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莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y
专题限时集训(十八) 完形填空——夹叙夹议文(Ⅰ)
Honest Thanks
I sat down at my desk and started writing.I wrote an emotional letter of gratitude.I put the notecard into the   1  ,sealed it and stuck the stamps on it,but when it came to actually placing the letter into the mailbox...I   2  .
The letter was to a schoolmate with whom I kept in contact via Facebook   3  .She had inspired me to live a(n)   4    life—for example,by   5   more.
Her volunteer efforts weren't   6  —she wasn't building wells in Uganda,but   7   she was doing small,local good deeds,such as serving as a crossing guard.These were things I could do,too.She made me   8   I could make a difference here at home.I felt I should let her know how her   9   positively influenced my life.I could have easily sent her an e­mail,  10   that seemed a bit lame for such an important thank you.That's why I ended up   11   the letter.But now I stood before the mailbox,unable to place the envelope inside.What was   12   me?Why was this so   13   to do?I guess I felt strange because it wasn't like she was my best friend.I just knew her.“People don't   14   do this,” I thought to myself.However,  15   thinking it over,I still felt a(n)   16   to let her know how grateful I was.Finally,I put the envelope in the mailbox.
Weeks later I received her reply.She was   17   a tough time and my letter meant the   18   to her.She didn't know she had such a (n)   19   on others.Not only did this letter make her happy,but her response to it increased my   20   of happiness.I decided to write a gratitude letter to someone each month.Cultivating gratitude is a great skill to practice.Life is too short not to do it.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。“我”在脸书上认识了一个朋友,她鼓励“我”参加志愿活动,“我”因此感受到了不同的人生。为了表示感谢,“我”给她手写了一封信,没想到她收到信时正经历人生的艰难时刻,“我”的信鼓舞了她,她的回复也提高了“我”的幸福程度。
1.A.envelope       B.drawer
C.handbag D.pocket
A [根据该句中的“sealed it and stuck the stamps on it”可知,“我”将便笺卡放进信封,然后封上,再贴上邮票。A项意为“信封”,故A项正确。B项意为“抽屉”;C项意为“小手提包”;D项意为“口袋”。]
2.A.sighed B.froze
C.panicked  D.smiled
B [根据该句中的“but when it came to actually placing the letter into the mailbox”可知,但是当确实要把信投放到信箱时,“我”停住不动了。freeze意为“停住不动,惊呆”,符合语境,故B项正确。]
3.A.usually B.formally
C.occasionally D.secretly
C [根据下文第三段的“it wasn't like she was my best friend.I just knew her”可知,“我”仅仅认识她。据此可以判断,我们只是通过脸书偶尔联系。C项意为“偶尔”,故C项正确。A项意为“经常地”;B项意为“正式地”;D项意为“秘密地”。]
4.A.different  B.tough
C.enthusiastic D.rich
A [根据下文第三段的“Her volunteer efforts”并结合该句中的“inspired”可以判断,她鼓励“我”过不同的生活,比如多参加志愿活动。A项意为“不同的”,故A项正确。B项意为“艰苦的”;C项意为“热情的”;D项意为“富裕的”。]
5.A.enjoying  B.volunteering
C.exercising  D.travelling
B [参见上题解析。B项意为“自愿做”,故B项正确。]
6.A.essential B.meaningful
C.ordinary D.huge
D [根据该句中的“she was doing small,local good deeds”可知,她所做的志愿活动并非大事,而是在当地做一些善事。故选D项,huge与该句中的small对应。]
7.A.once   B.also
C.still  D.instead
D [参见上题解析。D项意为“反而,却”,符合语境,故D项正确。]
8.A.accept B.realize
C.admit  D.prove
B [根据语境可知,她使“我”意识到,“我”也可以发挥一定的作用。B项意为“意识到,认识到”,故B项正确。A项意为“接受”;C项意为“承认”;D项意为“证明”。]
9.A.words  B.thoughts
C.example D.emotion
C [根据语境可知,“我”要让她知道,她积极的榜样作用影响了“我”的人生。C项意为“榜样”,故C项正确。A项意为“话语”;B项意为“思想”;D项意为“情感”。]
10.A.and B.but
C.so   D.or
B [根据该句中的easily和important可以判断,“我”给她发一封电子邮件很容易,但是这似乎无法表达“我”对她的深切感谢。根据语境可以判断,空处前后之间为转折关系。]
11.A.editing B.receiving
C.answering D.handwriting
D [根据上文第一段第一句中的“writing”可知,为了表达对她的衷心感谢,“我”给她手写了一封信。]
12.A.stopping B.urging
C.encouraging D.confusing
A [根据上文中的“unable to place the envelope inside”可知,“我”无法将信封投进信箱;据此可以判断,“我”不知道是什么阻止了“我”。A项意为“阻止”,故A项正确。]
13.A.boring  B.pleasant
C.hard   D.cool
C [根据上文中的“unable to place the envelope inside”可以判断,“我”不知道为何将信封投进信箱如此困难。C项意为“困难的”,故C项正确。]
14.A.directly B.constantly
C.equally   D.normally
D [根据上文中的“I guess I felt strange...knew her”可知,她并不是“我”最好的朋友,“我”仅仅认识她,“我”却给她亲笔写信。故可推断,通常人们是不会这么做的。D项意为“通常,正常情况下”,故D项正确。A项意为“直接地”;B项意为“始终,一直”;C项意为“平等地”。]
15.A.until B.after
C.while D.before
B [根据该句中的“However”和“I still”可知,在仔细考虑了这种“不正常”的行为之后,“我”还是渴望让她知道“我”是多么感谢她。B项意为“在……之后”,故B项正确。]
16.A.desire B.ambition
C.fear   D.curiosity
A [参见上题解析。A项意为“渴望”,故A项正确。]
17.A.going through B.going for
C.going against  D.going over
A [根据该句中的“a tough time”可知,她正在经历一段艰难时期。A项意为“经历,遭受”,故A项正确。B项意为“努力争取”;C项意为“违反,反对”;D项意为“仔细检查”。]
18.A.earth B.world
C.dream  D.future
B [根据该句中的“my letter meant the   18   to her”可以判断,她正在经历一段艰难时期,“我”的感谢信对她来说非常重要。mean the world to sb.表示“对某人非常重要”,故B项正确。A项意为“地球”;C项意为“梦想”;D项意为“未来”。]
19.A.comment  B.honor
C.influence  D.concern
C [根据上文第三段中的“influenced”可以判断,她不知道她竟然对他人有如此大的影响。C项意为“影响”,故C项正确。A项意为“评论”;B项意为“荣誉,尊敬”;D项意为“担心”。]
20.A.search   B.appreciation
C.level   D.experience
C [根据语境可知,这封信不但让她幸福,她的回复也提高了“我”的幸福程度。C项意为“水平,程度”,故C项正确。A项意为“搜查”;B项意为“感谢”;D项意为“经历”。]
B 【导学号:52384070】
(2017•成都市第一次诊断性检测)When you are living a fully­scheduled life,every minute counts.No matter how many ways you divide your   21  ,there's never enough time in a day to catch up.
Six years ago,I was   22   with a care­free,stop­and­smell­the­roses type of   23  .When I needed to rush out,she was taking her sweet   24   picking out a purse and a shining crown.When I needed to have a   25   lunch,she'd stop to speak to the elderly woman who looked like her grandma.Whenever my child caused me to deviate (偏离) from my main   26  ,I thought to myself,we don't have time for this.  27  ,the two words I most commonly spoke to my little lover of life were:“  28  !”
Then one day,things   29  .We'd just picked up my older daughter from kindergarten and were getting out of the car.Seeing her little sister not going fast enough for her liking,my older daughter said,“ You are so   30  .” When the older one crossed her own arms,it dawned on me that her annoyed look   31   that of mine.I saw the damage my hurried existence was doing to   32   of my children.
Though my   33   to slow down was made almost three years ago,living at a slower pace still takes great effort.My younger daughter is my living   34   of why I must keep trying.In fact,she reminded me once again the other day.When I thought my little child was going to eat the last   35   of an ice cream,she held out a spoonful of it.“I saved the last for you,” she said.At that moment,I   36   I'd just got the deal of a lifetime.I gave my child a little time,and unexpectedly,  37  ,she reminded me that things taste   38   and love comes easier when you stop   39   through life.
Pausing to delight in the simple joys of daily life is the only way to truly live.Trust me,I learned from the world's born   40   in joyful living.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。“我”工作繁忙,常常感到时间不够用,这种忙碌的习惯事实上对“我”的两个女儿造成了伤害;后来,“我”决心改变自己,放慢匆忙的脚步,享受美好的生活。
21.A.attention      B.memory
C.love D.experience
A [根据语境可知,不管有多少途径分配你的注意力,你每天总会感到时间不够。A项意为“注意力”,故A项正确。]
22.A.bored B.blessed
C.content D.patient
B [根据语境可以判断,“我”幸运地享受着和女儿无忧无虑的生活。be blessed with为固定搭配,意为“享有(幸福等),赋有(能力等)”,故B项正确。]
23.A.sister B.grandma
C.son D.daughter
D [根据下文的“my child”和第三段的“my older daughter”“her little sister”可以判断,D项正确。]
24.A.time B.ice cream
C.step  D.lunch
A [根据该句中的“picking out a purse and a shining crown”可以判断,“我”的女儿正享受着她的美好时光,挑选她的钱包和闪亮的王冠。故A项正确。]
25.A.big B.quick
C.nutritious D.joyful
B [根据上文的“rush out”可知,此处指“我”想要快速吃午饭。B项意为“快的”,故B项正确。]
26.A.goal   B.responsibility
C.schedule D.interest
C [根据第一段的第一句“When you are living a fully­scheduled life,every minute counts”可知,这里指无论什么时候“我”的孩子让“我”偏离计划。C项意为“工作计划,日程安排”,故C项正确。   ]
27.A.Consequently B.Frankly
C.Surprisingly D.Unusually
A [根据上文中的“we don't have time for this”和该句中的“the two words I most commonly spoke to my little lover of life were”可以判断,我们没有时间,所以“我”经常跟孩子说两个词“赶快”。据此可知,前后句之间为因果关系。A项意为“因此,所以”,故A项正确。    ]
28.A.Cheer up B.Pull up
C.Shut up  D.Hurry up
D [参见上题解析。    ]
29.A.improved B.changed
C.appeared D.worsened
B [根据该句中的“Then one day,things”以及下文内容可以判断,后来有一天,情况发生了变化。B项意为“改变”,故B项正确。]
30.A.silly  B.excited
C.careful     D.slow
D [根据该句中的“Seeing her little sister not going fast enough for her liking”可知,看到她的妹妹没有如她所愿足够快,“我”的大女儿说“你太慢了”。D项意为“慢的”,故D项正确。]
31.A.silenced  B.contradicted
C.mirrored D.encouraged
C [根据该句中的“that of mine”可以判断,大女儿恼怒的表情反映着“我”的样子。C项意为“反映,反射”,故C项正确。]
32.A.both B.all
C.some   D.neither
A [根据该段中的“my older daughter”和“her little sister”可知,“我”有两个女儿,故这里指“我”意识到“我”的匆忙对两个孩子造成了伤害。故用both。]
33.A.demand  B.offer
C.promise D.mistake
C [根据语境可知,尽管差不多三年前“我”就做了要慢下来的承诺,但是过慢速生活仍要付出很多努力。C项意为“承诺”,故C项正确。]
34.A.reminder  B.memory
C.image D.example
A [根据该句中的“of why I must keep trying”和下文中的“she reminded me once again”可知,“我”的小女儿提醒着“我”为什么“我”必须努力尝试慢下来。A项意为“提醒人的事物”,故A项正确。]
35.A.half  B.bite
C.cup D.piece
B [根据下文中的“I saved the last for you”可知,当“我”认为“我”的孩子要吃最后一口(bite)冰淇淋时,“我”没料到她将最后一勺递给“我”。故B项正确。]
36.A.wondered  B.realized
C.recognized  D.valued
B [根据语境可知,在那一刻“我”意识到,“我”刚享受到终身难得的待遇。B项意为“意识到”,故B项正确。]
37.A.in conclusion B.in short
C.in return  D.in fact
C [根据语境可知,“我”给了孩子一点儿时间,意外地她回报了“我”很多。C项意为“作为回报”,故C项正确。A项意为“最后”,B项意为“简言之”,D项意为“事实上”,都与语境不符。]
38.A.hotter   B.softer
C.sourer   D.sweeter
D [根据上文中孩子将最后一勺冰淇淋留给“我”吃,“我”体会到了人生难得的待遇可知,孩子的行为让“我”知道,当停止匆忙的生活时,人们就会体会到更加甜蜜的生活。故D项正确。]
39.A.rushing B.going
C.getting     D.surviving
A [根据上文第二段中的“rush out”可以判断,A项正确。]
40.A.scientist B.magician
C.expert   D.designer
C [根据语境可知,相信“我”,这是“我”从世界上天生的享受生活的专家那里学到的。这里的“世界上天生的享受生活的专家”为比喻,是指“我”的小女儿。C项意为“专家”,符合语境,故C项正确。   ]
C 【导学号:52384071】
(2017•东北三省四市教研联合体模拟)Thinking of my good friends,I sense that my attitudes are totally different towards men and women.
My earliest childhood friend is Donald.In the street was  a(n)   41   old German truck.No wheels.No doors.Each day,  42   we were flying over the Atlantic in that truck—our“airplane”,there came that wonderful  moment:“ Engine   43   !”I'd shout,“We'll have to jump out.”Glancing at me,he'd say,“I can't   44  !”“Fear not!I'll drag you to the   45  .”And when we swam   46   the dust,Donald cried“Sharks!”But I always   47   him.The next day,changing   48  ,Donald would do  the same to me.We saved each other  hundreds of times,but when my family really did leave for  America,we could do   49  .We just cried silently as the  train   50  .
These days,Jessica is one of my best friends.Recently we  were swimming on the shore of the Atlantic,the   51   one I  had “flown” over in my German truck with Donald.We were far  from the shore when we both thought we   52   a shark!We  began swimming   53   toward the shore.Although in   54  ,I fell back to protect her.In the end,the“shark” proved   55  ,but not my deep emotional feelings for my friend.We  looked into each other's eyes and said,“I love you!”
You see with women I could be   56  ,emotionally  honest and transparent.With male friends,it seemed impossible  to   57   caring feelings however deep the friendship was.Much  to my   58  ,research shows that men and women have very  different   59   and rational (理性的)processes.I do love all  my friends—only the means of expression   60  .
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文,通过讲述“我”和朋友Donald和Jessica在一起时的经历,说明了“我”对待男性朋友和女性朋友的情感表达方式是不同的。
41.A.advanced B.decorated
C.abandoned D.updated
C [根据下文中的“No wheels.No doors”可知,这是一辆废弃的(abandoned)德国卡车。advanced“高级的”;decorated“装饰的”;updated“更新的”。]
42.A.before B.while
C.after  D.until
B [根据语境可知,每天当(while)我们乘坐飞机(旧的德国卡车)飞越大西洋时,美妙的时刻就来临了。]
43.A.loss   B.death
C.pressure D.failure
D [根据下文的“We'll have to jump out”可知,此处表示“发动机(出现)故障(failure)”,故选D。]
44.A.jump   B.swim
C.die  D.run
B [根据上文中的“we were flying over the Atlantic”及“We'll have to jump out”和下文的“when we swam”可知,此处表示“我不会游泳(swim)”。]
45.A.dust  B.river
C.truck D.shore
D [参见上题解析。因为Donald不会游泳,故此处表示“我会拖着你一起到岸(shore)上”。]
46.A.over   B.through
C.across  D.beyond
B [根据语境可知,此处表示“当我们游过(一片)灰尘时”,through表示从空间内部穿过,此处是dust“灰尘”,故应选B。]
47.A.left B.fetched
C.rescued  D.defeated
C [根据空前的“Sharks”及“But”可知,此处表示“但是我总是营救(rescued)他”。leave“留下”;fetch“去取回”;defeat“打败”。]
48.A.roles  B.manners
C.images D.forms
A [根据上文讲述的我们的游戏和扮演的角色可知,此处表示“第二天我们交换角色(roles)”。    ]
49.A.something B.nothing
C.anything D.everything
B [根据空前的“We saved each other hundreds of times”及“but”可知,在游戏中我们互相营救了几百次,但是当我们家真的要离开去美国的时候,我们什么事情都做不了,故选B。]
50.A.broke down B.moved in
C.pulled away    D.blew up
C [根据语境可知,当火车开动(pulled away)时,我们默默地哭了。break down“分解,失败”;move in“搬进新居”;blow up“炸毁,给(某物)充气”。]
51.A.very  B.last
C.first D.only
A [根据空后的“one I had ‘flown’over in my German truck with Donald”可知,此处应选A。the very one表示“就是那一个”。]
52.A.attacked B.spotted
C.annoyed   D.killed
B [根据“We began swimming   53   toward the shore”及语境可知,当我们都认为发现了(spotted)鲨鱼时,我们已远离了海岸。]
53.A.eagerly     B.casually
C.hardly  D.crazily
D [根据上文可知,我们疯狂地(crazily)往岸边游去。eagerly“迫切地”;casually“偶然地”;hardly“几乎不”。]
54.A.panic   B.hesitation
C.doubt  D.silence
A [根据语境可知,尽管恐慌、害怕(in panic),“我”还是游回去保护她。hesitation“犹豫”;doubt“怀疑”;silence“沉默”。]
55.A.fierce B.friendly
C.imaginary  D.true
C [根据语境可知,鲨鱼被证明是我们想象的(imaginary),但是“我”对朋友的深情是真实的。]
56.A.cool   B.shy
C.passive D.open
D [根据空后的“emotionally honest and transparent”可知,和女性朋友在一起,“我”是坦率的(open)。   ]
57.A.express B.hide
C.admit    D.control
A [根据空后的“however deep the friendship was”可知,和男性朋友在一起,无论友谊多么深厚,表达(express)关心的感情看起来都是不可能的。]
58.A.embarrassment   B.disappointment
C.relief    D.surprise
C [根据空后的“research shows...processes”可知,此处表示“令我非常宽慰的是”。to one's relief为固定短语,意为“令人宽慰的是”。]
59.A.emotional    B.physical
C.mental    D.moral
A [文章讨论的是情感的表达,故应选emotional“情感的”。physical“身体的”;mental“精神的”;moral“道德的”。]
60.A.changes   B.develops
C.matters D.differs
D [根据本段内容可知,“我”确实爱“我”的朋友们,只是“我”的表达方式不同(differs)。]
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