unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie?   新目标七上教案及同步练习

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unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie?   新目标七上教案及同步练习

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unit 9 Do you want to go to a movie?



  1. 学习电影的类型及谈论电影的一些形容词

  2. 学习名词的复数

  3. 学习并掌握谈论喜好的语言

  4. 学习并掌握制订计划的句型

  5.  主要句型和交际用语

    (1)—Do you want to go to a movie?

          —Yes. I do./ No, I don’t.

    (2)I want to go to an action movie.

    (3)—What kind of movies do you like?

          —I like action movies and thrillers, but I don’t like romances.

    (4)I like thrillers and I like action movies.

    (5)I like comedies but I don’t like documentaries.

    (6)Maria likes thrillers but she doesn’t like comedies.

    (7)—Does she want to go to a movie?

          —Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t.

    (8)—What kind of movies does he like?

          —He likes action movies and comedies.

  6.  单元词汇:

    go, movie, go to a movie, action movie, comedy, documentary, thriller, kind, what kind, singular, plural, also, opera, Beijing Opera, find, someone, who, student, romance, sad, scary, exciting, funny, think, often, young, people, usually, weekend, stay, home, stay at home, look at, learn, a lot, about, Chinese, history, read, story, same, reason, for the reason, word, in a word, China, different, favorite, movie star, actor, new, speed, successful, best, famous, sleepless, night, fact, in fact, tell, me, really, even, be, artist, description



  1. 用want to … 谈论计划和意愿“想要……”


    (1)—Do you want to go to a movie?  你想去看电影吗?

    —Yes, I do. I want to see a comedy.  是的,我想看一场喜剧片。

    (2)—Does he want to go to a movie?  他想去看电影吗?

    —No, he doesn’t.  不,他不想去。

    (3)—What do you want to do at weekends?  周末你想干什么?

    —I want to play tennis.  我想去打网球。

    (4)—What do you want to eat for lunch?  你午饭想吃什么?

    —I want to eat chicken and tomatoes.  我想吃鸡肉和西红柿。

  2. 谈论喜好,用“like”,“not like”


    (1)—What kind of movies do you like?  你喜欢什么电影?

    —I like action movies and comedies.  我喜欢动作片和喜剧片。

    (2)I like romances but I don’t like documentaries.


    (3)He likes action movies but he doesn’t like romances.


  3. 补充词汇:

    romance  爱情片??? cartoon  动画片??? instructive  有教育意义的

  4. 复习词汇:

    useful, boring, interesting, relaxing, fun

  5. 名词复数:

    在英语里面,名词分可数名词(countable noun)和不可数名词(uncountable noun),不可数名词没有单复数之分,用时只当单数词用;可数名词有单复数之分,一个的前面要用a或an,eg: a pencil, a basketball, a dictionary, an egg, an ID card,而复数即两个或两个以上的要作相应的变化,情况如下:





















    (3)加ves的读[vz],如:wife→wives[waivz]? knife→knives[vz]

  6. 谈论电影通常会用到的形容词:


    (1)scary    I think thrillers are scary.

    (2)funny    Comedies are funny.

    (3)exciting    Cartoons are exciting.

    (4)instructive useful    Documentaries are instructive and useful

    (5)sad    Romances are usually sad.

    (6)great    Actions are great.



一. 选词填空:

  1. _______(Does, Do)she want to go to a movie?

  2. Yes, he _______.(do, does)

  3. I _______(wants, want)to go to an action movie.

  4. _______(Want, What)kind of movies do you like?

  5. Peter _______(like, likes)romances.


二. 用适当的词填空,补全对话:

  1. A: Do you   (1)   to go to a movie?

    B: Yes, I   (2)  .

    A: What   (3)   of movies do you   (4)  ?

    B: I like action movies   (5)   comedies. What kind of movies do you like?

    A: I like comedies   (6)   I don’t like action movies.

  2. A: Does   (7)     (8)   to go to a movies?

    B: Yes, he   (9)  .

    A:   (10)     (11)   of movies does he like?

    B: He   (12)   action movies but he   (13)     (14)   romances.


三. 写问题:

  1. Q: ____________________________?

    A: I like thrillers but I don’t like romances.

  2. Q: ____________________________?

    A: No, he doesn’t want to go to a movie.

  3. Q: ____________________________?

    A: No, she doesn’t like thrillers.

  4. Q: ____________________________?

    A: Yes, I want to see an action movie.

  5. Q: ____________________________?

    A: No, I don’t like comedies.


四. 排词成句:

  1. kind, what, of, movies, he, want, does, to, see?

  2. you, want, go, movie, a, do, to, to?

  3. action movies, I, like, don’t, like, but, comedies, I .

  4. like, thrillers, he, doesn’t, likes, romances, but, he.


五. 阅读理解:


    Do you want to go by ship(轮船)? To Australia or anywhere(任何地方). A big ship looks like a big house. There are rooms for everyone. In the day you can swim in the pool(游泳池)or play games on the ship. You can even(甚至)see a film on the ship. Sometimes you can see birds flying around you. They are flying here and there.

(  )1. A big ship looks like ________.

    A. a pool    B. a house    C. a school    D. a cinema

( )2. You can swim ________.

    A. in the day    B. in the evening    C. in the afternoon    D. in the sea

(  )3. —What can you do on the ship?


    A. Swim    B. Play games    C. See a film    D. All of them

( )4. We can play games ________.

    A. on the ship    B. in the rooms    C. at the cinema    D. in the swimming pool

(  )5. How do you like it ?

    A. It’s a very big house.

    B. I can swim on it.

    C. I’ll be very happy.

    D. It’s wonderful(精彩的)




    Li Lei has a friend. His name is Tom. He is from the U.S.A. He is American. Li Lei and Tom are in the same class. They go to school five days a week(星期). They stay at home on Sunday. Tom likes China and Chinese food. His favourite food is cakes. At school they play football after class. Li Lei and Tom like making things(制作东西). Now they are making a plane. They like flying planes on Sunday. Tom speaks English and a little(一点)Chinese. Li Lei and Tom are good friends.

(??? )1. Tom is from America. He is an American boy.

(??? )2. They go to school from Monday to Friday.

(??? )3. Tom doesn’t like cakes.

(??? )4. They play football on Sundays.

(??? )5. Tom can speak a little Chinese now.


六. 把下列名词变成复数形式:

  1. comedy __________         2. romance __________

  3. cartoon __________       4. documentary __________

  5. thriller __________        6. child __________

  7. woman __________       8. housewife __________

  9. pencil-box __________    10. boy __________

  11. party __________        12. watch __________


七. 用至少五句话写你喜欢或不喜欢的电影,提供词汇:

    like, don’t like, exciting, boring……




  1. Does    2. does    3. want    4. What    5. likes


  1. like或want    2. do    3. kind    4. like    5. and    6. but    7. he    8. want

  9. does    10. What    11. kind    12. likes    13. doesn’t    14. like


  1. What kind of movies do you like?

  2. Does he want to go to a movie?

  3. Does she like thrillers?

  4. Do you want to see an action movie?

    或 Do you want to go to a movie?

  5. Do you like comedies?


  1. What kind of movies does he want to see?

  2. Do you want to go to a movies?

  3. I like comedies but I don’t like action movies.

  4. He likes thrillers but he doesn’t like romances.


  A:1. B    2. A    3. D    4. A    5. D

  B:1. T    2. T    3. F    4. F    5. T


  1. comedies    2. romances    3. cartoons    4. documentaries    5. thrillers

  6. children    7. women    8. housewives    9. pencil-boxes    10. boys

  11. parties    12. watches

七. (略)

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