本Unit One必会习语
1.What is sb. like?
What does sb. look like?
What does sb. like?
How does sb like/find sth?
2. argue with sb. about sth 因…和某人争执
3. enjoy/hate sth/ doing sth
4. so / nor/ neither + 系动/助动/情动 + 主语
So it is with...; It is the same with...
5. be into 对…深感兴趣 =be interested in; have/show interest in
5. be fond of 喜欢 care for; like; enjoy;
6. surf the internet 上网冲浪
7. all the time 一直 总是
8. imagine that...; imagine (sb/sb’s) doing sth
imagine sb to be 想像某人是
7. cast away 抛弃
8. so…that…/such…that… 如此…以致…
He was so excited that he could not speak.
So excited was he that he could not speak.
It was such a lovely day that we decided to go outing.
It was so lovely a day that we decided to go outing.
It is amusing that such little birds eat so much food.
9. the Pacific Ocean; the Atlantic Ocean;
the Indian Ocean; the arctic Ocean;
10. survive the crash 在空难中幸存
11. a deserted island 荒岛
12. all alone 独自 = all by oneself
区别: alone 单独的;独自的 lonely 孤独的;寂寞的
13. hunt for 搜寻 寻找 search for;
12.make fire 生火
13.in order to 为了 so as to; in order that; so that
14.even though/even if 即使,纵然 as if / as though
15.treat…as/like… 把…当作 regard...as...; think of...as
16.share sth. with sb. 与…分享 share (in) sth 分享
17.care about/for 关心,照顾,喜欢
care to do sth 愿意做;care for sb to do sth 愿意某人做
care + 从句 愿意;介意
18.should have done 本来应该 =ought to have done
19.make friends with 与…交朋友
20.such as 例如 for example;for instance
21. keep...as a pet
22. regard ...as...; treat...as; think of...as; consider...as/to be
23. be loyal to; be faithful to;be devoted to 忠诚于
24. be quick in mind and action 思维敏捷行动迅速
25. have fun; enjoy oneself; have a wonderful time
26. drop me a line 给某人写短信
27.keep…in mind 把…记住 learn...by heart; remember
28.in error / by mistake 由于错误或疏忽
29.tie up (one’s hair) 扎起来 do up
30.run into 偶然遇见; 遭遇;与...相撞
come across; meet by chance; happen to meet
31.be proud of 以…而感骄傲 take pride in
32.run a restaurant 开餐馆 start a restaurant
run a business 做生意
33.skip classes 逃课
33.keep an eye on 照顾; 注视;stare at 盯着看
34.make fun of 取笑某人; laugh at
35. It is possible (for sb) to do;
It is possible/probable/likely that...
Sb. + is (most) likely to do sth.
Sth. + is probable
36.be curious about 对…感到好奇 be curious that...
have the curiosity about
37. have problems with 在... 有问题
38. even if you are thousand miles apart即使你们分别在几千英里
39. despite = in spite of 尽管;不管 regardless of

Unit 2 必会习语

Warming up
1. for the first time 第一次;首先 at first; first of all
2. have a good flight (坐飞机)旅途愉快
3. all the way 一路
4. at all (否定:根本; 疑问:到底; 条件:竟然)
above all 首先;首要的 after all 毕竟; in all 总共
5. make oneself at home 不拘束, 别客气
6. There you are. 你来了。 Here you are. 给你。

7. all around the world 世界各地 throughout the world
8. the majority of 大多数的 the minority of
9. in total; in all; altogether 总共
10. the number of …的数量 (large; small 谓语动词单数)
a number of 一些; 许多
11. except for 除了...之外; 要不是
except 除了...都; besides 除了...还;except +从句
except (除去)指在整体中除去行为未发生者 (不包括在内)
except for (除了有…之外)指在一个整体中除去其中某个或某些因素,前后两个名词性质不同。
except that (除去;除掉) 后接从句,还有except when, except what; except where等
besides (除了…还) 包括在整体之内
but (除了...之外) 和except 同义,与否定词或疑问词连用
11. communicate with sb. 与...交流,联络
12. have a good knowledge of 对...很熟悉; 通晓

GRAMMAR 祈使句间接引语
Ask sb (not) to do sth 请某人做/不做某事
Tell sb (not) to do sth 让某人不做某事
Order sb (not) to do sth 命令某人做/不做某事
13. help sb. with sth 在某方面帮助某人
help sb do sth; help do sth; 帮助
assist sb with sth; assist sb to do sth;
assist in doing sth. 协助某人做...
14. stand still 站着不动; stay still; lie still
15. leave the door open 让门一直开着
leave the light on 让灯一直亮着
leave sb doing sth 留置/听任...保持...(做某事)的状态
leave... done 留置/听任...保持...(被...)的状态
16. turn down /up the radio  把收音机声音关小/开大
turn up 出现 turn down 拒绝
turn off / on 关掉/打开
turn in 上缴; turn out 结果是;被证明是
17. stay up 熬夜; 不睡觉

Integrating skills    
18. come about 发生;happen; take place; break out
19. There is no quick answer to this question.
20. in the same way 用同样的方式 in different ways 不同
in this way 这样 in no way 决不
in the way 挡道;妨碍 out of the way 不挡道
in a way 在某种程度上;在某一点上
on the way 在路上;即将发生
by the way 顺便说/问一下;
by way of 经由;经过  
21. stay the same = remain the same. 保持不变
22.at the same time 同时 =meanwhile
23. end up with 以...(形式)告终 begin/start with
end in failure 以失败而告终     
24. more or less 或多或少
25. have difficulty/trouble in doing sth  做某事有困难
26. a great many; many a; a great number of (可数)
a great many factories 区分 a great many of the factories
a great deal of; a large amount of; (不可数)
a large quantity of; large quantities of; plenty of; lots of        
27. bring in 带来; 引进 bring out 出版;生产;揭露
bring about 引起;导致 bring up 抚养;培养

29. shut up 闭嘴
30.pass away 去世
31.promise sb to do sth 答应某人做某事
promise that...
make a promise
32.make a decision 做出决定=decide
33. marry sb; 与某人结婚 get married to sb
be married to sb
34. at least 至少 at most 最多
35. a little bit 区分:a little; a bit; a bit of; not a bit ; not a little
36. chat on line 网上聊天
37. stay in touch =keep in touch with sb.= keep track of
get in touch with; 取得联系 lose touch with 失去联系
38. because of 区分 because
thanks to 多亏了 as a result of 由于...的结果
due to 由于,因为 owing to 由于;因为
39. not only... but also.. (用于句首时,前句倒装)
Not only did Xiaohua learn a lot of English from her Canadian teacher, she also became very interested in Canada. (前句倒,后句不倒)
Not only the students but also the teacher doesn’t understand this sentence. (并列主语,不倒装,谓语就近一致)
40. as many as; as much as 和...一样多
as many books as as much money as
His son is as naughty a boy as he used to be when he was young.
41. in the name of 以....的名义

Unit 3必会习语

1. consider ...( as/to be)... 认为...是
consider sb to have done 认为某人做过某事
consider it +n./adj. for sb to do sth
consider doing sth 考虑要做某事
consider +疑问词 + to do sth 考虑...
consider that从句 认为;考虑
in consideration of 报答;由于
take ...into consideration 顾及,考虑到
under consideration 在考虑中,在研究中
2. means of transportation/transport 交通方式
Every possible means has been tried, but none worked.
All possible means have been tried, ...
by all means 不惜一切 =in all ways
by this means 用这种方法 =in this way
by no means 决不; 一点也不=in no way
by means of 通过, 借助于 = by
3. in time 及时;早晚;总有一天 travel in time 在时空中旅行
on time 准时 in no time 马上;立刻
at that time 那时 at times 有时
for the time being 暂时的
4. prefer sth / to do sth / sb to do sth 更喜欢;较喜欢
prefer doing A to doing B 宁愿做某事
prefer A to B; 喜欢A 胜于B = like A better than B
prefer to do A rather than do B 宁愿做A 而不愿做 B
5. in space 在太空 in outer space 在外部空间

6. get away (from) 摆脱; 离开
break away from 脱离 get rid of 去除
7. more and more 越来越…
8. instead of 代替; 而不是 (区分:instead)rather than
9. try doing 试验做 try to do sth 努力去做;试图作
manage to do sth = succeed in doing sth 设法做到了某事
attempt to do sth; make an attempt to do sth 企图做某事
10. get close to 靠近; 接近
11. experience life 体验生活 experience C.n 经历 U.n.经验
12. take exercise 进行锻炼 have sports; do sport
exercise C.n 练习题 (pl) 体操 U.n 锻炼
13. go for a hike = go hiking 去徒步旅行
14. watch out (for...) 留神; 提防
15. protect… from/against … 保护…免受…
16. be careful (not) to do sth 小心(不)做某事
be careful about 注意
be careful with 小心;
17. as with ....也一样 as to / for 至于;关于
18. think about 考虑 think of 想到,想起
think over 仔细考虑 think out 想出
19. go rafting 去漂流
20. unless = if not 除非...否则...
You should not go rafting unless you know how to swim.(条件)
You must not get off the bus until it has stopped.(时间)

How are you getting to the airport?
My plane leaves at seven this evening.
21. go on separate holidays 分别去度假
22. in a few days’ time = in a few days =a few days later 几天后
after 和 in 的区分
23. go off to ; be off to 动身去 leave for;
24. see sb off 给某人送行 meet sb 接某人
25. take a taxi to 乘出租车 go to ...by taxi
26. have a nice / pleasant trip/journey 祝旅途愉快
27. say “Hi” to sb. for me 代我向某人问好
give my regards to sb
remember me to sb.
28. The same to you. 我也祝愿你。
对比: It’s the same with... ...也一样
It’s all the same to sb 对某人而言是一样的。
I have the same pencil bag as yours/ you have.
29. in the past 在过去 in the old days
30. at present 目前; at the present time; nowadays
31. in the future 在未来;将来 in future 以后
32. used to do sth 过去常做某事
be used to do sth 被用来做 be used for (doing) sth
be used to sth/doing sth 习惯于 get used to doing

33. combine…with… 把…和…结合起来 (为了共同目的合并)
connect...with/to... 把...和...连接起来 (通过媒介物连接)
join...to... (直接连接)
34. on (the) one hand… , on the other hand …
一方面…, 另一方面..
35. so that = in order that 为了…; 以便…
36. learn about 了解; 学习有关…知识
37. as well as =and 也; 又;以及 as well = too
38. by doing sth... 通过作某事 by means of doing
39. make money 挣钱; 赚钱 earn money
40. the four of you 你们四个人
four of you 你们其中的四个人
41. prepare ( sth) for... 为…做准备... get ready for
prepare sb for sth 使某人为某事做好准备
be well prepared (for); 为...做好了充分的准备=be ready for
make preparations for 为...做准备
42. make notes 做笔记 take notes
43. take off (飞机)起飞;脱掉(衣帽鞋)
44. go on holiday 去度假 go to (a place) for a holiday
45. fill…with… 给…充满… be filled with; be full of 充满了
46. the way (in which/that) + 定语从句
the/a way of doing sth = the/a way to do sth 做某事的方法
47. catch up with 赶上 keep up with 跟上;不落后
48. reach out (for sth) 伸手去(拿,碰)
49. pay attention to 注意
focus one’s attention on
call /draw/attract one’s attention to 吸引某人的注意力于

50. give away 赠送, 放弃, 泄漏(机密)
give up 放弃 give in (to sb) 屈服
give out 分发;发出(光,热,气,味等)
give off 发出(光,热,气,味等)
51. come up with 提出;想到(主意);

Unit 4 必会习语
1. talk about 谈论; 议论 talk with sb; talk of 提到
2. host the 2008 Olympic Games 举办2000年奥运会
3. take place = come about; happen 发生
4. be caught in (a rain; a traffic jam; the earthquake)
5. create a dialogue = make up a dialogue 编对话
6. play tennis 打网球
7. for fun = as a joke 开玩笑的;不是认真的;为了取乐的
8. I hope so. I hope not.
9. shout /call for help 呼救
10. go on (a) holiday 去度假 go to...for a holiday
on holiday 在度假
11. on fire 着火 catch fire 着火;set fire to=set...on fire 纵火
make fire 生火
12. I’m afraid of +n. 害怕
I’m afraid that... 担心
I’m afraid to do sth 不敢做某事
I’m afraid of doing sth 害怕做某事
I’m afraid so. 恐怕是这样
I’m afraid not. 恐怕不会。

13. a natural disaster 自然灾害
14. hear/see sb. doing sth 听见/看见某人正在做某事
hear/ see sb do sth 听见/看见某人做过某事
15. look around 环顾; 四处看
16. advance towards 朝…前进
17. before +从句 还没来得及...
18. be upon 逼近; 临近
19. sweep sb down 把...冲到了
20. drag 拖拉(重物);(比较艰难缓慢,有阻力)
drag oneself along 拖着沉重的步子走
pull 拉;扯 (应用范围比较广)
pull a tooth 拔牙 pull the door open 拉开门
pull at 拉扯 pull up 拉起来;拉上来
draw 拉(比较从容、平稳不费力)
draw one’s attention 吸引注意;draw a conclusion 得出结论
draw back 后退 draw money from bank 从银行取钱
draw near 就要来临;逼近
21. get on one’s feet (艰难的)站起来 get up; stand up
22. hold on to 抓住
23. pull up 拉起来; 拉上来
24. against the wall 倚着墙
25. fight for 为…而战 struggle for 为…而斗争
26. look into 往…里面看; 浏览; 调查
look into one’s eyes 注视着某人 stare at; fix one’s eyes on;
look sb in the mirror 照镜子
look sb up and down 上下打量某人
20. with a look of fright 害怕的; 恐惧的
21. around the corner 即将来临,on its way; draw near;
in store
22. cut down 砍倒;削减 cut up 切碎 cut off 切断
cut in 插嘴;加塞 cut out 删除;剪下来 cut away 剪掉
23. three meters deep 三米深 three metres in depth
a three-meter-deep hole = a hole of three meters deep
24. sweep away (风) 吹走; (浪) 卷走;
sweep down 吹倒; 席卷; 冲倒
25. work out 计算出;想出(办法);制定(计划);
work at 从事;致力于 work on 继续工作;从事于
26. refer to 指的是; 谈到;提到;查阅
27. strike,普通用词,“打一下;打几下”,不一定有意;“敲钟”。 hit,“击中,打,对准”,着重敲打或打击对方的某一点
beat,连续的打击; 如殴打或体罚等;游戏竞赛战争中击败
knock 敲;打 ;撞击
27. advance the deadline 提前最后期限;
28.pull at/on 拉一下
29. seize an opportunity/chance 抓住机会 = grasp/take/grab...
chance 可能性 U.n. & C.n
There is a chance/no chance of sb doing sth
that 从句
The chances /chances are that... 可能...
by chance 偶然
30. (区分:pay; cost; spend; take)
sb pay money for sth
sth cost sb money
sb spend money on sth; sb spend time/money in doing sth
It takes sb time to do sth
31. in town 在城里 in the country(side) 在乡下
go to town 进城 go to the country(side) 下乡
32.take a photo of sb / sb doing sth 给…照相
33. in a second = in a very shore time
34. a two-day trip 一次两天的旅行
35. the next morning 第二天早上
36. on the morning of April 18th, 1906
37. as a result of 由于…的结果 as a consequence of
34. A +动词/be + ten times larger than+B 比…大十倍
A +动词/be +ten times as large as+B 是…的十倍
A +动词/be +ten times the size of+B 是…的十倍

Unit 5 必会习语
1. while still a student = while she was still a student 还是个学生的时候(状语从句的省略现象)
(you) Don’t talk while (you are) eating.
When (he was) asked how he gained first place, he suddenly
became cheerful.
The boys will go out to play football whenever (it is) possible.
I won’t go to his birthday party unless (I am) invited.
2. play/act a role 扮演角色
play the role of...
play a part/role in... 在...中起作用
3. after graduating/graduation (from...) 毕业以后
4. work as an actress 做演员
5. during/in the 1980s 二十世纪八十年代
6. win a prize 获奖 win a game/a battle/honour
beat/defeat sb 打败某人 win sb. 把某人争取过来
7. get married (to sb); 结婚(瞬间)=marry sb.
be married (to sb) 结婚(延续)
7. in the beginning = at first 开始的时候
反义;in the end = at last; finally; eventually 最后
8. make money 赚钱 earn money

9. make a film /blockbuster/follow-ups 拍电影/巨片/续集
10. The reason……is that….. 原因是…
This is because... 这是因为...
for this reason ; for some reason; for some reasons
the reason for +n./doing sth
the reason why/ for which... 定语从句
reason 与 cause 的区别
cause of the fire/accident
11. work on 从事于; 制作
12. take off 起飞;脱掉;很快上升; 开始流行/畅销
13. by the sea 在海边; by sea 乘船; in the sea 在海里
on the sea 在海面上 at sea 在海上;航海中;茫然
14. be afraid to do sth 不敢作某事
be afraid of doing sth害怕做某事
be afraid that 担心;恐怕
15. come from outer space 来自外部空间
16. cut/tear…into pieces 把…切/撕成碎片
cut/tear ... into halves 把...切/撕成两半
17. do research (in/into...) 搞研究
18. go wrong 出错;出故障;走错道 do a little wrong
19. in the end 最后;终于 at the end of在…末尾/尽头
by the end of 到…末为止
19. meat-eating dinosaurs 食肉恐龙
20. owe sth to sb. = owe sb sth 把…归功于;感谢;欠(债)
21. can’t help doing sth 情不自禁, 忍不住做某事
can’t help do sth 不能帮忙做某事
22. pass the exam 考试及格 fail (in) the exam 考试不及格
23. a thirteen-year-old girl 十三岁小姑娘
a girl of thirteen years old; a girl of thirteen years of age;
a girl aged thirteen
24. stay/be away for a month 离开一个月
25. take one’s place; take the place of 代替
26. lock …up 把…锁起来
27. run after 追赶; 追求; 追捕 be after
28. escape (from)... 从...逃离
escape from / flee (from) /run away from a country
escape doing sth ;
escape being caught 没有被抓住
catch sb doing sth; be caught doing sth
29. run away from school 逃学 skip classes
30. determine to do sth;make up one’s mind;decide
be determined to do sth 决意/ 决心做某事
31. go to town 进城 in town 在城里
go to the country in the country
32. on the air 正在广播; 播送 =be broadcast
go on the air 开始广播 go off the air 停止广播
in the air在空中; (消息等)在传播, 悬而未决的
by air = by plane
33. live adj 活的(动物); 现场直播的; adv. 以实况的
living adj 活着的; 有生命的;现行的(前置定语;表语)
alive adj 活着的, ( 后置定语; 表语)
a living language 现行的语言
the greatest living poet 当代最伟大的诗人
a live fish 活鱼
the live gala on New Year’s Eve 直播的新年除夕晚会
the only man alive 唯一还活着的人
34. all the other pupils 所有其他学生
35. together with 和…一起
36. in one’s own words 用自己的话 in other words 换句话说
37. make comments on / make a comment on 对…发表评论
38. give one’s opinions about 对…发表意见
39. think highly/well of =speak highly of
40. encourage sb to do sth
39. lead to + n. 通往;导致 result in; cause sb to do sth
lead sb to do sth 导致某人作某事 lead to sb doing sth
lead sb (in) doing sth; 带领某人做
lead sb + 介词短语
40. make/earn a living 谋生
41. at a high /low price 以高/低价
42. make a decision 做出决定
43. accept one’s apology 接受某人的道歉
apologize to sb; make an apology to sb. 向某人道歉
44. break down 出故障; 坏了;分解 break up 拆散
45. at full / high speed 高速 at a speed of 100 miles per hour
speed up 加速 speed by 飞驰而过
46. the World Cup Final 世界杯决赛
47. think highly/well of 对…高度评价 speak highly of
48. observe / obey the law 遵守法律 break the law
49. give sb a second look 再看某人一眼
50. make a fool of sb 愚弄某人 = fool sb.
51. turn out 结果变成
52. depend on / rely on 依靠, 依赖
53. stand by sb 支持某人 support sb /take sb’s side
54. meet with 遇见
55. encourage sb to do sth 鼓励某人干某事
56. lead the life of a real princess 过上真正的公主生活
57. make one’s career 在事业上有所成就
58. be clear about 对…清楚
59. combine ….with…把…和…结合起来
60. compare…with…把…和…比较
compare...to... 把...比作...
compared to/with 与...相比
Compared to men, fewer women smoke in China.

Unit 6 必会习语
Warming up & Speaking
1. apologize to sb. for sth/doing sth 因…向…道歉
make an apology to sb. for sth/ doing sth
2. mean + n./doing sth 意思是;意味着
mean +n. /to do sth/ that-clause 打算;意欲;有…的意图
mean sb to do sth. 打算(使/让)某人作某事
He meant no harm to you. / He meant you no harm.
He means his son to become a doctor.

Table Manners At A Dinner Party
3. for the first time “第一次” (作状语)
the first time “第一次”(相当于连词引导时间状语从句)
This is the first time that…. “这是第…次作某事了” (从句中用完成时)
On that day the scientist took us to the lab for the first time.
The first time we met, she wore a pair of glasses.
This is the first time that I have been here.
4. make / leave / create a good impression (on sb)
留下好印象 impress on sb
5. be impressed by/with 对...留下印象
6. drink a toast 祝酒 drink to+n. 为...干杯
7. start with = begin with 以…开始
end up with 以…结束 end in failure
8. keep silent 保持沉默
9. for a moment(一会儿); in a moment(过一会儿);
at the moment(此时); after a moment(过了一会儿)
for the moment(暂时); at any moment(随时)
10. at the table 在桌前 at table 在吃饭
in the hospital / in hospital
in the prison / in prison /go to the prison /go to prison
in the church / in church / go to the church / go to church
go to the school / go to school
11.will 作情态动词,表意愿,决心,可用于if条件句中
You’d better not drink too much if you drive home after
the party.
He will come to see you if he has time.
If you will turn down the TV. There is really too much noise.
If you will read the book, I can lend it to you.
11. all the time 一直
12. drink to sb’s health / drink to sb.
13. raise one’s glass 举杯
14. take a sip 呡一小口
15. change over time 经过一段时间
16. follow the fashion of the day 跟随时尚
17. lay the table 摆桌子
18. serve the dishes 上菜
serve the people 为人民服务
serve in the army 服役
This restaurant serves Chinese food. (供应)

19. mix…with 把…和…混合 be mixed with
20. extra information 额外信息
21. leave out 省略
22. wish you all the best = best wishes for you.

Workbook Exercises
23. look forward to +n./doing 盼望;期盼…
24. stare at 盯着看
25. pay the bill 买单;付帐单
May I have the bill, please?
26. behave oneself 注意自己的言行举止 behavior
27. It is certain that… 肯定…
It is uncertain whether/when, etc….
Sb +be sure/certain to do sth 一定会做某事
Sb +be sure/certain about/of... 对...有把握
Sb +be sure/certain that... 相信...
Sb +be not sure/certain whether/what...
28. fairy tales 童话
29. belong to 属于 (不用被动、进行时)
30. direct the traffic 指挥交通
31. produce / make /generate electricity 发电
32. hang (hanged/hanged) oneself vt. 上吊;绞死
hang-hung-hung 悬挂;vi. & vt.
33. The Hope Project 希望工程

Good Manners in the World
34. communicate with 与…交流
35. shake hands with sb 和…握手
36. look right into sbs eyes/face 直视着
37. blow ones nose 擤鼻涕
38. in public 在公共场所 make ...public ; the public
39. think…to be… 认为…是…think of...as
40. at home and abroad 在国内外
41. give sb. some advice on sth / doing sth/how to do sth
take/follow sbs advice 听某人的劝告
42. lead sb to do sth 导致某人做某事 lead to sb doing sth
43. pay a visit to sb/a place 拜访,参观
call on sb / call at a place
drop in (on sb) / (at a place)
44. make jokes about 拿…开玩笑; 讲笑话
play a joke on sb ; have a joke about
have a joke with sb ; joke with sb 和...开玩笑
tell jokes 讲笑话
make fun of 取笑 laugh at 嘲笑;讥笑

Unit 7 必会词语
1. cultural relics/sites 文化古迹
2. in ones opinion 以某人的意见
3. Where there is a river, there is a city.
4. on the bank of a river 在河岸/畔
5. during/in ones lifetime;
in all ones life;
throughout ones life 在某人的一生中
6. look like something out of a fairy tale
7. in history 在历史上
8. under attack/fire 被攻击 (under=in the process of)
under arrest; under discussion; under construction;
under consideration; under control; under examination; under investigation; under observation; under repairs;
9. give in (to sb) 让步,屈服 give up 放弃
give out 发放; 发出(光;热;气等);用尽
give off 散发(光;热;气) give away 抛弃;捐赠
give over 转交,移交=hand over
10. in ruins 废墟 bring…to ruin 使…变成废墟=ruin sth
come/go to ruin=fall into ruin 变成废墟
11. lie in pieces on the ground 成为碎片撒了一地
12. We will do everything/all/what we can to save our city.
13. It seems (to me) that…;
It seems as if …;
There seems to be…
S. + seems/seemed to...
14. bring…back to life 使…复苏, 使…苏醒
come back to life 复苏; 苏醒
15. with the help of = with sbs help 在…的帮助下
16. including sth. / sth. included 包括…在内
区分:include 和contain
This album contains 30 maps, including three of China.
17. look out over the city 俯视这个城市
18. come true 实现 (realize one’s dream)
come easy/right/loose
19. Strong, proud and united, the people of St Petersburg are the modern heroes of Russia.
Cruso returned home, full of fear.
The policeman put down the telephone, satisfied with a smile on his face.
I went to bed, hungry.

19. over a period of 150 years 经过150 年
19. change ones mind 改变主意
20. in mens table tennis singles / doubles event
21. pull down 推倒;拆
21. send up 发射 send for; send out;
22. set up 成立; 建立;found; put up; build
23. turn/change…into… 把…变成
24. keep the same look 保持原貌
25. so far = up till now 到目前为止

26. make + 宾语+宾语补足语 使的…
make + 宾语+ do sth =sb be made to do sth
+ n.
+ adj.
+ done
make ones voice heard ;
make oneself known/understood

27. provide / supply sth for sb = provide sb with sth. 给…提供
offer sb sth = offer sth to sb
28. be careful with 对…小心/认真
29. have much /little/nothing in common
30. be made up of 由…组成 consist of
31. settle down 定居 settle a problem
32. keep in touch with 与…保持联系 keep track of
get in touch with 与…取得联系
be out of touch with 与…失去联系
lose touch with 与…失去联系
33. bring down/up the price 降价/提价 v.t
go down /up v.i
34. put up a notice 张贴布告
35. the State Council 国务院

36. for several reasons 由于一些原因
37. all through the year = all the year round 一年四季
throughout the year
38. rise by 63 meters 上升了63 米
by 表示“相差程度”
39. as a result /consequence of 由于…的结果
40. date from = date back to 追溯于; 始建于
This temple dates from the Song Dynasty.
The temple, dating back to the Song Dynasty, will be pull down.
41. in danger 处于危险中; out of danger 脱离危险
42. be carved in rock 被刻在岩石上
43. make a plan for 为…制订计划
44. stone by stone 一块石头一块石头地
one by one
45. in all = in total =altogether 总共
46. be marked with 被标上…记号
47. Three Gorges Dam 三峡大坝
48. The Temple of Heaven 天坛
Unit 8 必会习语
1. the Olympic Games 奥运会
2. stand for 代表;容忍;支持/拥护;为...候选人
区分:represent 和 stand for
3. the Olympic Torch Relay 奥运火炬接力
4. the host city 主办城市
5. be worth + n. 值… sth.+ be worth doing …值得做
be worthy of + n.
be worthy of being done
be worthy to be done
It is worth while to do sth / doing sth
6. score 20 points 得20分 (v.)
a score of people 20人 two score of people 40人
three score and ten of people 70人
scores of people 许多人
注意:a dozen eggs 十二个鸡蛋 two dozen eggs
a dozen of these eggs 一打这种鸡蛋
dozens of eggs 许多鸡蛋

7. every four years 每四年;每隔三年
every fourth year 每第四年
every other year 每隔一年
every few years 每隔几年
8. take part in = join in = participate in 参加
attend 出席 join sb (in doing sth) 和某人一起做某事
9. compete in 参加(竞赛)
compete against/with 与…相对抗
compete for 为…而竞争
10. allow /permit/forbid sb to do sth 允许/禁止某人做某事
allow/permit/forbid doing sth 允许/禁止做某事
Nothing is permitted; everything is allowed.
11. in modern times 在现代 in ancient times 在古代
12. do /try ones best to do sth 尽力做某事
13. rank third/high/low 位居第三/排名高(低)
She ranks first in English study in our class.
people of all ranks 各个阶层的人
14. host the Olympic games 主办奥运会
15. light the torch 点燃火炬 (lit—lit; lighted—lighted)
He lit a candle and the lighted candle lit up the room.
16. in preparation for 为…做准备
prepare for 为…做准备
make preparations for 为...作准备
17. have a good / bad effect on …对…有好/坏影响=affect
have influence on=influence

18. tens of thousands of 成千上万
19. pay …( to sb) for sth 付钱给…买…
20. at the opening /closing (ceremony) of 在…开/闭幕式上
21. by hand 手工 with one’s hands
22. spend…on sth 在…花费(钱;时间)
spend….(in) doing sth 花 (钱;时间) 做某事
spend (time) +a place 在某地度过(一段时间)
23. more than = not only 不仅
More than fifty people attended the conference.
He dressed more than simply. 他穿着极为朴素。
We were more than pleased to hear of her coming.
He is more than a teacher to me.
She more than smiled, but laughed. (岂止是微笑,简直是大笑)
He is more brave than wise. (有勇无谋)
more than不仅 no more than = only 仅仅
Yao Ming has more than just size; he also has great skill and speed and he is a team player. (不仅)
He has no more than handsome look; he is neither wise nor polite. (仅仅)
not more than = less than 不超过;至多
no more than = only 仅仅
There is no more than ten yuan in my pocket. (只有)
There is not more than ten yuan in my pocket. (不到)
He is no taller/no more careful than me. (并不比...更)
He is not taller/more careful than me. (不如)
24. live ones dream =try to realize ones dream 努力实现梦想

25. set /give a good example to sb 为…树立好榜样
copy / follow the example of 学习/效仿...的榜样
26. the International Olympic Committee 国际奥委会
27. the spirit of the Olympic Games 奥林匹克精神
28. care about 关心
29. take up 占去(空间); 开始从事;拿起;
30. put on weight = gain weight 体重增加
lose weight 减肥
31. as follows 如下

32. even if 即使
33. hear about/of 听说
hear from sb 收到某人来信
hear that... 听说
34. I wish +从句 (虚拟语气;时态倒退一步)
I wish I were twenty years younger.
I wish I could make as much money as Michael Jordan.
I wish I had seen my favuorite movie star the other day.
35.deal with 对付;应付;处理;涉及;做生意
How did you deal with the rubbish?
What did you do with the rubbish?
36. shoot the ball into the other teams goal 把球踢入对方球门
Unit 9 必会习语
1.be used for 被用于… be used as 被用作…
2. It depends. 要看情况而定。
3. live life on the go 过着忙碌的生活
4. on the go 忙忙碌碌的; 四处奔走
5. make it possible for sb to do sth 使得某人做某事成为可能
6. throughout the world 遍及世界
7. more than 不仅, 多于;
no more than 仅仅; 只不过
not more than 少于, 不足
8. add to 增添;增加 add…to… 给…增加…
add up 加起来 add up to 加起来总共是
9. remind sb of/about sth 提醒某人某事
remind sb to do sth 提醒某人做某事
remind sb of doing sth 提醒某人已做过某事
remind that...
10.have an appointment with sb. 和…有预约
keep /break ones appointment 守约/违约
make an appointment with sb. 和…约定
by appointment 按约定
11. obey /break the rules 遵守/违反规定
12. agree (not) to do sth
agree that sb can/will do sth
agree with; agree to; agree on
13. dare not do = dont dare to do 不敢作…(同need)
14. take sth/sb away from… 把….从….带/拿走
14. stay/keep in touch with sb.; /keep track of
be in touch with 与…保持联系
get in touch with 与…取得联系
lose touch with 与…失去联系
be out of touch with
15. call for help 求救
16. in case (of an emergency) 万一; 以免
in case +从句 万一
17. do whatever he wants to do 想干什么就干什么
whatever 和 no matter what 区分
18. according to 根据
19. the negative/positive effect of ….的负面/正面影响

20. take over 接管
21. (in) the way that/in which… …的方法
The few surviving human beings are being used (in) the way (that) we use machines today.
22. break down 出故障
23. dream of/ about 梦见;梦想
24. fail to do sth; fail in doing sth 没能做到…
succeed in doing sth 成功的做某事
be successful in doing sth
25. force sb to do sth 强迫某人做某事 oblige sb to do sth
by force 靠武力
26. come up with 想到; 提出
27. take steps /measures/action to do sth 采取措施
28. look up the words in the dictionary 在字典上查单词
29. go for a job interview 去面试找工作
30. unite as one 团结一致
31. hand in ones homework 交作业
32. suffer a serious defeat 遭惨败

33. be based on 以…为基础
34. take …apart 把…分解 =separate
35. on the way 在路上 on one’s way to 在去...的路上
in the way 妨碍;挡道 in a way 在某种程度上
by the way 顺便问一下 (in)this/that way 这样
in the same way 用同样的方法
in different ways 用不同的方法
in no way 决不;一点也不
the way to do/of doing sth 做...的方法
the way (that/in which)定语从句
make one’s way to 朝...走去
all the way 一路上;从头至尾
by way of 经由;通过...的方法
way of life 生活方式
36. so far 到目前为止
37. We are still a long way from being able to do sth.
=It will take us a long time to be able to do sth.
38. It is possible (for sb) to do sth
It is likely/possible/probable that...
Sb is likely to do sth.
39. The more we know, the more we can imagine.
越..., 就越....
The more you listen to English, the easier it will become.
The longer you live in this place, the less you will like it.

Unit 10 习语必会

1.no longer; no more
1. There be… left 有…剩下
2. hunt animals for food 为得到…而捕猎…
hunt for 搜寻
hunt animals 狩猎
3. know of/about 对…了解
4. in danger 处于危险中 out of danger 脱离危险
in danger of 面临...的危险
endanger vt. 使...濒危;危害
endangered animals 濒危动物 become endangered
5. die out 灭绝; 消失
die away ; die off; die of; die from; die down
be dying for 渴望;很想
6. It follows that… 由此得出…; 可见…
People get sick because of air pollution. It follows that we must do something about it.
7. lead to 导致
8. take turns to do sth/ doing sth 轮流做某事
do sth in turn/by turns
9. act as 扮演 play a role of
10. an environmental expert 一位环境专家
11. keep/stop/prevent sb from doing sth 阻止…做…
keep sb doing sth 使...一直做...
keep (on) doing sth 坚持做某事
protect...from/against 保护...免受...
12. we dont do as we say. 我们言行不一。
13. ( take sb ) on a tour of... (带某人)游览...
14. have a bright future 用有一个灿烂的未来
15. harm sb/ do harm to sb/ do sb harm/ be harmful to sb
伤害某人;对...有害=be bad for
do good to sb/do sb good/ be good for/
benefit sb./be of benefit to 对...有好处/益
16. take measures/steps/action 采取措施
17. be used to sth/ doing sth 习惯于…
18. adapt to (改变以)适应 adapt oneself to 使自己适应于
adjust to (调整以)适应
19. become endangered 频临危险
20. the original species 原有的物种 species (单复数相同)
21. first of all 首先 at first; above all
22. make a big difference 大改观;影响大
23.If we know more about what causes endangerment, we may be able to take measures before it is too late. 如果我们能更多地了解致使生物濒危的原因,就能及时采取补救措施。
◘They are thinking of buying the house before the prices go up. 他们正在考虑趁房价未涨时把房子买下来。
◘If you don’t like the present job, I suggest you look for another one before it is too late.
◘He hung up before I could say a word.

24. devote oneself to sth/doing sth 致力于…
be devoted to sth/doing sth 投身于
a devoted friend / wife
25. at present 目前 at the present time
be present at 出席
26. explain sth to sb 向某人解释…=explain to sb sth
27. set…free 释放 =free
28. in the wild 处于野生状态

29.be careful with 细心;认真
be careful of/about 注意;留意
30. throw away 扔掉;throw about 四处乱扔
31. care about 关心 care for 喜欢;
32. go on a tour to 去…观光/游览
33. a large amount of (money) 许多(钱)
34. (translate) word for word 逐字地
answer point for point 逐点答复
对比:one by one; little by little
35. up to (1)正在做;从事于(2)大约; 多达
◘What’s he up to? 他在干什么? (常用作贬义)
◘I guess the fellow is up to no good.
◘The little boy can count up to twenty.
◘The students are allowed up to two hours to finish the test. 学生们有长达两小时的时间来完成试题。
◘It’s up to you to decide what to do next.
◘The success of this project is up to us.
36. become extinct = die out
37. keep…as a pet 把…当宠物养
38.common adj. 常见的; 共同的; 普遍的(侧重指共性;强调“非特殊性,非优秀性” 或 "不足为奇的"
usual adj 通常的;寻常的;惯常的 (多指”习惯性的,遵循常规的,一贯如此的" 强调时间角度。
ordinary 通常的;普通的, 也指普遍的,但不是因为大家所共有而普遍常见, 而是因为符合事物的正常法则及一般规律而十分普遍; 也可带贬义,指低于一般标准的事物或人。
popular 普及的;通俗的, 指为广大群众所接受或深受喜爱的
general 一般的;普通的; 指属于大部分人或大部分事物的属性, 因此是一般的,普通的,可能也包括了一些极少数的例外。
Unit 11 习语必会
1. a piece of music 一支曲子
2. Can you help me to decide what to buy?
3. What do you have in mind? 你有什么主意?
4. dance to (a song/music) 伴着(歌曲/音乐)跳舞
5. What can/do you suggest?
suggest sth
suggest (sb) doing sth
suggest that...
suggest +虚拟语气 (建议) insist +虚拟 (坚决要求)
suggest + 陈述语气 (表示) insist +陈述 (坚决认为)
6. Have you considered doing...? 你考虑过...吗?
consider...(as/to be)... 认为...是...
consider sb to have done sth 认为...做过某事
5. a musical instrument 乐器
6. musical styles 音乐风格
in style 流行的 out of style 过时的
7. have much/nothing in common with
8. along with 和…一起
9. a variety of 各种各样的 varieties of = various
10. pick out 挑出 choose; select
pick up; pick on; pick
11. The style is the man. 文如其人
12. the key to the classroom 教室的钥匙
the answer to the question 问题的答案
the solution to the problem 问题的解决办法
the entrance to the station 车站的入口
13. give/put on a performance 表演/上演节目
14. golden pen 金笔 gold necklace 金项链
15. a two-room house 一个两室的房子
a four-storey building = a building of four storeys/stories
16. make a record 录制唱片 set a record 创纪录
record a song 录一首歌
17. turn into 变成; 译成 turn...into; turn to

18. become more and more similar 变得越来越相似
19. make music ones career 把音乐当事业
20. on the other hand 另一方面
20. satisfy sb. 使得某人满意
be satisfied with 对…感到满意
be pleased with; be content with
satisfactory = satisfying; satisfaction
21. satisfy one’s inner desire 满足某人的内心欲望
21. make people feel easy 让人们感觉轻松/悠闲
22. forget about 忘记了

23. have a hit 风靡一时
24. over the past twenty years 经过了过去的20年
25.be common for 对...很普通的
25. think…to be…. 认为…是
26. turn to 转向; 求助于;翻到
turn writer 成为作家 turn 20 过了20岁
27. think well of (be well thought of)
=think highly of =speak highly of
= sing high praise for 对…评价很高
28. make fun of 取笑; 拿某人取乐
29. bring in 带来(收入); 引进(技术)
30. on their travels 在旅行时
31, in the open air 在户外
31. for free 免费
a free meal
He is free with his money.
All these books are given away (for) free/free of charge.
The old woman has never been free from pain.
You are free to do anything you like, within the law.
Unit 12 必会习语
Warming up & Speaking
1. match…with… 把….和….相配
2. action film 动作片
3. romantic comedy 浪漫喜剧
4. shootings and fights 枪战
5. at the art festival 在艺术节上/期间
6. magical power 魔力
7. magic tricks 魔术技巧
8. welcome to + n. 欢迎到…. Welcome home!
give sb a warm welcome 热烈欢迎
9. a world of magic and wonders 充满魔力和神奇的世界
10. a series of 一系列的
11. seem like =look like 看起来像
12. treat sb to sth 请某人(吃…) treat sb badly 虐待
treat ...as/like...
13. in trouble 在困境中
get into trouble 陷入困境
ask for trouble 自找麻烦 make trouble 捣乱
put sb to trouble 给人添麻烦
take trouble to do sth 不辞辛苦的做某事
14. do the right thing 做得对
15. come across
1. be understood;
He spoke for a long time but his meaning did not come across.
2. make an impression;
She came across well/badly in interviews.
He came across as a sympathetic person.
3. meet or find sb/sth by chance = run into
I came across some old photos in a drawer.
16. fight against 与…作斗争/打架/打仗 fight n.
fight with; fight for
17. believe 和believe in
believe in 信仰 (真理;宗教;原则)
信任= trust in;trust;have trust in
信赖=rely on
I believe him, but I don’t believe in/trust (in) him.
Do you believe in God?
believe sb/what sb said 相信某人(所说的话)
believe ...to be... 认为...是...
believe...to have done 认为/相信...做过某事
believe that... 相信;认为
trust that...
I believe/trust that you will join us. (trust比believe语气强)
I believe him to be an honest man.
=I believe that he is an honest man.
I believe him to have passed the exam.
=I believe that he has passed the exam.
I can’t trust that boy out of my sight.
18. grow up to be... 长大后成为...
19. share the same goal 有着共同目标
20.be strong in heart and mind 意志坚强,头脑聪明
21. whisper sth to sb 小声/悄悄给某人说
whisper sth in ones ear 咬耳朵
in a whisper 小声地
22. as if 好像
23. not all = all not 并不都
not every = every...not 并非每个...都
not both=both not 并非两个都...
...not all of them were safe.=...all of them were not safe.
Not both of the students are good at English.
=Both of the students are not good at English.
完全否定:None of the rooms are safe.
Neither of the students is good at English.
24. if only 要是…就好了
If only my mother were here with me.
25. be about to do sth when… 正要…这时…
26. turn around 转身
27. walk/run up to; go/come up to 上前去
28. go past 从...的旁边过去

29. play a trick on sb. 给某人恶作剧
30. apologize to sb for sth 向某人道歉
make an apology to sb.
31.(1) 摆脱…的习惯
get out of the habit (of doing sth) ;
get rid of the habit of
break off the habit of
(2) 养成…的习惯
get/fall into the habit (of doing sth)
form the/a habit (of doing sth)
(3) 有…的习惯
have the/a habit of
be in the /a habit of

32. TV series 电视连续剧
33. primary school 小学 elementary school
34. Attention, please, I have an announcement to make.
May I have your attention, please? 请大家注意啦!
35. run after 追赶;追求;追捕

36. be similar to 与…相似 the same as 和...一样
37. in other words 换句话说 in one’s own words
38. just like us doing what we do 就像我们做我们的事
=just as we do what we do
39. come (back) to life 苏醒;复苏;恢复生机
bring sb (back) to life 使...苏醒;使...恢复生机
40. in a way 在某种程度上
41. lose oneself in = be lost in 沉浸于; 沉醉于
Lost in thought, he almost knocked into a tree.
42. be eager/anxious to do sth 迫切地/渴望要做某事
be eager for/about/after 渴望得到
be anxious about 为...担忧;焦虑
long for 渴望得到 be dying for

ought to应当,应该               
keep up with跟上,赶上
plenty of许多,大量的(作定语)
in plenty许多,丰富(作状语)
make a choice做出选择            
now and then偶尔,时而
prepare a dish做一道菜           
a balance diet均衡饮食
be/go on diet在节食             

no longer不再
be based on/upon以…为基础      
take medicine吃药
be harmful to对…有害      
offer advise about/on提…的建议
lose weight减肥              
cut …into pieces把…切碎
gain weight=put on weight增肥    
make up for补偿
get along with和…相处           
put up with忍受
go for sb对某人也一样            
in large amount大批地
be short of=be lacking of 缺乏,缺少
do up one’s hair做发型            
refer to查阅,提到
settle down定下心来,安家落户     
settle up付清,结账
settle for勉强同意,接受      
settle in(使)习惯(环境等)
settle on定居(短暂停留)   
of high/good quality高质量的
sign an agreement with…与…达成协
in relation to与…有关的     but for要不是                  
thanks to由于,幸亏
apart from除…之外              
hand down传下来
and so on等等                
in ancient time在古代
go against违背                 
guide to(介词)指导
of (no) effect(无)效    
take effect生效,奏效
bring/carry…into/to effect实施
come/go into effect开始实施       
depend on/upon依靠
That/It (all) depends.这很难说。    
stand for代表
in condition身体好         
out of condition身体不好
on condition that….如果,条件是
in/under favorable conditions在有利形势下
bring in引进,赚钱      
year after year年复一年
Point out指出             
make use of利用
tongue twister绕口令   
be on good terms (with sb.)关系好
drive off开走,击退       
look on…as把…看作…
Ahead of更前,更早        
give sb a hand给某人帮助
Get through通过,到达       
tear down拆毁
Hold up举起               
Intend to do sth打算做某事
Intend to have done本想做(而没能做) 
Intend…for…=be intended for…供……用
Dress up打扮,装饰       
in one’s opinion依某人之见
Play a trick on sb开某人玩笑
take in收容,理解,包含,欺骗
Be determined to do sth下决心做……
Gift money压岁钱             
fire works鞭炮
Save money存钱              
ask for a day off请一天假
Happen to meet碰巧遇见       
be jealous of sb嫉妒某人
Believe in信仰              
dress up as装扮成,打扮成
Do crime犯罪               
light up照亮
Do honor to sb=do sb honor礼遇某人,对某人表示敬意
On purpose=by accident故意地      
care for喜欢,照顾
Make fool of愚弄              
in other words换句话说
hope for对…希望            
seek after追求
A similar to B A和B相似         
take on呈现
Or else或者              
personal affair隐私
Date back to =date from始于,追溯到
Appreciate good food欣赏美味      
Be suit to/for适合于…
In all direction朝四面八方
in …direction=in direction of朝…的方向
under the direction of在…的指导下
Follow one’s directions遵照某人的指示    
Be angry with sb for sth…因…生某人的气 
be likely to很有可能                 
make fun of取笑
No laughing matter不是闹着玩的      
exist…in 存在于…
Get into contact with sb与某人取得联系
Make contact with sb与某人联络
(be) in contact with 与…有交往
lose/break contact with与……失去联系
go ahead 前进                     
be crazy about对…着迷
go into details细说        
in detail详细地
occur to sb使某人突然想到
fell down感到闷闷不乐      
in a hurry匆忙地
accept …as认为…是…      
bring on引发
make oneself done使…被…     
make conversation交谈
have/hold a conversation with与……交谈
be in conversation with与…谈话中
ivide between/among…把…分给…
achieve success获得成功     
an injured look一副受冤的表情
call on 拜访(某人)        
call at拜访(某地)
bring back拿回来,使恢复       
day and night日日夜夜地
pay off还清                
at most 至多
a number of许多
a great deal of许多        
pick out挑出,辨别出
test on在…做实验              
be continued 未完待续
pay back偿还,报复      
sth of good/poor quality质量好的…
would rather宁愿              
after all毕竟
be well worth 很值得            
without luck运气不好
in the hope of doing…抱着…的希望
bring about引起,导致              
bring up哺育
belong to sb/sth属于…          
without limit无限地
run/take a risk冒险              
limit…to …把…限制在…
at risk处于危险中            
at any risk不顾一切
at the risk of冒着…的危险   
to one’s sorrow使…悲伤的是
than usual 比平常…                
badly off贫穷的
bear/take one’s share of…负担…的部分
keep…at harm’s length保持…的距离
a total failure一个彻底的失败者
save the situation收拾局面
trade in以交方式购入              
trade with从事贸易
be popular with受…的欢迎 
culture of mind and body身心修养
(be)of (no) use有(无)用          
put…to use利用
to one’s knowledge 据某人所知
express oneself表达自己的意思
means of transport交通方式
together with=as well as也   
against to the wall靠着墙
without a sound悄无声息地          
pull out把…拉上来
not later than不迟于            
get close to接近…
just as 恰如               
without turning a hair毫不畏惧
in disorder混乱
be familiar with 熟悉        
rushed off one’s feet忙于工作
at work忙于工作                 
n the go奔波
go through with 完成                
at one go一口气
miss one’s turn 错过             
be devoted to sb喜欢某人
to…degree 达到…程度  
succeed in doing sth成功的做了某事
do about处理 应付           
clear away清除打扫
go out熄灭                    
push open推开
be up to sb 由某人决定          
tire out筋疲力尽
not a bit = not at all一点也不 
there is no doubt毫无疑问 
be willing to do = like to do愿意
a number of 若干 ,一些    
the rule of conduct行为准则
charge a pipe给烟斗塞烟    
be charged with充满……
tear at sth撕扯……         
explain sth to sb = explain to sb sth向某人解释某事
fasten one’s eyes to sb眼睛盯着某人
in tears哭泣,掉泪               
end in a tie以平局结束
in your own words用你自己的话    
come into use开始使用
can’t help doing忍不住           
stop…from doing阻止
leave sth done 让……做……        
by choice 出于选择
for choice要选就选                
ask after sb问候某人
give away赠出,让出              
set the scene为某事做准备
full dress盛装              
a pieces of jewellery一件珠宝
look about/around 警戒          
look on旁观
look through浏览                 
look up to尊敬
act for代理                  
act on/upon对……起作用
know of听说过                  
by chance偶然地
by mistake由于疏忽              
be in use在使用中
make a great discovery完成一项重大任务
bring…to use= put …to use加以利用
call sb names谩骂某人  
in the name of以……的名字
in change主管              
free of change免费
at one’s own change自费      
out of control失去控制
be particular about对…挑剔 
knock over撞翻
lay down one’s life献出生命    
a man of name知名人士
turn in归还,交上             
carry on research进行研究
take up research开始研究          
act against违反
speak against发表抨击           
little by little逐渐地
out of date这时的               
up to date最新式的
to date 到目前为止            
put a date to sth注明日期
set/fix the date确定日期            
keep a date赴约
go off 出发,爆发(机器等停止)      
go into详细调查
go by 走过,……流逝                   
go beyond超越
go about 四处走走,开始
around the corner即将来临,在拐角处
die down平息              
come to terms with甘心忍受
what else而且                
be about to即将开始
at the top of one’s voice大声地
self rescue自救                    
be mean with对…吝啬
take shelter躲避                
work with sb对……起作用
smell of闻出……的味道             
break up弄碎
hold up阻滞                  
a threatening letter恐吓信
somehow or other设法,想办法 
admire sb as…钦佩某人是…
admire sb for sth 钦佩某人的…  
admire oneself in the mirror照镜子
rise/come to fame 成名         
opposite to 在…对面
to one’s regret 使某人遗憾的是
be surrounded with/by被…围绕
get/gain/take possession of占有,占领
make up组成,构成,凑足    
turn to转向,求助于
go sailing 驾船航行           
go camping宿营
come into one’s possession被某人占有
in one’s possession=in the possession of sb被某人据有
(be) in possession of持有,拥有
零 散 记 忆
e.g.: Only in this way will we be ready for the…
the only/just/very/first + n.+ that(who)+定从
be of + 抽象名词,表“具有……”
begin to do 和begin doing
一般情况下意思相同,但 1)begin为现在进行时时;
2)当begin后为think,realise等类词时,只用to do。
Make it (F.O) +adj+to do sth.
To,on,in 在表方位时:
on表接壤  2)in在范围之内  3)to不接壤
7、hope: 1)+that-clause   2)+to do   3)+for sth
a/the way (that) +定语从句
to do 和v-ing 做主语和宾语:
to do一次性和具体性;v-ing表经常性延续性
so…that… “如此…以致于…”引导结果状从句。
so+adj./adv.+that… such+a(n)+adj.+n.+that…    
12、a great many+n.(pl.),当此名词前有限定词如the ,these,those等,则用a great many of
13、系表结构 stay+adj. 一直保持某种状态
14、only to do sth 这一结构常作结果状语,用以指随即发生的意料之外的事,有“反而,却”之意。
15、 advise(n. advice)  “建议,忠告”
1)advise+n./pron.        2)advise sb. (not) to do sth
3)advise doing sth         4)advise sb.+clause(虚拟语气)
16、the reason 与for连用表语从句只用that引导
17、used to:
used not to +动词原形=usedn’t to+动词原形                                                                
did not use to+动词原形=didn’t use to+动词原形       
did+主+use to+动词原形
It seems to that…
18、seem      It seems as if/though…
There seems (to be)…
appear,seem后可接to do ,而look后只加to be
look后只可接as if引导的从句,不能接that 从句
22、 a.have sb doing 使某人做某事,表动作一直进行
b.have sb do     使某人做某事,表动作完成或可能发生
c.have sth to do  有某事要做,have意为“有,拥有”
d. have sth done 使某事被做,done表被动动作
a great/good many                          
a large/great/good number of    +可数名词
a good few/quite few
many a

It(形主) +(so)happen +that-clause
a. allow+ 名/形    b. allow+含有不定式的复合宾语
c. allow+动名词    d. allow+sb.+介词短语/副词
变化类:become,go,get,grow,fall,turn ect.
感官类:fell,smell,taste,look,sound  ect.
显现类:appear,seem,look  ect.
状态类:keep,stay,come,stand ect.
29、though相当于however ,用于句末。

look forward to盼望…    turn to求助于,转向
pay attention to注意   stick to坚持
get down to开始认干     object to反对
belong to属于   refer to涉及,谈到
point to指向     see to处理,料理
come to共计,苏醒      reply to答复
agree to同意            add to增加
devote…to…贡献…给…    compare…to…把…比作…
This exercise on English idioms is not easy.这个英语短语练习不容易。
在“there be”结构中, “be”的单复数取决与后面主语的数.如:
There has been little change in this city.这个城市没有多少变化。
3、“one of”结构,位于用单数,“two of”结构位于用复数
One of the things I want to do is traveling.我想做的一件事是去旅行。
Two of the boys have lost their way home.有两个男孩回家迷路了。
Never before has she been to Paris!她以前从未去过巴黎。
To tell lies is wrong.说谎是不正确的。(不定式做主语)
Keeping the house is a tiring job.管理家务是一件很劳累的事。(动名词做主语)
How this happened is not clear to anyone.(从句做主语)
Which is your seat?你的座位是哪一个?
Which are your seats?你们的座位是哪些?
My best friend and adviser has changed his mind again.我的密友兼顾问又改变他的想法了。
My friend and the student Sue are in the classroom.我的朋友和那位叫苏的同学在教室里。
Lilei,and not I, has won the game.是 Lilei赢了比赛,而不是我。
用and 连接的单数主语,前面有each,every,many a,no等词修饰时,谓语用单数。
由not only…but also,neither…nor…,either…or…,or 连接的并列主语,在肯定句中谓语变化取决于后面的饿主语,在疑问句中取决于前面的主语。如;
Either he or I am mistaken.他和我都没错。
Either he or you are to go there.不是他就是你要到那儿去。
If I had more time, I should study German.(fact:I have no more time, so I shall not study German. )
If she were not so busy, she would attend the meeting this afternoon.(fact:she is very busy, so she will not attend the meeting this afternoon.)
If they didn’t take physical exercises every day, they wouldn’t be so healthy.(fact: they take physical exercises every day, so they are very healthy.)
I would have checked my paper again if I had had more time at yesterday’s examination.(fact:I had no more time at yesterday’s exam, so I didn’t check my paper again)
You would have already recovered from his illness if he had seen the doctor in good time.(fact: He didn’t see the doctor in good time ,so he hasn’t recovered from his illness )
If it rains tomorrow, our picnic will be put off.(The weather has been changeable these days.)
If it rained tomorrow, our picnic would be put off.( The weather has beenvery good these days.)
If it should rain tomorrow, our picnic would be put off.(That would be out of our expectation.)
If it were to rain tomorrow, our picnic would be put off. (条件从句谓语动词用were to +动词原形,表示 下雨的可能性极小。Were to rain和should rain 都表示“出乎意料之外”,但were to加强表示“当初没想到以后的事”)
有时条件从句的动作和主句动作发生的 时间不一致。这时动词的形式,应根据它所要表达的具体时间来决定用什么形式。
If she hadn’t trained so hard, she wouldn’t be run so fast.(从句叙述过去,主句叙述现在。)
(fact: she has trained very hard, so she would able to run fast.)
You would speak English well enough if you had practised reading and speaking it every day.(主句叙述现在,从句叙述过去)
(fact: You didn’t practice (hasn’t practiced ) reading and speaking it every day, so you can’t speak English well enough.)
主要用于由as if (as though) 引导的比较状语从句,从句中谓语动词一般用“动词的过去式(be 变were )或had +过去分词。”
She looked as if she were ill.(实际上她没有病,在这里用虚拟语气补语比喻她精神不佳)
Xiao Liu speaks English so well as if he had studied in England.(这里用虚拟语气表现他的 英语说得好)

It is necessary that you should clean the workshop after work.下班后你必须清扫车间。
It is important that we should ask advice of other people about our work.在工作中,征求别人的意见是很重要的。

Unit 1 Phrases
1.练习描写人  practise describing people
2.有所作为  make a difference
3.来自  be from
4.因…而闻名  be known for
make a scientist successful
Imagination is more important than knowledge
7.生活中没什么可惧怕的,只有去理解Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.
  Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
It takes a very unusual mind to undertake analysis of the obvious
10.你不能教会一个人一切,你只能帮助他亲自去发现  You can’t teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.
11.惊人之举  be on fire for
12.与…相似  be similar to
13.三位伟大的思想家  three great minds
14.有共同之处  have … in common
15.毫无疑问  there is no doubt that…
a promising graduate student
17.绝症  an incurable disease
18. 不多于…  not… more than
give up our dreams and hopes for the future.
much point in working on my PhD
21.活那么久  survive that long
22.与…订婚 get/ be engaged to sb
23.为了做… in order to do
go on with his research
25.阻止某人做  stop sb from doing
26.梦想  dream of
continue his exploration of the universe
travel around the world to give lectures/
29.二十世纪七十年代初 in the early 1970s
the Big Bang and Black Holes.
31.寻求问题的答案seek answers to questions
32.成为畅销书 become a best-seller
be pleased and surprised to find
34.以某种方式 in a way
35.结果是错误的 turn out to be wrong
36.科学方法 the scientific method
37.能够预测未来事can predict future events
find it difficult to understand him
39.听起来像人的声sound like a human voice
40.是…样子 what was … like?
41.用完   use up
42.五岁的儿子  a 5-year-old son
43.代替   instead of
44.重力原理  the Law of Gravity
45.环境污染  environmental pollution
46.在接下来的十年里 in the next ten years
take measures to solve the problem
48.每76年 every 76 years
49.犯罪现场 the crime scene
50.理应做…  be supposed to do
51.用来书写的笔  a pen to write with
52.对…感到满足  be satisfied with
53.就近看  take a closer look at
54.倘使…  what if
55.知识就是力量  Knowledge is Power
from season to season
57.嘲笑  laugh at
58.相反地  the other way around
59.作为…而闻名  be known as
60.达到我们的目标  reach our goals
Unit 2 Phrases
1.以上新闻媒体the news media above
2.不同于  be different from
3.发生在某人身上  sth happen to sb
4.报纸的编辑  the editor of a newspaper
5.把登在报上  put in the newspaper
6.烧倒 burn down
7.搬进新居  move into new buildings
8.发明新汽车引擎  invite a new car engine
China beat Brazil 2-1 in football
10.上涨  go up
  experienced editors and reporters
 make informed decisions about
13.理解某事  relate to sth
14.同意做  agree to do
15.变换角色  switch roles
16.至少这一次  for once
17.专题报道  a feature story
18.开发情节  develop the story
 keep the newspaper balanced
 contact the people to be interviewed
21. 使人们谈论 get people to talk about
present the material in an organized way
23.确保  make sure
24.被盗的文物  stolen cultural relics
25.带回  bring back
 international experts in the field
27.适应新生活  adapt to her new life
 write with real passion
explore the mysteries in life
the importance of spiritual fulfillment
31.沉溺于吸毒  be addicted to drugs
solve difficult social problems
33.遭受  suffer from
 shouldn’t ignore what happens
draw attention to situations
36.需要帮助的地方  where help is needed
37.方方面面 on all sides
38.批判性的读者  be a critical reader
39.时事  current affairs
comment on a “hot topic”
41.被选为总统  be elected president
have no problems doing sth
43.对…粗鲁  be rude to
44.收集信息  collect information on
45.吸毒的人们  people addicted to drugs
nine out of ten women
be located in the center of the town
48.退休工人  retired workers
49.敬重某人  look up to sb
50.爱上…  fall in love with
change their attitude towards soccer
52.警察局  the police station
53.发表意见  make their voices heard
leave a positive message
a group of angry men armed with sticks
56.赚钱  make money
57.一直在改变  change all the way
not all websites are updated
59.标题句  a topic sentence
60.聚焦于  focus on
Unit 3 Phrases
1. 喜欢做  prefer to do
make certain choices about
3.艺术品  works of art
4.餐桌  kitchen table
5.古典音乐  classical music
6.住在现代化的公寓里 live in a modern flat
7.传统房屋  a traditional house
8.做…很便利  it is convenient to do
get excited about old-style houses
classical Chinese architecture
 take examples from nature
the man-made living environment
13.环顾  look around at
 go against people’s feeling of beauty
 traditional architecture materials
16.尖角  sharp corners
17.充当  act as
 seems hard and unfriendly
19.天坛  the Temple of Heaven
20.欧洲大教学  the European cathedrals
21.贴近大自然  stand much closer to nature
22.直线  straight lines
be covered with the skin of skin
 full of fantastic colors and shapes
 find himself inspired by Japanese seashells
 Seen from the top, it looks as if
27.被覆盖  be covered with
28.用…填满空间  fill up spaces with
29.指, 参考  refer to
30.利用  make use of
31.属于  belong to
32.A对B就像C对D: A is to B what C is to D
33.使自己被理解  make oneself understood
 say bad words behind one’s back
35.尽快地  as soon as possible
36.使我了解…  keep informed of
  the price is fine with me
38.做…成功  succeed in doing
put up the picture on the wall
40.不适合他们公司does not fit their company
41.使…倒空  leave … empty
42.拆除  pull down
 stand empty without use for many years
44.在俄罗斯人的帮助下with Russian help
 be decorated with small round windows
46.使某人想起 remind sb of
47.与…比较 compared with
48.把…放到一边  set … aside
the development into a center for the arts
 use them as studios to paint
51.改变成  be changed into
52.被用作  be used for
53.对艺术家有好处  be good for artists
54.大作品  make large objects
55.远离城市  far from the city
56.摇滚乐师的迁入  rock musicians move in
57.制定计划  make a plan
58.每个大厅特征 special features of each hall
59.创办艺术中心 create an art center
make lists of your favorite
Unit 4 Phrases
whether buses or trains
2.穿过 get through
3.疯了  as mad as a door
4.诗的乐园 a garden of poems
5.根据…分类 be sorted by
romantic poetry about love and friendship
7.聚集到一起  bring together
more than any other form of literature
9.灵活运用  play with
10.唤起,使想起 call up
curious images of a dream world
stand out in the halls of glory
 follow special patterns of rhythm and rhyme
 be most famous for his plays
15.使他们想起 remind them of
16.一旦被出版 once published
17.缺少节奏感 the absence of thyme
18.在每一行末  at the end of each line
19.许多杰出诗人  a great number of fine poets
20.在中国最受欢迎的是英国浪漫主义诗人 Greatly loved in China are the English Romantic poets
21.英年早逝  die at a very young age
22.活到80岁  live to the age of 80
23.通向,导致 lead to
 the introduction of English poetry to China
25.把…翻译成汉语 translate into Chinese
26.现代英语诗modern poetry in English
no matter how well a poem is translated
 something of the spirit of the original work
ways of expressing oneself in Chinese
the bridges between the East and the West
31.产生,形成  come into being
32. …的一例  one example of
 in the absence of the teacher
34.负责  be in charge of
35.温暖又友好的会议气氛 the atmosphere of the meeting is warm and friendly
36.奥运冠军 the Olympic Champion
37.西游记  Journey to the West
 frightened by noises in the night
39.被跟踪  be followed by
40.寻求帮助  send for help
 If left alone on a deserted island
42.收到做报告的请柬 receive many invitations to give lectures
become popular among Chinese teenagers
44.唱我最喜欢的歌sing my favorite songs
45.渡过这一天 get through the day
colors in the middle of grays and shades
47.过去逃避诗 used to avoid poetry
look up the meaning of the words
49.体验到节奏感  fall into the rhythm
50.从小诗开始  start with small poems
51.借助烛光  by the light of candle
52.悲伤一去不复返  my sadness is gone
53.雪尘  the dust of snow
54.心情的改变  a change of mood
55.几乎发狂  slowly go insane
56.不能摆脱痛苦 it doesn’t stop the pain
if I see you next to never
58.诗的收藏  collections of poems
59.向你推荐诗  recommend poems to you
60.很值得努力  be well worth the effort
Unit 5 Phrases
1. 代表,象征  stand for
their view of British culture
 be made up of three countries
4.(某物)不为人所知 be unknown to many
5.开展蓬勃发展的运动 a growing movement
6.由共同语言和文化维系在一hold together by a common language and culture
 lie off the west coast of Europe
8.被英吉利海峡与法国隔开 separate from France by the English Channel
9.形成大不列颠本土  form the mainland of Great Britain
10.组成  consist of
11.被…包围  be surrounded by
12.温和多雨  mild with a lot of rain
13.一般说来 in general
14.全年,一年到头  throughout the year
  the difference in temperature between London and the north
16.受…影响  be influenced by
17.定居英格兰  settle in England
18.形成英语的基础  for the basis for English
19.一些本地人some of the native population
continue speaking their own language
 in the next few hundred years
22.上层阶级 the upper classes
23.老百姓 common people
24.以… 结束  end up with
25.组成联邦 form the Union
26.成立一个单独的国家  form a single state
be now an independent republic
28.在现代  in modern times
29.被认为是不列颠岛的本族语 be considered to be native to the British Isles.
30.把这些语言记录不来并传给后record and teach them to the younger generation
the People’s Republic of China
allow cars from opposite directions to pass
33.由于她的教师的影响 because of her teacher’s influence
34.凭第一印象判断人 judge a person only on the basis of first impressions
35.学些实际有用的东西 learn sth practical
36.节食  be on a diet
worry their parents an teachers
be on a three-day visit in China
there is no scientific proof for
raise a lot of money to help research into the breast cancer
41.遍及整个城市 all around the city
42.饲养羊  raise sheep
an many as six hundred thousand sheep
44. 许多古代的文物
  many old relics form ancient times
45.土著人墟废ruins of the native population
46. 以其塔楼的高度而闻名
be famous for the height of its tower
47.毫无疑问  without doubt
48.距地面404英尺be from the ground 404 feet
two important kinds of produce and trade
50.许多好规矩  a great deal of good manners
rich fields bearing fruit and grain
52.对…感到吃惊   be surprised with
get the chance to come to China again
54.众所周知 be well known to all
55.通过努力在英语方面取得更大进步 make greater progress in English through hard work
56.对人的健康有害be bad for people’s health
57.最使我吃惊的  what surprised me most
58.世界强国  world’s most powerful nations
59.学生会  the Students’ Union
60.没有人能把台湾和中国分开  nobody can separate Taiwan from China
Unit 6 Phrases
1. 在你听来很古怪 sound absurd to you
2.陪伴我们  keep us company
 we have lots of fun together
 download information form her memory
recognize a person’s voice on the phone
6.远程教育 distance education
7.成为终身学习者  become lifelong learners
 appreciate what is new and different
 in the field of health and medicine
10.听天气预报 listen to the weather forecast
11.得回双倍的钱  get double their money
12.含有微型芯片  contain a tiny chip
13.脖上手上戴微型电脑wear tiny computers
around one’s neck or on one’s wrist
14.医学的进步  advances in medical science
15.就…提出建议  give advice on
  help their parents with the housework
17.写故事的结局  write an ending to the story
18.记忆把她带回1998年春天 his memory
brought him back to the spring of 1998
 new discoveries in genetics and biochemistry
 schools on the air and e-schools
21.开一家网上购物商店open an online store
22.看起来像人类  looks just like a human being
be programmed to take care of me
24.模仿真实的世界 imitate the real world
 send my e-friend to clean up my room
26.随时随地  whenever they have time and wherever they may be
whether our dreams come true
be well-prepared for whatever the future may have in store
29.拥有光明的未来 have a bright future
30.时尚  the trends of fashion
31.快餐店  the fast food restaurant
remain active even in old age
33. 更注重健康饮食的重要性pay more attention to the importance of a healthy diet
carry too much cash when you travel
35.治疗新的疾病 deal with new diseases
36.喜欢网上冲浪 be fond of surfing the Internet
man be able to live on Mars.
 with a better understanding of a human body
be quite different from what they are today
40.使用智能卡  use smart cards
 what life will be like in the future
make forecast about future developments
43.购物付款 pay for their purchases
44.窥测未来  catch a glimpse of the future
the major trends in contemporary society
 combine shopping with fun
47.当前的趋势表明了 current trends indicate
  search a crowded store for basic goods
 be environmentally friendly, energy-saving
  travel at an amazing 430km/m
51.保证安全 ensure safety
keep in touch with customers and companies in other countries
 become a form of entertainment
without worrying about whether we are polluting the environment
it will not be business as usual
 begin reforming the way they do business
advantages of on line shopping
 business done on the Internet
59.虚拟现实  virtual reality
hear of the new maglev trainUnit  7  Phrases
1.接受或容忍 live with
2.对艾滋病人的态度 attitudes towards AIDS
become infected with HIV
4.很难治愈  be difficult to cure
 be transmitted via the following routes
 the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
 the most serious problem today
8.几百万儿童  millions of children
break down the body’s immune system
10.至于,就…来说  as in one’s case
11.照顾,照看  take care of
12.想念她的母亲  miss her mother
  the total number of infected children
14.缺乏适当的医疗保健  a lick of proper health care
15.非常昂贵  much too expensive
16.有机会做某事  have a chance to do
17.鼓励某人做某事  encourage sb to do
18.学会如何自我保护  learn how to protect oneself
19.支持某人  support sb
20.使…感到振奋  cheer them up
21.选择做个医生  choose to be a doctor
deal with people’s fear of the disease
create a network of patients and doctors
24.说服某人做某事  persuade sb to do
 spend more money on AIDS research and education
26.查清实情  find out the facts
27.一位艾滋病专家  an AIDS specialist
28.与某人握手  shake hands with sb
explain how AIDS spread
30.拥抱某人  give an AIDS patient a hug
31.感到孤单  feel lonely
32.遇到许多困难  meet many difficulties
continue struggle with the disease
34.一班迟到  be late for work
be defeated in the tennis match
36.做…是没有用的 it is no use doing
the best treatment for a cold
 discourage sb from doing
waste time playing computer games
feel sick for a long time
 take me to hospital to have me examined
42.采血样  take samples of my blood
there was a sad look in one’s eyes
 suffer from a serious disease
45.不治之症 an incurable disease
46.有特殊的功能 have a special function
  not spread from one person to another
 like many people with cancer
49.接受放疗化疗be treated with radiation
 keep me from feeling sad and lonely
51.相反地 on the contrary
 think of my cancer as a gift
teach me an important lesson about life
make me realize how precious life is
 take every chance to live life to the fullest
learn to appreciate every minute of each day
57.改变某人的生活 change one’s life
58.从自行车上摔下来 fall off my bike
be completely free from diseases
win a prize at a piano competition
Unit 8 Phrases
1. 失火,着火  catch fire
2.颠倒  upside down
3.她看起来好像死了 it looked as if she were dead
4.进行急救  give first aid
5.目击事故  witness an accident
 seconds count in an emergency
7.记住  keep in mind
8.做出决定  make better decisions
9.准备应急  prepare for an emergency
10.保持冷静  stay calm
11.怎么办  what to do
12.挽救生命  save lives
13.推荐我们使用字母DR ABC
  recommend that we use the letters DR ABC
14.代表  stand for
15.首先  first of all
16.受伤  get hurt
 make sure that a person’s airway is open and it is easy to breathe
18.救援即将来临  help is on the way
19.轻敲某人后脑 tip the person’s head back slightly
20.人工呼吸  the mouth-to-mouth method
21. 等待救护车的到来 wait for the ambulance
 put a finger on the person’s neck or wrist
 cover the wound with a clean piece of cloth
press on the wound to stop the bleeding
25.叫救护车 call an ambulance
 put the person in the recovery position
27.把人滚向一侧 roll the person onto one side
28.用毯子盖住某人 cover the person with a blanket
29.帮他保暖  help him stay warm
 manage to know enough to save lives
31.朝我喊叫  shout at me
32.保持平静不理睬她 keep calm and ignore her
33.摸脉  take a person’s pulse
34.没有明显的反应 give no clear response
 discuss the questions in groups of four
36.犯错误  make many mistakes
37.如果我们惊慌。我们就不能帮助 if we were to panic, we would not be able to help
38.迷路  lose one’s way
39.去野餐  go for a picnic
die of a sudden heart attack
41.煤气中毒  be gas-poisoned
42.太靠近湖  get too close to the lake
 he has no experience at all
44.关掉所有的电源 turn off all power
45.某事发生在某人身上 sth happen to sb
 in honor of this great man
47.阻止事情发生 prevent bad things from happening
48.处理常见伤 deal with common injuries
 wash the wound with cold running water
cool the area of skin at once
 search the room for any pills
 send whatever you find to the hospital
53.腿上有一把刀 with a knife in his leg
54.被狗咬  be bitten by dog
55.事故现场是安全的 the scene of the accident is safe
56.急救箱  a first-aid kit
57.以防紧急情况 in case of an emergency
a list of emergency phone number
59.如果一个人失1/3血,就会死if a person loses one third of his blood, he may die
hold a newspaper upside down
Unit 9 Phrases
1. 解决问题难者 solve the problem
2.生产能量 produce energy
3.出席会议  attend the meeting
4.地球峰会 the Earth summit
5.欢迎参加地球峰会 welcome to the earth summit
6.联合国  the United Nations
7.南非 South Africa
8.这次峰会的主题 the main themes of the summit
9.可持续发展 sustainable development
 speak about different topics
11.三大公害 the big three
12.饮水污染  contaminated drinking water
13.卫生状况恶劣  poor sanitation
14.世界卫生组织  the World Health Organization
15.地球上的人们 the people on earth
have access to clean drinking water
17.在农村地区  in rural areas
18.贫困、战争与暴力 poverty, war and violence
 take part in the new world we create
 stress the need for equality and direness in the world
21.对…负有责任 have a responsibility towards
22.国际间的合作  international cooperation
23.存在严重的问题 there exist serious problems
24.来得及采取措施 there is still time to take action
25.对环境不利 be bad for the environment
26.空调 air conditioners
 if all of us make small changes, we could make a big difference
28.在全世界传播 spread across the world
29. 行动的愿望 the willingness to act
30. 寻找解决未来问题的方法
 find solutions for the future
31. 未来的关键 the key to the future
32. 与大自然协调 in harmony with nature
33. 结束死亡和痛苦
put an end to the death and suffering
34. 有可能会 there is good chance that
35.保护水资源 protect the water resources
36.消除贫困  wipe out the poverty
 have true equality of opportunity with men
  the job responsibilities as a shop assistant
39.中国代表  Chinese representatives
40.得出结论  draw a conclusion
take action to save the earth
show great willingness to come and help
 not know much about global warming
 learn to live in harmony with nature
 make a very important speech
46.住院  be in hospital
47.当地政府决定迁移工厂 the local government decided to move the factories
  people from developing countries
limit the number of cars
 make use of alternative transportation
51.我们要行动 we need action
walking, biking and car-pooling
53.挣钱 make money
 be ready to answer questions
55.为你的论点辩护 defend your argument
56.发表你的观点 give your opinion
 list as many reasons as possible
58.建议某人不要做某事advise sb not to do
59.完成关于环保的报告finish writing his report on environmental protection
60.不要砍伐树木stop cutting down trees
Unit 10 Phrases
nature form a danger to people
2.科学帮助减小威胁 science help reduce that threat
3.对…很重要  be important to
4.飓风袭击海岸  a hurricane hits the coast
5.一点也不/很,非常 not a bit/ not a little
6.被吓死  be scared to death
7.陷入惊慌  get into a total panic
8.汽车飞到空中  cars go up in the air
9.它使我毛发倒竖  make my hair stand on end
10.死于难忘的灾难  die in an unforgettable disaster
11.吸引我叔叔的注意力  draw my uncle’s attention
12.距离遥远  at such a distance
13.到近处去看个究竟  see it from closer at hand
14.它唤醒我叔叔身上的科学意识 it awake the scientist in my uncle
her house lay at the foot of Vesuvius
16.请求他救她  beg him to save her
start out as a trip for knowledge
18.需要勇气  call for courage
19.从…逃走  flee from
 hold his course directly into danger
21.我认为不是这样的 I don’t think so
22.停顿了一会儿  pause for moment
23.营救他的朋友  rescue his friend
upon arrival, my uncle hugged Pompy
25.帮助别人镇静 help the other calm down
26.给大家留下印象 give everyone the impression
27.惊慌地离开 leave in a panic
28.燃烧的石头雨  a rain of burning rocks
 then came a smell of sulphur
Helped by two slaves he stood up
31.立即倒地死去了 immediately fall down dead
he looked more sleep than dead
33.记忆犹新  memories are still fresh
34.择要摘取  pick out the important bits
35.活火山  the active volcano
 be covered with dirt and ashes
37.复活  come to life
  bury the capital of the island nation
39.清理的费用  costs for cleaning up
 urge other countries to help
promise to offer 1 million pounds in aid
 be warmly welcomed on his arrival
43.是否  whether … or not
44.你看起来不像是老师  don’t look very much like a teacher
45.返回到故乡 return to their home village
46.天气闷热  the heat is close
47.坏天气就要来临 dirty weather knocking about
48.抬头看天  lift his eyes to the sky
49.突如其来  all of a sudden
 the full force of the hurricane
move the ship over the high sea
52.风暴中心  the very eye of the wind
53.白色的泡沫水柱 a white tower of water
 it raced to meet the ship
there was no wind, not a breath
56.风一下子小了下去 wind fell all at once
57.把火焰凑近气压表 hold out the little flame towards to the barometer
 the roar of the winds drew near fast
 the weather at home and abroad
60.天气状况 the weather conditions

have sth in common with sb. 和某人有……共同之处
a manned spaceship 配备了人的宇宙飞船
leap to a conclusion 一下子得出结论
Look before you leap. 三思而后行
in store 即将到来,就要发生
have sth in store for sb  有…等待着(某人)
The future has many great achievements in store for china.
It is likely that……很可能…
(sb)be likely to do sth (某人)很可能做…
set up 创建,创立
share sth 共享…… share sth with sb 和某人共享……
sth be home to sth  ….是…的大本营,发源地,基地
return 回来,归还  return sth to sb 把……归还给某人
return to China=go back to China 回到中国
set foot in 踏进,进入
set foot on the soil of  踏上……的土地
run a company 经营公司
have a positive effect on sth 对……有积极的影响
rely on =depend on 依赖,依靠
come to life 恢复生气,活跃起来
come back to life 苏醒
arrange for sth 安排…, 准备…
broad band 宽带
stand out 突出,优于  outstanding  adj.显著的,突出的
put forward a plan 提出一个计划
put forward 提出,提前,推荐
rejuvenate the nation by relying on science and education 科教兴国
aim at 旨在,目的在于,企图,瞄准
love sb at first sight 对某人一见钟情
break through 突破,进展
breakthrough  n. 突破性进展,成就
make the breakthrough 首创
a deadly disease 顽症,致命的疾病
in all shapes and sizes 各式各样
to name a few 举几个来说
in some cases 在一些情况下
in turn 反过来
view science and technology as key to the development
make a living 谋生
apply for a job 申请工作,求职
remind sb of sth 使人想起某事,提醒某人某事;
remind sb to do sth使人想起做某事,提醒某人做某事
take sth one step further 把……向前推进一步
lay the foundation of sth 奠定……的基础,打下……的基础
it/sb/sth is believed to be…=It is believe that…人们认为,据认为
set out to do sth=set off to do sth=start out / off to do sth出发/动身去做某事
set out /set off /start/ start out/start off  for a place 前往某地
set out to do sth = set about doing = start to do/start dong sth 开始、着手做某事
the story that follows  随后的故事
in company with sb 和某人在一起
keep company with sb 和某人结交
keep sb company 陪伴某人
sth turns out to be = sth proves to be 某事(被)证明是……
on board在潜水艇上,船上,飞机上
from that day on=from then on从那时起
be surrounded by 被……所包围
wonder about sth 对……有疑惑
wander about 四处游荡
begin with sth = start with sth 开头说,以……开始
go on an adventure 做一次冒险
be drawn into 被卷入…   be driven by 被… 驱使
dream of sth /doing sth 梦想(做)…; 梦见…
throw light upon sth 阐明某事
hesitate to do sth  犹豫做某事
hesitate about doing sth 对…犹豫不决
hesitate at nothing对…毫不迟疑
cut down 砍倒  cut up 切碎
unfold sth to sb 把…打开/展开给某人
unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of nature
= unfold the deepest mysteries of nature to the world
fire screen 防火板,防火强
turn sth upside down把…倒过来
benefit from 从…中获益
sth range from sth all the way up to sth 某物从…一直排到…
range…from…to…=range between…and… “…在…和…之间变化”
break down 分解,打破,破坏
at room temperature 在室温下
freezing point 冰点,零度
1)=in this manner/way; so  这样,象这样
2)=hence, consequently 因而,因此
mix sth and sth 把…和…混合起来
mix with 和…相混
mix sth with sth 用…来搅拌…
mix up 搅和,拌和
take advantage of =make use of 利用
be absorbed in  专心于
give off=release 放出,释放
call in sb=send for sb 派人去请
have fun on the beach 在海滩上嬉戏/玩耍
be sensitive to sth 对…敏感
compared to = compared with 和…比较起来(作状语)
the content of the text 课文内容
the content of one’s character 人格的内容
content with sth 对…满意/满足
join hands 携手,联手,合伙
give a speech=make a speech 作报告,作演讲,演说
march on 向…进军,集会,游行示威
on the march 行军进行中
treat sb as sth 把某人当作……
treat sb well/bad/对某人好/坏
treat sb equally=treat sb with equality平等地对待某人
treat sb with respect 对某人尊敬
treat sb to sth 招待某人吃….…
treat sb to beer 请人喝啤酒
treat sb for illness 给某人治疗疾病
a mixed-race marriage = mixed marriage 混种婚姻,不同种族的通婚
a mixed school 男女兼收的学校
mixed doubles 混合双打
forbid doing sth 禁止做某事
forbid sb to do sth /forbid sb sth
禁止某人做某事(反义词allow doing/allow sb to do)
vote for/against sb/sth 投票赞成或反对某人或某事
have no right to vote 没有选举权(to vote 作定语)
have no right to speak 没有发言权
fight for 为争取…而斗争
fight against 为反对…而斗争
fight to do sth  努力做某事
set an example to sb 为某人树立榜样
not……but 不是……而是 ……
When in Rome, do as the Romans do入乡随俗
believe in 信任(=trust),信仰
the American War of Independence 美国独立战争
the American Independence Day 美国独立日
treat sb equally to other people 和其他人一样平等地对待某人
regardless of(作状语)不理会,不顾
give a voice to sb 为某人代言
struggle for/against/to do = fight for/against/todo
in part 在某种程度上
put sb in(into) prison  把某人投进监狱
die for a just cause 为正义目标而死
be separated 被分离,被隔离
The family was separate. 家庭离散。
be known to sb as/for 因…而为谁所知
be famous as/for 因…而出名
It is well-known to all that … 众所周知
be subject to sb/sth 服从于……
regarding=about 关于
The schools begin at 8 o’clock. 学校八点上课。
The book sells well. 这书好卖。
The car is easy to drive. 这车容易开。
The shirt feels soft. 这衬衫摸起来柔软。
put the interests of others above their own 把别人的利益放在自己的利益之上
free of charge = for free 免费
complain sth 投诉,抱怨某事
complain of / about sth 抱怨,抗议某事
be upset about 忧心于,苦恼于
= be very worried about
argue as you see fit在你认为适当的时候争辩
(see fit = think/consider right/reasonable)
look into 调查
I’m fed up with it. = I’m tired of it. 我对它厌倦透了
every now and then= every now and again 不时的
get an itch to travel 渴望旅行
have an itch for knowledge= be greedy for knowledge 渴望知识
I itch all over. 我全身发痒。
The insects bite itched all night. 整晚昆虫咬得痒痒的。
Bob is itching to go to college. (itch to do) 鲍勃渴望上大学
feel the urge to do sth 感到有迫切的愿望(冲动)做某事
urge sb to do sth 怂恿某人做…, 强烈要求某人做…
=urge sb into doing sth
have a good stretch 放松
stretch out one’s arms  伸展双臂
stretch oneself  伸懒腰
get/catch a glimpse of 瞥见,瞧见= catch sight of
get/be tired of=have enough of 对…受够了,厌烦,厌倦
be tired with/from 由于…而累了,疲乏,疲倦
cool off = cool down 变凉,凉下来,凉快一下
breath-taking scenery 令人瞠目的风景
be home to有…,是…的发源地/大本营
compete in the downhill race 参加速滑比赛
There is no need to worry… 没必要担忧,无须担忧
a wide variety of entertainment 各色各样的娱乐活动
a feast for the eyes 一包眼福
take a dip 泡一泡(澡)
work out 活动一下,运动,锻炼;算出;带来好结果
avoid sth/doing sth 避免某事(做某事)
get ideas for sth/to do sth 想到要做……
in addition to sth/doing sth = besides 除了…之外,另外
heart and soul 全心全意
keep an eye out for the turtles! 注意/警惕海龟!
keep an eye on sth/sb =to watch carefully  密切注视
spread out = stretch  散布在…
get around 四处走动,各处旅行
treat visitors to all the colours of the rainbow
treat sb for illness (普通用语)给某人治疗疾病
cure a disease / cure sb of a disease (多用于疾病)给某人治病
heal a wound (多用于外伤和创伤方面)治疗创伤
struggle to do sth 努力做…
struggle for/against=fight for/against
struggle to one’s feet  挣扎着站起来
drive off 驱赶,赶走
No pains, no gains. 不劳无获
be greedy of(for) gain 贪得无厌
be greedy for knowledge 渴求知识
be greedy to do sth 急切做…
There are signs that…… 种种迹象表明……
the Great Depression 大萧条,大经济危机
sacrifice one’s life for = lose one’s life for 为   牺牲生命
despite = in spite of 尽管
lead sb to do sth = cause sb to do = make sb do 使某人做…
aim at 旨在…
a series of 一系列
in honour of  以纪念…
in vain 徒劳,白干
eventually=finally=at last =in the end 最后,终于
take a chance 冒险,碰运气
as a result  结果
as a result of = because of 由于…的结果,因为
put out 出版, 生产,扑灭,关掉
on sale 出售,减价
be proud of / to do 对…感到自豪(骄傲)= take pride in sth / doing sth
The USA is a melting pot(nation of immigrants, most powerful country). 美国是个大熔炉。
be forced to move away 被迫搬走
resist = fight against 反抗,抵挡
make agreements with sb on sth 和某人就某事达成协议
break the rule / law / custom 违反规则/ 法律 / 风俗习惯
cut off the skin 剥下皮
leave sth behind 把……留下
in turn 反过来,转而,轮流
supply sb with sth, supply sth to/for sb提供/供应某人某物
=provide sb with sth/provide sth for sb 提供/ 供给某人某物
be willing to do sth 愿意做某事
a mountain chain = a range of mountains 山脉
be in chains 上着镣铐
a chain of events 一连串事件
can’t resist doing=can’t help doing 抑制不住做…,禁不住做…
stick to sth/doing=insist on sth=persist in sth/doing 坚持…
afterwards …之后
towards 朝,向
forward 向前
look forward to sth / doing 期望,希望
onwards 向前(from this day onwards=on 从今天开始)
downwards 向下(walk downwards 向下走 )
leave alone 别打扰,不理会
over the next three hundred years 在接下来的三百年间
break one’s promise 违背诺言
reservations (印第安人的)保留地,保护区
receive the respect they deserve获得他们应得的尊重

treat sb to sth 以…招待某人;招待某人吃…
treat sb well/bad 对某人好/坏
treat sb as/like/to be 把某人看作…
treat sb with sth 以…方式对待某人
win an award for sth 获得…奖励
receive an award at sth 在…(展览、会)上获奖
be born without the ability to do sth 生来就不能做某事
be born with (the ability to do) sth 生来就会(做)某事
get around/about 四处走动;传播;逃避
create many programmes 制作了很多程序
the way to do sth =the way of sth/doing sth 做某事的方法
make a contribution to sb/sth 对…作出贡献
thank to sth 幸亏,多亏
launch a man-made satellite 发射人造卫星
launch a new factory/enterprise 创办一个新工厂/企业
launch a ship 使船下水
launch an attack 开始攻击
assist sb with sth/to do sth/in doing sth 帮助某人(做)某事
cooperate with sb in doing sth= cooperate with sb to do sth= cooperate with sb on sth 与他人合作/协作
play a (valuable)role in/within 起(有价值的)作用
more than 不仅仅是;而;而不是
productive life 有作为的生活
be surrounded by  …的前后;被…所包围
fail to do sth 没有能够做…;不能做…
compete in three events 参加三个比赛项目
treat sb with dignity and respect 以尊严和尊敬对待某人
compete for the honor to do 为做某事的荣誉而竞争
have equal access to all areas and facilities 有权进入所有的场所和设施
start with sth 从…开始;以…开始
be frustrated 感到受挫折的
be frustrating 令人受挫折的
have gift for sth 对…有天赋
have/feel sympathy for sb 同情某人
be in (out of )sympathy with sb 赞同……
a letter of sympathy 慰问信
adjust oneself to sth 使自己适应于…
adjust to sth 适应…
participate in sth with sb 同某人参与某事
have the right to sth/to do sth 有权做某事
keep …in mind 记住…
according to 根据,按照
come up with 提出,提供
have sth in common with sb 和某人在…方面有…共同之处
a matter of habits 某种习惯
highly valued skills 评价极高的技能
think outside the box 框外思维
allow for 顾及,考虑到,在计算之列
get stuck (in sth) 被框住、局限(陷于…中);遇到困难;陷进去
stick to 坚持,粘住
creative thinking 创造性思维
thinking strategies 思维策略
break away from 摆脱,脱离
in perception 在观念上
take another look at it 换个角度看问题
as with=like 正如…一样
be aware of 知道;意识到
trial and error 反复实验;不断摸索
keep track of 保持联系
be connected to/with =have sth to do with sth/sb 与…有联系
connect sth to/with sth =combine sth with sth =combine sth and sth 把…和…联系起来
keep trying=learn by trial and error 不断试验
a long process of 一个长期…的过程
respected scientists 受人尊敬的科学家
no accident 绝非偶然
at (the) least 至少,最少
at (the) most 至多,最多
now that=since 既然
at a high pace=rapidly 快速的,高速的
around the corner 即将到来
bounce back 弹回
see through 看穿
take sth for granted 想当然
be greeted with 以…问候;被作出…的反应
be greeted with doubt 被怀疑

All that glitters is not gold. = Not all shiny things are gold. 发光的不全都是金子。
deny sth 否认;拒绝给予
deny sth to sb 对某人拒绝某物
deny doing sth 拒绝做某事
refuse sth 拒绝某物
refuse sb sth 拒绝某人某物
refuse to do sth  拒绝做某事
have mercy on 对…表示怜悯
throw oneself on sb’s mercy 恳求某人宽恕
without mercy 残忍地
mercy killing 安乐死
at the mercy of 任由…摆布或控制
go about sth/doing sth =set about sth/doing
=set off/out to do
=set to do  开始做;着手做
bargain with sb over sth
=make a bargain with sb over sth
get a bargain 买的便宜
a good bargain 卖得合算
do a good deed 做好事
Deeds are better than words. 行动胜于言论。
In deed,but not in name. 有实无名。
go/get down on one’s knees 跪下
be worthy of sth/being done
=be worthy to be done
=be worth doing     值得做...
a sign of weakness 软弱的表现
It’s useless doing sth.
=It’s no use doing sth. 做…没用;做…毫无用处
It’s useful to do sth. 做…有用/有意义
Pass judgement on sb 对某人宣判
offer sb sth=offer sth to sb 提供某物给某人
offer to do sth  (主动)提出做某事
The new building is four tines the size of the old one.
=The new building is four tines as large as the old one.
=The new building is three times larger than the old one.
hope for mercy 希望得到宽恕
take one’s seat 就座(动作)
be seated 就座(状态)
accuse sb of sth 控告某人某事
tear up 撕毁
tear down 拆毁
go ahead 继续;去吧;进行
swear to heaven to do sth 对天发誓做…
offer up 露出;供奉;祭献
pay back 还钱,偿还
pay for sth 付款;为某事吃苦头或受惩罚
pay off 还清,付清;带来好的结果
pay sth off 全部偿还
pay sth out (按时)为…付巨款
pay up 付清全部欠款
take sb in one’s arms 拥抱某人
as far as I know 据我所知
go about sth 从事;干某事
above all 首先;最重要的是
at sea 在海上;在航行中;不知所措;迷茫
be in love with sb 与某人相爱
dress sb as/like 打扮成…的样子
dress sb 给某人穿衣服
be dressed in 穿着…的衣服
so far= as far as=until now 到目前为止
by law 根据法律
cut off 切断,割下
at one time 曾经

``must/may/could/might/couldn’t/can’t+ have+ done`` 表示对过去事件的推断, must可能性最大, may次之, could/might 再次, could`t /can`t 表``不可能``.
date back to=date from=go back to 追溯到…
have a date with sb 和某人有个约会
give sb an idea of sth 使某人想起…
a man of distinction 地位卓越的人
and a second 另外
all that=what
a variety of 各种各样的…;多方面的…
varieties of 大量的;不同样的
tend to do 倾向于做…;有助于;易于做
tend to sth 朝某方向;趋于;注意;留心;照料
on average 平均
It is possible that… 有可能…
be linked to/with 与…有联系
have a hand in sth 帮助(参与)做…
give/lend a hand to sb 给某人帮助/援助
in terms of 就…而言;考虑到
It is thought that…=It is believed that…
=sth/sb is believed to d o…
It has been proved that …
have trade links with … 和…通商
have trade and cultural links with… 和…进行商业文化交流
a large quantity of sth(可数或不可数名词)+单数谓语  表许多;大量
large quantity of (可数或不可数名词) +复数谓语  表许多;大量
serve as 作为; 当作
dig up 挖掘,发掘
accompany sb 陪同某人
accompany sb to sp 陪同某人去某地
be concerned about 关心
consist of=be made up of 由…组成
result in sth/doing 结果是...;导致
in the eyes of 在…看来

1. a big headache令人头痛的事情
2. a fraction of 一部分
3. a matter of concern 焦点
4. a series of 一系列,一连串above all 首先,尤其是
5. absent from不在,缺席
6. abundant in富于
7. account for 解释
8. accuse sb. of sth.控告
9. add to增加(add up to)
10. after all 毕竟,究竟
11. agree with同意
12. ahead of time / schedule提前
13. ahead of 在...之前(ahead of time 提前)
14. alien to与...相反
15. all at once 突然,同时
16. all but 几乎;除了...都
17. all of a sudden 突然
18. all over again 再一次,重新
19. all over 遍及
20. all right 令人满意的;可以
21. all the same 仍然,照样的
22. all the time 一直,始终
23. angry with sb. at/about sth.生气,愤怒
24. anxious about/for忧虑,担心
25. anything but 根本不
26. apart from 除...外(有/无)
27. appeal to 吸引,申诉,请求
28. applicable to适用于
29. apply to适用
30. appropriate for/to适当,合适
31. approximate to近似,接近
32. apt at聪明,善于
33. apt to易于
34. around the clock夜以继日
35. as a matter of fact 实际上
36. as a result(of) 因此,由于
37. as a rule 通常,照例
38. as far as ...be concerned 就...而言
39. as far as 远至,到...程度
40. as follows 如下
41. as for 至于,关于
42. as good as 和...几乎一样
43. as if 好像,防腐
44. as regards 关于,至于
45. as to 至于,关于
46. as usual 像平常一样,照例
47. as well as 除...外(也),即...又
48. as well 同样,也,还
49. ashamed of羞愧,害臊
50. aside from 除...外(还有)
51. ask for the moon异想天开
52. at a loss 茫然,不知所措
53. at a time 一次,每次
54. at all costs 不惜一切代价
55. at all events 不管怎样,无论如何
56. at all times 随时,总是
57. at all 丝毫(不),一点也不
58. at any rate 无论如何,至少
59. at best 充其量,至多
60. at first sight 乍一看,初看起来
61. at first 最初,起先
62. at hand 在手边,在附近
63. at heart 内心里,本质上
64. at home 在家,在国内
65. at intervals 不时,每隔...
66. at large 大多数,未被捕获的
67. at last 终于
68. at least 至少
69. at length 最终,终于
70. at most 至多,不超过
71. at no time 从不,决不
72. at one time 曾经,一度;同时
73. at present 目前,现在
74. at someones disposal 任...处理
75. at the cost of 以...为代价
76. at the mercy of 任凭...摆布
77. at the moment 此刻,目前
78. at this rate 照此速度
79. at times 有时,间或
80. aware of意识到
81. back and forth 来回地,反复地
82. back of 在...后面
83. back up后备,支援
84. bare of几乎没有,缺乏
85. be able to do能够
86. be around差不多
87. be available to sb.可用,可供
88. be bound to一定
89. be capable of doing能够
90. be concerned with 关心…,涉足…
91. be dying to渴望
92. be fed up with受够了be tired of
93. be in hospital 住院
94. be in season 上市的/in peak season旺季
95. be in the mood to do sth. 想做
96. be pressed for time时间不够
97. be tied up with忙于
98. be under the weather 身体不好
99. beat around the bush 拐弯没角
100. beat the crowd 避开人群
101. before long 不久以后
102. behind schedule 误点
103. bent on sth. 下定决心做…
104. beside point 离题的,不相干的
105. beyond ones ability超越某人的能力
106. beyond question 毫无疑问
107. book on reserve 须留的图书
108. booked up 订完了
109. bound for开往
110. break down抛锚
111. break though突破
112. break up with和某人分手be through with / be finished with
113. bring about 使…发生
114. bring someone up to date帮某人赶上help someone catch up
115. by accident 偶然
116. by air 通过航空途径
117. by all means 尽一切办法,务必
118. by and by 不久,迟早
119. by chance 偶然,碰巧
120. by far 最,...得多
121. by hand 用手,用体力
122. by itself 自动地,独自地
123. by means of 用,依靠
124. by mistake 错误地,无意地
125. by no means 决不,并没有
126. by oneself 单独地,独自地
127. by reason of 由于
128. by the way 顺便说说
129. by virtue of 借助,由于
130. by way of 经由,通过...方法
131. call off取消
132. call on号召,邀请,点某人的名,拜访
133. capable of能够
134. careful of/about/with小心,注意
135. certain of /about确信,肯定
136. chair a meeting 主持会议
137. charge sb. with sth.控告
138. clear of没有,不接触
139. clever at善于
140. close to接近,亲近
141. come in contact with 与…取得联系
142. come out of sth. alive大难不死
143. come up (with)提出,拿出
144. comparable to/with比作/比较
145. conscious of察觉到,意识到
146. consequent on随之而来
147. considerate towards体谅,体贴
148. contemporary with与...同时代
149. content with满足于
150. contrary to违反
151. cost someone an arm and a leg代价很大
152. count down倒计时
153. count ones chickens before they are hatched过于乐观
154. count on依靠
155. count on依靠
156. count the day期待
157. count the day期待
158. counter to与...相反
159. crazy about热衷,着迷
160. critical of挑剔,批评
161. cry in ones beer借酒消愁
162. cry on ones shoulder依靠
163. curious about好奇,想知道
164. cut down on 减少
165. cut down削减
166. cut in插入
167. cut off切断
168. cut out切除
169. cut someone short打断
170. cut through抄近路
171. cut up切碎
172. die out 灭绝
173. distinct from种类(风格)不同
174. do the laundry洗衣服
175. doubtful of /about怀疑
176. drop by / in 顺路拜访
177. due to 由于,因为
178. each other 互相
179. easier said than done说起来容易做起来难
180. east of在...东面
181. equal to相等,胜任
182. equivalent to等于,相当于
183. essential to/for必不可少
184. even if/though 即使,虽然
185. ever so 非常,极其
186. every now and then 时而,偶尔
187. every other 每隔一个的
188. except for 除了...外
189. expert at/in/on善于
190. face to face 面对面地
191. faculty members 教职员工
192. faithful to忠实于
193. fall flat 平躺在地上
194. familiar to sb为...所熟悉
195. familiar with sth熟悉,通晓
196. far from 远非,远离
197. fatal to致命的
198. favorable to支持,赞成
199. fearful of惧怕
200. feel at home熟悉
201. feel blue心情不好
202. feel free to随便
203. figure out sth. 解决
204. fit for适于
205. flat tire轮胎没气
206. flat tire轮胎没气
207. fond of喜欢
208. for ever 永远
209. for good 永久地
210. for the better 好转
211. for the moment 暂时,目前
212. for the present 暂时,目前
213. for the sake of 为了,为了...的利益
214. for the time being 暂时,眼下
215. foreign to非...所原有
216. free of /from未受...;免费
217. free with康慨,大方
218. from time to time 有时,不时
219. full up客满
220. get a bargain 买到便宜货
221. get nowhere with 毫无进展
222. get over恢复
223. get used to习惯于
224. give off发出
225. give someone a big hand为某人鼓掌
226. give someone a hand帮忙
227. go about sth. 开始做…
228. go after追求
229. go ahead同意做某事
230. go by遵守
231. go down下降,往下传
232. go for竭尽全力做
233. go into进入,开始从事
234. go off出发
235. go out熄灭,外出
236. go over复习
237. go over复习,从头到尾检查一遍
238. go round/around足够分配
239. go sightseeing 去观光
240. go steady with和某人确定关系
241. go through从头到尾
242. go without单独
243. guilty of有...罪的
244. had better最好
245. hand in hand 手拉手 ,密切关联
246. hang up 挂断
247. have ones hands full
248. have the final say 有决定权
249. head on 迎面地,正面的
250. heart and soul 全心全意地
251. hold out for sth. 坚持要求
252. hold up坚持
253. hold water站得住脚
254. how about ...怎么样
255. how come怎么会
256. hungry for渴望
257. ignorant of不知道
258. impatient at sth.不耐烦
259. impatient for急切,渴望
260. impatient of无法容忍
261. in (the)light of 鉴于,由于
262. in a hurry 匆忙,急于
263. in a moment 立刻,一会儿
264. in a sense 从某种意义上说
265. in a way 在某种程度上
266. in a word 简言之,总之
267. in accordance with 与...一致,按照
268. in addition to 除...之外(还)
269. in addition 另外,加之
270. in advance 预先,事先
271. in all 总共,合计
272. in any case 无论如何
273. in any event 无论如何
274. in brief 简单地说
275. in case of 假如,防备
276. in charge of 负责,总管
277. in common 共用的,共有的
278. in consequence(of) 因此;由于
279. in debt 欠债,欠情
280. in detail 详细地
281. in difficulty 处境困难
282. in effect 实际上,事实上
283. in favor of 支持,赞成
284. in front of 面对,在...前
285. in general 一般来说,大体上
286. in half 成两半
287. in hand 在进行中,待办理
288. in honor of 为庆祝,为纪念
289. in itself 本质上,就其本身而言
290. in line with 与...一致
291. in memory of 纪念
292. in no case 决不
293. in no time 立即,马上
294. in no way 决不
295. in order 按顺序,按次序
296. in other words 换句话说
297. in part 部分地
298. in particular 特别,尤其
299. in person 亲自,本人
300. in place of 代替,取代,交换
301. in place 在合适的位置
302. in practice 在实践中,实际上
303. in proportion to 与...成比例
304. in public 公开地,当众
305. in quantity 大量
306. in question 正在谈论的
307. in regard to 关于,至于
308. in relation to 关于,涉及
309. in return for 作为对...报答
310. in return 作为报答/回报/交换
311. in short 简言之,总之
312. in sight 被见到;在望
313. in spite of 尽管
314. in step with 与...一致/协调
315. in tears 流着泪,在哭着
316. in terms of
317. in the company / wake of随着
318. in the course of 在...期间/过程中
319. in the distance 在远处
320. in the end 最后,终于
321. in the event of 如果...发生,万一
322. in the face of 即使;在...面前
323. in the first place 首先
324. in the future 在未来
325. in the heat of the day 一天中最热的时候
326. in the least 丝毫,一点
327. in the long run 长期
328. in the way 挡道
329. in the world 究竟,到底
330. in time 及时
331. in touch 联系,接触
332. in turn 依次,轮流;转而
333. in vain 徒劳,白费力
334. indifferent to无兴趣,不关心
335. indignant with sb.愤慨
336. inferior to级别低于,不如
337. innocent of无...罪,无辜
338. instead of 代替,而不是
339. intent on专心于
340. invisible to不可见的
341. jealous of嫉妒
342. just now 眼下;刚才
343. keep ones eyes on关注
344. keep on爱好,很喜欢
345. keep track of 留心
346. kind of / sort of有点somewhat
347. lay off 下岗
348. leave alone别说
349. let the cat out of the bag泄露秘密
350. liable for对...有责任
351. liable to易于
352. little by little 逐渐地
353. look for / hunt for 找工作
354. lost the point弄错
355. lots of 许多
356. loyal to忠于
357. mad about/on狂热迷恋
358. mad at/with sb.生气,愤怒
359. mad with因...发狂
360. make (both) ends meet收支平衡
361. make a living谋生
362. make it成功
363. make the best / most of充分利用
364. many a 许多
365. mark the papers 批改考卷
366. mayor / minor in
367. meet ones needs满足要求
368. might as well不妨
369. mistake a for b 认错
370. more or less 或多或少,有点
371. my treat我请客
372. narrow escape九死一生
373. necessary to /for必要的
374. next door 隔壁的,在隔壁
375. next to下一个,其次
376. no doubt 无疑地
377. no less than 不少于...;不亚于
378. no longer 不再
379. no more than 至多,同...一样不
380. no more 不再
381. none other than 不是别的,正是
382. nothing but 只有,只不过
383. now and then 时而,偶尔
384. off and on 断断续续,间歇地
385. off duty 下班
386. on (the) one hand 一方面
387. on a large/small scale 大/小规模地
388. on account of 由于
389. on behalf of 代表
390. on board 在船(车/飞机)上
391. on business 因公
392. on condition that 如果
393. on duty 上班,值班
394. on earth 究竟,到底
395. on fire 起火着火
396. on foot 步行
397. on guard 站岗,值班
398. on hand 在场,在手边
399. on loan to借给
400. on occasion(s) 有时,间或
401. on ones guard 警惕,提防
402. on ones own 独立,独自
403. on purpose 故意地
404. on sale 出售,廉价出售
405. on schedule 按时间表,准时
406. on second thoughts 经重新考虑
407. on the contrary 正相反
408. on the grounds of 根据,以...为由
409. on the other hand 另一方面
410. on the point of 即将...的时刻
411. on the road 在旅途中
412. on the side 作为兼职/副 业
413. on the spot 在场;马上
414. on the whole 总的来说,大体上
415. on time 准时
416. on(an/the) average 平均,通常
417. once (and) for all 一劳永逸地
418. once again 再一次
419. once in a while 偶尔
420. once more 再一次
421. once upon a time 从前
422. one another 相互
423. ones cup of tea喜欢的人/物
424. open to不限制,开放的
425. opposite to在对面
426. or else 否则,要不然
427. or so 大约,左右
428. other than 非;除了
429. out of breath 喘不过气来
430. out of control 失去控制
431. out of date 过时的
432. out of doors 在户外
433. out of order 出故障的
434. out of place 不适当的
435. out of practice 久不练习,荒疏
436. out of sight 看不见,在视野外
437. out of the question 毫无可能的
438. out of touch 不联系,不接触
439. out of 从...中;由于;缺乏
440. over and over (again) 一再地,再三地
441. parallel to与...平等,类似
442. particular about挑剔,讲究
443. patient with有耐心
444. peculiar to独特的,独有的
445. pick up捡
446. play by ear见机行事
447. popular with受...喜爱,爱戴
448. prior to 在...之前
449. pull ones leg拿某人开玩笑put someone on
450. put someone up给某人提供住宿
451. put up with忍受
452. quite a few 相当多,不少
453. rain cats and dogs瓢泼大雨
454. rather than 不是...(而是)
455. reach agreement 达成协议
456. reach an agreement达成一致
457. regardless of 不顾,不惜
458. relative to与...有关
459. remove from 从…除去
460. representative of代表...的
461. resign ones post 辞职
462. responsible for负责,是...原因
463. result from 由于
464. rich in富于
465. right away 立即,马上
466. ring sb. up 打电话给…
467. rule out 排除…的可能性
468. run out of用完
469. rush hours上下班高峰
470. see: see to it that - make sure that确保
471. sensible of觉查到
472. sensitive to对...敏感
473. set another date改期 make on saturday / lock it
474. set ones mind on doing 决定be determined to / have ones mind set on / bent on
475. short of缺少
476. show off卖弄
477. sick of厌恶,厌倦
478. side by side 肩并肩,一起
479. similar to相似
480. skilled at /in善于
481. slip ones mind 忘记
482. so far 迄今为止
483. somewhere around 大约
484. sooner or later 迟早,早晚
485. sore throat / foot
486. stay up late 熬夜
487. step by step 逐步地
488. subject to受制于,易于
489. such as 例如,诸如
490. sufficient for足够的
491. suitable for/to适合于
492. superior to优于,级别高于
493. sure of /about对...有信心,确信
494. suspicious of怀疑
495. take a leave请假
496. take a seat / be seated
497. take ones place 取代
498. take ones time慢慢来
499. take sth. seriously 认真对待
500. take up占据
501. thanks to 由于,多亏
502. that is (to say) 就是说,即
503. the reverse is also true 反之亦然
504. tired of对...不在感兴趣
505. to the point 切中要害,切题
506. turn over 倾覆
507. typical of是典型的,特有的
508. uncertain of /about不确知
509. under control 处于控制之下
510. under the circumstances 这种情况下
511. up in the air没有确定
512. up to date 在进行中
513. up to 多达;直到;胜任;取决于
514. vital to对...关系重大
515. void of没有,缺乏
516. what about 怎么样
517. what if 切合目前情况的
518. whats up / new?发生了什么事?
519. with regard to 关于,至于
520. with respect to 如果...将怎么样
521. with the exception of 除...之外
522. without any trace没有踪迹
523. without fail 一向如此
524. without question 毫无疑问
525. wolf down狼吞虎咽
526. word for word 逐字的
.by accident 偶然
on account of 因为,由于
in addition 另外
in addition to 除……之外(包括)
in the air 在流行中,在传播中
on (the/an) average 平均,一般来说
on the basis of 根据,在……的基础上
at (the) best 充其量,至多
for the better 好转,改善
on board 在船(车、飞机)上
out of breath 喘不过气来
on business 因公,因事
in any case 无论如何,总之
in case of 假使,万一
in case 假如,以防(万一),免得
in no case 决不
by chance 偶然,碰巧
in charge (of) 负责,主管
(a) round the clock 昼夜不停地
in common 共用,共有,共同
in conclusion 最后,总之
on condition that 在……条件下
in confidence 信任
in connection with/to关于
in consequence 因此,结果
in consequence of 由于……的缘故
on the contrary 反之,正相反
in contrast with/to 与……成对照
out of control 失去控制
under control 被控制住
at all costs 不惜任何代价
at the cost of 以……为代价
in the course of 在……过程中,在……期间
of course 当然,自然,无疑
in danger 在危险中,垂危
out of danger 脱离危险
out of date 过期(时)的
up to date 时新的
in debt 欠债
in detail 详细地
in difficulties 处境困难
in the distance 在远处
off duty 下班
on duty 值班,上班
on earth 究竟,到底
at all events 无论如何
in any event 无论如何
in effect 有效;实际上
in the event of 万一,如果发生
for example 例如
with the exception of除……之外
in the face of 面对,不顾,即使
in fact 其实,实际上
on fire 烧着
on foot 步行
in force 有效;实施中
in favo(u)r of 有利于,赞成,支持
in front of 在……面前
in (the) future 今后,将来
on guard 警惕,防范
in general 通常,大体上
in half 成两半
at hand 在手边,在附近
from tip to toe 彻头彻尾,完全
by hand 用手
hand down to 往下传,传给(后代)
hand in hand 手拉手,携手
in hand 在掌握中,在控制中
on hand 在手边,临近
on (the) one hand... 一方面……,
on the other hand...另一方面……
at heart 在内心;实质上
by heart 牢记,凭记忆
at home 在家,在国内;自在,自如
in honor of 以纪念,向……表示敬意
on one’s honor 以名誉担保
in a hurry 匆忙地,立即
for instance 例如,举例说
at intervals 不时,时时
at last 最终,终于
at least 至少,最低限度
in the least 一点,丝毫
at length 终于,最后;详细地
in the light of 按照,根据
in line 成一直线,排成一行
in line with 与……一致,按照
at a loss 困惑,不知所措
by all means 无论如何,必定
by means of 借助于,用
by no means 决不
in memory of 纪念
at the mercy of 在……支配下
by mistake 错误地
at the moment 现在,此刻
for a moment 片刻,一会儿
for the moment 现在,暂时
in a moment 立刻,马上
in nature 本质上
on occasion 有时,不时
in order 秩序井然,整齐
in order to 以便,为了
in order that 以便
out of order 发生故障,失调
on one’s own 独自地,独立地
in particular 特别地,尤其,详细地
in the past 在过去,以往
in person 亲自
in place 在适当的位置
in place of 代替
in the first place 起初,首先
in the last place 最后
out of place 不得其所的,不适当的
on the point 即将……的时候
to the point 切中要害,切题
in practice 在实际中,实际上
out of practice 久不练习,荒疏
at present 目前,现在
for the present 目前,暂时
in proportion to (与……)成比例的
in public 公开地,当众
for (the) purpose of为了
on purpose 故意,有意
with the purpose of 为了
in question 正在考虑
at random 随意地,任意地
at any rate 无论如何,至少
by reason of 由于
as regards 关于,至于
with/in regard to 对于,就……而论
in/with relation to 关系到
with respect to 关于
as a result 结果,因此
as a result of 由于……的结果
in return 作为报答,作为回报
on the road 在旅途中
as a rule 规章,规则;通常,照例
in the long run 最终,从长远观点看
for the sake of 为了……起见
on sale 出售;贱卖
on a large scale 大规模地
on a small scale 小规模地
in secret 秘密地,私下地
in a sense 从某种意义上说
in shape 处于良好状态
on the side 作为兼职,额外
at first sight 乍一看,初看起来
in sight 被看到,在望
out of sight 看不见,在视野之外
in spite of 不管,不顾;尽管,虽然
on the spot 当场,在现场
in step 同步,合拍
out of step 步调不一致,不协调
in stock 现有,备有
in sum 总而言之
in tears 流着泪,含泪,哭
in terms of 依据,按照;用……措词
for one thing 首先,一则
on the second thoughts 经重新考虑,一转念
at a time 每次,一次
at no time 从不,决不
at one time 同时,曾经,从前曾
at the same time 但是,然而,同时
at times 有时
for the time being 目前,暂时
from time to time 有时,不时
in no time 立即,马上
in time 及时,适时地
on time 准时
on top of 在……之上
out of touch 失去联系
in truth 事实上,实际上,的确
on try 试穿
by turns 轮流,交替地
in turn 依次,轮流
in vain 徒劳,无效
a variety of 种种,各种
by virtue of 由于
by the way 顺便提一下,另外
by way of 经由,通过……方式
in a way 在某点,在某种程度上
in no way 决不
in the way of 妨碍
in one’s/the way 妨碍,阻碍
after a while 过了一会,不久
for a while 暂时,一时
on the whole 总的来说
in a word 总而言之
in other words 换句话说,也就是说
at work 在工作,忙于
out of work 失业
in the world 到底,究竟动词+名词形式
have/gain access to 可以获得
take...into account 考虑
gain/have an advantage over胜过,优于
pay the way for 为……铺平道路
take advantage of 利用,趁……之机
pay attention to 注意
do/try one’s best 尽力,努力
get the best of 胜过
make the best of 充分利用,妥善处理
get the better of 打败,致胜
catch one’s breath 屏息,歇口气
take care 小心,当心
take care of 照顾,照料
take a chance 冒险一试
take charge of 担任,负责
keep company with 与……交往
take delight in 以……为乐
with delight 欣然,乐意地
make a/the difference 有影响,很重要
carry/bring into effect 使生效,使起作用
put into effect 实行,生效
come/go into effect 生效,实施
take effect 生效,起作用
catch one’s eye 引人注目
keep an eye on 留意,照看
make faces 做鬼脸
find fault 埋怨,挑剔
catch fire 着火
come/go into force 生效,实施
make friends 交朋友,友好相处
be friends with 对……友好,与……交上朋友
make fun of 取笑,嘲弄
keep one’s head 保持镇静
lose one’s head 不知所措
lose heart 丧失勇气,失去信心
get/learn by heart 记住,背诵
get hold of 抓住,掌握
keep house 管理家务,做家务
throw/cast light on 使明白,阐明
have in mind 记住,考虑到,想到
make up one’s mind 下决心
come/go into operation 使投入生产,使运转
put in order 整理,检修
keep/hold pace with 跟上,与……同步
play a part 起作用
take place 发生,进行
take the place of 代替
come to the point 说到要点,扼要地说
bring/carry into practice 实施,实行
make progress 进步,进展
give rise to 引起,使发生
make sense 讲得通,有意义
catch the sight of 发现,突然看见
(go) on the stage 当演员
take one’s time 不急不忙,从容进行
keep in touch 保持联系
keep track 通晓事态,注意动向
lose track 失去联系
make use of 利用
put to use 使用,利用
give way 让路,让步
lead the way 带路,引路
make one’s way 前进,进行
make way 让路,开路
keep one’s word 遵守诺言
act on 作用
appeal to 呼吁,要求
attempt at 企图,努力
attitude to/towards 态度,看法
a great/good deal of 大量(的),许多(的)
influence on 影响
interference in 干涉
interference with 妨碍,打扰
introduce to 介绍
a lot (of) 许多(的),大量(的)
lots of 大量,很多
fall in love with 相爱,爱上
a matter of (关于……)的问题
a number of 若干,许多
reply to 回答,答复
a series of 一系列,一连串
trolley bus 无轨电车
I.D. card 身份证
credit card 信用卡
no doubt 无疑,必定
next door 隔壁
out of doors 在户外
face to face 面对面地
as a matter of fact 实际情况,真相
a few 有些,几个
quite a few 还不少,有相当数目的
a little 一点,稍微,一些,少许
little by little 逐渐地
quite a little 相当多,不少
no matter 无论
the moment (that) 一……就
no more 不再
fair play 公平竞赛;公平对待
in demand 有需要,销路好
rest room 厕所,盥洗室
primary school 小学
side by side 肩并肩,一个挨一个
heart and soul 全心全意
step by step 逐步
ahead of time 提前
all the time 一直,始终
once upon a time 从前
once in a while 偶尔,有时
no wonder 难怪,怪不得
word for word 逐字地
decline with thanks 婉言谢绝
against/through storms/strong winds穿越风暴大风
  all of a sudden:突然
  a long experience of:长期的体验、经历
  another thing或one other thing:另一件事
  a piece/sheet of paper:一张纸
  back ones plan:支持某人的计划
  be caught in the rain:淋雨
  beg for mercy:请求宽恕
  be/give/have grounds for/of:有...的理由
  be proud of或take pride in:为...感到骄傲、
  be stricken down:被染上、患上
  be worn:穿破
  bow before sb.:向...鞠躬
  bring to (ones) attention:引起注意
  cars run on the road:汽车行驶在路上
  cause sb. a trouble:给某人带来麻烦
  circle round:盘旋
  clock strikes:钟敲了起来
  combine ones effort to:联合力量
  come into use:付诸使用
  cook a meal:做饭
  die down/away:平息、消失
  difficulties become impossible:困难变得难以对付discuss a topic:讨论主题、话题
  draw sb. before sb.:把...拉到跟前
  drive sb. mad:使某人疯了
  elder sister:姐姐
  enter ones life:进入某人的生活中
  fall ill或get ill:生病
  fire a feeling of interesting:激发兴趣
  five star national flag:五星红旗
  fulfill ones dream:实现梦想
  further more:而且
  get a high score或get the high marks:得高分
  get a shine in ones eye:眼睛一亮
  get dirty looks:被看扁
  get over:克服困难
  give sb. a tour of some place:让某人参观某
  give the cause:给出理由
  go over:走过去;走到另一边;从一间屋走到另一间屋go up hill:到山上
  hand over:移交、交出
  have a part:扮演角色
  have an effect on:对...有效果、影响
  have a chat:闲谈
  have no choice but to do...:除了...别无选择
  hear it over the radio:从收音机里听到消息
  in area:在面积上
  increase ones strength:增强力量
  in terms of:用...的词句
  it wont do:这不奏效、合适
  just carry on the plan:勉强地执行计划
  kill the time:消磨、打发时间
  lean over ones way:将身体倾向某人
  let out a cry:发出叫声、喊声
  look over the shoulder:透过肩膀看过去
  look up:抬起头来
  look up a word in the dictionary或refer to the dictionary:查字典
  lost in silence:沉默
  lost in thought:沉思
  make a (good) effort:作出很大的努力
  make a journey/trip/voyage:旅游
  make coffee:煮咖啡
  make it that:把...规定在某时
  make oneself fully useful:使某人变成有用的人make ones way:克服困难前进
  make progress:取得进步
  make sb. into:使某人成为[如医生]
  make sense:有道理、行得通
  make tea:沏茶
  native language:母语
  non-smoking section:无烟区
  normal people:正常人[指没有精神病等]
  nothing else matches this one:没有什么比得上这个ordinary people:普通人
  pass law:通过法律
  pay the bill:付账单
  play a...part(in) ...:起...作用
pour knowledge and skill into...:倾注知识和技术pull into及pull out of:(驾车)驶入、驶出
  pursue ones dream:追逐梦想
  push ones way:挤过去
  put sth. aside:把某物放到一侧、边
  put up the tent:支起帐篷
  raise sb.:把某人扶起来
  read faster:快速阅读
  receive education:接受教育
  satisfy our expense:满足开支
  serve me right:我活该
  set out to do sth.:着手做某事
  snails pull themselves on:蜗牛拖着身体往
  爬solar system:太阳系
  sounds travel to/toward:声音传播
  spare no effort:不遗余力
  stand on ones own feet:自立
  stay to dinner:留下吃饭
step onto/off the platform/stage:走上/下站台/舞台take a step或take steps (to do sth.):采取步骤take ones eye off:将某人的视线移开
take the advice:采纳建议
  take the responsibility for:对...负责
  take to ones bed:卧床不起
  the bell goes:铃响了
  the corner of eye:眼角
  the experience of doing sth.[of不能直接加名词]:...的经历
  the plan break down:计划被中断
  there is no doubt that...:勿庸置疑
  the story goes that...:据说;常言道
  through the window:通过窗口(递送东西)
  time is up:时间到了
  under construction/development:在建设/发展中use in:被某一行业、领域应用
  waste no time:争分夺秒
  wear out:筋疲力尽
  white birds against the blue sky:蓝天映衬白鸽win ones independence:获得、赢得独立
  with ones aid/help:在...帮助下
  with the aid of:在...援助下;借助于...
  with the warm weather:随着天气变暖
yellow tape:(用来封锁事故现场的黄色)胶带younger sister:妹妹
set down 记下;写下
in the first place 首先;第一;原先
burst into sth. 突然而猛烈地发出或产生某事物
centre on/upon 将某人(某事物)当作中心或重点
concentrate on 专心致志于
Tour de France 环法自行车赛
keep track of 记录;掌握……的线索;保持对……的联系
stand out 突出;出色
be diagnosed with... 被确诊患有……(疾病)
in a row 连续,一连串
lead sb.to do sth. 致使某人做某事
apply for 提出申请(或要求等)
make for 走向;向……前进;有利于,有助于;倾向于
get a better understanding of... 更充分地理解……
head down to... 向……进发,动身
hang ten (冲浪运动中)作十趾吊
in the name of 以……的名义;代表
push on(with sth.)毅然继续(做某事)
run out of 耗尽;用光
apart from... 除……外(尚有)
set sail(to/from/for...) 起航
compete for 为……而竞争
in search of 寻找
give birth to 生;产生
as long as (表示条件)只要……
at the height of 在……顶点;在(事业等)的高峰
for once and always 一劳永逸地
be made up of 由……构成;组成
as a consequence(of )作为(……的)结果
the Commonwealth of Australia 澳大利亚联邦
go walkabout到灌木丛中闲逛
break out(指激烈事件)突然发生
round up使集合在一起
stand for代表,代替;象征,意味着
have a strong/great influence on...对……有重大影响
benefit from...从……受益
differ from...和……不同
be fond of喜欢
have fun with开玩笑
set foot on踏上

give birth to生;产生
in area在面积上
keep out(使)在外
all the year round终年
have access to接近(或进入)的方法(或权利、机会等)
on a large scale大规模地;大范围地
pass away去世;逝世
belong to属于
at first sight 乍一看(之下)
be born into 出身于
have an appetite for 爱好……
look out for 照料,照看……
put together 把……放在一起;把……加在一起
work out 做出;设计出;制订出;算出
make contributions to 对……作出贡献
adapt to 适应
take into consideration 考虑到,顾及
in charge(of) 处于控制或支配地位;负责
hand in hand 手拉手;密切关联的
get across 传播;为人理解
appeal to 有吸引力;呼吁;上诉
keep an eye out for sb./sth. 留心或注意某人或某物
make sense 有意义;有道理;讲得通
apply... to... 运用;应用
lose heart 泄气;灰心
take it easy 别紧张;放松点
keep up 维持;保持;使某事物处于高水平
common sense 常识;情理
leave behind 忘带;留下
lose one’s way 迷路
come to an end 结束;中止
live through sth. 经历某事物而幸存
tie up 系;拴;捆
at stake 在危险中
go for 为……去努力获取
lose weight 减肥
be to blame 该受责备;应负责
be upset about... (对……感到)不安的;不快的;心烦意乱的
associate... with... 使发生联系;使联合
protect... from... 保护……免于……
be promoted with (用……手段来)宣传,推销
create/form a positive image of 塑造/形成一个正面的形象
point out 指出
think twice 重新考虑
believe in 相信;信仰
set off for... 出发,动身到……
be accustomed to 习惯于……
on all fours 匍匐,趴着
come to a decision 决定下来
come to an agreement 达成一致;达成协议
come to a conclusion 告终;下结论
take up 拿起;着手处理;开始(从事于)
care for 喜爱;照顾
leave alone 不管;随……去
in want of 需要
close up (尤指暂时)关闭;使靠近
care about 介意……,在乎,关心
safety standards 安全标准
working conditions 工作条件
social conscience 社会道德
.a poor excuse 一个差劲的借口
bring in 赚入……;获利
be badly-off 生活穷困
fall asleep 入睡
have no eye for 不关心;不在意
far from 远离;一点也不
comment on 评论,批评,解释
in face of 面对……,在……面前,不顾……
in favor of 支持……,赞同……;为有利于……
in praise of 称赞……
in hope of 抱着……的希望
in charge of 掌管,负责
in memory of 为了纪念;为追悼……
in honor of 为了纪念
in search of 搜寻
in need of 需要
turn down 拒绝
as follows 如下
end up in 以……告终,以……为结局
one by one 一个接一个地;逐个地
date back to (时间)追溯到
get it wrong 误解
on the contrary 相反的是;反而
toast to 干杯;祝酒
make sense of 弄懂……的意思
in other words 换句话说;换言之
take risks 冒险
experiment with 进行试验;进行实验
piles of 一大堆;一大批;一大团
fall behind 落后于
come across (偶然)遇见
make progress 取得进步
adjust...to... 调整……;调解……
as a consequence 因此
regardless of 不顾,不管,不拘
take place 发生
thanks to 多亏了,由于
wake up 醒来;叫醒
stay up 挺住;坚持不睡觉
broaden one’s horizons 开阔眼界
in the beginning 开始;起初
lay off 解雇;不理会;使下岗
make matters worse 使情况更困难或更危险
get rid of 摆脱
make ends meet 使收支相抵;量入为出
be devoted to 献身……的;专心于……的
play a role in 在……中起作用
medical treatment 医疗
reach a decision 决定下来;下结论
aim at 瞄准;针对;目的在于
take measures to ... 采取措施来(做)……
make a living 谋生
depend on 依靠;取决于
live on 以……为主食;靠……生活
prevent... from ... 阻止,阻挡;制止;妨碍
provide ... for ... 为……提供……
meet the needs of 满足……的需要
be burdened with ... 使负重担
put pressure on ... 给……施压,增添压力
state-owned companies 国有企业
lose weight 减肥
ready-made clothes 成衣
make fun of 取笑某人
attend to 处理;照顾;关照
take pride in 对……感到自豪
do up 打扮;梳妆
let down 不支持;使失望
at length 最后;终于;详细地
at a time 一次
go far (人)大有前途;成功
come into being 形成
as to 关于
be accused of 被控诉,控告;被指责,谴责
et free 使获得自由;释放
refer to 参考;涉及;谈到;指的是
turn to 转向,变成;求助于
adapt to 使适应,使适和
get accustomed to 变得习惯于
for a moment 片刻;暂时
live through 度过;经受住
break out in tears 突然大哭起来
cut off 切掉;割掉;剪下;切断;隔绝
tear at 撕,扯……
lay off 解雇;不理会;使下岗
make matters worse 使情况更困难或更危险
get rid of 摆脱
make ends meet 使收支相抵;量入为出
be devoted to 献身……的;专心于……的
play a role in 在……中起作用
medical treatment 医疗
reach a decision 决定下来;下结论
aim at 瞄准;针对;目的在于
take measures to ... 采取措施来(做)……
make a living 谋生
depend on 依靠;取决于
live on 以……为主食;靠……生活
prevent... from ... 阻止,阻挡;制止;妨碍
provide ... for ... 为……提供……
meet the needs of 满足……的需要
be burdened with ... 使负重担
put pressure on ... 给……施压,增添压力
state-owned companies 国有企业
lose weight 减肥
ready-made clothes 成衣
make fun of 取笑某人
attend to 处理;照顾;关照
take pride in 对……感到自豪
do up 打扮;梳妆
let down 不支持;使失望
at length 最后;终于;详细地
at a time 一次
go far (人)大有前途;成功
come into being 形成
as to 关于
be accused of 被控诉,控告;被指责,谴责
set free 使获得自由;释放
refer to 参考;涉及;谈到;指的是
turn to 转向,变成;求助于
adapt to 使适应,使适和
get accustomed to 变得习惯于
for a moment 片刻;暂时
live through 度过;经受住
break out in tears 突然大哭起来
cut off 切掉;割掉;剪下;切断;隔绝
tear at 撕,扯……
stick with继续支持;保持联系
through thick and thin 不顾艰难
pull out of从……中退出
cater to满足某种需要或要求
for the sake of由于;为了……的利益
in reality事实上;实际上
keep an eye on 照料;照管
take sth.into account考虑;体谅
as a whole 总的说来;作为整体
once again再一次
live up to依照……行事;做到;不辜负(期望)
accept...as... 认为……
on one’s own独自,靠自己,独立
the majority of大多数;大部分
.a pie chart饼状图
.a bar chart柱状图
.match...to... 使……(和……)调和,相配
be suspected of 被猜疑,被怀疑
.take measures to ...采取措施(做……)
.be familiar with 对……熟悉
.be made up of构成;组成
.count...as... 把……认为……
on the other hand 另一方面
.attach to 伴随……
.be aware of 察觉到,感觉到,获悉
be suitable for适合做……
.guard...against... 守护……(免于……),保护
make the best use of充分利用
on the surface 表面上的,外表上
as a matter of fact 实际上
be satisfied with 对……满意
lose face 失面子
by means of以……,借着……
put ... to use使用,用,利用
in demand有需要的;吃香的
so as to为了,目的是
sit for参加(考试)
concentrate on 集中;专心;专注
to begin with首先;第一;起初
drop out (of)(从活动、竞赛等中)退出;辍学
result in产生某种作用或结果
be skeptical of怀疑
take in把(某人)带进;领入
rely on依赖;依靠
as far as(远)至(某处);到……程度
lifelong learning 终身学习
work out解决;计算出;详细拟订
have a lot in common有很多共同之处
be suited for适合做……,对……适宜
take place发生,产生;进行,举行
turn down拒绝,不接受
be set in以……为背景
pass on传递
go wrong不对头,出毛病;失败
except for除……之外;若无
be in love with爱上某人
learn about听到,获悉
take one’s revenge on sb.for sth.因某事向某人报仇
break into pieces(使)成为碎片
keep...out of使……置身于外
at the time of在……的时候
turn out 结果(是),证明(是),原来(是)
as for关于,至于
at times有时,不时
get straight to the point直奔主题
varieties of各种各样的
to one’s surprise让某人吃惊的是
as soon as一……就……
one after another一个接一个地,连续不断地
come to light显露出来,暴露
over and over again
get hold of抓住;拿住;握住
make a beeline for径直朝……走去
as a matter of fact事实上;说真的;实际上
keep in touch保持联系
feast on大吃大喝;享受美食
make a distinction between...and...区分;区别
make sense有意义;有道理;讲得通
apply for申请;请求
straight away立刻地;毫不犹豫地
fit in(with) 与……相适应;与……相协调
hold back退缩;踌躇
take a while用一些(一段)时间
approve of赞同;赞许
have sth.in common with sb.和某人有共同之处
take part in参与;参加
make contributions to为……作出贡献
Secretary General of the United Nations联合国秘书长
make a difference有关系;有影响;有意义
be eager to do sth.渴望做……
open up打开,张开;开发;开辟;揭露;展现
at times有时,不时
as a consequence结果;后果
be due to 应归于
become involved in使卷入,使陷入;拖累
make the adjustment to适应于
take off脱下;(飞机)起飞
put on穿上,戴上
be popular with受(某人)欢迎
get in touch with和……取得联系
dream of梦想;向往
make use of利用
set up树立;开办;设立;创立;建立
as well as也,又
come true实现,达到
be up to胜任,适于

同-culate:线路圆的(circula-→circular)才循环(circulate),只有可(cal~谐音)靠才计算(calculate)。善于表达(articulate)有艺术(art),投机(speculate) 特别(spec-→special)靠推断(speculate)。

同~ap串记:打盹(nap) 帽子(cap)轻轻叩(tap),地图(map)大腿(lap)生裂口(gap)。
i.e. e.g. etc.三个常用缩略词意义易混,串记:爱衣(谐音)是即(i.e.),象蛋(egg)是例(e.g.),等等(etc.)略作e t c。

同~are串记:赤 裸(bare)野兔(hare)要照顾(care),车费船费(fare)敢(dare)稀疏(rare)?
Bible table able串记:书桌(table)能够(able)放两(bi-)本圣经(Bible)。
bolt belt melt串记:皮带(belt)栓子(bolt)化(melt)了卖(me~谐音)。
dust dusk desk串记:放学是黄昏(dusk),书桌(desk)落灰尘(dust)。
drag drug drum串记:拖(drag)腰(药drug)鼓(drum)——安塞腰鼓闻名中外。
同~ear串记:A.听说(hear)亲爱的(dear)怕(fear)生育(bear),穿衣(wear)掉泪(tear)吃洋梨(pear)。B.生育(bear)痛苦必须忍(bear),撕裂(tear)掉泪(tear)是因疼。齿轮(gear)穿衣(wear)遭磨损(wear),年年(year)附近(near)熊(bear)咬人。C. No bear,no rear. 没生就没养:先有生,后有养——rear“养”又有“后部的”意。
edit emit exit elite 串记:出口(exit)精心校订(edit),才能发射(emit)出精英(elite)。
exist exit串记:没有出路(exit)那能生存(exist生活、存在)。
fold folk fork串记:民间的人们(folk)折(fold)刀叉(fork)。
golf gulf wolf串记:海湾(gulf)高尔夫(golf)场地有匹狼(wolf)。
hand hind hint串记:手(hand)放在后部(hind)做暗示(hint)。
同~ile串记:文档(file)发,堆头(pile)怕,瓷砖瓦片(tile)快要塌,英里(mile)太远遭人骂——fi~ pi~ ti~ mi~分别谐音为“发”、“怕”、“塌”、“骂”。
同l~af 串记:一块面包(loaf)碎,象快叶子(leaf)飞。
mark mask task串记:工作(task)面罩(mask) 做记号(mark)。
shoe shop ship串记:商店(shop)象船(ship)卖鞋(shoe)。
tub tube cube串记:澡盆(tub)管子(tube)是立体(cube)。







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