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第I卷 选择题(共95分)
1.Mike was      known before this award, but in fact he was a campus star in ball games and running even when he was in high school.
A. most    B. little    C. best    D. well
2.Usually the Player of the Year title is given to a big name from the best team. But this time there is a(n)       .
A. break    B. improvement  C. exception   D. tradition
3.--Excuse me, I wonder if you can help me?
--Sure. _______?
A. What do you want B. What is it   C. What is this   D. What help
4.In order to lose weight, the young lady prefers to        regularly rather than take expensive weight-losing pills.
A. work out   B. leave out   C. hang out   D. figure out
5.Since it is a store of so many culture splendors, the new museum        plenty of teenage visitors this April break.
A. holds    B. strikes    C. attends    D. draws
6.--I think I’ll give Tom a ring.
--You       .You haven’t been in touch with him for ages.
A. will    B. should    C. have to   D. may
7.--I called your office at about ten this morning, but there was no reply.
--Oh, that was probably       I was paying a visit to a friend in hospital.
A. when    B. why    C. what    D. that
8.Julia,       for months after job as an air waitress, finally took a position in a local tour agency.
A. hunting   B. hunted    C. having hunted  D. to hunt
9.--Why do you look so worried?
--My computer broke down and my paper       unfinished since.
A. was left    B. has left   C. left    D. has been left
10.I guess we’ve already talked about this but I’ll ask you again just      .
A. in case    B. in return   C. by nature   D. by chance
11.My close friends, after they heard about my experiences in South America,       said it was totally out of their imagination.
A. which    B. them    C. all    D. who
12.-- When shall we go planting trees in the hill?
--      it begins to rain, so they don’t need watering.
A. Unless    B. While    C. Till    D. Not until
13.If only I       at the party last night! But I had to prepare for the conference.
A. were    B. had been   C. have been   D. was
14.A group of researchers found that it is the way people consume sugar       matters more to teeth health.
A. how    B. what    C. which    D. that
15.Jenny, have you ever seen a moving scene       many people rushed a stranger getting heart attack to hospital?
A. where    B. when    C. which    D. why
Adventure is in my blood. And I had been considering how I was going to celebrate my high school graduation. I didn’t just want a small   16   in the backyard. I started thinking about doing a solo(独自的)   17   somewhere out of the ordinary. I took out   18   and drew the 1,500-mile route along which I would be   19   from the northernmost point in Norway to the southernmost section of Sweden. When I   20   my plans with my dad, he   21   as I thought he would. Because I get my adventurous   22   from him, he was all for it.
I had only been away from my   23   three days now, but there was an inner   24   going on inside of me. Part of me was homesick and doubting whether I   25   could make it. The other part of me was ready to   26   to myself and my family that I could do it by myself.
On the road, I met another   27   who was quite a bit older than I was. He had started his journey   28   by bike at the southern part of Norway and had just finished. I could tell he had a great sense of   29  . It encouraged me not to   30  .
As I listened to my   31   artists on my MP4 player, I pedaled (踩踏板) with my feet. There was   32   around me for miles.   33  , that wasn’t entirely true. There were mosquitoes-millions of them. My arms were so dotted with   34   that they looked like a topographical map. But, however   35   it would be, nothing could stop my advance towards the destination. As you know, adventure is in my blood.
16.A. party    B. meeting   C. conversation  D. game
17.A. flight    B. interview   C. performance  D. trip
18.A. instructions   B. maps    C. magazines   D. newspaper
19.A. walking    B. flying    C. biking    D. running
20.A. compared   B. shared    C. prepared   D. changed
21.A. agreed    B. sighed    C. left    D. cried
22.A. stories    B. spirits    C. skills    D. hobbies
23.A. hotel    B. school    C. home    D. office
24.A. battle    B. activity   C. request   D. discussion
25.A. naturally    B. really    C. usually   D. reasonably
26.A. turn    B. reply    C. prove    D. adapt
27.A. driver    B. jogger    C. bicyclist   D. pilot
28.A. alone    B. slowly    C. patiently   D. worriedly
29.A. humour    B. direction   C. balance   D. satisfaction
30.A. calm down   B. break down   C. speed up   D. give up
31.A. favourite   B. personal   C. professional  D. successful
32.A. nobody    B. everybody   C. anything   D. everything
33.A. Firstly    B. Actually   C. Eventually   D. Fortunately
34.A. wounds    B. cuts    C. bites    D. burns
35.A. boring    B. confusing   C. complex   D. difficult
My Left Foot (1989)
Imagine being a prisoner of your own body, unable to make any movements except to move your left foot. The main character in My Left Foot,based on the real story of cerebral palsy (大脑性麻痹) sufferer Christy Brown,can barely move his mouth to speak, but by controlling his left foot, he’s able to express himself as an artist and poet. For his moving performance of Brown, Daniel Lewis won his first Academy Award for best actor.
Shine (1996)
Do you have a talent you’re afraid to share with the world? David Helfgott seemed meant from childhood to be “one of the truly great pianists,” but the pressures of performing (and pleasing his father) resulted in a complete breakdown. Ten years in a mental institution didn’t weaken Helfgott’s musical gift: When he was rediscovered, he was playing concertos in a bar. Shine received seven Oscar nominations (提名), and Geoffrey Rush won best actor for his performance of Helfgott.
Life Is Beautiful (1997)
Nothing’s more powerful than the love between a parent and a child. In this heartbreaking Italian film, a father (Roberto Benigni) makes an unbelievable sacrifice for his 4-year-old son: trapped in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945, the Jewish man convinces his boy that they are playing a complicated game. He manages to spare him the horror of the terrible war, and even in his final moments of life, keeps his son smiling and hopeful. Benigni won the best actor Oscar.
Stand and Deliver (1988)
Few people can inspire us more than a good teacher. Jaime Escalante (Edward James Olmos got Oscar nomination for best actor) is a great one. Employed at a high school where kids are expected to fail, Escalante challenges his math students to struggle for better things, like getting good grades in the AP exam. Despite the obstacles in their lives, the classmates accomplish their goals, thanks to Mr. Escalante’s support. The real Jaime Escalante, the Best Teacher in America, says that Stand and Deliver is “90% truth, 10% drama.”
36.The underlined part in the passage means         .
A. the main character in My Left Foot can’t control his whole body
B. the main character in My Left Foot is trapped by others
C. the main character in My Left Foot is a disabled person
D. the main character in My Left Foot is a prisoner
37.If you want to watch a movie about wars, which may be one of your choices?
A. My Left Foot.       B. Stand and Deliver.
C. Shine.         D. Life Is Beautiful.
38.Jaime Escalante has a talent for         .
A. drawing and writing      B. teaching
C. making stories       D. playing the piano
39.Which of the following is true according to the four movies information?
A. Edward James Olmos received nomination for best actor Oscar.
B. My Left Foot was directed by Christy Brown’s
C. Geoffrey Rush stayed in a mental institution for ten years.
D. Jaime Escalante has a talent for playing the piano.
40.What do the four movies have in common?
A. They are all based on real stories.
B. The main characters are all sick to some degree but succeed.
C. The main characters all won Academy Award for Best Actor.
D. They are all inspiring stories that make a difference.
Human beings are the most intelligent of all animals because we are gifted with the ability to think and reason logically. Scientists and even common people with special intelligence have made a lot of inventions and contributions to modern lifestyle in the past and even now.
Many household items have been the result of inventions of people who desired better  functioning of the existent products. Every individual has intelligence and if it is used properly for the right purpose it leads to invention of a new tool or device. Many new household inventions are made almost every day and there are specific companies, which particularly keep a record of all these inventions.
A lot of inventions have been made recently in the household field. These products are patented and have trade mark licenses. The patented sliding cinch is a very simple but effective method to prevent shoulder stress and injury for those who work before computers all day long. Vanity PC is a type of computer furniture that specifically hides all the computer wires and keeps a clean and good look. All the outdoor dust, mud and snow can be kept out of the house by installing the dirt drain (排水管) at the entrance of the door. Another important invention is the automatic toilet night-light, in which a small light starts when the lid of the toilet seat is opened and closes as soon as the lid is closed.
These are some of the new household invented mostly by common people. Thus, a variety of new household items are invented every day, which help in a better functioning of household chores and in a more useful manner.
41.The first paragraph is intended to      .
A. stress the importance of inventions
B. show the advantages of modern lifestyle
C. introduce the topic of the article
D. tell the differences between human beings and animals
42.According to the passage, people make house inventions to        .
A. improve the present living conditions
B. earn more money and gain awards
C. accumulate their wealth
D. meet the new demands of new science
43.It can be inferred that the sliding cinch is used to         .
A. keep your shoulder safe and sound in an accident or an operation
B. prevent your shoulder from being over-pressured
C. help your practice your shoulder more often and reduce should pains
D. cover your shoulder and make it stronger to resist the outside strike
44.Common people can also make good inventions because       .
A. some inventions are easy to be made and can be mastered by them
B. they have a strong desire to do something for science research
C. success is often connected with hardships and bitter experience of common people
D. wisdom and inspiration sometimes come from everyday life
45.The passage mainly talks about        .
A. the correct use of household facilities
B. different ideas about household inventions
C. the history of household inventions
D. household inventions and their influence
In the fall of 1985, I was a bright-eyed girl heading to Howard University, aiming at a legal career and dreaming of sitting on a Supreme Court bench somewhere. Twenty-one years later I am still a bright-eyed dreamer and one with quite a different tale to tell.
My grandma, an amazing woman, graduated from college at the age of 65. She was the first in our family to reach that goal. But one year after I started college, she developed cancer. I made the choice to withdraw from college to care for her. It meant that school and my personal dream would have to wait.
Then I got married with another dream: building my family with a combination of adopted and biological children. In 1999, we adopted our first son. To lay eyes on him was fantastic-and very emotional. A year later came our second adopted boy. Then followed son No. 3. In 2003, I gave birth to another boy.
You can imagine how fully occupied I became, raising four boys under the age of 8. Our home was a complete zoo-a joyous zoo. Not surprising, I never did make it back to college full-time. But I never gave up on the dream either. I had only one choice: to find a way. That meant taking as few as one class each semester.
The hardest part was feeling guilty about the time I spent away from the boys. They often wanted me to stay home with them. There certainly were times I wanted to quit, but I knew I should set an example for them to follow through the rest of their lives.
In 2007, I graduated from the University of North Carolina. It took me over 21 years to get my college degree!
I am not special, just single-minded. It always struck me that when you’re looking at a big  challenge from the outside it looks huge, but when you’re in the midst of it, it just seems normal. Everything you want won’t arrive in your life on one day. It’s a process. Remember: little steps add up to big dreams.
46.When the author went to Howard University, her dream was to be         .
A. a writer    B. a judge    C. a teacher   D. a doctor
47.Why did the author quit school in her second year of college?
A. She wanted to study by herself.
B. She fell in love and got married.
C. She decided to look after her grandma.
D. She suffered from a serious illness.
48.What can we learn about the author from Paragraphs 4 and 5?
A. She ignored her guilty feeling for her sons.
B. She wanted to remain a full-time housewife.
C. She was busy yet happy with her family life.
D. She was too confused to make a correct choice.
49.What does the author mostly want to tell us in the last paragraph?
A. Little by little, one goes far.
B. Failure is the mother of success.
C. Every coin has two sides.
D. Well begun, half done.
50.Which of the following can best describe the author?
A. Innocent and single-minded.
B. Honest and responsible.
C. Ambitious and sensitive.
D. Caring and determined.
In the past, falling oil prices have given a boost to the world economy, but recent forecasts for global growth have been toned down (不容乐观), even as oil prices sink lower and lower. Does that mean the link between lower oil prices and growth has weakened?
Some experts say there are still good reasons to believe cheap oil should heat up the world economy. Consumers have more money in their pockets when they’re paying less at the pump. They spend that money on other things, which stimulates the economy.
The biggest gains go to countries that import most of their oil like China, Japan, and India. But doesn’t the extra money in the pockets of those countries’ consumers mean an equal loss in oil producing countries, cancelling out the gains? Not necessarily, says economic researcher Sara Johnson. “Many oil producers built up huge reserve funds when prices were high, so when prices fall they will draw on their reserves to support government spending and subsidies(补贴) for their consumers.”
But not all oil producers have big reserves. In Venezuela, collapsing oil prices have sent its economy into free-fall.
Economist Carl Weinberg believes the negative effects of plunging oil prices are  overwhelming(压垮) the positive effects of cheaper oil. The implication(牵连) is a sharp decline in global trade, which has plunged(暴跌) partly because oil-producing nations can’t afford to import as much as they used to.
Sara Johnson acknowledges that the global economic benefit from a fall in oil prices today is likely lower than it was in the past. One reason is that more countries are big oil producers now, so the nations suffering from the price drop account for a large share of the global economy.
Consumers, in America at least, are acting cautiously with the savings they’re getting at the gas pump, as the memory of the recent great recession(经济衰退) is still fresh in their mind. And a number of oil-producing countries are trimming their gasoline subsidies and raising taxes, so the net savings for global consumers is not as big as the oil price plunge might suggest.
51.What does the author mainly discuss in the passage?
A. The reason behind the plunge of oil prices.
B. Possible ways to stimulate the global economy.
C. The effect of falling oil prices on consumer spending.
D. The impact of cheap oil on global economic growth.
52.Why do some experts believe cheap oil will stimulate the global economy?
A. Manufactures can produce consumer goods at a much lower cost.
B. Consumers will spend their saving from cheap oil on other commodities.
C. Lower oil prices have always given a big boost to the global economy.
D. Oil prices may rise or fall but economic laws are not subject to change.
53.What happens in many oil-exporting countries when oil prices go down?
A. They use their money reserves to back up consumption.
B. They suspend import of necessities from overseas.
C. They reduce production drastically to boost oil prices.
D. They try to stop their economy from going into free-fall.
54.How does Carl Weinberg view the current oil price plunge?
A. It is one that has seen no parallel in economic history.
B. It still has a chance to give rise to a boom in the global economy.
C. Its negative effects more than cancel out its positive effects.
D. Its effects on the global economy go against existing economic laws.
55.Why haven’t falling oil prices stimulated the global economy as they did before?
A. People are not spending all the money they save on gas.
B. Oil importers account for a large portion of the global economy.
C. The global economy is likely to undergo another recession.
D. People the world over are afraid of a further plunge in oil prices.
第II卷 非选择题(共35分)
You have heard of Google, MySpace, Facebook and some geniuses who made billions from brilliant computer ideas. Now meet a girl genius-a New Jersey teenager who turned her high school inspiration into the fastest growing and the third largest online social network in America, behind MySpace and Facebook.
She’s only 18, but Catherine Cook has become a millionaire by updating one of the symbols of the American educational experience-the high school yearbook.
Not long after Catherine arrived at her new high school at 15, she was flipping through an old yearbook with Dave, her 16-year-old brother, when they found the name of a girl they both knew. Yet the yearbook picture looked nothing like her. In that moment an idea occurred to Catherine.
“The pictures always smell horrible and the books never really tell you anything about the person. So we thought: why not put it online? Why not have a profile page that can list your TV interests, the music you like, your additional activities?” she said.
However, neither Catherine nor her brother knew anything about building a website, but family help was at hand. Catherine and Dave have an older brother, Groff, who had already made an Internet fortune of his own while studying at Harvard University.
By April 2005 the family was ready to test its new toy. Catherine and Dave turned up at school wearing T-shirts with slogans that read:”Are you the prettiest girl in school? How about the most foolish? Find out at myYearbook.com.”
As teenagers around the country poured into the site, they were followed by a group of investors and advertisers.
With 10 million users, most under 18, the site is now earning more the $10 million a year in advertising sales.
Catherine is starting her second year as a student at Georgetown University in Washington DC, but she still works more than 25 hours per week-outside of school hours.
56.What does this passage mainly talk about?(no more than 10 words)

57.What is the meaning of the underlined part in Paragraph 3?(no more than 10 works)

58.Who helped Catherine build the teen networking site myYearbook.com?(One word)

59.Beside individual information, what other functions does Catherine’s teen networking site myYearbook.com. provide?(no more than 20 words)

60.What do you think makes Catherine Cook succeed?(no more than 10 words)

1-5 BCBAD   6-10 BACDA   11-15 CDBDA
16-20 ADBCB   21-25 ABCAB   26-30 CCADD   31-35 AABCD
36-40 CDBAD   41-45 CABDD   46-50 BCCAD   51-55 DBACB
56.A New Jersey/(An American) teenager(‘s) updating the high school yearbook.
  Or: A New Jersey/(An American) teenagerupdated the high school yearbook.
57.Suddenly Catherine came up with an idea.
  Or: Suddenly Catherine had an idea.
  Or: An idea hit/struck Catherine at once.
59.The website allows friends to stay in touch, share videos and music, provides games and acts as a matchmaker.
60.Her creativity, hard work as well as her family’s help.
One possible version:
Dear Mike,
 How is everything going?
 I am highly honored to accept your invitation for the summer vacation and thank in advance. I will treasure this wonderful chance, which will help me learn more about American culture and life.
 Now I am making some necessary preparations for it. However, could you be so kind as to tell me something about the climate there and what clothes are needed? Besides, my flight No. CA983 will arrive at 9 am, on July 8. I would appreciate it if you could pick me up at the airport. I can’t wait to see you again!
 I am looking forward to your early reply.
Li Jin

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