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第一部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分40分)
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A, B, C和D)中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
One morning more than thirty years ago, I entered the Track Kitchen, a restaurant where everyone from the humblest(卑微的) to the most powerful came for breakfast. I noticed an empty chair next to an elderly, unshaven man, who looked somewhat disheveled. He was wearing a worn-out hat and was alone. I asked if I might join him. He agreed quietly and I sat down to have my breakfast.
    We cautiously began a conversation and spoke about a wide range of things. We never introduced ourselves. I was concerned that he might have no money and not be able to afford something to eat. So as I rose to go back to the counter and buy a second cup of coffee, I asked,
    “May I get you something ?”
    “A coffee would be nice.”
    Then I bought him a cup of coffee, We talked more, and he accepted another cup of coffee, Finally, I rose to leave, wished him well, and headed for the exit. At the door I met one of my friends. He asked,
    “How did you get to know Mr. Galbreath ?”
    “The man you were sitting with. He is chairman of the Board of Churchill Downs.”
    I could hardly believe it. I was buying, offering a free breakfast, and feeling pity for one of the world’s richest and most powerful men!
    My few minutes with Mr. Galbreath changed my life. Now I try to treat everyone with respect, no matter who I think they are, and no matter another human being with kindness and sincerity.
1. What does the underlined word “disheveled” mean?
   A. Unfriendly.         B. Untidy.         C. Gentle.         D. Kind.
2. The author bought coffee for the old man because____________.    
   A. he thought the old man was poor
   B. he wanted to start a conversation
   C. he intended to show his politeness
   D. he would like to thank the old man
3. What is the message mainly expressed in the story?
   A. We should learn to be generous.
   B. It is honorable to help those in need.
   C. People in high positions are not like what we expect.
   D. We should avoid judging people by their appearances.
   When most of us look at our hands, we might notice that we need to clean, or stop biting our fingernails, and that’s about it. But if you ask a doctor, he can see a whole lot more. Everything from poor diet and stress to serious kidney (肾) problems can be revealed by a glance at your fingernails.
There are about 30 different nail signs that can be associated with medical issues, though may indicate more than one problem, according to Dr. Amy Derick, a clinical instructor of dermatology at Northwestern University.
Here are five of the things a doctor can tell about your health based on your fingernails.
1. People who aren’t eating well and lack vitamin or dietary may have thinner than normal nails, which are more likely to break.
2. Horizontal lines are associated with serious physical stress. They frequently occur in people who have gone through chemotherapy(化疗).They can also occur after some illnesses, injuries, or with severe malnourishment(营养不良).Interestingly, there may be an altitude connection too. They’ve also been found in people who dove 1,000 feet and others who participated in an Everest exploration.
3. Vertical lines, however, are generally not such a big deal. Some people are more genetically prone to them than others, but they’re commonly associated with aging.
4. When people lack iron, their nails can turn spoon-like. Instead of curving down and covering the finger normally, they ’ll start to rise up on the sides and front, like the part of a spoon that holds liquid.
5. Kidney and liver problems can create “half-and-half nails”, where one part of the nail is white and the other part dark or pink, according to Derick.
Doctors note that because disease diagnosis is complex and some symptoms can be associated with different diseases, you should always see a medical professional if you are concerned about something you notice.
4. What is the main idea of the passage?
A. Doctors can tell us something about our health by looking at our nails.  
B. We should see a doctor if we find nails in bad condition.
C. A famous doctor in the USA conducted an interesting research.
D. If we don’t want to get ill, we need to clean and stop biting our fingernails.
5. If we don’t eat well or regularly, our fingernails may ________.
A. become harder than normal nails.      
B. become thinner than normal nails.    
C. become “half-and-half” nails.
D. have horizontal and vertical lines.
6. Who will have horizontal lines on the nails ? 
A. A cancer patient who has received normal treatment. 
B. Hungry African children suffering from severe malnourishment.  
C. An explorer who had reached Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province.
D. A patient with serious illness, like kidney and liver problems.
7. Which of the following best describes the nails that show people lack iron?    
A. The nails are thinner and more likely to break.    
B. The nails will curve down and cover the fingers.
 C. The nails will start to rise up on the sides and front.
D. The nails will change their colours on the surface.
Jane Austen, a famous English writer, was born at Steventon, Hampshire, on December 16, 1775, and died on July 18, 1817. She began writing early in life, although the prejudices of her times forced her to have her books published anonymously ( 匿名 ).
   But Jane Austen is perhaps the best known and best loved of Bath's many famous local people and visitors. She paid two long visits here during the last five years of the eighteenth century and from 1801 to 1806, Bath was her home. Her deep knowledge of the city is fully seen in two of her novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, which are largely set in Bath. The city is still very much as Jane Austen knew it, keeping in its streets and public buildings the well-ordered world that she described so well in her novels. Now the pleasure of learning Jane Austen's Bath can be enhanced (增强)by visiting the Jane Austen Centre in Gay Street. Here, in a Georgian town house in the heart of the city, you can find out more about Bath in Jane Austen's time and the importance of Bath in her life and work.
The Centre has been set up with the help and guidance of members of the Jane Austen Society. After your visit to the Centre, you can look round the attractive shop, which offers a huge collection of Jane Austen related books, cards and many specially designed gifts. Jane Austen quizzes are offered to keep the children busy.
   You can also have walking tours of Jane Austen's Bath, which is a great way to find out more about Jane Austen and discover the wonderful Georgian city of Bath. The tour lasts about one and a half hours. The experienced guides will take you to the places where Jane lived, walked and shopped.
8. Jane Austen paid two long visits to Bath________.
   A. in her early twenties                  B. in her early teens
   C. in her late twenties                   D. in her late teens
9. What can we learn about Bath from the passage?
   A. Bath has greatly changed since Jane Austen's death.
   B. The city has changed as much as Jane Austen knew it.
   C. Bath remains almost the same as in Jane Austen's time.
   D. No changes have taken place in Bath since Jane Austen's time.
10. The author writes this passage in order to________.
A. attract readers to visit the city of Bath
B. ask readers to buy Austen's books
C. tell readers about Jane Austen's experience
D. give a brief introduction to the Jane Austen Society
11. It takes you about one and a half hours________.
    A. to get to the Jane Austen Centre in Gay Street
    B. to buy Jane Austen related books, cards and gifts
    C. to find a guide to take you to the Centre
D. to look around the city of Bath on foot
Women are friendly. But men are more competitive. Why? Researchers have found it's all down to the hormone oxytocin (荷尔蒙催生素). Although known as the love hormone, it affects the sexes differently.
"Women tend to be social in their behavior. They often share with others. But men tend to be competitive. They are trying to improve their social status," said Professor Ryan.
Generally, people believe that the hormone oxytocin is let out in our body in various social situations and our body creates a large amount of it during positive social interactions such as falling in love or giving birth.
But in a previous experiment Professor Ryan found that the hormone is also let out in our body during negative social interactions such as envy.
Further researches showed that in men the hormone oxytocin improves the ability to recognize competitive relationships, but in women it raises the ability to recognize friendship.
Professor Ryan's recent experiment used 62 men and women aged 20 to 37. Half of the participants received oxytocin. The other half received placebo (安慰剂).
After a week, the two groups switched with participants. They went through the same procedure with the other material.
Following each treatment, they were shown some video pictures with different social interactions. Then they were asked to analyze the relationships by answering some questions. The questions were about telling friendship from competition. And their answers should be based on gestures, body language and facial expressions.
The results indicated that, after treatment with oxytocin, men's ability to correctly recognize competitive relationships improved, but in women it was the ability to correctly recognize friendship that got better.
Professor Ryan thus concluded: "Our experiment proves that the hormone oxytocin can raise people's abilities to better distinguish different social interactions. And the behavior differences between men and women are caused by biological factors (因素) that are mainly hormonal."
12. What causes men and women to behave differently according to the text?
A. Placebo.    B. Oxytocin.   C. The gesture.    D. The social status.
13. What can we learn from Professor Ryan's previous experiment?
A. Oxytocin affects our behavior in a different way.
B. Our body lets out oxytocin when we are deep in love.
C. Our body produces oxytocin when we feel unhappy about others' success.
D. Oxytocin improves our abilities to understand people's behavior differences.
14. Why did Professor Ryan conduct the recent experiment?
A. To test the effect of oxytocin on the ability to recognize social interactions.
B. To know the differences between friendship and competition.
C. To know people's different abilities to answer questions.
D. To test people's understanding of body language.
15. The author develops the text by______.
A. explaining people's behaviors 
B. describing his own experiences
C. distinguishing sexual differences
D. discussing research experiments
第二节 (共5小题;每小题2分, 满分10分)
Ancient Rome was one of the world’s most powerful empires more than 2,000 years ago. The Romans’
Ideas about roads, laws, government and buildings still influence us today. Italy is shaped like a boot.
The Colosseum (角斗场)in Rome was built during the time of the Roman Empire, in the first century A.D.    16    . It is a popular tourist attraction today.
Italy is well-known for its designers, who create cars, handbags , clothes, shoes and other items that are in demand for their style and fine workmanship.
Today, the economy of Italy is stronger than in the past.     17   .   Today, manufacturing and tourism are
 the main sources of income. There are some big companies, but Italy has many smaller companies, too.   18  . The southern part does not offer as many manufacturing jobs, so it is not as prosperous.
Italy is a member of the European Union, a group of countries that join together for better trade. The
 currency, or money, they use is called the “euro”.
Food and eating good meals are important to Italians.    19   . Popular foods include pasta, risotto, minestrone and pizza. McDonald’s is also popular there.
Many families still eat their main meal in the middle of the day.     20   . Families spend a lot of time
A.The family is very important to the Italian way of life.
B.The country used to depend on agriculture.
C.Mountains cover about three-fourths of the country.
D.It could seat about 50,000 people, who went to see fights between animals and people.
E.  While there are some supermarkets, many people shop at small, neighborhood markets.
F.  Italy has several islands off the coast.
G.  The northern part of the country is the main manufacturing center.
第二部分: 语言知识运用
第一节 完形填空I(共20小题:每小题1.5分,满分30分)     It was the last day of the final examination in a large eastern university. On the    21    of one building, a group of engineering seniors gathered, discussing the exam due in a few minutes. On their faces was confidence. This was their last exam—then on to graduation and    22   .
    Some talked of jobs they already had; others talked of jobs they   23   get. With the certainty of four years of college, they felt ready and able to take   24   of the world.
    The approaching exam, they knew, would be an easy task. The professor had said they could bring  25  books or notes they wanted, requesting only that they did not  26  each other during the test.
      27  they entered the classroom. The professor passed out the papers. And smiles  28  on the students' faces as they noticed there were only five essay­type questions.
    Three hours had passed  29  the professor began to collect the papers. The students no longer looked confident. On their faces was a   30  expression. Paper in hand, no one spoke as the professor faced the class.
    He looked at the  31  faces before him, and then asked,“How many completed all five questions?”  32  a hand was raised.
    “How many answered four?”still no hands.
    “Three? Two?”The students moved restlessly in their seats.
    “One, then? Certainly somebody finished one.” But the class    33   silent.
    The professor put down the papers. “That is exactly what I  34  ,”he said. “I just want to impress upon you that,   35  you have completed four years of engineering, there are still many things about the  36  you don't know. These questions you could not answer are relatively  37  in everyday practice.” Then, smiling, he added,“You will all   38  this course, but remember—even though you are now college graduates, your education has just  39  .”
    The years have   40  the name of this professor, but not the lesson he taught.
21.A. rooms   B. steps    C. tops      D. lights
22.A. entertainment B. discussion  C. education  D. jobs
23.A. would   B. must   C. had to   D. used to
24.A. hold   B. control   C. charge   D. place
25.A. no   B. either   C. any   D. all
26.A. listen to  B. look at   C. refer to  D. talk to
27.A. Nervously  B. Joyfully  C. Quickly     D. Curiously
28.A. appeared  B. changed  C. froze   D. stopped
29.A. then   B. as   C. before         D. after
30.  A. disappointed B. fantastic  C. frightened  D. curious
31.A. pleased  B. worried  C. surprised  D. moved
32.A. Not   B. Once   C. Only   D. Even
33.A. left   B. got   C. remained  D. caught
34.A. wondered  B. enjoyed  C. hated   D. expected
35.A. right now  B. as though  C. now that  D. even though
36.A. exam   B. subject   C. question  D. college
37.A. valuable  B. difficult  C. common  D. strange
38.A. pass   B. fail   C. take   D. start
39.A. begun   B. completed  C. failed   D. succeeded
40.A. lost   B. remembered C. strengthened D. weakened
完形填空II(共20小题;每小题1分,满分20 分)
Whenever my kids have a party at school, I am the mom who always signs up to bring the juice boxes. It’s not because I’m   41   or that I don’t care if my kids have a good party. I am just not good at making homemade bread into holiday-themed shapes like other mothers.   42  , I’m happy to try, even though it’ll   43   me a long time to do it.
People say that housewives should have the   44   to make delicious meals, keep their houses clean, and   45   every minute of their child’s life. Their words used to   46   me a lot. I felt that I should also be able to do those things as a housewife. So   47   I couldn’t make the turkey-shaped cookies, I   48   feeling like a failure as a mom.
After many   49   attempts at baking, and many afternoons spent crying over my inabilities as a mother, I finally accepted the   50   that my lot (命运) in life is to be the juice box mom. I worked hard to be the   51   one in the elementary school. And after one of my daughter’s class parties, it   52  . Her teacher stopped me as I was leaving and said, “Thank you so much for always bringing   53   drinks. Sometimes parents forget that other children will also   54   class parties, and they end up being left out because we don’t have enough   55   for everyone.”
I just accepted her appreciation(感激), rather than telling her that I brought extra drinks because I could   56   remember how many kids were in the class. But her   57   taught me an important lesson: I’m not a failure as a mom.
Not everyone is cut out to be a(n)   58   mom. I believe it’s okay to be the juice box mom. I may not bake cookies and decorate them beautifully, but I  59   something to drink. And I think that’s just as   60  .
41. A. smart   B. lazy   C. tired      D. enthusiastic
42. A. However  B. Therefore  C. Otherwise     D. Besides
43. A. cost   B. give   C. introduce     D. take
44. A. dream   B. ability  C. experience        D. tool
45. A. compare  B. save   C. treasure          D. teach
46. A. puzzle      B. reflect        C. upset      D. amuse
47. A. unless   B. because  C. though         D. when
48. A. ended up  B. went on  C. insisted on        D. set out
49. A. failed   B. careless  C. successful     D. useful
50. A. goal   B. opinion  C. fact      D. impression
51. A. slowest      B. best   C. worst      D. quickest
52. A. stood out  B. got out  C. came back        D. paid off
53. A. cold   B. soft   C. extra      D. fresh
54. A. attend      B. hold      C. enjoy      D. leave
55. A. cookies      B. drinks  C. books      D. cups
56. A. already      B. always  C. ever         D. never
57. A. contribution  B. appreciation C. congratulation    D. comprehension
58. A. loyal   B. clever  C. able         D. rich
59. A. provide      B. make         C. buy         D. retell
60. A. believable  B. interesting    C.ridiculous         D. important
第二节 单项选择(共20小题;每小题0.5分,满分10 分)
61. ---Mom,guess what?I’ve won the 1st prize!
  ---This _____ a celebration! Let’s go to prepare a party.
A. helps out     B. works out     C. calls for           D. pays off
62. It is reported that the police will soon _____ the case of the two missing children.
A. look upon    B. look after     C. look into           D. look out
63. ---Jack, this is the third time that you have been late this week.
   ---Sorry, sir, but I was ______ for 15 minutes on the way here in the traffic jam.
A. held up        B. put up        C. taken up            D. given up
64. Had she ____ her promise, she would have made it to Yale University.
A. looked up to    B. lived up to     C. keep up with        D. come up with
65. ---Are you a teacher?
  ---No, but I ________.
A. used to        B. was used to     C. used to be          D. used to do
66. We ____ to paint the whole house but finished only the front part that day.
A. set about      B. set up          C. set out             D. set up
67. Don’t be so discouraged. If you ______ such feelings, you will do better next time.
   A. carry on        B. get back        C. break down         D. put away
68. Jess was sad and her friend helped her ___ the first awful weeks after her husband Bill died.
   A. break through    B. break down     C. get through         D. get rid of
69. The main issue at the APEC meeting was a climate-change plan _____ by Australia’s Howard and backed by Bush.
   A. put out          B. put off         C. put away          D. put forward
70. Restaurants in every corner of Mianyang not only provide job opportunities but ____lots of taxes as well.
   A. bring in        B. bring about       C. result in           D. result from
71. Nowadays with the development of science, more and more new technology____ to the fields of IT.
   A. has introduced     B. was introduced  C. will introduce      D. is being introduced
72. New policies,____ to ensure that compulsory education is truly free,_____ by the local government across China since the start of school on September 1.
   A. intending;have been made known       B. intended; have been made known
   C. intending;are made known             D. intended; had made known
73. The Haiti earthquake at the beginning of 2010 is believed _____ more than 100,0130 people and makes millions homeless, ______it perhaps the most destroying earthquake in history.
A. To kill; making                      B. to have killed; making
C. having killed; to make                D. killing; made
74. The man fell to the ground, his left foot_____ and blood ____ down from his mouth.
   A. breaking;running                     B. broken;running
   C. breaking ; run                        D. broken; run
75. ______ is known to  us all  is that China has launched Shenzhou VII spaceship, _______ made the country’s first spacewalk successful.
A. That;what        B. What; which        C. It; which          D. As ;that
76. I have reached a point in my life ____ I am supposed to make decisions of my own.
   A. which        B. where      C. how          D. why
77. The biggest surprise for John was ______ he was chosen as team captain.
   A. when         B. what       C. which        D. whether
78. It _____  a Saturday afternoon in May ____ Margaret could arrange for me to meet her elder ,sister.
   A. was until; when              B. was until;that
   C. was not until; when           D. was not until; that
79. It is difficult for any of us to eat better, exercise more, and sleep enough,______ we know we should.
   A. because       B. even if       C. unless        D. before
80. Between the two roads____ a TV tower called “Skyscraper Tower”.
   A. stands        B. standing      C. which stands   D. stand
第一节 :单词适当形式填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10 分)
81. How many cars ____________(involve) in the crash yesterday?
82. Why did you choose the ____________(occupy) as a secretary?
83. We need to __________ (analysis) what went wrong.
84. Our information comes from a _________ (rely) source.
85. We won’t be __________ (depress) even if we fail ten times because we’re determined.
86. That is a _________ (shame) behavior and I feel ashamed of what the young man has done.
87. I regret __________ (inform) you that we are unable to offer you the job.
88. _______(mood) people are very difficult to deal with.
89. It’s said that they ___________ (marry) for twenty years.
90. It is said yoga is ______________ (benefit) to human health.
第二节:语法填空 (共10题,每题1.5分,满分15分)
I was always told that the three Ps, patience, positive thinking and perseverance(毅力),were a sure path   91     success. But this advice does not always work as planned. My high school math exam is one example. The exam,   92     was originally to be held in our classroom,   93  (change) to the library at the last minute. This,  94    ,didn’t bother me because math had always been my strongest subject. I patiently walked to the library, took my seat and did some deep breathing to help relax   95     . But my mood quickly changed when I saw  96      first question. I had no idea how to do it. I tried to stay positive and persevered   97      I finally found the solution. With the problem   98     (solve), I felt proud of my achievement.   99    (fortunate), I then noticed that I had just 10 minutes left  100       (complete) the rest!
第三节 短文改错.(共 10 小题;每小题 l 分.满 分 10 分)
Our school conducts a survey on reading last week. According to the results, most students believe reading is important. Over 50% say they enjoy reading a lot of. 79% find it interesting while 21% think reading is bored. The results show that girls read much books than boys. Over 66% like to read fiction book. 64% of the students would like read stories about famous people. 50% are interested in reading our own culture and tradition. The survey also shows that libraries are how students get most of his books. Therefore, many students complain our school library don't have enough up-to-date books.

第四节 书面表达(满分15分)
1. 对受邀表示感谢;
2. 简要回忆音乐会及感受;
3. 提出教他汉字作为回报。
1. 词数100左右;
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。
Dear Leslie,
     How is everything getting along with you recently?                                            
                                                                     Yours sincerely,
                                                                       Li Hua
2020届高二英语期末考试答案 (满分150)
1—20  每题2分, 满分40 分
1-3BAD    4-7ABBC   8-11ACAD  12-15 BCAD    16-20  DBGEA

21—40 每题1.5分,满分30分
21-25. BDABC  26-30. DBACC 31-35. BACDD 36-40.BCAAD

41—60 每题1分 ,  满分20分
41-45 BADBC   46-50 CDAAC   51-55 BDCAB    56-60 DBCAD

61---80 每题0.5分, 满分10分
62--65CCABC    66---70CDCDA 71---75DBBBB  76---80BADBA

81--90 每题1分    满分10分
81. were involved  82. occupation   83. analyse/analyze      84. reliable          85.depressed   
86. shameful   87. to inform    88. Moody         89.have been married      90.beneficial
91---100每题1.5分   满分15
语法填空:91. to     92. which     93. was changed   94. however        95. myself  
96. the     97. until/till   98. solved        99. Unfortunately    100. to complete
改错 每题1分      满分10分
1. conducts---conducted.   2. of 去掉   3. bored---boring   4. much--- more   5. book--- books . 
6. would like 加to   7. how---where   8. his--- their   9. Therefore---However     10. don’t--- doesn’t

作文              满分15分
Dear Leslie,
  How is everything getting along with you recently? I’m more than glad to have been invited to attend the piano concert with you. To be honest, not only am I impressed with the performances given by the skilled artists, but also with the wonderful comments made by you. Thank you again for your kindness.
   Are you interested in learning Chinese character? As a matter of fact, traditional Chinese cultures are more and more popular all over the world, especially the Chinese character, which is one of the oldest written words and sounds beautiful. If you are interested, keep me informed as soon as possible and I’ll spare no effort to help you learn Chinese characters in return.
   Looking forward to your reply.
                                                                  Yours sincerely,
                                                                    Li Hua

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