Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum单元测试题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册)

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum单元测试题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册)

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 Unit 9 单元提优测试题
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1. —Have you ________ visited the old house by the river?   —No,________.
 A.ever;ever B.ever;never C.never;ever D.never;never
2. —What did you do last weekend,Jenny?
—I went camping with my classmates. We ________ a tent by ourselves.
 A.put away B.put on C.put up D.put down
3. —Where would you like to spend your winter vacation?
—I'd like to go ________.I don't like cold places.
 A.somewhere warm B.warm somewhere
 C.anywhere warm D.warm anywhere
4. —Do you know who ________ the light bulb(电灯泡)?   —Of course,Edison.
 A.invented B.found C.discovered D.caused
5. Cindy's grandparents often encouraged her ________ to dance when she was very young.
 A.learn B.learning C.to learn D.learned
6. —I am afraid I will fail in the English exam again.
—Don't worry.I believe you will make a ________ because of your hard word.
 A.progress B.decisions C.resolution D.situation
7. There are four ________ in our college.
 A.Germen B.Germany C.Germans D.Germanies
8. —Is Mr.Green at home?   —No,he ________ Shanghai.
 A.has been to B.has gone to C.is going to D.went to
9. The ________ has many important________.
 A.invention;inventor B.inventor;inventions
 C.inventions;inventor D.inventors;invention
10. I think autumn is the best time ________ Beijing.
 A.to visit B.visiting C.visited D.visit
11. Andy,with his parents,________ to Hong Kong,and they will stay there for a week.
 A.have gone B.has gone C.have been D.has been
12. Do you have any problem ________ English?
 A.learning B.to learn C.learn D.learned
13. Come to my home and let's have some tea ________ you are free.
 A.whatever B.whenever C.wherever D.however
14. —Mum,________ of my classmates ________ glasses.
—Oh,my God. You need to protect your eyes well.
 A.three-fourths;wears B.three-fourth;wear
 C.three-fourth;wears D.three-fourths;wear
15. The island is quite warm all year round,because it is ________ the equator.
 A.next B.close to C.far from D.across from
What is a museum? A museum is a good place to keep   1   and beautiful things. A museum may be a place to learn about science. A museum can be a place   2   art of humans or animals.
What is inside a museum? Some museums   3   old cars and airplanes.   4   museums have pictures and sculptures. Others have rocks and old bones. One museum even has   5   coal mine inside! It has shops and people's statues doing business. It looks so real that one might feel that he was back to the old time.
Many cities have museums.Some very small   6   have museums,  7  .Indiana-
polis has a   8   museum. Children do not have to pay to get in. Children often go to the museum. They like   9   at the dinosaur bones. They see a white bear which is ten feet tall. They go inside an old log cabin(小木屋).
On Saturdays,Indianapolis children can   10   talks about animals and trees. They see movies. They take hikes. They even learn to make things there.
(     )1. A.new B.old C.bad D.broken
(     )2. A.for B.in C.about D.on
(     )3. A.has B.have C.there is D.there are
(     )4. A.A bit B.A little C.Much D.Many
(     )5. A.the B.an C.a D./
(     )6. A.homes B.towns C.farms D.countries
(     )7. A.too B.also C.either D.neither
(     )8. A.adults' B.people's C.children's D.boy's
(     )9. A.see B.to see C.look D.to look
(     )10. A.listen B.listening C.hear D.hearing
Ⅲ.阅读理解(30分)                  A
Many years ago, there lived a very rich man who wanted to do something for the people of his town. But first he wanted to find out whether they were good enough to get his help. So he placed a very large stone in the center of the main road into town. Then he hid behind a tree and waited.
    Soon an old man came along with his cow. "Who put this stone in the center of the road?" said the old man, but he did not try to move the stone away. Instead, he passed around the stone and continued on his way. Another man came along and did the same thing; then another came, and another. All of them complained about the stone in the center of the road, but none of them tried to move it away.
    Late in the afternoon, a young man came along. He saw the stone and said, "It will be very dark at night. Some people will come along later in the dark and will fall against the stone."
The young man then began to move the stone. He pulled with all his strength to move it to one side. But imagine his surprise when he found a bag full of money and this message under the stone: "This money is for the thoughtful person who takes this stone away from the road. Thank you."
(     )1. What did the rich man aim to do?
 A.To offer help to the people of his town.
 B.To show his people how rich he was.
 C.To give money to anybody in need.
 D.To find out how good his people are.
(     )2. Why did the rich man put a large stone on the road? 
 A.To make life harder for the people of his town.
 B.To find out the strongest man in his town.
 C.To stop people from getting into his town.
 D.To find the right person to receive his help.
(     )3. The first old man found the stone and walked around it because        .
 A.he was too old to take the stone away all by himself
 B.he thought it was good to have a stone on the road
 C.he didn't want to move the stone away for others
 D.he didn't want the money from the rich man
(     )4. How many people complained but didn't try to move the stone?
 A.Two. B.Three. C.Four. D.Five.
(     )5. Why did the young man decide to move the stone?
 A.Because he was strong enough to do the job.
 B.Because he had others' safety on his mind.
 C.Because he knew there was money under it.
 D.Because he wanted to make it safe for himself.
Pack up and Fly away
Hainan Island
Hainan Island is a wonderful place of sun,sand and sea.It is in the south of China.It's famous for its underwater beauty.Tianyahaijiao is also very famous.It attracts lots of tourists around the world every year.

Thailand is in the heart of Southeast Asia.Its capital Bangkok has some of Thailand's greatest buildings,like the Grand Palace(大皇宫).Chiang Mai(清迈) is a big city in Thailand.There are many historic temples(庙) there,such as the Wat Phra Singh Temple.The temple has a history of over 500 years.
This country is a land of beauty and diversity (多样性).It is famous for Sydney Opera and Ayers Rock(艾尔斯岩).Ayers Rock is 3,600 meters long and 348 meters high.What's more,children can also see many animals here like koalas,kangaroos and sheep.
South Korea's Jeju Island(韩国济州岛)
As a volcanic(火山) island,Jeju once was chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders(奇迹) of Nature.Not only that,Jeju attracts children with its Teddy Bear Museum.There,people show historical events with teddy bears.
(     )6. The information above can't be from ________.
 A.a magazine B.a storybook
 C.a newspaper D.a tour guidebook
(     )7. Hainan Island is ________.
 A.in the Indian Ocean B.in Europe
 C.in the south of China D.in Africa
(     )8. If you like historic temples,you can go to ________.
 A.Hainan Island B.Thailand
 C.Australia D.South Korea's Jeju Island
(     )9. People in South Korea's Jeju Island show historical events with ________.
 A.teddy bears B.toy cars C.heroes D.pictures
(     )10. Australia is known for ________.
 A.the Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Singh Temple
 B.Sydney Opera and Ayers Rock
 C.Tianyahaijiao and the underwater beauty
 D.Teddy Bear Museum and a volcanic island
Tony Wheeler was born to travel. His father worked for an airline. For the first 16 years of his life, Tony and his family lived in many different countries.
In the early 1970s, Tony met a young woman named Maureen. They soon married. Before getting jobs, Tony and Maureen wanted to travel. They took a year-long trip from England, through Asia, to Australia. On the trip, they visited places like Iran (伊朗), India, and so on.
When Tony and Maureen arrived in Australia, people asked many questions about their trip. To answer these questions, Tony wrote a book called Across Asia on the Cheap. The book told people about different countries' weather, customs (风俗), and places to see. But unlike other travel books then, Tony Wheeler's book also talked about places most tourists did not go. He also wrote about unusual things to see and do. The book was very popular.
Tony and Maureen started a company called Lonely Planet. They continued travelling. They wrote books for each place they visited. Today, 800 people work for Lonely Planet. The company has over 650 books. Tony Wheeler, the great traveller, still writes about travels to many places and will bring us more surprises.
(     )11. Tony Wheeler and his wife ended the year-long trip in .
 A. England B. Iran C. India D. Australia
(     )12. Tony Wheeler wrote the book Across Asia on the Cheap to .
 A. make money for his next trip
 B. tell people about his new company
 C. draw people's attention to his family
 D. answer people's question about his trip
(     )13. How was the book Across Asia on the Cheap different from other travel books then?
 A. It was longer and more popular.
 B. It was the first travel book in the world.
 C. It talked about places most tourists did not go.
 D. It talked about a country's weather and customs.
(     )14. Which of the following is TRUE about Tony Wheeler's company?
 A. His father started it. B. It is an airline company.
 C. Hundreds of people work for it. D. It has no books about traveling.
(     )15. The passage mainly talks about .
 A. a great traveler and his books B. a tour of different countries
 C. a great writer and his family D. different kinds of companies
1.He e            (鼓励) me to take more after-school activities.
2.I come from Hubei P            (省).What about you?
3.Two G            (德国人) are visiting the Great Wall.
4.I have never met a foreigner who speaks such p            (完美的) Chinese.
5.We are happy that space research has p            (进展) greatly.
1.The old man loves living in the             (peace) countryside.
2.I think his             (perform) is the best one in the show.
3.She             (buy) the blouse last week.
4.My mother                (not be) to the water park.
5.Do you know this            (India) girl can speak Chinese?
Ⅵ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
________ ________ ________ Mike passed all his exams.
Mom,________ you ever ________ ________ buying a piano for me?
He doesn't ________ ________ ________ ________ a job.
The weather in Britain is warm ________ ________ ________.
She ________ ________ how to go there.
A:Hi,Lucy! Long time no see!  1 
B:I have just come back from a trip.
A:  2 
A:Wow!   3 
B:For a week.
A:Is it your first time to visit there?
B:  4 
A:That's great! I have always wanted to visit there.   5 
B:Certainly.I visited many places of interest.
A:You are lucky.
A.How long did you stay there?
B.Did you have a good time there?
C.No,I have been there before.
D.How many times have you been there?
E.Where have you been?
F.Where did you go?
G.Sounds great.
1.             2.             3.             4.             5.         
Location In the center of Shaanxi Province
Size 9,983 km2
History More than 6,000 years
Places of interest The Terracotta Army,Bell Tower…
Climate Four different seasons
Things to eat Noodles,dumplings…

人教版新目标八年级英语下册 Unit 9 单元提优测试题
参 考 答 案
题 号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
答 案 B C A A C A C B B A B A B D B
Ⅱ.完形填空(10分)  1~5 BCBDC   6~10 BACDC
Ⅲ.阅读理解(30分)  1~5 ADCCB   6~10 BCBAB   11~15 DDCCA
1. encouraged   2. Province   3. Germans   4. perfect   5. progressed
1. peaceful   2. performance   3. bought   4. hasn't been   5. Indian
Ⅵ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
1. It's unbelievable that   2. have  thought about   3. have any problem finding
4. all year round   5. hasn't decided
Have you ever been to Xi'an? It's a beautiful city. It lies in the center of Shaanxi Province and has an area of 9, 983 square kilometers. With a history of more than 6, 000 years, there are many places of interest in Xi'an, such as the famous Terracotta Army and the amazing Bell Tower. Xi'an has four different seasons. If you go to Xi'an, you will have a chance to try the delicious noodles and dumplings there. One great thing about Xi'an is that it has convenient transport. You can get there easily by train, plane or even bicycle.

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