manage B. decide C. agree D. tend
25. A. grow B. eat C. store D. harvest
26. A. slowly B. suddenly C. firmly D. seriously
27. A. variety B. lot C. picture D. number
28. A. sign B. concern C. clue D. hint
29. A. easy B. complex C. quick D. casual
30. A. looks B. smells C. tastes D. feels


【2017全国Ⅰ卷】There has been a recent trend in the food service industry toward lower fat content and less salt. This trend, which was started by the medical community (医学界)    31  a method of fighting heart has disease, has bad some unintended side    32    (effect) such as overweight and heart disease—the very thing the medical community was trying to fight.
Fat and salt are very important parts of a diet. They are required    33    (process) the food that we eat, to recover from injury and for several other bodily functions. When fat and salt    34    (remove) from food, the food tastes as if it is missing something. As    35    result, people will eat more food to try to make up for something missing. Even    36    (bad), the amount of fast food that people eat goes up. Fast food    37    (be) full of fat and salt; by    38    (eat) more fast food people will get more salt and fat than they need in their diet.
Having enough fat and salt in your meals will reduce the urge to snack between meals and will improve the taste of your food. However, be    39    (care) not to go to extremes. Like anything, it is possible to have too much of both,   40    is not good for the health.



【解析】考查情态动词辨析。句意:如果你想改善你的身材和健康,最有效的方法就是每次能去健身房的时候都去。A. can “能”;B. will“将,愿意”;C. may“可以,能够”(可能性较小);D. shall“会,将”。此处指能去的时候就去,表示能够。故选A。
【解析】考查定语从句。本题定语从句的先行词是the capital city of Athens,关系代词which指代先行词the capital city of Athens,在定语从句中做介词of的宾语。句意:特别的是,我们把古希腊文明和雅典的首都联系起来,雅典的象征就是卫城。B项缺少了the,C项多了the,D项多了of。故A项正确。
【解析】考查情态动词与虚拟。句意:事故可能是由一条横穿马路的狗引起的,但我们不确定。分析句子可知,本句是对过去动作的推测,可能性不大。表对过去的推测有must (可能性大,“一定”),might/may (可能性小,意为“可能,也许”),这两词用于肯定句。对过去动作的推测要用情态动词+have done ,故选A。
【解析】考查时态和被动语态的用法。句意:所有被困在岛上的游客都得救了,这真是太棒了。本题考查过去完成时的被动语态。由were saved 可知此事发生在过去,且被困应在被救之前,应用过去完成时。同时,visitors 和trap构成被动关系。所以用过去完成时的被动语态。
【解析】考查含情态动词的虚拟语气。句意:一切都令人惊叹。谢谢大家。没有你的帮助我们是不可能成功的。此处couldn’t have done表示对过去事情有把握的否定推测,“不可能已经做了某事”,故选D。
【解析】考查名词辨析。currency“流通,流行”;creativity“创造”;cooperation“合作,配合”;criterion “(批评判断的)标准,准则”。句意:自从政府宣布了绿色运输业的具体目标以来,绿色包装的理念已经得到了广泛的认可。故选A。
【解析】考查情态动词。句意:既然你已经练习了很多次,那么要表现好,应该不会有困难。A项“禁止”;B项是shall not的缩写,表示“将不做”;C项“不应该”;D“不需要”。表示否定意义的推测shouldn’t,故选C项。
【解析】考查情态动词。A. should “应该;想必会,理应”;B. must “必须,一定”; C.情态动词 need,通常用在疑问句、否定句中,意为“需要”;C. can “能,会,可能”。句中描述的Betty应该是一个可爱但有时会有些调皮的女孩。结合句意,此处应该是填一个表示推测的情态动词,can用于肯定句,表示理论上存在的可能性,所以适用于本句;should,must都可以表示推测,但在这里不合语意。故选D。
【解析】考查情态动词shouldn’t have done的用法,表“本不应该做某事”,但实际上做了,是对过去事实的虚拟假设。前句中有明显的时间状语the other day (几天前),事情发生在过去。句意:对不起,前几天我不应该对你大嚷大叫。所以要用“shouldn’t have done”。


【答案】11-30  ADBAC   DBACD    BACDB   ACDBC
11. A  考查形容词作表语。根据上一句“These were the unappealing vegetables that sat on the edge of my plate”,说那些讨厌的蔬菜总是散落在我的盘子边上。可知是说这些蔬菜不好吃,令人厌恶的。disgusting“令人厌恶的”;delicious “美味的”; ripen “成熟的”;sweet“甜的”。分析选项可知A符合题意。句意:长相恶心的豌豆、西兰花和青豆吃起来也很恶心(disgusting)。
12. D  考查动词辨析。buy“买”; prepare“准备”;offer“提供”;enjoy“享受”。根据“when there were so many other delicious treats”可知是美味在前,是享受(enjoy)。故选D项。句意:有那么多好吃的食物,为什么还吃那些难吃的蔬菜呢?
13. B  考查动词辨析。appear“出现,显现”;develop “开发,发展,(使)成长,进步”;exist“存在”; shrink“收缩,缩水”。句意:从那以后,我的味蕾就发展(即改变)了,我还充分意识到了吃新鲜蔬菜对健康的益处。分析选项可知B项符合题意,故选B项。
14. A  考查动词。remind“提醒”; inform“通知”;warn“警告”;talk“谈论”,根据上一句“benefits of eating fresh vegetables.”蔬菜的好处,可知是时刻提醒记得(remind)这些绿色“超级食品”给我们的身体带来的惊人益处。因此选A项。
15. C  考查动词辨析。在英国,世界卫生组织为鼓励人们“每天吃5份果蔬”而发起的宣传活动已经进行(run)了好多年的时间。分析句意可知,是这种宣传活动进行了好多年。只有run才有“运转,或进行”之意。其余三项plan“计划,打算”; aim“瞄准”;intend“意图”,不符合题意,故选C项。
16. D  考查连词辨析。根据上文可知宣传活动持续了好多年是结果,原因就是因为(because)有证据表明,人们每天至少食用5份80g的水果和蔬菜会对健康有很大益处。因此选D项。
17. B  考查名词辨析。根据上第7小题的内容可知是说“人们每天至少食用5份80g的水果和蔬菜会对健康有很大益处(benefits)。” need“需要”; benefit “益处, 利益”;issue“问题”;risk“危险”。分析选项可知B项符合题意。故选B项。
18. A  考查名词辨析。diet“日常饮食”;education“教育”;work “工作”;exercise“锻炼,练习”。根据上文所说的每天至少5种水果和蔬菜,可知是日常生活中,即“我仍在努力把这5份果蔬纳入到我的日常饮食(diet)中。”故选A。
19. C  考查固定搭配。tendency倾向,趋势;preference偏爱,优先权;tooth 牙齿;appetite欲望,胃口。句意:部分原因是我爱吃甜食,而且觉得蔬菜很无味。have a sweet tooth,为固定搭配,“喜欢甜食”,故选C项。
20. D  考查动词。show“表明,显示”; discover“发现”;report“报导”;study“研究”。句意:研究人员一直在研究(study)如何让蔬菜更具吸引力。分析选项可知D项符合题意,故选D项。
21. B  考查形容词辨析。appropriate“合适的,恰当的”;attractive “有吸引力的”; beneficial“有益的”;independent“独立的”。根据上句“vegetables are, well, tasteless”因为蔬菜无味,人们不喜欢吃,因此研究人员一直在研究如何让蔬菜更具吸引力(attractive),故选B项。
22. A  考查名词辨析。choice“选择”;values“价值”;wastes“废物”; judgments“判断”。句意:他们分析了我们选择食物时的心理。根据下一句可知,是我们对食物的选择(choice)。分析选项可知A项正确。
23. C  考查动词辨析。confuse“迷惑”; disturb“打扰”; motivate“使有动机,促动,激发”;challenge“挑战”。句意:他们分析了我们选择食物时的心理,发现大部分人都是受味道的驱使。分析句意可知C项正确。
24. D  考查动词辨析。manage“设法,经营”; decide “决定”;agree“同意”; tend“照料,倾向于”。研究表明,人们会因为某种原因而倾向于认为更健康的食物更难吃。分析选项可知D项符合题意,故选D。
25. B  考查动词辨析。在欧洲,名为VeggieEAT的项目一直在尝试找出能让人们多吃(eat)蔬菜的方式。根据26题后的“encouraging people into eating the right things.”可知B项正确。
26. A  考查副词辨析。句意:慢慢地(slowly)鼓励人们进食恰当的食物。根据常识可知,想让人们接受某种东西,要慢慢地进行,分析其余三个选项suddenly“突然地”;firmly“坚决地”;seriously“严肃地”都不符合题意,故选A。
27. C  考查名词辨析。句意:其中一个想法是,把看起来很美味的水果图片(picture )放在超市的购物车上,以此来暗示消费者去水果区域购买东西。根据下文的内容可知是图片贴在购物车上,因此C正确。
28. D  考查名词辨析。sign“记号,符号”;concern“关心,有关,顾虑”;clue“线索,提示”;hint“暗示,提示,迹象”。根据第27题的内容可知,把水果的图片贴在购物车上给消费者一种暗示(hint)。分析选项可知D项正确。
29. B  考查形容词辨析。easy“容易的”; complex“复杂的”; quick“快速的”;casual“临时的, 随便的”。句意:选择是一件非常复杂的事情。根据上文意思可知让人们多吃蔬菜,选择健康的蔬菜水果的选择是很复杂的(complex),故选B项。
30. C  考查动词辨析。look“看起来”; smell“闻起来”; taste“尝起来”; feel“摸起来”。句意:当然了,“橘汁胡萝卜”这菜名听起来确实很诱人,虽然尝起来(taste)像是胡萝卜。分析句意可知,胡萝卜虽然名字不同,但尝起来还是胡萝卜的味道。


31. as         32. effects     33. to process     34. are removed      35. a
36. worse      37. is         38. eating        39. careful          40. which 
31. 考查介词。这个做法最初是医学界作为一种对抗心脏病的形式开始的。as表示“作为,以……身份”,故填as。
32. 考查名词单复数。分析语境可知作者表达的意思是“一些不为人知的副作用”,根据前文的some可知“副作用side effect”有很多,故填effects。
33. 考查不定式。他们被要求加工食物。require表示“要求”, require sb. to do sth.表示“要求某人做某事”,被动形式为“sb. be required to do sth.”,表示“某人被要求做某事”。故填to process。
34. 考查被动语态。句意:当脂肪和盐分从食物中被去掉。分析可知fat,salt和move之间是被动关系,脂肪和盐分是被人们去掉,所以用被动语态。故填are removed。
35. 考查冠词。固定短语as a result表示“结果”。句意:结果,人们将吃更多的食物去弥补损失的东西。故填a。
36. 考查比较级。句意:更糟糕的是,人们所吃快餐的数量增加了。故填worse。
37. 考查主谓一致。快餐食物中充满了脂肪和盐。fast food的意思是“快餐”,表示一类食物,为不可数名词,谓语动词用单数形式。故填is。
38. 考查动名词。句意:通过吃更多的快餐,人们将在饮食中摄入超过需求量的脂肪和盐。根据前文中的by可知此处应该填名词,所以填eat的动名词形式。故填eating。
39. 考查形容词。句意:然而,注意不要走极端。分析语境可知be后面应该用形容词做表语,故填careful。
40. 考查非限制性定语从句。句意:很可能摄入过多的脂肪和盐,那对健康没有好处。分析可知“which is not good for the health” 为非限制性定语从句,先行词为前文中的“have too much of both”(摄入过多的脂肪和盐)。故填which。






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