“They’re going to kick me out of my own home,” said Karl Berger, 86 years old. Karl is a widower with no living children. When Karl’s wife died a couple of years ago, he told the Social Security Administration to stop sending monthly checks to his wife. But the agency continued to send the checks. Karl called again; a clerk said not to worry. He told Karl to mail a followup letter that included his wifes date of death. But the checks continued to come. Karl needed the money, so he cashed his wife’s checks.
  When SSA finally realized its mistake, it sent Karl a letter saying that he owed SSA $5,900 plus interest. Karl receives only $12,000 a year, which is slightly above poverty level. The only savings that he ever had--$5,000--was spent on his wife’s funeral. He fought on Iwo Jima, site of one of the most furious battles of World War II. The battle left him deaf in one ear and almost blind in one eye.
  His small house used to be in a good neighborhood. He takes the bus once a week to visit his wifes grave. The rest of his time is spent at home, where he carves wooden military figures that he donates to a local charity. The charity sells the carvings and uses the money to help feed the homeless.
  SSA gave Karl six months to pay the debt in full. Otherwise, the SSA letter said, the agency would seize his home. Karl wrote back, asking if it would be okay to pay $30 a month. That was all he could afford.
  “That’s insufficient,” said William Shatner, an SSA agent. “We know that he is a war veteran, but that doesn’t entitle him to free money. He knew that his wife was dead, yet he cashed her monthly checks. That is fraud, pure and simple.”

1. Sorry for the ________(延误)of twenty minutes, Mr. Weaver.
2. The city ________(抵抗)the enemy attack for two weeks.
3. We must proceed with ________(小心,谨慎).
4. By November 1914 the government was forced to ________(承认)that its policy had failed.
5. We ________(说服)Anne to go by train rather than by plane.
6. His theory was thought to be ________(荒谬的)at that time.
7. The ________(身份)of the dead man is still unknown.
8. The country is in a ________(绝望的)situation with rebellions here and there.
9. Nothing can ____________(弥补)for the loss of valuable time.
10. Physical beauty must also be __________(伴随)by an attraction to something deeper within a person.

Are you facing a situation that looks impossible to fix?
In 1969,the pollution was terrible along the Cuyahoga River Cleveland, Ohio. It __1____(be)unimaginable that it could ever be cleaned up. The river was so polluted that it ____2____(actual)caught fire and burned. Now, ears later, this river is one of _3___most outstanding examples of environmental cleanup.
But the river wasn’t changed in a few days __4____even a few months. It took years of work__5______(reduce ) the industrial pollution and clean the water. Finally, that hard work paid off and now the water in the river is___6_____(clean) than ever.
Maybe you are facing an impossible situation. Maybe you leave a habit __7___is driving your family crazy. Possibly you drink too much or don’t know how to control your credit card use. When you face such an impossible situation ,don’t you want a quick fix and something to change immediately?
While there are ___8_______(amaze) stories of instant transformation, for most of us the___9_______(change) are gradual and require a lot of effort and work, like cleaning up a polluted river. Just be ___10___(patience)

    Do I need to have any experience to take this course?
    Introduction to rappelling(登山运动中的绕绳下降运动)is a course designed for complete beginners. We call this course "All the fun without any work". You spend the day learning to rappel off different cliffs(悬崖)and by the end of the course, you should look like a superhero. 
    How long is the course?
    It is a one-day course. The course runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The instructors will meet you at the parking area for 9:00 a.m. and you should be back in the parking area for 4:00 p.m. 
    What is the age restriction for this course?
    The course is open to adults, teenagers and children. Children who are under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. 
    What if I dont have a strong upper body?
    Rappelling does not require any upper body strength. The equipment holds you so the challenge is more mental than physical. 
    Can I get a copy of the photos the instructor takes?
    The photos taken by the instructors are for use in the brochure(宣传册)or website. Due to the high number of requests we are not able to email them to each learner.
    Is it customary to tip my instructor? 
    Tipping is not required. If you feel that you have received exceptional(特殊的) service and would like to gift the instructors with a tip, they will accept it and appreciate your generosity. 
    "The rappelling trip was really great. Fred Schuett is very professional. I know that his company does other rock climbing trips as well and they sound quite interesting."
                                                                    Anusha Shanmugarajah
    "I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the rappelling course. The instructors were very calm and encouraging. I would definitely do another course with ONE AXE."
                                                                          Louise Hart
1. The one-day rappelling course _______.
   A. lasts for eight hours                B. is designed for pleasure
   C. is for advanced learners             D. requires some experiences
2. The course instructors _______.
   A. can accept tips                    B. work part-time
   C. can be booked online               D. will e-mail photos to the learners
3. The learners on the course are _______.
   A. mostly adults                     B. not necessarily strong
   C. considered superheroes             D. not advised to drive there
4. "ONE AXE" mentioned in the last paragraph is probably the name of ______.
   A. the company    B. the manager     C. an instructor    D. a brochure
    In a recent news report, Atlantas city officials announced plans to carry out a long-standing teen curfew(宵禁). "I want everyone in the City of Atlanta, especially our young people, to enjoy the summer months," Mayor Kasim Reed said in the statement. "At the same time, it is vital that we keep everyone safe."
    But Mike Males, a researcher with the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, said, "There’s pretty much(几乎)no question that the laws aren’t effective in either reducing crime or preventing harm to young people."
    Curfews have been around for a long time. By the mid-1990s, the U.S. Conference of Mayors found 70 percent of nearly 350 cities surveyed had some sort of nighttime curfew. The majority of cities considered the curfew effective.
    Males is one of the leading researchers in the effectiveness of teen curfews. In a widely referenced 1998 paper on the impact of curfews in California, Males and co-author Dan Macallair found curfews "had no discernible effect on youth crime" based on a statistical analysis of cities carrying out the laws. Males’ research is supported by a popular survey of studies on curfews published in 2003 by criminal justice researcher Kenneth Adams, who also found scant evidence that the laws accomplished what most people believed they did.
    But a more recent attempt to measure the effectiveness of curfews comes from University of California at Berkley economist Patrick Kline. With curfews, Kline said the punishments for curfew-breakers result in a decline in youth crime of up to 10 percent.
    Kline’s paper has been picked up across the country by curfew supporters, but Males said the study has significant shortcomings. For example, Kline does not compare cities that have curfews with similar cities without curfews to see whether crime is declining generally.
    While Males and other researchers agree that curfews do not lower youth crime, they also admit their conclusions rest on relatively few studies.
5. What may Mike Males agree with?
   A. Teen curfews help reduce crime.
   B. Teen curfews aren’t as effective as expected.
   C. Curfew-breakers should be punished.
   D. More studies should be carried out on teen curfews.
6. The underlined word “scant” in the fourth paragraph is closest in meaning to _________.
   A. little          B. direct          C. clear           D. good
7. According to the text, Males’ findings about teen curfews ________.
   A. were published in 2003      B. came after Kline’s
   C. received wide recognition      D. were based on limited studies
8. The text is mainly about _________.
   A. how to lower youth crime     B. the importance of curfews
   C. whether teen curfews are effective    D. recent studies about teen curfews
  Well, I’m about 4 weeks into winter training and I’m still alive and well. To be honest, I’m better than alive; I’m happier than a pig rolling around. So far everything about this winter has been positive.
  This year we have changed a lot about my training in order to improve next year. It’s taken a while to sink into my mind but I’ve finally accepted that I can’t do everything on my own. For about two years I’d been doing my own strength and still working as hard as I always do but just not making progress.
  I am now working one to one with Gary Nash and Tom Clay at the Unit Gym in Newcastle, which is under a railway bridge. I’m feeling the benefits already, basically Gary makes me do things that I wouldn’t make myself do. There’s a point where you need that little push to go past, and he is certainly pushing me. Every session is a challenge and a war. Very grateful to Gary for his help and I’m sure it’s going to have an impact on performances next year.
  I’ve been touched by the number of people who have told me they got tickets to watch me compete next year. It gives me even more encouragement to be the best prepared I can be. I’ve been very frustrated in the last couple of years, for things haven’t always gone as I’d liked but now this is a fresh start. When I started at the Paralympics(残奥会), you usually had to drag people into the stadium to watch it. Now people are paying good money to get tickets and some sports are selling out, it’s great. I want to put on the best show possible for everyone coming to watch. I know in my mind I am defending champion lost in Beijing. What happened there was wrong but it’s now accepted, and I go into London looking to defend my title and undefeated record with honor, pride and bravery.
9. According to the passage, the author has got plenty of encouragement from ________.
   A. rapid progress he has made           
   B. the benefits of the Unit Gym
   C. a fresh start he set for himself 
   D. the people who got tickets to watch his competition
10. Which of the following about the author is FALSE?
   A. The author is an athlete who attended the Beijing Olympics.
   B. The author lost his competition in the Beijing Paralympics.
   C. The author has been trained hard in a new way.
   D. The author needs Gary Nash to push him.
11. The underlined word “frustrated” has a similar meaning to “_______”.
   A. interested        B. encouraged        C. disappointed       D. excited
12. The best title of the passage should be _______.
   A. I am looking to be trained in a happy way
   B. I am looking to defend my title at London
   C. I am looking to drag people into the stadium
   D. I am looking to be pushed hard in my training

1. 当听到这个消息时,他像个孩子一样突然大笑起来。(burst)
2. 这个步骤与我们的策略是一致的。(harmony) 
3. 我给你寄了一封信作为对你的问题的答复。(in response to)
4. 两个大国都把部队撤离了这个地区。(withdraw)
5. 他们正在大雨中排队买票。(wait in line)
6. 飓风已经造成了成千上万的人死亡。(result in) 
7. 他表现得若无其事。(as if)               
8. 我们觉得这个旅馆很舒适。(find+宾语+宾补)
9. 老板一离开,工人们就胡闹。(fool around)
10. 俱乐部欢迎所有新成员,不管他们的年龄大小。(regardless of)

1. delay      2. resisted         3. caution      4. acknowledge   5. convinced  
6. ridiculous  7. identification     8. desperate    9. compensate   10. accompanied
1. was  2. actually   3.the   4. or   5. to reduce
6. cleaner  7. that/which 8. amazing  9. changes  10. patient
1-4 BABA    5-8 BADC   9-12 DACB
1. When he heard the news, he burst out laughing like a child.      
2. This step is in harmony with our policy. 
3. In response to your question, I have sent you a letter.          
4. Both powers withdrew their forces from the region.
5. They are waiting in line for tickets in the heavy rain.      
6. The hurricane resulted in thousands of deaths.
7. He behaved as if nothing had happened/ occurred.  
8. We found the hotel very comfortable.
9. The workers began to fool around immediately the boss left. 
10. The club welcomes all new members regardless of their ages.






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