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Unit 1 How can we become good learners?
1.—How can I improve my English more quickly?
—    listening and reading more. 
A.At       B.Through
C.By       D.On
答案 C 本题考查介词by的用法。问句问的是“我怎样才能更快速地提高我的英语水平”,答语的含义是“通过多听多读的方式”,故所缺的介词是by。
2.—What's your     to English learning, Lin Tao?
—I think watching English movies is helpful.
A.place      B.age      C.time      D.secret
答案 D 本题考查名词的词义理解。结合答语“我觉得看英文电影是有帮助的”可知,问句问的是英语学习的“秘诀”,故所缺的词是secret。
3.—What do you think of your English teacher?
—She is very    .She often explains the difficult points many times until we understand.
A.strict        B.hard-working
C.patient       D.smart
答案 C 答语中提到了“她经常把难点解释许多次,直到我们懂了”,由此可知,她很有耐心,故所缺的词是patient。
4.Dave is a good boy and he always finishes     his homework on time.
A.do      B.did      C.does      D.doing
答案 D finish后若跟动词,只能用动名词,故答案为D。
5.You don't have to     every new word in the dictionary while reading. 
A.look for      B.look up
C.look at       D.look after
答案 B 本题考查look短语。句意:你在读书的时候没有必要在词典里查阅每个生词。表示“查阅”要用look up,故答案为B。
6.—When I speak English,I always make   .
—Don't be afraid of that.That's how we learn.
A.trouble      B.mistakes
C.influence      D.challenges
答案 B 由语境可知,此处表示我讲英语时总是“出错”,故选B。
7.—Can you give me some advice on how to     my reading speed?
—You can try to read word groups instead of reading word by word.
A.pronounce      B.connect      C.increase
答案 C 根据答语“你可以尽量阅读词组,而不是一个单词一个单词地读”可推断,问句问的是“你能给我一些如何提高阅读速度方面的建议吗”,故所缺的词是increase。
8.Whether or not we can have a great success     our learning habits. 
A.depends on       B.plays a role in
C.comes up with      D.looks up to
答案 A depend on依赖,取决于;play a role in在……方面发挥作用;come up with提出,想出;look up to尊敬。结合句意可知,我们能否取得巨大的成功取决于我们的学习习惯,故答案为A。
9.“重要的事情说三遍。”can be translated into “Important things must be     again and again and again.”
A.spoken       B.repeated       C.described      D.introduced
答案 B 根据本题语境可知,表达“重复”要用repeat,故答案为B。
10.—The boy can speak both English and Japanese     he is ten.
—Wow. What a clever boy!
A.if      B.because      C.although      D.so
答案 C 结合本题语境可知,尽管那个男孩只有10岁,但他会说英语和日语,故所缺的连词是although。
11.I was     busy     I didn't go to bed until 11 o'clock yesterday. 
A.too;to      B.enough;to
C.so;that      D.such;that
答案 C 句意:我太忙了,以至于昨天晚上11点才上床睡觉。根据so...that...的句式结构可知答案为C。
12.—Mom, I took my partner's math book home by mistake. What should I do?
—Well, you should call her     you can say sorry to her.
A.as if            B.so that
C.even though      D.ever since
答案 B 本题考查连词的用法。结合本题语境可知,此处表示“你应该给她打电话,为的是可以向她道歉”,so that意为“为的是;以便”。
13.—The doctor told me not to eat too much,but I find it difficult.
—The doctor is right.    you eat,    you will be.
A.The less;the healthier
B.The less;the more healthier
C.The more;the healthier
D.The more;the more healthier
答案 A 本题考查“the+比较级...,the+比较级...”结构。由上文可推断出“你吃得越少,你就会越健康”。healthy 的比较级是healthier。
14.—We can use video-chat (视频聊天)to talk with our friends on WeChat.
—Really?Could you please show me    it?
A.what to use       B.when to use
C.where to use      D.how to use
答案 D 题干中提到了“我们可以使用视频聊天在微信里和朋友聊天”,答语的含义是“真的吗?你能告诉我怎样使用它吗?”,故how to use符合题意。
15.—Could we go and watch the football game this afternoon?
—No,     you have the tickets.
A.if      B.unless      C.because      D.so
答案 B 根据本题语境可知,此处表示“除非你有票”,故所缺的词是unless。

A primary school in Canada has made some of its students very 16 by banning (禁止)homework.
Teachers will still be able to ask students to 17 and read at home, but they cannot give them homework like pages of math problems. The school will 18  the way students spend time in class to make sure they don't fall behind in their work.
Some 19 think it's a bad idea. They say homework is a way for them to know how their children are doing in school, and to help them if they are having problems.
The school says it will send home an exercise book 20  parents can see how their children are doing.
Several schools in Canada and the United States have been discussing 21 homework is a good idea or not.
In 2009, a study 22 that students with more homework may get higher marks. But this was only true for students in the seventh grade and higher, not in primary school.
Many people believe that homework is important because it 23 children to manage their time better. They say it also reinforces (巩固)what the students are learning in school. 
But other people think homework causes stress for students and makes them less interested 24 learning. They say children's lives are too 25 , and they need to be able to spend more free time with their families, or just playing. 
16.A.sad   B.happy   C.angry   D.afraid
17.A.play   B.sing   C.study   D.dance
18.A.change  B.stop   C.study   D.continue
19.A.students  B.parents   C.teachers   D.experts
20.A.so   B.but    C.or    D.if
21.A.why   B.whether   C.how   D.what
22.A.told   B.guessed   C.tested   D.found
23.A.tells   B.forces   C.teaches   D.advises
24.A.at   B.in    C.on    D.for
25.A.free   B.interesting  C.relaxing   D.busy
[语篇解读] 本文讲的是人们对在加拿大的小学禁止家庭作业这项措施的观点和看法。
16.B 根据其后的“by banning homework”可推断,学生应该是“开心的”,故所缺的词是happy。
17.C 根据上下文可推断,老师仍然可以要求学生在家学习和看书,故所缺的词是study。
18.A 根据上下文可推断,学校要“改变”学生在课堂上的学习方式,提高效率,才能使学生的学习不落后,故所缺的词是change。
19.B 根据上下文可推断,“父母”说家庭作业是他们了解孩子在学校里学习效果的一种方式,故所缺的词是parents。
20.A 本题考查连词的用法,设空处引导目的状语从句,表示“为了,以便”,故所缺的词是so,相当于so that。
21.B 根据其后的or not可知,所缺的词是whether“是否”。
22.D 一项研究“发现”作业多的学生可能会取得更高的分数,故答案为D。
23.B 很多父母觉得家庭作业是很重要的,因为它“强制”孩子更好地管理时间,故所缺的词是forces。
24.B be interested in是固定搭配,意为“对……感兴趣”,故答案为B。
25.D 根据上下文可推断,孩子们的生活太“忙碌”了,故所缺的词是busy。

King's College Summer School
King's College Summer School is an annual (每年的)training program for high school students at all levels who want to improve their English.Courses are given by the teachers of King's College and other colleges in New York.Trips to museums and culture centers are also organized.This year's summer school will be from July 25 to August 15.More information is as follows:

Application (申请)date
●Students in New York should send their applications before July 18.
●Students of other cities should send their applications before July 16.
●Foreign students should send their applications before July 10.
●The English Language
Spoken English:22 hours
Reading and Writing:10 hours
●American History:16 hours
●American Culture:16 hours
●A letter of self-introduction
●A letter of recommendation (推荐)
The letters should be written in English with all the necessary information.
●Daily lessons:$200
●Sports and activities:$100
●Hotel service:$400
You may choose to live with your friends or relatives in the same city.
Please write to:
Thompson, Sanders
1026 King's Street
New York, NY 10016, the USA
26.You can most probably read the text in    .
A.a newspaper       B.a travel guide
C.a textbook        D.a telephone book
27.Which of the following is true about King's College Summer School?
A.Only top students can take part in the program.
B.King's College Summer School is run every other year.
C.Visits to museums and culture centers are part of the program.
D.Only the teachers of King's College give courses.
28.If you are to live with your relatives in New York, you will have to pay the school    .
A.$200       B.$400       C.$500       D.$900
29.What information can you get from the text?
A.The program will last two months.
B.You can write to Thompson only in English.
C.As a Chinese student, you can send your application on July 14.
D.You can get in touch with the school by e-mail or by telephone.
30.We can know the information EXCEPT     of the school. 
A.the courses       B.the cost
C.the address       D.the website
[语篇解读] 本文是一所暑期学校的招生广告,这所学校的名字是King's College Summer School。文章中提到了招生对象、课程安排以及学费等方面的信息。
26.A 通读全文可知,本文是关于一所暑期学校的招生广告,故合适的出处是“报纸”。
27.C 由开头部分的“Trips to museums and culture centers are also organized.”可知,选项C是正确的描述。
28.C 题干中提到了“如果你要住在你在纽约的亲戚家里”,由此可推断,在费用中可以省略了Hotel service,结合其他三项的费用可知答案为C。
29.B 结合结尾处的信息“Please write to:Thompson, Sanders”以及“The letters should be written in English with all the necessary information.”可知,要给Thompson写信,且只能用英语,故答案为B。
30.D 通读全文可知,文章中并没有提到“学校的网址”,故答案为D。
If you put your history notes under your pillow and sleep on them the night before an exam, will you do any better in the exam?Most of us have hoped this might help. However, knowledge can't go through the pillow into your brain. But that doesn't mean you can't learn while you are asleep.
Scientists aren't exactly sure how it works, but they have discovered that the brain can learn things during sleeping hours.
In one experiment, researchers gave German speakers some Dutch words to learn. Then, they divided them into three groups. The researchers played the Dutch words for people in Group 1 while they were asleep, without telling these German speakers what they were doing. The sound was low so it didn't wake them up, and only the newly introduced words were used.
Another group listened to the same words while they were awake. The researchers found the people in Group 1 were better able to identify and translate the words later. This was true only for the words that were played while they slept. The third group listened to words when they walked. The walkers didn't have the same success in remembering the words as the sleeping group.
The researchers later found that people had more slow-wave brain activity all over the night. They said that more slow waves made people have a better memory for the new words.
31.When did the researchers play foreign words for people in Group 1 in the experiment?
A.Before they went for a walk.
B.Before they went to bed.
C.When they were asleep.
D.When they were having dinner.
32.What does the underlined word“identify”mean in Chinese?
A.提高      B.辨认出      C.隐藏      D.逃避
33.The last two paragraphs tell us the experiment's   .
A.result      B.reason      C.influence      D.purpose
34.Which of the following is true?
A.Scientists think people can't learn during sleeping hours.
B.German speakers enjoy learning Dutch words.
C.Slow-wave brain activity can help people have a good sleep.
D.People in Group 3 didn't remember the words as well as those in Group 1.
35.Where is the passage most probably from?
A.A history textbook.      B.A science magazine.
C.A travel newspaper.      D.A modern novel.
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文,讲的是人在睡觉的时候大脑也可以继续学习。
31.C 根据第三段中的“The researchers played the Dutch words for people in Group 1 while they were asleep...”可知,研究人员在第一组人睡觉的时候给他们播放荷兰语单词,故答案为C。
32.B 画线的词是identify,结合上下文可推断,研究人员发现,第一组人能更好地辨认和翻译出那些单词,故答案为B。
33.A 通读后两段可知,它们讲的是实验的结果,故答案为A。
34.D 根据第四段中的“The third group listened to words when they walked. The walkers didn't have the same success in remembering the words as the sleeping group.”可知,选项D是正确的描述。
35.B 本文讲的是人在睡觉的时候大脑也可以继续学习,故合适的出处是“科学杂志”,故答案为B。
Homework is a problem for students all over the world. As a student, you have a lot of homework to do every day. It's a major part of a student's schoolday. It's the best way to review what you have learned in class. And it helps you understand important concepts(概念). Luckily, there are several things you can do to make homework less difficult.
  Be sure you understand the homework
Write your homework down in your notebook if you need to. Don't be afraid of asking questions about it. It's much easier to ask the teacher during or after class than to try to remember later that night!
Use your time at school
Many schools have study halls. They are designed to allow students to study there. It's more interesting to play with your friends. But the more homework you finish at school, the less you'll have to do that night.
Take a break
It's difficult to hold your attention for too long. So take some breaks while doing your homework. Sitting for too long without relaxing will make you feel very tired. Taking a 15-minute break every hour is a good idea for most people.
Make a plan
If you don't finish your homework at school, think about how much you have left, so you can budget your time. Most students have between 1 and 3 hours of homework a night. If it's a heavy homework day, you'll need to spend more time on it. It's a good idea to make a homework timetable, especially when you want to enjoy sports or other activities.
36.The first paragraph is mainly about   .
A.why homework is hard to do
B.why students should do homework
C.how much homework students should do
D.when students should do homework
37.You should do the following things EXCEPT   .
A.writing your homework down in your notebook
B.trying to finish your homework at school
C.doing homework without taking a break
D.making a plan for your homework
38.The underlined word“budget”in the passage means“   ”.
A.plan      B.save      C.waste      D.kill
39.The writer advises students to   if the homework is heavy.
A.do less homework at night
B.do other activities first
C.take a break and do some chores
D.make a homework timetable
40.Which of the following is the best title for the passage?
A.Too Much Homework Means Too Much Pressure
B.Students Should Learn to Relax
C.Ways to Make Homework Easier
D.Problems Students Meet When Doing Homework
[篇章图解] 本文是一篇说明文,讲的是怎样使家庭作业变得更加简单。文章提到了四方面的内容,分别是:确定你理解你的家庭作业;利用在学校的时间;短暂休息以及制订计划
36.B 第一段讲的是学生为什么应该做家庭作业,故答案为B。
37.C 根据“Take a break”中的描述“So take some breaks while doing your homework.”可知答案为C。
38.A 结合上下文可推断,如果你在学校没有完成家庭作业,想一下还剩多少,这样就可以计划一下你的时间,budget意为“计划;规划”,同plan,故答案为A。
39.D 根据最后一段中的“It's a good idea to make a homework timetable...”可知答案为D。
40.C 通读全文可知,本文讲的是“怎样使家庭作业变得更加简单”,故答案为C。

“It is never too late and you are never too old to start something new!”says Englishtown student Ellen Rema. Ellen began to learn English at the age of fifty, and in just a few years, she has made great progress!
Ellen chose to study on Englishtown because no evening classes were offered in the German countryside where she lives. On Englishtown, she has conversation classes online and speaks with native English-speaking teachers.
“Englishtown is a wonderful place for study,”she says. Ellen began with the first level (水平)of Englishtown and quickly progressed.“I spent hours and hours studying,”she said.“Maybe I wanted too much in a short time. I finished all my courses after 2 years, but I still had grammar difficulties.”
Instead of giving up, she chose to continue. After another two years on Englishtown, she's still studying in the online classroom.“Studying online is never boring, but you need practice, practice, practice!”
Ellen says studying English isn't all about hard work. It should also be fun.“I really like the online conversation classrooms,”she says.“I have learned so much about other cultures and traditions.”
Ellen has been able to put her English to use by visiting England five times!“I'm very thankful to Englishtown because my life has improved because of it,” Ellen says.
41.When did Ellen start to learn English?
 Ellen started to learn English when she was       . 
42.Why did Ellen study English on Englishtown?
  Because there were        near her home. 
43.What did Ellen have trouble in?
 She had trouble in       . 
44.How long has Ellen learned English?
 She has learned English for       . 
45.What does the passage mainly tell us?
 It mainly tells us that       . 
答案 41.50 years old 42.no evening classes 43.grammar  44.four years 45.you are never too old to learn something new

down another fast use pronounce   easy one if be improve
Are you facing problems in learning English? If so, the following two ways will help you to learn it more 46 and with more fun!
“I download English songs from the Internet. It has really 47 my listening. What's more, I am happier when I study this way,” said one junior student. Listening to your favorite English songs 48 actually an effective way. Before you listen, you can read 49 and find out what the song is about. While listening, pick some useful words or phrases. A dictionary may also be helpful 50 necessary.
Watching a movie is 51 good and interesting way.“It is wonderful to watch movies, and it can help your English a lot!”said a junior three student.“You can also imitate the 52 of the actors.”So choose your favorite movie before watching. Then have paper and a pen ready as you may want to write 53 useful words or phrases. In this way, you can increase the number of words and know the dialogs better.
Enjoy 54 the two ways, and you are sure to learn 55 and do better!
46.    47.    48.    49.    50.   
51.    52.    53.    54.    55.   
答案 46.easily 47.improved 48.is 49.first 50.if  51.another 52.pronunciation 53.down 54.using 55.faster


关于“说英语”问题,李华和他的英语老师Miss Wang持不同的观点。请你仔细阅读下图中的对话内容,从中选择一个角色,按照所给要求写一篇短文。
要求:(1)用“Li Hua”或“Miss Wang”补全短文首句;
参考词汇:shy;make a mistake;believe in
I am
(1)用“Li Hua”或“Miss Wang”补全短文首句。
3.参考词汇:shy害羞;make a mistake犯错;believe in相信
I am Miss Wang. Your English is poor because you don't speak English. English, like any other language, is a tool of communication—the more you speak it, the better your English will become. So you should try to speak it every day, as much as possible. And don't be shy or afraid of making a mistake. Your teacher and classmates are always ready to help you. The most important is that you must believe in yourself and never give up! Always remember: practice makes perfect!
I am Li Hua. I don't speak English because my English is poor. I find it hard to speak English. I am a little shy and afraid of making a mistake. I always feel nervous when I stand up speaking English in class. I'm afraid that my classmates may laugh at me when I speak English. To tell you the truth, I don't believe in myself. The less I speak, the worse my English is. When my English improves, I will enjoy speaking it.

Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!
1.—It is reported that cancer can be controlled at a temperature lower than 110℃ below zero.
—Really?     nice surprise!
A.How      B.What      C.What a      D.What an
答案 C 本题考查感叹句的结构。感叹名词surprise要用what,先排除A;此处surprise是可数名词单数,故what后要用不定冠词a。
2.—Do you have    in Beijing?
—Yes. My aunt and uncle live there.
A.classmates      B.cousins      C.partners       D.relatives
答案 D 根据答语的“我姑姑和叔叔住在那里”可推断,问句问的是“你在北京有亲戚吗”,所缺的词是relatives,故答案为D。
3.He is so brave.We all     him for his courage.
A.warn      B.punish      C.admire      D.remind
答案 C 根据本题语境可知,我们都钦佩他的勇气,故所缺的词是admire。
4.I said thanks to him because he promised    me with English.
A.help        B.helping
C.to help      D.helped
答案 C promise to do sth.意为“承诺做某事;答应做某事”。
5.The English teacher was a little disappointed when he knew that they ended up    about it in English.
A.talk        B.talking
C.talked      D.to talk
答案 B end up后若跟动词,只能跟动名词,故答案为B。
6.—Who broke the window?
—   .A strong wind broke it last night.
A.Somebody      B.Anybody
C.Nobody        D.Everybody
答案 C 考查不定代词的用法。句意:——是谁把窗户打破了?——没有人,是昨天晚上的一场大风弄破的。somebody意为“某人”;anybody意为“任何人”;everybody意为“每个人,大家”,均不符合题意。故选C。
7.    fine weather it is!Let's go on a picnic!
A.What a      B.What      C.How      D.How a
答案 B 本题考查感叹句的结构。感叹不可数名词weather要用what,对应的句式结构是“What+形容词+不可数名词+主语+谓语!”。
8.—Please call me at six tomorrow. I can't be late for the important meeting.
—No problem. I'll surely     you.
A.remind      B.beat      C.warn      D.order
答案 A 根据题干中的“请明天六点给我打电话。那个重要的会议我不能晚到”可知,答语的含义是“没问题,我会提醒你的”,故所缺的词是remind。
9.Lei Feng   for many years,but his spirit is still encouraging us.
A.died           B.has died
C.was dead       D.has been dead
答案 D 句意:雷锋已经死了许多年了,但他的精神仍在激励着我们。本题考查动词时态。由设空处后的for many years可知应用现在完成时且动词用延续性动词。故答案为D项。
10.Mrs. White has     seven pounds because she hardly ever exercises. 
A.laid out      B.given out
C.put on      D.ended up
答案 C 根据题干中的“因为她几乎不锻炼身体”可推断,她已经胖了七磅了,故put on符合题意。
11.—I hope I will win the English speaking competition tomorrow.
A.What a pity!      B.Congratulations!
C.Good luck to you!      D.I don't think so.
答案 C 题干中提到了“我希望我能够在明天的英语演讲比赛中获胜”,此时对应的答语是“祝你好运”,故答案为C。
12.—My mother cooks delicious food every day. I've     six pounds. 
—I think you should do more exercise.
A.put away      B.put off
C.put on        D.put up
答案 C 结合题干中的“我妈妈每天给我做可口的食物”可推断,此处表示“我胖了六磅”,故put on符合题意。
13.—Have you read the novel     by Han Han?
—No, I haven't. I will read it this afternoon.
A.write      B.wrote      C.written      D.writing
答案 C 本题考查过去分词作后置定语的用法。written by Han Han修饰novel,故答案为C。
14.Michael likes the teachers    are humorous and creative. 
A.which       B.what
C.who       D.whom
答案 C 句意:迈克尔喜欢幽默而又富有创意的老师。定语从句修饰先行词the teachers,关系代词在定语从句中作主语,故who符合题意。
15.I don't know   he will come tomorrow.    he comes, I'll tell you. 
A.if;Whether       B.whether;Whether
C.if;That          D.if;If
答案 D 句意:我不知道他明天是否会来。如果他来了,我会告诉你的。第一空表示“是否”,要用if或whether;第二空表示“如果”,只能用if,故答案为D。


The Spring Festival is one of the most important festivals in China. During the Festival, Chinese people have many activities. They paste up Spring Festival couplets(春联), greeting the New Year and saying 16 to the old year. On the first day of the Spring Festival, people 17  wearing new clothes. Nowadays, children get 18 pockets from their parents and their relatives by web chat. It is a good time for people to visit relatives and friends. More importantly, the Spring Festival is celebrated not only in China but also in 19 parts of the world.
The Spring Festival was 20 in the UK from 1980. Every new year, people also get together and have lots of activities. They sing songs, dance 21 music, share photos with friends or watch 22 in the cinema. Additionally, the Spring Festival has become a key time for Chinese living in the US. They 23 in a large evening party to welcome the traditional new year. Chinese New Year will be welcomed with three weeks of celebrations across Australia. Thousands of people come to Sydney's Chinatown. They enjoy fireworks(鞭炮)and lion dances. The family dinner on New Year's Eve is an important tradition for Chinese 24 they were born in Singapore or moved there from China. They usually hold it at 25 because having it in a restaurant takes away the meaning of the tradition.
16.A.yes    B.goodbye    C.no
17.A.hang up   B.hang back   C.hang out
18.A.green   B.golden    C.red
19.A.other    B.others    C.another
20.A.congratulated  B.celebrated   C.happened
21.A.on    B.in     C.to
22.A.TV    B.matches    C.movies
23.A.put    B.join    C.live
24.A.if    B.weather    C.whether
25.A.home   B.outdoors    C.restaurant
[语篇解读] 春节是中国最重要的节日之一。本文介绍了中国人过春节时的一些传统,还介绍了世界上其他国家的人是怎样庆祝春节的。
16.B 新年是辞旧迎新的时候,say goodbye to意为“向……告别”。
17.C 春节第一天,人们穿着新衣服出去闲逛,hang out“闲逛”符合题意。
18.C 孩子们能够收到父母和亲戚的“红”包,故所缺的词是red。
19.A 不仅中国庆祝春节,而且世界上的“其他”地方也庆祝春节,故所缺的词是other。
20.B 英国从1980年开始“庆祝”春节,故所缺的词是celebrated。
21.C dance to music的含义是“随着音乐跳舞”。
22.C 根据其后的 in the cinema可推断,符合题意的词是movies“电影”。
23.B join in...表示“加入;参加”。
24.C 除夕时的家庭聚餐对于中国人来说是一个重要的传统,不管他们是在新加坡出生,还是从中国搬家到那里的,表示“不管;无论”要用whether。
25.A 根据上下文可知,他们通常在家里举行家庭聚餐,故所缺的词是home。

Spain is famous for its tomato festival called La Tomatina.
It happens in a small town Bunol on the last Wednesday of August every year. During the festival there are all kinds of activities, but the most exciting part is the tomato fight. It takes place at the end of the long celebration(庆祝). You are encouraged to throw tomatoes in the fight. There're many stories about how the festival began. One of the stories goes that during the 1940's, some friends started a tomato fight, while another story is about a local band. Anyway, everyone in Bunol seems to have a different story.
Before the tomato fight, there are parades(游行),musical bands, street parties and so on. On the day of the fight, shopkeepers cover their windows and doors in order to keep away from the tomato fight. At the same time, thousands of tourists and local people come to the town square together. Then large trucks(卡车)full of tomatoes arrive. From the back of the large trucks, a great town band start to throw tomatoes at others. Then the crowds fight back, throwing the tomatoes at anything and anyone. Soon the streets are in the sea of red tomato juice.
Everyone is supposed to obey a small number of rules:You must squash(压烂)the tomato before throwing it and you are allowed to throw nothing but tomatoes.
It is usually over in less than half an hour. Everyone then sets off to the river to clear up. Sounds like fun!
26.The most exciting activity of the festival is    . 
B.street parties
C.the tomato fight
27.The stories about how the festival began are     according to the passage. 
A.very clear      B.rather sad       C.quite different
28.On the fight day,    .
A.people fight for the whole day
B.people can throw everything
C.lots of tourists and local people take part in the fight
29.The best title of the passage can be “   ”. 
A.Travel in Spain
B.The Tomato Festival in Spain
C.The History of Spain
30.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
A.The festival happens on the last Wednesday of August every year.
B.On the fight day, shopkeepers cover their windows and doors.
C.The fight day usually lasts half an hour.
[语篇解读] 本文是关于西班牙的西红柿节的介绍文章。
26.C 根据第二段中的“During the festival there are all kinds of activities, but the most exciting part is the tomato fight.”可知答案为C。
27.C 根据第二段中的“There're many stories about how the festival began.”可知,关于这个节日是怎么来的,有许多说法,故答案为C。
28.C 根据第三段中的“At the same time, thousands of tourists and local people come to the town square together.”可知,许多游客和当地人都会参加西红柿大战。
29.B 本文讲的是西班牙的西红柿节,故答案为B。
30.C 根据最后一段中的“It is usually over in less than half an hour.”可知选项C是错误的描述。
The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th of the first month of the lunar calendar(阴历).This day is always the first full moon in the new year.Ancient people also called it Shangyuan Festival.Celebrations and traditions on this day began from the Han dynasty(朝代)and became popular in the Tang dynasty.
Watching the red lanterns is one of the main traditions.Lanterns of different shapes and sizes are usually put on trees, or along river banks on show.It is said that sky lanterns were first used by Zhuge Kongming to ask for help when he was in trouble.Today, when the lanterns slowly rise into the air, people make wishes.
Another tradition is guessing lantern riddles.The riddles are usually short, wise,and sometimes humorous.The answer to a riddle can be a Chinese character(汉字), a famous person's name, or a place name.
The most important thing is to eat sweet dumplings with different tastes.In northern China,they are called yuanxiao while in southern part they're named tangyuan. Because making sweet dumplings is like a game or an activity, they are usually done happily by a group of friends or family members.
In old times, the Lantern Festival was also romantic(浪漫的).Watching lanterns gave young people a chance to meet each other.A line from Xin Qiji, a poet during the Song dynasty, shows this:
Hundreds and thousands of times I searched for her in the crowd.Suddenly I turned, and there she stood,in the dim(昏暗的)light.
31.The traditional festival talked about in this passage is called“   ”in Chinese.
A.春节      B.元宵节      C.端午节
32.When did celebrations and traditions of the Lantern Festival start from?
A.The Han dynasty.
B.The Tang dynasty.
C.The Song dynasty.
33.What were sky lanterns first used for by Zhuge Kongming in ancient times?
A.Making wishes.
B.Celebrating birthdays.
C.Asking for help.
34.Which of the following is NOT true about sweet dumplings?
A.They have different tastes.
B.They are named “yuanxiao”all over the country.
C.People enjoy the process of making them.
35.The line from Xin Qiji in the passage shows the Lantern Festival was     in old times.
A.boring      B.humorous      C.romantic
[语篇解读] 本文为说明文。从起源、传统游戏和食物等方面介绍了中国的传统节日——元宵节。
31.B 主旨大意题。文章谈论的节日是中国的元宵节。 故答案为B。
32.A 细节理解题。 由文章第一段可知,元宵节起源于汉代。
33.C 细节理解题。由文章第二段中的 sky lanterns were first used by Zhuge Kongming to ask for help when he was in trouble可知,诸葛孔明在陷入困境时放天灯是为了寻求帮助。
34.B 细节理解题。由文章第四段中的In northern China, they are called yuanxiao while in southern part they're named tangyuan.可知 sweet dumplings既可以叫汤圆又可以叫元宵,故选B。
35.C 推理判断题。boring 无聊的;humorous 幽默的;romantic 浪漫的。文章结尾引用了辛弃疾的诗“众里寻她千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处”。体现了元宵节的浪漫。故选C。

Valentine's Day is coming! Shops are filled with chocolates, cards and hearts. In most countries, people celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th. In Japan, there are two Valentine's Days. The first one is on February 14th, when women make and give chocolates to their boyfriends, male friends, colleagues and bosses. The second one is on March 14th and it was introduced in the 1960s by a marshmallow(棉花糖)company. Since the marshmallows were white, the company called it White Day.
On White Day, Japanese men give presents to women. They give expensive gifts to the women who gave them chocolates on February 14th. They do this to thank women for their love and care over the past year.
Shops earn a lot of money on these two days. A recent survey shows that 70% of women in Japan celebrate Valentine's Day. On the other hand, only 39% of men celebrate White Day. Chocolates are not their only choice of gifts. The Japanese also make or buy cookies and sweets for their loved ones on Valentine's Day.
Not only do adults celebrate Valentine's Day, but children around the world celebrate it, too. In America, children like visiting their neighbors and singing songs. Their neighbors give them sweets or fruit as rewards. British children hold parties and give cards to people they like. In general, heart-shaped lollipops(棒棒糖)and chocolates are the most popular gifts among the children.
So don't forget to go shopping this Valentine's Day. You may even want to buy a gift for yourself.
36.How many times do the Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day each year?
A.Three times.      B.Twice.
C.Only once.       D.Five times.
37.In Japan, White Day is   .
A.on Valentine's Day      B.on March 14th
C.on March 4th      D.on February 14th
38.Where did the name White Day come from?
A.It was named after a beautiful lady called White.
B.Japanese people related the color white to love.
C.It was named after the colour of the white marshmallows.
D.It was named after the white chocolates people gave to each other on that day.
39.The difference between Valentine's Day and White Day is that   give gifts to   on White Day.
A.adults;children      B.men;women
C.friends;relatives      D.women;men
40.Which of the following is not true according to the passage?
A.Over forty percent of men celebrate White Day in Japan.
B.Japanese people choose different kinds of gifts on Valentine's Day.
C.Male friends of women in Japan receive gifts on Valentine's Day.
D.Shops make a lot of money on Valentine's Day and White Day.
[篇章图解] 本文是关于日本情人节的介绍文章。在日本,有两个情人节,一个是在2月14日,另一个是在3月14日。
36.B 根据第一段中的“In Japan, there are two Valentine's Days.”可知,日本有两个情人节,故答案为B。
37.B 根据第一段中的“The second one is on March 14th and it was introduced...”以及其后的“...the company called it White Day.”可知答案为B。
38.C 根据第一段中的“...it was introduced in the 1960s by a marshmallow company. Since the marshmallows were white, the company called it White Day.”可知答案为C。
39.B 根据第二段中的“On White Day, Japanese men give presents to women.”可知,在白色情人节,男人给女人送礼物,故答案为B。
40.A 根据第三段中的“On the other hand, only 39% of men celebrate White Day.”可知,选项A是错误的描述。

  Friendship Day is a great day for celebrating friendship. It falls on the first Sunday of August every year. Celebrating the festival was firstly started by the US in 1935. But now this doesn't only happen in the US. People in other countries are interested in it, too.
The idea of spending the day with friends was spread all over the world. With more and more countries joining in the celebrations, Friendship Day soon became an international festival.
Between 1935 and 1997, Friendship Day didn't have a symbol(象征), like Santa Claus for Christmas. However, in 1997, theUnited Nations named Winnie the Pooh as the world's Ambassador(大使)of Friendship.
The traditional celebrations include activities such as meeting with friends and exchanging(交换)cards, flowers and gifts. Some people may have parties with their friends. Some may have lunch or dinner together. Others may hang out or go to the movies with friends on this special day. These are popular among all age groups from teenagers to old people.
Although Friendship Day and its celebrations may have changed over the years, the basic idea behind the festival remains the same. People enjoy the moment they spend together and express love and care for their friends.
41.When is Friendship Day?
It is on         every year.
42.What does“this”in the first paragraph refer to?
It refers to         .
43.What does the fourth paragraph mainly tell us?
It's mainly about              to celebrate Friendship Day.
44.What's the basic idea behind the festival?
People enjoy the moment they spend together and      for their friends.
45.What does the writer think of the festival?
The writer thinks it's         .
[语篇解读] 本文为说明文。友谊节开始于美国,现在越来越多的国家开始庆祝这个节日。那天人们跟朋友们一起以各种形式庆祝。人们很享受和朋友在一起的时光。
41.the first Sunday of August 由第一段第二句“It falls on the first Sunday of August every year.”可知。
42.celebrating the festival/celebrating Friendship Day this指代的是前一句的主语“庆祝这个节日”。
43.the activities/what people do/the(traditional)celebrations 第四段主要说在友谊节那天人们都进行什么活动。
44.express love and care 由最后一段最后一句可知。
45.great/good/wonderful/fantastic/... 由第一段第一句中a great day可以看出作者的观点。

  It was an early sunny morning.When I woke up, I 46 realized that it was Easter morning.We would go to Aunt Mary's house  47 we spent Easter there every year.
When we reached my aunt's house, I hugged all my 48 , including my cousins, aunts and uncles.After talking with them for about an hour, I started to get 49 .So I decided to play video games with my cousin Alex.
We 50 for a long time.Then Aunt Mary called 51 for dinner.After we ate dinner, we walked to Davis Park to take part in an Easter egg hunt(搜寻).
After the adults hid all the Easter eggs, we all began running like hungry cheetahs(猎豹) 52 trees and large rocks to look for the eggs.Alex and I decided to work as a  53  so that we could get as many eggs as possible.When we found that we couldn't 54 any more eggs, Alex and I walked into Aunt Mary's house.For the rest of the afternoon we held the video game controller(控制器)in one hand and Easter eggs in the  55  hand.
46.    47.    48.    49.    50.   
51.    52.    53.    54.    55.   
答案  46.suddenly 47.because 48.relatives 49.bored  50.played 51.us 52.towards 53.team 54.find 55.other

1.春节:the Spring Festival;one of the most important traditional festivals;about 2,000 years old
2.庆祝时间:be celebrated in January or February
3.国家法定节假日:have seven days off
4.庆祝方式:a traditional dinner, eat dumplings, wear new clothes, visit friends, get lucky money, set off fireworks (放鞭炮)
Hi Teresa,
I'm glad to hear from you. 
  Hey, why don't you come to China and spend the festival with us this year?It will be great fun.
Li Lei
Hi Teresa, 
I'm glad to hear from you. I know you want to learn about Chinese traditional festivals in your last letter. Now I'd like to introduce one of the most important festivals—the Spring Festival to you.
The Spring Festival is about 2,000 years old. It is usually celebrated in January or February. During the Spring Festival, we can have seven days off to prepare for it and celebrate it. We have many customs to celebrate it. On the eve of the Spring Festival, we often have a big dinner with our family, eat dumplings, set off fireworks and watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV. Children can get lucky money from their grandparents and parents. On the Spring Festival, we often wear new clothes and visit friends. We often wish each other good luck in the coming new year.
Hey, why don't you come to China and spend the festival with us this year?It will be great fun.
Li Lei 


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