Unit 1 The night of the horse知识点及练习题




Unit 3
(本表单词为本册书后的Word list 中所列的Chapter three 的所有单词,涵盖Reading, Speaking,Listening,Writing。 其中基础篇为考纲词汇,提高篇为非考纲词汇)
army  n. 军队
beat(beat, beaten)v. 敲打;打败;心跳动
citizen  n. 市民
except   prep. 除了
far  a.& ad. 远的(地)
frightened  a. 受惊吓的
help  n.& v. 帮助
run  v. 1.跑,奔跑
       2. 经营;管理
secret  n. 秘密
stupid  a. 愚蠢的
century  n. 世纪,百年
Europe  n. 欧洲
fireworks  n. 烟火
join  v. 加入
rid  v. 使摆脱
have to 不得不
enjoy oneself 过的愉快
get rid of  摆脱
the Indian Ocean 印度洋
make jokes about 拿……开玩笑
Stonehenge n. 史前巨石柱
Egypt n. 埃及
send in 上交,呈递
tale  n. 传说
the Trojans 特洛伊人
Troy 特洛伊城
beyond  prep. 在……远处
stair n. 楼梯
capture v. 捕获,占领
darkness n. 黑暗
drag v. 拖,拉
Greek a. 希腊的  n. 希腊人
include v.包括
plain n. 平原
Pyramid n. 金字塔
roughly ad. 粗暴地
securely ad. 安全的
seize v. 抓住
unable a.没有能力的
arrow n. 箭,箭头
bow n. 弓
fictional a.虚构的
legend n. 传说, 传奇
politician n. 政客
sportsman n. 男运动员
sportswoman n. 女运动员
junk a. 陈旧,无用或不值钱的东西
mend v.修补
army---armies;  enemy---enemies;  century---centuries
2. 几组反义词
dark---bright; (黑暗的--- 明亮的)
empty---full; (空的---满的)
3. history n. 历史  historical a. 历史的
4. wooden a. 木头的     wood n. 木头
5. city n. 城市      citizen n. 市民
6. frightened a. 受惊吓的 (修饰人)   frightening a. 恐怖的(修饰物)  frighten v. 使害怕
7 .help n./v.  帮助    helpful a. 有帮助的
8. succeed v. 使……成功       success n. 成功
9. enter v. 进入 entrance n. 入口 
10. difficult a. 困难的   difficulty n. 困难
提高篇( 斜体字为考纲单词)
1. dark a. 黑暗的    darkness n. 黑暗
2. Greek a.& n. 希腊的, 希腊人   Greece n. 希腊
3. able---unable (有能力的---没有能力的)enable v. 使……能
4. celebrate v. 庆祝  celebration  n.
e.g. celebrate Christmas/celebrate one’s birthday/celebrate a success
5. securely ad.安全地  secure a.安全的
6. including prep.包括  include v. 包括
7. giant a. = very large 巨大的  op. tiny 微小的
8. secret n. 秘密 secretly ad. 秘密地
9. succeed v.成功 success n.成功 successful a. 成功的 successfully a. 成功地
10. rough a. 不平的;粗糙的;崎岖的   roughly ad.
11. Troy n.特洛伊城   Trojan n./a.特洛伊人(的)
12. Europe n. 欧洲   European a.& n. 欧洲的(人)  a European
13.fiction n . 虚构的事   fictional a.虚构的
14. politics n. 政治  politician n. 政客
15. sport n. 运动sportsman男运动员   sportswoman
1. two at a time 一次两个
2. make jokes about sb. 拿……开玩笑  =make fun of
3. no longer 不再  =not…any longer
e.g. I am no longer a child.= I am not a child any longer.
4.. seconds later  =after a while  =moments later 过了一会儿
5. look down at 向下看着
6. take sth with sb. 随身带去某物
7. obey orders 遵守命令
8. make sure that+从句  确信  (make sure= be sure)
9. go to sleep = fall asleep 入睡
10. succeed in doing sth =be successful in doing sth.  =manage to do sth 成功地干某事
11. by a trick用诡计   by midnight到了午夜
12. sail away 驾船驶走
13. the Indian Ocean 印度洋
14. enjoy oneself=have a good time=have a wonderful time 过得愉快
15. get rid of 摆脱
16. play a trick on sb. 捉弄某人
1. in the darkness= in the dark 在黑暗中
2. send in 上交,呈递
3. except for 除了
4. be securely locked 被安全地锁上
5. pull…into把…放进…中
6. drag sb. away 掳走
1. competition: contest(竞赛)
2. disappear:  can no longer be seen
3. main:      most important
4. army:      a large group of soldiers
5. gate:       a big door/ entrance
6. wooden:    made of wood
7. square:     an open, four-sided area in a city(广场)
8. celebrate:   enjoy oneself by singing, dancing, eating, etc./(庆祝)
             hold festival/express happiness about sth.
9. frightened:  afraid
10.enter:    come into/go into
11.return:    come back/go back 回来/回去 give back 归还
1. beyond:   past; on the far side of
2. capture:  take control by force
3. drag:     pull something heavy along roughly.
4. including:  and also; counting as one of a group
5. plain:     a wide, level area of land
6. securely:   safely
7. seize:     take hold of roughly
四、语言点( 如不注明,都为基础篇)
1. run v. 1.跑  2.管理  3. 承办
 run a short story competition 承办一个小故事竞赛(此用法考纲不要求掌握,属提高篇)
 He runs this store. 他经营着这家公司。这儿run=manage

2、take, bring, carry
take 作“拿去”,“拿走”,反义词是bring(带来),两词都表示以说话人为中心的“去”和“来”的行动方向。carry不含方向,只表示“拿,带”。如:
Who took the papers on the tables?  谁拿走了台上的报纸?
Bring me the book, please. 请把书带给我。
Some of the students are carrying flags in their hands/ 其中的一些学生正手拿着旗子。

3.by 与 with 在解释“靠,用,通过”的不同用处。
For ten years. They could not capture the city by fighting.
Everyone should learn English by use. 每个人都应该通过应用来学会英语。
Trojans dragged it into the city with ropes. 特洛伊人用绳子把它拉进了城。
What will you buy with the money?用这些钱你能买什么?

4. except ,except for ,besides(其中except for 的用法考纲不要求掌握,属提高篇)
Besides Li Ming, there are many other students attending the meeting.
(2)except表示“除去,不包括”,强调“可排除地,不包括在内”,一般表示同类之间地关系,常与nothing, all, none, nobody, any等不定代词及every连用。如:
They all went there except Li Ming.除了李明,他们其他所有人都去那里。
He had no time for relaxation except during the holiday. 除了节假日,他没有放松的时间。
She saw nothing except snow. (nothing except=nothing but only)她只看到了雪。
(3)except for也表示“除…之外”,它同except的区别是:except for后可接的词同句子中的主语不是同类的,指从整体中除去一个细节,一个方面,而except后所接的词同主语一般是同类的,指在同类的整体中除去一个部分。如:
Your composition is good except for a few grammar mistakes.
There was silence, except for the singing of birds. (silence singing)

5. another, the other, the others, others的区别
I don’t like this book, please give me another.我不喜欢这本书,再给我一本。
The six Greek soldiers waited for another hour.六个希腊士兵又等了一小时。
(2)the other:在谈两个人或物时,“说完一个,又说一个”。如:
She has two daughters, one is a baby, the other is a girl of 12.
Tom is standing on the other side of river.汤姆站在河的另一边。
(3)the others指固定范围内人或物中的“其它一些”。如:
I must discuss with the others of the group.我必须和组里的其他人讨论一下。
I have seen two of the films, but not the others.
It’s kind of you to help others.帮助他人你真是太好了。
Some people like basketball, others like football.一些人喜欢篮球,其他人喜欢足球。

6.must与have to
Have to表示客观的需要。如:
I am too busy to help him. He has to move the furniture himself. 我太忙了帮不了他。他得自己移家具。
Must与have to意义相近,但有区别,must表示说话者的主观看法。如:
We must keep our word.我必须信守诺言。

7. 句型
The wooden horse was so big that they couldn’t take it with them.
He walked so fast that I couldn’t follow him.他走得如此之快我跟不上他。
so…that+肯定句=a./ad.+enough (for somebody) to do something
He was so excited that he couldn’t say a word. (=He was too excited to say a word.)
The problem was so easy that anyone can work it out. (=The problem was easy enough for anyone to work out.)
1. That ______ house burned quickly.(wood)
2. All the ______ in Shanghai must help to fight pollution.(city)
3. At the age of thirty he won great ______ in business.(succeed)
4. Don’t be afraid of ______. They should be afraid.(enemy)
5. He is a ______ man. He often gives me much ______.(help)
6. There are many places of ______interests in Shanghai.(history)
7. Please wait for me at the ______. (enter)
8. I am not afraid of any _____, because I am brave enough.(difficult)
9. The ______ film made me very ______.(frighten)
10. The soldier came down the stairs two at a time.
   _____ _____ the soldier _____ down the stairs?
11. The captain of the soldiers was not listening any longer.
== The captain of the soldier was _____  _____ listening.
12. The enemies captured the city by fighting.
    ______ _______ the enemies capture the city?
13. The astronauts succeeded in returning from the moon to the earth.
==The astronauts _____ _____ _____ returning from the moon to the earth.
== The astronauts _____ _____ _____ from the moon to the earth.
14. He was very excited. He couldn’t say a word.
==He was _____ excited that he _____ say a word.
==He was ______ excited _____ _____ a word.
15. The question is very easy. We can answer it easily.
== The question is _____ _____ _____ ______ ______ answer easily.
== The question is ____ easy ____ we can answer it easily.

16. take , bring, carry
(1) I forgot to _____  my physics book to class. I’m afraid I’ll have to go back to the dormitory and get it.
(2) Could you help me to _____ this bag? it’s too heavy.
(3) I’m going to take Flight 123 to the United States. Do you know how much luggage I can _____ with me?
17. other, others, the other, the others, another
(1) Xu Hu is always ready to help _____.
(2) He has a cake in one hand and a knife in _____.
(3) There are many people in the park. Some are playing cards and _____  are walking..
(4) Only one is red; _____ are blue.
(5) I’m still hungry. Could you please give me _____ cake?
(    ) 18.My cousin will _____ Shanghai in a week.
    A. return to    B. return back    C. return     D. return into
(    ) 19. _____ English, we have some other subjects.
    A. Except for  B. Besides       C. Except     D. In addition
(    ) 20. I practice my English listening _____ watching English TV programmes.
    A. with       B. at            C. by        D. for
(    ) 21. The army ______ the city easily and captured the city by a trick.
    A. entered into B. entered        C. came      D. returned back
(    ) 22. I haven’t got enough money with me. I need _____ five dollars.
    A. other      B. the others      C. others     D. another
(    ) 23. The last bus has left, so I ______ take a taxi to go home.
    A. must      B. has to         C. have to     D. had to
A.表示过去发生的某个动作对现在产生的影响。常与already (早已),yet(还未),just(刚刚),never(从不),ever(曾经)等连用。
e.g. They haven’t cleaned the classroom yet.( 表示现在教师不干净。)
She has already seen the film.(表示她已经知道这部电影的内容。)
B.表示过去发生的某个动作持续到现在。常与since(自从),for(长达),in the last few days(在过去的几天中),in the past few years(在过去的几年中)等。
e.g. He has been here for half an hour.
   Lisa has read five books since the end of the last month.
e.g. I have already had my breakfast.
   Have you had your breakfast yet?
He has never been to America.
Has he ever been to America?
   (2 ). since后接时间点,而for 后接时间段,两者都必须和持续性动词连用。
 e.g. We have lived here since 1997.
  They have worked as guards for three weeks.
3.“have/has been to+地点”表示“曾经去过某地”,现在已经回来,不在该地了;
“have/has gone to+地点”表示“已去了某地”,可能在途中也可能还在目的地。
  “ have/has been in+地点” 表示“呆在某地多久”
4. 瞬间动词用一般过去时, 持续性动词用现在完成时。两者可互相转化。 例如:
(1)I borrowed the book a week ago.
==I have kept the book for a week.
(2) He left China a month ago.
== He has been away from China for a month.
(3) My brother joined the army a year ago.
== My brother has been a soldier for a year.
== My brother has been in the army for a year.
1. since or for
_____ a year ;   _____ a year ago ;  ______ last year;   ______ 2:00;
_____ he left school; ______ a moment; _____ Nov.12,2007; ______1987
2. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets
1) I ______(throw) away the broken glasses already.
2) He _____(collect) stamps since he ______(be) seven years old.
3) -----______ your sister _____(arrive) yet?
  -----Yes, she has.
  ----- When _____ she _____(arrive)?
  ----- She _____(arrive) two hours ago.
4) Since then many people _____ (give) interest in this report.
5) We _____(just come) back from India.
3. (    ) A: Where is Xiao Li?
        B: He _______ to Beijing on business. He _____ home this morning.
   A. has been, has left  B. has gone, left  C. went, left  D. is going, has left
4. (    ) In the past few years we _____ great progress with the help of the teachers.
   A. have made       B. made         C. make     D. are making
5. (    ) Which of the following sentences is correct?
   A. He has borrowed the book for a week.
   B. Tom has joined the army since he was eighteen.
   C. Where have you gone these days?
   D. How long has she been away from Shanghai?
6. I have already read this book.(改为否定句和一般疑问句)

Exercises for Chapter 3
1.Fill in the blanks
A newspaper () a short story () () famous tales from history. This is a story one of the students () in. The soldier ()--- two at a time. He cried that they’ve ()… But the captian of the guards was() listening. He was () the stairs. (), the captain stood on the high wall. He () at the empty plain. Then he said the Greeks had gone and they had ().Now the Greeks () away. And they have taken () with them. In fact they () their horsr. Outside the () gates of the city () a huge () horse. It’s so () that they couldn’t () it with them. The captain ordered the soldiers to () it into the city.
2.Change the sentences
1) Jack asked me,”Do you understand what the teacher said?” (保持原句意思)
  Jack asked me () I () what the teacher had said.
2)The street is so wide that I can’t go across it in a minute. (保持原句意思)
  The street is () wide for me () go across it in a minute.
  The street is
3)Factories must clean the water so that it won’t pollute rivers or lakes.(简单句)
 Factories must clean the water so as ()() pollute rivers or lakes






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