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1.Robbery is not ________(常见的)in this area.
2.There are not many ________(区别) between British and American grammar.
3.Playing the piano well requires a lot of p________.
4.She speaks English with an Australian ________(口音).
5.The children here are quite ________(友好的).
6.He always has an ________(乐观的) view about something.
答案:1.common 2.differences 3.practice 4.accent 5.friendly 6.optimistic
1.What do these achievements have ________, Professor Li?
A.in total         B.in general
C.in common   D.in short
答案:C 句意是:李教授,这些成就有什么共同点?in total“总计;合计”;in general“一般说来”;in common“共同的”;in short“简言之”。
2.A new ________ bus service to Tianjin Airport started two months ago.
A.normal   B.usual
C.regular   D.common
答案:C 句意是:两个月前,一趟定时发往天津机场的班车开始运行了。normal“正常的”;usual“通常的”;regular“定期的”;common“普通的”。
3.I dont like his works. ________, I am busy. I know little about his hero ________ that he is a police officer.
A.Besides; except   B.Beside; except
C.Besides; besides   D.Except; except
答案:A 本题考查besides和except的用法区别,besides在此是副词,表示“而且;此外”。而except后面可跟从句。依语境,besides和except为正确选项,故选A。
4.—Have you passed the English exam?
—Well, success is ________ my grasp now.
A.within   B.at
C.around   D.on
答案:A 句意是:“——你通过英语考试了没有?”“——噢,成功在望。”within ones grasp的意思是“为某人的能力之所及”。
5.The technical cooperation and cultural ______ between our nation and other countries are daily on the increase.
A.change   B.exchange
C.attraction   D.interoperation
答案:B 句意是:我国与其他国家之间的技术合作和文化交流正在与日俱增。此句中exchange作名词,意为“交流”。
6.—Im going swimming with my uncle in the East Lake this weekend.
A.Good idea   B.Thats all right
C.Take care   D.Have fun
答案:D 句意是:“——这个周末我准备与叔叔去东湖游泳。”“——祝你玩得开心。”Have fun常用来表示祝愿。Good idea表示同意对方的建议;Thats all right用于回应别人的感谢或道歉,意为“不用谢;没关系”;Take care用来提醒对方,意为“小心”。
7.The Foreign Minister said, “________ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.”
A.This is   B.There is
C.That is   D.It is
答案:D 本句主语是that引导的主语从句,由于主语太长,用it作形式主语,因此选D。
8.The Summer Olympics ________ about two weeks and the summer athletic events are ______ five categories.
A.run for; divided into
B.go for; split into
C.run for; separated into
D.go on for; broken into
答案:A 第一个空可用run for或go on for,后接时间段表示持续某段时间;第二个空可用divided into或split into,指夏季体育项目被划分为五个类别。go for“去找;设法获取;拥护”;break into意为“闯入;突然发出”。
9.In our daily life, everyone fails every now and then. It is how you react that makes a ________.
A.development   B.difference
C.progress   D.point
答案:B 句意是:日常生活中,每个人都会偶尔失败。真正重要的是你对此的反应。 make a difference表示“重要”;progress和development是不可数名词;make a point表示“立论”。
10.—Could you please tell me more about how the advanced machine works?
—Sorry, Im an outsider. I know nothing else ________ you know now.
A.except for   B.but that
C.except what   D.but for
答案:C 答语的意思是:对不起,我是门外汉。除了你现在了解的情况外,我也一无所知。except后面可接what引导的宾语从句,what作know的宾语。
1.It is a fact that British and American English have a lot/much in common.
2.I didnt tell him anything except that I needed the money.
3.He finds it hard to live within his income.
4.The teacher divided our class into five groups.
5.The rain didnt make much difference to the game.
Do you know how many languages there are in the world? There are about 1, 500, __1__ many of them are not very __2__. English is one of the most importnat languages because many people __3__ it, not only in England and America, __4__ in other countries of the world. About 200, 000, 000 speak __5__ their own language, and another 200, 000, 000 use it as __6__ language. It is __7__ to say how many people are learning it. __8__ boys and girls in school are trying to do so.
Many English children study French. French is also a very important language. __9__ children study German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Which is the best __10__ to learn a language? We know that we all learnt __11__ language well when we were __12__. If we learn a second language in the __13__ way, it wont seem so difficult. What does a small child do? It __14__ what people say, and it tries to guess what it hears. When it wants something, it has to __15__ it. It is using the language, __16__in it and talking in it all the time. If peole use a second language __17__, they will learn it __18__.
In school, you learn to read, to hear and to speak. It is best to learn all new words through the __19__. You can read them, spell them and __20__ them.
1.A.but   B.and
C.yet   D.while
答案:A 根据前文的“There are about 1, 500...”以及后文的“many of them are not very...”可知有转折的意思,所以A项的but符合。
2.A.useful   B.necessary
C.important   D.good
答案:C 文章第一段的提示“the most important languages”主要谈世界上最重要的语言之一是英语,因此可以推断出全世界1,500多种语言中有许多是不重要的。
3.A.like   B.use
C.learn   D.speak
答案:B 由于很多人使用英语,所以英语才是世界上最重要的语言,因此选use。
4.A.but   B.and
C.also   D.so
答案:A 该空与上文的not only一起构成“not only...but (also)...”固定短语,意为“不仅……而且……”。
5.A.like   B.with
C.for   D.as
答案:D 全世界有200,000,000人把英语作为母语来讲,所以用介词as,意为“作为”。
6.A.foreign   B.a second
C.the second   D.a special
答案:B 全世界有200,000,000人把英语作为第二语言与自己的母语并列使用。“a+序数词”表示“再一,另一”;the second“第二”。这里的“a”不能换成“the”,所以选B项。
7.A.easy   B.again
C.difficult   D.best
答案:C 句意为:目前全世界有多少人正在学习英语很难说。
8.A.Millions of   B.Million of
C.Millions   D.Several million
答案:A millions of意为“无数,许多”;several million意为“数百万”。该句表示“全世界许许多多的学生正在学习英语”。
9.A.Some   B.Other
C.All   D.Few
答案:A 上文说很多英国学生学习法语,也有一些学生学习其他语言,如德语、俄语、日语和汉语。依据句意,选A项。
10.A.time   B.way
C.thing   D.place
答案:B 下文主要谈论学习语言的方法。
11.A.a foreign   B.our mothers
C.others   D.our own
答案:D 当我们还是孩子的时候,就学会了自己的母语,故D项正确。
12.A.born   B.children
C.grown   D.boys
答案:B 根据句意和常识可知,B项正确。
13.A.same   B.different
C.useful   D.good
答案:A 如果我们用同样的方法学习另一门语言,就不会那么难了。
14.A.does   B.says
C.listens to   D.follows
答案:C 在孩子学会说话之前,先要“听”。follow是“领会、听清楚”的意思。
15.A.ask   B.want
C.get   D.ask for
答案:D ask for sth.意思是“请求得到某物”。
16.A.speaking   B.writing
C.thinking   D.doing
答案:C 孩子索取东西的过程,其实就是运用语言思维和交流的过程。
17.A.some time   B.sometimes
C.all the time   D.for the time
答案:C some time意为“一段时间”;sometimes意为“有时候”;all the time意为“一直,总是”。根据句意,应选C项。
18.A.quickly   B.soon
C.freely   D.easily
答案:A 如果人们一直使用另一门语言,那么他们就会很快地学会这门语言。
19.A.mouth   B.hands
C.ears   D.mind
答案:C 学习生词最好先听,既然是听,当然要用耳朵。
20.A.speak   B.use
C.love   D.write
答案:D 根据句意可知D项正确。
The Queens English is now sounding less upper­class, a scientific study of the Queens Christmas broadcasts has found. Researchers have studied each of her messages to the Commonwealth countries since 1952 to find out the change in her pronunciation from the noble Upper Received to the Standard Received.
Jonathan Harrington, a professor at Germanys University of Munich, wanted to discover whether accent(口音)changes recorded over the past half century would take place within one person. “As far as I know, there just is nobody else for whom there is this sort of broadcast records,”he said.
He said the noble way of pronouncing vowels(元音)had gradually lost ground as the noble upper­class accent over the past years. “Her accent sounds slightly less noble than it did 50 years ago. But these are very, very small and slow changes that we dont notice from year to year.”
“We may be able to relate it to changes in the social classes,”he told The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper. “In 1952 she would have been heard saying ‘thet men in the bleck het’. Now it would be ‘that man in the black hat’. Similarly, she would have spoken of ‘the citay’and ‘dutay’, rather than ‘citee’ and‘dutee’, and‘hame’rather than‘home’. In the 1950s she would have been‘lorst’, but by the 1970s‘lost’.”
The Queens broadcast is a personal message to the Commonwealth countries. Each Christmas, the 10­minute broadcast is put on TV at 3 pm in Britain as many families are recovering from their traditional turkey lunch(传统火鸡午餐).
The results were published(发表)in the Journal of Phonetics.
1.The Queens broadcasts were chosen for the study mainly because________.
A.she has been Queen for many years
B.she has a less upper­class accent now
C.her speeches are familiar to many people
D.her speeches have been recorded for 50 years
答案:D 细节推断题。由第一段第二句话及第二段最后一句话可以得出结论。
2.Which of the following is an example of a less noble accent in English?
A.“dutay”   B.“citee”
C.“hame”   D.“lorst”
答案:B 由第四段第四句中“Similarly, she would have spoken...but by the 1970s ‘lost’!”可以推知。
3.We may infer from the text that the Journal of Phonetics is a magazine on________. 
A.speech sounds   B.Christmas customs
C.TV broadcasting   D.personal messages
答案:A 推理判断题。全文讲的是语言变化方面的问题,那么the Journal of Phonetics《语音学期刊》当然应该是一份关于语音的杂志了。
4.What is the text mainly about?
A.The relationship between accents and social classes.
B.The Queens Christmas speeches on TV.
C.The changes in a persons accent. 
D.The recent development of the English language.
答案:C 主旨归纳题。A“口音和社会阶层的关系”;B“女王的圣诞电视演讲”;C“一个人口音的变化”;D“英语的近期发展”。由文章中说,研究人员研究了女王从1952年以来的对话演讲录音,发现人的口音是会变化的。
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