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课时训练(五) Units 9-12(七下)
1.[2017•遵义改编] Mary didn’t tell her parents that she was going home because she wanted to give them a .
A.surprise    B.call    C.gift    D.shout
2.[2018•石家庄新华区模拟] Our math  teacher teaches us in a way. We all like his classes.
A.special     B.boring    C.terrible    D.bad
3.[2018•襄阳] —Do you like this new kind of mobile phone, madam?
—Yes. But it’s too , and I can’t afford it.
A.popular    B.lovely    C.cheap     D.expensive
4.[2019•原创] When Flight 3U8633 finally landed in Chengdu, some of the women passengers cried. , nobody was hurt.  
A.Suddenly    B.Luckily    C.Sadly    D.Easily
5.All students have to learn the rules they know what to do at school.
A.or    B.so that    C.because    D.while
6.[2017•莱芜] We can’t decide to go for dinner because everyone wants to order something different.
A.how    B. where    C.why    D.when
7.[2017•无锡改编] Tom! You have grown up and you’re no longer a 3-year-old kid. Don’t expect me to do for you. Go and tidy your room!
A.everything    B.something    C.anything    D.nothing
8.[2018•荆州] —We are planning a Yangtze River Protection Day thi s weekend. Do you have any advice?
—You’d better signs around the school to tell all the students about that.
A.make up     B.put up
C.set up    D.show up
9.[2018•襄阳] The second C919 large passenger plane its first flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on December 17th, 2017.
A.completes     B.completed
C.has completed    D.was completing
10.[2019•原创] —Why do you look so tired today?
—Because I late last night to watch the 2018 World Cup.
A.picked up    B.stayed up    C.set up     D.took up
Ⅱ.[2019•原创] 完形填空
Have you ever seen the science fiction movie The Martian(《火星救援》)? In the movie, an astronaut 11 potatoes on Mars. Now some Dutch researchers say they have successfully grown “Martian” and “lunar(月球的)” vegetables. They say these vegetables are 12 to eat now.
The researchers started the 13 in 2013. They grew fourteen plants, such as tomatoes and potatoes in simulated(模拟的) Martian and lunar soil on the earth. 14 , the plants died quickly.
They started again in late 2015 and chose the same 15 . This time they used larger containers and 16 grass to the vegetables. In March 2016, they finally had a harvest. But were the crops safe to eat? The result was 17 . There were heavy metals(重金属) in the Martian and lunar soils. They did not affect plants, but were bad 18 people’s health.
After months of testing, the researchers finally 1 9 that the vegetables were safe to eat. Some of the vegetables even had less heavy metal 20 that of those grown in the earth’s soil. So the researchers cooked a great dinner with the crops and ate them up!
11.A.grows    B.sells    C.wins    D.catches
12.A.useful    B.different    C.safe    D.harmful
13.A.show    B.project    C.advice    D.culture
14.A.Besides    B.Even    C.Nearly    D.However
15.A.jobs    B.vegetables
C.machines    D.bottles
16.A.added    B.refused    C.moved    D.decided
17.A.exciting    B.relaxing
C.necessary    D.disappointing
18.A.with    B.on    C.for    D.in
19.A.made up    B.set up
C.made sure    D.put off
20.A.relation    B.than    C.success    D.movement
Ⅲ.[2018•天津] 阅读理解
On my recent trip to Sydney with my parents, we visited the Wildlife Park.
The Wildlife Park has lots of different animals and birds. Some are native(当地的) to Australia and can only be found there. There are over 600 animals there, including kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles(鳄鱼). They are kept in their natural environment. I like the Wildlife Park better than a zoo where most of the animals are in cages(笼子).
We first spent some time with the kangaroos. We were allowed to touch and feed them. It was very exciting to be so close to them. There were koalas there too.  They looked very cuddly(令人想拥抱的). Although we were not allowed to carry them, I got to take a photo with one. It is  a wonderful souvenir(纪念品) of my holiday in Sydney.
The Wildlife Park has plenty of freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. Some of them are really big and scary(吓人的) with huge teeth! I did not want to get too close to them.
There was also a bird show. The keepers showed us different species(种类) they had. I saw an old parrot which coul d “talk”. It made a great impression on me.
I enjoyed the trip very much. There was so much to see.
21.Where is the Wildlife Park?
A.In Sydney.    B.In Cairo.    
C.In Athens.    D.In Rome.
22.What is a wonderful souvenir of the writer’s holiday?
A.A parrot that could talk.
B.A chance to feed a koala.
C.A photo with a koala.
D.Food for the kangaroos.
23.Why didn’t the writer want to get very close to the crocodiles?
A.They lived in water.
B.The writer was afraid of them.
C.The writer did not want to feed them.
D.The writer did not like the smell of saltwater.
24.Which of the following is TRUE?
A.The kangaroos are kept in cages in the Wildlife Park.
B.The writer traveled to the Wildlife Park alone.
C.The writer went to see koalas first.
D.The writer watched a bird show.

25.How did the writer feel after visiting the Wildlife Park?
A.Excited.    B.Unhappy.    C.Bored.    D.Hopeless.
Ⅳ.[2018•烟台改编] 任务型阅读
Some people seem to have unusual memories. Zheng Aiqiang, a “memory athlete” on TV show Super Brain, can remember 2,660 numbers in just one hour!
You would think people like him must have special brains. But according to a recent study by researchers from America and Holland, the brain structure(结构) of ordinary people and 23 of the world’s leading memory athletes shows no difference.
Good memories can be trained. New research in the magazine Neuron suggests that a person will get a super memory with just six weeks of hard training.
Researchers found that a technique(技巧) called loci, invented by the ancient Greeks, can greatly help improve memory.
By using loci, you are using your imagination to improve the brain’s memory networks. You can link(关联) something you need to remember with a place that you know very well. For example, to remember a list of numbers, imagine yourself walking through your house. Each thing is linked to a number. For example, zero could be the handle on the door and five could be the painting on the wall.
Loci is a good technique which can greatly help improve memory. In one study, some ordinary people were given 20 minutes to remember 72 nouns. At the beginning, they could only remember 26 words, but when they were taught loci, they could remember 62 words.
“Not everyone can become a memory winner. But everyone using the technique can improve his memory greatly,” said Boris Konrad, one of the researchers in the study.
26、27题完成句子;28题简略回答问题;29 题找出并写下第六段的主题句;30题将文中画线句子译成汉语。
26.From the recent study, we know that ordinary people and memory athletes have similar .
27.To memorize a list of numbers by using loci means you are using your to link it with a place you know well according to the passage.
28.How soon will a person get a super memory through hard training according to the magazine Neuron?
It was a very special day because Dylan Terry came to the West End Children’s Home! Dylan Terry is my favorite 31. (sing). I like him because he sings 32. (wonderful), he’s cute and he helps the kids a lot.
We were 33. (stand) near the door, waiting for him. Everyone was 34. (excite). Finally, he arrived 35.a shook hands with us. Some of us even started dancing 36.w he was singing. We were having a great time!
37. our surprise, Dylan joined us for lunch. He brought us 38. big cake. Everyone ate some  and it was delicious. While we were eating, Dylan told us many interesting 39. (story) about himself. I never 40. (think) I could talk to my favorite pop star. It was just like  a dream. I will remember this unforgettable experience forever.

Ⅰ.1.A 2.A
3.D popular意为“受欢迎的”;lovely意为“可爱的”;cheap意为“便宜的”;expensive意为“昂贵的”。根据后句“can’ t afford”(买不起)可知,应该是太贵。故选D。
5.B or意为“或者;否则”; so that意为“以便,为了”;because意为“因为”;while意为“当……的时候”。根据前半句“所有的学生必须学会这些规则”及后半句句意“他们在学校就知道怎么做”可知,此处表示目的,B项符合语境。
7.A 考查不定代词辨析。everything意为“每件事情”;something意为“某事”;anything意为“任何事情”;nothing意为“什么也没有”。句意:汤姆!你已经长大了,不再是3岁的孩子。不要期望我为你做每件事情。去把你的房间整理一下!故选A。
9.B on December 17th, 2017表示过去的时间,要用一般过去时。故选B。
Ⅱ.[主旨大意] 本文是一篇记叙文,主要讲述了荷兰的研究人员在地球上模拟火星和月球上的土壤,经过几个月测试,已经成功地在火星和月球的模拟土壤中种植了可以安全食用的蔬菜。
11.A 根据后面的句子“Now some Dutch researchers say they have successfully grown ‘Martian’ and ‘lunar’ vegetables.”可判断,此处应选grows,表示“种植”土豆。
12.C 根据最后一段第一句话中的关键词“the vegetables were safe to eat”可判断,现在研究人员种植的蔬菜已经可以“安全”食用了。故选C。
13.B show意为“演出,展览”;project意为“计划,工程”;advice意为“建议”;culture意为“文化”。句意:研究人员是在2013年开始这项研究计划的。故选B。
14.D 根据空格后的“the plants died quickly”可判断,该句与上一句是转折关系,故选D。
15.B 根据语境可知,研究人员 在2015年又重新开始这项研究计划,并选择了跟上一次一样的蔬菜品种,故选B。
16.A add…to…意为“把……加入到……中”,是固定短语。
17.D 根据后面句子的意思“火星和月球的土壤中含有重金属”可判断,这次种植蔬菜的结果是令人失望的。故选D。
18.C be bad for 是固定短语,表示“对……有害处”。
19.C 经过几个月的实验之后,研究人员最终确定了他们种植的蔬菜可以安全食用。故选C。
20.B 根据空格前面的“less”可判断,该句为比较级句式,故选than。
Ⅲ.[主旨大意] 这是一篇记叙文。文章介绍了作者与父母一起参观悉尼野生动物园的 情况。与普通动物园相比,作者更喜欢野生动物园,因为动物们生活在自然环境中,而在一般动物园里大部分动物都被关在笼子里。除了可爱的袋鼠与考拉熊以外,作者还看到了危险的鳄鱼,也观看了一次鸟展。总之,作者非常喜爱这次旅行。
21.A 22.C
23.B 细节理解题。根据第四段“The Wildlife Park has plenty of freshwater and saltwater crocodiles. Some of them are really big and scary with huge teeth! I did not want to get too close to them.”可知“我”不想靠近的原因是鳄鱼很大、很吓人,有着巨大的牙齿。故选B。
25.A 推理判断题。根据作者游览野生动物园的经历和最后一段中的“I enjoyed the trip very much.”可知,作者很兴奋,很喜欢这次游览的经历。故选A。
Ⅳ.[主旨大意] 本文是一篇说明文。文章通过热门节目《最强大脑》中的选手郑爱强的事例说明记忆达人们的大脑与常人无异,但是好的记忆是可以被训练的,从而引出位置记忆法(loci),并详细描述了如何用这种方法来提高记忆。
26.brain structure(s)
28.In six weeks.
29.Loci is a good technique which can greatly help improve memory.
30.但是每 个用这种技巧的人能很大提高他的记忆力。
Ⅴ.31.singer 32.wonderfully 33.standing 34.excited
35.and 36.while 37.To 38.a 39.stories 40.thought


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