“If you live each day as if it were your last, someday youll most certainly be right.” It was the quote that __1__  me deeply when I was 17, and since then, for the past 34 years, I have looked __2__ the mirror every morning and asked myself: “ If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “ __3__ ” for too many days in a __4__, I  know I need to change something.
    Remembering that Ill be __5__ soon is the most important thing Ive ever known to help me to make a __6__ in life because almost everything falls off in the face of death, __7__ only what is truly important.
About a year ago the doctor __8__ my illness as cancer, he even advised me to go home and get my affairs in __9__. I lived with that diagnosis all day.__10__, at last an __11__ test showed that it was a very rare cancer which was  __12__ with surgery. After the surgery I feel and look fine now.
      Death is the destination we all __13__, no one has ever escaped it,though. And that is __14__ it should be because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will __15__ become the old and be __16__ away.
    Your time is __17__,so dont waste it living someone elses life. Dont be __18__ by dogma(教条), otherwise that means __19__ with the results of other peoples thinking. Dont let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner __20__. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart.
1.A.impressed       B.worried
 C.discouraged                        D.disappointed
【答案与解析】 A 题意:就是这句话给我留下了深刻的印象.
2.A.at   B.into   C.after   D.over
【答案与解析】 B looked into the mirror“照镜子”。
3.A.Yes   B.No      C.Right  D.Wrong
【答案与解析】 B 根据下文的“need to change something”可以推理出,此处应是否定回答。前面问句为一般疑问句,所以回答一般用yes或者no。
4.A.hurry   B.moment   C.line   D.row
【答案与解析】 D in a row“连续不断地”。这里表示连续多日对上文中的自问问题给以否定回答。
5.A.successful     B.right    C.missing    D.dead
【答案与解析】 D 根据上文“If today were the last day of my life”提醒自己时日不长“be dead soon”。
6.A.will   B.fortune  C.promise  D.choice
【答案与解析】 D make a choice“作出选择”。
7.A.proving     B.leaving  C.gaining  D.abandoning
【答案与解析】 B 部分题意:因为几乎所有的一切在死亡面前都会消失殆尽,结果“留下(leaving)”的是真正重要的东西。
8.A.diagnosed     B.Confirmed
     C.doubted       D.suspected
【答案与解析】 A diagnose...as“诊断……为……(疾病)”。
9.A.charge     B.ruins      C.order  D.control
【答案与解析】 C in order“妥当的;有序的”。题意:医生劝我回家,安排后事。这是医生让病人等死的婉言。
10.A.However     B.But
        C.So           D.Therefore
【答案与解析】 A 前后句是转折关系,however是副词。but是连词,其后不能有逗号。
11.A.elementary       B.advanced
       C.experienced  D.experimental
【答案与解析】 B advanced“先进的”;elementary“初步的”;experienced“老练的;有经验的”; experimental“实验的”。
12.A.incurable   B.curable  C.fatal  D.changeable
【答案与解析】 B 从下句的“I feel and look fine now”。可知是“可治愈的(curable)”。
13.A.want    B.avoid      C.share  D.hate
【答案与解析】 C 死亡是我们每个人“共同的”share归宿,无人幸免。
14.A.whoever      B.who   C.as   D.so
【答案与解析】 C as it is“本来;实际上”。题意:死亡本是我们每个人的归宿。
15.A.practically      B.actually
        C.gradually    D.eventually
【答案与解析】 C gradually“慢慢地”,强调变化的过程。
16.A.cleared      B.put   C.died   D.washed
【答案与解析】 A 题意为你们现在是新人,但是不久的将来,你们会慢慢变老,然后被“清理掉(cleared away)”。
17.A.limited      B.limiting    C.lacking      D.rare
【答案与解析】 A 题意:时间很“有限的limited”,所以不要把时间消耗在重复他人的生活上。
18.A.followed      B.cheated
        C.excited     D.trapped
【答案与解析】 D 题意:不要被教条“套牢(trap)”,……
19.A.fighting      B.living    C.dealing  D.playing
【答案与解析】 B 题意:……因为那就意味着你“接受(living with)”别人的思想,生活受别人的思想左右。
20.A.voice   B.sound  C.love   D.direction
【答案与解析】 A 不要让他人喋喋不休的意见淹没掉你的内心的“声音”。
1.The front row is reserved ________the family of the bride.
A.of     B.in     C.to    D.for
【答案与解析】 D be reserved for“留作;专供……之用”。题意:前排座位是给新娘全家留的。
2.—My computer doesnt work. Can you repair it for me?
A.OK,Ill try   B.Of course not  
C.Youre welcome   D.Yes,youve found me
【答案与解析】 A B、C两项答非所问;D项不符合表达习惯。
3.The professor sometimes makes remarks that are not ________to the topic.
A.associate                           B.relevant  
C.dependent        D.connect
【答案与解析】 B be relevant to“与……有关”。题意:教授有时发表一些与话题无关的言论。
4.Hes been ________as judge in the State Supreme Court in California.
A.determined           B.appointed
C.admitted              D.assumed
【答案与解析】 B 题意:他被任命为加利福尼亚州最高法院的法官。determine“决定;确定”;appoint“约定;任命”;admit“承认”;assume“假定”。
5.We were swimming in the lake ________suddenly the storm started.
A.when B.while C.until      D.before
【答案与解析】 A 题意:我们正在湖中游泳,这时突然下起了暴雨。 when作并列连词,等同于at that time。
6.I found him easy to go with ________I saw him.
A.the first time   B.for the first time 
C.every time when     D.by the time
【答案与解析】 A the first time用作连词,引导时间状语从句;for the first time作时间状语;by the first time“到……时候”,与题意不符,every time可以引导时间状语从句,不需要用when。
7.—Why didnt you make a phone call to tell me about it yesterday?
—________,but I forgot all about it after a meal.
A.I did telephone you B.I should tell you
C.I might have told you D.I ought to have told you
【答案与解析】 D 考查“should / ought to+have+过去分词”的用法,表示“过去应该做而实际上没有做的事”。
8.—Have a nice weekend!
A.The same to you    B.The same as you
C.You do too    D.You have it too
【答案与解析】 A 有人祝你节日快乐或周末愉快,你应该说The same to you,因为对于双方来说节日或周末是共有的。
9.—Weve got to do something about pollution. Its getting worse.
A.Yes, it certainly is   B.Yes,it is certainly
C.Yes, we have    D.No,you havent
【答案与解析】 A  It certainly is.是It is certainly getting worse.的简略答语,意思是“污染肯定是越来越严重了”。
10.—Im afraid robots will replace man in almost all the fields of society one day.
A.Yes, they do  
B.Im glad to hear that
C.Im sorry, but I cant agree with you 
D.Im sorry for man
【答案与解析】 C 本题语境是关于对“机器人是否会在各个领域全面代替人类”的看法,故答语应是赞同与否。
Ⅲ. 阅读理解(2010湖北省部分重点中学高三第二次联考)
      Bringing up children is hard work, and you are often to blame for any bad behavior of your children. If so, Judith Rich Hams has good news for you. Parents, she argues, have no important long-term effects on the development of the personality of their children. Far more important are their playground friends and neighborhood companions. Ms Harris takes to bits the assumption which has dominated (支配) developmental psychology for almost half a century.
      Ms Harris attack on the developmentalists “nurture” argument looks likely to reinforce (加强) doubts that the profession was already having. If parents matter, why is it that two adopted children, reared in the same home, are no more similar in personality than two adopted children reared in separate homes? Or that a pair of identical twins, reared in the same home, are no more alike than a pair of identical twins reared in different homes?
Difficult as it is to track the precise effects of parental upbringing, it may be harder to measure the exact influence of the peer (同龄人) group in childhood and adolescence. Ms Harris points to how children from immigrant homes soon learn not to speak at school in the way their parents speak. But acquiring a language is surely a skill, rather than a characteristic of the sort developmental psychologists hunt for. Certainly it is different from growing up tensely or relaxedly, or from learning to be honest or hard-working or generous. Easy though it may be to prove that parents have little impact on those qualities, it will be hard to prove that peers have vastly more.
Moreover, mum and dad surely cannot be ditched completely. Young adults may, as Ms Harris argues, be keen to appear like their contemporaries. But even in those early years, parents have the power to open doors: they may initially choose the peers with whom their young associate, and pick that influential neighborhood. Moreover, most people suspect that they come to resemble their parents more in middle age, and peoples child-rearing habits may be formed partly by what their parents did. So the balance of influences is probably complicated, as most parents already suspected without being able to demonstrate it scientifically. Even if it turns out that the genes they pass on and the friends their children play with matter as much as affection, discipline and good example,parents are not completely off the hook.
1.According to Ms Harris, ________.
A.parents are to blame for any bad behavior of their children
B.childrens personality is shaped by their friends and neighbors
C.nature rather than upbringing has a significant effect on childrens personality development
D.parents will greatly affect the childrens life in the long run
【答案与解析】 B 推断题。第1段说“孩子性格更多是受朋友和邻居的影响”。
2.The word “ditched”(Line 1, Para.4)could best be replaced by ________.
A.proved       B.emphasized
C.compared  D.ignored
【答案与解析】 D 词义推测题。第4段第1句意为,此外,父母的影响肯定不容忽视。
3.The developmental psychologists think ________.
A.children are more influenced by their peers
B.identical twins raised in the same home are different in personality
C.twins raised in two separate families are different in personality
D.upbringing has a less significant effect on childrens personality development
【答案与解析】 C 推断题。根据第2段可知,双胞胎在不同家庭成长,也就会有不同的性格。
4.According to Paragraph 3, we know that ________.
 A.it is easier for children to gain a language at home
B.it is harder to follow the effects of parental upbringing
C.immigrant children avoid speaking the same way as their parents at school
D.it is proved that peers have a greater effect on childrens qualities
【答案与解析】 C 细节题。文章第3段说移民家庭里的孩子在学校不会像父母一样说话。
5.What does the author mean by saying “parents are not completely off the hook” at the end of the passage?
A.Parents should control the situation.
B.Parents should give their way to children.
C.Parents should spend more time on children.
D.Parents should take on their responsibility
【答案与解析】 D 推断题。从全文来看,虽然孩子的个性受父母的影响少,但是这并不意味着父母不应该承担任何责任。
Dear Editor,
    Im writing to tell you about a food poisoning accident. Several days ago, my neighbor ate a bag of food buying from the market. After the meal, they had stomachaches and their faces turn pale. Fortunately, one of their friends found the accident and immediately called on an ambulance, which carried them quickly to a hospital. After several hours treatment they finally escaped from death.
     As some illegal businessmen only interested in making profits to become rich quickly,  we seldom care about the necessary safety measures or care which happens to consumers. They must be charged with law. Meanwhile, I do hope whole society can realize the important of food safety and begin taking action together to make sure food is safe.
Wang Ming
【答案】 1.第2句neighbor→neighbors 2.第2句buying→bought 3.第3句turn→turned 4.第4句去掉on
5.第6句only前加are 6.第6句we→they 7.第6句which→what 8.第7句with→by 9.第8句whole前加the / our    10.第8句important→importance

假如你是某电视台“科技博览”节目的编辑,  每周你们栏目要向观众介绍一项科技发明。这一期要向观众简要介绍手机。请你为栏目主持人准备一篇英文稿。
注意:1.短文的开头已为你写好,  不计入总词数;
This is Science and Technology View of our TV station. We are now on the air with a 45-minute regular program to bring you a big invention—cell phones.
One possible version:
        This is Science and Technology View of our TV station. We are now on the air with a 45-minute regular program to bring you a big invention—cell phones.
         Nowadays you can find a cell phone used here and there. Many people consider it one of the greatest inventions of the last century. Why? It has changed our way of life and speed the pace of our work. Also, it is a way to have fun and be cool.
        Modern cell phones are more than just phones—they are being used as cameras and radios, and to send e-mails or surf the Internet. New functions are being added to the phones.Its believed that cell phones in the future will still play an important part in peoples life. They will be much more smarter, and prices will be more competitive.

One possible version:
       With the development of economy, our environment is being polluted more and more heavily. Natural disasters continuously broke out, threatening human life seriously. To_make_the_earth_a_better_place_for_us_to_live_on,_in my opinion, we should do as follows:
       First of all, the public must receive the education about protecting environment. They should also save electricity and water in daily life. Besides, we should use environment-friendly shopping bags instead_of plastic bags, which will lead to the “white pollution”. More importantly, new laws must be passed to effectively control industrial pollution, which is the main cause of environmental pollution.
       Only in this way can we have a more beautiful earth.
One possible version:
        Online shopping is common in our daily life now. There are two kinds of opinions about it.
        Some people hold the idea that online shopping has a lot of advantages. The most important one is its convenience. Online shopping saves time and energy for people, especially for the busy ones, the aged and the disabled who cant go to shops in person.Besides, on the Internet there is enough information of all kinds of goods, which_enables_people_to buy things from a distant place.
       However, other people object to online shopping. They think the real goods may be different from what the consumers have seen on the Internet, thus the quality of goods bought online may not be ensured. Whats worse, once_cheated_online, one may find_it_difficult_to make a complaint.
       In my opinion, it is better for all to be careful when shopping online.






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