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5Y k J. c oM
Unit 1 测试
(限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. We had a football match yesterday. Our fans cheered us on ________ and we felt more confident.
A. slowly  B. loudly  C. nearly  D. carelessly
2. He didn't use to be active in school, but now he gets lots of ________.
A. choices   B. food  C. attention  D. problem
3. I don't know ________ next.
A. how can do   B. what can do C. how to do   D. what to do
4. —I haven't got a partner ________.
—Maybe you can ask John for help.
A. work with   B. to work C. to work with   D. working with
5. —________ did you tell Mary about the story?
—By ________ an e­mail.
A. How; send   B. How; sending C. What; send   D. What; sending
6. As we all know, the Silk Road ________ China ________ the west in ancient times.
A. connected; to   B. connected; of C. connected; on   D. connected; for
7. —How do you improve your English?
—________ you speak, ________ your English will be.
A. The less; the more   B. The more; the better
C. The less; the better   D. The more; the less
8. ________ the truth made him ________ say a word.
A. Discovering; too excited to B. Discover; too exciting to
C. Discovering; so excited that D. Discovering; so exciting to
9. ________ you can have a good future ________ your hard work today.
A. Whether or not; depend on B. If or not; depends on
C. Whether or not; depends on D. If or not; depend on

10. —What about going to Shanghai Disneyland Park next month, Harry?
—________! We'll have a lot of fun there.
A. Good luck   B. Never mind C. Sounds great   D. Certainly not
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
The first day of school a new classmate touched my shoulder, “Hi! I'm Rose. I am 87 years old. Can I give you a hug?” I turned around and found a little ________11 lady with a warm smile. I said heartily, “Of course! ” 
“________12 are you in college at such an age?” I asked.
She joked, “I'm here to meet a rich husband, get ________13, have children, and then travel around. ”
“You're seriously expecting me to believe that?” I said.
“I always ________14 of having a college education and now I'm getting one! ” she told me.
Over the year, Rose became an icon(偶像) and she easily made friends. She loved to dress up and she enjoyed the ________15 of the others. At the end of the term we invited Rose to our football party. I'll never forget what she said.
“We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing. Here are the ________16 to staying young. You have to laugh and find humor every day. You've got to have a dream. When you ________17 your dreams, you die! There's a huge difference ________18 growing old and growing up. Anybody can grow older. That doesn't take any talent or ability. But ________19 requires finding the opportunity in change. Have no regrets. ”
One week after graduation that year, Rose died peacefully in her sleep. She taught us by example that it's never too ________20 to be all you can possibly be.
11. A. old   B. young   C. big    D. small
12. A. How   B. When   C. Why   D. What
13. A. married   B. dressed   C. lost   D. mad
14. A. told   B. heard   C. reminded   D. dreamed
15. A. question   B. attention   C. relation   D. emotion
16. A. secrets   B. stories   C. reasons   D. results
17. A. have   B. find   C. take   D. lose
18. A. in   B. on   C. between   D. among
19. A. stopping playing   B. having a dream
C. growing older   D. growing up
20. A. early   B. late   C. young   D. small
三、阅读理解 (每小题3分, 共15分)
Not only kids of Tiger Moms go to Harvard.
Dawn Loggins of Lawndale, N. C. , is on her way to Harvard, one of the eight world­famous universities in the eastern US. Nobody encouraged her to study or paid for her special classes. This girl created her own future.
The teen was abandoned by her family last summer, when her parents and two sisters moved to Tennessee. She found herself homeless and had to spend the night on friends' sofas.
The school bus driver learned about Dawn's situation and invited Dawn to move in with her family. Soon, Dawn had a job at Burns High School. She worked from 6 a. m. to 7:40 a. m. before the first school bell rang. She swept floors and picked up trash again in the afternoons, before diving into her studies in the evenings.
Dawn's hard work paid off. She finished school with a 3. 9 GPA and scored 2,110 on the SAT.
“There were times when I felt like it would be easiest if I gave up, ” the 18­year­old said. “But it was never in me to give up, because I realized that I was never going to be successful unless I got an education. ”
Even before Dawn's family left her, she led a difficult life. Her family was poor and cups of noodles were often the only food. Dawn “studied by candlelight” because her parents couldn't afford to pay the electricity bill(电费).
Dawn has now reconnected with her family. They're proud of her accomplishments(成就) and are attending her high school graduation.
21. Why didn't Dawn give up her studies?
A. To reconnect with her family.
B. To thank those who had helped her.
C. To get an education to be successful.
D. To realize her dream of going to Harvard.
22. Who helped Dawn when she found herself homeless?
A. Her teachers.   B. Her neighbors.
C. A Tiger Mom.   D. A school bus driver.
23. What does the underlined word “abandoned” mean in Chinese?
A. 宠爱   B. 抛弃   C. 鼓励   D. 虐待
24. Which of the following words best describes Dawn?
A. Open­minded.   B. Good­natured.
C. Strong­willed.   D. Warm­hearted.
25. What's the best title of the text?
A. Another Harvard girl   B. A girl in candlelight
C. From homeless to Harvard D. The role of Tiger Moms
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
26. The nurses in the hospital take good care of their ________(病人).
27. I read English aloud every morning to improve my ________(发音).
28. The students are having a ________ (化学) class in the lab.
29. You can expect to learn some interesting words and ________(句子) by talking with him.
30. If you want to speak English well, you need to have ________(谈话) as much as possible with  your friend.
31. I'm so lucky to have James as my p________ to work together.
32. John kept that s________ from his parents.
33. Don't forget to r________ your lessons after class.
34. Without k________, you may have no chance to achieve success.
35. Sorry, but I didn't quite catch what you said. Would you please r________ your phone number?
五、任务型阅读(每小题3分, 共15分)
The Future of Chinese
Do you know that one fifth of the planet speaks Chinese? About 873 million people speak ① it at home in China. Outside China, people in Singapore, Malaysia and some other Asian countries also speak Chinese.
That makes Chinese the most widely used first language in the world.
in, Chinese,_schoolchildren,_UK,_the,_are,_USA,_and,_learning(. )
In the future, people will speak Chinese as an international language because China is becoming a very important country in the world.
Many_foreigners_visit_China,_and_many_countries_trade_China. China is a world leader, and so many people will learn Chinese and speak Chinese as an international language.
36. 写出文中①处画线代词所指内容。
37. 将文中②处画线句子翻译成汉语。
38. 将文中③处画线内容连词成句。(标点符号已在括号内给出)
39. 文中④处画线句子有一处错误, 改正、将正确的句子抄写在横线上。
40. Why does the writer think Chinese will be an international language?
目前很多学生整天都忙于学习, 成绩却不理想。请根据表格内容, 结合自身实际, 写一篇关于“怎样提高学习效率”的短文。
学习方法 1. listen to the teacher     2. take notes   
3. review in time         4. correct mistakes…
体育锻炼 1. exercise…
其他方面 1. make good use of time
2. ask sb. for help…
  要求:1. 短文应条理清楚, 行文连贯, 段落分明, 90词左右。(开头结尾已给出, 不计入总词数)
2. 短文应包括全部信息, 可围绕主题适当发挥。
How to improve our study effectively
A great number of students can't finish their tasks, which leads to bad results and makes them less interested in their study. How can we solve the problem? Here are some suggestions.
If you follow the advice that I have mentioned above, you will be successful.
Unit 1测试
一、1. B
2. C 点拨:choice选择;food食物;attention注意,关注;problem问题。由前一分句句意“他以前在学校不积极”和表转折的but一词可知,他现在得到很多关注,故选C。
3. D 点拨:疑问词what+to do可作know的宾语,而疑问词how+不定式作宾语时,do后面还需加上it/that等。
4. C 5. B 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. C
二、11. A 点拨:此处是对人物的描述,结合87岁可知是old“老的”。故选A。
12. C 点拨:由下面罗斯开玩笑的话语I'm here to meet a rich husband…,可知罗斯开玩笑说她来这儿的目的是找个有钱的丈夫等等,因此本句是在询问原因。故选C。
13. A 点拨: 前面“找丈夫”,后面是“生孩子”,承上启下的事件应该是“婚姻”。故选A。
14. D 点拨:由后一分句now I'm getting one!可知,罗斯现在即将实现梦想;因此以前是有这样的梦想。故选D。
15. B 点拨:由She loved to dress up(她喜欢打扮)可以判断,她应该也喜欢引起人们的“关注”。故选B。
16. A 点拨:由前面“因为停止玩耍,我们才变老。”可知,玩耍是保持年轻的“秘密”。故选A。
17. D 点拨:根据上文“You've got to have a dream. ”可知,人活着必须有梦想;反之,一旦失去梦想,人就会死去。故选D。
18. C 点拨:用介词辨析法。此处表达“变老”和“成长”之间的不同点,故用“between…and…”。故选C。
19. D 点拨:用联系上下文法。上文提到“变老”和“成长”是不同的,对照空处前面提到的“变老不需要才能”可知,此处应该是对比“成长需要找到改变中的机会”。故选D。
20. B 点拨:用联系上下文法。这篇文章使我们明白了: 追逐梦想与年龄无关,什么时候开始都不晚。故选B。
三、21. C 点拨:用细节理解法。根据第六段中的句子“But it was never in me to give up,because I realized that I was never going to be successful unless I got an education. ”可知答案。
22. D 点拨:用细节理解法。由第四段中的“The school bus driver learned about Dawn's situation and invited Dawn to move in with her family. ”可知是校车司机帮助她的。
23. B 点拨:用词义猜测法。由后面的homeless可知她被家人抛弃了。
24. C 点拨:主旨大意题。A项“思想开放的”;B项“本性善良的”;C项“意志坚强的”;D项“热心的”。本文主要讲的是她那坚韧不拔的精神,故答案选C。
25. C 点拨:标题归纳题。根据短文内容可知讲的是她由当初的无家可归到现在踏上哈佛之旅的励志故事,故选C。
四、26. patients 27. pronunciation 28. chemistry   29. sentences   30. conversations  
31. partner  32. secret        33. review    34. knowledge  35. repeat
五、36. Chinese
37. 那让中文成为世界上被使用最广泛的第一语言。
38. Schoolchildren in the UK and USA are learning Chinese. /Schoolchildren in the USA and UK are learning Chinese. /Schoolchildren are learning Chinese in the UK and USA. /In the UK and USA,schoolchildren are learning Chinese.
39. Many foreigners visit China,and many countries trade with China.
40. Because China is becoming a very important country in the world. / Because China is a world leader. / Because many foreigners visit China,and many countries trade with China.
How to improve our study effectively
A great number of students can't finish their tasks,which leads to bad results and makes them less interested in their study. How can we solve the problem?Here are some suggestions.
First, we should develop some good learning habits such as listening to the teacher carefully in class,taking notes in English,reviewing in time,correcting mistakes and learning from them and so on.
Then it's important to have a strong body. Why not spend some time exercising every day?Staying happy is also helpful .
Besides,we'd better make good use of time. Don't put off what we can do today till tomorrow. We should ask the teacher or classmates for help if we have any questions.
If you follow the advice that I have mentioned above,you will be successful.
点评:本文运用了“一点二提三收尾法”写学习方法建议类作文。1. 开篇点题(第一段);2. 提供建议(第二、三、四段);3. 总结收尾(第五段)。用语准确,表述恰当。
添彩点:①处First,Then,Besides的使用,使文章段落清晰,层次感强;②③④处熟练运用了提建议的常用句式We should…,Why not…?We'd better…,句型丰富;⑤处动名词短语作主语是本单元的重要用法,做到了灵活运用。
Unit 2 测试
                         (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. I don't know ________or not  he will come this afternoon.
A. if    B. when    C. whether    D. that
2. —Oh, dear. I ________ 3 kg this month.
—Don't worry. You can take more exercise.
A. put up   B. put off   C. put on   D. put down
3. We will have two family parties this autumn. One is at Halloween and ________ is at Thanksgiving.
A. other   B. the other   C. another   D. the others
4. —How was the poor dog when you found him?
—He was ________ at the street corner. The bad weather killed him.
A. dying     B. died     C. dead   D. die
5. —I heard two kids lost their lives when swimming in this river.
—Yes, and people ________ not to swim in it.
A. were trained   B. were warned C. were led   D. were encouraged
6. There ________ a path to the top of the mountain. But now trees and grass have covered it.
A. used to have   B. used to be
C. used to had   D. use to be
7. After thinking hard for the whole night without any result, Annie ended up________ asleep in her sofa.    
 A. fall   B. fell   C. falling   D. to fall
8. See that hill? Behind those trees ________ a lake.
A. lie   B. lies   C. have   D. has
9. —Have you heard of the song Where did the time go?
—Yes. It often ________ the old days and love of my family when I hear it.
A. puts me down   B. reminds me of
C. shows me off   D. helps me out
10. —Wow! They were celebrating the Water Festival.
—________ the Dai people were having!
A. What fun   B. How fun    C. What a fun    D. How a fun
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
The Reader is a popular TV show. It invites different people to read aloud on the stage. The______11also tells the moving stories behind those people. They can read everything________12poems, books, and letters. By reading aloud, the words on the paper come to________13.
Many people are fans of the show. They begin to________14reading aloud at home. Now, the show gives people a________15place to read across China. It is a reading pavilion(朗读亭). They are in many cities, including Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xi'an.
The pavilion is very________16. Only one person can come into it each time. There is a microphone in it and it________17people's voices. Everyone can read for three minutes in the pavilion. They can read________18they like. The show will pick some of the readers and invite them to read on TV.
People of all________19read in the pavilion. “Reading should be just like singing and talking, ”said Dong Qing, the producer of the show. “We can express our true________20by reading aloud. ”
11. A. show   B. lesson   C. research  D. play
12. A. in   B. such as   C. with   D. at
13. A. light   B. reason   C. life   D. purpose
14. A. mind   B. hate   C. finish   D. enjoy
15. A. special   B. strange   C. beautiful   D. wonderful
16. A. wide   B. small   C. tall   D. big
17. A. makes   B. uses   C. records   D. improves
18. A. nothing   B. everything  C. someone   D. everyone
19. A. comers   B. others  C. ages   D. passers­by
20. A. feelings   B. points   C. spirits   D. aims

三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
We spoke to three students from around the world about different national holidays. There are different customs for each festival.
Tan Xiaodong, 15, Hong Kong, China
“It'll soon be the Chinese New Year. Before it, we'll clean the house and decorate (装饰) it for good luck. Every shop is going to close for a few days and we'll go out a lot to celebrate in the streets. We might go and see the lion and dragon dances in the city center. I love this festival. ”
Wendy, 16, Sydney, Australia
“Australia Day is on 26th January and it's an important holiday here. We always have a Monday off, so we celebrate for three days. My parents and I go to the countryside for a picnic and friends always come over. Many people go to beach parties or street parties and there is lots of music and dancing. What fun! ”
Amy, 14, New York, USA
“The first Thanksgiving Day was hundreds of years ago when Europeans who came to America thanked God for his help. It's still a very important day for families to be together. This year we're going to visit my grandparents and we'll eat a delicious meal of turkey. Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday in November every year. ”
21. How many festivals are mentioned in the passage?
A. Two.    B. Three.    C. Four.    D. Five.
22. During the Chinese New Year, tourists might ______ according to the passage.
A. do a lot of shopping   B. eat turkey
C. go to beach parties D. see lion and dragon dances
23. On Australia Day, Wendy and her parents often ______.
A. have a picnic in the countryside B. go to a swimming pool  
C. have a party at school D. clean the house and dance
24. What do you think “turkey” is in this passage?
A. A country.   B. A festival.
C. A kind of food.   D. A kind of drink.

25. From the passage, we can learn that ________.
A. Amy is from Sydney, Australia
B. different festivals have different customs
C. many people go out for a picnic with friends before the Chinese New Year
D. Thanksgiving Day is on 26th January in the USA
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
A) 根据句意及汉语提示填空
26. Why did you think John________(偷)David's money yesterday?
27. To avoid mistakes in your writing, you should write more ________ (仔细)and more slowly.
28. Whenever I heard Mom's voice on the phone, the ________(温暖)always excited me.
29. The Spring Festival is a holiday for ________ (亲戚) and families to get together.
30. Drinking tea is a ____________ (传统的) custom in China.
B) 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空
31. Many thanks for your ________(kind).
32. His grandpa has been ________(die) for ten years.
33. Lily is very kind and she always treats others ______(nice).
34. He opened the door and found a letter ________(lie) on the floor.
35. Her sister hasn't come back, so her parents look ________(real) worried.
五、短文填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
The Chongyang Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. It is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. It's also________36 (call) the Double Ninth Festival.
The festival started as________37 (early) as the Warring States Period (475—221 BC) . It has a history of more than 1, 700 years. Among the numbers from zero to nine, nine is the________38(high) odd number (奇数). People believe that two “nines” meeting together stand for a long life. So it is a special holiday________39Chinese people to show love and respect for their elders. They hold many________40(kind) of activities in honor of old people, wishing them good________41(healthy) and a long life.
The festival comes during the golden time of______42 (fall). On the day, people traditionally drink chrysanthemum (菊花)wine, eat the Double Ninth cake________43climb mountains. They also carry a kind of plant named dogwood. People in ancient times believed that______44 plant could drive away evil (邪恶的)spirits and prevent them from________45(catch) an illness in winter.
假如你叫张明, 你的外国朋友John发来邮件, 请你介绍中国的传统节日。请根据表格内容提示及要求给他写一封80-100词的回信。
Festivals Time Food Activities Meanings
in January
or February
yuanxiao watch lantern shows and dragon dances pray for health and
for the
whole year
2 the Mid­ Autumn
in the middle
of autumn
mooncakes watch the moon, tell the story of Chang'e celebrate the harvest, get together
with the family
参考词汇:pray for祈求; harvest丰收
1. 描述节日1和节日2, 并自主选择节日3进行介绍, 包括节日名称、时间、美食、活动方式及意义等;
2. 语言通顺, 要点齐全, 意思连贯, 条理清楚, 书写规范;
3. 文中不得出现真实的姓名和学校名称;
4. 文章开头和结尾已给出, 不计入总词数。
Dear John,
Glad to receive your email. You asked me about festivals in China. Let me introduce some important ones to you.
First of all, I want to introduce the Lantern Festival. It comes in January or February. _______________________________________________________________________________
Can you tell me something about the festivals in your country? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Zhang Ming
Unit 2测试
一、1. C 2. C 3. B 4. C 5. B
6. B 点拨:表示“过去曾有”,用there used to be。
7. C
8. B 点拨:用结构分析法。地点状语放在句首引起句子倒装,谓语动词放在主语前面。
9. B 点拨:用词义辨析法。put down“镇压”;remind of“使……想起”;show off“炫耀”;help out“帮……摆脱困境”。只有B符合语境。
10. A
二、11. A 点拨:用上下文联系法。联系第一段第一句The Reader is a popular TV show. 可知此处还是指the show。
12. B 点拨:such as 用来表示列举。
13. C 点拨:用固定短语法。come to life是固定短语,意为“苏醒过来;有了生命”。
14. D
15. A 点拨:用上下文联系法。联系下一句It is a reading pavilion(朗读亭). 可知这个节目给人提供了很特殊的供人阅读的地方。
16. B 点拨:用上下文联系法。联系下一句Only one person can come into it each time. 可知这种亭子很小。
17. C 18. B 19. C 20. A
三、21. B 点拨:细节理解题。文章分别提到了the Chinese New Year(春节),Australia Day(澳大利亚日),Thanksgiving Day(感恩节)三个节日。故选B。
22. D 点拨:细节理解题。根据Tan Xiaodong,15,Hong Kong,China下对应的内容We might go and see the lion and dragon dances in the city center. 可知,在中国春节期间,游客们可以看到舞狮和舞龙。故选D。
23. A 点拨:细节理解题。根据Wendy,16,Sydney,Australia下对应的内容My parents and I go to the countryside for a picnic and friends always come over. 可知,Wendy和父母经常去乡下野餐。故选A。
24. C 点拨:推理判断题。根据Amy,14,New York,USA下对应的内容…and we'll eat a delicious meal of turkey. 可知,“turkey”是一种可吃的食物。故选C。
25. B 点拨:推理判断题。本文主要介绍了三个不同国家的孩子谈论自己国家的节日,从中可看出不同国家间的不同风俗。故选B。
四、A)26. stole 27. carefully 28. warmth 29. relatives  30. traditional
B)31. kindness 32. dead 33. nicely 34. lying 35. really 
五、36. called 37. early 38. highest 39. for  40. kinds 
41. health 42. fall 43. and 44. the 45. catching
Dear John,
Glad to receive your email. You asked me about festivals in China. Let me introduce some important ones to you.
First of all,I want to introduce the Lantern Festival. It comes in January or February. On that day,we eat yuanxiao,go to watch lantern shows and dragon dances to pray for health and happiness for the whole year.
The Mid­Autumn Festival is in the middle of autumn. All my family get together and celebrate the harvest. At night,we tell the story of Chang'e,watching the bright full moon and eating delicious mooncakes.
The Spring Festival is the most important for us Chinese. To welcome it we do some cleaning and buy new clothes. During the Spring Festival,we usually eat dumplings and some other nice food. We also set off fireworks and visit our relatives.
Can you tell me something about the festivals in your country?I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
Zhang Ming
Unit 3 测试
                         (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. Jenny didn't go to bed ________ her mother came home last night.
A. as soon as   B. if   C. while   D. until
2. ________ is the girl ________ our English teacher?
A. Who; beside   B. Whom; besides
C. Where; beside   D. Where; besides
3. He has a collection of ________. He can not only enjoy them but also use them to mail letters.
A. stamps   B. novels   C. instruments   D. magazines
4. —Could you tell me where the supermarket is?
—Sure. The supermarket is ______ the bookstore ______ the post office. You can find it easily.
A. between; and   B. both; and      C. either; or   D. neither; nor
5. Just go straight and then turn ________. The hotel is ________.
A. left; left   B. left; on the left
C. on the left; left   D. on the left; to the left
6. Could you please tell me where ________ the post office?
A. to find   B. can I find   C. finding   D. find
7. I have to say it is not ________ for me to see you now, because I am very busy with my work.
A. impolite   B. safe C. inexpensive   D. convenient
8. —Could you please tell me ________?
—Yes. There is one on Center Street.
A. where can I buy some stamps
B. when you will take your vacation
C. when was the telephone invented
D. if there are any good restaurants around here
9. —What's your best choice for supper?
—Well, I ________ dumplings. They are very delicious.
A. speak   B. say   C. mean   D. suggest
10. This question sounds ________ than that one.
A. many more polite   B. much more polite  
C. many more politely   D. much more politely
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
One day, I heard an American boy say to a Chinese girl student, “You speak English very well. ” But the girl answered, “No, no. My English is very poor. ”The foreigner was quite ________11 at the answer. Thinking he had not made himself understood or the girl had not heard him clearly, he said, “Yes, indeed, you speak very well. ” ________12 the girl still kept saying, “No. ” In the end, the American boy could not understand and didn't know ________13 to say.
What's wrong with the girl's answer? She didn't ________14 a compliment(恭维) in the same way as the American people do. She should answer, “Thank you” instead of “No”. She ________15 understood what the American boy had said, but she thought she should be modest (谦虚的). In the west, people will feel proud and ________16 when they are praised(表扬). So if someone says the dishes you have cooked are very delicious, you should say, “Thank you. ”
In our country we think being modest is a virtue(美德) and being proud is a bad thing. But in my opinion, being confident does not mean being proud, so sometimes you should be confident________17 being modest.
________18 you are modest and say, “No, I'm afraid I can't do it well” while working in a western country, the others may think that you really cannot do it. If you often say “No”, you will certainly be looked down upon by ________19. When asking for a job, if one says something like “Yes, I can certainly do it” instead of “Let me have a try”, he or she will ________20in getting it. So in the west, you should be brave to show your self­confidence.
11. A. excited  B. surprised  C. relaxed  D. frightened
12. A. Though   B. Although   C. Or   D. But
13. A. when   B. which  C. what   D. how
14. A. receive B. accept   C. refuse   D. disagree
15. A. hardly   B. really   C. nearly   D. badly
16. A. angry   B. modest  C. shy   D. confident
17. A. as soon as  B. as well as C. instead of   D. in the hope of
18. A. Unless  B. Until   C. Whether   D. If
19. A. others   B. the other C. other   D. another
20. A. fail   B. expect   C. succeed   D. believe
三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
WeChat is popular among us, but if someone deletes you or blocks(屏蔽)you on it, does it mean you've made him or her angry?
It depends.
Maybe you have just left messages too often without much valuable information. For example, the questions are those like ‘how are u? ' ‘what are u doing? '‘do u love me? ' too often. You know, people may feel bored after answering such kinds of questions time after time.
Another possible reason may be that you've sent something unpleasant to your friend or in your friend circle. I just blocked one of my middle school classmates yesterday because she was trying to sell fake goods in the friend circle, and I hate it quite much.
Some people delete one's name from friends' list because they no longer want to see it (maybe ex­boyfriend or ex­girlfriend) and they don't want the one to see their“ Moments”(动态) on WeChat. (Maybe they publish very private pictures or thoughts they don't want to share with him or her. )
So why you are blocked may depend on his or her mood or preference (喜好), and the reasons a person gets blocked are various from person to person. So I advise you to write an email or make a phone call to that person if he or she really means a lot to you to see why he or she is dissatisfied with you , and to find out how you can make up for the case.
21. From paragraph 3, we can know if you are blocked that is because ________.
A. you are asking too many boring questions
B. your friend is angry
C. your friend doesn't like answering questions
D. your friend has no time to reply
22. The underlined word “fake” in the passage probably means ________.
A. 令人喜爱的 B. 真实的
C. 完美的   D. 假冒的
23. In paragraph 5 , the underlined word “it” refers to ________.
A. the goods   B. the name
C. the private life   D. the friend circle
24. ________ causes of being deleted or blocked are mentioned in the passage.
A. 4   B. 2   C. 3   D. 5
25. Which is the best title for the passage?
A. Friend Circle
B. Why Are You Blocked?
C. A Popular Way of Communication
D. How to Make Your Friend Satisfied
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
26. Can you tell me your email a________?
27. The teacher asked us to circle the c________ answers.
28. The story tells us that we should be p________ when we ask for help.
29. “I have only one r________ . I hope you can take good care of yourselves. ” The old man said.
30. When we ask him questions, he never gives us a d________ answer. He always gives us some suggestions.

31. The hospital lies in the ________ of the city.
32. The young lady went off in the ________ of the railway station.
33. Knowing how to use proper language can help you become ________ at English.
34. English ________ usually say “Excuse me” before asking for help.
35. ________ did he expect to answer his phone?
五、情景交际(每小题3分, 共15分)
A:Excuse me, sir? Could you tell me the way to the nearest bank?
B:______________36 You can ask the lady over there.
A:Thank you all the same.
(A moment later)
A:Excuse me. ______________37
C:No, there isn't a bank near here, but there is one near the People's Hospital.
C:It's about fifteen minutes by bus.
C:The No. 10 bus.
C:It is over there, across from the bookstore.
A:Thank you very much.
C:You're welcome.
假如你是Tom, 你将去一所新的学校学习两年。请有礼貌地询问一些问题。1. 你怎样去; 2. 在那里你能做什么; 3. 住在哪里。
要求:语句通顺, 可适当发挥。80词左右(开头和结尾已给出, 不计入总词数)。
Dear Sir or Madam,
Unit 3测试
一、1. D 点拨:用辨析法。as soon as一……就……;if如果;while当……时候; until直到……才。句意:昨天晚上珍妮直到妈妈回家才睡觉。
2. A 点拨:beside 在……旁边; besides除……以外(还)。由语境可知是问在英语老师旁边的女孩是谁,故选A。
3. A 4. A
5. B 点拨:turn left向左拐;on the left在左边。 
6. A 7. D 8. D 9. D
10. B 点拨:sound是系动词,后跟形容词作表语;因为有than,所以要用形容词的比较级,polite的比较级为more polite;much可以修饰比较级,故选B。
二、11. B 点拨:用上下文联系法。根据上句But the girl answered,“No,no. My English is very poor. ”可知,这个外国人对这个回答感到很惊讶。surprised“惊讶的”。
12. D 点拨:根据上句Yes,indeed,you speak very well. 及下句the girl still kept saying,“No”可知,这两句为转折关系,因此答案为D。
13. C 点拨:空格处应为说话的内容,即“……不知道说的什么”。因此答案为C。
14. B 点拨:由后面的as the American people do可判断是像美国人那样“接受”别人的恭维。accept“接受”。
15. B 点拨:她的确明白了那个美国男孩的意思,但是她认为她应该谦虚,really“确实;的确”。因此答案为B。
16. D 点拨:在西方,人们受到表扬时会感到自豪和自信。confident“自信的”。
17. B 点拨:除了谦虚之外,我们还要自信。as well as“除……外还……”。
18. D 点拨:根据句意“你在西方国家工作时,你很谦虚并说‘不,恐怕我做不好,别人就会认为你确实没有能力做好。'”可知,这两句为条件关系,因此答案为D。
19. A 点拨:根据句意“如果你经常说‘不',你就会被别人看不起。”可知,空格处应表示“别人”,因此应选A。
20. C 点拨:根据句意“在找工作时,如果一个人说‘我当然能做'而不是‘让我试试',那么他(或她)就会成功地得到这份工作”。succeed“成功”。因此答案为C。
三、21. A 点拨:用推理判断法。文中提到You know,people may feel bored after answering such kinds of questions time after time. 如果长时间回答许多无聊的问题,人们会厌烦,由此确定选择A。
22. D 点拨:用词义猜测法。文中提到…I hate it quite much. 非常讨厌这种行为,因为是讨厌,所以应该是不好的东西,由此确定选择D。
23. D 点拨:用推理判断法。文中提到…they don't want the one to see their“Moments”(动态) on WeChat. 不希望对方看见自己微信上的动态,也就是不希望对方看自己的朋友圈,由此确定选择D。
24. C 点拨:用推理判断法。文中主要介绍的是微信删除好友的原因,分别在第3、4、5段,分别介绍的是发太多无聊的消息,发广告以及不想让对方看见自己的朋友圈,由此确定选择C。
25. B 点拨:用主旨归纳法。文中提到…if someone deletes you or blocks(屏蔽)you on it,does it mean you've made him or her angry?It depends. 句意:如果你的微信好友删除了你或屏蔽了你,是不是意味着你让他或她生气了呢?那可能视情况而定。而后介绍了几种删除好友的原因,由此确定选择B。
四、A)26. address 27. correct 28. polite 29. request 30. direct
B)31. center 32. direction 33. better 34. speakers 35. Whom
五、36. E 37. A 38. B 39. D 40. F
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am Tom. I come from London. I will study at your school for two years from next month. So may I ask some questions?
Could you please tell me how I can go there?I'm also wondering what I should take. Could you please tell me what I can do there?And could you tell me where I will live?
I will appreciate it if you can help me. I'm looking forward to your reply.
Unit 4 测试
                          (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. His mother ________ quarrel with his father, but now they get along well with each other because of him.
A. was used to   B. used to C. got used to   D. was used for
2. Mr Green used to live in Beijing with his daughter, ________?
A. did he   B. didn't he   C. did she   D. didn't she
3. Tu Youyou has won the Nobel Prize. We ________ her.
A. look after   B. wake up C. be angry with   D. take pride in
4. As a reporter, I want to ________ Ma Yun about how to become the richest man in China.
A. require   B. repeat   C. admire   D. interview
5. My friend Lily is such a ________ girl that everyone in our class likes her very much.
A. proud   B. nervous     C. absent   D. humorous
6. Whenever I failed to do something, my mother always ______ me ________ have a try again.
A. let; to  B. advised; to  C. made; to  D. makes; to
7. As for her, I don't think she has to go________ since she is ill.
A. in person  B. in fact  C. in silence  D. in turn
8. —Peter, you got to school by taxi?
—Oh, I ________ take a taxi to school, but my bike needs repairing today.
A. usually   B. sometimes     C. always   D. seldom
9. —Do you still remember that accident?
—Of course. I will never forget it ________ it happened many years ago.
A. unless   B. ever before C. only when   D. even though
10. —________ my surprise, Jin Ming was chosen into our school football team.
—He did well ________ playing football when he was very young. I hope he'll be the best player in our school.
A. To; of   B. At; at   C. To; in   D. In; about

二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
I finished middle school in the 1970s. I still remember the teen years were the ________11 time of my life. At that time, as a girl, I hated it when my parents asked me ________12 about my problems that made me uncomfortable. I also remember many times when Mr. Templat, my teacher, would take me aside and talk to me. He had a special way of finding out what the problem was. Every time he ________13 with me, I felt better. He was a teacher I will never ________14.
He had a way of making his classes enjoyable. We always got the highest ________15 in math in our grade with his teaching. If there was a big world ball game on the radio' we would ________16everything and he would put the game on so we could all enjoy it.
Teens often learn things on TV or from adults about world ________17 that can make them scared. Now it is terrorism(恐怖主义). Back in my teen years it was the Cold War. It worried me so much that I ________18 each day would be my last. Mr. Templat knew how much it troubled his ________19. He opened the subject up to discussion. He gave us a way to express our fears and helped us understand war and politics(政治).
When I think back to those special days, I appreciate that he helped me go ________20 such a difficult time in my life.
11. A. happiest  B. hardest  C. best   D. busiest
12. A. directly   B. politely   C. kindly   D. softly
13. A. played   B. fought   C. argued   D. talked
14. A. fear   B. trust   C. forget   D. remember
15. A. progress   B. results   C. marks   D. fever
16. A. do   B. drop   C. learn   D. repeat
17. A. problems B. meetings   C. weather   D. pollution
18. A. thought   B. decided   C. promised   D. suggested
19. A. relative   B. family   C. teachers   D. students
20. A. against   B. across   C. over   D. through
三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
Tyler was a troublesome student. He sat in the back row. Every time I called him to answer questions, he'd reply with a flip(轻率的) answer. If he got it wrong, he would get very angry.
Usually kids could sit quietly in class. However, Tyler was just loud. One day, Tyler was talking while I was teaching. I said to him, “Tyler, why not join in our discussion instead of having one of your own?” He got up from his chair, pushed it over, and shouted something I can't remember. I sent him to the office and he received a week's out­of­school punishment.
The week was a wonderful time for me, but when it came to an end, I began to feel worried. So I came up with a plan. On the day of his return, I told him I wanted to start over with him. If he felt that he was going to lose control in class, he could step outside the door for a moment.
From then on, Tyler started to change in my class. In fact he was a smart child and he even stopped a fight between two students one day. And he never used the privilege (特权) to leave the class for a moment. I believed that just letting him decide for himself made all the difference. When the year was over, he wrote me a thank­you note about how important the year had been for him. I still have it today and find it very moving to reread when I get stressed about teaching.
21. When Tyler was talking in class, the teacher advised him to ________.
A. join in their discussion   B. have his own discussion
C. get up from his chair   D. go out of school
22. Tyler changed after ________.
A. shouting at the teacher  
B. losing control in class
C. having the privilege to decide for himself
D. helping the teacher manage the class
23. Tyler did all the following things except ________.
A. sitting in the back row
B. leaving the class for a moment
C. stopping a fight between two students
D. not listening to teachers in class
24. Every time the teacher reads the thank­you note, he feels ________.
A. stressed   B. worried
C. satisfied    D. moved

25. The passage is mainly about ________.
A. how Tyler got the punishment    
B. how Tyler changed to be a good student
C. how the teacher dealt with Tyler's return
D. how the teacher felt about Tyler's thank­you note
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
26. The park now is open to the ________ (民众).
27. He got first place in his________ (考试).
28. Let me make an ________ (介绍) .
29. He'd like to make friends with________ (幽默的) people.
30. I have to be ________ (缺席) from my school today because I'm ill.
31. We attended the ________ (Europe) music concert.
32. The little girl can say her dad's phone number ______ (exact).
33. It is ________ (help) to read aloud when you learn a language.
34. Mark studied hard last term, but he ________ (fail) the history exam.
35. David read a book last year and it has ________ (influence) him a lot.
五、任务型阅读(每小题3分, 共15分)
People may have different dreams as they grow older.
What do you want to be when you grow up?Everyone needs to answer this question.
When I was a little girl, my parents always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I used to tell them a general, doctor, guard, and many more that I probably don't remember. But now I really know what I want to be. I want to be a fashion designer.
What made me want to be a fashion designer? I often watch TV. The fashion shows on TV are fascinating. The tall, thin models wear beautiful clothes and walk beautifully on the stage. So I decide to be a designer and design beautiful clothes for people and make them look even better.
I have all kinds of dolls and I enjoy looking at their colorful clothes. I often change my dolls' clothes. I try to put one doll's clothes on another doll and see how it looks. Sometimes a skirt looks nice on one doll, but doesn't look so good on another.
I also like reading fashion magazines. They are quite expensive, but my parents say they will pay for them if I am really interested in reading them. They want me to learn as much as possible. For me, ②我会尽最大的努力实现自己的梦想。I believe that one day my parents will take pride in what I can do.
36. What does the writer want to be now?
37. What does the writer think of the fashion shows on TV?
38. What does the writer often do with her dolls?
39. 将画线句子①翻译成汉语。
40. 将画线句子②翻译成英语。
初中生活中, 你有些什么改变?你是怎样改变的?请以“How I Have Changed”为题写一篇英语小短文。描述你发生的变化。写作内容包括兴趣爱好、行为习惯、学习习惯等方面。
要求:1. 100词左右;
2. 任选两方面内容;
3. 语言流畅、书写规范、卷面整洁;
4. 文中不得使用你的真实姓名、校名。
How I Have Changed
Unit 4测试
一、1. B 点拨:根据题干所给的信息可知,表达过去常常做某事用“used to do sth. ”。 
2. B 3. D
4. D 点拨:句中关键词为reporter,与其关联最紧密的选项为D,interview,意为“采访”。
5. D
6. B 点拨:let sb. do sth. 让某人做某事;make sb. do sth. 使某人做某事,选项A、C、D均可排除。advise sb. to do sth. 是固定搭配,“建议某人做某事”,故选B。
7. A 点拨:用辨析法。in person亲自;in fact事实上;in silence默默地;in turn轮流,依次。
8. D 9. D
10. C 点拨:用固定搭配法。to one's surprise令某人吃惊的是……;do well in=be good at擅长。
二、11. B 点拨:根据下文中的I hated it和uncomfortable可推知,作者当时比较消极,故选B。
12. A 点拨:与下文“老师把我拉到一旁并与我谈话”形成对比,可推知“我的父母应该是用简单直接的办法询问一些令我感到不舒服的问题”,故directly符合题意。
13. D 点拨:由上文Mr. Templat,my teacher,would take me aside and talk to me. 可知,老师会采取谈话的方式,故选D。
14. C
15. C 点拨: get high marks“取得高分”,是固定搭配。句意:在他的教育下,我们在数学上总是能取得全年级最高分。
16. B 点拨:由下文…he would put the game on so we could all enjoy it. 可推知,我们可以放下(drop)所有的事。
17. A 点拨:由下文的“恐怖主义和冷战”可推知此处是世界问题(problems)。
18. A
19. D 点拨: Mr. Templat是我们的老师,此处表达“老师了解学生们的恐惧”。故本题选D。
20. D 点拨:go through是固定搭配,意为“经历;经受”。句意:……他帮我度过了人生中那一段如此艰难的岁月。
三、21. A 22. C 23. B
24. D 点拨:细节理解题。根据最后一段的最后一句可知选D。
25. B 点拨:主旨大意题。综合全文可知文章主要讲述了Tyler怎样从一名问题学生变成了一名好学生的故事。故选B。
四、A)26. public 27. examination 28. introduction   29. humorous 30. absent
B)31. European 32. exactly 33. helpful 34. failed  35. influenced
五、36. A fashion designer.  37. Fascinating.
38. She often changes her dolls' clothes.
39. 当我是个小女孩的时候,我的父母总是问我当我长大后我想干什么。
40. I will try my best to make my dream come true.
How I Have Changed
I still remember that in my first year,I was too weak to do much exercise and I was not good at English. But with the help of the teachers and classmates,I do exercise whenever I am free.  What's more,I try my best to read and write English as much as possible. And now I can run much faster and I can also get better English grades.
Thanks to the middle school life,I have changed so much. Thanks to the teachers and classmates,I have learnt a lot. Never will I forget the valuable middle school life.
1. 变化前:I was too weak to do much exercise and I was not good at English.
2. 变化中:I do exercise…;I try my best to read and write English…
3. 变化后:I can run much faster and I can also get better English grades.
4. 感受:Thanks to…;Never will I forget…
添彩点:作者运用①I still remember…,too weak to等句式、短语展开对过去的“我”的回顾,用语贴切;②状语从句的运用表现了作者较好的语言运用能力;③What's more,And now…等用语承上启下;④短语Thanks to的连续使用和倒装句式Never will I forget… 的运用恰到好处。
Unit 5 测试
                        (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. Books are made ________ paper while paper is mainly made ________ wood.
A. of; of   B. from; from C. of; from   D. from; of
2. Thanks to your advice, we were able to ________ a serious accident.
A. plan   B. follow   C. avoid   D. enjoy
3. —Our chemistry teacher, Mr. Brown, always keeps his lessons ________.
—That's why he is so popular among his students.
A. lively   B. happily   C. freely   D. heavily
4. How beautiful the world is! It ________ snow and everything is white.
A. is covered with   B. is put away C. is turned into   D. is picked up
5. —Are Sichuan and Yunnan famous for tea?
—I think so. ________ I know, maybe one third of the tea in China is produced in these two provinces.
A. As long as   B. As far as C. As many as   D. As little as
6. You are not supposed to go to a family party unless you ________ to in the US.
A. are not invited   B. are invited C. will be invited   D. invited
7. —Could you please help me to look for my lost dog? ________ name is Gina.
—Of course.
A. It   B. It's   C. Its   D. Its'
8. Peter will ________ you ________ the building and you can meet everyone.
A. lend; to   B. show; around    C. compare; with   D. brush; off
9. —Are the overseas students all from ________?
—No, there are only two ________ in the team.
A. Germany; Germany   B. Germany; Germans
C. German; Germans   D. German; Germany
10. Mount Xiaolei is not far away from here, but it will still take us a few hours ___ there by bike.
A. getting   B. to get   C. got   D. get
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
A famous designer(设计师) and a university student produced a new cup called Vessyl. They have spent several years ________11 it. The smart cup can not only tell Coca­Cola from Pepsi, ________12 also tell people whether they should drink water or not.
When people ________13 liquid(液体) into this smart cup, a few seconds(秒) later, it can check this kind of liquid and tell them what it is. Then it gives ______14 information of the drink, such as sugar, fat and calories. When people put the cup in their ________15, it can also show them the condition of their bodies. If they are ________16, Vessyl can tell them to drink water.
“My partner and I want people to ________17 healthy. In modern society, people are usually ________18 busy to do exercise, or even drink enough water every day. They have much ________19. We produce this smart cup so that people can make a choice ________20 . ” the designer said.
11. A. in     B. on     C. at     D. of
12. A. and   B. though   C. nor   D. but
13. A. pour   B. pull   C. lift   D. regard
14. A. a few   B. a lot   C. lots of   D. many
15. A. desks   B. hands   C. bags   D. mouths
16. A full   B. hungry   C. thirsty   D. awful
17. A. carry   B. have   C. touch   D. keep
18. A. too   B. to   C. so   D. very
19. A. danger   B. pressure   C. power   D. laughter
20. A. quietly   B. hardly   C. wisely   D. recently
三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
Tea has a long history of more than two thousand years. Its hometown is certainly China.
At first tea was considered as a kind of good thing that could make people awake so that they could study comfortably. Many knowledgeable people thought it was helpful for their study, because their minds could keep awake after drinking too much tea. During Tang Dynasty, tea was sent to European countries first through the Silk Road. It was tea that made Chinese culture spread in Western countries. The first book about tea was The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu in Tang Dynasty. In the book, he described the tea culture.
However, the tea culture changed into a kind of new form. Many people could find something bad in it in Song Dynasty. Many people spent much time on it instead of thinking about the safety of their country. Between the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, many people paid more attention to tea. People thought of it as the symbol of the spirit.
Nowadays, tea has become the gentlest and the most comfortable drink in France. It has also become a helpful drink that is good for people's skin and health in England. Lots of Chinese look on tea as one of the most popular presents that they give others on important festivals.
21. What did many knowledgeable people think of tea when it was invented at first?
A. Useless.   B. Difficult.  
C. Meaningless.   D. Helpful.
22. When was tea sent to European countries for the first time?
A. In Tang Dynasty.   B. In Yuan Dynasty.
C. In Song Dynasty.   D. In Qing Dynasty.
23. Between the end of Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, tea was regarded as ______.
A. a kind of drink   B. the symbol of the spirit
C. a kind of culture   D. a kind of gift
24. What's the meaning of the underlined word “gentlest”?
A. 最速溶的   B. 最凉爽的  
C. 最刺激的   D. 最温和的
25. Which of the following about tea is true according to the passage?
A. Lu Yu was born in Song Dynasty.
B. Tea was invented in England.
C. Englishmen think tea is a kind of healthy drink.
D. Frenchmen like to give tea to others as presents.
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
26. The ________ (leaf)on the tree are green in spring.
27. ________ (French)is a very romantic country to enjoy your life.
28. These ________ (produce)from that city are famous for colors and styles.
29. I ________ (complete) the task last Friday with my classmates.
30. Look at those ________ (lively) horses in the painting!
31. 你知道这些女衬衫是用什么制成的吗?
Do you know what these blouses ______ ________ ________?
32. 最普通的事物也能被变成美丽的事物。
The most ______ things can be ________ ________beautiful things, too.
33. 根据中国历史, 诸葛孔明是最早使用孔明灯的人。
________ ________ Chinese history, sky lanterns________ first ________ by Zhuge Kongming.
34. 当他有麻烦时, 他放它们出去以寻求帮助。
He ______ them ________ to ask for help when ________ ________.
35. 昨晚下了一场大雪之后, 地面被雪覆盖了。
The ground ________ ________ ________ snow after a heavy snow last night.
五、综合填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
根据短文内容, 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空, 使文章通顺、完整。(每词限用一次)

A road is a bridge between two places. The Silk Road has been a bridge between the East and the West for more than 2, 000 years. The Silk Road has been ________36 included into the World Heritage List (世界遗产名录) at the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee in Doha. But the Silk Road is not a single route (路线)! It is a series of ________37 and cultural transmission (传递) routes. It began during the Western Han Dynasty. The trade route starts from the city of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province and ________38 in Eastern Europe, near today's Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk Road is about 6, 500 kilometers. It goes ________39 one­fourth of the planet.
The Silk Road got its name ________40 Chinese silk used to be carried along this road. Apart from silk, jade, ceramics and iron went west to Rome. From the West came glass, gems and food ______41 carrots and sesame (芝麻).
The Silk Road was very ________42 to both China and the rest of the world. Besides trade, knowledge about science, art and literature, as well as crafts and technologies was ________43 across the Silk Road. In this way, languages and cultures developed and ________44 each other.
Today, ________45 along the Silk Road are great travel destinations (目的地), such as the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an and Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, Gansu.
假如你有一个漂亮的蓝色的小手提包, 它产自江苏苏州。纯手工制成, 为苏州艺术品, 小手提包上的花和山脉栩栩如生, 你很喜欢它。据此写一篇80词左右的作文来介绍一下这个手提包。
Unit 5测试
一、1. C
2. C 点拨:用语境法。根据语境Thanks to your advice推测,“我们避免了一场严重的事故”。
3. A 4. A 5. B
6. B 点拨:用结构分析法。unless引导条件状语从句,从句要用一般现在时表示将来。根据句意判断从句要用被动语态。
7. C
8. B 点拨:lend… to sb. “把……借给某人”;show sb. around“带某人参观”;compare… with“拿……和……相比较”;brush off“被刷掉”。
9. B 10. B
二、11. B 点拨:由动词spend+时间+on sth. 结构,可知后面介词用on。故选B。
12. D 点拨:由前半句中not only…可知后半句为“but also…”。 故选D。
13. A 点拨:结合句意“当人们把液体________入这个智能杯子里时”可知用动词pour“倒、倾倒”。故选A。
14. C 点拨:句意“然后它给出很多信息……”句中information是不可数名词。故选C。
15. B 点拨:由it can also show them the condition of their bodies. 它能显示人们的身体状况,可知杯子放入的是人体部位,排除A、C。根据常识杯子不会放入嘴里,是拿在手里。故选B。
16. C 点拨:由Vessyl can tell them to drink water可知选C。
17. D
18. A 点拨:由too…to结构可知答案为too。故选A。
19. B 点拨:用上下文联系法。由“人们通常每天太忙而没时间锻炼,甚至没有喝足够的水”可知“他们有太多的压力。”故选B。
20. C
三、21. D 点拨:用寻找关键句法。根据第二段第二句中的“Many knowledgeable people thought it was helpful for their study”可知答案选D。 
22. A 23. B
24. D 点拨:词义猜测题。根据最后一段第一句“Nowadays,tea has become the gentlest and the most comfortable drink in France. ”可知此处gentle应与comfortable(舒适的)是并列关系,将各个选项代进去D项最为适合。 
25. C
四、A)26. leaves 27. France 28. products 29. completed  30. lively
B)31. are made of  32. common;turned into  33. According to;were;used 
34. sent;out;in trouble     35. was covered with
五、36. successfully 点拨:句意:丝绸之路……被成功地列入世界遗产名录。故答案是successfully。
37. trade 点拨:由下文中The trade route…可知此处填trade,指一系列贸易。故答案是trade。
38. ends 点拨:由上文The trade route starts from…可知此处应填ends。
39. across 点拨:go across意为“穿过;横过;走过”,此处指丝绸之路横贯地球的四分之一。故答案是across。
40. because 点拨:此处解释丝绸之路得名的原因,故用because。
41. like 点拨:carrots 和sesame是food的例证,所以用like。
42. important 点拨:结合上下文可知,丝绸之路对中国和世界上其他国家都非常重要。故答案是important。
43. shared 点拨:此处指丝绸之路连接的各国之间共享许多方面的知识。故答案是shared。
44. influenced 点拨:此处指各国语言和文化获得发展并彼此影响。故答案是influenced。
45. places 点拨:由后面的such as the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an and Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang,Gansu. 可知这里谈论的是已经成为旅游目的地的地方。故答案是places。
I have a handbag. It's very beautiful.
It's made in Suzhou,Jiangsu Province. It's made of cotton. Also,it's made by the workers in Suzhou and it's made completely by hand. It's blue. It's very special because it's a piece of artwork. The flowers and mountains are so lively that you may think the picture on the handbag is real. It's used for holding my personal things when I go out.
It's just like a friend of mine. I like it very much.
添彩点:本文在熟练运用本单元所学重点短语be made in、be made of、be made by、be used for介绍产品的同时, 还恰当使用了by hand短语、because 引导的原因状语从句和so…that…引导的结果状语从句。全文语言灵活生动,富有新鲜感和趣味性。
Unit 6 测试
                      (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. You need to stop him from ________ alone.
A. go   B. to go   C. going   D. went
2. —Did Jack come to our party yesterday?
—No, he ________.
A. didn't invite   B. wasn't invited
C. isn't invited   D. hasn't invited
3. In the past few years, great changes ________ in Lianyungang.
A. take place   B. took place
C. have taken place   D. have been taken place
4. Mo Yan is famous now, but he ________ a true son of soil(土地).
A. keeps   B. gets  
C. remains   D. may be
5. —How did you find the lost boy?
—Quite ________.
A. out of accident   B. for accident
C. by accident   D. in accident
6. —Jim, how do your parents like country music?
—________my dad ________ my mom likes it. They both like country music.
A. Either; or   B. Not only; but also
C. Neither; nor   D. Both; and
7. How many pieces can you ________ the cake ________?
A. be divided; into   B. divided; into C. divide; into   D. be divide; into
8. —I'm sorry I've taken your dictionary ________ because they have the same color.
—It doesn't matter.
A. at once  B. by mistake 
C. in general  D. as well
9. —I apologize for making your bathroom in a mess.
—________. After all, you didn't mean it.
A. You're welcome   B. It's my pleasure
C. Don't mention it   D. I can't agree more
10. —Would you please come to the dancing party with me tonight?
—________. I suppose we shall have a wonderful night!
A. Never mind   B. Have a good time
C. Not exactly   D. With pleasure
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
In your schoolbags, you may have pencils, some kinds of pens, rulers and some books. ________11 of these things grow in the fields. They were all ________12in factories. And, of course, they were ________13 by some people. There have not always been pencils or pens, rulers or books. Thousands of years ago, no one ________14 about these things. Even the ________15 invention has the greatest technological advance at its time.
Who ________16 them first? How did they have such clever ________17? We always don't know. There have been many thousands of inventions, large and ________18, in the human history. Some of these inventions have greatly ________19 the world, such as paper, printing, radio, telephone and computers, and we know some inventors. But we have ________20 most of the other inventors.
Who invented the clock, for example, or the lock to the door? It's a pity that perhaps we will never know.
11. A. None   B. Each   C. Any   D. All
12. A. make   B. makes   C. made   D. to make
13. A. invent   B. invented   C. invention   D. inventor
14. A. came   B. knew   C. set   D. worried
15. A. old   B. wonderful   C. huge   D. simple
16. A. found   B. invented   C. brought  D. discovered
17. A. ideas   B. idea   C. a idea   D. an idea
18. A. nice   B. ancient   C. small   D. useful
19. A. traveled   B. made   C. changed   D. destroyed
20. A. forgotten   B. thought up   C. designed   D. used up
三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, emoji(表情符号) are more and more popular among netizens(网民). Some people even feel difficult to talk online without using emoji. Emoji help netizens to communicate with each other easily and vividly(生动地). Yet, not all emoji are properly used on social media. So we are going to introduce some common but confusing(令人困惑的) emoji to help you have a better understanding of these small signs.
1. A recent survey shows, over 53% people use the emoji when they are chatting online. Some people think it means “I'm shy, ” but others only use it when they are surprised or shocked. But what does it really mean? It is still an unsolved(未解决的)question.
2. What do you think of this sign? Believe it or not, 80% of netizens use it under the meaning of “It is not funny at all, but I have to smile. ” Is it right? Of course not! It actually means that “I saw what you did (usually bad things) and I want to give you a sinister(奸诈的)smile. ”
3. People have different opinions on this emoji. The Apple company has told people that this emoji means “high five(嗨, 击掌). ” But most people still use the incorrect meaning—“pray”. Some netizens even thought, “If you see this emoji as two people give each other a high five, you must be a bad guy. ”
4. According to the official guidelines(官方指南), it is used as “smile through tears(破涕为笑). ” However, most young netizens consider this emoji as “laugh to tears” or simple “LOL”,  which means “laugh out loud. ”
You see, emoji are also a kind of language. And different people have different understanding of them.
21. After reading the passage, we still can't understand the emoji ________ well.
A                   B                  C                      D
22. You are playing with your mobile phone while you are doing your homework; your father sends you this sign; what should you do? ________
A. Stop doing your homework.
B. Send this emoji back to your father.
C. Go on playing with your mobile phone.
D. Put away your mobile phone and do your homework.
23. When your friend tells you online that he won the first prize in the writing competition, which emoji will you send him? ________
A                   B                  C                      D
24. The fourth sign means “________”.
A. cry out loud    B. laugh to tears
C. smile through tears   D. laugh out loud
25. Why does the writer introduce these four emoji?________
A. Because they are more important. B. Because they are not so common.
C. To help the netizens use them easily. D. To help the netizens use them properly.

四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
A) 根据句意及汉语提示写单词
26. I like the ________ (气味) of oranges.
27. Do you know the name of this ________(乐器)?
28. The photos on the wall are from one of the old ________ (开拓者).
29. The real problem is getting to know the needs of the ________ (顾客).
30. Mum didn't go to bed until she knew my brother was safe in the ________ (地震) in Japan.
31. N______ Day is on October 1.
32. He did not m______ the quarrel with his wife.
33. It is said that we will be d______ into six groups.
34. Can you help me t______ this English poem into Chinese?
35. —Could you please take out the trash?
—With p______ .
五、任务型阅读(每小题3分, 共15分)
This is a home of the future, a “smart home”, where technology can do almost everything. Imagine we are in the year 2050; ①the computer wakes Tom up in the morning as usual. In front of him is a to­do list of the important events for the day, and it is provided by the computer, too. According to Tom's request, the computer serves a list of possible dishes. All the dishes are nice.
As Tom eats breakfast, the computer reminds him to reply to Lucy. Before Tom finishes his next bite, Lucy's computer receives the message. Then Tom goes to the supermarket. The store's system checks his car when he drives to the pickup area and greets him by name. “Good morning, Tom! Your order is in Case 4. Thank you for shopping. ” When Tom removes his order from Case 4, all trades are completed automatically(自动地) over the information superhighway. That is, the money is electronically paid into the bank. Soon after arriving at the office, Tom reads another message from Lucy, telling him that she will go to have dinner with him.
The smart home can also do many other things:
◆Find things like keys and mobile phones.
◆②________ (打开或关闭)machines and lights with your voice.
◆Clean your home from clothes to buildings automatically.
◆Record everything and everyone entering and leaving the house.
◆Take care of each member of the family, young and old.
With the development of technology,_the_smart_home_will_come_true_in_the_future. It is sure to play an important part in our life.
36. Does Tom need to take money with him while shopping? Why?
37. 请将①处画线部分句子改为被动语态。
38. 根据汉语提示, 完成②处所缺信息。
39. Tom knows somebody visited his home because the smart home can ________________________________________________________________________.
40. 请将③处画线部分译成汉语。
Write at least 80 words on the topic “I Want to Invent…”(以“我想要发明________”为题, 写一篇不少于80词的短文, 标点符号不占格)
注意:1. 将题目补充完整。
2. 短文中不得出现真实姓名、校名及其他相关信息, 否则不予评分。
The following are for reference only. (以下表达仅供参考)
◆It can be used to…
◆It will be exciting/necessary/helpful to…
Unit 6测试
一、1. C
2. B 点拨:用关键词法。由yesterday可知用一般过去时,排除C、D;由invite是及物动词可知A不对。
3. C 点拨:由In the past few years可知用现在完成时,由take place无被动语态可知选C。
4. C 5. C
6. B 点拨:用前后联系法。由后面的They both like country music. 可知前面应为“不但我爸爸喜欢,而且我妈妈也喜欢。”
7. C 8. B 9. C
10. D 点拨:用交际法。根据答语后句“我认为我们将会度过一个美好的夜晚。”可推知此空表示“非常乐意去参加舞会。”应用With pleasure。故选D。
二、11. A 点拨:用上下文联系法。根据上下文可知学习用品不可能生长在地里。none“(三者或三者以上)都不
12. C 点拨:用语法判定法。“be made in+地点”是被动语态结构,表示“被在某个地方制造”。
13. B 点拨:用语法判定法。“be invented by somebody”是被动语态结构,表示“被某人发明”。 
14. B 15. D 16. B
17. A 点拨:用固定结构法。用such修饰idea时,有两种结构:such a clever idea或such clever ideas。结合所给选项可知选A。
18. C 19. C
20. A 点拨:forget忘记,think up想出,design设计,use up用完。前面说的是我们知道一些发明物的发明者后面用But进行转折意指我们已忘了其他大多数的发明家。
三、21. A 点拨:细节理解题。根据第一个表格最后一句It is still an unsolved(未解决的)question. 可知这个表情符号对人们来说仍然理解不好。故选A。
22. D 点拨:细节理解题。根据第二个表格最后一句I saw what you did (usually bad things) and I want to give you a sinister(奸诈的)smile. 可知这个表情符号用来指“看到对方做的坏事情”。所以,此时表示“应该停止玩手机去做作业”。故选D。
23. C 点拨:细节理解题。根据第三个表格句子The Apple company has told people that this emoji means “high five(嗨,击掌). ”可知当朋友获得一等奖时,应该击掌。故选C。
24. C 点拨:细节理解题。根据文中第四个表情的第一句According to the official guidelines(官方指南),it is used as“smile through tears(破涕为笑). ”可知,这个表情使用的含义是C。
25. D 点拨:推理判断题。根据第一段最后一句So we are going to introduce some common but confusing(令人困惑的) emoji to help you have a better understanding of these small signs. 可知为了帮助人们更好地使用这四种表情符号而介绍它们。故选D。
四、A)26. smell 27. instrument 28. pioneers 29. customers  30. earthquake
B)31. National 32. mention  33. divided 34. translate 35. pleasure
五、36. No,he doesn't. Because the money is electronically paid into the bank.
37. Tom is woken up in the morning as usual by the computer.
38. Turn on or turn off 点拨:turn on意为“打开”;turn off意为“关闭”。
39. record everyone entering and leaving the house
40. 随着科技的发展,一个智能的家会在将来实现。
点拨:做题的时候,要注意with的用法,意为“伴随”;come true意为“实现”。
I Want to Invent a Family Robot Doctor
I want to invent a family robot doctor. It will be invented by me with the help of my friends. And it will be invented when we grow up and get enough knowledge. It will be used in each home. It can be used to deal with people's health problems without the need of going out. People can get help from the robot doctor immediately when they feel sick or get hurt. So,without any doubt,it will be very helpful to have such a robot.
点评:本文运用了“3W法”来介绍发明物——机器人医生:who(第2句);when(第3句); what for(第5~6句),行文条理清晰。
添彩点:本文在熟练运用本单元所学重点句型①be invented by…, be used in/to…介绍发明物的同时,恰当使用了②with the help of,deal with,without the need of,without any doubt等短语。语言生动活泼,字里行间流露出作者的创新精神及思维的灵动性。
Unit 7 测试
                         (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. If you work harder, you'll have another ________ to play the violin at a concert.
A. sleep   B. chance   C. mistake   D. problem
2. —Are you ________ about selling your house?
—Yes. I need money.
A. serious   B. afraid   C. strict   D. nervous
3. Mr Zhang managed ________ the ticket to the concert. He was very happy.
A. to get   B. get   C. getting   D. got
4. —What's the meaning of the activity “Let's Save”?
—Paper shouldn't ________ in everyday life.
A. waste   B. wasted   C. be wasted   D. is wasted
5. I regret ________ to my mother when I was ten years old.
A. talk back   B. to talk back C. talking back   D. talked back
6. Do you think ________ should be allowed to drive?
A. sixteen­years­old   B. seventeen­year­olds
C. fifteen­year­old   D. eighteen­years­olds
7. The old man was so ________ the good news that he couldn't say a word.
A. interested in   B. excited about
C. afraid of   D. worried about
8. Most parents think playing computer games can ________ their children's schoolwork.
A. get in the way of   B. be on the way to
C. have the same way to   D. give way to
9. He doesn't do his homework ________, though he has ________.
A. carefully enough; enough time
B. enough careful; time enough
C. careful enough; enough time
D. enough carefully; time enough
10. —The government is ________ plenty of money building the countryside.
—We are pleased with the government's efforts.
A. costing   B. paying   C. taking   D. spending
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
Do you want to be a successful person? One of the ________11 of successful people is that they have good habits. The good habits help them to be successful. What are good habits? ________12 can you get into good habits? Here are some suggestions for you.
First, everyone ________13 his advantages. You should always look for the ________14 points in people and learn from them.
Second, you should try to learn new ________15 and new things every day. Reading a newspaper or  ________16 pages of a book every day also helps you.
Third, ________17 the day in the right way. When you get up in the morning, look ________18 yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you must keep your good habits today.
Fourth, make a plan to achieve your goal. Making a plan is the ________19 important step to achieve your goal. Each day you should follow the plan so that you are able to achieve your goal.
Last, no ________20 what good habits you decide to have, you should try to keep them. Then you can live a successful and happy life.
11. A. reason   B. secret   C. secrets   D. decisions
12. A. How   B. Why   C. When   D. Who
13. A. are   B. is   C. have   D. has
14. A. well   B. good   C. weak   D. bad
15. A. service   B. rule   C. poems   D. skills
16. A. a few   B. few   C. a little   D. little
17. A. end   B. finish   C. start   D. arrive
18. A. like   B. up   C. after   D. at
19. A. most   B. many   C. much   D. more
20. A. mistake   B. matter   C. stress   D. energy
三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
Many kids help parents to do chores in the house. They may take out the trash, walk the dog or sweep the floor. In return, some kids get money or other rewards from their parents, such as 20 minutes to play computer games.
 But some people do not think that kids should get rewards for doing chores. One of them is Jane Smith, a parenting educator and family coach. She believes if kids get rewards, they may think that work isn't worth doing unless you get something in return. For example, kids won't sweep the floor if they see it is dirty. But they will do it if their parents reward them for it.
 “Every house is a team effort, ” Jane said. “A home is the living space for everyone in the family. It's important for kids to see that we all have a responsibility to keep our home clean. ”
 Other people hold different opinions. They believe that money or other rewards encourage kids to do more chores. It also teaches them real world lessons. They can learn about how we need to work to make money.
 Now, there are also apps that encourage kids to do chores. The apps give kids points and digital (数码的) gifts that can be used either online or in life. With the app ChoreMonster, kids earn digital points after doing chores. Kids can exchange their points for real rewards, such as time to play video games or a trip to the mall. “Our goal is to encourage kids so they can earn rewards, ” says Joe Black, the founder of ChoreMonster.
“Kids need positive (积极的) power to make them do chores. ”
21. Jane Smith thinks that________.
A. housework isn't worth doing
B. kids are not willing to do chores
C. kids should get something in return
D. kids shouldn't get rewards for doing chores
22. ChoreMonster is a(n)________.
A. educator   B. coach
C. app   D. app founder
23. If rewarded for doing chores, kids can learn to ________.
A. take responsibilities B. use apps well
C. make money through work D. understand team effort
24. What's the purpose of the apps mentioned in the passage?
A. To give kids points and gifts.
B. To encourage kids to do chores.
C. To exchange points for real rewards.
D. To give kids advice on doing chores.
25. The passage mainly talks about________.
A. how to encourage kids to do chores
B. what kind of chores kids should do
C. if kids should do chores at home
D. whether kids should be rewarded for doing chores
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
A) 根据句意及首字母提示写单词
26. In spring, the corn is planted in the f________by the farmers.
27. The stone is so heavy that he can't l________it up.
28. Please knock at the door before you e______the office.
29. They had no c________ but to agree with their parents.
30. He broke the traffic rules, so the policeman asked him for his driver's l________.
B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空
31. I don't think teenagers should get their ears ________ (pierce).
32. Children shouldn't be allowed ________ (swim) in the river.
33. Don't eat so much ice­cream, or you will cough ______ (bad) as usual.
34. Do you think teenagers should be encouraged to make their own ________ (decide)?
35. In some Asian ________ (society), children live with their parents until they get married.
五、任务型阅读(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
Recently, Chongqing Three Gorges University has(36)________(hold) an activity named “Cell Phone Ninja”(手机忍者). They would like their students not(37)________(use) cell phones for 21 days. It is a challenge(挑战)(38)f________most students.
The activity started on April 12. (39) E________of the students who volunteered to join in this activity got a bracelet(手环). If the students did not use their cell phones, there would be a photo on the screen of the bracelet to show that. If they used their cell phones, a different photo would(40) a________on the screen of the bracelet. After the last class of every day, the students sent these(41)________(photo) to the school's public WeChat.
More than 800 students wished to join in this test, and 400 were chosen. After seven days, only 103 students were left. The test lasted for 21 days(42)b________ some scientists believe that 21 days is long enough to help form(形成) a habit.
According to teachers in the university, the activity was not a competition. It depended on students(43)________(they) to make the(44)________(decide). The teachers hoped their students could form better study habits through activities(45)l________this one.
目前, 随着人们生活水平的提高, 越来越多的家庭有了汽车。于是很多中学生想开车, 尽管法律、父母不允许, 可他们依然我行我素, 以“Why are middle school students not allowed to drive alone?”为题, 谈谈你的观点。80词左右。
1. 喜欢开车的理由:(1)很酷(2)炫耀(3)出游方便
2. 不能开车的理由:(1)太危险(2)不能更好地控制自己(3)没有驾照
Unit 7测试
一、1. B 2. A 3. A 4. C
5. C 点拨:用辨析法。regret to do sth. “遗憾地要去做某事”,表示事情还没做;regret doing sth. “懊悔做了某事”,表示事情已经做完了。根据句意可知选C。
6. B 点拨:用辨析法。seventeen­year­olds十七岁的青少年,名词;fifteen­year­old十五岁的,形容词,作前置定语,其他两项形式不对。 7. B 8. A
9. A 点拨:enough修饰形容词或副词时,放在其后;修饰名词时,一般放在名词前面。
10. D 点拨:用关键词法。由空格所在句中的building可知动词要使用spend,结构为“spend+时间/钱+doing sth. ”。
二、11. C 12. A
13. D 点拨:用结构分析法。 everyone作主语,his advantages作宾语,中间缺少谓语成分,应由实义动词充当, everyone不定代词作主语时谓语动词用单数。 
14. B
15. D 点拨:这里建议努力学一些新技能。
16. A 点拨:根据句意理解,可知此处表示建议读几页书,为肯定意义,而且pages为可数名词复数形式,应由a few修饰。
17. C 18. D 19. A 20. B
三、21. D 点拨:细节理解题。题干意为:Jane Smith认为______。根据第二段中But some people do not think that kids should get rewards for doing chores. One of them is Jane Smith可知,Jane Smith主张孩子们不应该因为做家务劳动,就得到一些报酬。故选D。
22. C 点拨:词义猜测题。题干意为:ChoreMonster 是一个________。选项A “教育家”;选项B“教练”;选项C “应用程序”;选项D “应用程序创始人”。根据第五段中的With the app ChoreMonster,kids earn digital points after doing chores. 可知这是一款可以让孩子们通过做家务来挣取积分的应用程序。故选C。
23. C 点拨:细节理解题。题干意为:如果做家务可以获得报酬的话,孩子们可以学会________。选项A“承担责任”;选项B“很好地使用应用程序”;选项C“通过劳动挣钱”;选项D“理解团队努力(的理念)”。根据第四段的最后一句They can learn about how we need to work to make money. 可知“孩子做家务获得报酬,可以帮助他们了解如何通过劳动挣钱”。故选C。
24. B 点拨:推理判断题。题干意为:文中提到的apps的意图是什么?选项A“送给孩子们积分和礼物”;选项B“鼓励孩子们做家务活”;选项C“把积分兑换成真正的报酬”;选项D“给孩子们有关做家务的建议”。根据第五段第一句Now,there are also apps that encourage kids to do chores. 可知,现在也有一些apps(应用程序)鼓励孩子们做家务。故选B。
25. D 点拨:主旨大意题。题干意为:这篇短文主要谈论的是________。选项A“怎样鼓励孩子们做家务”;选项B“孩子们应该做什么类型的家务”;选项C“孩子们是否应该在家做家务”;选项D“孩子们是否应该因为做家务而获得报酬”。通读原文可知,本文主要谈论的是孩子们在家做家务是否应该获得报酬。故选D。
四、A)26. field 27. lift 28. enter 29. choice 30. license/licence
B)31. pierced 32. to swim  33. badly 34. decision(s) 35. societies
五、36. held 37. to use 38. for 39. Each 40. appear
41. photos 42. because 43. themselves   44. decision/decisions 45. like
Now more and more families have cars. Should middle school students  be allowed to drive?Some students think they should be allowed to drive. First,they think it's very cool to drive a car. Second,they want to show off. Third,they think it's convenient to drive when they go sightseeing or visit friends.
But I don't think middle school students should be allowed todrive. First,it's very dangerous to do that. Second,middle school students are too young to control themselves. Third,they don't have a driver's license.
So,that's why middle school students aren't allowed to drive alone.
添彩点:一是用first,second,third等,使得短文层次清楚,次序井然;二是本文使用的语言非常流畅,像:it's very cool/convenient to…,…should be allowed to…,middle school students are too young to control …等等。
Unit 8 测试
                          (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. —Who will give us the speech on public manners?
—Mr. Brown ________, but I'm not sure.
A. can   B. need   C. must   D. might
2. —I was ________ from going to Mike's birthday party by the heavy rain.
—Really? What a pity!
A. caused   B. allowed C. ordered   D. prevented
3. Today, when we use QQ or MSN, we ________ messages across thousands of miles in a few seconds.
A. speak and talk     B. use and accept
C. send and receive   D. ask and answer
4. I am greatly interested in this painting. It ________ the painter's deep love for nature.
A. expresses   B. discusses   C. expects   D. imagines
5. There are some ________ in the zoo.
A. wolf   B. wolfs   C. wolves   D. wolfes
6. —________ is knocking at the door. Tom, go and see who it is.
—OK. But ________ is here.
A. Somebody; everybody   B. Somebody; nobody
C. Anybody; nobody   D. Anybody; everybody
7. Lucy was so ________ that she fell ________ in a minute.
A. asleep; sleepy   B. sleep; asleep C. sleepy; asleep   D. sleepy; sleep
8. —Whose notebook is this?
—It ________ be Tom's. It has his name on it.
A. must   B. may   C. might   D. could
9. The boy didn't sleep well at night because of the ________ from the factory.
A. voice   B. noise   C. music  D. song

10. —What is happening outside the window?
—There must be some children ________ games.
A. to play   B. plays C. playing   D. is playing
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
A few years ago the company I work for sent my wife and me to live in New York for a year. I've always loved jogging, so I was really ________11 when I found out our flat was next to Central Park. This ________12 that every morning I could go for a run before I went to work.
Because a lot of people had told me to be ________13 of thieves (窃贼) in the park, I didn't usually take anything with me. What could they ________14 from me if I didn't have anything? But one morning my wife asked me to buy some ________15 on the way home so I took a $10 note out of my wallet.
While I was running through the park, another jogger ________16 into me. He said sorry and continued running. I thought it was a bit ________17 so I checked my pocket and found that the money was missing. I started to run after him right away. I ________18 caught up and caught him by the arm. I started shouting and told him to give me the $10. I'm not usually a ________19 person but I really got very angry. This seemed to frighten (惊吓) him and he quickly put his hand into his pocket and gave me the money. Then he ran away as fast as he could.
I bought the bread and went home. As soon as I got there I began to tell my wife my story. “You won't believe what happened to me, ” I ________20. She stopped me, “I know, you left the money for the bread on the kitchen table. ”
11. A. angry   B. happy   C. guilty   D. curious
12. A. made   B. explained   C. meant   D. proved
13. A. careful   B. sure   C. proud   D. afraid
14. A. hide   B. borrow   C. steal   D. receive
15. A. coffee   B. milk   C. fruit   D. bread
16. A. bumped   B. looked  C. turned   D. moved
17. A. crazy   B. natural   C. strange   D. rude
18. A. suddenly   B. finally   C. politely  D. slowly
19. A. cold­hearted   B. warm­hearted C. cool­headed   D. hot­headed
20. A. started   B. added   C. insisted   D. doubted
三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
China is a great country with the largest population in the world. In order to solve the population problem, our government carried__out one­child policy (政策) before. When it was carried out for some time, many people not only saw its advantages but also saw its disadvantages.
From 2016, two­child policy is put into effect. In my opinion, two­child policy is good. First of all, two­child policy is the gift for the only child (独生子). For some families, maybe the parents are the only child and they also can have an only child. Besides the loneliness of their child, when their child grows up and they grow older, their child marries an only child girl, and the burden(负担) on their child and his wife is too heavy. Their child and his wife have to take care of two couples. Usually it's a little difficult for a young couple to look after two old couples. But if their parents have two children, they can share the burden of taking care of their parents. It would be much better. Secondly, two­child policy can guarantee (保证) the number of Chinese population.
All in all, one­child policy has been out of date. And two­child policy is needed and necessary. It can solve the problems of the present and the future.
21. Which country has the largest population in the world?
A. America.   B. Britain.   C. China.   D. Japan.
22. The underlined phrase “carried out” in Paragraph 1 means “________” in Chinese.
A. 携带   B. 取消   C. 禁止   D. 实行
23. Our government carried out one­child policy before in order to ________.
A. solve the population problem
B. take care of two old couples
C. share the burden of taking care of the parents
D. argue that two­child policy should be put into effect.
24. According to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?
A. It's easy for a young couple to look after two old couples.
B. One­child policy has its advantages and disadvantages.
C. America is a country with the largest population in the world.
D. One­child policy is carried out after 2016 in China.
25. What's the main idea of this passage?
A. Two­child policy is needed and necessary.
B. Our government carried out three­child policy.
C. Two­child policy is the gift for all families in Britain.
D. Two­child policy is a new burden.
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
A) 根据句意及首字母提示写单词
26. Perhaps I have not e________ myself very well.
27. He is one of the greatest B________ writers. He wrote many novels about his hometown, England.
28. Lily felt very happy because she r________ lots of presents on her birthday.
29. Zhou Yang saved her e________ at first. But at last she tried her best to ski and won the race.
30. Not all l________ are right. Sometimes they make mistakes, too.
B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空
31. At last, the plane ________(land) safely on the airport.
32. This piece of information is very useful. It is ________ (value) than the other pieces.
33. The man was hurt badly in the accident and he needed ________ (medicine) care right now.
34. We haven't told ________ (somebody) about the secret. Nobody else knows it.
35. —Did he tell you the ________ (position) of the cinema?
—Yes. It is at the crossing of Bridge Street and Center Street.
五、补全对话(有两项多余)(每小题3分, 共15分)
A:Hello, Jim! Have you seen Eric?
B:No, I haven't. What's up?
A:I found a yellow jacket on the playground. ________36
B:It can't be his. The jacket is much too small for him.
A:________37I saw Tony on the playground just now.
B:But Tony's jacket is black.
B:Let me have a look. Oh, it must be John's.
B:Look. His school ID card is in one of the pockets.
A:________40Let's go and give it to him.
B:OK. He must be in the library. Let's go.
A. It can't be his.              B. You are right.             C. I don't think so.                    
D. Then it must be Tony's.     E. Why do you think so?      F. I think it belongs to Eric.
G. Whose do you think it could be?
你在帮老师分发英语试卷的时候, 发现了一份没有署名的试卷, 书写认真, 成绩为满分, 请分析一下这份试卷是谁的。80词左右。
提示:1. Rose, Lisa, Lucy英语书写好
2. Rose不擅长英语
3. Lisa英语好, 已拿到试卷
4. Lucy生病在家, 英语常得满分
Unit 8测试
一、1. D 点拨:用逻辑推理法。由but I'm not sure推断Mr. Brown“可能”将给我们演讲
2. D
3. C 点拨:用固定搭配法。收发信息即send and receive messages。
4. A 5. C 6. B 7. C 8. A 9. B
10. C 点拨:用固定结构法。there be… doing是固定结构“有……正在做……”。
二、11. B 点拨:用推理判断法。根据前半句I've always loved jogging可推知,当我知道有慢跑去处的时候,应该感到开心。故选B。
12. C 点拨:用词义辨析法。make制作;mean意味着;explain解释;prove证实。根据前面部分可知,我住的地方离中心公园很近,这就意味着我可以每天在上班之前到这里慢跑,只有选项C符合题意,故选C。
13. A 点拨:根据后半句I didn't usually take anything with me可知,前半句应该是很多人告诉我要防贼。be careful of意为“小心”,故选A。
14. C 点拨:steal sth. from sb. 意为“偷某人的东西”,故选C。句意:如果我什么也没有他们能从我这里偷去什么呢?
15. D 点拨:用上下文联系法。根据最后一段第一句I bought the bread and went home. 可知妻子让作者买的是面包(bread)。故选D。
16. A 点拨:bump into sb. 意为“撞到某人身上”,故选A。
17. C 点拨:根据后文so I checked my pocket and . . . 可知,作者应该是对这件事感到奇怪。故选C。
18. B 点拨:根据上文“我开始(started)追他”可知,最后(finally)追上了他并抓住他。故选B。
19. D 点拨:cold­hearted冷漠的;warm­hearted热心的;cool­headed冷静的;hot­headed鲁莽的。此处作者是对自己的行为进行解释:自己通常不是个鲁莽的(hot­headed)人,但这次确实很生气。故选D。
20. A 点拨:用推理判断法。根据后文She stopped me…可知,前文应该是我开始跟妻子说这件事。故选A。
三、21. C  点拨:细节理解题。题干意为:世界上哪个国家的人口最多?根据第一段第一句China is a great country with the largest population in the world. 可知,中国是世界上人口最多的国家。故选C。
22. D 点拨:词义猜测题。题干意为:第一段中画线短语carried out的中文意思是________。可利用语境分析法解题,画线短语所在句句意:……,我们政府之前________一孩政策。将各个选项带进去,可推测出carried out意为“实行,实施”。故选D。
23. A 点拨:推理判断题。题干意为:我们政府之前实行一孩政策为的是_______。根据第一段第二句In order to solve the population problem,our government carried out one­child policy (政策) before. 可以判断:之前实行一孩政策是为了解决人口问题。故选A。
24. B 点拨:细节理解题。题干意为:根据文章内容,下列哪一个叙述是正确的?根据第一段最后一句When it was carried out for some time,many people not only saw its advantages but also saw its disadvantages. 可知,一孩政策有利也有弊。故选B。
25. A 点拨:主旨大意题。题干意为:文章的主要观点是什么?通读文章内容可知,本文主要讲述了二胎政策实施的必要性。故选A。
四、A)26. expressed 27. British 28. received 29. energy  30. leaders
B)31. landed 32. more valuable 33. medical 34. anybody 35. position
五、3640. FDGEB
There are only three girls with good handwriting in our class. They are Rose,Lisa and Lucy. The paper without a name might belong to Rose,but I'm not sure. Because she is not so good at English. It can't be Lisa's. Although she is a top student and does well in English,she has already got hers in hand. So it must belong to Lucy. Today she is ill at home and she often gets full marks in English exams. Well,now I'm sure it's hers.
点评:本文运用了“两步法”推测物品归属:1. 推断经——…might…, …can't…, …must… (第1至8句);2. 推断结果——Well,now I'm sure it's hers. (最后一句)
Unit 9 测试
                          (限时:60分钟 满分:100分)
一、单项选择(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
1. Most of the young adults like the music that they can sing ________ or dance ________.
A. to; along with   B. along with; to C. of; to   D. along; to
2. This hotel ________ us ________ a large house.
A. provides; for   B. offers; to C. provides; with   D. offers; with
3. —Which do you prefer, orange juice or coffee?
—Either ________ OK. But I prefer coffee ________ milk.
A. are; with   B. is; with   C. are; to   D. is; to
4. —Could you tell me some information about the hotels in your country?
—Why not ________ on the Internet?
A. look for them   B. to look for them C. look it up   D. to look it up
5. His show was so funny that it made everyone ________ again and again.
A. laugh  B. laughed  C. laughing  D. to laugh
6. —Tom! ________ the tap, or the grass will get too wet.
—OK, Mom. I will do that.
A. Take off  B. Put off  C. Shut off  D. Get off
7. Our teacher often advises us ________ the habit of making notes while reading.
A. to develop   B. develop C. to developing   D. developed
8. —Can you guess what Anna is doing now?
—I ________ she is listening to music at home.
A. remember   B. agree   C. suggest   D. suppose
9. After Mike ________,  he continued ________ on the street.
A. get married; play   B. married; play
C. got married; to play   D. gotten married; playing
10. —What are you doing?
—I'm reading the book ________ you lent me last week.
A. what   B. who   C. when   D. that
二、完形填空(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
In our lives, someone we know by ________11 often encourages us.
Early one morning, I opened the window to find that the sun was shining everywhere. The sunshine warmed my face, making it comfortable. I started to play my beloved violin. When with all my efforts I was playing the climax (高潮部分) of the piece, a sound from next door got my attention.
I was attracted and had a special idea: “How wonderful if we played together! ” I began to play pieces by Beethoven with my neighbor, one piece after another.
We played together so well that I was very interested in ________12 she or he looked like. Each time I thought about________13 playing together, I would move my lips, completely inadvertently(不经意地).
However, I couldn't understand why the violinist next door never responded (回应) when I knocked on the door. I was terribly disappointed.
A year later, I took part in a violin competition. ________14the event, I made a new friend, ________15 name was Rita. “Let's welcome contestant number 10, Rita, ” the master of the ceremony announced.
This girl, who was my age, was deaf and dumb, ________16 she had played the violin for eight years!
I saw Rita ________17 walk onto the stage. She put the violin between her neck and shoulder and began to perform.
“The music is so ________18! ” I said to myself.
It was ________19 that a girl who was deaf and dumb could play such wonderful music. The audience warmly welcomed her.
What was even harder to believe was that the girl was my neighbor. It was fate that we should meet and become friends.
Rita's story made me realize that life is not always sunny or poetic. Sometimes there are strong storms and setbacks (挫折). However, no matter what you________20, believe in yourself and work hard. You can succeed.
11. A. chance   B. feeling   C. love   D. hardship
12. A. what   B. when   C. how   D. where
13. A. our   B. my   C. their   D. your
14. A. Before   B. At   C. Until   D. Since
15. A. her   B. his   C. whose   D. which
16. A. but   B. though   C. so   D. or
17. A. quickly   B. freely   C. noisily   D. carefully
18. A. interesting   B. familiar C. strange   D. terrible
19. A. unbelievable   B. unfair C. unlucky   D. unhappy
20. A. love   B. like   C. suffer   D. enjoy
三、阅读理解(每小题3分, 共15分)
Bike­sharing has swept across China, with an increasing number of people choosing bike  riding instead of driving. The bike that the service company provides has GPS or Bluetooth on it, and those bikes can be easily unlocked with a smartphone and left anywhere in public. Bike­sharing allows people to borrow a bike from one place and return it at another place easily.
In some cities, we can see more and more people riding this kind of shared bikes. It's very convenient to use the bikes if you have a smartphone. First, you have to download such an APP on your smartphone. Then what you need to do is to find a nearest bike through the APP, and scan the QR code on the bike or connect your phone with the bike over a Bluetooth wireless connection. You will find the bike can be unlocked itself. Then you can enjoy your trip. What's more, the greatest advantage of bike­sharing is that you can easily find one and never worry about where to park it. The cost of riding depends on the time that you spend. Normally, every hour you ride, you need to pay one yuan. It doesn't cost so much, does it?
At the same time, some people park the bikes in their own homes. Besides, some people don't value the bikes. Now service companies are trying to solve the problem like being stolen.
Technology and science have changed our social lifestyles. We have to say bike­sharing brings us more convenience without doubt. And we also hope that people can not only enjoy it but also put it to good use.
21. From the first paragraph, we know ________.
A. bike­sharing is invented in China B. shared bikes are used by more people
C. most people in cities don't drive D. shared bikes can be bought anywhere
22. The underlined word “scan” in Paragraph 2 probably means“ ________”in Chinese.
A. 浏览   B. 扫描   C. 审视   D. 细查
23. If you want to use a shared bike, you must ________first.
A. have a smartphone and download an APP
B. download an APP and pay for the trip
C. unlock the bike and download an APP
D. find a nearest bike and borrow it from anyone
24. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in this passage?
A. Bike­sharing is very cheap. B. Shared bikes may be stolen.
C. Shared bikes are easy to unlock. D. Bike­sharing is a kind of green transport.
25. The passage probably comes from a ________.
A. science textbook   B. tourist guide
C. website news report   D. restaurant menu
四、词汇运用(每小题1分, 共10分)
26. This has been a ________ (pain) lesson to me.
27. The teacher highly ________ (praise) Jack for his homework because he did it very well.
28. Do you know the ________ (direct) of the movie?
29. Linda ________ (prefer) skating last year, but now she doesn't.
30. Sometimes life is filled with ________ (sad). No matter what happens, we should face it bravely.
31. 所有宠物在生活上给予它们主人爱与安慰。
All pets ________ the owners ________ love and comfort in their lives.
32. 他把大量的钱放在银行里。
He puts ________ ________ ________ in the bank.
33. 会议开始前记得关闭手机。
Remember to ________ ________ your phones before the meeting starts.
34. TFBOYS的这首新歌很流行, 我们大部分人都认为它值得一听。
The new song by TFBOYS is ________ ________ that most of us think it is ________ ________ ________.
35. 杰克是一个当你伤心的时候, 能够使你高兴起来的朋友。
Jack is a friend ________ can ________ you ________ when you are sad.
五、语法填空(每个答案不多于三个单词)(每小题1. 5分, 共15分)
Last night I went to a concert of Chinese folk music. ________36 piece which was played on the erhu especially moved me. I was made ____________37 (feel) sad and painful ________38 (strong). The piece ____________39 (name) Erquan Yingyue, and it was one of __________40 (move) pieces of music that I've ever heard. The erhu sounded so sad ________41 I almost cried along with it as I listened. Abing ________42 was a folk musician wrote the music. He could play many musical ____________43 (instrument) with his father's help. By age 17, he was known ________44 his musical skills. Today, Abing's Erquan Yingyue is a piece which all the greatest erhu masters play and praise. It ____________45 (become) one of China's national treasures.
假如你叫李明, 是一名中学生, 经常收听由美国主持人Philip主持的音乐节目, 请根据内容要点提示, 用英语给主持人写一封信。
要点:1. 你很喜欢这个节目, 特别是节目播放的歌曲很优美, 歌词很棒。
2. 在你学习感到疲劳时, 会打开收音机听这个节目。
3. 从节目中你学到了很多单词。
4. 告诉他你最喜欢的是什么类型的音乐, 请他帮助你介绍一些相关的歌手和CD。
Unit 9测试
一、1. B 2. C 3. B
4. C 点拨:用辨析法。why not后用动词原形,排除B、D,look for寻找,look up查询,information为不可数名词,故选C。
5. A 点拨:make sb. do sth. 让某人做某事。
6. C 点拨:用语境法。语境or the grass will get too wet暗示要关上水龙头,停止浇水。
7. A 点拨:advise sb. 后面跟动词不定式。 8. D 
9. C 点拨:用关键词法。由关键词continued可知,应用过去时,又continue后加to do或doing,故选C。
10. D 点拨:用语法分析法。先行词the book是物,定语从句的引导词用that或which,故选D。
二、11. A 点拨:用上下文联系法。通过下文我与小女孩的认识经历及句意“在我们的生活中,我们________认识的人会常常鼓励我们。”可知这里要表达的是“我们偶然认识的人”; 固定短语by chance意为“偶然”。故选A。
12. A 点拨:用上下文联系法。由上文“经常与邻居一块练习小提琴,但却从未见过”的描述可以推知,我对她/他长什么样很感兴趣。故选A。
13. A
14. B 点拨:根据“Let's welcome contestant number 10,Rita,” the master of the ceremony announced. 可知,“我”和这位新朋友是在这项活动中认识的。at the event 意为“在这项活动中”。故选B。
15. C 点拨:分析句子结构可知,本句是含有非限制性定语从句的复合句,先行词为 a new friend,指人,充当从句主语name的定语,这时应用关系代词whose引导定语从句。故选C。
16. A 点拨:前面This girl,who was my age,was deaf and dumb这个和我同样年龄的女孩是聋哑人,后面she had played the violin for eight years她拉小提琴已经八年了。前后句意构成“转折”关系。故选A。
17. D 点拨:用辨析法。quickly 快速地;freely自由地;noisily吵闹地;carefully小心地。从上文的描述可知,Rita是一个聋哑人,她上台肯定会小心翼翼。故选D。
18. B 点拨: interesting有趣的;familiar熟悉的;strange奇怪的;terrible 可怕的。下文提到:What was even harder to believe was that the girl was my neighbor. 我难以置信这个女孩竟然是我的邻居。因为是邻居,所以作者对小女孩演奏的音乐很熟悉。故选B。
19. A
20. C 点拨:由上文Sometimes there are strong storms and setbacks(挫折). 推知本句句意为:然而,无论你遭遇到什么,你都要相信自己、努力奋斗。suffer 意为“遭受,遭遇”。故选C。
三、21. B 点拨:推理判断题。由第一段的第一句话“自行车共享席卷中国,选择骑自行车而不是开车的人数正在增长。”可推知,B项“共享单车被更多人使用”描述正确。
22. B 点拨:词义猜测题。根据画线单词的所在句可知,此处描述使用共享单车的方法“首先,你必须在你的智能手机上下载这样一个APP。然后你需要做的是通过应用程序找到一个最近的自行车。________自行车上的二维码或把您的手机与自行车通过蓝牙无线连接。你会发现自行车可以自动解锁。”结合选项可知B项正确。
23. A 点拨:细节理解题。根据文章第二段的句子First,you have to download such an APP on your smartphone. 可知,如果你想使用共享单车,你首先必须有一个智能手机并下载一个APP,故选A。
24. D 点拨:细节理解题。根据文章第二段的句子Normally,every hour you ride,you need to pay one yuan. It doesn't cost so much,does it?可知,A项“共享单车很便宜。”提到过;根据文章第三段的句子Now service companies are trying to solve the problem like being stolen. 可知“共享单车可能被偷。”提到过;根据文章第一段的句子…and those bikes can be easily unlocked with a smartphone…可知C项“共享单车很容易解锁。”提到过;而D项“共享单车是一种绿色交通。”没有提到,故选D。
25. C 点拨:推理判断题。根据主旨大意可知,本文主要介绍了目前在中国各个城市普及的共享单车的使用等情况,这篇文章不可能来自于科学课本,旅游指南和饭店的菜单,而可能是网页的新闻报道。故选C。
四、A)26. painful 27. praised 28. director 29. preferred  30. sadness
B)31. provide;with 32. plenty of money 33. shut off
34. so popular;worth listening to  35. who/that;cheer;up
五、36. The 37. to feel 38. strongly 39. was named  40. the most moving 41. that
42. who/ that 点拨:用结构分析法。先行词为人,关系代词应该用that或who。
43. instruments 点拨:用关键词法。由many可知后面应该用名词的复数形式。
44. for
45. has become 点拨:用语境法。根据句意可知强调事件对现在的影响,应用现在完成时。
Dear Philip,
My name is Li Ming. I am a middle school student. I often listen to your program at night. I like it very much,especially the English songs.
I like the English songs that have great lyrics. I will turn on the radio and listen to your program when I feel tired. It helps me relax myself. By the way,I have learnt many English words from these songs. And I like singers who can sing clearly and write their own songs. Can you introduce me some singers and their CDs?You can send me e­mail at Liming@yahoo. com.
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much!
Li Ming
添彩点:副词especially起强调作用;两个定语从句的使用使语言表述清晰准确,by the way,look forward to等短语的运用展现了较好的语言运用能力。
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