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专题限时集训(十九) 完形填空——夹叙夹议文(Ⅱ)
(2017•石家庄市教学质量检测二)When my sister Diane began playing the violin,she was seven.How did she sound?Terrible.But she didn't   1  .At twelve,she asked our parents if she could   2   a full­time music school.They said no.Actually,everyone agreed that my sister   3   talent.
I was better at my   4  .My teacher had told my parents that I had great   5  .So my parents found the best piano teacher in the area to   6   me.But the only time he was   7   was Saturday afternoons at 3 p.m.Back then,I was   8   about the British TV show “The Avengers”,which was   9   every Saturday at 3 p.m.I let nothing take up my “The Avengers” hour.So I   10   this amazing opportunity.Today,I don't even have a   11   in my house.
My sister became an engineer,but she   12   stopped making music.When she was in her 40s,she switched her   13  .She went back to college,got a(n)   14     in music education,and became a music teacher.She starts kids off on their first instrument and gives them all the encouragement and support she never   15  .
Recently,she and a pianist pal put on a recital.A big crowd of friends and family   16   for her.As she played,I looked around at the   17  .Everyone was   18   enjoying the music.It occurred to me that I was the only person that remembered that 7­year­old kid making those perfectly   19   sounds and knew how far she had come,despite   20  .
Talent  is  important.But  enthusiasm  is  even  more important.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文,通过讲述妹妹追求梦想的经历告诉我们:天赋很重要,但更重要的是热情。
1.A.advance         B.quit
C.reflect D.listen
B [根据上文的“How did she sound?Terrible”可知,“我”妹妹的小提琴演奏得糟糕透了;结合本句的“But”表示的转折意义可知,但她没有放弃(quit)。]
2.A.inspect  B.open
C.attend  D.visit
C [根据上文可知,尽管妹妹的小提琴演奏得很糟糕,但是她仍不愿放弃;据此可以判断,本句句意为:在十二岁时,她问父母她是否可以去全日制的音乐学校上学。attend school为固定搭配,意为“上学”。]
3.A.lacked  B.spotted
C.possessed D.admired
A [根据上文的“They said no”和父母没有答应让她去全日制音乐学校学习可以判断,每个人都认为“我”的妹妹缺乏(lacked)天赋,故A项正确。]
4.A.major  B.project
C.composition D.instrument
D [根据本段第三句的“So my parents found the best piano teacher in the area”可知,“我”的父母为“我”找了当地最好的钢琴老师教“我”学钢琴;据此可以判断,与妹妹相比,“我”更擅长“我”的乐器。]
5.A.patience  B.enthusiasm
C.potential  D.ambition
C [根据下文的“So my parents found the best piano teacher in the area”可知,“我”的父母为“我”找了当地最好的钢琴老师来教“我”学钢琴;据此可以判断,老师告诉父母说“我”很有潜能(potential)。A项意为“耐心”,B项意为“热情”,D项意为“抱负”,都与语境不符。]
6.A.train  B.examine
C.correct  D.challenge
A [参见上题解析。A项意为“培训,教育”;B项意为“检查”;C项意为“改正”;D项意为“挑战”。]
7.A.punctual   B.skillful
C.occupied  D.available
D [根据语境可知,钢琴老师只有每周六下午三点有空。D项意为“有空的”,符合语境,故D项正确。A项意为“准时的”,B项意为“技术好的”,C项意为“使用中”,都与语境不符。]
8.A.sensitive             B.crazy
C.serious               D.particular
B [根据本句中的“about the British TV show”可判断,“我”热衷于一档英国电视节目。be crazy about为固定搭配,意为“热衷于”,故B项正确。A项意为“敏感的”,C项意为“严肃的”,D项意为“特别的,挑剔的”,都与语境不符。]
9.A.filmed       B.designed
C.aired D.commented
C [根据该句中的“every Saturday at 3 p.m.”可知,这档英国电视节目在每周六的下午三点播放。air在本句中意为“播出,播放”,属于熟词生义,故C项正确。A项意为“拍电影”,B项意为“设计”,D项意为“评论”。]
10.A.jumped at B.turned down
C.waited for    D.opened up
B [根据上文的“I let nothing take up my‘The Avengers’hour”可知,“我”不让任何事情占用“我”看这档节目的时间,据此可以判断,“我”拒绝了这一机会。B项意为“拒绝”,符合语境,故B项正确。A项意为“迫不及待地接受”,C项意为“等待,等候”,D项意为“打开”,都与语境不符。]
11.A.tutor  B.violin
C.musician D.piano
D [根据本段的“So my parents found the best piano teacher in the area”可以判断,由于“我”拒绝了学钢琴,所以现在家里甚至一台钢琴也没有,故D项正确。]
12.A.never   B.once
C.already    D.even
A [根据空后两句可知,“我”妹妹在四十几岁时上大学学习音乐;据此可知,尽管“我”妹妹成了一名工程师,但是她从未(never)停止对音乐的追求,故A项正确。 ]
13.A.attitude  B.career
C.plan   D.position
B [根据下文的“and became a music teacher”可知,在她四十几岁时,她改变了职业(career),从工程师成为一名音乐老师,故B项正确。A项意为“态度”,C项意为“计划”,D项意为“地位”,都与语境不符。    ]
14.A.scholarship B.sponsor
C.degree D.assistant
C [根据句中的“She went back to college”和“and became a music teacher”可知,她重返大学学习音乐,并取得了音乐教育的学位(degree),成了一名音乐老师。A项意为“奖学金”,B项意为“赞助人”,D项意为“助手”,都与语境不符。]
15.A.provided  B.imagined
C.received D.expected
C [根据上文可知,“我”的父母认为妹妹没有音乐天赋,拒绝了妹妹上全日制音乐学校的请求,据此可以判断,妹妹做音乐老师时,给了孩子们她未曾得到(received)的鼓励和支持。A项意为“提供”,B项意为“想象”,D项意为“期望”,都与语境不符。]
16.A.voted  B.feared
C.stayed up  D.turned up
D [根据上文的“put on a recital”可知,妹妹和一位钢琴家举办了一场演奏会;据此可以判断,朋友和家人们都到场了。A项意为“投票”,B项意为“担心,害怕”,C项意为“熬夜”,D项意为“到达,露面”。]
17.A.students  B.audience
C.spotlights  D.platform
B [根据下文的“enjoying the music”可知,所有人都在欣赏妹妹演奏的音乐;据此可知,“我”环顾了四周的观众(audience),故B项正确。A项意为“学生”,C项意为“聚光灯”,D项意为“平台,讲台”。]
18.A.obviously            B.desperately
C.appropriately  D.anxiously
A [根据本句中的“enjoying the music”可知,很显然(obviously),所有人都在欣赏妹妹演奏的音乐。B项意为“极其”,C项意为“恰当地”,D项意为“着急地”,都与语境不符。]
19.A.booming   B.pleasing
C.awful   D.powerful
C [根据上文的“How did she sound?Terrible”可知,七岁时,“我”妹妹的小提琴演奏得糟糕透了(awful),故C项正确。A项意为“迅速发展的”,B项意为“令人愉快的”,D项意为“有力量的”,都与语境不符。]
20.A.everything B.something
C.everybody    D.somebody
A [根据本句中的“and knew how far she had come,despite”并结合上文可知,“我”想起了妹妹七岁时演奏小提琴的糟糕的声音,只有“我”知道她不顾一切(everything)走了多远。]
B 【导学号:52384072】
(2017•安徽省百所重点高中第二次模拟)Ten years ago,a doctor told me something was wrong with my lung and I had to give up work at once and went to bed.I was totally   21   and felt I was suddenly placed under   22   of death with an indefinite reprieve (缓刑).After careful thought,I   23   my affairs; then I went home and got into bed.But 2 years later,I left my bed and   24   the long climb back.It was another year   25   I made it.
I speak of this experience because these past years have   26   me what to value and what to believe.I   27   now that this world is not my oyster (牡蛎)to be opened but my   28   to be grasped.
I've also learned that it's necessary to   29   those little,all­important things I never thought I would   30   before: the music of the wind in my favorite pine tree,the   31   of sunlight on running water.I seem now,with some of the    32   freshness of childhood,to hear and see.How well,  33  ,I recall the touch of the earth the day I first stepped upon it after the years in bed.It was like   34   one's citizenship in a world one had nearly lost.
Frequently,I   35   myself that I need make notes of this   36   I'm living in now,because in it I'm well,  37  ,doing what I like best.It won't always be like this,  38   I'll make the most of it and be grateful.I   39   all this to that long time spent in bed.Wiser people come to this   40   without having to acquire it the hard way.But I wasn't wise enough.I'm wiser now,a little,and happier.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。一场重病让作者明白了什么是人生中最重要的东西。因此他对自己当下所拥有的倍加珍惜,并心存感激。
21.A.confused      B.shocked
C.determined  D.annoyed
B [根据上文中的“Ten years ago,a doctor told me something was wrong with my lung and I had to give up work at once and went to bed”可知,当被告知自己的肺部出了问题且不得不立即放弃工作卧床休息时作者感到非常震惊(shocked)。confused“困惑的”;annoyed“恼怒的”。]
22.A.trial B.pressure
C.sentence  D.control
C [作者突然觉得自己好像是被判了死缓一样。根据语境尤其是下文的“with an indefinite reprieve(缓刑)”可知,此处应选sentence“宣判,判刑”。under sentence of death“被判处死刑”。]
23.A.made up   B.set up
C.took up   D.cleared up
D [仔细思考之后,作者把手头的事务处理掉,然后回家了。根据上文中的“I had to give up work at once and went to bed”可知,clear up“解决,清理”符合语境。make up“组成,编造”;set up“设立”;take up“开始从事,占据”。]
24.A.recalled    B.began
C.avoided  D.accepted
B [两年后,作者离开了病床,开始(began)了漫长的重回之前的生活状态的“攀登”。recall“回忆起”;avoid“避免”;accept“接受”。]
25.A.when  B.after
C.since   D.before
D [过了一年,作者就做到了。It was/is+一段时间+before...是固定句型,意为“过了……才/就……”。]
26.A.assigned  B.taught
C.treated D.assured
B [作者谈及这段经历是因为那些过去的岁月教会(taught)了作者应该珍惜什么,相信什么。assign“分配,分派”;treat“招待”;assure“使确信”。]
27.A.admit  B.demand
C.expect     D.realize
D [现在作者意识到(realize)这个世界不是等待他去打开的牡蛎,而是需要他去抓住的机会。admit“承认”;expect“期待,期望”。]
28.A.knowledge     B.opportunity
C.attention                   D.point
B [参见上题解析。grasp the opportunity“抓住机会”,是固定搭配。knowledge“知识”;attention“注意力”;point“观点”。]
29.A.dismiss  B.list
C.define   D.appreciate
D [作者也学会了欣赏(appreciate)那些不起眼的但却很重要的东西,而作者之前从未想过自己会去注意这些东西。dismiss“不予理会,不予考虑”;list“列举”;define“给……下定义,解释”。]
30.A.notice  B.record
C.remember  D.track
A [参见上题解析。notice“注意到”;record“记录”;remember“记得”;track“跟踪”。]
31.A.shadow B.shake
C.play D.feeling
C [根据上文中的“the music of the wind in my favorite pine tree”和下文中的“I seem now...to hear and see”可知,此处指的应是作者以前不会注意到的东西。play“轻快变幻的动作,闪烁”,the play of sunlight on running water“阳光在水面上闪烁”。]
32.A.damaged B.recovered
C.faded D.changed
B [作者重新找回了童年时期看待事物的新鲜感。recovered“重新获得的,重新找到的”,符合语境。]
33.A.in contrast B.in return
C.for instance D.by chance
C [比如,回想起自己卧床两年后重新踏上这片土地的感觉有多好。for instance“比如,例如”,符合语境。in contrast“相反”;in return“作为回报”;by chance“偶然地”。]
34.A.maintaining B.regaining
C.discovering D.forgetting
B [这就像在一个差点失去的世界中重新获得公民身份一样。regain“重新得到”和下文的“lost”相对应。maintain“维持”;discover“发现”;forget“忘记”。]
35.A.remind B.promise
C.advise D.convince
A [作者经常提醒自己要记下这个自己现在生活的时刻,因为活在此刻,作者是健康且快乐的,而且能做自己最喜欢做的事情。remind“提醒”,符合语境。promise“许诺,允诺”;convince“使相信”。]
36.A.country B.moment
C.memory D.inspiration
B [参见上题解析。moment“时刻”;inspiration“灵感”。]
37.A.pleased B.courageous
C.confident D.strong
A [参见第35题解析。pleased“快乐的,高兴的”;courageous“勇敢的”;confident“自信的”;strong“坚强的”。下文中的“I'm wiser now,a little,and happier”亦是提示。]
38.A.meanwhile B.otherwise
C.however D.therefore
D [它不会总是如这般存在,因此作者会充分利用它并心存感激。上下文之间是因果关系,故用therefore。meanwhile“与此同时”;otherwise“否则”;however“然而”。]
39.A.apply B.owe
C.contribute D.adapt
B [作者将这一切都归功于他卧病在床的那段漫长时光。owe...to...“把……归功于……”,是固定用法。]
40.A.awareness B.agreement
C.comment D.compromise
A [更有智慧的人无需被困到如此境地也能明白这些道理。awareness“意识,明白”符合语境。compromise“妥协”。]
(2017•河南、河北、山西、湖北、湖南、江西、安徽省七所名校联考)For me,two of the loveliest words in English are “Life  persists”.
I   41   them years ago as a college student,sitting in the  library,  42  ,working on a paper.Out of nowhere,those  words came   43   off the page in a quote (引语):“In the  midst of death life persists,in the midst of   44   truth  persists,in the midst of darkness light persists.”
Suddenly I wasn't unhappy and impatient any more.Then I   45   my granddad.I loved to talk with him.And I was   46    to hear what he'd think of it.He had poor hearing,so I had to   47   it a few times,but once he   48   it,he laughed.“All I can say to that is totally   49  ,” he said on the phone.I told him how glad I was,after a long winter,to finally see  spring and   50   to find that quote.“Why is that?” he  asked.“Well,spring is a sure   51   that life persists.And it  just makes me   52  .”
He laughed again,and then   53   his lovely voice,he  recited for me his   54   “spring time” words: “The desert  shall rejoice (高兴),and   55   as the rose does...even  with joy and singing.”
Many years later,  56   my husband and I drove across a  desert with many wildflowers and blooming (盛开的) cactuses,I could   57   hear my granddad laughing:“The desert shall  rejoice.”
Life persists,and so do we,in the silence of   58   and  the blooming of cactuses; and in the dead of   59   and the  green of spring.Spring   60   us that we're alive forever.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章,讲述的是作者有感于春天的活力,从偶然读到的一段话联想到生命的意义与坚持。生命长存于漫漫沙漠的植物中,长存于冬去春来的绿意中。冬去春来,生命依然长存,而我们也要继续前行。
41.A.looked for  B.happened on
C.picked out D.made up
B [根据语境可知,几年前坐在大学的图书馆里作者偶然遇到这两个单词“Life persists”。happen on“偶然遇到或发现”,符合语境。pick out“挑选,辨别出”;make up“编造”。]
42.A.bored B.concentrated
C.tired  D.confused
A [根据下文中的“Suddenly I wasn't unhappy and impatient any more”可知,作者当时在图书馆里的心情是很烦闷的。故选bored“厌倦的,烦闷的”。]
43.A.running  B.dancing
C.rushing   D.moving
B [这两个词突然从书页上的引语中跃入作者的眼帘。dancing在此形象生动地描述了这两个词所富含的美好活力以及作者遇到它们的偶然性。]
44.A.fear   B.accusation
C.suspicion D.untruth
D [在死亡中,生命依然坚持;在谎言中,真理依然长存;在黑暗中,光明依然永驻。根据句中的death与life,darkness与light的对应关系可知,此处应填truth的反义词。untruth“虚假,不真实”,符合语境。accusation“控告”;suspicion“怀疑”。]
45.A.called  B.visited
C.consulted  D.informed
A [根据下文中的“on the phone”可知,作者给爷爷打电话。call“(给……)打电话”,符合语境。visit“看望,拜访”;consult“咨询”;inform“告知”。]
46.A.patient   B.confident
C.upset     D.desperate
D [根据语境及上文中的“I loved to talk with him”可知,作者很想听到爷爷(对这句话)是怎么看的。desperate“极想,渴望”。patient“耐心的”;upset“不安的”。]
47.A.copy    B.print
C.repeat   D.recite
C [根据上文中的“He had poor hearing,so I had to”和下文中的“a few times”可知,爷爷的听觉不灵,所以作者不得不多次重复(repeat)这句话。copy“抄写”;print“打印”;recite“背诵”。]
48.A.got  B.made
C.undertook  D.managed
A [但是一旦作者的爷爷明白(got it)了,他就笑了起来。make it“获得成功,准时到达”。]
49.A.puzzlement    B.scepticism
C.agreement  D.disapproval
C [根据上文中的“laughed”和下文中作者的爷爷所背诵的语句与该句话的主题的一致性可知,作者的爷爷对这句话所表达的主题是完全同意的。puzzlement“疑惑”;scepticism“怀疑”;agreement“赞同,同意”;disapproval“反对,不赞成”。]
50.A.practically  B.especially
C.obviously  D.naturally
B [作者告诉爷爷她在漫长的冬天过后,最终看到了春天,特别是偶然发现这句引语,自己是有多高兴。especially“特别,尤其”,符合语境。practically“实际地,差不多”;obviously“明显地”;naturally“自然而然地”。]
51.A.way B.inspiration
C.remark   D.sign
D [春天就是一个可信的迹象,它表明生命是长存的。sign“迹象,征兆”符合语境。inspiration“鼓舞人心的人(或事物)”。]
52.A.astonished B.energetic
C.merry   D.alive
C [根据上文中的“I wasn't unhappy”,下文中的“rejoice(高兴)”“joy”及文章的主题可知,这句话使作者感到开心(merry)。astonished“震惊的”;energetic“精力充沛的”。]
53.A.in   B.with
C.of    D.beyond
A [作者的爷爷又笑了笑,然后用他那悦耳的嗓音为作者背诵了他最喜欢的语句。in...voice是固定搭配,表示“以……的嗓音”。]
54.A.impressive   B.superb
C.classical               D.favorite
D [参见上题解析。impressive“给人印象深刻的”;superb“极佳的,质量极高的”;classical“经典的”;favorite“最喜欢的”。]
55.A.exist   B.flower
C.survive   D.sow
B [沙漠应该高兴,像玫瑰一样盛开。根据空后的“as the rose does”可知,flower“开花”符合语境。]
56.A.after   B.when
C.until   D.although
B [多年后,当作者和丈夫驱车穿越一个有很多野花和盛开的仙人掌的沙漠时,她几乎又听到了爷爷笑着说“沙漠应该高兴”。分析句子结构可知,空处在此引导时间状语从句,且在从句中作时间状语,故选when。]
57.A.hardly                 B.always
C.almost   D.mostly
C [参见上题解析。almost“几乎,差不多”,符合语境。]
[知识拓展] almost与mostly都是副词,但前者意思是“几乎,差不多”,强调程度,后者的意思是“主要地,多半”,强调数量。使用时不可混淆。如:
When he finally arrived home,he was almost starving.当他最后到家时,他几乎要饿死了。
I mostly go camping during the summer vacation.我暑假大多数时候去露营。
58.A.journeys    B.words
C.world    D.desert
D [根据空后的“the blooming of cactuses...”和上文中的“a desert with many wildflowers and blooming(盛开的)cactuses”及“The desert shall rejoice”可知,生命长存,同样的,我们也要坚持。生命长存于寂静的沙漠(desert)中和盛开的仙人掌里。]
59.A.winter  B.spring
C.summer               D.autumn
A [in the dead of winter“在隆冬,在严冬”。空前的dead形象地表现出了冬季万物萧条的景象,与春季的绿意及万物复苏的景象形成鲜明的对比。]
60.A.convinces  B.assures
C.reminds    D.strikes
C [春天提醒我们,我们永远充满活力。convince“使相信”;assure“使确信”;remind“提醒”;strike“突然想到”。]
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