人教版高中英语选修6教案Unit1  Art




Unit1  Art







1.possess/own/have  2. technique/technology  3. shadow/shade  



1. consequence n.结果

consequent adj. 作为结果的,

consequently adv. 从而, 因此

2. possess v. 占有, 拥有

possession n. 拥有, 占有, 所有

3.faith n. 信任, 信念,

faithful adj. 守信的, 忠实的,

faithfully adv. 忠诚地, 如实地

4. technique n. 技术, 技巧, 方法,

technician n. 技术员, 技师

technology n. 工艺, 科技, 技术

5.aggressive adj. 敢作敢为的, 侵略性的

aggress v. 攻击, 侵犯

aggression n. 进攻, 侵略



1.         faith  n.信仰;信任;信心

2.         aim   n. 目标;目的;瞄准vi.&vt.瞄准(向某方向)努力

3.         typical adj. 典型的, 象征性的

4.         adopt vt. 采用, 收养

5.         convince vt. 使确信;使信服

6.         attempt  n. 努力;尝试;企图vt.尝试;企图

7.         predict vt.预言;预告;预测



a great deal大量          by coincidence巧合地    on the other hand另一方面

in the flesh活着的;本人  in (the) possession of拥有(属于)

in consequence因此,结果 appeal to(对某人)有吸引力;


1. But it was evident that ideas were changing in the 13th century when painters like Giotto di Bondone began to paint religious scenes in a more realistic way.

2. they tried to paint people and nature as they really were.

3. among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting were the Impressionists.



II 词语辨析  (旨在提供完形填空所需材料)

1). possess/own/have vt.占有, 拥有,





【练习】选择possess/own或have 并用其适当的形式填空

1) We ­­­­­­­­______ a dinner party on for tomorrow evening.

2) She ______ herself of the unclaimed goods.

3) Daisy _______ a chain of restaurants though still young. 拥有连锁餐厅

4) we all like to attend Professor Zhang’s lecture because he _______ great tact.

Keys: 1) have  2) possessed 3) owns 4) possesses找教案 http://www.zhaojiaoan.com


2). technique/technology n.技术





1) Science and ________ can strengthen a nation.

2) The actor has the ________ of amusing the audience.

3) The use of __________ of metals brought a great fortune to the local people.

Keys: 1) technology 2) technique  3) technology

3) shadow/shade n.阴影


shadow [C] 指人或东西在阳光或灯光下形成的影子。

shade [U] 指任何遮住阳光得到的阴凉的地方。


1) Sometimes people will get frightened by his own ______ especially at night.

2) After a long walk, they needed to find some ______ and have a rest.

  Keys: 1) shadow 2) shade

III 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料)

1. consequence n.结果

consequent adj. 作为结果的,

consequently adv. 从而, 因此

2. possess v. 占有, 拥有

possession n. 拥有, 占有, 所有

3.faith n. 信任, 信念,

faithful adj. 守信的, 忠实的,

faithfully adv. 忠诚地, 如实地

4. technique n. 技术, 技巧, 方法,

technician n. 技术员, 技师

technology n. 工艺, 科技, 技术

5.aggressive adj. 敢作敢为的, 侵略性的

aggress v. 攻击, 侵犯

aggression n. 进攻, 侵略

6.prdict v. 预知, 预言, 预报

prediction n. 预言, 预报

predictive adj. 预言性的, 成为前兆的


1)      Sometimes we are _________ by the desire to be rich and do everything we could to make the dream come true, but finally we will find out that the _______ of wealth may not necessarily bring happiness.(possess)

2)      The bad weather and the ________ confusion of traffic made it impossible for schools to operate as usual. _________, most of the students were taken back home by their parents.(consequence)

3)      The man rushed into the manager’s office ________ and asked for a refund.(aggress)

4)      An automotive ________ coming from U.S.A is ready to help us in science and _________ .(technique)

5)      A ________ employee would not like to leave his boss though the company had been bankrupted.(faith)

6)      With the development of meteorology (气象学), people make it ________to know the weather in advance.(predict)

keys:1) possessed; possession 2) consequent; Consequently 3) aggressively 4) technician; technology 5)faithful

6) predictive

IV 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料)

1.         faith  n.信仰;信任;信心


have faith in sb./sth.对某人/某事有信心

lose faith in 不再信任,对…失去信心

be faithful to sb. [sth.] 忠实于某人[某事]

faithful adj.忠实的

faithfully adv.忠实地


1) Having faith in the masses is the requirement by government.相信群众是对政府的要求。

2) Under no circumstance shall we lost faith in the future.在任何情况下,我们都不该对未来失去信心。

[练习] 汉译英

1) 他对我的能力很有信心。


2) 虽然只是一个小挫折,却让露丝对成功失去了信心。


Keys: 1)He has faith in my ability. 2) Though it’s only a small frustration, it made Rose lose faith in success.


2.         aim   n. 目标;目的;瞄准vi.&vt.瞄准(向某方向)努力


take aim (at) 瞄准

aim at向…瞄准;旨在,针对;志在

aim high胸 怀大志; 力争上游


1) What is your aim in life?你生活的目的是什么?

2) He aimed the gun at the enemy officer.他用枪瞄准了敌军官。

3) Our factory must aim at developing new models of machines.我们的工厂必须致力于研制新型机械。


1) This anti-smoking campaign mainly____ (针对)young teenagers.

2) The hunter____ (瞄准)the lion and fired

3) He ______ (力求)at accuracy.

4) He could not ________ (瞄准)straight.

5) He is leading a life without _____(目标,方向).

Keys:1)aims at 2)aimed at 3) aimed 4) aim  5) aims


3.         typical adj. 典型的, 象征性的;不出所料;特有的


be typical of…是…代表; 象征


1) Xianglin shao is a typical character in Leiyu典型人物

2) grasp typical cases抓典型

3) It’s typical of her to be late.她这个人就是爱迟到。

[练习] 汉译英

1) 抢挑重担是他的特点。


2) 温暖,潮湿的气候在南方很典型。


Keys: 1) It is typical of him to take hard jobs . 2) Warm and wet weather is very typical in south China.


4.         adopt vt. 采用,采纳; 收养


adoption n.采用;收养

形近词:adapt v. 使适应, 改编

adaptation n. 适应, 改编, 改写本


1) In the meeting, all the works agreed to adopt a new idea to reform the factory.


2) Many new couple are eager to adopt the children losing their parents in the earthquake.


[练习] 汉译英





Keys: 1) The healthy couple without children can adopt a child by law. 2) The film was adapted from the popular novel for children.


5.         convince vt. 使确信;使信服


convince sb. of sth.使某人相信某事

convince sb to do sth说服某人做某事

be convinced of sth相信某事

be convinced that+从句相信某事


1) He was convinced of his error. 他认识了错误

2) He convinced me that I should study law.他劝我应该学法律。

3) It took many hours to convince the court of his guilt.花费了许多个小时法庭才相信他有罪。

4) We convinced Anne to go by train rather than plane.  我们说服了安妮放弃乘飞机而坐火车走。


To catch up with the times, we must keep ourselves __________of the current news.

A.      warned  B. informed  C. convinced  D. accused

[解析]  本题考查四个动词的含义,这四个词都可以与of搭配, warn sb. of sth.警告某人某事,inform sb. of sth.通知某人某事,convince sb. of sth.说服某人相信某事,accuse sb. of sth.指控某人某事。本句译为:为了跟上时代,我们必须使自己知道当前的新闻。

[答案] B


1) He_____ me ____  his innocence.

2) After his discussion, I ______ that I was wrong.

3) It is no use trying ________ him to quit smoking.

Keys: 1)convinced…of  2)was convinced  3)to convince


6.         attempt  n. 努力;尝试;企图vt.尝试;企图


attempt sth.试图做……; 努力去执行(完成)某事  

attempt to do企图做某事

make an attempt at sth/to do sth.企图做某事


1) The prisoners attempted an escape, but failed. 囚犯企图逃跑,但是失败了

2) An astronaut will attempt to leave the stationary spaceship and then return to it.


3) The boys made an attempt to leave for camping but were stopped by their parents.


 [练习] 汉译英

1) 我试图与她取得联系。


2) 他无意进行这件事情。


Keys: 1) I attempted to get in touch with her.  2) He made no attempt to carry it out.


7.         predict vt.预言;预告;预测(侧重从已知的事实推断或根据自然规律断定未来的事情。


predict sth.

predict that

prediction n. 预言, 预报


1) An eclipse could be predicted in ancient days.很久以前就可以预报日(月)蚀了。

2) His teacher predicted that he could be a CEO of a company because of his intelligence and diligence.


3) Do you take seriously his prediction of a government defeat?他预言政府要挫败,你认为这话靠得住吗?

[练习] 汉译英

1) 观察员预测加沙地区形势最起码会持续一个月。


2) 预告明天有雨


Keys: 1)The observer predicted that the situation in Gaza will last at least a month.

     2) It predicts rain for tomorrow.

V 重点词组  (旨在提供综合运用所需材料)

1.       a great deal大量


1) Thanks a great deal for your help with our work.非常感谢你给我们工作上的帮助。

2) A great deal of money was used in rescuing the victims in wenchuan earthquake.


[短语归纳] 表示“许多,大量”

a great deal of/a good deal of/a large amount of/much/not a little可用于修饰不可数名词

a few/quite a few/a good many/a great many/a great number of可用于修饰可数名词

a lot of/a large quantity of/large quantities of/plenty of  既可修饰可数名词又可以修饰不可数名词

[练习] 汉译英

1) 我还有许多事情需要处理。


2) 大量充足的雨水带来了丰收。


3) 许多孩子在这次可怕的事故中失去了双亲。


Keys: 1)I have a number of things to do.

2)Plenty of rain resulted in the harvest of crop.

3)Great numbers of children lost their parents in the terrible accident.


2.  by coincidence巧合地  


1) By coincidence, we will take the same bus back home.真巧合,我们要搭同趟车回家。

2) By coincidence, his wife is one of my classmate in college.巧合的是他的妻子是我大学的一个同学。


by accident 碰巧,偶然

by chance碰巧,偶然

on purpose故意

[练习] 汉译英

1) 在北京参加会议时,我碰巧遇上多年未见的同学。

2) 退休后,一个偶然的机会他喜欢上慢跑。

Keys: 1)When I attended a meeting in Beijing, I met my old classmate never seen for long time by chance.

2)He took up jogging after his retire by accident.


3.  on the other hand另一方面


1)      If you want to improve your ability, on the one hand, you should attend some related lectures; on the

other hand, you should learn something useful from workers around you.


1) 他决定辞职。一方面因为他厌倦了目前的工作;另方面他想换个地方。

2) 出于自尊,她拒绝了他的帮助,另方面她不想欠别人的人情。

Keys: 1) He decided to quit. On the one hand, he was tired of the present job; on the other hand, he wanted to move to another place.  2) She refused his help with dignity; on the other hand, she didn’t want to owe others.


4.       in the flesh活着的;本人


1) In the performance, you can see your idols in the flesh.表演中,你可以亲眼看到你的偶像。

2) His appearance in the flesh ended the rumours about his death.他本人的出现打破了他人已经死去的谣言。

[练习] 汉译英

1) 当使用信用卡时,需要你的本人签名。


2) 他是活着的最受欢迎的学者。


Keys: 1) When using your credit card, you need to sign your name in the flesh.

     2) He is the most popular scholar in the flesh.


5.       in (the) possession of拥有(属于)


1) They are still in possession of the house, so we have to wait for another time.他们依然拥有房子的产权,所以我们还得等待一段时间。

2) The factory is in the possession of one of my friend, who moved to Australia several years ago.这家工厂是属于我一个朋友的,几年前他搬到澳洲去了。


in one’s possession由……掌握

in charge of负全责, 经管,

in the charge of由……负责,经营

take possession of占有,拥有

take charge of 负责,看管

[练习] 汉译英

1) 我管理这家公司,也就是这家公司由我管理。


2) 我所掌握的消息是严格保密的。


Keys: 1) I am in charge of the company. That is, the company is in the charge of me.

     2) The information in my possession is strictly confidential.


6.       in consequence因此,结果


1) He got a bad cough. In consequence, he had to ask a doctor for help.

2) He had to ask a doctor for help in consequence of his bad cough.



in consequence of... 的结果, 因为...的缘故, 由于

as a consequence因而, 结果

[练习] 汉译英

1) 雨很大,结果街道变成一片汪洋。


2) 因为他付出的努力,他取得了非凡的成就。


Keys: 1) It rained heavily. As a consequence, the streets were in flood.

     2) He got a marvelous achievement in consequence of his great effort.


7.       appeal to(对某人)有吸引力;向...呼吁[请求]


Bright colours appeal to small children. 小孩喜欢鲜艳的颜色。

We are appealing to anyone who saw the suspect to contact us.



appeal to sb. for为...向某人呼吁[请求]

appeal for aid请求援助

appeal for mercy [sympathy] 请求宽恕[同情]

appeal to arms [force] 诉诸武力

[练习] 汉译英

1) 政府呼吁市民节约用水。


2) 意识到自己的错误,这个犯人请求宽恕。


Keys: 1) The government appealed to citizens for saving water.

     2) Realizing his mistakes, the criminal appealed for mercy.

VI 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料)

1. But it was evident that ideas were changing in the 13th century when painters like Giotto di Bondone

began to paint religious scenes in a more realistic way.


[解释] It is evident that…(很)显然… “it”在句中充当形式主语,“that”引导的主语从句为真正的主语。为了


[典例]Its evident that the plan is impracticable. 很明显这计划是不能实现的。

It was evident that the couple’s still love for each other. 很显然这对夫妇依然爱着对方。

[练习] 汉译英

1) 很显然,在警察赶到前犯罪现场经过了伪造。


2) 很明显政府正试图帮助大学生就业。


Keys: 1)It was evident that the accident spot had been counterfeited (伪造)before the traffic policeman came.

     2) It is evident that the local government is trying to help the graduates with employment.


2. They tried to paint people and nature as they really were.他们试图真实地描绘人物与自然。

[解释] as 1) conj.  (1)如,像;按照……  (2)当…时候,一面…一面…;随着… (3)因为,既然 (4)尽管

2) prep. 作为,如同


1) The work is not so easy as you imagine.这项工作并没你想象的那么容易。

2) Everything goes as I expected.事情正如我期望那样进行着。

3) As day goes by, the boy became more patient with his girlfriend.


4) They sang songs as they were doing farm work.他们一边干农活一边唱歌。

5) As he still a child, he lived in a remote village with his old granny.

他小的时候和他的祖母生活 在一个遥远的村庄里。

6) As everything is ready, let’s go.既然都准备好了,我们出发吧。

7) Ridiculous as it seems, the tale is true. 。这个故事看似荒唐,却是真的

8) As a work of art it is very poor. 作为艺术品这是十分拙劣的。

9) As your good friend, I had to give you the kindest advice.


[练习] 汉译英

1) 随着你年龄的增长, 你会变得更聪明。


2)  (既然)你累了, 最好休息一下。


3) 他虽然尽了最大努力, 仍不能搬动那块石头。


4) 作为一个诚实的孩子,你应该向父母说出事实.


Keys: 1)You will grow wiser As you grow older.

     2) As you are tired, you had better rest.

     3)Try As he would, he could not lift the rock. 4) As an honest child, you should tell the truth to your parents.


3. Among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting were the Impressionists.


[解释] 本句为倒装句,原语序为:

The Impressionists were among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting.



形容词/分词+连系动词+主语 ”(倒装语序)全部倒装是只将句子中的谓语动词全部置于主语之前。




1) Growing around the garden are different kinds of flowers.花园里开满了五颜六色的花。

2) Near the window is a sad mother.窗户的旁边是一位悲伤的母亲。

[练习] 汉译英





Keys: 1).Also present at the evening party was our favorable English teacher.

     2)Very important in the farmers’ life is the CCTV news.




Western art is   1   (影响)by the way of life and   2   (believe) of people. During the Middle Ages the main aim of painters was to represent   3  (传统的)themes. Artists were interested in  4   (create) respect and love for God. In the Renaissance new ideas and values took the place of those   5  (hold)in the Middle Ages when people focused more on humans. One of the most important   6  (discover) during this period was how to draw things in perspective. In the late 19th, Europe changed from a mostly   7   (agriculture)society to a mostly industrial one.   8  (印象派) dated from the late 19th to the early 20th century. However, at first the paintings of this period were thought to be  9  (可笑的) . Then modern art, the painter does not attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes but concentrates   10  certain qualities of the object.

答案:1. influenced     2.beliefs       3.religious           4.creating        5.held    

6.discoveries      7.agricultural     8.Impressionism      9.ridiculous      10.on

2课文大意概括 (旨在训练用30个单词概括大意的能力)找教案 http://www.zhaojiaoan.com



        The passage mainly describes _______________________________________________________



答案:The passage mainly describes the most important style of Western art which starts form the 6th century AD, including the Middle Ages the Renaissance, the Impressionism and Modern Art.

3课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力)

1.【原句】Without the new paints and the new technique, we would not be able to see the many great masterpieces for which this period is famous.没有新的颜料和新的(绘画)手法,我们就不能看到很多使这一时代著名的杰作。

 [模仿要点] 句子结构 without + N , 主句(用虚拟语气) + 介词+which 引导的定语从句



答案:Without the policy, not all the children would be able to go to school to receive the education for which their parents were not able to pay.



答案:Without her timely help, we would not have finished the project for which we were responsible.


2.【原句】Among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting were the Impressionists, who lived and worked in Paris.在那些突破传统画法的画家中有生活和工作在巴黎的印象派画家。

 [模仿要点] 句子结构:among(介词)位于句首的倒装句,+ which/who 引导非限制定语从句

【模仿1】在所有最有吸引力的城市中有湛江 ,它是最近被正式宣布为十大休闲城市之一。


答案:Among all the cities that are most attractive is Zhanjiang, which was recently officially declared one of the Top Ten Casual Cities in China.



答案:Among all the students who received the scholarships is Jack, who is from a poor family and now is doing a time to support himself. 


3. 【原句】At the time they were created, the Impressionist paintings were controversial, but today they are accepted as the beginning of what we call “modern art”.在印象派作品的创建初期,它们是存在着争议的,但是今天已被人们接受而成为现在我们所说的“现代艺术”的始祖。

 [模仿要点] 句子结构:at the time 引导状语从句,主句1 +  but + 主句2 + what 引导的宾语从句



答案:At the time they were firstly used on the Internet, Internet Slang Terms led to misunderstanding, but today they are accepted as what young people call sources of vocabulary.



答案:At the time they graduated from high school in the past, all the students were confused whether to find a job or continue their schooling, but today they understand what is commonly accepted that education is only way out. 三、单元自测






    Like a cup of tea for a cough, a piece of ice for a sunburn may seem like the perfect remedy for millions of Americans who will spend a little too much time in the   21   this summer.

    But many common home remedies seem less than   22   .The old ice-for-a-burn technique is no exception. It can help lessen some initial (最初的) pain, but in the end it will   23   the healing process.

   Thats proved in various studies to be simple treatments for   24   scalds(烫伤)and sunburns. In one study by Danish researchers, 24 healthy volunteers were inflicted(使遭受痛苦) with first-degree burns and   25   to different treatments.  Those who received a cooling treatment similar to ice did not experience   26   pain or get worse compared with other treatments.

   In another study in 1997, scientists   27   easing burns with ice cubes for 10 minutes with other   28   and found ice caused "the most severe damage". "Using an ice cube immediately after injury," the authors added, "is   29   in some instances."

   According to the Mayo Clinic, putting ice on a burn can cause frostbite and damage the skin. For better results, try running cool water over the area and taking a   30   reliever. Most minor burns heal without further treatment, the clinic says.

21. A. sun               B. moon              C. water                   D. country

22. A. helpless                 B. helpful            C. harmful .        D. convenient

23. A. slow              B. quicken            C. cause                   D. fail

24. A. accidental     B. regular                  C. serious          D. minor

25. A. agreed            B. adapted           C. subjected          D. objected

26. A. worsened          B. received            C. increased          D. reduced

27. A. differed        B. combined       C. compared        D. dealt

28. A: people              B. remedies           C. objects            D. scientists

29. A. useful             B. harmful            C. available           D. necessary

30. A. pain               B. spirit               C. mind             D. skin


21. A.    根据本段前面提到的sunburn“晒斑”,可知这里指的是在夏天晒太阳。

22. B.    后面一句说:它可以缓解最初的伤痛,但是……,由此可知这些常见家庭疗法并非很有用。

23. A.    (参见注释22)到后来,这种“冰疗法”的愈合速度就会减慢。

24. D.   这种疗法只能对轻伤作简单的处理。可根据上一段最后一句以及后面的内容得知。

25. C.   subject to“使服从(不同的治疗)”,注意前面省略了被动语态的助动词were。

26. D.   那些接受冷却疗法的人既没有减少痛苦,也没有增加痛苦。说明效果不明显。

27. C.   根据后面的with other remedies可知,医疗工作者们将用冰进行的冷却疗法与其他疗法作比较。

28. B.    参见注释27。

29. B.   前一句说“ice caused ‘the most severe damage’”,可知它有时是“有害的”harmful。

30. A.    用冷水冲被烧伤或烫伤的地方,可以缓解疼痛。






    Welcome to our company, everybody. This time our company has 11 college students   31    (work) in 5 departments .I am Luisa ,Director in charge of the student practice.

    Let me say something to you all. Starting work can be exciting on one hand , and can also   32   (worry) on the other. No matter    33   your future job is, you will have to work with others.  Learning to get on well with others must come first,   34   (include) all people in the company and our customers. And second, this morning right    35   my introduction, spend some time reading the introduction of the company and get to know the people in your office and find out what our company is like .This afternoon you can walk around our workshops and know    36   about the products. 37   one is allowed to leave the company before 5:30. By the way, lunchtime comes at 11:50 and its free of charge.

    Remember this: "Learning is so important    38   it will change your future life . "Our company can answer your real learning    39   you can make up your mind to go through with it. This is what I like to say to you at the moment. If you still have    40    questions, please come to my office .Thank you.

答案:找教案 http://www.zhaojiaoan.com

  31.working  32.be worrying  33.What  34.including  35.after  36.more   37.No 38.that  39.if  40.any

  31.working,现在分词短语working in 5 departments作后置定语,修饰11 college students。

  32.be worrying,“令人担忧的/令人焦虑的”,由also可知,and连接be exciting和be worrying,表并列关系。

  33.what ,从前后关系可知“无论你将来的工作是什么;”,所以此处no matter what是最佳答案。




  37.No, No one is allowed to leave...表任何人不允许离开……。


  39.  if,表假设关系。







It is always hard for a small fish to live in a big pond. Plutos recent departure from the classical planet family clearly proves that size really matters.

    Astronomers voted on August 24 to create the first scientific definition of the word "planet ", and Pluto obviously didnt make the cut. It turned out to be only a "dwarf planet (矮行星) ".

    After weeks of heated debate, over 2, 500 astronomers from 75 countries voted on the definition of a "planet" at a conference of the International Astronomical Union ( IAU ). According to the definition, a planet must have a clear neighbourhood around its orbit. Pluto has widely been considered a planet since its discovery in 1930. Unfortunately, it has a special orbit which overlaps with Neptunes. It is all because, compared with Neptune, Pluto is very small. It is attracted by Neptunes gravity when the two planets get closer.

    According to IAU, a "dwarf planet" should have an orbit around the Sun. It will not have a clear neighborhood around its orbit, and must not be a satellite. The new classification means that the science textbooks will have to be updated.

    The solar system is now made up of the eight "classical planets," together with a number of dwarf planets. The classical planets are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

    The debate over Plutos status started in 1992. After an advanced telescope was sent into space, astronomers started to find a belt of objects, which lies beyond Neptune. The belt contains nearly 1,000 objects, including Pluto.  As they continued the exploration, scientists recently discovered at least 41 dwarf planets at the edges of the solar system. There are at least two objects of a similar size to Pluto.

     It seems that even if the IAU had kept Plutos status as a planet, the classical theory of nine planets in the solar system would have had to be changed, but the other way around. More dwarf planets of a similar size to Pluto would join the family of planets. Scientists will probably find many more dwarf planets.

41. The main purpose of the text is to ____________.

          A. prove to the readers that size matters

          B. tell readers about a big change of the planets

          C. explain the classical theory of planets

          D. inform us of science textbooks being updated

42. We can infer from the text that _____________.

          A. eight planets make up the solar system

          B. it has been hard for scientists to define a "planet"

          C. Mars is very hot and you cant go near it

          D. Pluto shares the same orbit with Neptune

43. Scientists argued about Plutos status for a long time because _____________.

    A. Pluto was first discovered in 1930

    B. the family of planets is too big

    C. Pluto is located beyond Neptune

    D. many dwarf planets, like Pluto, were found

44. The reason for Plutos departure is that ____________.

    A. Pluto does not fit the definition of a "planet"

B. Pluto cannot compete with other planets

    C. Pluto is attracted by Neptunes gravity

    D. other objects of its size have been discovered

45. The best title of the text is _____________.

    A. An Unexpected Result

    B. Eight Planets

    C. Goodbye Pluto

D. New Scientific Definition





    44.答案是A. 考查原因推断。从文章第三、四段可知。




  请根据以下所提供的内容,写一篇议论文,题目为“How to Make Friends"。




  3.与人交朋友要有自信, 主动与人攀谈。








    How to Make Friends

  Making friends is a skill.If you do as l tell you,Im sure you can make friends with others.









How to Make Friends

    Making friends is a skill. If you want to meet people and make friends, you must first go where there are people, for staying home alone wont have any chances of making friends.

    Some people are nervous when talking to strangers, so try to act self-confidently when you want to make friends with others. Dont wait for others to start a conversation with you when you feel like talking with them. Friendship is based on mutual liking and "give and take". You should also develop different interests in your daily life, for a person with different interests is easy to make friends with others. If you do as I tell you, Im sure you can make friends with others.







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