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Unit 1  过关测试
1. —How do you learn Japanese at home?
—______ Japanese cartoons.
A.By watch        B.By watching
C.Through looking  D.With seeing
2.Helen encouraged me to speak English as much as possible because practice _____ perfect.
A.becomes  B.became
C.will make  D.makes
3.Emma was a good teacher.She was very ______ with her pupils.
A.patient  B.angry
C.bored  D.careful
4.It's ______ cold here ______ we all catch a cold. We have to get closer ______ we can  keep warm.
A.so; that; so that
B.too; to; so that
C.enough; to; so as to
D.so; that; in order to
5.______she's wrong,it's not a big deal.
A.Although  B.Because    C.If  D.So
6.—Are you going camping this afternoon?
—A typhoon is coming. I'm not sure ______the road to the mountains will be closed.
A.which B.what C.whether D.why
7.—Mom,could I watch the game show now?
—Sorry,you can't watch it______ you clean your room.
A.so  B.if  C.after  D.unless
8.—I can't believe it. Tony has invented a tree­planting machine.
—Really? He is so______.
A. shy B.rude C.creative D.friendly
9.My mother asked me ______ hard to have a better future.
A.work B.works C.worked D.to work
10. At last the police____ the man ____ the case and they found something strange.
A.repeated; and  
B.compared; with
C.communicated; with  
D.connected; with
11. Our life has______ a lot ______ the government's help.
A.increased; because
B.improved; because of
C.raised; thanks to
D.risen; thanks for
12. My mother is very______ with us when my sister and I ask her questions. We all love her.
A.patient             B.secret
C.active              D.wisely
13. A villager______ the cave(山洞) when he was climbing the mountain.
A. invented           B.discovered
C.founded            D.reviewed
14. —What will you do if you don't know a word in a passage?
—Sometimes I will______ in a dictionary and at other times I will guess its meaning according to the context(语境).
A.look it up           B.look up it
C.look through it       D.look it through
15. I hope that you can make the choice______ and don't let me down.
A.easily  B.loudly
C.wisely  D.secretly
Asha looked out of the window on the plane. What a______16! The buildings were so tall. The city was large, much larger than her small town.
Asha was on vacation in New York City. She was very ______17 as she had always wanted to come since she was young. She read stories about it and studied its ______18. She knew how the island of Manhattan was bought from native Americans 300 years ago. She ______19 knew people from all over the world came to live here. These people, like Asha, ______20 a new life in New York.
But Asha was only staying for fourteen______21. She thought of these two weeks as a time to ______22 herself to move back to New York. She would return to her small ______23, stay for one year, and then come to live in New York forever. So she had to plan this vacation ______24.
In New York Asha wanted to do______25 things. First, she wanted to look for a job. Next, she would find a place to live. She knew it was expensive to live in New York and that finding a good place to live was ______26. And the third thing she wanted to do was to ______27 her English. She had studied English for 12 years but didn't know ______28 she could understand “real” English.
Before leaving, her friends told her that New York was a ______29 place. But Asha wasn't worried. She had studied New York carefully. She believed she would be safe.
______30 Asha saw the Statue of Liberty! The plane flew around it, and then began to slow down. Soon Asha was on the ground, getting ready to leave the plane—to greet her future.
16.A.sight        B.day      C.mess  D.plane
17.A.afraid       B.excited   C.sad    D.relaxed
18.A.weather     B.education
C.population  D.history
19.A.ever  B.still  C.only  D.also
20.A.asked for       B.came up with
C.dreamed of     D.found out
21.A.days     B.weeks  C.months  D.years
22.A.ask      B.drive  C.prepare  D.follow
23.A.country   B.house  C.school  D.town
24.A.carefully           B.comfortably
C.freely             D.secretly
25.A.two  B.three  C.four  D.five
26.A.easy            B.hard
C.necessary        D.proper
27.A.learn  B.review  C.practise  D.teach
28.A.why   B.how    C.if      D.when
29.A.small           B.large
C.safe            D.dangerous
30.A.All of a sudden    B.From then on
C.In a hurry        D.Once again
Sing the Language You're Learning
How can you remember a song from your childhood to this day? Why do your teachers use songs to teach you English? It seems there is a scientific reason for this.
Researchers are now studying the relationship between music and remembering a foreign language. They find that remembering words in a song is the best way to remember even the most difficult language.
“Singing could be a new way of learning a foreign language. The brain likes to remember things when they are used in a catchy and meaningful way,” said Dr. Karen Ludke. The findings may help those who have difficulty learning foreign languages. On his blog, Dr. Ludke writes, “A listen­and­repeat singing method can support foreign language learning, and open the door for future research in this area.”
Many language teachers know the value of using music and singing. Hua Zhuying, a teacher at a Chinese language school in Washington D.C.depends heavily on songs in teaching Chinese. She says, “I use music all the time to teach children Chinese. For little kids usually we use English songs but teach them the Chinese lyrics. So it's easy for them to start because they know the music. Not only does it work, but it is fun for the kids.”“Sometimes, I think if I were taught English that way, maybe I would speak much better English than now,” Hua Zhuying adds.
Our brain likes music, especially for remembering. So, if you're still struggling in learning a language, why not try singing it out?
31. According to the passage, the best way to remember a foreign language is to______.
A. read and write more
B.listen to the teacher carefully
C.copy the words many times
D.remember words in a song
32. The underlined word “catchy” probably means “______”.
A.晦涩难懂的        B.悦耳易记的
C.枯燥乏味的        D.震耳欲聋的
33. Dr. Ludke believes that foreign language learning can be supported by______.
A. using the listen­and­repeat singing method
B.listening to all kinds of famous music
C.writing songs with the language
D.reading the lyrics again and again
34. From the passage, we know that Hua Zhuying ______.
A. is interested in writing English songs
B.teaches children English by using music
C.teaches Chinese in an American school
D.is a researcher in a language school
35. The passage mainly tells us that______.
A. many researchers realize the importance of language studying
B.your brain remembers a language better if you sing it
C.many language teachers know the value of famous music
D.you will never learn a language well unless you can sing
Nanotechnology is a new type of science that will be widely used in many fields. Do you want to know more about it?
Imagine: a television screen has the size and thickness of a piece of paper. You carry it around in your pocket and take it out when you want to watch a show.(36)A__guitar__is__so__tiny__that__you__can't__see__it__with__the__human__eyes,__but you can hear sound when its strings are pulled.
(37)Nanotechnology__is__the__science;__this__kind__of__science__can__deal__with__things__in__a__very__small__way,__and it is being studied and developed all over the world. Many scientists say nanotechnology will produce the next industrial revolution(工业革命).
(38)也许纳米技术对医学将有最大的影响。Imagine nanobots in medicine. Thousands or even millions of tiny machines can be sent into the human body with specific tasks. For example, (39)__they can be designed to find and destroy cancer cells or viruses(病毒). Other machines may stay in the human body forever to help organs(器官)that are not working properly.
When could all of these happen? Scientists predict that most of these are possible in the next 30 years. Thousands of scientists around the world are working on these micro­machines. Nanotechnology is just around the corner.
41.Reading ______ (大声地)every morning is a good way to improve English.
42.The more you read,the ______ (快)you'll be.
43.You have to pay a______ to your pronunciation.
44.She was so n______ about her first speech that she couldn't sleep.
45.She believes that she can ______(成功)as others.
A:Hello, Linda. You look upset. ________46
B:I don't know how to improve English. My grades are becoming worse and worse.
A:Yes, sure. What trouble do you have when you learn English?
B: _______________________________________________________________48
A:You can write the new words in a notebook and often review them.
B:______49 I'll try it. And sometimes I can't understand what people are saying.
A:______50 Your listening can improve by listening to the conversations in English movies.
B:That sounds like a fun way to practice listening. Do you often watch English movies?
A:Yes. I've learned a lot that way.
关于“说英语”问题,李华和他的英语老师Miss Wang持不同的意见,请你仔细阅读下面图中的对话内容,从中选择一个角色,按照所给的要求写一篇短文。

要求:(1)用“Li Hua” 或“Miss Wang” 补全短文首句; 
参考词汇:shy,make a mistake,believe in
 I am _________________________________________________________________
Unit 1过关测试
一、1. B 点拨:考查方式的表达。by +doing... 表示“通过做……”。
2. D  3. A
4. A
5. A 点拨:用词义辨析法解题。Although虽然;Because因为;If,如果;So因此。根据句中信息she's wrong,it's not a big deal可知是转折关系,although引导让步状语从句,意为“虽然,尽管”;故选A。句意:虽然她错了,但这没什么大不了的。
6. C 点拨:用语境法解题。根据语境I'm not sure ______the road to the mountains will be closed.可知说话人不确定通往大山的道路是否会关闭,所以应该用whether“是否”,故选C。句意: ——今天下午你要去野营吗?——一场台风要来了。我不确定通往大山的道路是否会关闭。
7.D 点拨:根据上下句语境可知孩子现在不能看节目,除非打扫自己的房间。故选D。
8. C
9. D 点拨:用固定搭配法解题。考查ask sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事。
10.D 11.B  12.A 13.B 14.A 15.C
二、16.A 点拨:根据下文The buildings were so tall. The city was large, much larger than her small town.可推知,作者感叹这是何等的景象(sight)。故选A。
17.B 点拨:根据后面as she had always wanted to come since she was young可知,Asha小的时候就总想要来到这里,此处表示Asha很兴奋(excited)。故选B。
18.D 点拨:根据下文She knew how the island of Manhattan was bought from native Americans
300 years ago.可知,Asha在来纽约之前就读了很多关于这儿的故事及历史(history)。故选D。
19.D 点拨:根据上文可知,本句表示一种承接,Asha在之前做了……,接着她还(also)知
20.C 点拨:根据空格前后可知,这些人们,像Asha一样都梦想着(dreamed of)在纽约过全
21.A 点拨:根据下文中的two weeks可知此空答案为days。故选A。
22.C 点拨:结合上下文语境可知,此处表示“准备”,故选C。
23.D 点拨:根据第一段段末的small town可知,此处指“Asha将要回到小镇(town)”,故选D。
24.A 点拨:根据上文Asha要在纽约生活可知,她得好好计划一下这个假期。故选A。
25.B 点拨:根据下文中关键词First, Next, the third可知,Asha有三(three)件事要做。故选B。
26.B 点拨:根据She knew it was expensive to live in New York...可知,在纽约租房是昂贵的,
27.C 点拨:根据下文She had studied English for 12 years but didn't know______ she could understand “real” English.可知,虽然她已经学了12年英语,但她不知道她______懂真正的英语,因此她第三件事就是练习(practise)英语。故选C。
28.C 点拨:根据句意可知,此处表示“是否”,故用if。故选C。
29.D 点拨:根据下文She believed she would be safe.可知,此空填dangerous“危险的”。故选D。
30.A 点拨:作者笔锋一转,突然间(All of a sudden),Asha看到了自由女神像!B项意为“从那时起”;C项意为“立即,匆忙”;D项意为“再一次”。结合语境可知本空答案。故选A。
三、31.D 点拨:细节理解题。根据第二段末尾句“They find that remembering words in a song is the best way to remember even the most difficult language.”可知,记住最难的语言的最好办法,就是通过记歌词。故选D。
32.B 点拨:词义猜测题。题干意为:底下画线的单词catchy的意思很可能是______。根据
33.A 点拨:细节理解题。根据第三段结尾句中的“A listen­and­repeat singing method can
support foreign language learning,...”可知选项A符合题意。
34.C 点拨:细节理解题。根据第四段的第二句“Hua Zhuying, a teacher at a Chinese language
school in Washington D. C. depends heavily on songs in teaching Chinese.”可知是在华盛顿特
35.B 点拨:主旨大意题。全文介绍了:如果你通过唱来学一门语言,你的大脑会更好地记
37.Nanotechnology is the science that/which can deal with things in a very small way.
38. Perhaps nanotechnology will have the biggest influence on medicine.
39. Tiny machines.
40. Nanotechnology is a new type of science that will be widely used in many fields.
五、41.aloud 42.faster 43.attention
44.nervous 45.succeed
六、46. What's the matter/wrong? /What happened?
47. Can you give me some advice?/Can you help me?
48. I often forget some new words.
49. That's a good idea.
50. Why not watch English movies?/How about watching English movies?
I am Miss Wang.You say you don't speak English because your English is poor. I think you should try to practice English as often as you can.Your English is poor because you don't speak English!
English, like other languages, is a tool of communication—the more you speak it, the better your English will become. So you should try to speak as much as possible every day. And don't be shy or afraid of making a mistake. Your teacher and classmates are always ready to help you. The most important is that you must believe in yourself and never give up! Always remember: practice makes perfect.
I hope you can be interested in English soon. And I also strongly believe you will make great progress!
点评:本文用 “一点二提三收尾法写作”。第一段点明问题。第二段提出相应的建议,如:try
to speak as much as possible every day;don't be shy or afraid of making a mistake. The most
important is that you must believe in yourself and never give up!第三段收尾,并表达对李华的
Unit 2  过关测试
1. I wonder______.
A.there is some water in the bottle
B.if there is a cafe near here
C.whether have you been to Beijing
D.how are they getting along with
2.Lei Feng ______ for many years. But his spirit is still encouraging us.
A.died         B.has been dead
C.has died      D.has dead
3.Attention, please! The last award will be ______ to the best singer of the year—CoCo Lee.
A.lent           B.introduced
C.donated        D.presented
4.I ______ you can finish the exam in two hours.
A.does believe    B.do believe
C.did believe     D.do believed
5.The professor ______ on the ground and ______ his favorite book under his head.
A.lied down; laid  
B.lied to; lay
C.laid in; lain  
D.lay down; laid
6.I really need to take more exercise because I'm ______ weight.
A.putting off  
B.putting on
C.putting down  
D.putting away
7. The temperature in June is still low. ______bad the weather is!
A. What        B.How
C.What a       D.How a
8. —Could you tell me why he______ to my home?
— I don't know. He just said that he wasn't available.
A.refused to coming
B.refused to come
C.accepted to coming
D.accepted to come
9. I really don't care who ______ my wallet. I just want to know if the thief can return my ID card.
A.steal            B.stole
C.stealed          D.stolen
10.Many young people ______ the young actor Yang Yang because of his handsome looks and wonderful acting.
A.admire          B.promise
C.accept           D.punish
11. Kids usually think______ their parents are too strict with them.
A.if             B.whether
C.that           D.what
12. If you don't arrive on time, you will ______ by the head teacher.
A.punished          B.are punished
C.be punished        D.be punishing
13. —Do you find anything different between the two pictures?
—No, I feel that they are______ each other.
A.the same as         B.similar to
C.similar as          D.same to
14. Miss Li always______ everyone ______. She is never angry with us.
A.regards; nice        B.treats; nicely
C.tricks; friendly      D.tricks; friendlier
15. It is said that Amy______ two birds with only an arrow(箭).
A.shoot down            B.shoot at
C.shot down             D.shot at
Mum's Christmas Surprise
Molly ran back home from school and dropped her schoolbag on the sofa. Then on the table she saw “Mum's Wish Book”—a mail­order catalog(邮购商品目录) from a gift shop. “Mum,” she said excitedly to herself, “this year you'll get the gloves you want!” Molly had walked a dog for a neighbor and saved her ______16 all year to buy Mum the gloves.
She opened “Mum's Wish Book” and hoped that she could find these______17 in it. Tears ran down her face when she saw the gloves in the catalog. Mum wouldn't buy them for herself, because the family had a ______18 time on the farm. She once heard Mum say to Dad, “Maybe some day, I'll have the money to get them.”
Molly ran out by the back door and went straight to the post office. There she carefully filled out the order form torn from the catalog.
“I need to buy a stamp to______19 the form,” she said to Mr. Smith, the only worker in the post office.
“Umm, a pair of gloves?” said Mr. Smith, as he passed a stamp to her.
“Yes. It's a Christmas gift for Mum, but please don't tell her. It's our ______20, OK?” Molly didn't realize how white Mr. Smith's beard was until that moment. In fact, he reminded her of Santa Claus.
As Molly walked back home, she decided to tell Dad her secret. “You've got to check the mailbox every day,” said Molly ______21 to Dad. He nodded, with a big smile.
Coming home from school every day, Molly peeked at(偷看) Dad when Mum wasn't ______22, but every time he shook his head.
On Christmas Eve, Dad came back from the mailbox, still empty handed. Molly felt ______23 when she went to bed, because she didn't have the gloves for Mum.
Before Christmas dinner, as Mum took the apple pies out of the oven, Molly began______24 the table. Suddenly, they heard someone pulling up the driveway. From the window they saw Mr. Smith making his way to the door, with a box in his hand. Mr. Smith ______25 Mum the box, “I believe this is yours.”
Mum looked from Dad to Molly and opened the box. Her eyes lit up when she saw the gloves. “Oh, who bought these for me?” she asked.
“Santa did,” said Molly smilingly.
“Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” said Mr. Smith, with a loud laugh.
It was a Christmas that no one would ever forget.
16. A.time       B.money
C.energy      D.food
17. A.flowers    B.sunglasses
C.gloves      D.chocolates
18. A.hard      B.lonely
C.short        D.busy
19. A.design     B.check
C.complete     D.send
20. A.secret      B.choice
C.dream       D.task
21. A.patiently    B.doubtfully
C.proudly      D.quietly
22. A.working    B.looking
C.smiling      D.talking
23. A.sad        B.strange
C.angry        D.tired
24. A.pushing     B.changing
C.setting       D.booking
25. A.bought       B.handed
C.lent          D.returned
It was Christmas Eve. When everyone went to bed, Bunny couldn't fall asleep. He still couldn't think of what he wanted as a special Christmas present. He wondered how Santa—Father Christmas would know what to bring him if he didn't know himself.
As he was sitting up in bed, Bunny heard a big noise on the roof(屋顶) and a sound downstairs. It was Santa Claus, he realized. Bunny jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to the stairs. He hoped to take a look at the old man before Santa left for his next stop.
By the time Bunny was at the bottom of the stairs, everything was silent again. Lots of presents were put under the Christmas tree, but Santa was gone. A little disappointed(失望的), Bunny turned to climb back upstairs when he heard a cry.
“Hello,” said Bunny. “Is somebody there?”
He was answered by another cry. Bunny looked around the big pile of presents to see what was making the noise. Right under the tree was a funny looking brown animal with big feet and sad eyes. It also had antlers(鹿角) on its head. Bunny almost mistook it for a dog.
“Are you a reindeer?” asked Bunny.
“Yes,” replied the brown animal with antlers. “My name is Ralph.”
“And you were pulling Santa's sled(雪橇)?”
“I was until I got airsick,” replied Ralph. “Santa had to leave me here and go on with the other seven reindeer.”
“Isn't it a bit unusual for a reindeer to get airsick? I mean, isn't flying what reindeer are famous for?”
“Not me, I'm afraid. It makes me scared. I always feel sick when it comes to flying,” replied Ralph. “But everyone wanted me to pull Santa's sled, so when it was my turn I gave it a try. I'm afraid I just wasn't cut out for the job. Now I'm stuck here and I don't know how to get back to the North Pole.”
“Well, if you like, you can stay with us as a friend,” said Bunny. As he made the offer, Bunny suddenly realized the special present he wanted from Santa was a new friend!
26.Why couldn't Bunny fall asleep on Christmas Eve?
A.He wanted to take a close look at Santa Claus.
B.He was waiting for his special present from his father.
C.He was thinking about what present to get from Santa.
D.He was woken up by a noise on the roof of his house.
27. The underlined phrase “cut out” probably means ______.
A.suitable         B.famous
C.ready           D.bad
28. What can we learn from the article?
A.Ralph is a brown dog with antlers.
B.Ralph is afraid of flying in the air.
C.Bunny got a sled as a Christmas present.
D.Bunny sent Ralph back to the North Pole.
29. Which is the true reason of Ralph's being left?
A.It was Santa's Christmas gift for Bunny.
B.It got airsick and couldn't fly anymore.
C.Bunny asked Santa to do so.
D.It asked Santa to leave it there.
30. This article seems to tell us that_______________.
A.Santa lives in the South Pole with his reindeer
B.Santa usually puts Christmas presents on the roofs
C.Santa uses dogs to bring children presents on Christmas Eve
D.Santa knows what presents children want without being told
wake up,introduction,celebrate,that,relative
41. Welcome to our city! Let me ______ some places of interest to you.
42.He______ at six yesterday morning and found out it was Saturday.
43. Henry is so weak______ he can't walk any more.
44. Mike ______ his grandpa's birthday next Sunday.
45.— Do you have any______ here?
— No, I don't know anyone here.
请阅读Tony 从美国发来的电子邮件,并根据所给提示和要求,以李华的名义回复。
Hey, Li Hua!
How are you doing? I've been busy since I came back from China. Guess what? I'm learning Chinese cooking,and I really enjoy it.
One more thing,I hear you have the Mid­Autumn Festival in China. What's the date of the festival? How do you celebrate?
提示:1.Ask Tony something about his Chinese cooking.
2.Answer his questions about the Mid­Autumn Festival.
参考词汇:the lunar calendar(阴历),moon­cake,admire the moon,the symbol of reunion (团圆的象征)
Good to hear from you! It's amazing that you are learning ________________________________________________________________
Bye for now,
Li Hua
Unit 2过关测试
一、1.B 点拨:用语法判定法解题。考查宾语从句的引导词。由wonder可知后面的内容不确定。排除A。根据语序排除选项C、D。
3.D 点拨:用词义辨析法解题。lend借出;introduce介绍;donate捐赠;present颁发。句意为:请注意!最后一个奖项将颁发给本年度最佳歌手——李玟。
4.B 点拨:考查do作为虚词的用法,意为 “的确”,但它有人称及时态的变化。又由语境可知是一般现在时。
5.D 点拨:用词义辨析法解题。考查lie(躺)和lay(放置)的过去式和用法。lie躺,其过去式是lay,lie down躺下;lay放置,安放,其过去式是laid。
6.B 点拨:用短语辨析法解题。考查put的相关短语。put off意为“推迟”;put on意为“增加;上演”;put down意为“镇压”;put away意为“收起来”。句意:我确实需要多锻炼,因为我正在长胖。根据句意,可知选B。put on weight意为“增加体重”。
8.B 点拨:注意Could you...是委婉语气,与时态无关。由下文中的He just said that he wasn't available.(他只是说他没空。)可以推出上文所要表达的含义是 “拒绝来”。refuse to do sth.拒绝做某事。
9.B 10.A 11.C 12.C 13.A 14.B 15.C
二、16.B 点拨:空格所在句意为:莫莉为邻居遛狗,攒下了她一年的 ______ 去给妈妈买手套。根据句意可知选B。
17.C 点拨:由上文可知,她攒钱为给妈妈买手套,所以此处应是“她希望能在‘妈妈的心愿册’里找到这些手套”。故选C。
19.D 点拨:该句意为:我需要买一张邮票______ 这个表格……。选项 A 意为“设计”;选项 B 意为“核对、检查”;选项 C 意为“完成”;选项 D 意为“发送、寄”。根据文章语境判断,答案为D。
21.D 点拨:本题考查副词。选项 A 意为“有耐心地”;选项 B 意为“怀疑地”; 选项 C 意为“自豪地”;选项 D 意为“悄悄地”。根据上文可知,当莫莉回到家的时候,她决定告诉她爸爸这个秘密。所以应该不想让别人知道,故正确答案为选项 D。
22.B 点拨:选项 A 意为“工作”;选项 B 意为“看”;选项 C 意为“微笑”;选项 D 意为“说话”。分析语境可知,莫莉每天从学校回来,当妈妈没有看到时,她就偷看爸爸,故正确答案为选项 B。
23.A 点拨:选项 A 意为“伤心的”;选项 B 意为“奇怪的、陌生的”;选项 C 意为“气愤的”;选项D 意为“劳累的”。结合语境和感情色彩可知,莫莉此刻的心情应该是伤心的。故正确答案为选项 A。
24.C 点拨:选项 A 意为“推、推动”;选项 B 意为“改变”;选项 C 意为“设定,摆放”;选项 D 意为“预订”。根据语境可知此处应该是摆放桌子,故正确答案为选项 C。
25.B 点拨:A.买;B.递、给;C.借;D.返回,归还。根据语境可知此处应是史密斯先生把这个盒子递给妈妈,故选B。
三、26.C 点拨:由短文第一段中的 He still couldn't think of what he wanted as a special Christmas present. He wondered how Santa — Father Christmas would know what to bring him if he didn't know himself.可知答案。
27.A 点拨:cut out 有“适合”的意思, 与suitable同义。
28.B 点拨:用推断法解题。属于细节推理题。由短文可知Ralph 是一头驯鹿(reindeer);由“Not me,I'm afraid. It makes me scared...” 可知B项正确;由短文最后一段可知Bunny 的圣诞礼物是一个新朋友——一头驯鹿(reindeer)而不是雪橇(sled)。文中也没有提到将驯鹿送回到北极。
30.D 点拨:由短文第十一段中的“I don't know how to get back to the North Pole”可知不是South Pole,故A项错误。而B和C明显不对,用排除法可知答案为D。
四、41.introduce 42.woke up
43.that 点拨:用固定搭配法解题。考查结构so...that...如此……以至于……。
44.will celebrate 45.relatives
Hi, Tony,
Good to hear from you! It's amazing that you are learning Chinese cooking. Why are you interested in it? How are you learning? And what can you cook? Hope to enjoy your dishes next time!
Yes, we really have the Mid­Autumn Festival. It's on August 15th of the lunar calendar. It's one of the most important festivals in China. All the family members get together for a big dinner that day. We usually eat mooncakes while admiring the moon at night. We believe the full moon is the symbol of reunion. And all family members are happy at that moment.
Bye for now,
Li Hua
短文中使用的比较好的句子有:It's one of the most important festivals in China.All the family members get together for a big dinner that day. We usually eat mooncakes while admiring the moon at night. We believe the full moon is the symbol of reunion.等。
Unit 3  过关测试
1.He asked me ______.
A.where was the Chaoyang Park
B.how far was the Chaoyang Park from here
C.how he could get to the Chaoyang Park
2.Just go down the road, and you ______ the library next to the bank.
A.seen        B.saw
C.have seen    D.will see
3. —I am worried about______.
—Whatever the result is, don't be too hard on yourself.
A. how have I prepared for my final exams
B. if I can get great grades in the final exams
C. that my school team lost the game because of my fault
D. why did my school team lose the game
4.—Would you like to see a movie with me tonight?
—______.I have to do chores.
A.Good luck   B.Let's go
C.No problem  D.I'm afraid not
5.—Who______ the way ______the hotel?
—The boy with long hair. He is warm­hearted.
A.lead; to           B.led; to
C.will lead; into      D.has led; into
6. The young firemen______the burning house as quickly as possible.
A.rushed into           B.walked into
C.flew to              D.went past
7. We all suggest______ a birthday party for our dear teacher.
A. to have            B.having
C.have              D.that to have
8. I wonder if you could______ me for my fault.
A.expect B.help C.pardon D.mail
9. Do come and have a drink when______.
A.pass down        B.pass on
C.passing by        D.passed away
10. —Could you please show me the way to the Yuying Middle School?
—Go straight,and then turn right. You will see it ______ the People's Park.
A.on B.beside C.in D.at
11.  —How can I get some ______ about the 2016 Olympic Games?
—Why not search the Internet?
A.information           B.experience
C.practice               D.success
12. Both Mary and Lucy are ______ the new movie which is directed by Guo Jingming.
A.look forward to watching
B.looking forward to watching
C.looking forward to watch
D.look forward to watch
13. To______ better ______ others, Henry takes part in all kinds of activities.
A.compare; with   B.communicate; with
C.confident; to   D.complain; to
14.No one can make Jerry ______ his idea. He is so stubborn, you know.
A.to changing            B.changing
C.change               D.changed
15.—Mom, I want to watch The Legend of Miyue (《芈月传》) on Channel 8 tonight.
—Oh, dear, it______ for a few minutes. Come on!
A.has begun             B.will begin
C.has been on            D.will be on
Mr. White is a blind man who likes traveling alone. However, as a blind man, he has met a lot of ______16 during his trips.
Once Mr. White traveled to Texas. It was his first time to go there. On the plane, he sat next to a woman who ______17Texas. The woman told him that everything was ______18 and better in her city. When Mr. White arrived, he found a ______19and decided to spend the night there.
After dinner, Mr. White went to a wine bar (酒吧) and ordered a glass of wine. When the waiter (服务员) brought him one, he was ______20.“Wow! How big!” he said. Mr. White doesn't drink often, ______21 he was a little drunk (喝醉) after drinking the wine. He wanted to go to the restroom, so he asked another waiter for ______22.“Turn right at the information desk and it is the second door on the right,” said the waiter.
When Mr. White walked past the first door, he fell down. He missed (错过) the ______23door and went towards the third door instead. He walked forward and then ______24 into the swimming pool. At that time he ______25 that everything there was bigger.“Don't flush (冲洗)! Don't flush!” he shouted as soon as he got his head above water.
16.A.animals  B.troubles   C.strangers  D.visitors
17.A.came from          B.heard from
C.looked at           D.arrived at
18.A.smaller  B.newer   C.older  D.bigger
19.A.museum            B.restaurant
C.hotel              D.supermarket
20.A.nervous            B.surprised
C.upset              D.bored
21.A.although  B.until   C.or     D.so
22.A.addresses          B.directions
C.orders             D.suggestions
23.A.second            B.third
C.fourth           D.fifth
24.A.got               B.turned
C.fell             D.jumped
25.A.remembered       B.dreamed
C.wanted            D.hoped
If you meet a British person in the street, it is very likely that he or she will apologize whether it is his or her fault (过错) or not.
It seems that Britain is becoming a nation where everyone is saying sorry. Almost each person says sorry about eight times each day—and one in eight people apologize as many as 20 times a day.
As you may have seen, the British apologize more often than members of other cultures. A research shows that in many cases, people's love of saying sorry in Britain goes a little further than it does for Americans. For example, about 15 British people would say“sorry” while only 10 from the US would do this if they sneezed, if they corrected someone's mistake or if someone knocked into them.
In the old days, “sorry” was used to express regret and sadness for having done something wrong. But now British people use the expression as a way of showing good manners. For example, they might say “sorry” instead of “excuse me”, “pardon”, “what” or “whatever”.
People in Britain also use sorry when they share the same feeling with others—so they might say “sorry about the rain”.
However, British people's use of “sorry” may make things very confusing (迷惑不清) and difficult for foreigners who are not familiar with their ways. But actually, people in Britain pay much attention to the feelings of others. This is the very reason why they apologize every day.
26. What does the passage mainly talk about?
A. What daily expressions British people often use.
B.How people in Britain keep in touch with foreigners.
C.The different meanings of sorry in and out of Britain.
D.Why British people say sorry many times every day.
27. In the old days, people said sorry when they ______.
A. did something wrong
B.asked the way
C. wanted to repeat something
D.made a choice
28. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A.Americans say sorry more than British people.
B.Even British people get confused when they say sorry.
C. Almost every person in Britain says sorry 20 times a day.
D.The British also say sorry to share the same feeling with others.
29. Does British people's use of “sorry” make foreigners confused?
A. No, it doesn't.
B.Yes, it does sometimes.
C.No, not at all.
D.We don't know.
30. From the passage we can learn that British people ______.
A. like to talk about the weather
B.care a lot about others
C. are difficult to get along with
D.love to correct mistakes
first, use, be, another, buy, open, whenever, talk, but also, touch
“Thank you” is widely______31 in the modern society. It is a very good manner. You should say “Thank you” ______32 others help you or say something kind to you. For example, when someone______33 the door for you, when someone says you have done a good job, when someone says you have ______34 a nice shirt, or your city ______35very beautiful, you should say “Thank you”. “Thank you” is not only used  between friends, ______36 used between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.
“Excuse me” is ______37 short polite usage. We use it as often as “Thank you”. When you hear someone say so behind you, you'd get to know that somebody wants to walk past you without ______38 you. It is not polite to interrupt (打断) others while they are ______39. If you want to have a word with one of them, please say “Excuse me” ______40, and then begin to talk. You should also do so when you want to cough or make any unplea­sant noise before others. Let's say “Thank you” and “Excuse me” on the right occasion.
41.The man asked__p____, “Could you please tell me where the bank is?”
42. The Internet is more c______ than books. It is influencing our lives a lot.
43.Their situations are______ ______(与……相似)ours, but not exactly the same.
44.There are plenty of sports you can do in bad weather. ______ ______(例如),you can play basketball indoors.
45.The ______(直达的) flight from Yangzhou and Taizhou to Korea was opened on April 8,2016.
Why don't you ______ ______ a little earlier?
What's______  ______ Zhang Li?
It's important to use different______in different______.
The______they use might ______ ______ ______ they are talking to.
It's our duty______ ______the people.
A:Excuse me,sir.______51
B:Certainly. Go along this street. Turn left into Xingfu Street,and the museum is on your right.
B:It's about thirty minutes.
A:I see.______53
B:Yes,you can. Bus No.103 will take you there.
B:Over there. Look!The bus is coming.
A:Thank you very much.
A.I will go to the History Museum.
B.You're welcome.
C.Can I take a bus?
D.How long will it take me to walk there?
E.That's a pity!
F.Where is the bus stop?
G.Could you tell me the way to the History Museum?
假如你是Lin Jie,你将去Yale University(耶鲁大学)进行为期两个月左右的英语口语培训。请给Mr. White写一封信,告知他你的一些情况并有礼貌地询问一些信息。如下:
Dear Mr.White,
Lin Jie
Unit 3过关测试
一、1.C 2.D
3.B 点拨:用语境法及语法判定法解题。考查宾语从句。宾语从句用陈述语序;句意:——我在担心我是否可以在期末考试中取得很棒的成绩。——不论结果如何,不要对自己太苛刻了。故选B。
4.D 点拨:用交际法解题。A. Good luck祝你好运;B. Let's go让我们走吧;C. No problem没问题;D. I'm afraid not我恐怕不行。由后句“我必须做家务。”可知是拒绝了对方的邀请。故选D。
6.A 7.B 8.C 9.C 10.B
11.A 点拨:用词义辨析法解题。 information信息; experience 经验,经历; practice练习;success成功。上句句意为:我怎样才能获得一些关于2016年奥林匹克运动会的信息呢?故选A。
12.B 13.B 14.C 15.C
二、16.B 点拨:用语境法解题。animal 动物;trouble麻烦事; stranger陌生人;visitor参观者。由下文可知:作为一个盲人他遇到了很多麻烦事。故选B。
17.A点拨:用词义辨析法及语境法解题。come from来自;hear from收到……来信;look
at看……;arrive at到达。句意:在飞机上,他坐在一位来自德克萨斯州的妇女旁边。故选A。
18.D 点拨:small小;new 新;old老;big大。由下文可知是要表达她的城市里的每样东
19.C 点拨:museum博物馆;restaurant饭店; hotel旅馆;supermarket超市。根据下文“他决定在那儿过夜”可以推测出他找到了一家旅馆。故选C。
20.B 点拨:nervous紧张的;surprised惊讶的;upset难过的;bored无聊的。根据下句“哇!好大啊!”可以推测出他很惊讶。故选B。
21.D 点拨:用语境法和词义辨析法解题。 although尽管;until直到;or 否则;so因此。前半句“怀特先生不经常喝酒”和后半句“喝酒后就有点儿醉了”之间是因果关系。故选D。
22.B 点拨: address地址;direction方向;order 点菜;suggestion建议。根据上文“他想去洗手间”和下句“在问讯处向右拐……”可以推测他问了服务员方向。
23.A 点拨:second第二;third 第三;fourth第四;fifth第五。根据上句“当怀特先生走过第一个门时,跌倒了。”和下文的“错走进了第三个门”可以推测他错过了第二个门。
24.C 点拨: get into进入;turn into变成;fall into落入;jump into跳进。句意:他向前走然后掉进了游泳池。
25.A 点拨:remember记得;dream做梦;want想要;hope希望。由语境可知选A。
三、26.D 点拨:主旨大意题。本文主要讲了英国人为什么喜欢说“sorry”。分析选项可知D项符合题意。
27.A 点拨:细节理解题。根据第四段第一句In the old days,“sorry”was used to express regret and sadness for having done something wrong.可知选A。
28.D 点拨:细节理解题。根据倒数第二段内容,可知D项是正确的。
29.B 点拨:细节理解题。根据最后一段第一句However,...and difficult for foreigners who are not familiar with their ways.可知选B。
30.B 点拨:细节理解题。A.喜欢谈论天气;B.十分关心别人;C.很难相处;D.喜欢纠正错误。根据最后一段的最后两句But actually, people in Britain pay much attention to the feelings of others. This is the very reason why they apologize every day.可知选B。
四、31.used 点拨:考查被动语态。“Thank you”和use之间是被动关系。
32.whenever 点拨:句意:无论何时别人帮助了你或者对你说了友好的事情你都应该说“谢谢你”。
34.bought 点拨:“have+动词的过去分词形式”表示过去发生并且已经完成的动作,是现在完成时态。
36.but also 点拨:固定搭配not only... but also... 意为 “不但……而且……”。
38.touching  点拨:without是介词,后跟动词的­ing形式。
39.talking 40.first
五、41. politely 42.convenient 43. similar to
44.For example 45.direct
六、46.wake up 47.happening to 
48.languages; situations
49.expressions; depend on whom
50.to serve
七、51.G 52.D 53.C 54.F 55.B
Dear Mr. White,
I am Lin Jie from China. I will study at your school for about two months this summer holiday. So I wonder if you can help me with the following things.
Could you please tell me how I can go there?I'm also wondering what I should take. Could you please tell me what I can do there?I love reading very much. Do I have enough time to be in the library? And I also need to know where to live.  Is my apartment far away from the university?
I would like to thank you for your kind help. I'm looking forward to your reply.
Lin Jie
第一段:简介:介绍自己及来校目的—— study at your school for about two months。
Could you please tell me...
I'm also wondering...
And I also need to know where to live.
第三段:表达谢意。I would like to thank you...
Unit 4  过关测试
1. Mr. Li ______ sweet food. But now he ______ salty dishes.  
  A.used to have; is used to eating  
  B.is used to eat; used to have  
  C.used to having; is used to eat  
  D.is used to having; used to having  
2.—Who do you ______?  
  —Tom. He is ________ and won't cause any trouble.  
  A.advise going; silence  
  B.advise to go; silent  
  C.want to go with; quietly  
  D.suggest to go; quiet  
3.Your mother always ______ in you, right?  
  A.take pride  B.take proud  
  C.takes pride  D.takes proud  
4.—Has Mike received his mother's mail?  
  —Yes, he signed  it______ this morning.  
  A.in person  B.in fact  
  C.in silence  D.in total  
5.—What are you going to do during the summer vacation?  
  —I am going to ______ a new hobby like swimming or dancing.  
  A.take off  B.take up  
  C.take after  D.take in  
6.None of them talked. They finished their meals in ______.  
A.silence B.order C.place D.public  
7.—John is so excited. Did he win the competition?  
  —Yes. He was lucky and he had _____ one minute to complete the special task, no more and no less.  
  A.especially  B.probably  
C.exactly  D.hardly  
8.How kind you are! You always do what you can ______ others.  
A. help   B.helping  C.helps   D.to help  
9.—Mom, can I do ______ much work in ______ a short time?  
  —Dear, I think you can.  
  A.so;so           B.such;so  
  C.so;such         D.such;such  
10. —Grandpa has changed a lot.  
  —So he has. He spends more time than he used to ______ games with the children.  
  A.play   B.playing   C.played   D.plays  
11.Mr. Zhang is very ______.He often tells us jokes.  
A.helpful B.silent C.humorous D.proud  
12.It's important______ you ______your life.  
  A.of;to change  B.for;to change  
  C.for;change  D.of;change  
13.Lucy likes staying at home. She ______ goes traveling during holidays.  
A.usually B.seldom C.always D.often  
14.______ students in our class is 50, and ______ them are from the countryside.  
  A.The number of;a number of  
  B.A number of;the number of  
  C.Number of;a number of  
  D.The number of;number of  
15.We all know that learning a foreign language ______ time and effort.  
A.requires  B.reduces  
C.removes  D.repeats  
  “Can I see my baby?” asked the new happy mother.Unluckily, she found her baby had been ______16 without ears when it was in her arms.  
  Time proved that the baby's ______17 was perfect. He got on well with his classmates. But one day, he rushed home and said to his mother______18 tears in his eyes. “A boy,a big boy ______19 me a freak(怪胎).”  
  As the boy______20, he developed a talent for art and music.  
  The boy's father had a meeting with the family doctor. “Could anything______21 done?” he asked the doctor.  
  “I believe I could graft(移植) a pair of outer ears ______22 you could get them,” the doctor said.  
   However, two years______23, nobody wanted to offer the young man ears. Then one day the father said, “Son, ______24 will offer his ears to you. But it's a secret.” The operation was a great ______25.  
  Time kept the secret, but the day did come... The young man stood with his father______26 his mother's body. Slowly, the father held out a hand and raised the thick, brown hair. ______27 ,the son found his mother had no outer ears.  
  “Mother said she was glad she ______28 let her long hair be cut,” the father said gently, “and nobody ever thought mother ______29 beautiful, did they?”  
  Real______30 lies not in what is done and known, but in what is done but not known.  
16.A.active   B.dead   C.born       D.awake  
17.A.speaking        B.hearing  
C.writing          D.reading  
18.A.of      B.in    C.around  D.with  
19.A.called  B.asked  C.said    D.told  
20.A.looked up       B.grew up  
C.brought up      D.caught up  
21.A.is  B.was  C.are  D.be  
22.A.if          B.until  
C.unless       D.because  
23.A.went down  B.got over   C.went by  D.arrived  
24.A.nobody   B.someone  
C.anyone   D.everyone  
25.A.succeed  B.successful  
C.success   D.failure  
26.A.between  B.besides  
C.towards  D.beside  
27.A.With interest  B.To his surprise  
C.In silence    D.With anger  
28.A.always       B.often  
C.never        D.sometimes  
29.A.less  B.more  C.most  D.least  
30.A.idea        B.friendship  
C.thought     D.love  
  I'm Liu Mei. When I was young,I didn't use to read any books,but now I often read some storybooks. When I was in primary school,I used to play football with my friends after school,but now I have to go right home and do my homework. I didn't like math and I used to be afraid of tests,but now I like all the subjects and never mind any tests. I used to have time to chat with my friends online,but now I am too busy to do it. I am so busy that I miss my old days now.
  I'm Jim. Three years ago,I was a student,and I thought the life was really good. I got up late. I spent some time talking with friends. Then I studied all night. I wore jeans and T­shirts. My hair was very long and I liked it. I felt free at that time. My life has changed a lot in the last few years. Now,I get up early in the morning and go to work. My hair is short. And I often wear suits now. I am busy during the day,but I am never tired because I am free in the evening.
  I'm Su Mei. I'm fourteen years old. I used to be very shy. I had no friends. I learnt by myself. I used to feel lonely. I hardly ever went anywhere. I stayed at home all day. My life has changed a lot. Now I get many friends. We often study together and help each other. Sometimes we go to the park to have a picnic. I don't feel lonely any more.
31.Liu Mei used to play basketball with her friends after school.  
32.Liu Mei used to be afraid of tests,but now she never minds them.  
33.Jim's life has changed a lot in the last few years.  
34.Jim used to wear suits. Now he wears jeans and T­shirts.  
35.Su Mei has got many friends. She still feels lonely now.  
  Are your parents often angry with you? Or you always disagree with your parents. Maybe the relationships between you and your parents are terrible. It's difficult to make your home become a happy and healthy place. In fact, you can change the situations by the following keys.
  Respect( 尊敬)   It's important to show your respect and care about your parents' feelings. Though you have disagreements (分歧) , at least try to understand whatever they are trying to tell you. You shouldn't keep your own thoughts only.
  Communication You can communicate with your parents in a polite way. You may not get what you want, but explaining your thoughts calmly and rationally ( 理智地) may show your parents that you are no longer a kid, not just a kid.
  Trust  How can your parents build trust in you? It depends on what you do. For example, if you get home late without calling first, next time your parents may not believe you. To earn (赢得) their trust, you must pay attention to the ways you do things instead of fighting with them. It will make your life much easier.
  Taking time together Some teens find that sharing time together can build trust and communication. Your parents may be interested in going shopping, hanging out and playing cards with you. Spending time together will drive away the “black cloud” hanging over your home.
Your parents give all their love to you.  Why not try these ways actively to own a happy family as you want?  
There are four good______36 to improve the relationships between you and your parents.
Think about your parents' feelings more. Show your respect to them. At least find out______37 they are trying to tell you.
Express your thoughts in a ______38 way. Let them know you are not a kid.
You must pay attention to the ways you do things______39 fighting all the time to have an easier life.
Taking time together
You can get a chance to build trust and communication______40 sharing time together. You will have a happy family.
41. What the headmaster said at the meeting had a great ______(影响)on her.  
42. The UK is an old ______(Europe) country, where there are many palaces and castles.  
43. Getting online is ______(help) to our study.  
44. We s______ have dinner in the restaurant. I don't think the food there is delicious.  
45.Your friend says that you are often a______ from classes. Is that true?  
  For this month's Young World magazine, I interviewed 19­year­old Asian pop star Candy Wang. Candy told me that she used to be really shy and took up singing to deal with her______46(shy). Now she's not shy anymore and enjoys______47(sing)in front of crowds.
  I asked Candy how life was different after she became famous. She explained that there are many good things, like being able______48(travel)and meet new people all the time. “I didn't use to be popular in school, but now I get tons of attention everywhere I go.” ______49(however), too much attention can also be a bad thing. “I always have to worry about how I appear to others, and I never dare to be______50(care) about what I say or do. And I have much______51(little) private time now because there are always guards around me.”
  What does Candy have to say to all ______52(that) young people who want to become famous? “Well,”she begins____53(slow),“you have to be prepared to give up your normal life. You can never imagine how difficult the road to success is. Many times I______54(think) about giving up, but I fought on. You really require a lot of talent and hard______55(work) to succeed. Only a very small number of people make it to the top.”
A:Hello,Li Wen. Can I ask you some questions?  
A:You ______56 to be a “problem child”,didn't you?  
B:Yes,I did.  
A:You seldom made trouble when you were a small child,______57 you?  
B:No,I didn't. My parents ______58 proud of me.  
A:How did you become a “problem child”?  
B:Well. At first I had to live ______59 my grandmother after my parents moved to the city. Then they ______60 me to a boarding school. I hated the school.  
A:Why did you hate the school?  
B:I thought no one took care ______61 me.I was often ______62 from classes and I wasn't interested ______63 studying. I did all those things just because I was afraid of ______64 alone and tried to make them ______65 more attention to me.  
A:Oh,I see.  
  我们的每一次变化都见证着我们的成长。请以“The biggest personal change I've ever made”为题,并根据要点和要求,用英语写一篇短文。
  The biggest personal change I've ever made
Unit 4过关测试
一、1.A 2.B
3.C 点拨:用语法判定法解题。句意:你的妈妈总是以你而自豪,对吗?take pride in以……而自豪。主语Your mother是第三人称单数,故谓语动词用第三人称单数形式。故选C。
4.A 点拨:本题用短语辨析法解题。in person亲自;in fact事实上;in silence默默地;in total总共。句意:——迈克收到他妈妈的邮件了吗?——是的,他今天早晨亲自签收的。故选A。
5.B 点拨:take off脱下,起飞;take up占据,开始从事;take after像;take in吸入。句意:——暑假期间你打算做什么?——我打算从事像游泳或跳舞之类的新爱好。故选B。
6.A 点拨:用语境法解题。由前一句“他们没有人交谈。”可知他们默默地吃完饭。in silence无声地;默默地。故选A。
7.C 点拨:本题用词义辨析法解题。especially尤其;probably可能;exactly精确地;hardly几乎不。句意:——约翰如此高兴。他赢得这场比赛了吗?——是的,他是幸运的,他精确地一分钟完成了这项特殊任务,不多也不少。故选C。
8.D 点拨:句意为:你多么善良啊!你总是做你能做的去帮助别人。to help others 作目的状语。
9.C 点拨:名词前有many, much, few, little表示“多、少”时,应用so而不用such,所以第一个空格用so;such+a (an)+adj.+单数可数名词=so+adj.+a (an)+单数可数名词,所以第二个空格用such。故选C。
10.B 点拨:用固定搭配法解题。spend+时间+doing sth.意为“花费时间做某事”,是固定搭配;故选B。
11.C 点拨:由后一句“他经常给我们讲笑话。”可知,前一句为“张先生很幽默。”
12.B 点拨:此题用固定句式法解题。It's+adj.+for sb.to do sth.“对某人来说做某事是怎么样的。”是固定句型。
13.B 点拨:本题用词义辨析法解题。usually通常;seldom很少;always总是;often经常。句意:露西喜欢呆在家里。在假期她很少去旅游。故选B。
14.A 点拨:the number of... ……的数量;a number of许多。根据句意可知选A。
15.A 点拨:动词辨析。require需要;reduce 减少;remove 去除;repeat 重复。句意:我们都知道学一门外语需要时间和努力。故选A。
二、16.C 17.B 18.D 19.A 20.B
21.D 22.A 23.C 24.B 25.C
26.D 27.B 28.C 29.A 30.D
三、31.F 点拨:细节理解题。由短文第一段中第三句...I used to play football...可知。
33.T 点拨:细节理解题。由短文第二段中My life has changed a lot...可以得出答案。
34.F 35.F
四、36.ways  点拨:细节理解题。根据文中第一段的最后一句“In fact, you can change the situations by the following keys.”可知。本题中keys可以用意思相近的其他词来表示。
37.what/ whatever 点拨:细节理解题。根据第二段第二句话中“..., at least try to understand whatever they are trying to tell you.”可知。此处whatever也可以用what来表示。
38.polite/ proper/ suitable/ right 点拨:细节理解题。根据第三段第一句“You can communicate with your parents in a polite way.”可知。此处polite也可以用其他符合句意的词来表示。
39.instead of 点拨:细节理解题。根据第四段倒数第二句中“..., you must pay attention to the ways you do things instead of fighting with them.”可知。
40.by 点拨:推理判断题。根据倒数第二段第一句“Some teens find that sharing time
together can build trust and communication.”可推断出。
五、41.influence 42.European 43.helpful 44.seldom 45.absent
六、46.shyness 点拨:句意:坎迪告诉我她过去真的害羞并且开始唱歌来克服害羞。根据her可知后面要用名词形式
47.singing 48.to travel 49.However
50.careless 点拨:句意:我总是不得不担心我该如何出现在别人面前,而且我从不敢
51.less 点拨:句意:因为老有保安守在我的周围,我现在的私人时间少得多了。much+比较级:……得多。故填less。
52.those 点拨:句意:坎迪必须对那些想要出名的年轻人说些什么呢?people意思是人们,所以说“那些”,而不是“那个”。故填those。
53.slowly 点拨:修饰动词,用副词形式,故填slowly。
54.thought 点拨:句意:许多次我都想放弃,但是我奋力坚持了下来。描述过去,用一般过去时态。故填thought。
55.work 点拨:句意:你们真的需要许多天赋和努力工作才能成功。作动词require的宾语,用名词形式,work此处是不可数名词。故填work。
七、56.used 57.did 58.were 59.with
60.sent 61.of 62.absent 63.in 64.being 65.pay
The biggest personal change I've ever made
The biggest personal change I've ever made is that I have fallen in love with reading.
When I was a child, I didn't enjoy books at all. Later, my mother always read stories for me and bought me books. Gradually I began to love reading.
While reading, I feel as if I were talking  with a wise man. Reading is also a fantastic way to pass my free time. Books are my friends. And they benefit me a lot.
fall in love with, not...at all, begin to do sth., benefit sb. a lot等这些词组的运用也让文章增色不少。文章结构紧凑,语言简练。
Unit 5  过关测试
1.______ is a kind of greyish­white metal,and it is often used to make all kinds of things.  
  A.Silver           B.Gold  
  C.Wood           D.Cotton  
2._____ a southern province in China, Guilin is well­known____ its green hills and clear water.  
  A.As; with             B.For; of  
  C.For; as               D.As; for  
3.Henry's mother found ______ difficult to support a large family.  
A.that  B.this  C.it  D.its  
4.From simple pictures,mapmaking has________ a science.  
  A.turn into            B.turned into  
  C.turn out             D.been turned out  
5.Paper is made ______ wood and newspapers are made ______ paper.  
  A.of;of               B.from;of  
  C.of;from             D.from;from  
6.Sky lanterns were used ______ ask for help ______ Zhuge Kongming according to Chinese history.  
  A.as;by                B.for;as  
  C.for;by               D.to;by  
7.Thanks to the robots, the human reporters do not have to spend a lot of time______ numbers and information.  
  A.processing            B.to process  
  C.processed            D.process  
8.________ where you go, I will follow you.  
  A.No matter    
  B.Whether or not  
  C.As long as    
  D.In order that  
  9.The man has traveled to 9 countries______ I know.  
  A.as far as            B.in fact  
  C.both               D.however  
  10. Helen slowly________ her head and said nothing.  
  A.risen             B.rose  
  C.raised            D.raises  
  11.Could you please show me how ______ tea?  
  A.to grow         B.I could grow  
  C.I grew          D.growing  
  12.—Are they from______?  
  —Yes, they are ________.  
  A.Germany; German  
  B.Germany; Germans  
  C.France; Frenchman  
  D.French; Frenchmen  
  13. Do you have a______? I need to cut the cloth to make a shirt.  
  A.pair of scissors   B.scissors  
  C.scissor          D.pair of scissor  
  14. You must boil the soup______.  
  A.at a high heat      B.in a heat  
  C.in hot            D.hottest  
  15. The painting______ a piece of cloth.  
  A.is covered with    
  B.covered in  
  C.packed by    
  D.is packing with  
  The government in China plans to end its one­child per family policy(政策) and instead let families have two children.  
  People knew the______16 after an important meeting in Beijing. It's reported that there are many reasons ______17 the change in policy. One of them is to ______18 population development.  
  China has the world's ______19 population. It carried out the one­child policy in 1980. But the government ______20 only a small number of couples to have two children. For example, at rural areas, ______21 the first­born is a girl, couples can have a second child.  
  In 2013, the Chinese government ______22 other couples a chance to have two children. Families could have two if one ______23 was an only child. However, too many young people in the cities are probably no longer ______24 in having a second child.  
At the end of 2014,China had a population of 1.37 billion people. A total of 800 ______25 of them were employed. With the two­child policy, an increase in births will change the labor shortage(短缺).  
16.A.matter     B.news   C.object    D.thing  
17.A.for        B.about  C.with     D.of    
18.A.watch     B.stop    C.balance  D.plan    
19.A.smallest   B.largest  C.most    D.least    
20.A.permitted  B.made   C.had     D.let  
21.A.unless               B.though    
C.because             D.if  
22.A.took                B.missed    
C.gave                 D.stood  
23.A.sister               B.brother  
C.aunt                D.parent  
24.A.excited             B.interested  
C.bored             D.relaxed  
25.A.million            B.millions  
C.million of           D.millions of  
  A new camera made by a company named Netatmo has facial recognition software (识别系统) that can tell parents at work that their children have returned from school, or that a package has been taken to their home. It can also tell them if a stranger has entered their home.  
  Janina Mattausch is a product marketing manager for Netatmo.  
  “The common security (安全) cameras at present are not that smart. So, they can tell you if something is moving but they don't necessarily know if it's a human being or, ah, if it's your kid—they don't know the difference, so they will warn you all the time.”  
  When family members enter a home,the new camera “recognizes” (识别 ) them and sends information to the owner's smart­phone. The owner can choose to see the video then or later.But if an unknown person enters a home, the camera will send the owner a warning that will cause an alarm to sound on the owner's smartphone.  
  That is what happened recently to a smart home camera owner named Damien. He lives in Paris.  
  “On a Friday I was at work, attending a big monthly meeting when my phone warned. At first I told myself ‘Oh, it must be a mistake. Maybe I have to set the system again.'—but the notice on my phone was telling me that there was a movement in my flat and also a face that the software did not recognize.”  
  He watched the video and was very surprised by what he saw.  
  “I saw a person I did not know with his shoes on. I was watching it live on video. So I felt totally unbelievable, frozen. I asked a workmate to take me back home as fast as possible and I called the police on the way. ”  
  With the help of the video,the police found the intruder later that day.  
26. The new camera made by Netatmo can ______ .  
  A. warn the strangers  
  B.recognize the comers  
  C.stop the visitors  
  D.welcome the children  
27. The fourth paragraph mainly tells us ______ .  
  A. where the new camera is placed  
  B.what the new camera looks like  
   C.when the new camera is used  
D. how the new camera works  
28. We can learn from the passage that Damien ______ .  
  A. found the warning was a mistake  
  B.was too busy to notice the warning  
  C.felt shocked to see a stranger in his flat  
  D.caught the intruder by himself that day  
29. What's the meaning of the underlined word “intruder”?  
A.统治者           B.闯入者  
C.清洁工           D.抢劫犯  
30. The writer proves(证明) the new camera works well by______ .  
  A. giving an example  
  B.making a survey  
  C.doing an experiment  
  D.having a speech  
31. The boy's dad was_____ (complete) shocked when he saw that his son was
playing with fire.
32.What language is ______(speak) in that country?  
33.Cotton is usually used ______(make) clothes.  
34.Wheat ______(生产) in the north of China.  
35. No one can________ (避免) illness and sadness in daily life.  
Couplets(对联) have been popular for about 600 years. They ______36 in Song Dynasty. And people ______37 red paper to ______38 the Spring Festival couplets instead of peach wood charms(桃符). After Qing Dynasty,the couplets were once ______39 popular. Lots of famous couplets appeared. With the development(发展) of the international cultural exchange,the couplets were also ______40 to Vietnam,Korea,Japan,Singapore and other ______41.The customs of sticking these couplets still ______42 now.  
Couplets are usually in different ______43.Nice words and sentences are ______44 on the couplets. Different couplets are put on doors or walls as symbols of wishes for good ______45 and a happy new year.  
B:Hi,Lily!Long time no see. Where did you go?  
A:I went to visit my grandparents. They live in the countryside.  
B:What did you do there?  
B:Paper cutting?What's that?______47  
A:Paper cutting has been popular for over 1,500 years.  
A:We call it paper cutting because paper is cut with scissors.  
B:How interesting!Tell me more about it.  
A:______49After being cut,the red paper is turned into pictures.______50  
B:Can you teach me later?  
   A.Why is it called paper cutting?
   B.Tell me about it.
   C.Then the pictures are put on doors,windows or walls to wish good luck.
   D.The red paper is folded before it is cut.
   E.I learned to make paper cutting.
   F.Where can I learn paper cutting?
   G.Please show me how to make a kite.
  Michael是你的美国朋友。他想了解关于中国的传统节日。请根据所给提示和要求, 以“The Mid­Autumn Festival”为题,用英语写一篇80词左右的短文。  
  1.one of the most important...; a traditional Chinese festival  
  2. get together, have a big dinner, with their family  
  3. in the open air, enjoy the bright full moon, delicious mooncakes  
  4....mooncakes are round like...  
  5...carry people's wishes to the families they love  
  要求: 1.内容完整、书写清楚、字迹工整,表达通顺;  
  The Mid­Autumn Festival  
  Lunar August 15th of a year is the Mid­Autumn Festival. _____________________  
       This is the Mid­Autumn Festival in China. I hope you'll like it.  
Unit 5过关测试
一、1.A 2.D 3.C
4.B 点拨:turn into 变成,注意时态是现在完成时。turn要用过去分词形式。
5.B 6.D 7.A
8.A 点拨:No matter无论;Whether or not 是否;As long as只要;In order that为了。句意为:无论你去哪里,我都会跟着你。
9.A 10.C 11.A 12.B 13.A 14.A 15.A
二、16.B 17.A 18.C 19.B 20.A 21.D
22.C 23.D 24.B 25.A
三、26.B 27.D 28.C 29.B 30.A
四、31.completely 32.spoken 33.to make 34.is produced 35.avoid
五、36.started 37.used 38.make 39.widely
40.introduced 41.countries 42.remain
43.shapes 44.written 45.luck
六、46.E 47.B 48.A 49.D 50.C
The Mid­Autumn Festival
Lunar August 15th of a year is the Mid­Autumn Festival. It is one of the most important festivals in China.It is also a traditional Chinese festival.
 On this day, people often get together to have a big dinner with their family. At night, people often enjoy the bright full moon and eat all kinds of delicious mooncakes in the open air. The mooncakes are round like the moon. They carry people's wishes to the families they love. Some people don't come back home until midnight. How happy they are on this day!
This is the Mid­Autumn Festival in China. I hope you'll like it.
点评:本文采用 两翼一体法进行写作。第一段开头介绍了中秋节的重要性,接下来介绍人们在中秋节的活动,吃的食物,以及人们的愿望,最后希望大家喜欢中秋节。
词组get together, all kinds of, in the open air, come back等的运用让文章增色不少。
Unit 6  过关测试
1.—When ________ personal computers ________? 
— In 1971.
A.was; discovered       B.were; invented
C.were; discovered       D.was; invented
2. Teaspoons are used______ things.
A.for serve            B.to serving
C.to serve             D.serving
3.This kind of drink ______ a ______ smell. Many children like to drink it.
A.produces; pleasant        B.is made; pleasure
C.was refused; glad         D.protects; pleasant
4.—How was tea invented?
A.5,000 years ago.            B.By accident.
C.Shen Nong,a ruler.          D.Over an open fire.
5.—Could you please sweep the floor? I'm going to cook dinner.
—______.I'll do it at once, Mum.
A.I'm afraid not            B.You're kidding
C.It's a shame             D.With pleasure
6.—I'm sorry I've taken your dictionary ______because they have the same color.
—It doesn't matter.
A.at once                B.by mistake
C.in general              D.as well
7. —Jim, how do your parents like music?
—______ my dad ______ my mom likes it. They both like country music.
A.Either;or                 B.Not only;but also
C.Neither;nor              D.Both; and
8.You need to stop him from ______ alone.
A.go       B.to go     C.going        D.went
9.—I apologize for having made a mess in your bathroom.
—______.After all,you didn't mean it.
A.You're welcome        B.It's my pleasure
C.Don't mention it        D.I can't agree more
10.______that she has been married for a year. But no one knows who her husband is.
A.It is said              B.It says
C.It believed             D.It believes
11.A familiar face _____ in my mind. Yes, it's the boy who has ever helped me in the train station.
A.appears              B.disappears
C.show up             D.distance
12. The potato chips in KFC are especially ______.
A.sour     B.sweet     C.crispy           D.salt
13. Three years goes by. Great changes have ________ in my school.
A.happened              B.taken place
C.been taken place         D.been happened
14. Li Yifeng is now ______ by many young people, especially girls.
A.look up               B.admire
C.looked up to          D.looked up
15.Our teachers often ______ us ______ easily no matter how difficult life is.
A.encourage; not to give up
B.experience; to quit
C.encourage; to give up
D.experiment; not to quit
The earliest maps were probably drawn in the Middle East. Some of these maps have
______16 and they show us the people at that time thought the earth flat (平的) . As time went by, the pictures became more detailed and maps were more ______17 made . Later on, ancient Greeks(希腊人) used their ______18 of math and science to make maps. Greek maps tell us the Greeks knew the world was ______19.
From simple pictures, mapmaking has turned into a science. Maps are made______20 surveying(勘测) land. In the 1900s, people around the world started to share information to make ______21 maps. With the help of the photographs taken from the sky and space, maps are now more exactly made than ever. ______22 the world is always changing, we will always need new maps.
There are many types of maps, but almost all use______23 and pictures to describe what a place is like when the map is made. A map usually tells what the pictures______24. Some maps may show the whole world. A road map will help you know the ______25 from one place to another. Other maps may use pictures to show the temperature and population in different places.
16.A.disappeared  B.survived  C.gone  D.left
17.A.slowly              B.simply
C.correctly            D.carelessly
18.A.knowledge          B.courage
C.energy              D.challenge
19.A.long       B.small     C.square   D.round
20.A.into       B.by        C.of       D.from
21.A.cleaner    B.lighter     C.better    D.older
22.A.Though    B.So       C.Unless    D.Since
23.A.sounds    B.models    C.words    D.stories
24.A.stand for                B.go for
C.ask for                  D.wait for
25.A.weather   B.distance   C.feature    D.culture
Tea is an important part of Chinese tradition. Tea has very close relationship to Chinese culture.
It is said that Chinese tea was discovered by King Shen Nong. People say that he lived 5,000 years ago. One summer day, while he was visiting a faraway part of his country, he felt very thirsty. The servants began to make water hot enough to turn into gas for him to drink. Dried leaves from a near plant fell into the water. The king drank some, and found it could make him feel less tired. Also as a scientist, Shen Nong was interested in the new drink. And so, tea was created in 2737 BC.
Drinking tea has many advantages. It makes people feel less tired, clears heat inside the human body and helps people lose weight. As you add a cup of tea to your daily life, please check the following helpful advice.
•Drink it hot. Tea oxidizes(氧化) quickly, so it is suggested that you drink it hot.
•Do not drink too much strong tea. It will probably be harmful to your stomach and make you feel sick if you make the tea too strong.
•The best time to drink tea is between meals. It may not make you have a strong wish to eat when your stomach is empty, or cause stomachache when your stomach is full.
•Do not drink with medicine. It may change the medical result. You can drink tea two hours after you take medicine.
•Green tea is the best choice for office workers.Why? Because green tea helps stop the bad result of the computer.
26. Paragraph 2 is mainly about ______.
A.when King Shen Nong lived
B.where Chinese tea was created
C.how Chinese tea was discovered
D.why King Shen Nong drank tea
27. Drinking tea has lots of advantages EXCEPT ______.
A.helping you lose weight
B.letting you feel less tired
C.having a strong wish for food
D.clearing heat inside your body
28. Mr. Smith is a computer teacher. He'd better drink ______.
A.green tea          B.black tea
C.strong tea          D.coffee with milk
29. What can we infer(推断) from the passage?
A.Don't drink too much strong tea.
B.Not all office workers drink green tea.
C.Tea is connected with Chinese culture closely.
D.King Shen Nong loved creating new things.
30. The passage is mainly written to ______.
A.let us know how tea was discovered
B.give some advice about drinking tea
C.tell people the history of tea
D.advise people to drink green tea
31. The man r________ silent when the policeman asked him questions.
32. The robot was________ (发明) by a Japanese boy who has talent in science.
33. The boys are d________ into three groups to play the game.
34. Tomatoes were b________ to China centuries ago. But at that time, few people
wanted to eat them.
35. To ________(实现) your dream, you must work harder than before.
A: Hi, Bill, do you know about National Inventors' Day?
B: No, I have never heard of it. ______36
A: On February 11th.
B: I remember the great inventor Thomas Edison was born on that day.
A: You're right and you have a good memory.
B: Thank you. ______37
A: Of course. There have been a lot of inventors in history. They made millions of inventions and some of them have changed the world.
B: In order to help remember these inventors, people named February 11th for National Inventors' Day, right?
A:______38 But you made a mistake. It was Ronald Reagan, the President (总统) of the United States of America that named the date.
B: There must be many kinds of activities all over the world on that day.
A: You're right. Our school also celebrates National Inventors' Day.
B:  ______39
A: Students show their own inventions. Some inventions are wonderful and exciting.
B: Sounds interesting. ______40 Can I show them at your school?
A: No problem. You are more than welcome to.
A.You're very clever.
B.I like inventing small things, too.
C.How many inventions did it mention?
D.When is it?
E. Some inventions are useful.
F. How do you celebrate it?
G. Can you tell me how it got started
根据下面的表格,以“The ballpoint pen”为题写一篇短文。(80词左右)
Who John Lord,an American tanner
When in 1888
What to be used for help write faster;make life easier
Where to be used in many fields
Price low
Change become smaller and lighter
  (注:tanner 制革工人;ballpoint pen 圆珠笔)
The ballpoint pen
Unit 6过关测试
一、1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.B
7. B 点拨:用语境法解题。根据答语中They both like country music.可知答案,注意就近原则。
8.C 9. C 10.A 11.A 12.C 13.B
14.C 点拨:利用排除法解题。由语境可知“李易峰被很多年轻人仰慕”,因此用被动语态,排除A、B。look up to钦佩,仰慕。
15.A 点拨:用语境法解题。根据no matter how difficult life is(无论生活多么困难)可知上文要表达的含义是“鼓励我们不要轻易放弃”。故答案为A。句意为:老师经常鼓励我们不要轻易放弃,无论生活多么困难。
二、16.B 17.C 18.A 19.D 20.B 21.C 22.D 23.C 24.A 25.B
三、26.C 27.C 28.A 29.D 30.B
四、31.remained 点拨:remain silent 保持沉默。根据语境when the policeman asked him questions 可知时态用过去时。32.invented
33. divided 点拨:考查短语be divided into, 被分成……。
34.brought 35.achieve/ realize
五、36.D 37.G 38.A 39.F 40.B
The ballpoint pen
We know that the ballpoint pen is one of the most useful inventions.
It was invented by an American tanner named John Lord in 1888. And it is used to help us write faster and make our life easier. It is widely used in many fields. And the price is usually low. It is not so expensive as a pen.
And now ballpoint pens are becoming not only smaller but also lighter. They are getting more and more useful and helpful in our life. Without any doubt, ballpoint pens are getting more and more popular.
Who and When (谁,什么时候):It was invented by an American tanner named John Lord in 1888.
Where:It is widely used in many Fields.
What(用来干什么) :And it is used to help us write faster and make our life easier.  
熟练运用一般过去时的被动语态was invented by...,及not only... but also, without any doubt,more and more useful等短语,语言准确、丰富。
Unit 7  过关测试
1.—It is reported that many wild animals in the world are ______ because of
 human behavior.
—We must do something to stop people from hunting and selling these animals.
A.in danger               B.in public
C.in silence               D.in the way
2.—I tried to make Alice ______her mind but I found it difficult.
—Well, I saw you______ that when I went past.
A.changed ; do           B.changes; doing
C.change; to do          D.change; doing
3.High technology is used in EURO 2016 to______the matches are fair enough in France.
A.make up             B.make sure
C.come out            D.come over
4.—Could I smoke here?
—Sorry. I am afraid you ______. Look at the sign “No smoking”!
A.couldn't           B.needn't
C.can't             D.won't
5.Pandas are much­loved around the world.Unluckily,there aren't many pandas left
and they're ______ now.So we must save them.
 A.in order           B.in danger
C.in need             D.in need of
6.You ______ drive your car so fast.It's very dangerous.
A.wouldn't         B.shouldn't
C.couldn't          D.mightn't
7.I am tired. This is not the right ______ to ask me to go for a walk.
 A.moment            B.chance
C.place              D.season
8.A ______ woman was saved from the ship on June 2nd, 2015.
A.65 year old  B.65­year­olds
C.65­year­old  D.65­years­old
9.Ben was helping his mother when the rain began to beat heavily ______ the windows.
A.below         B.across
C.behind         D.against
10.Students shouldn't be allowed to get their ears ______.
A.to pierce        B.pierced
C.piercing         D.pierce
11.All the students in the classroom do their homework ______.
A.enough careful     B.careful enough
C.carefully enough   D.enough carefully
12.My parents didn't allow me ______ to the party.
A.go             B.to go
C.goes           D.went
13.—We have missed the last bus.What shall we do?
—Let's take a taxi.We have no other______ now.
A.reason          B.habit
C.choice           D.problem
14.—Would you like to go to the Space Museum?
—I'd love to, but I haven't made (a) ______.I'll think about it.
A.progress         B.mistake
C.mess            D.decision
15.Our parents are strict ______ us and we are afraid to make mistakes.
A.in              B.to
C.at              D.with
I'm enjoying my stay in Canada. It is my first experience of being abroad, and I am trying to learn as____16as possible. Classes here are much more fun and very different from classes in____17. In China there are very few opportunities to practice____18and listening, so although many Chinese students have good____19,__their speaking is not good. Studying English at Fern is much more practical. We actually____20the language we are learning. I couldn't speak any English at all when I____21here. Thankfully after about a month, things started getting ____22and I made friends and started to settle in(安家). I am really____23to learn English here and Fern is a very good language school.
I have always wanted to have a sister. In my Canadian host family my dream has ____24. On the first day when I arrived, my host family welcomed____25 warmly. All the family members were____26 and helpful, and they made me feel at home at once.
My____27,Joise, is very kind. She often explains their manners to me. Her mother explains ordinary things like housework. Together they____28 me study and understand Canada. Joise told me a____29. Last year, she met a Chinese student on a plane. She said she felt sorry because she did not say ____30 to the girl.
I'm happy to live in Canada. I think it will be an important experience in my life.
16.A.many    B.much    C.good  D.better
17.A.Japan    B.Canada  C.China  D.America
18.A.playing            B.reading
C.writing             D.speaking
19.A.grammar           B.writing
C.English            D.time
20.A.write  B.read   C.hear  D.use
21.A.entered             B.arrived
C.arrived in          D.went
22.A.harder  B.freer    C.busier  D.easier
23.A.sad    B.sorry    C.happy  D.afraid
24.A.come true          B.come out
C.come over          D.come on
25.A.him  B.her    C.me  D.them
26.A.serious             B.friendly
C.famous            D.expensive
27.A.sister              B.father
C.brother             D.mother
28.A.want  B.tell    C.help  D.order
29.A.book  B.diary   C.letter  D.story
30.A.everything        B.anything
C.something        D.nothing
Five years ago, my mother gave birth to a brother for me when I was 8. I have learned a lot from getting along with him.
After he was born, I almost became a babysitter. I had to amuse him after school. I would make faces and sing to him when he was crying. Sometimes I even carried him everywhere in our yard to refresh him while my parents were busy. What I liked to do best was to feed him when looking after him. How cute he was as he tasted his favorite food!My parents often praised me happily, “As an elder brother, you've made contributions to looking after your younger brother.”
I have got happiness from sharing. When I was young, I was the only child in my family. I could get what I wanted from my parents and get my parents' whole love. I was a “Little Emperor”.
But now, as long as I get something good, I will share it with him. I remembered the year when he was three, he was fond of Rubik's cubes(魔方).I bought one for him with my lucky money as a birthday present. When he got the toy, he was so happy that he laughed, hugged me and said,“Brother, I love you ! ”
Thanks for spending these years together with my family. It has taught me what responsibility means, what unselfishness means and what friendship means. Not only should I look after myself, but also I should pay attention to my family and my friends.
31.The underlined word “amuse” in the second paragraph means______.
A.开他玩笑            B.令他开心
C.令他生气            D.令他讨厌
32.When looking after his younger brother, the writer did the following EXCEPT______.
A.carrying him everywhere
B.making faces and singing to him
C.feeding him
D.telling stories to him
33.How old was the writer when he bought the birthday present for his younger brother?
A.3.             B.8.
C.11.            D.13.
34.Before his younger brother was born, the writer ________.
A.was a babysitter in his family
B.was a “Little Emperor” in his family
C.cooked for his family
D.bought a Rubik's cube for himself
35.If you have a brother or a sister in your family, you might learn to be ______from the passage.
A.responsible        B.selfish
C.lonely            D.puzzled
36.I p______ playing the piano every day.
37.I can m______ the work by myself. Thank you anyway.
38.Watching scary movies can give us a______ dreams.
39.The girl ______ (后悔)not giving a hand to the old man.
40.Our government has paid more attention to the problem about food ______(安全).
41.Teenagers should ______(not allow)to work at night.
42.Do you need ______(talk) about it with your parents?
43.It is easy ______(say) but difficult ______(do).
44.When do you usually practice ______ (swim)in summer?
45.When I was sad,my mother always ______ (hug) me and cheered me up.
B:Not yet.__________________47
A:It's about a man named Robinson. It tells us how the man lived on a lonely island.
B:Really?__________________48 Who is the writer?
A:It was written by a British novelist named Daniel Defoe.
B:Do you have the book?
B:Could you lend it to me?
B:No problem.
A.That sounds interesting.
B.I bought it two months ago.
C.But you must give it back to me on time.
D.Have you read the book Robinson Crusoe
E.What is it about?
目前,随着人们生活水平的提高,越来越多的家庭有了自己的小汽车于是很多中学生学开车。尽管父母、老师和法律不允许,可是他们依然我行我素。请以 “Why are middle school students not allowed to drive?”为题,谈谈你的观点。80词左右,可适当增加细节。
①很酷,可以炫耀(show off)。
Unit 7过关测试
一、1.A 点拨:用语境法解题。根据第二句话We must do something to stop people from hunting and selling these animals.我们必须做些事来阻止人们猎杀和贩卖这些动物。可知很多动物处在危险中。A.in danger 处在危险中;B.in public 公开地,当众;C.in silence 沉默地,故选A。
3.B 点拨:用词义辨析法解题。A. make up组成;B. make sure确保;C. come out出来;D. come over过来。由语境可知是用高科技确保比赛的公正。故选B。
4.C 5.B
6.B 点拨:用语境法解题。wouldn't不愿意;shouldn't不应该;couldn't不可以;mightn't 可能不。由句意可知选B。
8.C 点拨:句意:2015年6月2日一位65岁的妇女被从船上救出。65­year­old为复合形容词,其构成形式是:数词+名词+形容词,中间加连字符,名词必须用单数形式,且此类词只能作定语。故选C。
9.D 点拨:用语境法解题。句意:当雨开始猛烈地击打窗户的时候,本正在帮助他的妈妈。beat作“拍打,击打”解时,主语多为风、雨、海浪等名词。“拍(击)打在……(地方)”则用at, on, against等介词。故选D。
10.B 点拨:本题用语法判定法解题。get sth.done意为“让别人做某事”。get their ears pierced意为“让别人给他们打耳洞”。
11.C 点拨:enough修饰形容词或副词时,enough要放在后面,排除A项;又根据动词do可知用副词carefully。故选C。句意:教室里所有的学生都在足够仔细地做作业。
12.B 点拨:用固定搭配法解题。句意:父母不允许我去参加聚会。allow sb.to do sth.“允许某人做某事”。故选B。
13.C 点拨:reason原因;habit习惯;choice选择;problem问题句意:——我们错过了最后一班公交车,我们该怎么办?——让我们打出租车吧,我们现在没有别的选择。故选C。
14.D 点拨:用词义辨析法解题。 progress进步;mistake错误;mess混乱;decision决定。
17.C 点拨:根据下文中In China there are very few opportunities to practice ______and listening, 可知此处是与在中国的课进行比较,故选C。
19.A 点拨:结合句意,可知此处指尽管很多中国学生语法好,但是口语不好,故选A。
20.D 点拨:根据Studying English at Fern is much more practical.可知在Fern学习英语更实用,因此是使用所学的语言,故选D。
21.B 点拨:entered进入;arrived到达;arrived in到达;went去。句意:当我到这儿的时候,我一点英语也不会说。here是副词,前面不接介词,应用arrived,故选B。
22.D 点拨:考查形容词及语境的理解。harder 更努力的;freer 更自由的;busier更忙的;easier更容易的。根据Thankfully after about a month 幸亏大约一个月的练习后,可知是学习英语更容易了。
23.C 点拨:考查形容词及语境的理解。sad 悲伤的;sorry 抱歉的;happy 高兴的;afraid害怕的。根据Fern is a very good language school可知作者很高兴能在这里学英语。
24.A 点拨:考查动词短语及语境的理解。come true 实现;come out出来;come over顺便过来;come on快点。句意:在我的加拿大寄宿家庭里,我的梦想实现了。故选A。
26.B 点拨:考查形容词及语境的理解。serious严肃的;friendly友好的;famous著名的;expensive昂贵的。句意:所有的家庭成员都很友好,乐于助人,他们立马使我感觉像在家一样。故选B。
27.A 点拨:根据后文中Her mother explains ordinary things like housework. 可知此处指的是女孩,应是sister,故选A。
28.C 点拨:根据上文中She often explains their manners to me. Her mother explains ordinary things like housework.可知她和她妈妈在帮助我学习和了解加拿大。
29.D 30.B
三、31.B 点拨:词义猜测题。根据下句I would make faces and sing to him when he was crying.可知画线词的意思是令他开心,所以选B。
32.D 点拨:细节理解题。根据第二段中I would make faces and sing to him when he was crying. Sometimes I even carried him everywhere in our yard to refresh him while my parents were busy. What I liked to do best was to feed him when looking after him.可知选D。
33.C 点拨:细节理解题。根据短文开头Five years ago, my mother gave birth to a brother for me when I was 8.和第四段中I remembered the year when he was three, he was fond of Rubik's cubes(魔方)I bought one for him with my lucky money as a birthday present.可知作者在十一岁时给他弟弟买了生日礼物,所以选C。
34.B 点拨:细节理解题。根据第三段中When I was young, I was the only child in my family. I could get what I wanted from my parents and get my parents' whole love. I was a “Little Emperor”.可知作者小的时候,是家里唯一的孩子,是一个“小皇帝”。所以选B。
35.A 点拨:细节理解题。根据最后一段中It has taught me what responsibility means, what unselfishness means and what friendship means.可知选A。
四、A.36.practice 37.manage 38.awful
39.regretted 40.safety
B.41.not be allowed 42.to talk 43.to say;to do 44.swimming 45.hugged
五、46.D 47.E 48.A 49.B 50.C
Why are middle school students not allowed to drive
Now more and more families have cars. Many middle school students want to drive themselves. They think it's very cool to drive a car and they want to show off. They also think it's convenient to drive when they go sightseeing or visit friends.
But I don't think middle school students should be allowed to drive. First, it's very dangerous to do that. Second, middle school students are too young to control themselves. Third, they don't have a driver's license.
That's why middle school students aren't allowed to drive.
第一段先提出一种社会现象,然后介绍了某些学生的观点。第二段从反面进行辩论。句型It's very dangerous to do sth. 和too...to...结构的使用使文章充实饱满,first,second,third等词的使用使表达更有逻辑性,更富有条理。
Unit 8 过关测试
1.—Is that boy Tom?
—It ______be Tom.He has gone to his hometown to visit his grandparents.
A.can            B.can't
C.must           D.mustn't
2.—You look very pretty, if I ________say so.
—Thanks a lot for saying that.
A.must         B.may
C.will          D.have to
3.—I saw your mother in the library just now.
—It ______ be her. She went to Beijing yesterday.
A.can't          B.mustn't
C.needn't        D.must
4.—How well she sings!
—Yes, she has a very beautiful ______.
A.voice         B.sound
C.noise         D.laughter
5.Is there______ in today's newspaper?
A.something important
B.anything important
C.important something
D.important anything
6.The green dictionary ______ belong to ______.Her name is on it.
A.may; Carla's         B.must; Carla
C.can't;Carla         D.must; Carla's
7.The boy didn't sleep well last night because of the ______ from the factory.
A.voice    B.noise     C.music    D.song
8.—Where are you going this month?
—We ______ go to Xiamen,but we're not sure.
A.needn't           B.must
C.might            D.mustn't
9.When he saw a wallet on the ground,he ______ at once.
A.picked it up       B.gave it up
C.picked up it       D.put it up
10.My hometown used to be very quiet.______ ever happened around here.
A.Nothing much
B.Much nothing
C.Nothing many
D.Many nothing
11.His family are worried about him because they haven't ____ letters from him
for a long time.
A.accepted      B.received
C.written        D.collected
12.My parents ______ getting up early on weekdays.
A.used to        B.be used to
C.was used to     D.are used to
13.—What can we do to ______ bird flu (禽流感) from spreading?
—Try not to buy or eat the chicken that has not been checked.
A.prevent          B.cause
C.discover          D.protect
14.—Tom always feels ______ today.Did he stay up late last night?
—Yes.He didn't go to bed until 11.
A.sleep              B.sleepy
C.sleeping            D.asleep
15.—What is happening outside the window?
—There must be some children ______ games.
A.to play             B.plays
C.playing             D.is playing
I was living in a house with a long history in Halifax, Nova Scotia five years ago. One day, one of my friends from the West Coast came out to visit me. He was ______16 for 3 weeks so he brought a lot of bags and suitcases, and other things like a ______17. I told him he could sleep on the bed in the front living room.
One morning after a late night of drinking, my friend ran into my room shouting “FIRE! FIRE!” Without ______18, I jumped out of bed. The floor was ______19 against my feet as I ran out into the hallway, right behind my friend. I couldn't see the fire anywhere, ______20 as we ran towards the front door, I could hear the ______21 making a loud noise all around me. It was inside the ______22. We ran out into the front yard and looked ______23 at the house, seeing black smoke coming out of the ______24 house.
We were standing there watching the house when I looked down and ______25 all of my friend's bags and suitcases ______26 lined up on the front grassland, including his basketball. ______27 he noticed the house was on fire, he took all of them out to the grassland before coming back in to ______28 me about it. That fire had started in the basement (地下室), and it spread up into the walls and was burning the ______29 we were standing on. The floor and much of the house fell down not long after we came out. The firemen said we were very ______30.
Of course, we are not friends anymore.
16.A.working   B.staying  C.waiting  D.resting
17.A.baseball           B.volleyball
C.football           D.basketball
18.A.thinking           B.sleeping
C.looking           D.drinking
19.A.wet    B.soft     C.hot      D.dirty
20.A.so     B.and     C.or       D.but
21.A.fire    B.door    C.wind     D.car
22.A.rooms  B.walls   C.kitchen   D.yard
23.A.up     B.down   C.back    D.forward
24.A.old    B.big     C.red      D.stone
25.A.remembered  B.made  C.expected  D.noticed
26.A.tidily          B.gradually
C.differently     D.naturally
27.A.Unless         B.If
C.When          D.Before
28.A.warn           B.show  
C.ask            D.phone
29.A.sofa          B.bed  
C.table         D.floor
30.A.brave         B.lucky
C.nervous       D.scared
 “Save the whales!” That's what the picture on Jake Smith's bedroom wall said. Jake liked having a picture that said something important; that showed he cared. He just never expected to get a chance to save a real whale, one right in his own neighbourhood.
It was a Saturday morning when the newspaper first reported the whales' coming. A group of the animals were swimming close to the beach in Jake's hometown. All the local people rushed out to the beach to see them. They were expecting a beautiful show, better than a movie, but nothing they'd have to do anything about.
Then one whale swam in their direction, directly towards land. It came in with the waves, and when the waves receded,it stayed. Its huge body rested on the sand. Suddenly, Jake and his family and all the others were no longer sightseers. They had to become rescuers. A few people ran towards the animal. They pushed and tried to force the whale back into the water, but it was no use.
An animal rescue service team soon arrived in a truck with heavy lifting machinery, to help move the animal. Jake and his family couldn't do much on the beach, so they went back to their house and made sandwiches and hot tea for the rescuers. At least, Jake thought, they could help in some way.
Back at the beach, they offered the food to the rescuers and were happy to see that it was needed. It was getting dark. Some people lined up their cars along the beach and shined the headlights on the sand. The rescuers would not give up. After trying many times they were finally able to lift the whale into the water. Everyone cheered when it headed out to sea. It swam out about a mile and then disappeared for a moment under the sea. Then, in what looked like a jump of joy, it rose high above the water—a thank­you to those who had worked so hard to save its life.
31. What does the picture on Jake's wall tell us about him?
A.He lived near the ocean.
B.He cared about the environment.
C.He worked as an animal rescuer.
D.He thought whales were the most beautiful animals.
32. Why did the local people go down to the beach that morning?
A.To swim with the whales.
B.To help rescue the whales.
C.To see the whales swimming.
D.To watch a movie about whales.
33. The underlined word “receded” in Paragraph 3 means ______.
A.didn't move          B.went back out
C.washed over         D.got up
34. How did Jake and his family help save the whale?
A.By calling the rescue service.
B.By asking their neighbours for help.
C.By giving the rescuers food and drink.
D.By controlling the people on the beach.
35. In what order did the events of the whale rescue take place?
a. The whale disappeared under the sea.
b.People turned on the lights of their cars.
c.Rescuers lifted the whale into the water.
d.Animal rescue service brought its truck.
e.People pushed the whale towards the sea.
A.e-d-b-c-a B.e-b-c-d-a
C.d-b-e-a-c D.a-e-b-d-c
36.There is too much n______ in the dance hall. Let's go out and have a talk.
37.You must learn to e______ what you think in a right way.
38.After all,the most important p______ of learning a language is to communicate
with other people.
39.How often do you ______ (收到)a letter from your pen pal?
40.The fantastic world surely ______  to (属于) young people.
My father ______ ______ go to work by car,but now he takes the bus.
Quancheng Park is a good place to ______ ______.
They stopped playing football ______ ______ a heavy rain.
It's a fact that Huangyan Island ______ ______ China.
He ______ ______ in America because I saw him in the supermarket just now.
A:Hello,Jim!Have you seen Eric?
B:No,I haven't. What's up?
A:I found a yellow jacket on the playground.______46
B:It can't be his.The jacket is much too small for him.
A:______47 I saw Tony on the playground just now.
B:But Tony's jacket is black.
B:Let me have a look.Oh,it must be John's.
B:Look!I found his school ID card in one of the pockets.
A:______50 Let's go and give it to him.
B:OK.He must be in the library.Let's go.
 A.It can't be his.
 B.You are right.
 C.I don't think so.
 D.Then it must be Tony's.
 E.Why do you think so?
 F.I think it belongs to Eric.
 G.Whose do you think it could be?

提示词:land, man, UFO, alien, chase, must,could/might,can't
My neighbor John lives alone. He had an unbelievable experience._
Three days ago,___________________________________________________ 
Unit 8过关测试
一、1.B 点拨:根据He has gone to his hometown to visit his grandparents.可知此处表示不可能是汤姆,故选B。
2.B 点拨:句意:——如果我可以这样说,你看起来非常漂亮。——非常感谢你那样说。
must必须;may可以;will愿意;have to不得不。此处表示允许,故用情态动词may,故
4.A 点拨:句意:——她唱得多好啊!——是的,她有一副非常优美的嗓音。voice嗓音,说话声;sound声音;noise噪音,嘈杂声;laughter笑声。歌唱得好,应该是嗓音美。故选A。
5.B 点拨:句意:今天的报纸上有什么重要的东西吗?something一般用于肯定的陈述句中,anything一般用于否定句、疑问句中。形容词修饰不定代词时,要放在被修饰词之后。故选B。
6.B 点拨:由后一句句意“上面有她的名字。”可知,这本绿色的词典一定是卡拉的。must表示肯定的推测,符合句意;再由belong to后跟人称代词的宾格,人名Carla可作宾语。可知选B。
8.C 点拨:由答语中的“but we're not sure”可知选C。
9.A 点拨:本题用固定短语法解题。 句意:当他看到地面上有一个钱包时,他立刻捡起来了。pick up 捡起,拾起,当后面接代词时通常放在pick与up之间。故选A。
10.A 点拨:本题用固定短语法解题。句意:过去我的故乡非常安静。周围没发生过什么事。不定代词应放在形容词之前,可排除B、D两项;nothing much是固定短语,表示“很少;没有什么”。
11.B 点拨:本题用词义辨析法解题。accept是主观上乐意“接受”; receive是客观情况“收到”; write写;collect收集。 句意:他的家人都很担心他,因为他们很长时间都没有收到他的来信了。故选B。
12.D 点拨:used to do意为“过去常常做……”;be used to doing意为“习惯于做……”。句意:我的父母在工作日习惯早起。主语为复数,故选D。
13.A 点拨:本题用固定短语法解题。句意:——我们能做什么来阻止禽流感的传播呢?——尽量不要买或吃未被检验的鸡肉。prevent ...(from) doing sth.阻止……做某事。
14.B 点拨:sleep睡觉;sleepy困倦的;sleeping睡着的;asleep睡着的。句意:——汤姆今天总是犯困,他昨天晚上熬夜到很晚吗?——是的,他直到11点才睡。由句意可知选B。
15.C 点拨:用固定句式法解题。There must be sb.doing sth.意为“一定有某人在做某事”。
二、16.B 点拨:根据上下文可知,他要住三周,因此用stay,“停留、呆”。
17.D 点拨:根据第三段第一句中的“including his basketball”可知:我的朋友带着一个篮球。故选D。
18.A 点拨:根据语境:听到朋友的呼喊,我没有多想就从床上跳下来,可知选A。
19.C 点拨:根据常识可知:发生火灾时,地板应该烧得很热,故选C。
20.D 点拨:句意:我看不到火,但当我们跑向前门的时候,我能听到大火在我周围发出的巨大噪音。前后是转折关系,故选D。
21.A 点拨:与前文的火灾呼应,虽然看不到火,但能听到火发出的巨大噪音,故选A。
22.B 点拨:根据前文的“我看不见火,但我能听到火在我周围发出的巨大噪音”,可推测出火在墙里,故选B。
23.C 点拨:根据语境可知,我们从房子里跑到前院里,再回头看房子,因此用back,故选C。
24.A 点拨:看到黑烟从旧房子里冒出来,与文章的第一句相呼应,故选A。
25.D 点拨:句意:我们正站在那里看着房子,这时我向下一看,注意到我朋友的包和手提箱……。remember记住;make使,让;expect期待;notice注意到。只有notice符合句意。故选D。
26.A 点拨:句意:我注意到我朋友的所有的包和手提箱整齐地排列在前面的草地上,与line up“排成行”对应,应该用tidily,整齐地。
27.C 点拨:当他觉察到房子着火时,他把所有的东西从房子里拿到草地上,when当……的时候。故选C。
28.A 点拨:根据语境:当他觉察到房子着火时,在提醒我之前,他把他所有的东西从房子里拿到了前面的草地上,warn提醒。可知选A。
29.D 点拨:句意:火灾是从地下室开始的,然后蔓延到墙里,正在燃烧我们站立的地板。故选D。
30.B 点拨:句意:我们出来之后不久,地板和房子的大部分就倒塌了,消防员说我们很幸运。故选B。
三、31. B 点拨:细节理解题。从首段的前三句可知。
32. C 点拨:细节理解题。从第二段的“They were expecting a beautiful show, better than a movie”可知人们期待鲸鱼的表演,也就是看它们的泳姿。
33.B 点拨:词义猜测题。从第三段的“It came in with the waves”以及“Its huge body rested on the sand”可知浪潮退去,鲸鱼留在了沙滩上。
34.C 点拨:细节理解题。从第四段中的“Jake and his family...and made sandwiches and hot tea for the rescuers.”可知杰克和他的家人给救援人员做了吃喝的东西。
35.A 点拨:排序题。通读全文可知鲸鱼最终获救游回大海,故a位于末尾,排除C和D,救援人员到了之后,人们打开车灯给救援人员照明,故d在b之前。
四、A 36.noise 37.express 38.purpose
39.receive 40.belongs
B 41.used to 42.have fun 43.because of 44.belongs to 45.can't be
五、46.F 47.D 48.G 49.E 50.B
My neighbor John lives alone. He had an unbelievable experience.
Three days ago, a huge UFO suddenly landed in front of his house. There might be something visiting him. Then a short alien got out of the strange UFO and knocked at John's window. He was too scared to move away. After a moment the door opened little by little. He saw an ugly alien walking up to him. It can't be a human being. “Help! Help!” John cried loudly, running out of his house. Many neighbors were woken up by the scary noise. The alien noticed him at once. It was chasing after the poor man. At that moment, the rain poured down. Everything disappeared when John turned back. There could be something strange around us.
 Do you believe it or not?
第一段:总,He had an unbelievable experience. 引起下文;
第三段:总,收尾,Do you believe it or not?
Unit 9 过关测试
1.Jessica ______ walking ______ jogging.
A.prefers;than               B.prefers;to
C.would rather;than          D.would rather;to
2. Wang Zulan is known______ people____the popular program Running Man.
A.for; to      B.to; to   C.to; for      D.as; for
3.—What are you doing?
—I met many new words when I read a storybook. I am ______ the words
 in the dictionary.
A.looking up            B.looking around
C.looking like           D.looking after
4. —The radio says there will be a rainstorm this weekend, so we have to cancel the hiking
to Nanshan.
—______ I'm looking forward to it.
A.Never mind.        B.What a pity!
C.My pleasure.        D.No problem.
5. Gina along with her parents______ going to France next week.
A.is B.are C.was D.were
6.It's dangerous for you to go out for a walk in the forest________at night.
A.on business         B.by the way
C.on your own        D.out of the way
7.Now more and more people are paying attention to protecting the environment. So we believe______ there will be less pollution in the future.
A.loudly            B.lovely
C.strongly           D.carefully
8. You're supposed ______ up your room before you go out.
A.to clean           B.clean
C.cleaning           D.be cleaned
9. I am sure Cindy will be able to find the hotel—she has a pretty good ______ of direction.
A.idea             B.feeling
C.experience        D.sense
10. One of______ pieces of music that I have ever heard______ Liangzhu.
A.the most moving; are
B.the most moved; are
C.the most moving;is
D.the most moved;is
11.This is one of the most interesting cities______I have ever visited.
A.who              B.that
C.which             D.where
12.She________a disabled man at last, which made her parents mad.
A.married            B.got marrying
C.had married         D.had been married to
13.Not only____________been to Beijing, but also he lived there for half a year.
A.did he               B.has he
C.have he              D.he has
14.Abing is a musician________is still memorized by people in China and even the world.
A.who music            B.whose music
C.which music           D.that music
15.There are about 2,000 people on the beach______. So it's really crowded now.
A.plenty of              B.once in a while
C.in that case             D.in total
Abing, one of ____16 Chinese musicians of the 20th century, was born on August 17, 1893 in the eastern Chinese city of Wuxi.His official name was Hua Yanjun.
Abing's father was good at a number of musical____17. He trained Abing in drums from the age of 10. Abing began learning the dizi at age 12, then the erhu. When he was 17, Abing first ____18in religious ceremonies, and won acclaim for his musical talent and voice.
After his father's____19 in 1914, Abing along with his cousin took charge of the temple (庙)which supported the family. However, Abing didn't have the____20 to run it well. This drove Abing into poverty(贫穷). However, bad luck never came____21. At the age of 34, he developed a serious illness and became blind. He became ____22and made a living as a street performer.
In 1939, he married Dong Caidi, a country woman in Jiangyin. After his____23,__Abing performed every afternoon in a public square in Wuxi. He became famous for adding news into his music and songs,____24the war with Japan. After the performance, he would walk through the city streets, playing the erhu. This was a period of many works for Abing, and his most famous composition, Erquan Yingyue, was performed in this period. Till today, it ____25 as a classic of Chinese erhu and pipa music.
16.A.important             B.more important
C.most important       D.the most important
17.A.instruments           B.instrument
C.tools               D.materials
18.A.performance          B.perform
C.performing          D.performed
19.A.died  B.dead      C.death    D.being died
20.A.able  B.ability     C.smooth  D.director
21.A.along              B.lonely
C.loneliness         D.alone
22.A.homeless           B.hunger
C.electronic         D.afraid
23.A.marriage            B.marry
C.married           D.getting marry
24.A.specially            B.particular
C.especially          D.pity
25.A.considered           B.thought
C.is treat             D.is regarded
三、阅读理解 (每小题3分,共15分)
Li Mei My favorite book is A Friend like Henry. It's about how a family dog helps a boy deal with his autism(孤独症). When I felt sad, my best friend gave me the book. It cheered me up.
Tony Reading in the holiday is an interesting thing. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is the most interesting book that I have ever read. It's about a captain's travel under the sea. The story is very instructive(有教育意义的) and the pictures are fantastic. This book can make you relaxed.  
 Bob I like reading the Four Great Classical Novels of China although I'm a foreigner from Sydney. I can't wait to tell the story The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It taught me a lot about the three kingdoms(王国) of Wei, Shu and Wu. If you are interested in history, don't miss it.
 Mary In my opinion, The Little Prince is the best one. In this book, a young prince(王子) falls to Earth from a small planet and experiences a lot. It's not only a fiction story, but also tells us about the correct values. 
26.When Li Mei felt______, her friend gave her the book A Friend like Henry.
A.happy B.sad C.bored
27.Tony's favorite book is______.
A.Twenty Thousand Leagues Under  the Sea
B.The Romance of the Three Kingdoms
C.The Little Prince
28.We can learn a lot about ______ from The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
A.traveling B.history C.science
29.Mary thinks The Little Prince is the best because ______.
A.it has fantastic pictures
B.it can deal with her autism
C.it tells about the correct values
30.The best title for this passage is“______”.
A.My Best Friend
B.My Favorite Book
C.My Favorite Movie
Chinese people are getting bigger. More and more Chinese people are overweight. About 23% of the Chinese boys under twenty were overweight, while for girls it was 14%, said a news report in 2013. China was listed as the second most overweight country in the world, after the US.
Part of the reason is our growing economy (经济). Chinese families now make enough money to buy more food, especially fatty food such as meat. In 1980, the average (平均) person in China ate 12 kg of meat. The number increased to 60 kg in 2013. And many people also eat at fast food stores a lot. They take in a lot of fatty food but exercise little. Each year, 2.8 million adults die of illnesses such as diabetes and heart illnesses.
We all need to follow the following healthy lifestyles. To stay in shape, people should eat less sugar and fat. People need to have less candy and red meat, too. Children need to do at least an hour of exercise every day, such as running and playing football on the playground. Many children now take part in special summer camps to lose weight. It's very important for children to grow up happily
31.More and more Chinese______________________.
32.Which country is the most overweight country in the world?
33.What's part of the reason for overweight in China?
36.When I'm down or tired, I prefer movies that can ______________. (cheer短语)
37.—How did you lose your watch?
—A thief stole it and he ran______ fast for me ______ catch up with him.
He promised to help us and he ______ ______ his word.
It seems to me that kids today______ ______ ______ their parents.
40. Most of us like to be ______ (表扬)by others.
A:Hello,this is Laura.May I speak to Cindy?
B:Hi,Cindy speaking.
B:I am watching a film on the Internet.
B:A popular film called Zootopia (《疯狂动物城》).
B:Yes,it's about animals' dreams.I am deeply moved by it.
A:Sounds good.I'll enjoy it when I'm free.
B:I'm sure you'll like it.____44
A:Oh,I found an interesting place to go for a picnic.Want to join us tomorrow?
B:Umm,let me have a look first.____45
A:Sure.Please do remember to give me a reply.
B:OK.Thanks for calling.
A.I hear it's very popular.
B.Is it about animals?
C.What are you doing now?     
D.What film is it?
E.Would you please send its information to me?
F.When do you usually go to the movies?
G.Well,but why do you call me?
假设你是李明。上周日你的班里举行了一次毕业聚会。请根据以下提示,给你的英国笔友 Robert 写一封邮件,向他描述聚会的情况及谈谈你当时的感受。

3.词数 80左右。(邮件的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数)
Hi Robert,
We had a graduation party last Sunday.... 
Do you have such a party? Please write soon.
Li Ming
Unit 9过关测试
一、1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.A
6.C 点拨:用词义辨析法解题。on business 出差;by the way顺便问一下;on your own独
自,自己;out of the way不再挡道。句意:对你来说晚上独自一人在森林里散步是很危险
7.C 点拨:believe strongly 坚信。句意:现在越来越多的人注意保护环境了。所以我们坚
8.A 9. D 10. C
11.B 点拨:用语法判定法解题。the most interesting cities 是先行词,指物并且先行词中有
12.A 13.B 14.B
15.D 点拨:用词义辨析法和语境法解题。plenty of大量的; once in a while 曾经; in that
case 假使那样的话;in total总共。句意:大约共有2,000人在海滩上,因此现在真的很
二、16.D 17.A 18.D 19.C 20.B
21.D 22.A 23.A 24.C 24.D
三、26.B 27.A 28.B 29.C 30.B
四、31.are overweight
32.The US. 点拨:由文中China was listed as the second most overweight country in the world, after the US. 可知。
33.Part of the reason is our growing economy.
34.We all need to follow the following healthy lifestyles. 点拨:第三段主要是围绕“我们都需要遵从健康的生活方式”来写的。
五、36.cheer me up
37.too; to 38.stuck to
39.depend more on
40. praised 点拨:用语法判定法解题。由by一词可知应使用被动语态。
六、41.C 点拨:细节推理题。根据下文I am watching a film on the Internet.可知,这里是说正在网上看一部电影,所以问句应该问“你现在正在干什么?”英语说法是What are you doing now?故选C。
42.D 点拨:根据A popular film called Zootopia(《疯狂动物城》).可知这里是告诉电影的名字,所以问句问的是“什么电影”,英语说法是What film is it?故选D。
43.B 点拨:根据Yes,it's about animals' dreams.可知这里的意思是“是的,是有关动物梦想的电影。”所以问句应该是一个一般疑问句。Is it about animals?符合语境,故选B。
44.G 点拨:根据Oh,I found an interesting place to go for a picnic.Want to join us tomorrow?可知这是打电话的原因,所以问句应该问的是“你为什么给我打电话?”英语说法是Well,but why do you call me?故选G。
45.E 点拨:Sure.Please do remember to give me a reply.的意思是“当然可以,记着给我一个答复。”所以上面的问句应该是一个表示意见或建议的句子,一般可以用Would you please 句型,故选E。
Hi Robert,
We had a graduation party last Sunday.
 Before the graduation party began, all the students in my class couldn't wait to come to the hall. Our teachers and parents were invited to the party, too. First, our monitor made a speech. He thanked our teachers and parents sincerely. Next, we gave presents to each other. The most exciting moment was the show time. We sang, danced and played games. Our English teacher told a story which made all of us laugh.
Everyone was so happy. I think the wonderful party will always be in my mind.
Do you have such a party? Please write soon.
Li Ming
点评:由所给的思维导图,可以很清晰地构建文章的结构。可以采用“细节支撑法”进行写作。先总述晚会,然后第二段分别从时间、地点、人物、事件及聚会感想方面进行细节支撑性描写。Our English teacher told a story which made all of us laugh.定语从句及were invited to被动语态的使用为文章增色不少。
Unit 10 过关测试
限时:60分钟 满分:100分
题号 六  总分
1.Fish can't live ________ water.
A.with                 B.in
C.without              D.of
2.In France you ________put bread on the table.You're not supposed to put it on the plate.
A.shouldn't             B.are supposed to
C.would like to          D.will
3.—Where can I keep these books?
—Here is a box full of bananas.You can ________ it and put the books in it.
A.throw        B.empty
C.sell          D.bring
4.Everybody except Mike and Linda ________ there when the meeting began.
A.are  B.was  C.were   D.is
5.—What a good ________ you've given me! Thanks a lot.
—My pleasure.
A.information         B.news
C.suggestion          D.advice
6.She doesn't understand.________,she is only two years old.
A.After all           B.At all
C.In all             D.For all
7.It is necessary for us students ________ the listening ability.
A.to improve         B.improving
C.improve           D.improves
8.His grandparents are used ________ in the morning.
A.to exercise   B.to exercising   C.exercise   D.exercises
9.I'm very strong,so nothing will make me ________ my mind.
A.change            B.to change
C.changing           D.changed
10.People are expected ________ in Korea when they meet for the first time.
A.to bow            B.bow
C.to bowing          D.bowing
11.This handbook is ________ for us to learn our lessons.
A.great value           B.of valuable
C.of very value         D.of great value
12.—I seldom keep ________ on my computer for more than an hour.
—Is that so?But you seem to be comfortable ________ games on your iPad for hours.
C.to work;playing  
D.to work;play
13.It's very hot here.Why not ________ your coat?
A.take on            B.take off
C.get on             D.put on
14.—Have you seen the TV play My Ugly Mother?
—Yes,it's well worth ________.It's ________ moving that I've seen it twice.
A.seeing;too         B.to see;too
C.seeing;so          D.to see;so
15.—Hello! Mum, long time no see!
—Hello! Mary, are you busy these days? I'm looking forward to________your phone.
A.to answer  B.answering
C.to answering  D.answer
In China,a lot of food is wasted every year and the waste food is enough for 200 million people.The food is ________16 in restaurants,at home and in schools,etc.
In restaurants or at home,people often order or cook ________17food.But they can't eat it up.When they go out of a restaurant,full and happy,they never look back________18 the uneaten food on the table again.Should Chinese consumers (消费者) feel________19for the terrible waste?
In schools,we can often see a lot of students ________20 food away after meals and they only eat the food they like.
Everyone is supposed to have enough food to eat.However,in some places,the food is so little________21 a lot of people died from hunger.Although China has tried hard to solve________22 of hunger over the past thirty years,the job is not finished yet.Food is important to us all.We ________23live without food.So ________24is necessary for us to love food and try to eat up everything on our plates.When we eat in restaurants,we should pack up the leftovers(吃剩的食物).We also need to tell other people to stop ________25food as soon as possible.
16.A.wasted          B.met
C.bought         D.sold
17.A.too many        B.many too
C.too much       D.much too
18.A.in               B.at
C.on             D.up
19.A.interested        B.excited
C.happy          D.sorry
20.A.throw            B.threw
C.thrown         D.to throw
21.A.which           B.when
C.where         D.that
22.A.the problem     B.the question
C.the danger     D.the mistake
23.A.can            B.can't
C.mustn't       D.may
24.A.it     B.he    C.she   D.they
25.A.waste  B.to waste   C.wasting   D.to be wasted
In the USA, it is normal for men to shake hands when they meet, but it is quite unusual for men to kiss when they greet each other.Greetings are casual—a handshake, a smile and a “hello” will do just fine.
The British often simply say “hello” when they meet friends.They usually shake hands only when they meet for the first time.Social kissing,often just a peck (轻吻) on the cheek (脸颊), is common in an informal (非正式的) situation between men and women and also between women who know each other very well.
In Japan, the common greeting for both men and women is to bow when they greet someone, instead of giving a handshake or a hug.
Hungarians like to greet in a friendly way—kiss each other on both cheeks.The most common way is to kiss from your right to your left.When men meet for the first time, a handshake is the norm
In Albania, men shake hands when greeting one another.A kiss on the cheek may be also common if there is a close relationship.Women may shake hands or kiss each other on both cheeks.
In Armenia, by tradition, a woman needs to wait for a man to offer his hand for a handshake.Between good friends and family members, a kiss on the cheek and a hug are also common.
26.How many countries are mentioned in this passage?
A.Four.  B.Five.   C.Six.   D.Seven.
27.In Britain, when two people meet for the first time, they usually ________.
A.hug  B.bow
C.shake hands  D.kiss on the cheek
28.The underlined word “norm” means “________” in Chinese.
A.规范         B.意图
C.象征         D.结果
29.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A.In Japan, hugging is as common as bowing.
B.In Hungary, people usually kiss each other on the cheeks from left to right.
C.In Albania, it is unusual for men to kiss if there is a close relationship.
D.In Armenia, it is necessary for a woman to wait for a man to offer his hand
for a handshake.
30.What's the best title of the passage?
A.Countries and Culture
B.Cultures and People
C.Greeting Customs around the World
D.Body Languages in Different Cultures
31.London is the c________ of England.
32.The fisherman lives on the east ________(海岸).
33.—Do you know about the basic table m________ of America?
—Yes,but only a little.
34.You must know some ________(风俗)before you go to some foreign countries.
35.It's polite to ________(亲吻) the others in public in some countries.
36.The TV program Super Brain(最强大脑) is so fantastic that it is well worth _____
37.Kate is very comfortable ________ (live) with her best friend.
38.People are pretty ________(relax) about time in Colombia.
39.________(gradual),she realized that he wasn't telling her the truth.
40.To our ________(surprised),Lin Tao won first prize in the high jump.
B:Yes, Mum,I finished my homework a few minutes ago.
A:But what are you doing now?
B:________42 I just want to relax myself.
A:Is that also your homework?
B:Not really. But the video is well worth watching,I suppose.
A:You do?________43
B:It's about the Belt and Road(“一带一路”).________44
A:Yes, I've just heard something about that on the radion.Anyway,it may be a little bit hard
for you to understand.
B:A little bit hard? You must be joking. On the video,the conversation between the father
and the daughter explains the topic live and clearly.
A:It does? Can I watch it with you?
B:________45 I promise you'll find it amazing and interesting.
Some etiquette (礼仪)in modern life
Do you often use a cell phone? Do you take the subway to school every day? These items make our modern life easier.But do you know how we should behave properly while using them? The following suggestions might be helpful.
For cell phone users
◆ Keep your voice down when you make a phone call in public.Shouting on the phone may make others feel uncomfortable.
◆ Stop sending messages or playing games with your cell phone at a dinner or a party.It's a good time to communicate(交流)with your family and friends.
◆ Don't make or answer a call while driving.It is not only very dangerous for both you and your passengers but also against the law.
For subway passengers
◆ You are supposed to wait in line while buying tickets and getting on the subway.
◆ You're not allowed to eat,drink or smoke on the subway train.It's our duty to keep the train clean and tidy.
◆ You can't take pets on the train.As we all know,animals may spread diseases(传播疾病)and get the train dirty.
Dos Don'ts
Keep your__46__ down in public. Don't send messages or play games at a dinner or a party.
Don't make or answer__47__ while driving.
__48__ Wait in line.
Keep the train
Don't eat,drink,smoke and __50__ on the train.
参考句型:You are supposed to…/You are not supposed to…;You should/shouldn't…
It's impolite/rude to…;You are allowed to…/You aren't allowed to…;
You can/could/can't/couldn't…
Dear Tom,
Unit 10过关测试
2.B 点拨:句意:在法国,你应该把面包放在桌子上。你不应该把面包放在盘子上。根据句意可知选B。
3.B 点拨:throw 扔;empty 倒空;sell 卖;bring 带来。句意:——我可以把这些书放在哪儿?——这儿有一个盛满香蕉的箱子。你可以把箱子腾空,把书放进去。故选B。
4.B 点拨:本题用语法判定法。句意:当会议开始的时候,除了迈克和琳达,大家都在那儿。except连接两个主语时谓语动词与except前的主语一致,主语为不定代词everybody,故谓语动词用单数形式was。故选B。
6.A 点拨:after all 毕竟;at all(用于否定句)完全;in all 总共;for all 虽然。句意:她不懂,毕竟她只有两岁。故选A。
8.B 点拨:本题用固定短语法。 句意:他的祖父母习惯于早上锻炼身体。be used to doing sth.习惯于做某事。故选B。
10.A 点拨:be expected to do sth.为固定结构,表示“被期望做某事;应该做某事”。
11.D 点拨:be of value=be valuable,value 是名词,不能用very 修饰,故选D。
12.A 点拨:本题用固定短语法。keep doing sth.一直做某事;be comfortable doing sth.轻松地做某事。句意:——我很少一直在我的电脑上工作一个多小时。——真的吗?但是你似乎很轻松地在你的苹果平板电脑上玩好几个小时的游戏
13.B 点拨:本题考查短语辨析。take on 呈现;take off 脱下(衣服);get on 上车;put on 穿上(衣服)。句意:这里非常热。为什么不把你的外套脱了呢?故选B。
14.C 点拨:be (well) worth doing“(很)值得做某事”,是固定用法;so adj.that“如此……以至于”,也是固定用法,选C。
15.B 点拨:look forward to 中的to为介词,后面接动词的-ing形式。
17.C 点拨:many too 无此词组,首先排除;too many后接可数名词复数;too much后接不可数名词;much too后接形容词。food为不可数名词,故选C。
18.B 点拨:考查语境理解与介词辨析。联系上下文可知本句意思应为:当他们吃饱了、很开心地离开饭店时,他们从来不会再回头看桌子上没有吃的食物。look at意为“看”。故选B。
19.D 点拨:联系上下文可知本句是问中国消费者是否应该对自己可怕的浪费行为感到惭愧。故选D。
20.A 点拨:see sb.do sth.意为“看到某人做某事”。故选A。
21.D 点拨:考查语境理解与逻辑推理。句意为:然而在一些地方食物是如此少,以至于很多人死于饥饿。so...that 意为“如此……以至于”。故选D。
22.A 点拨:考查语境理解。根据上下文及实际情况,可知饥饿是个需要解决的问题。problem “问题;难题”,故选A。
23.B 点拨:考查语境理解。句意为:没有食物我们就不能生存。mustn't“禁止”;can't “不能”。由句意可知选B。
24.A 点拨:考查语境理解及固定句式。句意为:因此对我们来说爱食物,尽量吃光我们盘子里的所有食物是有必要的。“It is+adj.+for sb.to do sth.”为固定句型。故选A。
25.C 点拨:考查语境理解及非谓语动词。句意为:我们也需要告诉其他人尽快停止浪费食物。stop doing sth.“停止做某事”。
三、26.C 点拨:细节理解题。文中分别介绍了美国、英国、日本、匈牙利、阿尔巴尼亚和亚美尼亚的一些问候习俗。
27.C 点拨:细节理解题。根据第二段第1、2句“The British often simply say “hello” when they meet friends.They usually shake hands only when they meet for the first time.”可知,英国人第一次见面时通常握手。故选C。
28.A 点拨:词义猜测题。根据第四段内容可知,匈牙利人以一种非常友好的方式问候人,他们彼此亲吻左右脸颊,人们首次见面时要握手,这已经形成一种习惯。所以norm应是“行为规范”之意。故选A。
29.D 点拨:推理判断题。根据短文内容可知:日本人见面相互鞠躬问候;匈牙利人首次见面时握手并从右到左亲吻对方的脸颊;在阿尔巴尼亚,男人之间握手问候,关系亲近的男性也可以亲吻脸颊,女性则彼此握手或亲吻两个脸颊;在亚美尼亚,女性则是等着男性主动伸手握手。故选D。
30.C 点拨:主旨大意题。根据短文内容可知,世界各地的人见面时的问候习俗各不相同,所以文章的主题是关于不同的问候习俗的。故选C。
四、A)31.capital 32.coast 33.manners
34.customs 35.kiss
B)36.watching 37.living 38.relaxed
39.Gradually 40.surprise
五、41.did you finish your homework?
42.I'm watching a video.
43.What is it about?
44.Have you heard anything about that?
六、46.voice 47.a call 48.Subway passengers
49.clean and tidy 50.don't take pets
Dear Tom,
I'm glad to hear you will come to China and stay with us for two days.But the customs in China are different from yours.Let me tell you some.
First,you are supposed to shake hands when you meet someone for the first time.
Then,when you eat dinner with other people,it's impolite to point at others with your chopsticks.
Finally,if you go to a party,you are supposed to arrive at the party on time,or a few minutes earlier.
Have a good trip and I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.
2.be different from;let sb.do;be supposed to;It's impolite to do sth.;have a good trip;be looking forward to doing的使用,恰到好处,使文章结构合理,内容丰富。
Unit 11  过关测试
限时:60分钟 满分:100分
题号 总分
1.The old man prefers to________at home rather than_______to have a picnic.
A.staying;going       B.stay;to going
C.stay;go            D.to stay; go
2.Leo was so ________ that he rushed to the kitchen,hoping to find something to eat.
A.happy  B.hungry   C.tired  D.sleepy
3.—Junior high school days will be over ________ a week.How are you feeling?
—I'm trying to keep my cool because we've been together ________ three years.
A.in;in          B.for;in
C.in;for          D.for;for
4.The show was so funny that it made everyone _______ again and again.
A.laugh             B.laughed
C.laughing          D.to laugh
5.As we know, many successful people never ______ no matter what difficulties they've had.
A.stay up  B.cheer up
C.take up  D.give up
6.—Today's young people can't live without smart phones.
—They keep their hands on the phones wherever they go,even while they _____ meals.
A.have  B.are having
C.were having  D.will have
7.When you walk into the room,you may _______ that it's a home for children.
A.look like  B.sound like
C.feel like  D.taste like
8.My parents expected me to be the best.I don't want to let them down
9.________ running after success, we have a lot of other interesting things to do in our lives.
A.By             B.On
C.Besides         D.Except
10.The ________kids learn to be independent,the ________ it is for their future.
A.early;good          B.early;better
C.earlier;better        D.earlier;good
11.He works at home until ________ every night.
A.latest  B.later
C.lately  D.late
12.I really need to take more exercise because I'm ________ weight.
A.putting off              B.putting on
C.putting down            D.putting away
13.They all ________ Laura about building a museum here.
A.waited for            B.handed in
C.agreed with           D.knocked at
14.—My teachers often encourage me ________ more friends but I find it difficult.
—Your teachers' idea is right.The more friends you make,________ you will be.
A.to make;the more happy
B.to make;happier
C.making;the happier
D.to make;the happier
15.—I believe we will achieve our China Dream earlier if all of us ________.
—I agree.Let's do what we can from now on.
A.pull together  B.have a point
C.pay attention  D.keep our cool
A long time ago, there lived a wise man named Zun-Nun in Egypt. A young man came to visit him and asked, “Teacher, why do you dress in ______16  a way? Nowadays it's necessary to dress neatly(整洁地), isn't  it? Or how will people know you're really a ______17 and wise man?”
Zun-Nun smiled, took a ring from his finger and said, “Young friend, I'll answer your question,  ______18 first do one thing for me. Take this ring to the market. Can you sell it for one chip of gold?”
When the young man looked at Zun-Nun's dirty ring, he thought to ______19, “How will I sell it at that price?”
He ______20 the ring to the vegetable, meat and fish traders and others in the market. But ______21   was willing to pay a chip of gold.
He returned and told this to Zun-Nun. Zun-Nun said, “Now go to the gold shop and show the ring to the owner. Don't give a ______22, and just see how much he will pay.”
One hour ______23, the young man was back.“Teacher, people in the market really didn't know the value of this ring. The gold shop owner ______24 me 1,000 chips of gold.”
Zun-Nun smiled. “That's  the answer to your question, my friend. Someone can't be valued only from his ______25. The ring was a gift from the emperor,”he said.
16.A.so             B.such
C.this          D.that
17.A.special         B.strange
C.common      D.stupid
18.A.until           B.however
C.though        D.but
19.A.him            B.it
C.himself        D.itself
20.A.gave            B.showed
C.sold           D.provided
21.A.nobody         B. neither
C.anyone        D.everyone
22.A.ring              B.idea
C.price            D.reason
23.A.after              B.before
C.ago             D.later
24.A.cost              B.offered
C.spent            D. lent
25.A.words             B.thoughts
C.knowledge        D.dress
One day a rich boy bought a magic mirror.When he got home, he looked sad.He tried to smile and make funny faces, but his face looked still sad.Then he did many happy things, but his face always looked sad.
“Oh, what a terrible mirror! It doesn't work!” he said angrily.
The next day on his way to buy some chocolate, he saw a little girl crying sadly.The rich boy went up to her and asked what happened.The little girl said she couldn't find her parents.“Don't worry.I'll help you,” the rich boy said.So they went to look for them together.Finally they found her parents.They were so thankful for his help.After the rich boy arrived home, he looked very happy.The mirror could show the true feelings of its owner.This was true—the rich boy had helped that little girl so he felt really happy.
26.One day a rich boy bought ________.
A.a magic mirror
B.a normal mirror
C.a small mirror
D.a big mirror
27.The boy's face always looked ________ in the mirror on the first day.
A.happy        B.sad
C.funny        D.tired
28.On his way to buy some chocolate, the rich boy saw ________ crying sadly.
A.a little boy  B.a little girl
C.a little dog  D.a little cat
29.Finally the rich boy ________.
A.lost his parents
B.bought a new mirror
C.helped the little girl find her parents
D.broke the mirror
30.From the story we know the boy was ________.
A.foolish      B.clever
C.helpful      D.stupid
31.The two girls formed a deep f________.
32.I love my t________.We usually play soccer together.
33.Both the king and the queen live in the p________.
34.His teacher didn't k________ him off the team even if he lost the game.
35.The best w________ for us is knowledge not money.
36.Neither my parents nor I ________(be) free because we have a lot of work to do.
37.Please turn off the noisy music.I feel ________(comfortable) when hearing it.
38.The machine ________(examine) before we use it.
39.I want to be a ________(bank) after I graduate from university.
40.The workers are made ________ (work) fourteen hours a day.
A:Alan, did you have a good time at Alice's birthday party last night?
B:Well, yes and no.
B:At first, a girl next to me kept talking loudly when we were eating.________42
A:I agree.Talking loudly while eating isn't polite. ________43
B:After the meal, I came to another room and began to watch a movie on TV.
A:How did you feel about the movie?
B:It was scary.________44
A:So you stopped watching it, right?
B:Yeah, just then Alice came to me and invited me to dance with her.________45 
I really enjoyed myself in the end.
A.What did you do then?
B.I'd rather stay at home.
C.Dancing always makes me excited.
D.That made me want to laugh.
E.What do you mean?
F.Thrillers always make me scared.
G.That made me mad.
How can colors affect our emotions in a room?I will list a few colors, which are the most popular.
Blue is the most often chosen for bedrooms, whether for children or for adults.Because blue can make people relaxed and peaceful.Blue is helpful in having a good sleep, too.
The color green is very peaceful when used in a room.Green is the beautiful color of nature.It is also quiet, calm and full of life.It can transfer(传递) quietness to a room.It is often used as a calming color and in areas where people feel anxious and are in need of energy.
White rooms are wonderful.White is fresh and encouraging.It is important to choose the color wisely because too much white makes an uncomfortable cold quality.White ceilings are able to make the whole room bright.
How colors affect our emotions in a room
Blue It can make people 46.________ and peaceful.
It is helpful in having 47.________.
48.______ It makes people peaceful, quiet and calm.
It is often 49.________ in areas where people feel anxious and are in need of energy.
White White is fresh and encouraging, but too much white will make an uncomfortable 50.________.
参考词汇:on the square(在广场上), get lost, look for her mother, set the bird free。
Looking for Mom
One day Li Ming caught a little bird.He tied it and played with it happily
on the square…
Unit 11过关测试
一、1.C 点拨:本题考查固定搭配。prefer+to do…rather than+do宁愿……而不愿……。句意:这个老人宁愿呆在家,也不愿意去野餐。故选C。
2.B 点拨:本题考查词义辨析。happy 高兴的;hungry 饥饿的;tired 疲劳的;sleepy 困倦的。由伴随状语hoping to find something to eat 可知是Leo饿了,故选B。
3.C 点拨:本题用语法判定法。第一个设空处用的是一般将来时,应用短语“in+时间段”;第二个设空处句子we've been together 用的是现在完成时,应用短语“for+时间段”,表示动作持续的时间,故选C。
5.D 点拨:本题用短语辨析法。stay up熬夜;cheer up振作起来;take up占用;give up放弃。句意:众所周知,许多成功的人从来都不放弃,无论他们遇到什么困难。故选D。
6.B 点拨:本题用语法判定法。句意:他们无论到哪都拿着手机,甚至在吃饭的时候都在玩手机。while引导状语从句时,强调主句和从句动作的同时发生,从句中常用进行时态。故选B。
7.C 点拨:look like 看起来像;sound like 听起来像;feel like 感觉像;taste like 尝起来像。句意:当你走进这个房间时,你可能会感觉到它像是给孩子们的一个家。故选C。
8.D 点拨:考查同义替换。let…down等同于D项,意为“让……失望”。
9.C 点拨:句意:除了追逐成功,在生活中,我们还有很多其他有趣的事情去做。besides指“除了什么之外,(包括除去的部分)还有……”;except指“除了什么之外(不包括除去的部分)”。故选C。
10C 点拨:句意:孩子学习独立越早,对他们的将来越好。“the+比较级,the+比较级”表示“越……,越……”。
12.B 点拨:本题用固定短语法。put on weight发胖。句意:我真的需要多锻炼,因为我在发胖。故选B。
13.C 点拨:本题用短语辨析法。wait for等待;hand in上交;agree with赞同(某人)的观点;knock at敲击。句意:他们都同意劳拉在这儿建一个博物馆的观点。故选C。
14.D 点拨:encourage sb.to do sth.是固定结构,表示“鼓励某人做某事”,the+比较级…,the+比较级…为固定句式,表示“越……,越……”,happy的比较级为happier,所以选D。
15.A 点拨:pull together齐心协力;have a point有道理;pay attention 集中注意力;keep our cool保持冷静。第一句句意:如果我们所有人都齐心协力,我相信我们的中国梦会更早实现。故选A。
二、16.B 17.A 18.D  19.C 20.B
21.A 22.C 23.D 24.B 25.D
三、26.A 点拨:细节理解题。从文中第一句话One day a rich boy bought a magic mirror.可知答案。
27.B 点拨:细节理解题。从文中第一段第二句When he got home, he looked sad.可知答案选B。
28.B 点拨:细节理解题。从文中第三段第一句话The next day on his way to buy some chocolate, he saw a little girl crying sadly.可知答案选B。
29.C 点拨:细节理解题。从文中第三段中So they went to look for them together.Finally they found her parents.可知答案选C。
30.C 点拨:判断推理题。阅读整篇文章后我们可知这位富家小伙其实是一位乐于助人的人,所以最终他体会到了真正的快乐。故选C。
四、A)31.friendship 32.teammates
33.palace 34.kick 35.wealth
B)36.am 37.uncomfortable
38.will be examined 39.banker 40.to work
五、4145 E G A F C
六、46.relaxed 47.a good sleep 48.Green 49.used 50.cold quality
Looking for Mom
One day Li Ming caught a little bird.He tied it and played with it happily on the square while his mom was talking with others.At that time,he saw a little girl crying.A policeman came,and asked her why she was crying.When he learned the girl had got lost and that she was then looking for her mother,he decided to help the girl back home.
Seeing this,Li Ming thought the little bird also wanted to be with its mother.Then Li Ming set the bird free.
As to me,this is a good lesson for protecting animals.
点评:本文运用“4W1H法”描述了李明玩一只小鸟时的所见所想所做,以及作者的感想。一、开篇交代事件主人公:Li Ming…
二、事件发生的时间:One day…
三、事件发生的地点:on the square…
四、事件发生过程:At that time,he saw …
五、事件发生带来的感想:As to me,this is a …。
添彩点:1.文中while his mom was talking …/why she was crying/ she was then looking …等句子描述生动。2.At that time/ Seeing this/ As to me…等结构,使行文流畅,衔接自然。
Unit 12  过关测试
限时:60分钟 满分:100分
题号 总分
1.In cold winter,the temperature in Harbin often remains ________ zero all day.
A.above              B.below
C.over               D.under
2.Mr Brown always makes his class ________ and keeps his students ________ in class.
A.alive;interesting    B.lively;interesting
C.alive;interested     D.lively;interested
3.—Why were you late for school this morning?
—Because my alarm clock didn't go off and I ________.
A.overslept           B.completed
C.changed            D.missed
4.Carl's dad gave_me_a_lift in his car.
A.gave me a gift       B.got to
C.got outside         D.gave me a ride
5.I didn't believe he could drive ________ he told me.
A.once             B.while
C.since             D.till
6.I decided to play a joke ________ my sister ________ April Fool's Day.
A.at;at             B.on;on
C.at;on            D.on;at
7.The shopkeeper said they ________ the shoes ________.
A.have sold out;in my size
B.sold out;of my size
C.had sold out;for my size
D.had sold out;in my size
8.Cindy likes stamps very much.She has collected about two__________stamps from
different countries so far.
A.thousand of         B.thousand
C.thousands of        D.thousands
9.By the end of last week,they ________ the bridge.
A.has completed       B.completed
C.will complete        D.had completed
10.The energy from the sun and wind is very cheap and it will never ________.
A.come out          B.put out
C.carry out          D.run out
11.________ I got to school,Mr.Wang had started teaching.
A.In time            B.On time
C.By the time        D.At that time
12.On Fridays,I often ________ with my sister and watch Running Man at home.
A.show up           B.come up
C.stay up            D.turn up
13.My sister got ________ to John when she was 26 years old.
A.marry               B.to marry
C.marrying            D.married
14.Oh no! I ________ my book in the lab.
A.leave                B.left
C.will leave             D.was leaving
15.Lucy invited me to come to the party,but she herself didn't ________.
A.show around           B.show up
C.come off               D.come up
Surprise plays an important role in our lives.Last term my classmates and I gave our teacher a big ________16.
Our teacher had a bad ________17 and coughed a lot.She could hardly speak.Looking at her pale (苍白的) face, we ________18 the warmth she always gave us.So we decided to do ________19 for her.
Since Christmas was coming at that time, we planned a surprise for her.I made a postcard and wrote “I hope you get ________20 soon.”
During class break, there were some other things on her desk, like candies and cakes.They all came from my classmates.A note was also lying there saying, “Take care, our ________21 teacher.” We hid ourselves in a place where our teacher couldn't ________22 us, waiting for her appearance (出现).
Finally, our teacher came.Seeing the presents on her desk, she smiled.________23 we were not right by her side, we could feel her happiness.Tears (眼泪) ran down her face.And when she looked up again, in front of ________24 were three shining faces smiling back at her.“Thank you,” she whispered (低声地说), holding our hands tightly (紧紧地).
Every one of us ________25 needs help.And to me, the best thing to do is to surprise them and cheer them up.
16.A.box             B.cup
C.surprise        D.present
17.A.cold            B.toothache
C.stomachache    D.headache
18.A.looked forward to
B.looked for
C.thought about
D.looked after
19.A.something        B.anything
C.nothing         D.everything
20.A.fatter            B.worse
C.better          D.best
21.A.unfriendly        B.lovely
C.lazy            D.ugly
22.A.see              B.call
C.ask             D.tell
23.A.And              B.But
C.Though          D.So
24.A.her               B.them
C.him             D.he
25.A.hardly             B.sometimes
C.never            D.always
April Fool's Day is supposed to be a day to play jokes on others in the hope of getting a good laugh and making one feel like a fool.However,in 2011, April Fool's Day was quite different for my mom and me.
That day my friend Jimmy and I were playing a game.I had fallen off a bar(横木) many times in the past without ever having a problem,but that day the simple act of falling to the ground became a nightmare(噩梦).I broke my arm.
Jimmy's dad heard my crying and rushed out to see what was going on.When he saw this,he quickly put me into his truck and then went inside to telephone my mom and let her know he would take me to the hospital.As that day was April Fool's Day,my_mom_was_not_buying_it and really thought all this was a big joke.My mom was finally convinced by Jimmy's mom.When she saw me,she burst into tears because she felt so bad—she originally(起初) thought that was just a big prank(恶作剧).
I guess one could compare this to the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.Since I had pulled pranks before,it was no wonder that my mom didn't believe it.I as well as my mom was made to look like a fool that day.We both learned a valuable lesson.
26.What happened to the writer on April Fool's Day in 2011?
A.He dreamed a terrible dream.
B.He was hurt by Jimmy.
C.He had an accident.
D.He fooled his mom with his friend.
27.Why did Jimmy's dad phone the writer's mom?
A.Because he wanted to play a joke on her.
B.Because he wanted her to go to the hospital to pay the money.
C.Because he wanted to see how deeply she loved her son.
D.Because he wanted to inform her of the accident.
28.What does the underlined sentence “my mom was not buying it” mean?
A.She didn't believe what Jimmy's dad said.
B.She would not like to pay the money.
C.She had no preparation for the bad news.
D.She thought her son deserved (应受) it.
29.Why did the writer mention the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf?
A.Because he thought it was his mom's fault.
B.Because he had a lesson like that.
C.Because he was proud of his story.
D.Because he felt he was luckier than that boy.
30.From the passage we can infer that ________.
A.the writer's mom didn't care much about him
B.the writer was a dishonest person
C.the writer won't pull pranks as before
D.the writer will lose interest in games
31.The president ________(宣布) that the war had stopped.
32.At last the show was________(取消)because of the bad weather.
33.She was ________(尴尬的)when she couldn't answer the question.
34.She ________(错过)the plane.It made her sad.
35.The ________(发现) of a child's body in the river has shocked the community.
36.There is always something ______(expected) in our daily life,so try your best to solve it.
37.When I got into the room,the bell ________ (ring) for many times.
38.Many people ________ (fool) on April Fool's Day in my class last year.
39.What he said is ________ (believe).We can do as he said.
40.By the time I got to the cinema, the movie ________(begin).
A:Hi,Sally.You look very unhappy.What's wrong?
A:What happened?
B:This morning I got up late.When I got to the bus stop,the bus had left.________42
A:Oh,you had to wait for about 20 minutes.
B:Yes,and on the way I found that I had left my keys at home.
B:Right.And when I got to school,I found my classmates weren't at school.They had gone to
help clean up the City Park.But I forgot we were going to do that.
B:Yes,and I had to stay at school the whole morning.When I had a physics class in the
afternoon,I found that I had forgotten to bring my physics homework.
A:That's too bad.________45
B:OK,I will.
A.So you returned home to get your keys?
B.So you missed the chance to be a volunteer?
C.You should be more careful next time.
D.I've had a really bad day.
E.So I had to wait for another bus.
Liu Xu, a boy of 13 years old, was riding home when a man suddenly jumped out from the roadside.He pulled Liu off his bike and took the bike away.Liu was frightened.He didn't run after the man but he called the police at 110.
“Safety comes first in such a situation,” Liu said, remembering what his teacher had told him in his first aid class.“It is not safe to run after a stronger adult.”
Liu is a student at a middle school in Guangdong.His school is one of the first schools in China to have first aid education.All the students in his school must take the class once a week.In those first aid classes, the students can learn how to protect and save themselves in dangerous situations.
Teenage safety has become a serious problem.According to a survey, about 16,000 teenagers die from drowning(溺水), food poisoning(中毒)and traffic accidents every year.So it is necessary for us students to learn more about first aid.
46.How old is Liu Xu? (根据短文内容回答问题)
47.Where is Liu Xu's school? (根据短文内容回答问题)
48.What can the students learn in those first aid classes? (根据短文内容回答问题)
It is not_safe to run after a stronger adult.________
50.In the passage, the underlined word “he” refers to (指)________.
A.The good old days
B.A wonderful ________
完整再作答,例如:你可以写“A wonderful friend”。
统一用Guangming Middle School。
Unit 12过关测试
2.D 点拨:alive 活着的;lively 生动的。由句意可知应排除A和C。interesting 有趣的,常用于修饰物;interested 感兴趣的,常用于修饰人,由keeps his students可知,选D。
3.A 点拨:本题用语境判断法。oversleep睡过头;complete完成;change改变;miss错过。由上文“因为我的闹钟没有响”可知“我”睡过头了。
4.D 点拨:give sb.a lift 意为“捎某人一程”,相当于give sb.a ride/give a ride to sb.。
5.D 点拨:句意:直到他告诉我时,我才相信他能开车。not…till意为“直到……才”。
6.B 点拨:句意:我决定在愚人节跟我的妹妹开个玩笑。play a joke/jokes on sb.对某人开玩笑。
7.D 点拨:宾语从句的动作发生在主句谓语动作之前,所以从句要用过去完成时。in one's size为固定搭配,表示“某人穿的尺码”。所以选D。
8.B 点拨:本题用语法判定法。thousand前有数字修饰时用单数。故选B。
9.D 点拨:本题用题眼法。根据By the end of last week可知,后面的事情是在过去的过去发生的,应用过去完成时,故选D。
10.D 点拨:come out出版,盛开;put out扑灭;carry out执行;run out用尽。句意:来自太阳和风的能源很便宜,且决不会用完。故选D。
11.C 点拨:by the time意为“到……时为止,在……以前”,后常接一般过去时的句子,主句中要用过去完成时。
13.D 点拨:get married to sb.为固定结构,表示“与某人结婚”,所以选D。
14.B 点拨:表示把某物“遗忘”在某地用leave,“我把书落在了实验室”动作发生在过去。故选B。
二、16.C 点拨:考查名词词义辨析。box盒子;cup杯子;surprise惊奇;present 礼物。由文章第一句话:惊喜在我们的生活中起着重要的作用。上学期同学们和我给了我们的老师一个大的惊喜。故选C。
17.A 点拨:have a bad cold患重感冒;have a bad toothache牙疼得厉害;have a bad stomachache肚子疼得厉害;have a bad headache 头疼得厉害。由下文“咳嗽得很厉害”可知我们的老师患了重感冒。故选A。
18.C 点拨:考查动词短语辨析。look forward to期盼;look for寻找;think about想到;look after 照顾。句意:看到她苍白的脸,我们想到了她总是给我们的温暖。故选C。
19.A 点拨:考查不定代词辨析。something某事;anything任何事;nothing没有什么;everything 一切事情。句意:因此我们决定为她做些什么。故选A。
20.C 点拨:考查形容词的比较级。fatter更胖的;worse更差的;better更好的;best最好的。由上文可知老师生病了,肯定是希望老师尽快好起来。故选C。
21.B 点拨:考查形容词词义辨析。unfriendly不友好的;lovely亲切友好的;lazy懒惰的;ugly丑陋的。由上文学生希望老师尽快好起来,所以,他们会称呼“我们亲切友好的老师”。故选B。
22.A 点拨:考查动词词义辨析。see看见;call把……叫做;ask让;tell告诉。由本句中的关键词hide可知是藏到老师看不到的地方,故选A。
23.C 点拨:考查连词词义辨析。and并且;but但是;though尽管;so因此。由语境可知尽管我们没有在她身边,但是我们能感受到她的快乐。故选C。
25.B 点拨:考查副词辨析。hardly几乎不;sometimes有时候;never从不;always 总是。由下文句意:对于我来说,要做的最好的事情就是让他们感到惊喜并振作起来。可知有时候我们每个人都需要帮助。故选B。
三、26.C 点拨:细节理解题。由第二段中…but that day the simple act of falling to the ground…I broke my arm.可知。
27.D 点拨:细节理解题。由第三段第二句When he saw…to the hospital.可知。
28.A 点拨:细节理解题。从画线部分后面“and really…a big joke”可推断出。
29.B 点拨:细节理解题。由最后一段的首句“I guess one could compare this to the story of…”和第二句可知。
30.C 点拨:主旨大意题。通读全文可知,作者得到了一次教训,以后将不会像以前那样搞恶作剧了。
四、A)31.announced 32.canceled
33.embarrassed 34.missed
B)36.unexpected 37.had rung
38.were fooled 39.believable
40.had begun
五、4145 D E A B C
六、46.He is 13 years old.
47.In Guangdong.
48.The students can learn how to protect and save themselves in dangerous situations.
49.dangerous 50.Liu Xu
A wonderful vacation
My parents told me I had been to Qingdao when I was three years old,but I was too young to remember it.Qingdao was so beautiful that my parents decided to go there again with me last summer,so I had a wonderful vacation.We stayed in a hotel which was near the beach.We swam and played volleyball there.And we had seafood in the evening.It was very delicious.We took many photos there and had much fun.
Qingdao is such a beautiful and clean city that we decide to visit it once more in the future.
添彩点:短语too…to…,so…that…,decide to,have much fun,such…that…,once more等的运用,使文章描述生动,可读性强。  
Unit 13 过关测试
限时:60分钟 满分:100分
题号 总分
1.Although he was ________ my opinion, the old professor didn't come up with his own.
A.against            B.on
C.for               D.in
2.— How many girls are there in your class?
—________ them ________ over twenty.
A.A number of;are
B.The number of;are
C.A number of;is
D.The number of;is
3.At present,the price of the houses in Urumqi ______ than before.I can afford ______
 a large one.
A.are cheaper;to buy
B.is cheaper;buy
C.are lower;buy
D.is lower;to buy
4.He knows much about the city because he ________ there many times.
A.goes  B.go
C.has gone  D.has been
5.I paid ¥10 for ________ this morning.
A.4 bottle milks  B.4 bottles of milk
C.4 bottles of milks  D.4 milk
6.Not only ________ dance well, but he sings very well.
A.he does  B.does he
C.does    D.he
7.Please ________ the water when you brush your teeth.
A.take down  B.turn up
C.take away  D.turn off
8.The heavy snow didn't ________ the international airlines.
A.pay attention to
B.add to
C.make a difference to
D.keep to
9.Don't throw away the waste paper.It needs ________.
A.to recycle  B.recycling
C.recycle  D.recycled
10.—The organization WildAid is ________ to protect wild animals.
—It has done a lot so far.
A.cheered up  B.picked up
C.taken up  D.set up
11.We should stop ________ trees at will (随意).
A.cutting off  B.cutting down
C.cutting down on  D.cutting up
12.Many old houses around our school will be ________ down next year and a large green
area will appear.
A.thrown             B.pulled
C.broken             D.put
13.Waste paper must be ________ good use.
A.put                 B.put to
C.to put               D.puts
14.He would like to ________the next Clean-up Day.
A.play with             B.play to
C.play against           D.play a part in
15.I watched TV________ doing my homework last Sunday.
A.instead               B.instead of
C.but                  D.and
March 22nd is World Water Day.It started in 1993.It not only makes us think about the importance of water, but also calls on (号召) us to ________16 and protect water.Today, we're facing terrible water problems.Among them, the wastewater problem is especially ________17.And the subject of World Water Day in 2017 is “wastewater”.
What is wastewater? It is used water.Usually, wastewater comes from homes, ________18, hospitals and so on.It is produced by different kinds of activities, including washing the machines, taking showers and using the kitchen.The rain also ________19wastewater when it is running down the street during a storm.No matter where it comes from, this kind of water is sure to have________20 harmful in it.
________21 must we treat (处理) wastewater? Wastewater has a big influence on our life.It causes both illness for us and pollution for the environment.We must care for our environment and our own________22.
How can we treat wastewater? Different kinds of wastewater need different ways of treatment.Wastewater ________23 homes can be reused.Then there will be ________24 wastewater.Also, factory wastewater has to be cleaned ________25it goes back to nature.
16.A.drink              B.save
C.carry             D.watch
17.A.easy               B.popular
C.small             D.serious
18.A.factories            B.lakes
C.rivers             D.seas
19.A.gets back           B.hands in
C.changes into       D.picks up
20.A.nothing            B.something
C.nobody           D.somebody
21.A.What              B.Who
C.Why             D.How
22.A.work              B.interest
C.health            D.business
23.A.on               B.for
C.with            D.from
24.A.less              B.more
C.better           D.worse
25.A.and              B.whether
C.after            D.before
Switzerland(瑞士) is one of the most developed countries in Europe.It is famous as one of the cleanest countries in the world.
The Swiss(瑞士人)think that recycling is very important.The government has made laws which require everyone to recycle.In 1998, the Swiss government passed a law which says that people cannot throw away any electronic machines.Instead,people are told to bring old ones,such as televisions,computers and fridges, to special centers when they don't need them.Many parts of the old machines are reused, and only the parts that can't be used are thrown away.
The government also charges(收费) a rubbish bag tax(税).If people want their rubbish to be collected, they must buy yellow stickers(张贴物) and put them on their rubbish bags.In 2003, 47% of all rubbish in the cities was recycled.This included 70% of paper, 95% of glass, 71% of plastic bottles and 85—90% of cans.Until recently, people can get a small amount of money when they recycle their bottles.Recycling has become a daily habit for the Swiss.
Everyone should learn from the Swiss, and our country will be clean like Switzerland.
26.According to the passage,Switzerland is famous for ________.
A.its food            B.its watches
C.its environment      D.its laws
27.How much rubbish in the cities was recycled in 2003?
A.About 70%.         B.95%.
C.47%.               D.85—90%.
28.What can people do according to the law?
A.Bring old computers to special centers.
B.Reuse the parts of the old machines that can't be used.
C.Throw away electronic machines.
D.A and C
29.How can people in Switzerland get a small amount of money?
A.Put yellow stickers on their rubbish bags.
B.Recycle their bottles.
C.Bring old electronic machines to special centers.
D.Have a good habit.
30.The best title of the article is ________.
A.One of the Cleanest Countries in the World
B.The Swiss Government
C.Recycling in Switzerland
D.Learning from the Swiss
31.There is a lot of ________ (垃圾) in the park.It's so dirty.Let's clean it up.
32.Jim wants to buy a new iPhone.It will ________(花费) him more than 5,000 yuan.
33.We should find our ________(优点).We are all great.
34.People should use less ________(塑料).It's bad for our environment.
35.Careless driving has caused many ________(交通) accidents in the past few years.
36.The building was surrounded by a ________(wood) fence.
37.He came up with a ________ (science) method of solving the problem.
38.You can see many famous ________(work) in the museum.
39.We ________(make) model planes these days.
40.Many man-made satellites________(send) into space so far.
A:Hi,Janet.Would you like to help save the environment?
B:I don't know.________41
A:Well,first,you can start by turning off the lights.
B:Yes,that's easy.Sometimes I turn on the lights without thinking.What's next?
A:Second,________42.Don't take a bus or a taxi if you don't have to.
B:That will save money,too.What's else?
B:Mm,newspapers,magazines,mail…We get a lot of paper at home.Good idea!
A:The fourth idea is turning off the shower when you're not using it.
B:You mean when I have shampoo in my hair?
A:Yes.Get wet.________44Put the shampoo in your hair and then turn on the shower and
wash it out.
A:Yes,it will help a lot.
A.What can I do?
B.Turn off the shower.
C.don't use plastic bags
D.try to recycle paper
E.You can try to reuse waste water.
F.you can ride a bicycle
G.Will that help the environment?
Chinese President Xi Jinping urged development of the country's forestry (林业) while attending a voluntary tree planting in Beijing.Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, visited an afforestation (植树造林) site in Beijing's Daxing District and planted six saplings (树苗) of different varieties at the site on April 5th, 2016.
Other top leaders, ____A____ Premier Li Keqiang as well as Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan and Zhang Gaoli, also attended the event.
President Xi ____B____ on officials at all levels to take the lead in voluntary tree planting campaigns (活动) to promote (促进) the new development concepts with their own practices.
Also, he called for proper management of planted trees ①and, more, to, living, greener, make, environment, beautiful, people's.
The president called for an altruistic (无私的) and down-to-earth spirit for such activities, citing (引用) the Chinese proverb ②“People_plant_trees_so_their offspring_(后代)_can_enjoy_the_shade.”
Xi told officials, volunteers and school children present that Mao Zedong issued (发布) the call of “greening the country” 60 years ago, and the National People's Congress (代表大会) began the tree planting campaign 35 years ago at the behest (请求) of Deng Xiaoping.
Over the years, China's forests have continued to grow at the fastest pace in the world this century, Xi noted.The president also stressed the environmental protection drive.
任务一:请在文中A、B两处的横线上填入适当的单词 (每空一词)
46.A.________  B.________
任务四:请回答问题:What did Mao Zedong issue 60 years ago?
参考词汇:pandas,golden monkeys,be friendly to,top task,make laws to stop killing,protecting zones,live in their own ways,raise money to…
Unit 13过关测试
2.D 点拨:句意为:——你们班里有多少个女生?——她们的数量超过二十。a number of…意为“许多……”,后接可数名词复数,谓语动词用复数形式。the number of…意为“……的数量”,当它作主语时,谓语动词用单数。故选D。
3.D 点拨:考查形容词比较级和动词固定搭配。句意:现在,乌鲁木齐市房子的价格比以前低 , 我可以负担得起买一套大房子。价格低用low,首先排除A、B两项;the price of 作主语谓语动词用单数,又可排除C选项。afford to do sth.负担得起做某事。故选D。
4.D 点拨:本题用题眼法。由many times 可知应用现在完成时;has been表示“去过(回来了)”。故选D。
5.B 点拨:milk是不可数名词,不能直接与数词连用,也不能变复数;表示“……瓶……”要用“数词+bottle(s)+of+名词”,所以选B。
6.B 点拨:本题用固定句式法。not only…but also 连接两个分句且not only 位于句首时,第一个分句中的主语和谓语要部分倒装。故选B。
7.D 点拨:take down写下;turn up调大;take away带走;turn off关掉。句意:当你刷牙时请把水关掉。所以选D。
8.C 点拨:pay attention to注意;add to 增加;make a difference to对……产生影响;keep to坚持。句意:这场大雪没有对国际航空公司产生影响。所以选C。
9.B 点拨:本题考查need作实义动词的用法。need作实义动词时,可接代词、名词、动词不定式或动词的-ing形式,need doing=need to be done表示“某事需要被做”。
10.D 点拨:cheer up (使)振作;pick up捡起;take up开始从事;set up建立。句意:——“野生动物救援协会”这个组织成立的目的是保护野生动物。——到目前为止,它已经做了大量的工作。
11.B 点拨:本题用短语辨析法。cut off 切断;cut down砍倒;cut down on减少;cut up切碎。句意:我们应该停止随意砍伐树木。故选B。
14.D 点拨:本题用短语辨析法。play against与……对抗;play with与……玩;play a part in在……起作用。句意:他想在下个清洁日发挥作用。根据句意,故选D。
15.B 点拨:本题用语法判定法。instead of是短语介词,意思是“代替;而不是”,它后面一般接名词、代词、动名词等;instead单独使用时,是副词,意思是“代替;顶替”。本句后面跟的是动名词,故选B。
二、16.B  17.D 18.A 19.C 20.B 21.C 22.C 23.D 24.A 25.D
三、26.C 点拨:细节理解题。根据语句It is famous…in the world.可知瑞士以环境而著名。故选C。
27.C 点拨:细节理解题。根据第三段语句In 2003, 47% of all …was recycled.可知答案为C。
28.A 点拨:细节理解题。由第二段语句…the Swiss government …electronic machines.可知答案不选C与D;由 Instead,people are told …need them.可知答案选A。
29.B 点拨:细节理解题。根据第三段语句Until recently, people can …their bottles.可知答案为B。
30.C 点拨:主旨大意题。该短文从It is famous…in the world.开始,其后两段主要围绕着瑞士的垃圾和废弃物再利用而进行讲述,所以最好的题目应选C。
四、A)31.litter 32.cost 33.advantages
34.plastic 35.traffic
B)36.wooden 37.scientific
38.works 39.are making
40.have been sent
五、4145 A F D B G
六、46.A.including B.called
47.to make people's living environment greener and more beautiful
49.Greening the country.
50.President Xi Jinping calls for forestry development.
The earth is not only the home of people,but also that of all animals.But some people kill the rare animals,such as pandas,golden monkeys and so on for money.There are more and more animals in danger at present.
Luckily,people have begun to help protect animals.They make laws to stop killing,and even raise money to help animals live in their own ways.
Let's do more things to protect animals.It's really a meaningful thing to help protect animals.
点评:本文运用了“四层分析法”对动物与人类的关系,及它们目前所面临的困境进行了描述,指出了解决问题的途径,并对未来情况表达了乐观的愿望。第一层:The earth is not only…第二层:But some people kill …第三层:Luckily,people…第四层:Let's do more things to protect …。
1.“The earth is not only…”点明主旨。
2.在“But some people kill …”句中,由But引入濒危动物目前所处环境,用such as…,and so on等词汇列举实例,过渡自然。
3.用“help protect animals,raise money to”等表达正在发生的改变,准确生动。
4.“Let's do more things to…”呼吁人们采取更多措施保护濒危动物。
Unit 14 过关测试
限时:60分钟 满分:100分
题号 总分
1.—Will you fix up the machine according to the ________,David?
—No problem.
A.instructions         B.inventions
C.invitations          D.interviews
2.—I feel very happy that I have won the prize.
A.Good luck          B.Best wishes
C.Congratulations      D.The same to you
3.—Mr Ling, I have some difficulty ______ the article.
—Remember ________ it three or four times at least.
A.to understand; reading
B.understanding; reading
C.understanding; to read
D.to understand; to read
4.—Who is the person you admire the most?
—Qian Xuesen, the Father of China's Missiles.He is the ________ of China.
A.leader              B.pride
C.voice              D.courage
5.Don't ________these past things.I think you should cheer up.
A.look back at         B.look down upon
C.look forward to       D.open up your eyes
6.When you are in trouble,it's better to ________.
A.keep your cool        B.keep down
C.keep sad             D.keep crying
7.There is no difficulty that can't be ______ in the world.
A.beat                    B.get into
C.win                     D.overcome
8.—Who was responsible ________ the accident yesterday?
—The driver.He drank too much.
A.on  B.for  C.at   D.with
9.He ________ at eight this morning and reached Beijing at twelve.
A.set up                   B.set out
C.sets up                  D.sets out
10.Everyone may feel time ________ very quickly when they do something interesting.
A.go by                  B.to go by
C.go through              D.to go through
11.—Would you like some cakes,Allen?
—Yes,please.And I also want some water.I'm so ________!
A.lazy                   B.hungry
C.sleepy                 D.thirsty
12.Look! There are some birds ________ in the sky.They are very beautiful.
A.to fly                 B.fly
C.flying                D.flown
13.We should ________ white clothes from dark clothes before washing.
A.separate              B.prevent
C.protect               D.divide
14.Our government has tried many ways to ________ the smog and haze(雾霾)
problem.Maybe we'll have a clear sky in the near future.
A.put away              B.work out
C.come up               D.take off
15.—I'm sorry,sir.I can't finish the work on time.
—Never mind.________,the work is quite difficult.
A.At least                B.For instance
C.After all                D.First of all
The night of graduation,I was afraid.Two hundred people were sitting out there.I felt tense (紧张)and I wanted to run away,______16 I couldn't! After all,my own children were sitting in front of me with many other persons.I couldn't be a coward(懦夫) before ______17.
When I ended the speech,I was ______18 at the cheering.And I will never forget the first time I received the cheering in my life.
Flowers arrived ______19 my brothers and sisters.My husband gave me silk roses.The reporters came with ______20 ,recorders and lots of questions.There were tears, hugs and congratulations.
Sometimes,I sit down and ______21 the tape of my graduation speech.I hear myself say to the audience,“Don't give up your ______22 in life.Anything can happen if you believe.It means hard work,but ______23 sure that you can do it,with God's help.”
And then,I remember mother's ______24 to me,a young girl,“Hurry,Gin,you'll be late for school.”
Yes,Mom,I was late ______25 school,but it was sweeter for waiting.I only wish you and Dad could have been there to see your daughter and granddaughter in all their show and speech.
16.A.and              B.then
C.so              D.but
17.A.them             B.themselves
C.him            D.himself
18.A.worried           B.worrying
C.surprised        D.surprising
19.A.at               B.in
C.to              D.from
20.A.books            B.newspapers
C.cameras         D.cars
21.A.put up            B.put down
C.put on           D.put off
22.A.speech            B.ideas
C.dreams          D.love
23.A.let             B.take
C.get           D.make
24.A.shout           B.shouting
C.call           D.calling
25.A.to               B.for
C.of             D.with
Tessa is now 18 years old.She's leaving her school soon.She remembers her time at school very well.Some of it is good but some of it brings back bad memories.Good or bad,they are unforgettable memories for her.
My First Day
I'll never forget my first day at primary school.I remember there was a funny smell in the school and I felt really nervous.We were assembled (集合),and the head teacher was introducing himself.A girl next to me started asking me questions about my shoes!I wanted to listen to the head teacher but I didn't want to be rude to my new friend.So,I told her about my shoes.Suddenly the head teacher looked at me with an angry face.“Be quiet when I am speaking! Go and stand in the corner.”I felt so stupid.
My First Teacher
I remember her name was Mrs.Simpson and she was our music teacher.She was really pretty and had a lovely smile.She had a soft voice and always wore the same sweater! She seemed so nice after that terrible head teacher.
Sports Day
Sports Day was the best day of the year! I used to practice for the running race and one year I actually won! I used to cheer my friends on when they ran their races too.
My Nickname (绰号)
Everyone in the class had a nickname.Some of the nicknames were funny and some weren't very nice.There was a really thin girl who was called “spider legs”.I remember they used to call me “mushroom head”, because my hair stuck out (突出) on either side.It made a lasting impression on me.Not a good one.
26.According to the passage,which of the following is true?
A.Tessa seemed to like her music teacher better than her head teacher.
B.Tessa was very happy on her first day at primary school.
C.Tessa never won in the running races.
D.Tessa liked her nickname.
27.Tessa felt stupid on her first school day because ________.
A.she was rude to her new friend
B.she didn't listen to her head teacher
C.she didn't answer her new friend's question
D.she made the head teacher angry and was punished
28.We can infer(推测) that ________.
A.Tessa's head teacher was funny
B.Tessa's music teacher was good at dancing
C.Tessa was good at sports
D.Tessa's classmates were bad enough
29.What does the underlined word “mushroom” mean?
A.房间  B.蘑菇
C.核桃  D.榴莲
30.Which can be the best title of the passage?
A.School History  B.School Memories
C.School Courses  D.School Education
31.I think she can ________ (克服) the difficulties.She is a brave girl.
32.My brother ________(毕业) last year.
33.Lily made a ________(调查) about what we did after school.
34.Can you finish the ________ (任务) on time?
35.Look at little Tom.He acts like a ______(绅士).
36.David wants to be a ________(manage) when he grows up.
37.Lily along with her friends always ______(make) a mess in the house when they
play games.
38.You should be ________(thank) to the people who helped you.
39.Jane is a ________(care) girl.She is always ready to help others.
40.________(one) of all,you should prepare some waste bottles.
A:Hey,Lisa! My friends and I were just sharing memories of junior high school.
A:It's so cool.I think it has been fun.Do you think so?
B:Yeah! I've enjoyed every year of junior high school.
B:Of course,I do.One of my memories is just I lost my watch in Grade 7.________43
A:Did you find it at last?
B:________44 Sam helped me find it.I was so thankful.
A:Oh,I remember my P.E.teacher best.
A:Mr.King.He gave us clear instructions so that we'd be safe when playing sports.
B:I think he was really perfect.
A.It made me quite sad.
B.Who was your P.E.teacher?
C.Do you have any special memories?
D.No,I didn't.
E.What do you think of the school life?
F.Yes,I did.
G.It was wonderful.
The Double ninth Festival(重阳节) is a special day for older people in China. On this holiday,younger people usually show love and respect for older people.
Respecting_older_people_is_a_tradition_in_China.There are many ways in which Chinese people express their respect.When an older person ____a room,everyone stands up. People are introduced from the oldest to the youngest.When we present a book to an older person, two hands are used. Young people always offer their seats to older people on a crowded subway or bus.
In western countries,however, older people seldom think they are old. They are called “seniors” instead of “old people”. They'd rather do everything themselves.Even after retirement(退休),they take on hobbies, part-time jobs and new activities to keep their bodies working well.
Westerners respect their older people, too.Seniors usually take trains and buses for free.They are given discounts(折扣)in stores and restaurants.
But western seniors don't often live with their children—they live ____.For holidays, the family usually gather at the grandparents' homes. A great smile and a warm hug for their parents are enough for children to show their respect.
46.①__________ ②__________
47.Seniors don't need to pay when they take trains or buses.
49.How many ways of respecting older people in China are mentioned in the passage?
50.What do older people in western countries often do after they retire?
在你的成长过程中,一定有人陪伴你、帮助你、影响你、感动你,让你能够健康快乐地成长。请以“Growing up with…”为题,用英语写一篇短文。
Unit 14 过关测试
一、1.A 点拨:考查词义辨析。instruction说明;invention发明;invitation邀请;interview采访。句意:——你能根据说明书修理这台机器吗,戴维?——没问题。所以选A。
2.C 点拨:Good luck 祝你好运;Best wishes 致以最美好的祝愿;Congratulations 祝贺你;The same to you 你也一样。根据上一句“我为我获奖感到非常高兴。”可知答案是C。
3.C  点拨:本题用固定短语法。句意:——凌先生,我很难理解这篇文章。——记住至少要读它三到四遍。have difficulty (in) doing sth.做某事有困难; remember to do sth.记得去做某事。故选C。
4.B 点拨:考查名词辨析。leader领导人;pride骄傲,自豪;voice嗓音;courage 勇气。答句句意:钱学森,中国导弹之父。他是中国的骄傲。故选B。
5.A 点拨:本题用语境判断法。look back at回忆;look down upon轻视;look forward to期望;open up one's eyes 开阔某人的视野。由下文“我认为你应该振奋起来”可知别回忆这些过去的事情了。故选A。
6.A 点拨:keep one's cool保持冷静;keep down 卧倒;keep sad保持悲伤;keep crying一直哭泣。句意:当你处于困境时,最好保持冷静。
7.D 点拨:beat打败;get into进入;win获胜;overcome克服。句意:世界上没有克服不了的困难。
8.B 点拨:本题考查固定搭配。be responsible for对……负责。
9.B 点拨:由reached可知为一般过去时,故排除C和D,再由语境可知是表达“早上8点出发”,故选B。
10.A 点拨:feel为感官动词,主动语态中接动词原形作宾补,排除B和D项。go by(时间)流逝;go through仔细检查。句意:当做有趣的事情时,大家可能都会感觉时间过得很快。故选A。
11.D 点拨:本题用语境判断法。lazy懒惰的;hungry饥饿的;sleepy困倦的;thirsty口渴的。由上文“我也想要一些水”可知“我”口渴了。选D。
12.C 点拨:本题用固定句式法。句意:看!天空中有几只鸟正在飞翔,它们非常美丽。固定句式:There is/ are sb./ sth.doing sth.有某人/某物正在做某事。故选C。
13.A 点拨:句意:我们在洗衣服前应该把白色衣服和深色衣服分开。separate…from…把……与……分开。
14.B 点拨:put away放好;work out解决;come up发生;take off 脱下。句意:我们的政府已经尝试用多种方法解决雾霾问题,我们可能会在不久的将来拥有明朗的天空。
15.C 点拨:句意:——对不起,先生,我不能按时完成这项工作。——没关系,毕竟这项工作很难。at least至少;for instance例如;after all毕竟;first of all首先。
二、16.D 点拨:由下文“毕竟我自己的孩子们和许多其他人正坐在我面前。”可知“我感到紧张并且我想要逃离,但是我不能”。but表示转折。
17.A 点拨:before是介词,后接代词宾格形式。根据上文的意思,可知应用them。
18.C 点拨:be surprised at…对……感到惊讶,固定搭配。
19.D 点拨:根据整段意思,可知“我”演讲之后“我”的兄弟姐妹们给我献花。
20.C 点拨:根据本句意思,可知“记者带着相机录音机和许多问题过来(采访我)”,故选C。
21.C 点拨:句意:有时,我坐下来并播放我毕业演讲的磁带。put on 播放。
22.C 点拨:根据上下文可知是不能放弃梦想。
23.D 点拨:固定搭配make sure 确保。
24.D 点拨:shouting 叫喊,不符合句意;calling 呼唤,带有感情色彩,符合句意。故选D。
25.B 点拨:固定搭配be late for…迟到。
三、26.A 点拨:细节理解题。根据文章第四段第二句可知C项描述不符,排除C;根据文章第五段最后两句可知D项也不符,排除D项。根据文章第二段最后一句可知B项也不符,故选A。
27.D 点拨:细节理解题。根据文章第二段可知是因为她让校长生气并且她受到了惩罚。
28.C 点拨:细节理解题。根据第二段第七句到段末可知A项描述错误,排除A;根据第三段可知B项描述错误;根据第四段可知C项描述正确;通读全文可知D项错误。
29.B 点拨:词义猜测题。 根据文中语句“because my hair stuck out (突出) on either side”可知选B。
30.B 点拨:主旨大意题。本文主要讲述了Tessa回忆学校生活中的一些难忘的事情,故选B。
四、A)31.overcome 32.graduated
33.survey 34.task 35.gentleman
B)36.manager 37.makes
38.thankful 39.caring 40.First
五、4145 E C A F B
六、46.①enters ②alone
47.Seniors usually take trains and buses for free.
50.They take on hobbies, part-time jobs and new activities.
Growing up with my father
My father always loves me and tries to help me.
When I was seven years old,I started my primary school.I had to get up early and did homework every day.I was so tired that I didn't like to go to school.Then my father told me a lot of stories on my way to school and he also helped me to plan my time.Day by day,I knew the importance of learning,and became interested in reading books.
No matter what difficulties I meet,my father is by my side.So I will love my father forever.
添彩点:so…that…句式的运用,短语day by day,the importance of learning,become interested in doing sth.,no matter及by my side的使用,使文意丰富,意味隽永。
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