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专题限时集训(二十二) 语法填空(Ⅰ)
A 【导学号:52384076】
(2017•安徽省百所重点高中第二次模拟)Classical Chinese poetry is traditional Chinese poetry 1.         (write) in Classical Chinese and typified by certain traditional forms and close 2.         (connect) with particular historical periods,such as the poetry of the Tang Dynasty.Its existence 3.         (document) at least as early as the publication of the Classic of Poetry or Shijing.4.         (variety) combinations of forms and genres exist.Many or most of these 5.         (arise) at the end of the Tang Dynasty.
Use and development of Classical Chinese poetry 6.        (active) continued up to the year of 1919,7.         the May Fourth Movement took place,and is still developed even today. Poetry created during this 2,500­year period of more­or­less continuous development shows 8.         great deal of diversity—classified by both major historical periods and by dynastic periods.
Of the key aspects of Classical Chinese poetry,another is 9.       (it) intense interrelationship with other forms of Chinese art,such as Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy. Classical Chinese poetry has proven to be of strong influence 10.
         poetry worldwide.
【语篇解读】 本文为说明文。文章简单介绍了中国古诗的一些相关情况。
1.written [考查非谓语动词。中国古诗是用古文写的传统中国诗歌。write与poetry之间是动宾关系,故用过去分词作后置定语。]
2.connections [考查名词。空前有形容词close“紧密的”,故空处填名词。connection在此表示“(两种事实、观念等的)联系,关联”,是可数名词,故填名词的复数形式。]
3.is documented [考查动词的时态和语态。document在此表示“记录,记载”,是及物动词,document与existence之间是动宾关系,故用被动语态,且此处表示客观事实,要用一般现在时。]
4.Various [考查形容词。存在多种多样的形式和种类的结合体。空处修饰名词combinations,故填形容词various“多种多样的”。]
5.arose [考查动词的时态。它们中的很多或者说大部分产生于唐代晚期。arise“产生,出现”,是不及物动词,根据时间状语at the end of the Tang Dynasty可知本句用一般过去时。]
6.actively [考查副词。分析句子结构可知,空处修饰谓语动词continued,故用副词actively“活跃地”。]
7.when [考查定语从句。分析句子结构可知,空处引导定语从句,先行词是the year of 1919,空处在从句中作时间状语,故填when。]
8.a [考查冠词。a great deal of“大量的,许多”,是固定搭配,修饰不可数名词,故填a。]
9.its [考查代词。空处指代对象是Classical Chinese poetry,且表示“……的”,故填its。]
[易错分析] 本空容易误填their,因为学生没有弄清楚文章的逻辑关系,以为空处指代的对象是前面的the key aspects。但是如果这样的话,句意就说不通了。
10.on/upon [考查介词。influence“影响”常与介词on/upon连用。]
B 【导学号:52384077】
(2017•重庆市西北狼教育联盟联考)I was driving home late at night 11.    my car lost momentum(动力) and got slower and slower.Nothing I did seemed to make any 12.         (different).“It can't be the fuel,”I thought.The petrol gauge (汽油量表) was showing I had plenty 13.         (leave).Then my car died completely after I 14.         (manage) to roll to the side of the road.It was an extremely dark,lonely country road. Neither a single person 15.         any traffic was in sight at all.I felt like an idiot.I should not have left without charging my cell phone.The battery was dead and I was alone without any way 16.         (contact) my family.Time dripped slowly like a leaking tap.
“God,help me!”I begged anxiously.“Is there someone who will be kind enough to stop and help me out?”17.     ,there was no sign of anyone.I was starting to panic,18.     (feel) completely abandoned. Suddenly I saw a faint light 19.     the distance. I waved my white scarf as hard as possible.It was a huge lorry. The driver stopped and kindly drove me to the nearest hotel,20.         I had a rest, and then I called my family and explained what had happened.How lucky I was! When he stopped for me,I felt as if I had just found a million dollars.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。深夜我驾车行驶在回家的路上,突然汽车抛锚了,幸好遇到一位好心的卡车司机,他将我送到了旅馆。
11.when [考查状语从句。句意:我深夜正驾驶在回家的路上,突然汽车失去动力,变得越来越慢。分析该句结构可知,空处引导时间状语从句。be doing...when...意为“正在做某事时突然……”。]
12.difference [考查名词。make any difference为固定搭配,意为“有任何影响”。]
13.left [考查过去分词。plenty和动词leave之间为动宾关系,故用过去分词作后置定语。plenty相当于plenty of petrol。]
14.managed/had managed [考查时态。句意:在我设法将车停在路边后,车彻底熄火了。根据died和after可知,manage的动作发生在died之前,故用过去完成时;也可以将其看成发生在过去的动作,用一般过去时。]
15.nor [考查固定搭配。句意:既看不到一个人,也根本看不到一辆车。neither...nor...为固定搭配,意为“既不……也不……”。]
16.to contact [考查不定式。句意:我手机电池没电了,我独自一人,没有办法和家人联系。根据any way和句意可知,应用动词不定式作any way的后置定语。]
17.However [考查副词。空处前句表达作者想得到别人帮助的愿望,空后句意为“看不到任何人”,前后为转折关系且有逗号隔开,故用副词However。]
18.feeling [考查现在分词。分析该句结构可知,空处作伴随状语,故用现在分词。]
19.in [考查介词。in the distance为固定搭配,意为“在远处,在远方”。]
20.where [考查定语从句。分析该句结构可知,该句为定语从句,先行词为hotel,关系词在从句中作地点状语,故用where引导该定语从句。]
(2017•山东省部分重点中学调研联考)The cheongsam is a female dress with distinctive Chinese features and enjoys growing 21.     (popular)in the international world of high fashion.The name “cheongsam”22.    (mean) simply“long dress”entered the English vocabulary from the dialect of China's Guangdong Province.In other parts of the country including Beijing,however,it 23.      (know) as“qipao”,which has a history behind it.
After the early Manchu(满族的)rulers came to China,the Manchu women wore 24.    (normal) a one­piece dress which came to be called“qipao”.25.       the 1911 Revolution ended the rule of the Qing Dynasty,the female dress survived the political change and,with later improvements,has become the traditional dress for Chinese women.
The cheongsam,26.         neck is high,collar closed,fits well the Chinese female figure,and its sleeves may be either short,medium or full 27.       (long),depending on seasons or tastes.In addition,it is not too complicated 28.  (make).Nor 29.         it need too much material.Another beauty of the cheongsam is that it can be worn either 30.         casual or formal occasions.In either case,it creates an impression of simple and quiet charm,elegance and neatness.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。主要对中国特色服装旗袍做了简要说明。
21.popularity [考查名词。分析句子结构可知,此处应用名词作enjoys的宾语,故填popularity,且popularity为不可数名词。]
22.meaning [考查非谓语动词。空处和句子谓语entered之间没有连词,故用非谓语动词,且空处和句子主语The name构成逻辑上的主谓关系,故用现在分词作后置定语。]
23.is known [考查时态和语态。此处是对客观情况的一般性描述,应用一般现在时;it与know存在动宾关系,应用被动语态。]
24.normally [考查副词。修饰动词应用副词,故用副词normally修饰动词wore,在句子中作状语。]
25.Although/Though/While [考查连词。根据语境可知,上下句表示逻辑上的让步关系,故用连词Although/Though/While引导让步状语从句。]
26.whose [考查定语从句。分析句子结构可知,应用whose引导非限定性定语从句,在从句中作定语。]
27.length [考查词性转换。由空前的形容词full可知,空处应用名词length。]
28.to make [考查固定用法。分析句子结构可知,此处为固定用法:too...to do sth.意为“太……而不能……”。]
29.does [考查倒装句。否定副词放句首,句子要倒装,即:助动词放在主语之前;由本段的时态可知,应用一般现在时,故填does。]
30.on [考查介词。on...occasion意为“在……场合下”为固定搭配,符合语境,故用介词on。]
(2017•湖南省六校联盟联考)Have you ever noticed that you feel happier and more  relaxed after you eat bread,pasta or fruit? Do you find that you  are more energetic and awake after eating yogurt or beans?These things are not accidents. Food affects 31.     we feel more than we think.Scientists researching 32.     (it) effect on our moods are beginning to understand that we can influence our feelings with what we eat.
Although our moods relate 33.         having various food,it is not quite as simple as choosing the food for the right occasions.If that 34.         (be) the case,athletes would not eat a lot of carbohydrates before a race.
Another chemical 35.   (connect) with our moods is caffeine,which 36.  (find) in coffee,chocolate and many types of tea,and it is perhaps 37.          worst thing you can have when you are feeling stressed.
Of course,38.         (enjoy) a nice meal with friends,whatever we eat,can also impact our spirits. Being with friends and family plays a big part in experiencing happiness.
Most 39.         (important), though,remember the following old rule: try to eat different food,40.         not too much.
31.how [考查宾语从句。分析该句结构可知,空处引导宾语从句,由“we feel more than we think”可知,从句不缺成分;结合语境可以判断,应用疑问副词how引导该从句。]
32.its [考查代词。由名词effect可知,应用形容词性物主代词its。]
33.to [考查动词短语。relate to为固定搭配,意为“和……有关系”。]
34.were [考查虚拟语气。根据该句中的“athletes would not eat a lot of carbohydrates before a race”可知,该句为虚拟语气,表示对目前情况的虚拟,故从句谓语动词用过去式were。]
35.connected [考查过去分词。chemical和connect为动宾关系,故用过去分词短语作后置定语。]
36.is found [考查动词时态和语态。此处which引导非限制性定语从句,先行词为caffeine,和find之间是动宾关系,故用被动语态;此处是对客观情况的描述,应用一般现在时。]
37.the [考查定冠词。根据空后的形容词最高级worst可知,空处应用the。]
38.enjoying [考查非谓语动词。分析该句结构可知,此处为动名词短语在句中作主语。]
39.importantly [考查副词。空处修饰全句,故用副词形式。]
40.but/yet [考查连词。根据语境可知,尝试吃不同的食物,但是不要吃太多。根据句意可知,空处应用转折连词。]
(2017•郑州市第三次质量预测)Being raised in a family of teachers,I 41.    
(get) plenty of chances to connect myself with literature since a young age.So I have many stories about me and reading.    
It was my father who took me on the road to reading and made me appreciate 42.
        (it) beauty.When I was a little girl,he bought me a book 43.     (name) Romance of the Three Kingdoms.I was too young to read this difficult work,so my father explained it to me 44.         (patient).From then on,I started to enjoy reading books.
When I became a middle school student,I began to read some simplified English classics on my own.Sometimes,I would write down my thoughts and 45.      (feel) and share them with my father.Among all the books that I read during my middle school years,Jane Eyre left the 46.          (deep)impression on me.I was having some difficulties with my studies at that time, 47.         Jane Eyre's persistence (坚持) and courage inspired me a lot.Thanks  to  my  reading  habit,I  managed 48.          (overcome) the difficulties of my studies.
Now,I'm a senior high school student and very busy with my studies.But I still keep on reading in my spare time.My mother told me that I should be absorbed 49.
          my studies,but in my point of view,I regard reading as an oasis(绿洲)that can make me relax.
Recently,I thought about the benefits 50.          reading could bring us.Reading can clear our minds and motivate us.In addition,we may broaden our horizons and gain more knowledge through reading.I hope that my story can inspire you to start your own reading adventure.
【语篇解读】 本文主要讲述了作者和阅读之间的故事,鼓励大家多读书。
41.have got/gotten [考查动词时态。since意为“自从”时,主句一般用现在完成时,从句用一般过去时。]
42.its [考查代词。修饰名词一般用形容词,故用形容词性物主代词its修饰名词beauty,作定语。]
43.named [考查非谓语动词。name和句子谓语bought之间没有连词,故用非谓语动词,且和其逻辑主语a book构成动宾关系,故用过去分词作后置定语。]
44.patiently [考查副词。副词修饰形容词、副词、动词甚至整个句子,作状语。故用副词patiently修饰动词explained。]
45.feelings [考查词性转换。根据and可知,此处与thoughts并列,故用名词的复数形式。]
46.deepest [考查形容词的最高级。与Among all the books和定冠词the呼应,此处用形容词的最高级形式,修饰名词impression。]
47.but [考查连词。根据语境可知,上下文表示逻辑上的转折关系,故用连词but。]
48.to overcome [考查非谓语动词。固定搭配manage to do sth.意为“设法完成某事”,故用不定式作宾语。 ]
49.in [考查介词。固定搭配be absorbed in sth.意为“专注于某事”,故用介词in。]
50.that/which [考查定语从句。that/which引导定语从句,在从句中作宾语,该从句修饰先行词the benefits。]
F 【导学号:52384078】
(2017•湖北省七市教科研协作体联考)This summer I travelled from noisy Beijing to Wuzhen,a beautiful village in Zhejiang Province.Unfolded before me was 51.         unique image of this water country — the stone bridge and the water flowing,all like fairy tales to me.
However,52.         impressed me most was not the natural scenery but the scene of a grandma bathing a little baby in a wooden basin with the door open.My friends couldn't help 53.       (take) pictures of them.To my surprise,the grandma smiled and waved at us.All of a sudden,my heart was filled with 54.    (warm).
I shared the photos and my 55.          (forget)experience with my friends.They were 56.           (simple) moved as I was,but at the same time they reminded me of the unpleasant experiences in big cities.We feel embarrassed to see people quarrelling in public because they 57.          (step)on accidentally by strangers.
According to a recent survey 58.          (make) in November 2016: 45 percent of the residents don't know the names of their neighbors; 63 percent have never devoted 59.         (they)to talking to their neighbors;67 percent think that the relationship between them and their neighbors is just so­so,or even bad.
Wouldn't it be beautiful to say hello to our neighbors who just came back 60.          work and give them a smile?
【语篇解读】 本文主要讲述了作者的乌镇之旅以及对大城市里冷漠的邻里关系的反思。
51.a [考查冠词。image是可数名词,且第一次在语境中出现,故用不定冠词修饰,且unique的读音不是以元音音素开头的,故用不定冠词a。]
52.what [考查连接词。what引导主语从句,且在从句中作主语,表示物的概念。]
53.taking [考查动名词。固定词组搭配:can't help doing sth.意为“情不自禁做某事”,符合语境,故用动名词作宾语。]
54.warmth [考查词性转换。介词后跟名词、代词或动名词作宾语,故用名词warmth作介词with的宾语。]
55.unforgettable [考查词性转换。修饰名词的词一般为形容词,且此处与第二段呼应,作者和朋友们分享的是难忘的经历,故用形容词unforgettable修饰名词experience,在句子中作定语。]
56.simply [考查副词。修饰动词的词一般为副词,故用副词simply在句子中作状语。]
57.are stepped [考查动词时态和语态。根据语境中by的提示可知,此处表示被动概念,且由句中feel的时态可知,应用一般现在时的被动语态,即are stepped。]
58.made [考查非谓语动词。make和句子谓语之间没有连词,且和其逻辑主语survey之间构成动宾关系,故用过去分词作后置定语。]
59.themselves [考查代词。根据语境可知,此处用反身代词themselves作宾语。]
60.from [考查介词。根据语境可知,此处表示下班后回来,故用介词from,意为“从……”。]
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