Unit 2 What’s the matter?测试题

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Unit 2 What’s the matter?测试题

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. 选择填空:

    1. _____ the matter with you?

    A. Who’s                   B. What’s             C. How’s

    2. You look pale. You _____ see the doctor.

    A. should             B. have to             C. do

    3. I _____ you feel better soon.

    A. want        B. hope         C. need

    4. Don’t eat ______ junk food.

    A. much too        B. too many          C. too much

    5. _______ gets tired sometimes.

    A. People                   B. Men          C. Everyone

    6. When did it start?


    A. About a week ago

    B. For three days

    C. Very well

    7. Sara _______ a stomachache. So she _____ eat anything for twenty-four hours.

        A. has, shouldn’t        B. has, should              C. have, shouldn’t

    8. You should ______ for a few nights.

    A. lies down        B. lie down           C. lie

    9. I am sorry ________ that you’re not feeling well.

    A. and hear         B. to hear             C. to be heard

    10. _______ a good idea.

    A. That sounds like

    B. That’s sounds like

C. That’s like


    Mr Harris lived in a small house by himself. He was always   1   about what he ate and drank, and he never   2   when the weather was cold. He was always afraid that he was getting terribly ill,   3   he often went to his doctor, and the doctor was getting very   4   of him, because he had more other work   5  .

    Then one day Mr Harries hurried   6   the doctor’s office and told him he was sure he had a terrible illness, which he had   7   about in the newspaper. He showed the doctor the   8  . The doctor read it   9   and then said, “But, Mr Harris, people don’t know when they have this illness! And they feel just well. ”

    “Oh, my goodness, ”said Mr Harris. “I thought so. That’s just   10   I feel! ”

    1. A. careful                     B. worried            C. worry                     D. care

    2. A. went by                   B. go by               C. goes out           D. went out

    3. A. because                   B. and                  C. so                    D. though

    4. A. enjoying                   B. enjoy               C. tired                 D. tiring

    5. A. to do                   B. do                     C. doing               D. did

    6. A. into                          B. from                 C. out of        D. at

    7. A. see                          B. read                 C. look                 D. write

    8. A. photo                   B. book                 C. article              D. informations

    9. A. careful              B. carefully           C. doubtful           D. quick

    10. A. what               B. all                    C. the same          D. how


It was Sunday yesterday. Bruce went to play football with his friends. Soon he felt hot and took off his coat. On his way home, he forgot to put it on again. This morning he felt unwell and couldn’t go to school. His mother told him to stay in bed and then went to buy some medicine for him. An hour later he wouldn’t lie there, so he stood by the window. The sun was shining and the birds were singing in the trees. Soon his mother came back and said, “It’s warmer outside. Go to sun yourself after you take the medicine. ”

    Bruce went out and sat on a step and played alone. At that time a salesman (推销员)came up to him and asked, “Has your mother come back, my little friend? ”

    “Yes, sir, ”answered the boy.

    The man began to ring the doorbell, but nobody answered. He rang it for a long time and became angry.

    “I don’t think you are an honest(诚实的)boy, ”said the salesman. “There’s no one in the house. You’ve played a joke on (捉弄)me! ”

    “I don’t think so, sir, ”said Bruce. “The house isn’t ours. ”

    1. Bruce caught a cold ______.

    A. when he was playing football

    B. when he returned home

    C. after he went to bed

    D. after he got up this morning

    2. This morning Bruce didn’t go to school because ______.

    A. their holiday began

    B. it was very cold

    C. his mother made him stay at home

    D. he was ill and had to lie in bed

    3. Bruce played alone this morning because _____.

    A. he had no friends

    B. his friends were all at school

    C. he had nothing to do at home

    D. his friends were all ill in bed

    4. The word“sun”in the story means “______”.

    A. 太阳

    B. 月亮


    D. 晒干

    5. The salesman came to ______.

    A. sell something to Bruce’s mother

    B. tell something important to Bruce’s mother

    C. see Bruce’s mother

    D. help Bruce’s mother





1. see a doctor / dentist         

  2. get / have a cold               

  3. have a toothache               

  4. have a headache               

  5. have a fever                      

  6. lie down and rest              

  7. drink lots of water                    

  8. drink hot tea with honey           

  9. be stressed out                        

  10. get tired                                 

  11. stay healthy                     

. 选择填空:1-5  BABCC  6-10  ABBBA

三.完型填空:1-5  BCCCA  6-10  ABCBA

四.阅读理解 DCBAA

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