Module 1 Travel
Unit 1
by airplane 乘飞机 
departure lounge候机厅
time difference 时差
be full of充满, 充满 ......的(表状态)
be filled with用......充满(表动作)
have to 必须,不得不
in the UK 在英国
because of 因为(后接名词或名词短语)
because 因为(后接从句)
Spring Festival 春节
fly to=go to… by plane/on a plane 飞往
take a /the boat to… 坐船去……
have quite a good/great/nice/wonderful/pleased time 玩得很高兴
have a very good/great/nice/wonderful/pleased time 玩得很高兴
同义词:have fun=enjoy oneself
go sightseeing去观光
类似:go skating 去滑冰 go swimming 去游泳 go shopping 购物
take a tour 旅行
by coach乘客车
the Summer Palace 颐和园
go for a long walk去散步
had better do 最好做---
at the end of 在……末/尽头(后接时间)
by the end of 到……为止(后既可接时间又可接地点)
plenty of 大量
the school leavers’party 毕业联欢会
take place 发生
look forward to 盼望,期待
Unit 2
with tears in one’s eyes 眼里含着泪水
dream about 梦见
in front of 在---前面(外部)
in the front of 在---前面(内部)
set off 出发,动身
类似:set out 出发,动身 set about 开始,着手 set down 放下,写下 set free 解放,释放
set up 开办,创办,设立 set to 毅然开始 set on 突然攻击,袭击
forget to do sth. 忘记去做某事
forget doing sth. 忘记做过某事
be unable to do 不能做---
at the start of 在---的开端
hold sb in one’s arm 抱住某人
push sb away推开
write to sb. 写信给某人
as soon as 一---就---
jump onto 跳到---上
push past sb 挤过
a pair of 一双/对/副  表示的是成对的东西,是指两个不分开使用的东西。
a couple of一双/对,几个,若干  表示任何两件同类的东西。
look out of 向/朝……外看
类似:look for 寻找 look after 照顾 look forward to 盼望,期待 look up 查找,向上看
look at 看…… look like 看起来像 look out 当心,小心 look around 环顾,四处看
look over 仔细检查
with a nervous smile 带着紧张的微笑
with interest 饶有兴趣地
in a stronger voice 用更强硬的语气说
a ticket with that number 有这号码的票
look at sb. for help 用眼神向某人求助
in a loud voice 大声说
get off 下车  反义词:get on 上车
与off有关的词:turn off 关闭 take off 起飞,脱下 put off 推迟
与get有关的词:get up 起床 get over 克服 get on /along with 与/和……和睦相处
get away 走/离开 get back 返回 get to 到达 get together 相聚,聚会
be far away 遥远,很远 
far away from 离……很遥远
even if / though 尽管,即使
drop sth on the floor 把---扔在地板上
shout at 朝/向……大喊
more than 超过,多于
in the end 最后,终于
give up 放弃 give in 屈服,让步
Unit 3
be responsible for
be bad for=do harm to 对……有害
too...to... 太……而不能……
the number of ……的数量
1…He’s staying with his family in the UK….
2….better get back to work….
3…but there are plenty of fun things to do this term…
4. With tears in his eyes, Jim pushed Lin away.
5. He pushed past them towards his seat.

Module 2 Education
Unit 1
swimming pool 游泳池
worry about 担心
anything interesting 有趣的事
be like 象……一样(内在品质)
look like 看起来像(外貌)
have a look 看一看
as big as 和---一样大/ not as (so ) +原级+as 不如----
a few 几个
a hall for concerts 音乐大厅
both (of) / both ---and ---两者都---
neither (of ) / neither --- nor ---两者都不;既不----也不---
none of (三个或以上)都不
prefer sth / sb / to do / doing sth 更喜欢某事/某人/做某事
prefer sb to do sth 宁愿某人做某事
prefer (doing ) sth to (doing ) sth 比起(做)----更喜欢(做)----
prefer to do rather than do 宁愿做---而不愿做---
be even better than ---at sth 比---更擅长---
get top grades 得高分
somewhere else 别的地方
be surprised at对---感到惊讶
the number of ---的数目
a number of 一些,许多
Unit 2
a secondary school 中学
a primary school 小学
be present 出席
be absent 缺席
the main hall 大厅
make a speech 做演讲
tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于某事
last for 持续
have a break/rest 休息
stand for 代表
Personal Health and Safety Education 个人健康和安全教育
have (take ) exams in ---subject某学科考试
among other things  还有其它事
as well as 除了---还有---
instead of 代替
physical exercise身体锻炼
be lucky to do sth. 很幸运做某事
take/have exams 参加考试
in one’s final year 在某人的最后一年
do athletics 做田径运动
after school activities 课后活动
such as 例如
language society 语言社团
a parents’ meeting 家长会
talk about谈论
the best/worst thing 最好/坏的事
Unit 3
expect to do sth. 期待做某事
either … or … 要么……要么……,不是……就是……
both …and …  ……和……两个都……
neither (of ) / neither --- nor ---两者都不;既不----也不---
do well in 在---方面干得好
in the end 最后,终于
none of (三个或以上)都不
ask for one’s advice 征求某人的建议, 向某人寻求忠告
on one’s own 单独,独自
at the beginning of 在……开始的时候
a fifteen-minute break 一次15分钟的休息
in addition 另外,加之
in addition to除了---之外, 又---
at least 至少
in stead of 代替,而不是
so that 以便,为的是
1. It was great to see her again .很高兴再次见到她.
2. Did you do anything interesting while you were there?
3. It isn’t as big as ours.
4. And neither school has anything the other hasn’t got.
5. We spend the first 10 minutes in our classroom while our teacher checks which pupils are present or absent.
6. We have a break at 11:05 until 11:20, then another lesson…
7. We have a large sports ground where we play football, tennis and do athletics both during and after school hours.
8. There are three one-hour lessons with a fifteen-minute break.
9. In many areas, home-schooling families get together so that their children can socialize with others.
Module 3 Now and then
Unit 1
do a composition 写一篇作文
the most important difference 最重要的不同
in the past 在过去
know more about 了解更多
be better at preventing illness更善于预防疾病
be better at 更善于
prevent sb./sth. from doing sth. 阻止……做某事
类似:keep/stop sb./sth. from doing sth. 阻止……做某事
take as much exercise as 像---做一样多的运动
as…as 和……一样
make more pollution 制造更多污染
make life more dangerous 使生活更危险
work hard 努力学习/工作
too much free/spare time太多空闲
too much 太多 much too 太
do/ try one’s best to do 尽力做某事
类似:do with 处理,处置 do wrong 做坏事,犯罪 do sb. a favor 帮某人一个忙
do one’s homework 做作业
talk/speak of 谈论,提到
be more relaxed 更放松
Unit 2
life in Beijing北京的生活
the role of woman妇女的角色
all one’s life 某人一生
change a lot 变化很大
most of ---中的大部分
go out to work出去工作
12 hours a day 每天12个小时
look after=take care of 照顾,照料
a full-time job 全职工作
married women 已婚妇女
the whole of his working life 他的整个工作生涯
the whole ---/ all the ---整个---, 全部----
work life 工作生涯
three times a day 一天三次
ready-made food 熟食,现做的食物
grow up 成长,长大
help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事
fall off 跌落,从……掉下来
类似:fall behind 落后,掉队 fall asleep 睡着 fall in love with 爱上 fall back 后退 fall down 滑倒,倒下 fall over 向前摔倒,跌倒 fall into 跌入,落入
pick up 拾起,捡起
get / be married (to) sb 和某人结婚
marry sb. 嫁给某人
at work 在工作
no longer  不再
too ---to ---太---以至不能
enough to do 足够---做---
for example例如
on the other hand另一方面
Unit 3
stay healthier 保持更健康
have a good diet 有好的饮食
play sports做运动
lead a… life 过……的生活
be interested in对……感兴趣
hear about听说
grow up成长,长大
(many ) thousands of 成千上万
Half the population of ……的一半人口
be close to 靠近
each other彼此,互相
in the streets在街上
as a result结果
be pleased to see sb.----很高兴见到某人 
raise money 筹集资金
care for照顾/看
1. What was life like in the past? 过去的生活怎样?
2. Nearly finished! 快完成啦!
3. Is life today better or worse than it was 50 years ago?
4. The most important difference is that people are healthier …
5. I suppose that’s because public transport is much better today.
6. She’s seen how life has changed.
7. These days people change their jods much more often.
8. And I walk less these days and take the bus more.
9. One day I’ll be talking to your own grandchildren!
Module 4 The way we look
Unit 1
the way we look 我们穿着打扮的方式
suggest sth / doing sth / +从句: 建议---
need sth / to do / doing sth 需要
refuse sth / to do sth 拒绝
borrow sth. from sb. 向某人借某物(借进)
lend sth. to sb. 借某物给某人(借出)
plan to do sth. 计划做某事
have on 穿着,戴着
in red 穿红色的……
put on 穿上/ take off 脱掉
be dressed in 穿……衣服
try on试穿
look forward to 盼望,期待
turn left 向左转
on the right 在右边
be sure of sth相信/确信某事
be sure to do sth / that +从句:一定/务必做某事
decide to do / wh- to do 决定--
shop assistant 店员
have/take a look (at) 看一看
change one’s mind 改变某人的主意
Unit 2
designer clothes 品牌服装
sb spend some money / time on sth / (in) doing sth
sb. pay some money for sth
It takes sb .some time to do sth
sth costs sb some money
sth be worth some money / doing sth 价值/ 值得做--
look different 看起来与众不同
be different from 与---不同
be the same as 和---一样
go for 追求,竞争, 喜欢
catch one’s attention 吸引某人的注意力
pay attention to 注意
spend … on …在……上花费……
personal look 个人的外形,外貌特征
best-known 最著名的
all over the world 全世界
the number of ---的数目/量
in fact 事实上
prefer (doing ) sth to (doing ) sth 比起……更喜欢……,喜欢……甚于……
care about 关心,讲究, 在意
look the same 看起来一样
make money 挣钱
above all首先,尤其是,特别是,最重要的是
show off 炫耀,卖弄,显示
类似:show around 带领某人参观 show out 领某人出去 on show 展览/出
show up 出席/现,到达
put on 穿上,上演
类似:put off 推迟  put away 把---收好    put out 灭火
succeed in doing sth 成功做某事
fail to do 做不成某事
Unit 3
on websites 在网站上   
mobile phone移动电话
pop stars流行明星
so that 以便,为了
so ---that ---如此---以至---
such ---that ---如此---以至----
in order to 为了
not ---any more / longer不再  no more / longer 不再
try to do sth. 尽力做某事
get sb to do sth 让某人做某事
keep away from 使远离,避开
do with 处置,处理,对待
be popular with 受到欢迎或喜爱
fashion designers 服装设计师
1. But the number of these big name companies is in fact very small…
2. … the clothes they make are more expensive than the clothes made by less well-known companies.
3. Most people dress in a way that shows off their personality.
4. Let’s see if they have one in blue.
5. It’s that girl with long hair over there.
6. I think we’re going to be here for some time.
7. The latest way to advertise is not to advertise.
Module 5 Rules and suggestions
Unit 1
be worried about = worry about 担心
listen up 认真听, 注意听
enjoy oneself 玩得高兴,过得愉快
keep to the path 沿着小路走
keep to 沿着…走; 遵守, 待在(某处)
类似:keep back 阻止 keep in touch with 与……保持联系 keep off 勿踏,不接近
keep on doing sth. 继续做某事 keep one’s promise 遵守诺言 keep…out of 使……不得进入
walk along the edge 沿着边缘走
walk along 沿着……走
fall and hurt yourself 摔下去伤了自己
hurt oneself 伤了自己www.
类似:cut/look after/dress/look at/ teach oneself
keep together 呆在一起
go off 离开/去
on one’s own 独自, 独自
get/be lost 迷路了
have something to eat 有些吃的东西
an hour ago 一个小时前
at noon 在中午
go rock climbing 去攀岩
think about 思考,考虑
类似:think of 考虑,想出,关心 think over 仔细考虑
personal safety 个人安全
go down this path 沿着这条小路走下去
go down 沿着, 向…尽头, 到市中心去
cross the stream 越过小溪
climb up to the top of the mountain 爬到山顶
take a look 看一看
come on 快点,开始,过来,有进步,得啦!算了吧!加油!
lead the way 引路
Unit 2
watch out 当心,小心
the three of us 我们三个人(总体只有三个人)
three of us我们中的三位(总体不止三个人)
fall asleep 入睡,睡着(表状态)
类似:go to sleep入睡,睡着(表状态),与wake up 相对。
go to bed 去睡觉(强调动作),与get up 相对。
in the middle of 在…中间
look out of 朝…外面看去
there was nothing to see 什么也看不到/见
make breakfast 做早饭/餐
in a tree 在树枝当中
on a tree 长在树上
later that day 那天晚些时候
by a stream 在小溪边
smell food from a distance 离很远就能闻到食物
pick up the rubbish 捡起垃圾
keep a clean camp site 保持野营地点整洁
tidy up 收拾干净
move on继续前进
make lots of noise 制造许多噪音
come closer 走得更近
make a gesture 做个手势
above all 首要的是, 尤其是
in the forest在森林里
try to do sth. 试图做某事
at midday 在正午
go for a walk 去散步
see sb. do sth. 看见某人做了某事(强调做某事的过程)
see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事(强调动作正在进行、发生)
reach out 伸手去摸
turn one’s head 转头,回头
run past me into the woods 从我身边跑过,进了树林
stay in the same position呆在原地不动
on the hillside 在山坡上
run back to 跑回到…
move on 继续
the blood goes cold 血变冷了(形容极度害怕)
try to do 努力去做
manage to do设法完成,设法做到
remember to do 记得去做
remember doing记得做过
Unit 3
a bottle of  一瓶                            
go mountains climbing 去攀岩
be careful of sth./sb.  当心某事/某人,注意某事/某人,对某事/某人仔细          
at least 至少       
stay out 呆在外面
sign in (使)签到,(使)登记                             
light fires  点火          
at all times始终,经常,不论什么时候
plenty of许多的,大量的
throw... into... 把……扔到……里
make a huge effort to do sth. 尽最大努力去做某事
with his drawing in hand 手里拿着画
with a book in his hand 手里拿着书
wake up to认识到,意识到
to save water is to save our lives. 节约用/爱惜水就是爱惜我们的生命
in the fifth grade. 在五年级
be involved in sth./doing sth.参与,介入,被卷入                        
pass on把……传给别人,传递
keep the light on  使灯亮着                   
in order to为了
at the same time  同时                    
be known as  作为---而知名
Revision Module B
the best way of doing sth. 做某事的最好方法
on the other side of在……另一边
be afraid of sth./doing sth. 害怕(做)某事
be afraid to do sth. 害怕做某事
be ready for为...做好准备
make sure弄明白,查明白, 务必确定,
put away处理掉,吃,把...收好,拿开,排斥
draw up拟定,起草,拉起,画出
climb onto爬上
by the time到...的时候
be excited about对...感到兴奋
again and again反复,再三
1. I’m starving! 我都快饿死了!
2. Is that clear? 清楚了么?
3. I think that’s all. 我想差不多就这些了。
4. Before we can enjoy ourselves on the Great Wall, there are a few rules and suggestions.
5. You mustn’t walk along the edge because you might fall and hurt yourself.
6. I think we should start walking…
7. You have to think about personal safety!
Module 6 Look after yourself
Unit 1
have an accident 出事故
have a fever 发烧
have a pain in the chest 胸口疼
have a ache in his head 头痛
be wounded in the arm 手臂受伤
wait for等候,等待
catch up ( with ) 赶上
catch the bus 赶公共汽车
catch sb by the arm 抓住某人的手臂
be missing 不见
look for寻找
trip/fall over 绊倒,摔倒, 倒下,翻倒(从...掉下来,落在...之外)
show sb sth 出示某物给某人
call for help 求助
had better (not ) do sth 最好(别)做
get a wound 受伤
get a fever 发烧
nothing serious 不严重
have difficulty in doing sth. 做什么事有困难
Unit 2
thanks to / because of 由于,因为
thank sb for doing 感谢某人做某事
live a happy life 过幸福生活
expect to do sth 期望做某事
It is thought that ---人们认为
in the 19th century在19世纪
in the future 将来,在将来
in future今后,从今以后
sb’s hundredth birthday 某人百岁生日
the oncoming traffic 迎面而来的车辆
too---to ---太---而不能
be sure about 确信
be sure of sth / doing sth 主语相信能做
be sure to do 相信主语能做---
go up 上升
come down 下沉
a couch potato 爱看电视的人
keep/stay/get fit/healthy 保持健康
require sb to do / that ---要求做
require doing sth=sth. require to be done 要求(被)做
the amount of+不可数名词  ……的总量
a large amount of +不可数n.:大量的
a number of +可数n. 许多
the number of+可数名词  ……的总量
watch your diet 注意饮食
see sth as 把---看作
now and then 偶尔,有时
put on weight 增加体重
rest up 休息,休养
not ---, but ---不是---而是
say no to sb./ sth 拒绝
take drugs吸毒
have an effect on sb / sth 对---有影响
类似:bring into effect 实行 come into effect 开始生效 take effect 奏效 in effect 实际上
Unit 3
from side to side 从一边到另一边
get an electric shock 被电击
pull sb. away 把某人推开
in pain  痛苦地
dance to music 伴随音乐跳舞
at least 至少
take a sudden interest in 对---突然感兴趣
the past couple of months 过去的两个月
take up 开始养成----的习惯
be glad about 对……很高兴
be bad for 对……有害
can’t stop/help doing 情不自禁做某事
look up 查阅
find out 发现
die from 死于创伤、过度疲劳、饮食过度等
类似:die of 死于疾病、饥饿、寒冷等,die away 逐渐消失,die out 完全灭绝
the smell of ----的气味/味道
in other words 换句话说
as a result 结果
breathe in 吸入,吸进
give in 屈服,让步,give up 放弃
help sb with sth 在某方面帮助某人
set up创立,建立
1.—How do you feel? ---I feel a bit cold.
2. We had better get you to hospital.
3. He’s got a wound in his leg.
4. It’s nothing serious.
5. Thanks to improvements in both health care and personal safety…
6. …do you get the same amount of exercise today as they did in the past?
7. Say no… to smoking and drugs!
8. As a result, we can get diseases as well.
Module 7 Eating together
Unit 1
hold school leavers’ party 举行毕业典礼
类似:catch hold of 抓住 take/get hold of 握/抓住 hold…back 阻止…… hold up 举起
hold one’s breath屏住呼吸 hold a meeting 举行会议 hold on (打电话时)不挂断,等—会
a traditional dish/course 一道传统菜
finger food 手拿/抓食品
in fact 事实上,实际上
be allowed to do sth. 被允许做某事
allow sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事
heat up 加热
be made with 用……制作的
be mad by sb. 由某人做的
no good to sb. 对某人没有用
no good for doing sth. 不适用
bread roll 面包圈
Unit 2
do as按照……做
in the west 在西方
at the start of 在……开始的时候
Chinese food中餐
help yourself 请自便
the edge of ……的边缘
not…any more 不再
be over 结束
类似:all over 遍及…… over there 在那边 think over 考虑 come over 过来
as soon as 一……就……
golden rule 指导原则,金科玉律,为人准则
Unit 3
turn off 关掉/闭
the sense of taste 味觉
a bowl of 一碗
pick up 拾/捡起
along with与...一道(又), 连同...一起, 随同...一起, 沿[顺]着
in future今后,从今以后
be filled with充满
类似:get up 起床 stand up 起立 look up (在词典等中)查找, 向上看
be worried about担心/担忧...
take time 花费(时间),不急不忙,从容进行,
in the middle of 在……中间
at the end of在...末端(到...尽头)
birthday party 生日聚会
dress up 乔装打扮
1. And everyone has been told to prepare a traditional dish from our own countries.
2. I suppose it can be heated up in the school kitchen, but it should be cooked at home.
3. It’s made with chicken or pork and vegetables.
4. I see what you mean.
5. There’s a saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.
6. At the start of a meal, if you are the guest, you’ll be invited to serve yourself, or your plate will be filled by your host.
7. It isn’t thought to be so important to offer too much food.
8. …it’s thought quite rude if you leave as soon as you finish eating.
Module 8 On the farm
Unit 1
be pleased to do sth. 乐于干……
play the role of 扮演……的角色
at the end  在末尾
decide to do 决定去做
kill oneself 自杀
a pair of一双,一对
take one’s life 结束某人的生命
in the front of 在……的前部(内部)
in front of 在……的前部(外部)
try to do sth. 设法做某事
Unit 2
entertainment capital娱乐之都
plenty of 充足的,丰富的
the latest movies 最新电影
come from 来自
such as 例如
one of…  ……之一
be well-known for 因为……而闻名/著名
类似:be well-known as 作为……而闻名/著名be well-known in 在……而闻名/著名
be known to ……所熟知的
all types of各种各样的
not... but... 不是……而是……
remember to do sth.   记得要去做某事remember doing sth. 记得曾经做过某事
类似:forget to do sth. 忘记要去做某事forget doing sth. 忘记曾经做过某事
in the open air 在户外,在露天
a huge number of 许多的,很多的,大量的
Unit 3
suggest doing sth. 建议做某事
suggest + that 从句 建议……
by boat 乘船
in the 18th century 在十八世纪
become famous for 因为……而闻名/著名
be proud of 以/因……而骄傲,感到自豪,感到满足
take pride in以...自豪,对……感到自豪,为……感到骄傲
name after 以……命名
above all 首先,尤其是,特别是,最重要的是
1….I was pleased to see it, but three hours is a long time to stay still.
2. it was hard to see the play at the back.
3. The best place to sit is in the front row.
4. Daming and Lingling found their accents really difficult to understand.
5. The best way is to read the play before you see it.
6. To watch baseball, go to Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees or Shea Stadium for the Mets.
7. If you ever come to New York in summer, remember to spend a day in Central Park watching a play by Shakespeare in the open air…
8. In fact, it’s easy to see why they call it “the city that never sleeps”.
Module 9 English for your and me
Unit 1
be proud of 以/因……而骄傲,感到自豪,感到满足
a lot许多(很多), 很,非常
above all首先,尤其是,特别是,最重要的是
be good at 擅长于……,精通于……
make progress 取得进步
have been to曾经到过某个地方
have gone to 到某个地方去了
an English corner 一个英语角
fairly low 相当低
no matter how 无论如何
Unit 2
be used for ……被用于……
类似:be used to do sth. 被用来做谋事  be used as 被用来当作be used by 被……使用
used to do sth. 过去常常做谋事be/get used to doing sth. 习惯于做谋事
everyday use 日常应用
be essential for对...必不可少的
international business 国际贸易
a quarter of 四分之一
in the 20th century 在二十世纪
what’s more 更重要的是,况且,更何况
industrial products 工业产品
all over the world 全世界
in recent years 在近几年
borrow…from…  向……借……(借进)
lend… to… 借……给……(借出)
the importance of ……的重要性
as common as 和……一样普通
more and more越来越多
in place of 代替新课 标 第一 网
类似:in place 在适当的地方 out of place 不适当 take place 发生 
take the place of 代替,替代
at least 至少
even though/if 虽然,即使,纵然
belong to 属于
Unit 3
connect with和……有关
each other 互相,彼此
all the time 一直,始终
make a great effort to do sth. 努力做某事
show interest in 对……产生兴趣
make good progress取得进步
communicate with 与……交流
at work在工作
in one’s free time 在某人的空闲时间
not at all根本不, 一点也不
be unlikely to 不可能
after all 毕竟,终究
1. How much progress in English do you think you’ve made this year?
2. I’ve reached a level which is quite good.
3. But it’s good to meet other people who want to learn English, no matter how good their English is.
4. What I like most is that you can use English wherever you go in the world?
5. What’s more, English spelling doesn’t give much help with pronunciation….
6. The reason is that in the 18th century, the UK was a country whose industrial products were sold all over the world.
7. More and more schools in Europe are teaching Chinese as a foreign language, in place of European languages.
8. Even though there are differences… we all belong to the international English speaking world.
Module10 My future life
Unit 1
school leavers’ party 毕业典礼/联欢会
refuse to do sth. 拒绝做某事
at the end of 在……末尾, 在...末端(到...尽头)
a bit 一点儿
intend to do sth. 打算干某事,想要干某事
even though/if 虽然,即使,纵然
high school education 中学教育
go back 回到……
home town 家乡
one day 一天
come on 来,快点,跟着来,进步
stay friends 保持朋友关系
excuse me 原谅我
make a speech 作演讲/报告
Unit 2新 课标 第一 网
as we all know众所周知
say goodbye to sb. 向某人告别/说再见
be sorry to… 对……感到抱歉
junior high school 初级中学
happy times 幸福时光
thank sb. for… 为……而感谢某人
have a lot of fun 有许多乐趣
in the future 在将来
senior high school 高级中学
stay in touch 保持联系
prepare for…为……作准备
owe… to…  把……归功于……
pay back 偿还, 回报   类似:pay for 付……款,pay off 还清(欠款,债务)
be strict with sb. 对某人严格要求
be strict in sth.. 对某事严格要求
role model 楷模,行为榜样
from the bottom of one’s heart 诚挚地,衷心地
learn from 向……学习
look forward to盼望,期待
Unit 3
so that 以便,为了,目的是
take a year off 过一年假期
more and more 越来越多
grow up 成长,长大
answers to problems 问题的答案
apply for 申请
1. You look lovely, Lingling!
2. It’s got a great beat.
3. Pardon?
4. And even if I go back to the UK, I’ll come back and visit you.
5. Let’s fetch something to eat.
6. And we’ll always stay friends.
7. Here’s to our friendship…
8. …what I’ve learnt is the importance of friendship.
9. Sometimes the friends you treasure most are the friends you see less often.
10. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all and wish you success for the future.
1. 合成构词法。
2. 派生构词法






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