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专题限时集训(十六) 完形填空——记叙文(Ⅰ)
A 【导学号:52384066】
(2017•合肥市第一次教学质量检测)Ask someone for their first memory and they will often give some fairly dull possibilities and not be sure which comes first.However,I have no   1   at all about mine.The earliest thing  I recall is looking down and seeing flames coming out of my   2  .
It was a Sunday afternoon in July 1981 when I   3   fire.I was in the garden with my dad.It was a sunny day but slightly breezy(有微风的).I was standing nearby as my dad   4   to light the barbecue.After several failed attempts,  5   he had to use some sort of accelerant(助燃剂).It caused a small fireball,which was flying towards me   6   the breeze suddenly   7   in my direction.That's where the   8   memory of my burning ankles kicks in.My dad   9   fast.He dashed indoors,grabbed a large blanket and   10   to wrap me in it.
The next thing I remember is sitting on a chest,feeling hot and   11   water over and over again; then being driven to a   12  .I underwent lots of skin operations and for weeks I wasn't able to bend my legs,which had to be wrapped in bandages.  13   this period,I don't recall experiencing pain.It was only when I   14   what an exciting summer my sister was having that my situation began to seem   15  .
We've never talked much about the   16  —my dad has never been an especially   17   person.Now that I have kids of my own,I do sometimes wonder what he   18  .I've never felt any   19   at him,and I recognize that but for his swift actions the situation could have been   20  .But I'd certainly never have a barbecue with my kids.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,“我”回忆了自己人生中与父亲一起经历的难以忘记的事情。
1.A.choice   B.idea
C.doubt D.worry
C [根据空前的“they will often give some fairly dull possibilities and not be sure which comes first”和空后的“The earliest thing I  recall”的对比可知,此处表示“我”对于自己的记忆毫不怀疑。]
2.A.ankles B.blanket
C.sleeves D.belly
A [根据下文的“That's where the   8   memory of my burning ankles kicks in”可知,此处应选A。]
3.A.exchanged B.set
C.held D.caught
D [那是1981年7月的一个周日的下午,“我”的脚踝处着火了。catch fire“着火”。]
4.A.tended B.struggled
C.refused D.managed
B [根据下文的“After several failed attempts”可知,父亲的几次尝试都失败了,所以此处表示父亲需要努力点燃烧烤架。]
5.A.eventually  B.gradually
C.interestingly D.fortunately
A [根据上文的“After several failed attempts”可知,此处指父亲经过了多次的尝试,最终不得不使用助燃剂。]
6.A.before B.unless
C.though  D.as
D [因为风向突然改变,火球朝“我”这边飞来。as“因为”,引导原因状语从句。]
7.A.stopped  B.howled
C.changed  D.dropped
C [参见上题解析。stop“停止”;howl“大声叫喊”;change“改变”;drop“落下”。]
8.A.vivid B.sweet
C.precious D.vague
A [根据上文的“However,I have no   1   at all about mine.”可知,此处表示“我”着火的脚踝留给了“我”清晰的记忆。]
9.A.hid    B.acted
C.escaped   D.approached
B [根据下文的“He dashed indoors,grabbed a large blanket”可知,此处指父亲看到这种情景后行动很快。 ]
10.A.got away  B.broke in
C.stood by D.ran back
D [根据上文的“He dashed indoors”可知,此处指父亲又从屋内跑回来。]
11.A.waiting for  B.asking for
C.paying for D.searching for
B [“我”记得的下一件事情是坐在大箱子上,感觉很热,然后反复地要水喝。]
12.A.hospital  B.pool
C.café D.gym
A [根据下文的“I underwent lots of skin operations and for weeks I wasn't able to bend my legs,which had to be wrapped in bandages”可知,此处指“我”被送到医院。]
13.A.Thanks to  B.But for
C.Throughout  D.After
C [根据上文的“for weeks”可知,此处指在这整个期间。]
14.A.realized   B.imagined
C.predicted D.explained
A [当“我”意识到“我”的妹妹有一个令人兴奋的夏天的时候,“我”的状况才开始看起来难以忍受。]
15.A.ridiculous  B.acceptable
C.satisfactory  D.unbearable
D [参见上题解析。]
16.A.illness B.conflict
C.accident D.visit
C [我们从来不过多地谈论这次事故。illness“疾病”;conflict“冲突”;accident“事故”;visit“参观”。]
17.A.strict B.open
C.shy   D.honest
B [根据上文的“We've never talked much about the   16  ”可知, 此处指父亲不是一个性格特别开朗的人。    ]
18.A.gave away   B.took over
C.went through D.looked into
C [“我”有了自己的孩子,有时“我”很想知道父亲当时经历了什么。go through“经历”;give away“泄露,分发,赠送”;take over“接管”;look into“调查”。]
19.A.sympathy  B.anxiety
C.guilt D.anger
D [“我”从来都没有对父亲感到生气。sympathy“同情”;anxiety“忧虑”;guilt“内疚”;anger“怒气”。]
20.A.worse  B.simpler
C.stranger D.clearer
A [“我”意识到要不是父亲当时快速的行动,情况可能会更加糟糕。worse“更糟的”。]
B 【导学号:52384067】
The Gift at the Parking Lot
I never thought I would be writing about a trip to the convenience store.It was just a month after my grandmother had   21   and I did useless things hoping to fill the hole in my heart and make me forget the pain.
In the store,I was upset because I couldn't even remember   22   I went there to buy so I ended up buying something   23  .As I walked out of the store to get my car,I was   24   angry at everything that was going on around me which was a very   25   feeling at that time.Feeling   26  ,my belief in God was beginning to fade.
Suddenly,a woman driving right by my side rolled down her   27  .“Excuse me,excuse me.” she said loudly.  28   she was going to ask for my parking spot,I   29   pointed to my car.“No,excuse me,” she said again.
At this point,I felt I had no   30   but to see what this   31   lady wanted.As I got closer,I realized that she was   32   something in her bag.Surprisingly,I was   33   with a sense of relief while others would be nervous in this situation.Finally,she   34   me a booklet,which read “What Hope for Dead Loved Ones?”“Maybe you need this,” she said calmly   35     a warm smile on her face.However,  36   I could thank her,she was gone.
I felt a sense of   37   as I opened the first page.It   38   how people pass on,but their spirit   39   with us.This was the first time since my grandma had died that I had felt her with me and I began to feel hope again.It was a unique   40  .And,I'll remember it for the rest of my life.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了“我”因为祖母去世而非常伤心,甚至绝望,这时一位陌生人给了“我”一个小册子,帮助“我”走出了阴霾。
21.A.come back     B.passed away
C.broken down D.fallen over
B [从最后一段的“my grandma had died”可知,“我”的祖母去世了,“我”非常伤心。pass away“去世”;come back“回来”;break down“出故障”;fall over“不运转”。]
22.A.what   B.why
C.how   D.when
A [到了便利店,“我”忘记了自己想买什么。空处引导宾语从句且从句中缺少宾语,故用what。]
23.A.by chance  B.in hand
C.at random  D.on purpose
C [因为忘记要买什么,所以“我”就随便买了一些。by chance“偶然”;in hand“在掌握中”;at random“随意”;on purpose“故意”。]
24.A.still B.even
C.yet D.also
B [因为当时心情非常不好,所以甚至(even)对周围的一切都非常看不惯。]
25.A.common B.unbearable
C.curious D.awkward
A [考虑到“我”当时所处的情况,这样的坏心情是非常普遍的。common“普遍的”;unbearable“难耐的”;curious“好奇的”;awkward“笨拙的,令人尴尬的”。]
26.A.breathless B.hopeless
C.aimless D.helpless
B [结合最后一段中的“I began to feel hope again”可知,此处指“我”对于上帝的信念开始减退,因为此时“我”感觉绝望。breathless“上气不接下气的”;hopeless“没有希望的”;aimless“没有目标的”;helpless“无助的”。]
27.A.car B.door
C.window   D.hand
C [突然,从“我”旁边开过的一位女司机把车窗摇了下来。]
28.A.Recognizing B.Worrying
C.Assuming D.Realizing
C [“我”以为她要把车停在“我”停车的位置。recognize“认出”;worry“担心”;assume“认为”;realize“意识到”。]
29.A.cautiously   B.exactly
C.clumsily   D.simply
D [“我”只是指了指“我”的车。cautiously“小心地”;exactly“准确地”;clumsily“笨拙地”;simply“仅仅”。]
30.A.alternative  B.restriction
C.destination D.prejudice
A [这个时候“我”没有其他的办法,只有看看这个女士到底想要什么。alternative“可供选择的事物”;restriction“限制”;destination“目的地”;prejudice“偏见”。]
31.A.outgoing  B.energetic
C.determined  D.annoying
D [“我”当时心情非常差,看一切都不顺眼,所以“我”觉得这个女士很烦人。outgoing“外向的”;energetic“精力充沛的”;determined“坚决的”;annoying“使烦恼的”。]
32.A.putting away  B.looking into
C.searching for  D.going over
C [当“我”走近的时候,“我”发现她在包里找东西。put away“将……收起”;look into“调查”;search for“寻找”;go over“仔细检查”。]
33.A.cheered   B.overcome
C.affected  D.moved
B [令人想不到的是,这个时候“我”突然松了口气,而其他人在这种情况下都会紧张。be overcome with意为“被(感情)所控制”。cheer“欢呼”;affect“影响”;move“移动,使感动”。]
34.A.offered  B.showed
C.brought D.handed
D [最后她递给“我”一个小册子。hand作动词,表示“递”。]
35.A.with  B.in
C.on     D.of
A [她的脸上带着微笑。]
36.A.after B.once
C.as   D.before
D [“我”还没有来得及感谢她,她就已经走了。]
37.A.comfort   B.satisfaction
C.inspiration               D.surprise
A [当“我”翻开第一页的时候,“我”得到了安慰。comfort“安慰,舒适”;satisfaction“满意”;inspiration“灵感”;surprise“惊讶”。]
38.A.implied  B.explained
C.instructed  D.directed
B [这本小册子告诉我们,人们离去了,但他们的灵魂还和我们在一起。imply“暗示”;explain“解释,说明”;instruct“指示”;direct“指导”。]
39.A.catches up  B.fits in
C.sticks  D.remains
D [他们的灵魂还和我们在一起。catch up“赶上”;fit in“适应”;stick“粘贴”;remain“继续存在”。]
40.A.lesson  B.memory
C.gift  D.reward
C [这是一个独特的礼物。]
(2017•合肥市第二次教学质量检测)I retired from my family business four years ago.But I've never been   41   of a challenge.I've sailed around the world before.And I've decided to fly east from Western Australia in a   42  .
For the last two years I have trained hard,spending 150 hours   43   with my ground team.When the big day came,thousands of people gathered to   44   the launch.It was a   45   start,with a smooth and steady take­off.I was   46   but still had some doubts—I was flying into the   47  .I couldn't guarantee I'd see my friends and family again.
The capsule where I stayed was designed to   48   if I landed in water,but I was not sure whether I could   49   the cruelty of the ocean.  50  ,I kept watching the weather,communicating with my land team and   51   the altitude to achieve the perfect speed and direction.
On my fifth day,I was terrified to notice I was losing oxygen.  52  ,I managed to save my life by adjusting the pressure in the oxygen cylinder (氧气瓶) to stop the oxygen escaping.
I know it was vital to stay   53   to control the flight,altitude and my oxygen flow,so I held a spoon between two fingers—if I   54  ,it would fall and wake me up.I never questioned why I was doing this.It is such a unique   55   to see our beautiful planet from high above.
Seeing the coast of Australia again on my 11th day was a huge   56  .I knew my journey was nearly over.It was to be a new world record.I could see my team   57   below as I flew over.
This   58   really pushed me to my limits,but it hasn't   59   me.Next year,I want to fly even higher to break another   60   for the hot­air balloon flight.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。“我”退休四年后,从西澳大利亚州乘热气球向东旅行,十一天后平安着陆。“我”创造了世界纪录,准备明年继续挑战自己。
41.A.shy        B.skeptical
C.fond D.confident
A [根据该句中“But”表达的语境并结合下句中“我”环球航行过并决定乘热气球从西澳大利亚州向东旅行的描述可知,“我”不害怕(shy)挑战自我。shy of/about (doing)sth.意为“害怕(做),对(做)……心怀顾忌”。B项意为“怀疑的”;C项意为“喜爱”;D项意为“自信的”。]
42.A.plane  B.helicopter
C.wingsuit D.hot­air balloon
D [根据本文最后一句中的“the hot­air balloon”可知,“我”是乘热气球旅行的,故D项正确。]
43.A.debating B.preparing
C.carving D.traveling
B [根据该句中的“I have trained hard”可知,过去两年“我”艰苦训练,花了150个小时的时间和“我”的地面团队一起准备(preparing)。A项意为“辩论”,C项意为“雕刻”,D项意为“旅游”,都与语境不符。]
44.A.welcome B.inspect
C.delay D.witness
D [根据该句中的“thousands of people gathered to”可知,在那一天,成千上万的人聚集在一起见证(witness)了起飞过程。A项意为“欢迎”;B项意为“检查”;C项意为“推迟”。]
45.A.perfect B.false
C.poor  D.fresh
A [根据该句中的“with a smooth and steady take­off”可知,热气球起飞时很平稳;据此可以判断,这是一个完美的(perfect)开始。B项意为“错误的”;C项意为“贫穷的”;D项意为“新鲜的”。]
46.A.amused B.puzzled
C.excited  D.frightened
C [根据上句中的“with a smooth and steady take­off”和下文but的转折可知,热气球起飞时很平稳,“我”感到很兴奋(excited)。A项意为“觉得好笑的”;B项意为“困惑的”;D项意为“害怕的”。]
47.A.future B.unknown
C.shelter D.reality
B [根据下句“I couldn't guarantee I'd see my friends and family again”可知,“我”无法保证能再次看到“我”的朋友和家人;据此可以判断,“我”向着未知的(unknown)地方旅行。A项意为“未来”;C项意为“避难所”;D项意为“事实”。]
48.A.digest B.recycle
C.float D.fly
C [根据该句中的“if I landed in water”可知,“我”乘坐的舱体是为漂浮(float)在水上而设计的。A项意为“消化”;B项意为“回收利用”;D项意为“飞翔”。]
49.A.survive  B.show
C.evaluate D.comment
A [根据该句中的“cruelty of the ocean”并结合上段最后一句“I couldn't guarantee I'd see my friends and family again”可知,“我”不确定自己能不能在严酷的海洋环境中生存(survive)下来。]
50.A.Finally B.However
C.Therefore D.Besides
C [空处上文陈述“我”怀疑自己能不能在严酷的海洋环境中生存下来,空处下文陈述“我”不断观察天气并与地面的团队保持联系;据此可以判断,空处前后之间为因果关系,故C项正确。]
51.A.losing B.ignoring
C.proving D.adjusting
D [根据该句中的“to achieve the perfect speed and direction”可知,“我”调整(adjusting)高度,以达到最佳的速度和方向。]
52.A.Strangely  B.Luckily
C.Normally  D.Conveniently
B [空前陈述“我”在第五天发现氧气泄漏;空后陈述“我”通过调整氧气瓶的气压挽救了生命;据此可以判断,该处表示“幸运地”,故B项正确。]
53.A.calm  B.awake
C.patient D.relaxed
B [根据下文中的“it would fall and wake me up”可知,“我”在两指之间夹了一把汤匙,以便掉落时把“我”叫醒;据此可以判断,“我”知道在飞行时保持清醒(awake)是至关重要的。]
54.A.looked around           B.carried on
C.dropped off  D.turned up
C [根据语境可知,“我”在两指之间夹了一把汤匙,以便“我”打盹(儿)(dropped off)时把“我”叫醒。A项意为“环顾”;B项意为“继续”;D项意为“出现,调大声音”。]
55.A.experience B.excuse
C.dream   D.tradition
A [根据该句语境可知,在高空看我们的星球是一种独特的体验(experience)。B项意为“借口”;C项意为“梦想”;D项意为“传统”。]
56.A.loss   B.disaster
C.burden D.relief
D [根据该句中的“Seeing the coast of Australia again on my 11th day”可知,在第十一天再次看到澳大利亚的海岸线时,我长舒了一口气。]
57.A.exercising B.celebrating
C.escaping  D.quarreling
B [根据语境可知,在第十一天“我”终于再次看到了澳大利亚的海岸线,“我”的冒险旅行成功结束并且创造了新的世界纪录;据此可以判断,“我”的地面团队祝贺(celebrating)“我”的成功。]
58.A.challenge B.accident
C.race  D.failure
A [根据第一段第二句中的“challenge”可知,这次挑战将“我”推向了极限。B项意为“事故”,C项意为“赛跑”,D项意为“失败”,都与语境不符。]
59.A.interested B.confused
C.annoyed  D.discouraged
D [根据该句中的“pushed me to my limits”可知,这次挑战将“我”推向了极限;结合下文可知,“我”将在明年再次挑战自己,飞得更高,挑战另一个纪录;据此可以判断,这次的挑战并没有使“我”灰心(discouraged)。]
60.A.promise B.balance
C.record  D.barrier
C [根据上一段倒数第二句中的“a new world record”可知,“我”想要飞得更高,打破另一个纪录(record)。A项意为“承诺”;B项意为“平衡”;D项意为“障碍”。]
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