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高一英语下册第三单元重点解析:The necklace(人教版)

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高一英语下册第三单元重点解析:The necklace(人教版)


1. Im sorry, but I dont think I know you.

对不起, 我想我不认识你。

[问]怎样翻译“I dont think I know you.?"


2. No, Jeanne, I wasnt ill. I know I look oler than my age now. Thats because of hard work -ten years of hard work. 不,珍妮,我没有病,我知道我看起来比我的实际年龄要苍老多了。那都是因为艰苦劳动造成的——十年的艰苦劳动啊!

[问]beause of 与beause有什么区别?

[答]beause of是介词短语,后面接名词,代词或动名词。beause是连词,连接从句,表原因。例如:Beause he didnt work hard, he failed in his final examination. 由于他学习不刻苦努力,所以在期末考试中他失败了。

3. Im sorry, Mathide. Have times been hard for you?对不起,玛蒂尔达。你的日子过得很苦吗?



4. Well, I would rather not。唉,就是因为那个项链,你那漂亮的钻石项链!

[问]I would rather not后面省略了什么?

[答]I would rather not完整句子应该是“I would rather not tell you"。注意:would rather, had better 后面应接动词原形。

5. Well, ... Well, it was all because of that necklace, your beautiful diamound necklace.唉,就是因为那个项链,你那漂亮的钻石项链!



6. Do you remember one afternoon ten years ago when I came to your house and borrowed a necklace of yours?Pierre, my husband, was working in a government office. Wed been invited to a ball at the place so I needed to borrow some jewellery.你还记得吗?10年前的一个下午,我来到你的房间并且找你借了根项链。我的丈夫,皮埃尔,当时在一家政府办公室改组哦。我们被邀请参加一个宫廷舞会,所以,我就需要借些珠宝。 when I came to your house and borrowed a necklace of yours? 是时间状语从句吗?

[答]不是,在这里是由when引导的定语从句,修饰先行词one afternoon ten years ago.

7. I was the only person in my office who was invited. Ive written to accept the invitation.

我是我们办公室唯一被邀请的成员。 我已经书面表示接受邀请。

[问] who was invited做定语,是定语从句,修饰先行词the only person。accept不能由receive替换,accept是主观乐意接受;而receive是客观上收到。

8. And a new dress costs over four hundred francs. 买一件新的要花400多法郎。



9. I cant be the only woman who isnt wearing jewellery. 我不能成为唯一一个不戴珠宝的女性。


[答]jewellery 做“珠宝”意思讲时是不可数名词。jewel是可数名词。有复数形式jewels。

10. Do you have a friend who might lend you some? 你的朋友能借给你吗/

[问] who might lend you some是什么从句?

[答]who might lend you some是定语从句,修饰先行词a friend。

11. So I called on you and asked if I could borrow some jewellery. Do you remember now?这样,我就来拜访你,并且问了是否我可以借一些珠宝。你还记得吗?

[问]call on 的用法?

[答]call on 有“拜访;号召”的意思。另外注意:call at 是“拜访某地”;call for 是“要求”的意思。

12. There were so many beautiful things that it was hard to choose. 琳良满目的,真难挑选。



[问]to choose为什么不用被动?

[答]to choose 在这里用主动表示被动。

13. On our way home that night I lookedd down and saw that the necklace was not around my neck any more. 那天夜晚,在回家的路上,我低下头,发现项链再也不在我的脖子上了。

[问]On our way home 的意思是什么?

[答]On our way home 意思是“在回家的路上”on ones way to... 在……的路上”in the way 挡道。By the way “顺便说一下”。

14. Thats why I now look so old. Well, after all these years weve at last paid off all our debts. 这就是我现在显得老的原因。这些年之后,我们终于把帐还清了。

[问]thats why...? 句型是什么从句? pay off 的意思?

[答]thats why ... 是表语从句。“那就是为什么……?”例如:Thats why I told you the truth.那就是我为什么告诉你那个真相。pay off “偿还清”。

15. When I play a computer game, I act as one of the heroes in the game. 当我玩电脑游戏的时候,我常扮演里面的英雄。

[问]When I paly... 句型是什么从句?act as 的意思?

[答]此句是一个时间状语从句,表示“当……时”,例如:When I was a child, I loved to smile very much. 当我是个小孩子时,我非常喜欢笑。act as意为“充当”

16. The student is on her way to school and she meets a girl that looks exactly like her. 一个女同学在上学的路上,碰到了和她长得一模一样的女孩。

[问]“on ones way to... "是什么意思?that在此引导什么从句?

[答]“On ones way to ..."是“在去……路上”的意思。that引导的是定语从句,修饰先行词“a girl”。





例:1._____late in the morning, Bob turned off the alarm. (2001年京、皖春季招生考试第21题)

A. To sleep B. Sleeping C.Sleep D.Having slept


例:2. The men will have to wait all day_____the doctor works faster.


A. if B. unless C. whether D. that

简析:答案为B。 unless=if...not。

例:3.—Did you remerber to give Mary the money you owed her? (2001年京、皖春季招生考试第14题)

—Yes.I gave it to her_____I saw her.

A. while B. the moment C. suddenly D. once

简析:答案为B。易误选为D项,once一旦,但注意本句话的时态为过去时,陈述过去发生的事情,意思为:我一见到她就给了她。如果用 once,需把上句中的 did 改为 do 把下句中的gave,改为 will give,saw 改为 see。

例:4.Greenland,_____island in the world, covers over two million square kilometers.


A. it is the largest B. that is the largest C. is the largest D. the largest

简析:答案为D。A,B项把it 和 that 改为 which 就对了,D项构成的 the largest island in the world 作主语的同位语。