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1.____ from endless homework on weekends, the students now find their own activities, such as taking a ride together to watch the sunwise.
 A.Freed      B.Freeing      C.To free      D.having freed
2.——So you missed the meeting.
    ——____.I got there five minutes before it finished.
 A.Not at all      B.Not exactly      C.Not especially    D.Not really
3.——Do you mind if I smoke?
 A.Why not?      B.Yes, help yourself  C.Go ahead      D.Yes, but youd better not
4.——We must thank you for taking the trouble to cook us a meal.
 A.With pleasure     B.It doesnt matter    
 C.It was no trouble at all      D.By all means
5.____ the temperature might drop, coal was prepared for warming.
 A.To consider      B.Considered      C.Considering      D.To be considered
6.——Tom, you are caught late again.
——Oh, ____.
 A.not at all      B.just my luck      C.never mind      D.thats all right
7.——What do you think of the concert?
    ——I really enjoy it.I didnt expect it was ____ wonderful.
 A.as      B.more      C.most      D.very
8.The engineers made two big plans for the dam, ____ was never put in force.
 A.one of them      B.which      C.one of which      D.every one of which
9.I have no one ____ me, for I am a new comer here.
 A.help      B.helping      C.to help      D.to have helped
10.The little girl couldnt work the problem out.She wasnt ____ clever.
 A.that      B.much      C.enough      D.too
11.Listen! His family must be quarrelling, ____?
 A.mustnt it      B.isnt it      C.arent they      D.neednt they
12.The police have ____ power to deal with such matters by ____ law.
 A.the; the      B.不填;不填      C.不填;the      D.the;不填
13.Jack felt unhappy as they all went outing ____ him.
 A.except      B.but      C.without     D.besides
14.That she hadnt kept her ____ on her work resulted in the failure.
 A.head      B.heart      C.brain      D.mind
15.——Did your sister pass the exam?
    ——She failed and is in low spirits.
    ——Im sorry for her.
 A.Thank you B.Youre welcome  C.I would think so   D.Never mind
A mining(采矿的)engineer enjoyed flying very much.One day, he was flying his own plane over a lonely island when a 1_____ storm came, so he was 2____ to make a forced landing.The plane was in good 3_____ but his legs and shoulder got 4_____ hurt.After getting out of the plane with great 5_____, he found nothing but high green hills 6_____ the place.He lay there expecting to die.
Soon, however, some men appeared from out of the forest.Though curious, they were not 7______of him.He was then gently 8______ to their village, where he was well treated.His 9_____ improved little by little and he became their 10_____.The place was 11_____ and pleasant and he was in 12_____ hurry to leave.
Several months later, he learned some of their language and 13_____ them some of his own.
One day, he discovered some sings of 14_____ mineral deposits(矿藏)in the soil.He decided to 15_____ to his country and set up a firm(公司)to mine the land.
It was not long 16____ the peaceful land was taken over by strange men and machines.When there was 17_____left to mine, the firm 18______ away.They had made a great deal of 19_____ for themselves, but the villagers’ land was 20_____.Now it is impossible to grow crops there.
1.A.quick         B.wonderful      C.heavy          D.sudden
2.A.ordered       B.forbidden       C.permitted      D.obliged
3.A.condition     B.relation           C.action         D.speed
4.A.slightly      B.seriously          C.hardly         D.luckily
5.A.pleasure      B.attention          C.difficulty     D.achievement
6.A.covering      B.wrapping        C.holding        D.surrounding
7.A.tired         B.afraid             C.sure           D.kind
8.A.carried       B.forced         C.pushed         D.pulled
9.A.health        B.leg            C.shoulder       D.heart
10.A.enemy         B.visitor            C.friend         D.slave
11.A.pure          B.proper           C.dangerous      D.quiet
12.A.a             B.such            C.no             D.great
13.A.told          B.taught         C.showed         D.offered
14.A.poor          B.little             C.much           D.rich
15.A.return        B.drive            C.ride           D.walk
16.A.after         B.before          C.when           D.since
17.A.something     B.anything        C.everything     D.nothing
18.A.gave          B.got            C.put            D.passed
19.A.iron          B.dollars         C.gold           D.money
20.A.ploughed      B.protected       C.destroyed      D.sold


   Ever since news of widespread food recalls caused by a carcinogenic dye broke, there has been confusion(混淆) over possible links to the country of the same name, but Sudan officials say there is no connection whatever.
   Sudan?1 is a red industrial dye that has been found in some chilli powder, but was banned in food products across the European Union (EU) in July 2003.
   Since the ban was put in place, EU officials have been striving to remove some food products from the shelves.So far 580 products have been recalled.
Last week Sudan’s Embassy in the United Kingdom asked the Food Standards Agency (FSA) for clarification of the origin of the dye’s name.
   Omaima Mahmoud Al Sharief, a press official at Sudan’s Embassy in China, explained the purpose of the inquiry was to clear up any misunderstanding over links between the country and the poisonous dye.
  "We want to keep an eye on every detail and avoid any misunderstanding there," she said."Our embassy to Britain asked them how the dye got that name and whether the dye had something to do with our country.But they told us there was no relationship."     The FSA, an independent food security watchdog in Britain, received a letter from the Sudanese embassy last week.
 "They asked us why the dye is named Sudan, however, we also do not know how it got the name," she said."People found the dye in 1883 and gave it the name.Nobody knows the reason, and we cannot give any explanation before we find out."
   Sudan dyes, which include Sudan?1 to 4, are red dyes(颜料) used for colouring solvents(溶剂), oils, waxes, petrol, and shoe and floor polishes.They are classified as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.
1.What does the underlined word mean in paragraph one?
 A.Causing cancer.    B.Having side effect.  
 C.Containing poison.    D.Poisonous.
2.How did the Sudan?1 get its name?
 A.The dye is often produced in Sudan.
 B.The dye has something to do with the country named Sudan.
 C.Nobody is sure of the origin of the name.
 D.Many foods produced in Sudan contain the dye.
3.We can infer from the passage that.
 A.the Sudan government is paying much attention to the food safety
 B.Sudan?1 is often used to be added to the food
 C.people didn’t realize the danger of Sudan?1 until 2003
 D.many food shops will be closed down
4.Which of the following is the best title?
 A.Keep away from Sudan?1
 B.No Sudan?1 dye links to the country
 C.How Sudan?1 dye got its name?
 D.Pay attention to the food safety

Long bus rides are like television shows.They have a beginning,a middle,and an endwith commercials (商业广告) thrown in every three or four minutes.The commercials are unavoidable.They happen whether you want them or not.Every couple of minutes a billboard glides by outside the bus window."Buy Super Clean Toothpaste.""Drink Good Wet Root Beer.""Fill up with Pacific Gas."Only if you sleep,which is equal to turning the television set off,are you spared the unending cry of "You Need It! Buy It Now!"
The beginning of the ride is comfortable and somewhat exciting,even if you’ve traveled that way before.Usually some things have changednew houses,new buildings,sometimes even a new road.The bus driver has a style of driving and it’s fun to try to figure it out the first hour or so.If the driver is particularly reckless (鲁莽的) or daring,the ride can be as thrilling (惊心动魄的) as a suspense story.Will the driver pass the truck in time? Will the driver move into the right?or the left?hand lane? After a while,of course,the excitement dies down.Sleeping for a while helps pass the middle hours of the ride.Food always makes bus rides more interesting.But you’ve got to be careful of what kind of food you eat.Too much salty food can make you very thirsty between stops.
The end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning.You know it will soon be over and there’s a kind of expectation and excitement in that.The seat of course,has become harder as the hours have passed.By now you’ve sat with your legs crossed,with your hands in your lap,with your hands on the armrestseven with your hands crossed behind your head.The end comes just at no more ways to sit.
5.According to the passage,what do the passengers usually see when they are on a long bus trip?
 A.Buses on the road.                B.Films on television.
 C.Advertisements on the billboards.    D.Gas stations.
6.What is the purpose of this passage?
 A.To give the writer’s opinion about long bus trips.
 B.To persuade you to take a long bus trip.
 C.To explain how bus trips and television shows differ.
 D.To describe the billboards along the road.
7.The writer of this passage would probably favor .
 A.bus drivers who aren’t reckless       B.driving alone
 C.a television set on the bus           D.no billboards along the road
8.The writer feels long bus rides are like TV shows because .
 A.the commercials both on TV shows and on billboards along the road are fun
 B.they both have a beginning,a middle,and an end,with commercials in between
 C.the drivers are always reckless on TV shows just as they are on buses
 D.both traveling and watching TV are not exciting.
9.The writer thinks that the end of the ride is somewhat like the beginning because both are .
 A.exciting     B.comfortable     C.tiring     D.boring



增加: 在缺词处加上一个漏词符号(∧),并在此符号下面写出该加的词。?
删除: 把多余的词用斜线()划掉。?
修改: 在错的词下划一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。?
注意: 1.每处错误及修改均仅限一词;?
In the country now, there are many children do not attend the school.I think one of the reasons is that their families are very poor to send them to school.They had to stay at home to make money to support their families.Other reason is that many parents think it useless of the girls to study and they do not like them to go to school.A third reason is what some children are not interesting in their lessons.In my opinion, all children, included girls, have the chance to receive education.Everybody should pay attention for the education of the children.
4.你的建议。 ?
3.词数100左右。短信开头和结尾已给出,不计入总数。 ?
Dear Editor,?
With the college entrance examination approaching,……?
Yours truly,?
Li Hua


1.A  本题考查free的用法。在这里free的意思为:解除负担.义务或限制。在本题中,free和句子的主语之间是一种逻辑上是动宾关系,所以要用过去分词形式,表示一种被动与完成。
2.B  本题是对情景交际用语的考查。“你错过了开会”,而从答语中的 “我在会议结束前五分钟到达会场”,可以看出答话者认为对方讲话不够确切,毕竟答话者参加了会议,只不过迟到而已。
3.C  本题考查交际用语,表示许可时,肯定回答常用“Yes, please./ Of course, you may./ Go ahead, please./ Not at all./ Just help yourself.”等表示。B和D选项前后矛盾。
4.C  本题考查交际用语。当对方表示感谢时,常用的答语有:Youre welcome./ Its nothing./ Thats all right./ Dont mention it./ Its a pleasure./ Its my pleasure./ Thats nothing./ It was no trouble at all.等。A项意思为“乐于效劳”;D项表示同意等;B项“不要紧.没关系”。
5.C  根据句意,该空须填一个连词。Considering连词,“就……而论;照……来看”。
6.B  just my luck是习语,意思为“真倒霉!”。not at all和thats all right多用于对方感谢时的应答语,“不客气”。Never mind用于对方道歉时的应答语,“没关系”。
7.A  这是一个省略句,承接上文,省略了as I had thought。
8.C  本题主要是对句子结构及关系是考查。根据逗号可知,后面句子为非限制性定语从句,先行词是plan;再根据句子中的was及前面的two可知本题的正确答案为C。
9.C  本题主要考查非谓语动词的用法。根据句意可知句子空白处的非谓语动词作定语,用have sb./sth.to do的结构。
10.A  本题主要是对副词的考查。that作副词时,相当于so,强调所指的某一程度;much作副词时,一般只用来修饰形容词或副词的比较级及动词;enough作副词时,总是用在谓语所修饰的形容词或副词之后;too作副词时,强调事物的程度已超出某范围,让人难以应付。
11.C  本题主要考查反意疑问句的表达方式。根据listen可知,must be quarrelling表示推测,此时反意疑问句中的动词须依主语而定,由于his family是指他家里的人,故be用复数形式。
12.D  本题主要考查冠词的用法。句子第一空后面的不定式做定语对power进行修饰,特指某种权力,用定冠词the;而第二空后面的law泛指“法律”这一概念,不用冠词。
13.C  本题主要考查介词的用法区别。根据句子中的felt unhappy可知,句子中表示一种心理状态,于是,正确答案为C。
14.D  本题主要考查名词的意义区别。根据后面的resulted in failure可知,她没有专心于工作,而keep ones mind on意思为“专心于”,于是正确答案为D。
15.A  本题主要考查英语交际用语的应用。根据对方的话“Im sorry for her”表示对她的关心,于是回答应该用“谢谢”,因此正确答案为A。
2.选D。be obliged to 意为“被迫”。因是私下驾驶,又是自己的飞机,故不会有人“命令”、“禁止”或“允许”他着落。
4.选B。从He lay there expecting to die可推知,他所受的伤较为“严重”。
7.选B。从他们把他带到村里精心治疗来看,他们虽觉好奇(毕竟是来自不同国度的人),但并不“害怕”。be not tired of “不厌倦”和be not sure of “不确信”不合文意。D既不合文意,也不合词的搭配。
11.选D。从前面的a lonely island和后面的the peaceful land可判断出。A、B表意不清,C不合文意。
12.选C。这个地方的环境和人是如此的好,所以他并“不急于”离开。in no hurry的意思是“不着急”。
16.选B。it is not long before“时间不长”是一常见句型。
18.选B。gave away“散发、分发”,got away“离开、出发”,put away“收好,放好,储存”,pass away“死”,根据语境不难排除A、C、D三项。
19.选D。make money意为“赚钱”。余者不合习惯表达法。
1.A词义猜测题。根据They are classified as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.可知这个词与癌症有关,故可推出carcinogenic意为"致癌的"。
2.C细节题。根据People found the dye in 1883 and gave it the name.Nobody knows the reason, and we cannot give any explanation before we find out.可知还没有人知道"苏丹红"名称的由来。
3.B推断题。根据EU officials have been striving to remove some food products from the shelves.So far 580 products have been recalled.可知某些食品因含有"苏丹红"而被召回。故可推断"苏丹红"经常用作食品添加剂。
4.B主旨大意题。根据there has been confusion over possible links to the country of the same name, but Sudan officials say there is no connection whatever.可知本文主要讲"苏丹红"与苏丹这个国家是否有联系的问题,故B最佳。
1.children前加who/that   2.去掉attend后面的the   3.very→too   4.had→have 
5.other→another    6.of→for    7.what→that    8.interesting→interested 
9.included→including     10.for→to
Dear Editor,?
With the college entrance examination approaching, many parents try to encourage their children to study hard and be admitted into a famous university.They promise that they will be rewarded with things such as money, traveling and so on once they achieve the goals.?
However, I don’t think this is a proper way.Firstly, it may lead to the fact that children’s attention will focus on such things instead of the pleasure of studying.Secondly, they may stop working hard as soon as they get what they want.?
I think a wise way is to make us aware of the importance of going to a good ?university.We should also study hard and well for our future.?
Yours truly,?
Li Hua