九年级英语上册Unit 3 English around the world单元综合测试题(共2套附解析仁爱版)

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九年级英语上册Unit 3 English around the world单元综合测试题(共2套附解析仁爱版)

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Unit 3 English around the world
I. 单项选择。
    1. We are always ready _________ others.
    A. to helping    B. to help    C. help     D. helping
2. English ______ in Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as America and Britain.
 A. speaks   B. is speaking    C. is spoken   D. spoke
3. —Doctor, it seems _______ you like to work with animals.
 —Yes, I think animals should _____ as our friends.
 A. that;regard     B. that;be regarded
 C. what;regard    D. what;be regarded
4. _____, I must try my best to study English.
A. On purpose B. From now on C. After all D.As soon as
5. —What a nice classroom!
 —It _____ every day.
 A.is cleaning  B.  has cleaned C. must clean D.is cleaned
6. It is _____ that every student must go to school on time.
 A. cleared    B. clear C. clearly D.to clear
7. China takes the leading position _____ space industry.
 A.in   B.at      C. of   D. up
8. Teachers should _____ their students to practice _____ English as much as possible.
 A. encourage, speaking       B. let, speak 
C. make, speak              D. keep, speaking
   1. The air in Dongying is much worse than that in many other cities. We must do        to protect our environment.
A. nothing   B. anything   C. something   D. everything
 2. Meimei is a beautiful girl _______ big eyes and dark hair.
A. in   B. on    C. at    D. with
  3. The novel ______ by many people today.
    A. is read               B. are read             C. reads             D. were read
II. 完形填空。
Once upon a time, there was a lazy poor living in a small house with spider webs(蜘蛛网) on the walls and mice running around. People    1    coming into such a dirty place and the poor man was lonely and sad every day. He thought it was poverty(贫困) that    2    his unhappy life.  One day, the poor man dropped in on a wise old man and asked him for    3    about changing his life. The old man gave him a beautiful vase(花瓶) and said, “This is a magic vase that will bring you    4   .”  The poor man looked at the vase    5   . Why would he need a vase in his poor house? However, he didn’t want to    6    such a beautiful vase, so he brought it home on the table.  “It's not right for something so beautiful to be    7   .” the poor man looked at the vase and thought. Then he picked some wild flowers and put them into it, making it even more beautiful.    8    he was still not satisfied. “It is not good for such a beautiful thing to stand next to a spider web.” At this, he started to do some cleaning in the house and paint the walls.  His house turned into    9    place immediately. The poor man    10   . He suddenly realized that in the past it was his laziness that made him poor and unhappy. From then on, he worked hard and his life got better and better. 
1. A. enjoyed       B. avoided        C. forgot       D. considered
2. A. led to         B. connected to    C. made up     D. set up
3. A. service        B. knowledge     C. advice       D. care
4. A. peace         B. happiness      C. mess        D. regret 
5. A. sadly         B. nervously      C. proudly       D. surprisedly
6. A. throw away    B. give out       C. pay for       D. keep off
7. A. ugly          B. full          C. empty       D. dirty 
8. A. Although      B. But           C. So          D. Because 
9. A. large         B. dark           C. strange      D. comfortable 
10. A. cheered up   B. rang up        C. sped up      D. stayed up
III. 阅读理解。
My Plan for Learning English
  Many students and teachers always ask this question “What’s the best way to learn English well?” Different people have different answers.Here is my plan for learning English.It is based on(根据) my own experience in learning languages.It helped me when I learned English.I hope that it can help you,too.
  •Speak to Americans as much as possible.
  •Make phone calls to practise your English.
  •Watch TV and movies.
  •Listen to the radio.
  •Read as much as possible.
  It is important to believe that you will improve your English.Sometimes when you make plans,they seem very difficult.Progress comes little by little.Think about where you are today,and where you were last week or last month.Maybe it doesn’t seem you have come very far.But if you stop and think about where you were six months ago,or even a year ago,then you will see your progress.That progress gives you hope.Keep on studying,and you will reach your goal sooner or later!
  1.What do students and teachers often ask?
      A.How to speak English well.
      B.How to write English well.
      C.How to read English well.
      D.How to learn English well.
  2.The plan for learning English is based on ______.
     A.a student’s teaching story
     B.a student’s learning story
     C.an English teacher’s experience
     D.the writer’s experience
  3.Which of the following is NOT true about the writer?
     A.He reads aloud in the morning.
     B.He watches English movies.
     C.He often writes English notes.
     D.He sometimes speaks English with friends on the phone.
  4.What is important for an English learner?
     A.To study English every day.
     B.To speak with Americans.
     C.To listen to the radio.
     D.To believe that he will improve his English.
  5.The underlined word“progress” probably means “______” in Chinese.
     A.经历  B.错误  C.进步  D.失败
IV. 书面表达。
Dear Bob,
  I write to you to ask for some good advice on learning English.__________________________

1. B。be ready to do sth.意为“准备做某事”,选B。
2. C。该题考查的是一般现在时的被动语态形式,其结构是“am/ is / are+过去分词”。
3. B。前一句为it seems引导的从句用that连接,排除C、D。后一句“我认为应该把动物当作我们的朋友”,主语animals为动词regard的动作承受者,应用被动语态,故选B。
4.B。考查短语,on purpose “故意”;from now on“从现在起”;after all“毕竟”; as soon as“一……就”。故选B。
5.D。考查一般现在时的被动语态。is cleaned表示“被打扫干净”。故选D。
6.B。It is clear that意为“毫无疑问”为固定用法。故选B。
7.A。take the leading position “处于领先地位”。在某方面处于领先地位应用介词in。故选A。
8.A。考查encourage sb. to do sth. 表示“鼓励某人做某事”;practice doing sth.“练习做某事”。故选A。
1. C。本句意为“东营的空气比许多其他城市的空气更差,我们必须做一些事情来保护我们的环境。”  
something(某事); anything(任何事); nothing(没有东西); everything(一切,事事)。一般情况下, 
some- 构成的复合不定代词,用于肯定句,所以本题选C。
2. D。本题意为“梅梅是一个大眼睛、黑头发的漂亮女孩。”with表示事物的附属部分或所具有的性
质;意为“具有;带有; 加上”。
    3. A。主语是the novel,所以谓语要用单数形式,所以排除答案B和D;题中出现明显时间词today,   所以时态应为一般现在时。故答案为A。
II. 完形填空。
1. B。A. enjoyed 喜欢;B. avoided 避免;C. forgot 忘记;D. considered 考虑。句意:人们避免进入那么脏的地方。根据后文贫穷的人感到孤独,可知人们避免去那么脏的地方,故选B。
2. A。A. led to 导致; B. connected to与……相连接;C. made up 组成,编造;D. set up 建立。句意:他认为是贫困导致了他不愉快的生活。根据后文,结合句意,可知答案选A。
3. C。A. service 服务;B. knowledge知识;C. advice建议;D. care关心,关怀。句意:一天这个穷人拜访了一个明智的老人,向老人请求改变他的生活的建议。根据后文老人所做的事情,可知穷人向老人请求的是“建议”,故选C。
4. B。A. peace 和平;B. happiness 幸福;C. mess 混乱;D. regret 遗憾,抱歉。句意:老人给了他一个美丽的花瓶并且说‘这是一个魔瓶,它将能带给你幸福’。结合上下文,故选B。
5. D。A. sadly悲伤地;B. nervously紧张的;C. proudly 骄傲地;D. surprisedly吃惊地。穷人“吃惊地”看着这个瓶子。根据后文穷人的疑惑,可知他对此感到吃惊,故选D。
6. A。A. throw away扔掉;B. give out 分发;C. pay for 为……付款;D. keep off 避开。句意:他不想扔掉那么漂亮的花瓶,所以他把它带回家放到桌子上。根据转折词however,故选A。
7. C。A. ugly丑陋的;B. full 满的;C. empty 空的;D. dirty 脏的。根据后文穷人摘了些花放到瓶子里,可知穷人想,这么漂亮的东西空着是不合适的。故选C。
8. B。A. Although 尽管;B. But 但是;C. So 所以;D. Because因为。根据后文穷人的想法:这么漂亮的东西挨着蜘蛛网是不好看的,可知他仍然不满意。结合上句可知是转折关系,故选B。
9. D。A. large大的;B. dark 黑暗的; C. strange奇怪的;D. comfortable舒服的。根据上文他清理了房间可知房子马上变成了一个舒适的地方,故选D。
10. A。A. cheered up使振作;B. rang up打电话;C. sped up加速;D. stayed up熬夜。穷人高兴起来了,他马上意识到在过去就是他的懒惰使他贫穷和不快乐。结合句意可知答案为A。

III. 阅读理解。
   1. D。由第一段第一句话可知。
2. D。由第一段中的“It is based on(根据) my own experience in learning languages.”  可知答案为D。
3. A。通读文中列举的一些计划可知,并没有提到“大声朗读”,故答案为A。
4. D。通读最后一段,由主题句“It is important to believe that you will improve your English.”可知答案为D。
5. C。画线的词是progress,结合上下文可知,你总是会看到自己的“进步”,你的进步会给你希望。故答案为C。
IV. 书面表达。
     Dear Bob,
I write to you to ask for some good advice on learning English.You know,I like English very much, but I’m afraid to learn English with my classmates.I’m also afraid to speak English in class.I always learn English alone at home.I find it hard to remember the words.I usually spend much time reading and writing the new words.I want to improve my listening because I can’t understand what my teacher says in class.I try to listen to tapes,but I can’t understand at all.
  What shall I do? Can you help me?
                                 Wang Ping



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