九年级英语上册Unit 3 Teenage problems课时训练(共6套牛津版)

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九年级英语上册Unit 3 Teenage problems课时训练(共6套牛津版)

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Unit 3 Teenage problems
Period 3 Reading Ⅱ
Ⅰ. 根据句意及汉语提示完成句子
1. The old teacher was looking through the ________ (清单) of the students' names to remember the old days.
2. I know little English, so I can ________ (几乎不) understand the Englishman.
3. There is no ________ (怀疑) that he has passed the exam.
4. We have had a long ________ (友谊) since we were children.
5. Do you think too many hobbies can influence your ________ (课业)?
6. I think we should work out a plan to ________ (处理) with this situation.
7. Can you ________ (想象)  life without colours?
8. The book will be of great ________ (价值) to you.
9. Our teachers are very________ (严格的) with us.
10. The ________ (原因) of the accident was the fact that he was driving too fast.
Ⅱ. 根据句意,用所给词的正确形式填空
1. MVP is short for the most ________(value) player in a game.
2. You should find out more information before making your final ________(choose).
3. Thanks for offering us such useful ________(suggest).
4. David has been crazy about ________ (draw) since he was a 5­year­old boy.
5. (2016•绥化)She shouldn't ________ (allow) to go out alone.
Ⅲ. 用方框中所给的词或短语填空,有一词或短语多余
1. Can you ________________  life without phones or the Internet?
2. You may make some practical changes ________________________ the real situation.
3. I ________________ your teacher. You should pay more attention to your spelling.
4. It's dangerous for girls to ________________ alone at night.
5. ________________ you turn off the lights  before you leave the room.
6. Hand in your homework ________________, or your teacher will be angry with you.
Ⅳ. 根据汉语意思完成句子
1. 爱好能帮助我们放松,并且使我们的生活更有趣。
Hobbies can ________________________ and make our lives ________________________.
2. 一些中学生不知道怎样在学习和玩之间保持平衡。
Some middle school students don't know ________________________________ between study and play.
3. (2016•烟台)我们应该允许青少年选择他们自己的服饰。
We should ____________ teenagers to____________ their own clothes.
4. 我们怀疑他能否给我们提供一些支持。
We doubt________________________________ some support.
5. 他别无选择,只能严格要求他的学生。
He________________________________________________ his students.
6. 医生的建议对我很有价值,我将比往常锻炼得更多。
The doctor's advice is of__________________ me. I will exercise more__________________.
Ⅴ. 单项填空
( )1. (2016•南京)—Have you read the book Jane Eyre?
—Yes. It's a famous book and really worth ________.
 A. to read    B. reading     C. to be read        D. read
( )2. —Where is Tom?
—He is practising________ English________ he can win the speech competition.
 A. to speak; in order to   B. speaking; so that
 C. speaking; in order to   D. to speak; so that
( )3. (2017•达州)—May we leave the classroom now?
—No, you ________. You________  to leave until the bell rings.
 A. needn't; aren't allowed    B. may not; are allowed
 C. mustn't; aren't allowed    D. can't; are allowed
( )4. (2016•玉林)Some people think it's the parents' job to ________ their children ________ a clean and comfortable environment at home.
 A. offer; to   B. offer; with   C. provide; with   D. provide; to
( )5. We find ________ impossible for us to learn Physics well in a short time.
 A. that   B. it   C. this   D. one
( )6. Could you give me a hand? I can't complete the task on time ________ your help.
 A. without   B. under   C. with   D. for
Ⅵ. 阅读理解
Many Chinese students think American students enjoy more freedom than them at school. But American schools also have their rules. If the students break the rules, they will get punishment, too.
On the first day of a new term, 128 students of Morton High School were sent home for wearing the wrong clothes. There are altogether 1,200 students in the school. Usually only 20 students break the school dress rule every day. So the headmaster Theresa Mayerik said it was the worst new term she had ever seen.
At Morton High School, students' favourite clothing such as baggy(宽大的) trousers, low­necked shirts and tank tops (紧身短背心) are not allowed in classrooms. Some students think they have the right to choose what to wear. But the headmaster doesn't think so. “I'd be supportive if half the school was sent home, because 99% will get the message that our school is for education. ”
“Freedom” does not mean “free of restriction(约束)”. That is to say there is no total freedom in the world, no matter in the US or in China.
( )1. Many Chinese students think that ________.
 A. American students are very free at school
 B. American students are not so clever as them
 C. American students don't like their school at all
 D. American students have many rules at school
( )2. 128 students of Morton High School were sent home for ________.
 A. not finishing their homework   B. being late for school
 C. not wearing the right clothes   D. not listening to the teachers in class
( )3. Some students in Morton High School think that they have the right to ________.
 A. decide when to go to school   B. go to school or not
 C. eat and drink in class   D. choose what to wear
( )4. What does the underlined word “supportive” mean in Chinese?
 A. 高兴的   B. 支持的   C. 害怕的   D. 反对的
( )5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
 A. In America, if students break the school rules, they won't get any punishment.
 B. In Morton High School, there are usually 128 students breaking the school dress rules.
 C. The writer thinks there is freedom in America.
 D. The writer thinks there is no total freedom in the world.


Ⅰ. 1. list 2. hardly 3. doubt  4. friendship 5. schoolwork 
6. deal  7. imagine 8. value 9. strict 10. cause
Ⅱ. 1. valuable 2. choice 3. suggestions 4. drawing 5. be allowed
Ⅲ. 1. imagine 2. according to  3. agree with 
4. stay out late  5. Make sure 6. on time
Ⅳ. 1. help us relax; more interesting
2. how to keep a balance
3. allow; choose
4. if/whether he can offer us
5. has no choice but to be strict with
6. great value to; than usual
Ⅴ. 1. B 句意:“你读过《简•爱》这本书吗?”“读过。它是一本著名的书,确实值得一读。”be worth doing sth意为“值得做某事”。故选B。
2. B
3. C 考查情态动词及连词until的用法。may开头的疑问句,否定回答用mustn't或者can't。最后一句的句意:直到铃声响起你才能离开。not…until意为“直到……才……”。故选C。
4. C 句意:有些人认为给孩子提供一个干净舒适的家庭环境是父母的职责。offer sth to sb=provide sb with sth,意为“为某人提供某物”。 故选C。
5. B 6. A 
Ⅵ. 1. A 细节理解题。根据第一段中的“Many Chinese students think American students enjoy more freedom than them at school. ”可知,很多中国学生认为美国的学生比他们在学校更加自由。故选A。
2. C 细节理解题。根据第二段中的“… 128 students of Morton High School were sent home for wearing the wrong clothes. ”可知选C。
3. D 细节理解题。根据第三段中的“Some students think they have the right to choose what to wear. ”可知选D。
4. B 5. D

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