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本试题分选择题和非选择题部分,共  页,满分为150分,考试用时120分。




选择题部分  共105分



1. A. Do you have a basketball?               

B. Could you please clean your room?

C. Would you mind turning down the music?

2. A. Why don't you get her a scarf?            

B. Where does your friend come from?

C. Who do you usually share happiness with?

3. A. My parents are not at home.             

B. Mary hasn't been to the Great Wall.

C. My grandfather wasn't as strong as before.

4. A. Sorry to hear that.        B. What a beautiful car!    C. Never come back again.

5. A. How often do you exercise?          

B. What did the teacher say about her paper?

C. How soon can you finish your homework?



6. A.    B.     C. 

7. A.                B.             C. 

8. A.             B.            C. 

9. A.             B.             C.

10. A.           B.             C. 


11. A. She has a headache.    B. She has a cold.      C. She has a toothache.

12. A. Half an hour ago.      B. An hour ago.        C. Two hours ago.

13. A. In a restaurant.        B. At her own home.    C. At Lucy's home.

14. A. To stay in bed.        B. To have some milk and soup. 

 C. To visit some friends.

15. A. Teacher and student.   B. Husband and wife.    C. Doctor and patient.



16. A. 100 years ago.        B. 200 years ago.       C. 300 years ago.  

17. A. Comfortable.         B. Small.             C. Cheap.

18. A. The pollution.        B. Chinese culture.      C. The education.  

19. A. The busy roads.       B. The delicious food.   C. The friendly people.

20. A. By ship.             B. By plane.           C. By train .

Ⅱ.读音选词  根据句意和所给音标,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。(5分)

21. I have a pet        / k?t / , it’s very smart .

A.cat           B. cut             C. coat            D. cute

22.You’ll        / feIl / in the final exam if you don’t work harder .

A. fill        B. fall           C. full             D. fail   

23. If you read more books , you will never feel          / 'l??nl? /.

A. line           B. light       C. lovely           D. lonely

24. I have to          / k?m'pi:t/ with my classmates at school.

A. computer       B. compete     C. complete         D. compare 

25. Don’t be afraid of such          / 'd?f?k?ltiz / , my class. Come on!

A. differences   B. difficulties     C. dictionaries        D. directions

Ⅲ. 选择填空  从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。(20分)

26. Li Lei is        honest boy, we all believe in him. 

A. a          B. an          C. the            D. /

27. I was born        February, 2004.

  A. in           B. on          C. at               D. to 

28. —        you a student , Cindy?

—Yes. I’m a middle school student .

   A. Do          B. Does         C. Are             D. Is 

29. —Tom, where is Miss Yang?

    —I heard        singing a song in the next room.

 A. him          B. he          C. she           D. her 

30. —Would you like to see The Wandering Earth at the         ?

   — Sure. I heard it was an exciting movie.

A.hospital       B. zoo         C. library           D. cinema 

31. —How was your weekend?

 — Great! It was my grandmother’s        birthday. We enjoyed ourselves.

A.seventy       B. seventieth     C. seventeen       D. seventeenth

32.Johnson is only fourteen years old, but he is           than his mother.

A.older       B. taller      C. younger        D. shorter

33.Look,my desk mate is jumping so far. I        believe my eyes. 

A. shouldn’t       B. can’t         C. mustn’t         D. needn’t

34. — Do you know         Shanghe Library closes? 

   — On Monday.

A. when       B. who      C. why           D. what

35. If one of your friends sends you a message to borrow money on the Internet,

   you’d better phone him         first to make sure of that.

A. recently       B. directly      C. finally       D. correctly

36. —I wonder why the dress is so expensive.  

   — Because it’s made of silk and it         so soft. 

A. smells       B. feels     C. sounds       D. tastes

37. The nurse looks tired        she stayed up late to look after his patients yesterday.

A. because    B. if           C. unless          D. though

38. —Are you sure you can do well in tomorrow’s test, Lucy?

   —         . I’ve got everything ready.

A.I think so    B. I hope not   C. Not at all      D. It’s hard to say

39.—Jinan got the first prize among the national civilized cities.

 —         good news!

A. What a       B. What         C. How            D. How a

40.— Nowadays, so many students spend too much time on their mobile phones.

 —I think they should         the time on it.

A. come out     B. put on        C. cut out          D. turn on

41. —Do you go to school by bike or by bus?

—         . It’s good for the environment and my health.

 A. Yes, I do.        B. No, I don’t.      C. By bike.       D. By car.

42. — Your father looks so young !    

 — Thank you. He         every day.

A.exercises       B. exercised       C. have exercised   D. will exercise

43. Jinan Metro Line R2(济南地铁R2号线)         in 2021.

A. completes     B. is completed    C. will be completed   D. will complete

44. — How long have you         i?     — For about 3 years.

A. come to China   B. borrowed the bike  C. become a teacher  D. lived in China

45. —Could you please tell me         ?      

—I went there by train .

  A. how you went to France           B. who you went with

C. what you think of the trip          D. if you enjoy the trip

IV. 完形填空  阅读短文,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个能填入文章中相应空白处的最佳答案。(15分)

  Edward rose early on the new-year morning. He looked in every room and wished a Happy New Year to his family. Then he ran into the street to  46   that to those he might meet.

When he came back, his father gave him two bright, new silver   47   .

    His face lighted up as he took them. He had wished for a long time to buy some pretty     48   that he had seen at the bookstore.

He left the house with a light heart,    49   to buy the books. As he ran down the street, he saw a poor family.

"I wish you a Happy New Year, "said Edward, as he was passing on. The man shook    50   head.

"You are not from this country?" said Edward. The man again   51   his head, for he could not understand or speak his language. But he pointed to his mouth, and to the   52    shaking with cold, as if (好像) to say, "These little ones have had   53    to eat for a long time.

 Edward quickly understood that these poor people were   54   trouble. He took out his dollars, and gave one to the man, and the other to his wife.

They were   55    and said something in their language, which doubtless meant, "We thank you so much that we will   56    you all the time."

When Edward came home, his father asked what books he had bought. He hung his head a moment,     57   quickly looked up.

    "I have bought no books," said he. " I gave my money to some poor people, who seemed to be very    58   then. "He went on," I think I can wait for my books till next New Year."

  "My dear boy," said his father, " here are some books for you, more as a    59    for your goodness of heart than as a new year gift."

   "I saw you give the money    60     to the poor German family. It was nice for a

 little boy to do so. Be always ready to help others and every year of your life will be to

 you a Happy New Year."

46. A. agree         B. repeat           C. clean          D. build

47. A. dollars        B. cakes            C. flowers        D. cards

48. A. videos         B. tickets          C. books          D. stones

49. A. expecting      B. offering         C. refusing        D. checking

50. A. your          B. my             C. her            D. his

51. A. nodded       B. shook            C. moved         D. lifted

52. A. students       B. children         C. actors          D. adults

53. A. nothing       B. something        C. anything       D. everything

54. A. on           B. at               C. in            D. under

55. A. excited       B. crazy            C. angry          D. bored

56. A. mind         B. beat             C. hate          D. remember

57. A. if            B. and             C. but           D. so

58. A. tired         B. healthy           C. hungry        D. thirsty

59. A. model        B. coin             C. toy           D. prize 

60. A. sadly        B. happily           C. slowly        D. perhaps

V.补全对话  阅读对话,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案完成对话。(5分)

John: Hello, Peter.    

Peter: Hi, John!

John:    61       

Peter: Yes, I’d love to, but I am busy this week. 

John: That’s OK.    62     

Peter: Sure, I would like that.   63     

John: Of course. I have one, too. We can play together.

Peter: Great! But what if there is no wind?

John:    64     

Peter: That’s a good idea. I know the perfect place to play soccer.

John: OK.    65     

Peter: I will. See you!

John: See you!

61. A. Do you like bread for breakfast?   B. Have you ever been to a science museum?

C. Would you like some dumplings?   D. Would you like to go to the park with me?

62. A. What about your piano lesson?      B. I’m sorry to hear that.

C. Perhaps we can go next week.      D. She must cook lunch.

63. A. Can I bring my kite?             B. Is there a post office around here?

C. Can you buy some juice?         D. How do you spend your weekends?

64. A. We’ll have nothing to do.         B. I will bring my soccer ball as well.

C. I have to study for the test.         D. The weather will be sunny and hot.

65. A. I prefer walking to driving a car.   

B. Let me know when you are available next week.

C. It’s important to keep clothes clean.

D. We should drink more water every day. 

VI.阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的最佳答案。(30分)


Once upon a time, there was a businessman who owed(欠债) a lot of money to a noble(贵族). The noble said he would forget about the money if he could marry the businessman’s daughter. The businessman didn’t want his daughter to marry the noble, but he was too poor to pay back.

The noble said, ” I have an idea. I will put a black stone and a white stone into an empty bag. Your daughter has to pick one from the bag. If she picks the black one, she will become my wife and you won’t need to pay me back. If she picks the white one, she needn’t marry me. When your daughter picks the white one, you needn’t pay back, either.” The businessman and his daughter agreed.

The noble went to pick two small stones. As he picks them up, the girl noticed him pick two black stones and put them into the bag. He then asked the girl to pick one. The girl put her hand into the bag and chose a stone. Without looking at it, she threw it into a river.

She said, “Oh, silly! I didn’t see the color of the stone. But if you look at the other one, you will be able to tell which one I have picked. ”     

66.The businessman borrowed ___________from the noble.

A. some stones     B. some food      C. some bags     D. some money  

67.The businessman was too ___________ to pay back.

A. rich           B. poor           C. young         D. old

68.If the daughter picks the white stone, ____________.

A.she needn’t marry the noble          

B. the businessman has to pay back 

C. she can put it into the bag          

D. she has to throw it into a river

69. The girl noticed the noble picked ____________.

A . two white stones           B. two brown stones   

C. two black stones           D. two grey stones  

70. In the end, the noble may be ___________.

  A. happy           B. disappointed      C. scared          D. calm


Who wants to eat food that is thrown away as waste? Believe it or not, that's exactly what world leaders did at a lunch held by the United Nations in 2015.

During the meal, the world leaders enjoyed dishes like salads and burgers made with thrown-away vegetables and fruits. Chef Dan Barber, who helped create the meal, hoped that the experience would make the leaders pay more attention to the issue of food waste.

It is a huge problem. One out of nine people on Earth does not get enough food. Yet every year over one third of the food produced worldwide goes to waste!

Why is so much food wasted? Firstly, food is often thrown away before it reaches customers because too much of it is produced, or because it is not kept properly in farms. Secondly, shops and supermarkets usually throw away unsold food. Finally, customers often buy more food than they need, so a lot of uneaten food is wasted.

How can you waste less food? When eating out, you may ask for less food and take home what is left. Visit fast food restaurants less often, since they are usually more wasteful. Encourage your favorite restaurants to give unsold food to food banks. You can also waste less food at home. Use smaller rice bowls so that you serve less rice. Encourage family members to use unfinished rice to make rice puddings, Tell family members to make a shopping list and buy only what is on the list when shopping for food.

Food waste is a growing problem and we, either farmers or food sellers or customers, must take this problem more seriously and do what we can to help.

71. What did world leaders do at a lunch held by the United Nations in 2015?

  A. They threw away food as waste during the meal.

  B. They made dishes with waste vegetables and fruits.

  C. They ate food made with waste vegetables and fruits.

  D. They helped Chef Dan Barber create the special meal.

72. The underlined word "issue" in Paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to"________".

  A. result      B. problem       C. reason        D. beginning

73. Paragraph 4 mainly talks about_________.

  A. the reasons for wasting so much food    

B. the ways to waste less food   

  C. the disadvantages of wasting food       

D. people’s ideas about wasting food

74. Which way of wasting less food is mentioned in the passage?

  A. Buying unsold food from supermarkets.  

B. Keeping food properly in a fridge.

C. Using smaller rice bowls when eating out. 

D. Asking for less food in restaurants.

75.What’s the main purpose of the passage?

A. To encourage people to save food.  B. To tell us the importance of food.

C. To tell us how to buy food.        D. To tell us the places where we may waste food.


We often find that weekends and holidays feel so short while classes and work feel so long. Actually, though, we know that this is not true. But we still wonder where that strange feeling comes from.

 In fact, this is one of the ways that we’re tricked by time, according to the website. All that is interesting. The website lists several wrong impressions we often have about time. Let’s have a look.

 First of all, emotions affect our time-keeping abilities. Negative emotions(消极情绪), especially anxiety and boredom, make time seem longer because they make us concentrate more on the passage of time. However, when we are enjoying ourselves, we pay more attention to what we are doing and are likely to lose track of (失去对……的意识) time.

  Here is another example. In 2007, a group of scientists carried out a test. In the test, people fell 50 meters into a safety net and were then asked about their experience. Although the experience took shorter than 3 seconds, the people thought it was much longer than it actually was.

  This is because of the way our bodies reply to danger, according to the scientists. Our bodies produce a chemical called adrenaline (肾上腺素) when we are faced with danger. It allows us to concentrate better so that we can stay alive. As a result, we are able to remember far more details ( 细 节 )over a short period of time, which makes it seem like time is going more slowly.

  Another situation when we make mistakes about time is when we take afternoon naps (午觉). Have you ever had trouble telling what time it is after a long nap? That’s because the best amount of time for a nap is 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you enter a new stage of sleep called slow-wave sleep. If you wake up mid-way in this stage, it will take a while before you can correctly perceive (感知) time again.

 Yes, time can be mysterious and there is no way to control it. So, perhaps the best thing to do is to make good use of every minute.

76. According to the passage, what possibly makes people feel so long?

A. Weekends and holidays.         B. Weekends and work.

C. Classes and work.              D. Holidays and work.

77. Which is NOT the wrong impressions that we often have about time according to the website listing?

A. Negative emotions.  B. Positive emotions.   C. Adrenaline.     D. Scientists’ test.

78. According to the passage, in which situation do we make mistakes about time?

A. We have many problems left in the test paper, but the time is up.

B. We have a math test when we fall down from a high place.

C. We may have trouble telling what time it is after a long nap.

D. We go to school on the school bus as usual on weekdays.

79. According to the passage, what will NOT happen when we are faced with danger?

A. Our bodies will produce a chemical called adrenaline.

B. We are able to feel that time seems to go more slowly.

C. Adrenaline will make us concentrate better to stay alive.

D. We will forget far more details over a short period of time.

80. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Negative emotions, especially anxiety and boredom, make time seem longer because they make us concentrate more on the passage of time.

B. When we are enjoying ourselves, we pay more attention to what we are doing and we are able to feel like time is going more slowly.

C. If we wake up mid-way after a long nap, it will take a while before we can correctly perceive time again.

D. Time can be mysterious and there is no way to control it. So, perhaps the best thing to do is to make good use of every minute.

选择题部分  共45分


A. 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的单词填空(每词限用一次)。

    students  cultural   about   luckily    care

Joseph is a teacher in New York. He gives lessons to his (81)_____________about American history. But he was born in Kenya, an African country where the children lead a very different life. For example, a ten-year-old boy may spend more time in taking (82)_____________of cows than studying at school. The children also learn many skills like how to live in the wild.

Unlike many other children, Joseph went to school. And, (83)_____________when he was 15, he came to study in America and then became a teacher. Joseph has written a book called Facing the Lion. In the book, he talks (84)_____________his childhood. He thinks it is very important for American children to learn about the (85)_____________ differences between their country and the others. He also thinks children should learn to be strong and full of hope. Now Joseph is doing a project, hoping that it will help children face their own "lions".

B. 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的动词,并用其适当形式填空。有的需要加助动词或不定式符号(每词限用一次)。

My interest in cooking started when I (86)________________11 years old, partly thanks to my mother. She didn't really like cooking and when she did cook, I didn't like

her food. Once while I(87) ________________something about cooking on TV and I 

thought I could do this, so I went to the bookstore and looked for the biggest cookbook.

During a year, I had produced most of its recipes and was ready for a bigger challenge. I wanted to create my own dishes and I started cooking for more people than just my family.                               To my joy, my parents allowed me(88)________________a test kitchen. I did much cooking to test my dishes in it and my skill improved quickly. Later, my mom and I set up a dinner club that organized monthly events inside my home. Since then , I(89)_______________as a chef(主厨) in top-class restaurant around the country . I am not doing it for the money, but because I love cooking.

    Now I know that when you stop caring whether you'll be famous or do well, your dream (90) _______ to you.

VIII.改写句子  按括号中的要求完成句子,每个空格填一个单词。(5分)

91. He has four lessons in the morning every day. (改为一般疑问句)

__________ he __________ four lessons in the morning every day?

92.My schoolbag is black . (对划线部分提问)

__________  __________ is your schoolbag?

93."How do you go to school ?" I asked Jack. (改写句子,句意不变)

I asked Jack __________ he __________to school .

94.People can’t believe that there’s been a really quick improvement in Shanghe in the  

last few years.(改写句子,句意不变)

   It’s__________ that Shanghe has __________in such a rapid way in the last few years.

95.It took her plenty of time to look after her disabled son. (改写句子,句意不变)

   Plenty of her time __________  __________in taking caring of her disabled son.

 IX.完成句子  根据汉语意思完成英语句子,每个空格填一个单词。(5分)

96. 我的英语老师经常骑自行车上班。

My English teacher often goes to work __________  __________.

97. 我每天六点起床。

I __________  __________ at 6:00 o’clock every day.


My cousin has many hobbies __________ __________ playing basketball.

99.Tom 每天睡觉前听故事

   Tom __________  __________ stories before going to bed every day.


Cashless payment has__________ the way of our life and it is really __________for us. 

X. 阅读理解七选五   根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。(5分)

Do you know what you'd like to be when you grow up? It takes most people many years to find out.   101   From the day she began drawing at the age of two, she was an artist.

Alexandra Nechita was born in Romania in 1985 and moved to California when she was still a baby.   102   Her parents hoped she could spend more time playing with other children, so they took away her coloring books. Alexandra began drawing her own pictures and coloring them in.

   By the time Alexandra was seven years old, she had begun painting with oil

paints. When Alexandra took a local art class, her teacher was amazed at the

young artist's unusual style of painting. Alexandra's work was similar in some ways to the paintings by famous artists like Picasso.   103   They allowed their imaginations to play an important part in their work. The interesting thing was that little Alexandra had never seen the work of these artists. People called her "Little Picasso". This was a great honor, but Alexandra's style of painting was all her own.

     Alexandra's first public show was held at a Los Angeles public library when she was  only eight years old. People were amazed at how young Alexandra was, but mostly they loved her imaginative artwork.   104    She appeared on television programs and in newspapers and magazines all over the world. The sale of a single piece can earn the young artist thousands of dollars. But that is not why Alexandra creates artwork.   105    

Today, Alexandra is a full-time artist. She also works to help support the arts in schools. Alexandra is a strong believer in the power of art as a tool of communication and a bridge to build peace throughout the world. 

A. It did not take long for Alexandra and her work to become famous.

B. Although she spent less time painting than doing her homework.

C. These artists did not use a realistic style of painting.

D.As a little child, she loved coloring in her coloring books. 

E. For the young artist Alexandra Nechita, it never really seemed to be a question. 

F. We can communicate well with each other by our artwork.

G. She just cannot imagine doing anything else that would bring her such joy and satisfaction.

101.________ 102. ________ 103. ________ 104. ________ 105. ________

Ⅺ. 书面表达(20分)

近期 ,一儿童因痴迷电脑游戏重度用眼,导致病变失明;一17岁少年边玩手机边骑车,遭遇车祸并高位截瘫……。好多惨痛案例再次把青少年是否能使用智能手机(smart phone)的话题推到了风口浪尖。请根据下列表格信息写一篇100词左右的短文。


赞同者观点 1.通过QQ、WeChat(微信)和家人朋友联系更方便。


3.  ......


反对者观点 1.闲聊过多,贻误学业。



你的观点 ......




3. 所给开头不计入总字数。

Nowadays, more and more young children use smart phones to do different kinds of things.     

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