八年级英语上册Unit 3 Our Hobbies综合检测试题(仁爱版共2套带解析)

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八年级英语上册Unit 3 Our Hobbies综合检测试题(仁爱版共2套带解析)

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Unit 3 Our Hobbies
I. 单项选择。
1. Wu Rui likes keeping clean very much. She _______ a bath twice a week.
A. takes       B. take C. have      D. washes
2. Wang Yanbo’s mother is fond of _______.
A. cook       B. cooker     C. cooking    D. cooked
3. Why _______ go out for a walk after supper?
A. don’t       B. didn’t C. not       D. doesn’t
4. Hobbies can _______ us happiness, friendship and knowledge, so we have hobbies.
A. get       B. take       C. took       D. bring
5. — What’s your hobby?
— I _______ listen to music, but now I enjoy dancing.
A. am used to     B. used to C.am used D. use to
6. I have an _______ reading book. Are you _______ in it?
A. interesting; interesting B. interesting; interested
C. interested; interesting D. interested; interested
7. Our English teacher is _______ and never _______ to us, so we like her very much.
A. funny; friendly B. funny; unfriendly
C. fun; friend D. fun; unfriendly
8. I don’t know _______ he will come or not tomorrow.
A. that B. when C. what       D. whether
1. — The six students from Lianyungang got the first prize in the Chinese Characters Dictation Com¬petition in Jiangsu.
—        exciting news it is!
A. What    B. How    C. What an   D. How an
2. Dick        in America, but he has been        Chinese food since he moved to China.
A. used to live; used to eating               B. is used to live; used to eat
C. is used to live; used to eating            D. used to living ; used to eat
3. — I missed the beginning of The Voice of China yesterday evening.
—       ! But you can watch the re-play tonight.
A. Hurry up  B. What a pity    C. Try your best   D. I don' t think so
II. 阅读理解。
I’m Sam. My hobby is playing chess(棋)—one of the greatest games in the world. My mom taught me how to play when I was 7. She beat(打败) me every time for the first year. But then on my eighth birthday, I won for the first time. I nearly always beat her from then on.
It takes about a day to learn the rules(规则). But if you want to be good, you have to practice for years. You don’t need much to play chess—just a chess set(棋具) and someone to play with.
Chess sets can be quite cheap, or very expensive. Some people collect chess sets as a hobby, but some prefer playing.
There is a chess club in our school, and we meet every week to play with each other. I’m the best player in the club, and the captain of the school chess team. This year we won the All English Schools’ Championship(锦标赛), and I had to go up on stage(台子) in front of the whole school to collect the trophy(奖品).
I’m saving up my money to buy a chess computer. It’s very expensive, but very good for practice. In that way, I’ll always have someone to play with. One day I will be the world chess champion(冠军).
(    )1. Sam’s mom never beats him at chess.
(    )2. You have to spend a lot of money on a chess set.
(    )3. Sam doesn’t collect chess sets.
(    )4. Sam’s school has a very good chess team.
(    )5. Sam has got a chess computer.
Decide to Do Well
Everybody makes decisions in daily life. They can be as important as what you will do in the future or as simple as what you will eat for breakfast. Any decision could be the turning point of your life.
I made an important decision when I was in Junior 3.
Before I made that decision I was one of the boys who tried too hard to act as an adult. I didn’t know that only kids want to show themselves as adults.
I didn’t listen to my parents and teachers, and my grades became poor. Then came the high school entrance exam.
At the turning point of my life, my mom wanted to have a conversation with me. I wanted to turn it down but when I looked at her eyes, I felt I couldn’t refuse. Instead of asking me to study hard, to my surprise, Mom just asked what I wanted to do in the future. Without thinking too much, I just said I would like to study hard.
Mom smiled and asked again: “I asked: what do you want to do?”
I never seriously thought about the question. So, I kept silent.
“Whether you want to go on studying or enter the society,” she went on, “it is your own decision. Your life ought to be decided by you, not by anyone else, including me. ” After saying that, she had tears in her eyes.
For the first time in my life I was asked to make my own decision. I sat in my chair and thought about myself, my life and what kind of person I wanted to become.
It took me what seemed to be ages to make the biggest decision so far in my life—I wanted to be a man who makes a difference in the world. To achieve that, I needed to study hard.
The path to my future became clear to me. I didn’t act rebelliously(叛逆地) any more. With passion (激情) in my heart, I studied hard.
Now, I’m 17 and I’m in one of the best schools in my city, in one of the best classes at the school and I am one of the best students in the class.
Thanks to that decision, I have become what I am today.
6. When did the writer make the important decision?
A. After he was 17 years old.      B. After he was in one of the best classes.
C. When he was a pupil.          D. When he was studying in Junior 3.
7. What was the writer like before the decision?
A. His grades became poor.
B. He tried too hard not to act as an adult.
C. He was one of the top students in his class.
D. He did what his teachers and his parents asked him to do.
8. How did the writer make the decision?
A. It was easy for him to make the decision.
B. It was his second time to make the decision.
C. He made the decision seriously.
D. It was his mother that made the decision for him.
9. Why did the writer make the decision?
A. Because his teacher talked with him patiently.
B. Because he didn’t want to act rebelliously any more.
C. Because his mother asked him to study hard as usual.
D. Because his father asked him to think about his future by himself.
10. Which of the following is TRUE?
A. The writer made the decision that he should work hard.
B. It took the writer several years to make the decision.
C. After hearing his mother’s words, the writer had tears in his eyes.
D. At the turning point of his life, the writer wanted to have a conversation with his mother.
III. 书面表达。
 依照下列问句,以My Hobbies为题写一篇60词左右的短文。
 1. What hobbies did you use to have? Why did you like them?
 2. What hobbies do you have now? Why do you like them?
 3. What different hobbies do you have in different seasons?

Ⅰ. 单项选择。
1. A。考查固定词组搭配take a bath“洗澡”。注意第三人称单数后的动词形式。
2. C。考查固定搭配be fond of“喜欢”,介词后面接名词或动词-ing的形式。
3. C。why not+动词原形,故选C;如果选A, 应当是why don’t you ...?的形式,B、D 不能用于此句。
4. D。考查bring的用法,表示“带来……”。
5. B。考查 used to do sth. 表示“过去常常做某事”,与后面的now相呼应。
6. B。interesting既可作定语,又可作表语,而interested与interesting虽然词性相同,意思一样,但只能用作表语,常以be interested in这一短语出现,后面常接感兴趣的内容。
7. D。funny “滑稽的,令人发笑的”,修饰人物带有贬义色彩;fun “有趣的”,可用于修饰人物。
8. D。whether与if都可以表示“是否”,但后面用了or not的选择形式,则只能用whether相连,不能用if相连。
1. A。句意:——来自连云港的六个学生在江苏省中国汉字听写大赛上获得了一等奖。——真是激动人心的消息!本题考查感叹句。感叹句结构之一是:What+形容词+不可数名词+主语+谓语。news是不可数名词,前面不加不定冠词。故选A项。
2. A。句意:Dick以前住在美国,但自从他搬到中国以来一直习惯吃中国菜。本题考查used的用法,used to doing sth.表示习惯于做某事或习惯于某事,to是介词,后面要跟名词、代词或动名词。而used to do sth.则表示过去常常,to后跟原形动词。
3. B。句意:——昨晚我错过了《中国好声音》的开始部分。——真遗憾!但是今晚你可以看重播。本题考查情景交际。Hurry up赶快;What a pit真遗憾,真可惜;Try one's best尽某人最大的努力!I don't think so我认为不是这样。根据题意选B项。
II. 阅读理解。
1. F。Sam’s mother起初教他时每次都赢他。
2. F。文章中已说明棋具不必花太多的钱。
3. T。Sam喜欢下棋,而不是collect chess sets。
4. T。从得奖情况可知,的确是一支不错的校棋队。
5. F。Sam正在save money,还没买a chess computer。
6. D。由第二段I made an important decision when I was in Junior 3.我在初三的时候做了一个重大决定;可知答案选D。
7. A。由第四段的第一句话I didn’t listen to my parents and teachers, and my grades became poor.可知他的成绩变得很差,答案选A。
8. C。由第七段I never seriously thought about the question. So, I kept silent.做决定的时候作者很严肃,可总结出答案,故答案选C。
9. B。由文中倒数第三段话The path to my future became clear to me. I didn’t act rebelliously any more. 未来的路使我清醒。我再也不能叛逆了。可知答案选B。
10. A。由倒数第四段中To achieve that, I needed to study hard.可知“我”应该努力学习,故答案选A。
IV. 书面表达。
My Hobbies
Different people have different hobbies. I used to ride a bike and read story books. They could give me lots of knowledge. I used to keep cats and dogs. I thought pets were very friendly and lovely, but now I like listening to music and chatting on the Internet, because music can relax me after the daily work and chatting can bring me happiness and friendship.
I have different hobbies in different seasons. In spring I like flying kites. In summer I go swimming. I often climb hills in the fall. I like making snowmen best in winter.

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