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5. What sport does Lingling like best
A. Swimming    B. Skating       C. Playing table tennis
6. Where are they going?
A. To a library     B. To a zoo      C. To a supermarket
7. Whose pens are these?
A. Daming’s      B. Betty’s       C. Tony’s
8. Who is that man?
A. Betty s brother     B. Belly s dad     C. Betty s uncle
9. Where is the woman s hometown?
A. In the north of China
B. In the south of China
C. In the cast of China
10. How often does Li lei's grandpa go to see the Beijing Opera?
A. Once a month     B. Twice a month      C. Three times a month
11. What’s wrong with Jack?
A. He’s got a cold
B. He’s got a toothache
C. He’s got a stomach ache
12. What club docs Mary want to join?
A. The Music Club     B. The Dance Club. C. The Chess Club
13. What is Daming going to do this Saturday afternoon?
   A. Have a picnic    B. Do his homework    C. Watch a football match
14. How much are the two T-shirts?
   A. 100 yuan     B. 180 yuan    C. 280 yuan
15. When is Damings birthday party?
A. This Friday    B. This Saturday    C. This Sunday
16. Who makes a birthday cake for Daming?
A. His dad     B. His mum      C. His grandma
17. What Present does Betty want to give Daming?
A. British coins    B. Tov cars    C. American stamps
18. How long docs Zhang Hua read English new spapers cvery day?
A. Fifteen minutes     B. Half an hour      C. An hour
19. What does Zhang Hua talk about in English with friends?
A. Great books     B. Sports news      C. Computer games
20. How does Zhang Hua practise listening
A. By watching English films
B. By talking with foreigners
C. By listening to English songs
21. There Is ____old piano in ______corner of the living room.
A. an; the      B. an; 不填       C. a; the      D. a; a
22. ---She is too busy to help us finish the work
---Let’s do it______
A. herself     B. myself      C. itself      D. ourselves
23. I am afraid we can not ______to take a taxi. Let s go by underground instead
A. refuse    B. afford     C. forget      D. fall
24. Her smile made me feel warm and lively. It was like a hidden_______.
A. competition     B. interview     C. treasure       D. tradition
25. Tianjin is one of _______cities in China.
A. big       B. bigger      C. the biggest      D. the bigger
26. Mum asked me to ______for dinner.
A. lay the table    B. go to sleep     C. keep a diary  D. lake a vacation
27. In the picture, he sits ______me, looking very happy.
A. beside    B. among    C. up     D. through
28. ---Can you open a gift______ after you receive it In England?
---Yes. We don’t have to wait.
A. main     B. immediately C. nearly    D. loudly
29. ---Must I come before 6: 30 tomorrow?
---No. You______ There will be plenty of time.
A. mustn’t      B. can’t     C. couldn’t     D. needn’t
30. Tony was drawing a picture_______ I was doing my homework.
A. if      B. because     C. while     D. until
31. ---Jerry, have you ever been to the Great Wall?
---Yes. I______ there with my parents last year
A. go      B. went      C. will go      D. have gone
32. Harry invited me_______ with him when his parents were out of town.
A. stay     B. staved      C. staying     D. to stay
33. Dr Bethune ________ still________ in both China and Canada today
A. is; remembered       B. is; remembering
C. will; remember       D. has; remembered
34. ---Please tell me______.
---At ten o’clock
A. where you have your English lesson
B. where do you have your English lesson
C. what time you have your English lesson
D. what time do you have your English lesson
35. ---Tom fell of his bike and hurt his knee.
A. Pretty good      B. That s too bad
C. That s funny      D. That s a good idea
My name is Damian Costa. I was born in a small village in Italy in 1952. I spent the first few Years of my life there before my family 36 to Perth Australia
We arrived in Australia in the summer of 1957. I went to 37and I had to attend special classes to learn English as all the lessons were taught in English.
We did not have much 38. so we lived very simply. My parents worked as cleaners. They earned(挣钱)just enough for us to survive(维持生活)and_39 a little money. My father had always wanted to 40 a small restaurant. Finally. 41 ten years of hard work, in June1967, he managed to save enough and opened our first pizzeria(比萨饼店).
42 business was slow at first, it soon got better. I helped out at the pizzeria after school and at weekends. Just two years after we 43 my father decided that we needed a full-time waiter. Then he decided to 44 me the art of making wood-fired pizzas.
Today we have three branches(分店), in Perth. Sydney and Adelaide. My children have 45 learned how to make pizzas and they quite enjoy it. I hope to pass on the business to them.
36. A . returned     B. moved       C. pointed       D. connected
37. A. school      B. hospital       C. church       D. business
38. A. paper       B. illness        C. health        D. money
39. A. save       B. borrow        C. share        D. choose
40. A. sell      B. see        C. open         D. leave
41. A. before       B. after         C. during         D. between
42. A. Because      B. If          C. Although        D. Whether
43. A. played       B. relaxed       C. started       D. stopped
44. A. like       B. teach        C. believe         D. lend
45. A. perhaps       B. never        C. hardly       D. also
Dear Susan,
How are you? I’m going to visit Hong Kong with Mum and Dad next month. We’ll arrive on the second of August. it's so exciting! We can meet each other soon!
I will spend a day in Ocean Park on the third of August. I know that you’ve visited Ocean Park many times before. Can you give me some advice on what to see in Ocean Park?
I would also like to visit you at your home on the fourth of August. Are you free on that day? I’ve bought a present for you. I think you’ll love it.
By the way. would you like to go to Disney land with me? I really want to take some photos with you in Disneyland You know I love the famous cartoon characters of Disney such as Snow White and Mickey Mouse very much. I know you love them too.
When can you go to Disneyland with me? Please let me know. I'll stay until the ninth of August and go back to England on that day
See you soon
46. When will Lily arrive in Hong Kong?
A. On the second of August    B. On the third of August
C. On the fourth of August     D. On the ninth of August
47. How long will Lily spend in Ocean Park?
A. Half a day      B. One day
C. One and a half days     D. Two days
48. What will Lily do on the fourth of August?
A. Buy a present       B. Visit Ocean Park
C. Go back to England  D. Visit Susan at her home
49. What will Lily do in Disney land?
A. Take photos     B. Watch a cartoon
C. See a film of Mickey Mouse      D. Read the story of Snow White
50. Lily wants to know_______
A. if Susan has received her present
B. when she will go back to England
C. if Susan can meet her at the airport
D. when Susan can go to Disney land with her
I did something wrong today.
While at the beach this afternoon. I met a boy called Bob We talked a lot. He said that it was fun playing on the cliffs (悬崖). I told him that I was not allowed to go near that place( Mum and Dad had always told me it was dangerous to play there). He called me a coward. I wanted to prove to him that I was just as brave, so I agreed to go with him
We wanted to make our way down to explore (探索)the area. so Bob started to climb down and I followed him. Unluckily. some rocks came down after us. One of them nearly hit my head. We could not get back up. We shouted and shouted for help. but for a long time no help came. I was really scared. I wanted to cry. Then, we heard some sounds. Someone had heard us. A woman tied (系 )a rope around herself while a man at the cliff top held the rope. She made her way down to save us.
My parents were relieved (宽慰的)that I was unhurt, but they were angry that I had done such a risky thing. I apologized and promised that I would not do anything like that again
51. Where did the writer meet Bob?
A. At school     B. In the park
C. At the beach    D. On the cliffs
52. In Paragraph 2. “a coward” means______
A. a person who is not brave     B. a person who is not clever
C. a person who is not strong     D. a person who is not polite
53. What had the writer s parents always warned him about?
A. The wind was very strong
B. The beach was too far away
C. The cliffs were not a safe place
D. Bob was difficult to get on with
54. Put the sentences in the right order according to the passage
a. Some rocks came down
b. The writer followed Bob
c. The writer wanted to cry
d. A man and a woman saved them
e. The writer and Bob heard some sounds
A. a-b-c-d-c     B. b-a-c-c-d     C. a-c-b-c-d    D. b-c-a-c-d
55. How did the writer feel about what he had done?
A. Surprised     B. Excited     C. Glad     D. Sorry
In the 13th century. Marco Polo the world known Italian travelled saw many wonderful things in China. One of the things he discovered was money made of paper. People in the West did not have such kind of money until the I5th century. However the Chinese began to use it in the 7t century
Paper was invented by a Chinese man called Cai Lun almost 2,000 years ago. But it was not made in Europe until the year I 100. Four hundred years later, a German discovered that he could make the best paper from trees. After that countries rich in forests, such as Canada Sweden. America. Finland became the most important ones in paper making
Paper can be used in many ways. The common uses include newspapers magazines and books. But do you know that paper can be used for keeping warm? In Finland. the farmers wear paper boots to keep their feet warm in the snow. And even houses can be insulated(使绝缘)from heat or cold with paper.
However. we have to understand that paper still comes from trees now. If we keep on wasting so much paper, there will not be any trees left on the earth some day in the near future. Every day people throw away about 2, 800 tons of paper in our city. It takes 17 trees to make one ton of paper. This means that we are cutting down nearly 48.000 trees every day. The fact is that it takes more than 10 years for a tree to grow.
So we must start saving paper right now. We can use both sides of every piece of paper. We can make useful things out of used paper. We can use china cups instead of paper ones. When shopping, we can use fewer paper bags and reuse them if we have some
In short, we should keep a balance (平衡)between using paper and protecting trees, and do it now before it is too late.
56. When did the Chinese begin to use paper money?
A. In the 5th centum    B. In the 6th century
C. In the 7ih centum    D. In the 15th century
57. Why did Canada become an important country in paper making?
A. Because it was a large country      B. Because it had lots of forests
C. Because it was a very rich country   D. Because the inventor was from Canada
58. In Finland. paper is used for______.
A. making beds      B. reducing waste
C. making umbrellas  D. keeping warm
59. According to the passage. how many trees are needed to make one ton of paper?
A.10     B.17.     C.2,800      D.48,000
60. Paragraph 5 mainly talks about______
A. how paper boots are made     B. how paper was invented
C. how we can save paper        D. how we can make useful things
A. Do you know why she treats you like that?
B. what's her name?
C. Have you mentioned this to her?
D. What's happened?
E. She s very tall
F. Or she probably feels lonely without you
G. But she’s so different
A: Lingling, you look unhappy. What's up?
B: Dad. I have a problem with my best friend
A:  61
B: We’ve been friends for five years. We went to different schools last term. And she came to study at my school this tern. I was very happy al first 62
A: Can you tell me how she’s different?
B: She doesn’t like me to see my other friends
A:  63 
B: Yes. I have. But she refused to listen.
A:  64
B: No. I don t know.
A: Maybe she doesn’t feel sure of herself  65
B: Maybe. What shall I do then?
A: You can introduce her to your other friends and encourage her to join in more.
B: I see. Thanks, Dad.
I have to____ _____the bus at the next stop.
Cover him with a coat and _____ ______he is warn
We are _____ ______the days to the end of this tour
He successfully solved the problem_______ _______
In those days, books were produced______ ______.
Albert Einstein(1879-1955)
Early Life
Albert Einstein was born on I4th March,1879 in Germany. He was an extraordinary (非凡的)person since he was born. Einstein wasn’t able to speak a word until three. He was curious(好奇的)and imaginative. He loved watching things carefully and asked a lot of questions about them
His questions were often hard to answer for teachers.
Einstein started school in 1885. Though he did well in maths and science, he failed in many subjects like history geography and languages. He was not the teachers favourite. He didn’t enjoy going to school. Einstein finished high school in Switzerland and entered a university in Zurich. He graduated(大学毕业)as a teacher of maths and physics in1900.
Scientific Work
After graduation. Einstein worked at the Patent Office. He spent much time studying physics. By 1909, Einstein had become a top scientist. Though he became successful in the field of science, he still put great effort in scientific research. Finally, he won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921.
Later life
Einstein kept at his research until he died in 1955. Scientists studied his brain(脑)after his death to see if there was anything special about it. However there was no conclusion(结论).
Today, many famous scientists still think Einstein is the smartest man in the world.
71. Einstein loved watching things carefully and ______about them
72. Though Einstein_______ he failed in many subjects.
73. Finally. Einstein won the Nobel Prize _______in1921
74. Scientists studied Einstein s brain after he died so that_______.
75. Many famous scientists still think Einstein is_______.
How do we know the time? A clock, a watch or a cell phone can help us. However many years ago there were no clocks and knowing the time was not so easy. Over the centuries people have developed different w 76 of telling the time.
About 5,500 years ago, the Egyptians i 77 the sun clock. This was a tall stone structure. Its shadow (影子)showed the movement of the s  78   they were able to determine(测定)midday.
About 3,500 years ago,the Egyptians made a sundial. It was smaller than the sun clock and could measure (测量)the time for half a day. On c 79 days or at night it was impossible to tell the time with a sun clock or a sundial.
Water clocks were the f 80   clocks not to use the sun. The idea is simple. Water flows(流动) from one container(容器)to another. When the water reaches a certain l 81_ it moves a lever (控制杆)and this shows the hours. The Egyptians used water clocks about 3,400 years ago. These clocks were popular in the Middle East and China but they f 82  
o keep accurate(精确的)time.
In the 13th century. the mechanical clock was invented. This was more accurate, b 83   was expensive to make. Over the next few centuries it was developed. For example, springs(发条)were added around 1500. This i   84   accuracy and allowed clocks to be smaller.
In 1927, the first quartz clock was developed. Clocks became cheaper to build and own. People began depending on them more and more to run businesses, markets and so on.
More recently, in1956, came the digital clock. And nowadays satellites(人造卫星)send our cell phones the time to the exact second. There has been a lot of progress in timekeeping but some things never c 85 . Man of us still have trouble getting out of bed on time and not missing appointments.
86.请你根据以下内容提示,以“The Story of Li Hua”为题,为学校广播站英语专栏写一篇短文,介绍发生在你班同学李华身上的一件事。
参考词汇:果皮peel    垃圾桶dustbin   发布post   表扬praise
The Story of Li Hua
Last Friday, when my classmate Li Hua took a bus back home from school. ______________











1.B   2.A  3.C   4.B  5.A   6. C  7. A   8. C  9.A  10.B
11. A   12.B  13.C  14.C  15.C  16. A  17.C  18. B  19.B 20. A
21.A  22. D  23. B  24.C  25. C  26. A  27. A  28. B  29. D  30.C
31.B   32. D  33. A  34. C  35.B
36.B   37.A   38.D  39. A  40. C  41.B  42. C  43. C  44. B  45. D
46.A  47.B   48. D  49.A  50.D  51. C   52. A  53. C  54. B  55.D
56. C   57.B   58. D  59. B  60.C
61.D   62. G   63.C   64. A   65.F
66. get off   67. make sure    68. counting down   69. at last    70. by hand
71. asked a lot of questions
72.did well in maths and science
73.for physics
74.they could see if there was anything special about it
75.the smartest man in the world
76.wyas   77.invented   78.sun   79.cloudy   80.first
81.level   82.failed   83.but   84.improved   85.change


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