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莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y
Choose the best
swer to complete the passage.
    The out-of-door world is  31  of secrets. There are so many secrets, and they are so interesting that   32   men and women, boys and girls are busy   33   them. There are all kinds of animals and plants around us. The facts about how they live and grow   34  interesting.
    Do you know that one of the   35  presidents of the US spent hours and hours studying birds? A businessman lives near New York City. He became so interested in insects that he began to   36  them. He now has over one hundred different kinds of insects. He keeps them carefully in glass boxes. 
Now come with me, and I will help you find some of   37   secrets. Let us go quietly   38  the forests. Here we shall find how a hare   39  other hares where there is   40  . We shall follow a mother bear and her young ones when they try to  41  food and  42   for their long winter sleep. We shall watch bees dancing in the air to tell other bees   43  they can find food. I will show you   44  other interesting things, but the best thing I can teach you is to keep your eyes and ears  45  when you go outdoors.    
(   ) 31. A. fill   B. filled    C. full
(   ) 32. A. thousands of B. thousand   C.thousand of
(   ) 33. A. to study  B. studying   C. study
(   ) 34. A. are   B. is     C. have
(   ) 35. A. more famous B. famousest   C. most famous
(   ) 36. A. find   B. take    C. collect
(   ) 37. A. nature's  B. nature    C. natures'
(   ) 38. A. across   B. through   C. cross
(   ) 39. A. says   B. tells    C. talks
(   ) 40. A. dangerous  B. safe    C. danger
(   ) 41. A. look up  B. look after   C. look for
(   ) 42. A. prepare  B. ready    C. provide
(   ) 43. A. when   B. where    C. that
(   ) 44. A. many   B. much    C. a lot
(   ) 45. A. open   B. opening   C. opened
31. C  考查固定短语。根据空前的is和后面的of结合选项可知考查短语be full of,,意为:充满。句意:户外世界充满着各种秘密。故选C。
32. A  考查固定短语。根据横线前面无具体数字可知考查thousand的复数用法短语thousands of,意为:成千上万的。故选A。
33. B  考查固定短语。根据前面的形容词busy可知考查短语be busy doing。意为“忙着做”。故选B。
34. A  考查主谓一致。根据句意可知主语是facts,位于动词用are,与形容词interesting构成系表结构,充当谓语。句意:关于他们如何生活和成长的事实是有趣的。故选A。
35. C  考查形容词的比较等级。根据前面的one of可知后面接形容词的最高级形式,然后再接名词复数。famous的最高级是前面接most。故选C。
36. C  考查动词辨析。句意: 他变得对昆虫如此感兴趣以至于他开始去______他们。take带;find找到;collect收集。结合句意根据宾语them指代的是“昆虫”,可知用“收集”。故选C。
37. A  考查名词所有格。根据横线后面的名词可知前面用名词所有格,表示泛指“自然的”用nature’s。句意:现在请跟我来,我将帮你找到一些自然的秘密。故选A。
38. B  考查介词辨析。根据后面宾语forest可知表示“纵穿”,用forest,across是介词,强调从“面”上横穿;cross是动词,意为“横穿”。句意:让我们悄悄地穿过森林。结合语法和句意可知选B。
39. B  考查动词辨析。 在这我们将会发现一个野兔如何______其它的野兔在那里有……。根据横线后面的部分可知表示的是“告诉”的内容。say说;talks谈话;tells告诉。故选B。
40. C  考查there be句型。根据横线前面的there is可知考查there be 句型,后面需要加名词作主语。dangerous形容词,危险的;safe形容词,安全的。danger名词,危险。根据句子分析选C。
41. C  考查动词辨析。 look up查找;look for寻找;look after照顾。根据后面的名词food可知与其搭配的动词短语是look for。故选C。
42. A  考查介词。prepare准备;ready准备;provide提供。根据后面的for和winter sleep冬眠的提示,可知表示“准备”,结合句子分析此处用动词形式和前面的try表示并列关系。所以用prepare与其构成短语prepare for意为“准备”。故选A。
43. B  考查宾语从句。句意:我将会注视到蜜蜂在空中跳舞去告诉其它的蜜蜂______他们能找到食物。根据后面的找到食物可表示找到食物的”地点“。when什么时候;where在哪里;that定语从句的关系代词。此处是考查宾语从句的连接词。故选B。
44. A  考查形容词。根据后面的things可知可数名词复数。many后面接可数名词复数;much后面接不可数名词;a lot修饰动词。根据分析可知选A。
45. A  考查形容词。根据前面的keep eyes and ears 可知后面用形容词作宾补,表示状态。open此处用作形容词,意为“打开的,开着的”。opening是动词的现在分词;opened是动词的过去式。句意:但是我可以教你们的最好事情就是当你们出门时睁开眼睛打开耳朵。故选A。
    Nowadays, WeChat is becoming more and more  26   in China. No matter where we are, we can sign up and send text or voice messages to our friends. We can also find a stranger to talk to by shaking the   27   . Another funny function(作用)is that WeChat can help to search for people  28  live nearby with the program on. Many people like this function,  29  it can help them to find more people who they may know.
    In my opinion , WeChat is really  30  useful chatting tool. It can help people  31  with their friends more easily.  32  , it is also bad for people, especially for students. As you see, some people use WeChat   33   too long. It is not healthy to them. So I have some advice to use it in a correct way. First, we should not use it when we are studying. We can’t focus on our study if we use it. Second, we must be careful. We should neither show too much personal information  34  trust (相信)strangers so much.
We should learn how to use it properly(正确地).Remember, WeChat is not everything in your life.  35   depend too much on it.
26. A. popular  B. cheap  C. poor
27. A. radio  B. phone  C. computer
28. A. where  B. what  C. who
29. A. though  B. but  C. because
30. A. /   B. an   C, a
31. A. argue  B. communicate C. dance
32. A. However B. Whoever  C. Wherever
33. A. for   B. in    C. on
34. A. or   B. nor   C. and
35. A. Doesn’t  B. Don’t   C. Isn't
26.A句意:现在,微信在中国正变得越来越受欢迎。popular“受欢迎的”;cheap“便宜的”;poor“贫穷的”。根据空前的more and more可知其后要用双音节或多音节形容词,故选A。
27. B句意:通过摇手机功能我们也能找到陌生人聊天。radio“收音机”;phone“手机”;computer“电脑”,结合常识,我们可以知道“摇一摇”功能指的是摇手机,故选B。
28. C先行词为people,表人,故关系代词要用who。
29. C 句意:许多人喜欢这种功能,因为它能帮助他们找到可能认识的更多的人。though“尽管”;but“但是”;because“因为”,结合句意可知前后两句有因果关系,后句表原因,故选C。
30. C tool意为“工具”,为可数名词,故需用冠词,useful第一个因为/j/,故用a。
31. B句意:它能够帮助人们更容易地和朋友们交流。argue“辩论”;communicate“交际;交流”;dance“跳舞”,结合常识微信可以更容易地和人们进行交流,故选B。
32. A句意:然而,它对人们,特别是学生们,也是有害的。however“然而;可是”;whoever“不论是谁”;wherever“无论在哪里”,此句和上文之间有转折关系,讨论的是对人们的危害,故选A。
33. A句意:正如你所看到,有些人使用微信时间过长。for后跟时间段,表示时间的持续。
34. B结合此句中的neither可知应填nor,neither...nor为固定搭配,意为“既不……;也不……”。
35. B 否定祈使句以don’t开头,其后用动词原形。
(2016•江苏镇江) 完形填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
Dear children,
How time flies! As your teacher, I’d like to talk about “behaving like a grown¬up” with you before you leave school.
During our lives, we need the strength of other people to achieve our goals. __16__ of us can make it on our own.
In an __17__ world, we would all have thoughtful, helpful people to guide us in life. Imagine having a __18__ who is devoted to keeping you healthy. Or imagine having a boss who wants you to enjoy your job and make progress in your __19__. But many of us have difficulty dealing with(打交道) grown¬ups who seem __20__ in their changeable moods. If we have immature(不成熟的) adults __21__ trustworthy adults around us, we will certainly get into real trouble.
What’s more, if we are always __22__ that we’re right all the time, while others are wrong, then we are like those immature adults. Our own personalities could be the __23__.
A mature adult is someone who makes problems better, not worse. When this type of people face a bad __24__, they try to find ways to be calm and in control. They keep practicing solving problems __25__ they become members of mature adults.
Maybe you’re now too young to behave like a mature adult. When you run across a problem, try to stay calm and think more before taking actions, then you’re really on the way to be a grown-up.
Yours faithfully,
16. A. None    B. Most      C. Any     D. Many
17. A. ancient   B. ideal      C. unknown    D. equal
18. A. director    B. teacher   C. policeman  D. doctor
19. A. dream    B. career    C. study    D. habit
20. A. trapped   B. surprised   C. bored    D. frightened
21. A. in front of   B. as well as   C. instead of   D. along with
22. A. reporting   B. guessing   C. thinking    D. discussing
23. A. problem   B. project    C. purpose    D. power
24. A. production   B. suggestion  C. instruction  D. situation
25. A. unless    B. as    C. until    D. when
16. A   根据前一句中“we need the strength of other people to achieve our goals”可知我们需要借助其他人的力量才能实现我们的目标,因此:没有人能够仅靠自己的力量做成事。None没有人;Most大多数;Any任何一个;Many许多。故选A。
17. B  根据后面的“But many of us have difficulty dealing with(打交道) grown¬ups…”可知前面的“we would all have thoughtful, helpful people to guide us in life” 是理想世界的样子。ancient远古的;ideal理想的;unknown未知的;equal平等的。故选B。
18. D   根据后面的“who is devoted to keeping you healthy”可知保证我们健康的应该是医生。director导演;teacher教师;policeman警察;doctor医生。故选D。
19. B  根据前面的“boss”可知这是你在工作中取得进步。dream梦,梦想;career事业;study学习;habit习惯。故选B。
20. A  根据句意“但是我们当中许多人在和受多变性格困扰的成年人打交道时有困难”可知是是受困于。trapped陷入困境;surprised吃惊;bored无聊;frightened害怕。故选A。
21. C  根据句意:如果我们周围有着不成熟的成年人而不是值得信赖的成年人,我们真会惹上麻烦。可知前后是相反地意思。A项意为:在……前面;B项意为:而且;C项意为:代替,而不是;D项意为:和……一起。instead of符合句意。故选C。
22. C 根据句意可知是:如果我们总是认为我们一直是正确的……。reporting报道;guessing猜;thinking思考,认为;discussing讨论。thinking符合句意。故选C。
23. A  根据句意可知:如果总是认为自己对、别人错,我们自己的性格就会成为问题。problem问题;project工程;purpose;power力量。problem符合句意。故选A。
24. D  根据前文可知:成熟的成年人能使问题变好,而不是变糟。当这种人面临坏情况的时候,他们会尽力找方法冷静下来,控制自己的情绪。production成果;suggestion建议;instruction指导;situation情况,状况。situation符合句意。故选D。
25. C  根据句意可知:他们不断地练习解决问题直到他们成为成熟成年人中的成员。unless除非;as和……一样,由于;until直到;when当……时候。until符合句意。故选C。
(2016•贵州铜仁)Ⅱ. 完形填空 (10分)
In our daily life, some people think that smoking  36   help them relax. In fact, smoking is really   37  . Do you know that there   38   over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes? These chemicals are   39   for our bodies. They can cause cancer and    40   diseases. The smoke from cigarettes harms   41   smokers but also other people. It’s   42   “second-hand smoke” and it can be    43   and has higher risks. Smokers shouldn’t use smoking 44 them relax. They must give up    45    as soon as possible.
36. A. must             B. can                  C. should
37. A. healthy              B. health                C. unhealthy
38. A. be                B. is                   C. are
39. A. good             B. bad            C. well
40. A. other              B. others                C. another 
41. A. only             B. not only              C. just
42. A. called               B. calls                 C. calling 
43. A. more dangerous               B. dangerous             C. the most dangerous
44. A. help               B. to help               C. helping
45. A. smoke              B. smokers             C. smoking
36. B 考查情态动词的用法 句意:在我们的日常生活中,有人认为吸烟可以帮助他们放松。must意为“必须”;can意为“能,可以”;should意为“应该”。此处意为“有人认为吸烟可以帮助他们放松”。故选B。
37. C 考查词义辨析 句意:事实上,吸烟真的是不健康的。根据下文提到吸烟有害健康,可知选C。
36. C 考查there be句型  句意:你知道吗,香烟里有超过4000种化学物质。句子的主语是4,000 chemicals,是可数名词的复数,be要用are,故选C。
39. B 考查词义辨析 句意:这些化学物质对我们的身体有害。根据be good/bad for固定搭配,排除C。下文提到他们会导致癌症和其他的疾病,说明有害,故选B。
40. A 考查词义辨析 句意:他们会导致癌症和其他的疾病。other意为“别的,其他”,作形容词时,修饰可数名词的复数;others是,意为“另外几个”可以独立做主语,宾语;another意为“另一个”,只能代替或者修饰可数名词的单数,而diseases是复数形式。故选A。
41. B 考查连词的用法 句意:香烟的烟雾不仅危害吸烟者,而且危害其他人。根据not only…but also…固定结构,意为“不仅……而且……”故选B。
42. A 考查动词的用法 句意:他被称为“二手烟”。 此处是被动语态,故选A。
43. A 考查形容词的用法 句意:它可能更危险,并有更高的风险。根据由and 并列的higher是比较级,and 并列的词要用相同的形式,那么之前的形容词也要用比较级,。故选A。
44. B 考查动词的用法 句意:吸烟者不应该用吸烟来帮助他们放松。根据use …to do …意为“用……做……”的固定句型可知选B。
45. C 考查动词的用法 句意:他们必须尽可能快地戒烟。根据give up doing意为“放弃干……”可知用动名词,故选C。
Be pleased to do anything even though it is very tiny. In tact, there’s no single thing that is not worth doing or you are not able to do. So living a happy life with a light heart is the most important. A good mood decides your quality of life. Then   21   can you live a happy life?
    Make each day meaningful (有意义的)by helping someone or just making someone smile. The feeling which makes you want to help others   22   at the bottom of your heart. Happiness depends on your feelings in your heart. Helping others is helping yourself. By helping others,you   23   more. Seeing their satisfied smile will make you feel   24   of what you have done.
    Face difficulties bravely in your life.   25   may meet with difficulties. No one can avoid them. The difficulties can teach you lot. They are your treasure. They will help you to be closer to     26  .
    Focus on the good experiences you   27   in the past few years. Be grateful to life. Don’t think too much about the negative things. They   28   bad weather. Bad weather will pass sooner or later, so will the negative things. You may find many dead ends in your life, but you will   29   find your way out of them. Everything will get better at last.
    Never worry about the things you can't change. Worrying isn't useful. Worrying can   30   change the situation   30   solve any problem. Perhaps, not every dream will be realized; not every effort(努力) will be completed. Never mind, and take it easy.
    Come on, everybody! Let’s live a happy life with a light heart and enjoy the beautiful sunshine every day.
(  ) 21. A. what        B. how         C. why
(  ) 22.A. stay         B. staying       C. stays
(  ) 23.A. are giving     B. staying      C. stays
(  ) 24.A. proud        B. afraid        C. tired
(  ) 25. A. Somebody    B. Nobody      C. Everybody
(  ) 26. A. failure       B. success       C. trouble
(  ) 27. A. have had      B. have        C. has
(  ) 28. A. are different from    B. are fond of    C. are similar to
(  ) 29. A. always       B. seldom       C. never
(  ) 30.A. not only; but also     B. neither; nor     C. either; or
22.C句意:促使你想要帮助别人的这种情绪保留在你的心底。本句中主语为The feeling(单数第三人称),且时态为一般现在时,故动词为stays。
24.A句意:看到他们满意的笑容将会使你对你所做的感到骄傲。feel proud of意为“对……感到骄傲(自豪)”。
27.A句意:关注近几年内你所拥有的美好经历。in the past few years意为“近几年”,为现在完成时的时间状语。故选A项。
28.C句意:它们与糟糕的天气相似。be different from...与……不同;be fond of...爱好……;be similar to...与……相似,结合语境,C项正确。
30.B句意:忧虑既不能改变环境,也不能解决任何问题。not only; but also不仅;而且;neither; nor既不,也不;either; or或者,或者。本句强调否定意味,故选B项。
 Do you want to be a successful person? One of the   46   of successful people is that they have good habits. The good habits help them to be successful. What are good habits?   47    can you get into good habits? Here are some suggestions for you.
    First everyone   48   his advantages. You should always look for the   49   points in people and learn from them.
    Second, you should try to learn new   50   and new things every day. Reading a newspaper or   51   pages of a book every day also helps you.
    Third,   52   the day in the right way. When you get up in the morning, look   53   yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you must keep your good habits today.
    Fourth, make a plan to achieve your goal. Making a plan is the   54   important step to achiever your goal. Each day you should follow the plan so that you are able to achieve your goal.
    Last, no   55   what good habits you decide to have, you should try to keep them. Then you can live a successful and happy… life.
46. A. reason   B. secret   C. secrets   D. decisions
47. A. How   B. Why   C. When   D. Who
48. A. are   B. is    C. have   D. has
49. A. well   B. good   C. weak   D. bad
50. A. service   B. word   C. poems   D. skills
51. A. a few   B. few   C. a little   D. little
52. A. end   B. finish   C. start   D. arrive
53. A. like   B. up   C. after   D. at
54. A. most   B. many   C. much   D. move
55. A. mistake   B. matter    C. stress   D. energy
46. C  考查名词辨析。A原因;B秘密;C秘密;D决定。根据前文的问题Do you want to be a successful person?加以设问,可知此句进行回答“成功的秘诀是……”。另外,one of后接可数名词复数。故选C。
47. A  考查疑问词辨析。how如何;why为什么;when当……时候;who谁。 根据后面列举的五条建议可知,这里是设问“如何形成好的习惯?”,故选择特殊疑问词how。故选A。
48. D  考查系动词辨析。 根据句子结构成份分析,everyone做主语,his advantages做宾语,中间缺少谓语成份,应由实义动词充当,并且everyone不定代词做主语时谓语动词用单数。故选D。
49. B  考查语境辨析。 根据句意:您应该发现他人身上的优点,向之学习。故选B。
50. B  考查名词辨析。service服务;word单词;poems诗歌;skills技能。 根据后文中读报、看书的描述,可知,这里建议尝试多学一些新词。故选B。
51. A  考查代词辨析。 根据句意理解,可知此处表示建议读几页书,为肯定意义,而且pages为可数名词,应由a few修饰。故选A。
52. C  考查动词辨析。end结束;finish完成;start开始;arrive到达。 根据后一句中get up in the morning可知,此处表示以正确的方式“开始”新的一天。故选C。
53. D  考查介词辨析。 根据句意:当你在早起时对着镜子看自己,可知,这里是考查动词短语look at用法。故选D。
54. A  考查语境辨析。 根据句意:制定计划是实现个人目标最重要的一步,可知,这里考查形容词最高级的用法。故选A。
55. B  考查名词辨析。mistake错误;matter问题;stress压力;energy能量。 根据句意:无论你选择什么样的好习惯,都要一直坚持下去,可知,这里考查短语no matter无论。故选B。
   Students may have problems with their minds. Some students become worried because they have to study very    41   . Others have trouble getting on well with people like their parents and classmates.
   A student of Grade 8 could not understand his teacher and was doing    42    in his lessons. He became so worried about it that he    43    to cut his finger with a knife.
   Another student was afraid of    44   . She got very worried    45    she looked at the exam paper, and she could write nothing. A report says that 18% of shanghai students have mental(心理的)problems. Their troubles include being worried and    46   , having problems in learning and getting on with people. Many students who have problems won’t ask for    47   . Some think they will look stupid if they go to see a doctor. Others don’t want to talk   48     their secrets.
   A famous expert on students has the following    49   :
 Talk to your parents and teachers often.
 Take part in group activities and play sports.
 Go to see a doctor if you feel unhappy    50    unwell.
41. A. hard      B. hardly     C. easy    D. easily
42. A. worse     B. badly     C. well    D. better
43. A. refused     B. stopped     C. forgot    D. started
44. A. friends     B. exams     C. doctors    D. books
45. A. when     B. what     C. where    D. why
46. A. happy     B. unhappy    C. lucky    D. unlucky
47. A. success     B. chance     C. help    D. dream
48. A. to      B. with     C. about    D. in
49. A. suggestion    B. facts     C. fact    D. suggestions
50. A. as      B. or      C. but     D. so
41. A 根据上文Some students become worried because they have to study,可推知,此处是hard, study very hard非常努力地学习。hard努力地;hardly很少;easy容易的;easily容易地。故选A。
42. B 根据前一句A student of Grade 8 could not understand his teacher,可推知这个学生在学习中有困难,结合此处使用do well in用法变形,使用do badly in在某方面做得不好。worse更差;badly坏的,差的;well好;better更好。故选B。
43. D 根据前文He became so worried about it他对学习变得焦虑,结合后面to cut his finger with a knife去用刀划他的手指,可推知此处使用start的用法,start to do sth.开始做某事。refused拒绝;stopped停止;forgot忘记;started开始。故选D。
44. B 根据后一句中she looked at the exam paper, and she could write nothing,可推知他担心考试。friends朋友;exams考试;doctors医生;books书。故选B。
45. A 根据本句意思及结构分析,可知此句是由when引导的时间状语从句,当他看到试卷时会变得非常烦躁。when当……时;what什么;where哪里;why为什么。故选A。
46. B 根据句中主语troubles可推知,此处与worried意思相近的词,happy快乐;unhappy不愉快;lucky幸运的;unlucky不幸的。故选B。
47. C 根据句意许多有困难的学生不想寻求“帮助”,success成功;chance机会;help帮助; dream梦想。故选C。
48. C 根据句意其他学生不想“谈论”他们的秘密,可知,此处考查短语talk about谈论。to到;with和;about关于;in在……里。故选C。
49. D 根据句意一位关于学生问题的专家有下列“建议”,可知此处选择suggestions建议。suggestion建议;facts事实(复数);fact(事实);suggestions建议(复数)。故选D。
50. B 根据句意如果你感觉不开心或不好就去看医生,可知unhappy与unwell为并列词语,此处为选择关系,应使用or或者。as作为;or或者;but但是;so因此。故选B。文章来源
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