Period 7 Assessment Self-assessment 1.I have finished learning this unit and now I feel I am__________of most of the contents learned in this unit?? A.slightly confident   B.confident   C.quite confident   D.very confident? 2.In this unit I have learned the following? verbs: ____________________________________________________________ nouns: ____________________________________________________________ adjectives: __________________________________________________ adverbs: __________________________________________________ expressions: __________________________________________________ patterns: __________________________________________________ 3.I can make sentences with some of the words and expressions and patterns that I like very? much. ____________________________________________________________ Test 一、单词拼写 1.Soldiers, policemen and nurses wear u__________? 答案:uniforms 2.The dress is a__________in all sizes at this shop.? 答案:available 3.The explanation in the note c__________the difficult sentence.? 答案:clarified 4.The <!--?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /-->LoopRailway was being c__________ at that time.? 答案:constructed 5.The children t__________ with joy at the sight of the Christmas tree.? 答案:thrilled 6.Sophia cleaned and __________(整理)two of the bedrooms in the morning.? 答案:arranged 7.Choose furniture that’s __________(与……一致)with the modern style of the house.? 答案:consistent 8.You and I can do some __________(观光), till I go back to Cambridge.? 答案:sightseeing 9.He seems to think that the delay is to suit your __________(便利).? 答案:convenience 10.The __________(关系)of mother and child is the closest in the world.? 答案:relation 二、单项选择 11.Taking this medicine, if __________, will of course do good to his health.? A.continued  B.to continue  C.continues  D.continuing ? 12.His letter, __________ to the wrong number, reached me late.? A.to have been addressed B.to have addressed ? C.having been addressed D.being addressed ? 13.Mr.Smith was much surprised to find the watch he had had __________ was nowhere to be seen.? A.repairing B.it repaired? C.repaired D.to be repaired ? 14.—Is there anything you want from town?? —No, thank you.But I would like to get __________.? A.mailed letters B.those letters mailed ? C.to mail those letters D.those letters mail ? 15.Once __________ at the shop, you will be dismissed immediately.? A.caught stealing B.caught to steal ? C.catching stealing D.to catch to steal ? 16.__________ in her best suit, the girl tried to make herself __________ at the party.? A.Dressing;  noticed B.Dressing;  noticing ? C.Dressed;  noticing D.Dressed;  noticed ? 17.__________ the big snake, the little girl stood under the tree __________ out of life.? A.Seeing;  frightened B.Seeing;  frightening ? C.Seen;  frightened D.To see;  frightening ? 18.We found the students seated at tables and had their eyes __________ on the scene of the launch of Shenzhou Ⅵ spaceship.? A.fix                     B.fixed                  C.fixing                D.to fix ? 19.When we got back from the cinema, we found the lamp __________ but the door __________. A.being on; shut B.burning; shutting ? C.burning; shut D.on;  shutting ? 20.—Is Tom a good talker.? —No, he never speaks to me other than __________ something?? A.ask for B.to ask for C.asked for D.asking for ? 21.Computers have __________ abacuses in most offices.? A.taken place of B.taken place ? C.taken the place of D.taken their places of ? 22.A big fire __________ in their house last night.? A.was broken out B.broke out ? C.broke up D.broken down ? 23.—Where is your bike?? —Oh, it is broken.Look, it __________ over there.? A.is mended B.will be mended C.is mending D.is being mended ? 24.On my birthday, my father bought me __________.? A.a nice long new black British pen B.a long nice new British black pen ? C.a new black British long nice pen? D.a British new long black nice pen ? 25.Jane’s pale face suggested that __________ ill, and her parents suggested that she __________ a medical examination.? A.be; should have B.was; have C.should be; had D.was;  had ? 答案:11~15 ACCBA 16~20 DABCC 21~25 CBDAB?? 三、完成句子 26.这位老太太只在特殊的场合穿这件衣服。? The old woman only wears this coat __________ __________ __________.? 27.你犯了个错, 你漏了个字母“t”。? You’ve made a mistake ─ you’ve __________ __________ the letter“t”.? 28.吴老师不在的话, 谁来代她的课?? Who will __________ __________ __________ __________ Miss.Wu when she is away?? 29.很多特殊的典礼都是为了纪念名人。? Many special ceremonies__________ __________ __________ __________ famous men.? 30.下议院由658个成员组成。? The House of Commons __________ __________ 658 members.? 31.那房子被隔成数套公寓。? The house __________ __________ __________ several flats.? 32.改掉习惯是很难的。? It’s difficult __________ __________ __________ __________ a habit.? 33.非常需要有一本关于这个主题的书。? There’s __________ __________ __________ __________ a book on this subject.? 34.她听到那消息就哭了起来, 但很快就恢复过来了。? She __________ __________ when she heard the news, but quickly __________.? 35.使他极为高兴的是, 他的小说被接受出版。? __________ __________ __________ __________, his novel was accepted for publication. 36.当然, 她为你所做的感到自豪。? Of course, she __________ __________ __________ what you have done.? 37.不要被她的话所影响。? Don’t __________ __________ __________ __________ she says.? 答案:26.on special occasions 27.left out 28.take the place of 29.are in memory of 30.consists of 31.was divided into 32.to break away from 33.a great need for 34.broke down; recovered 35.To his great delight 36.is proud of 37.be influenced by what 四、完形填空 Twenty years ago, Mark Thatcher, the son of Mrs.Thatcher, was reported missing in the Sahara Desert while competing in the Grand Prix Motor race from Paris to Daker.This sad news, so unexpected shook the unusually calm and  38  politician off her balance.Though she did her best to  39 as if nothing had happened and made her public appearance as usual.People could not fail to notice that she was no longer the old self-assured prime minister who always had everything under  40 .Instead she had become a very sad mother who was unable to  41 ? from her shock.? One day when she was to  42? at a lunch party a reporter caught her off her guard by bringing up the  43 of her missing son again.She was totally mentally  44 ?for the question and lost her  45 ?.Tears were rolling down her eyes  46 ? she sobbingly told the reporter there was still no news of Mark and that she was very worried about him.She said that all the countries concerned had  47 ? to do their best to help her find her son.With that she  48 ? down completely and sobbed silently for quite a while.Gradually she  49 ? down and started to speak as planned.It was a very  50 ? scene which exposed a new side of Mrs.Thatcher’s  51 ? the public do not usually see, so people began to  52 ? about the Iron Woman’s motherly love, a  53 ? that is common to all human race.? Later Mark returned safe and sound to his mother’s  54 , good-humored and all smiles as usual  55 ? nothing unusual had  56 ? happened.The Iron Woman, however, broke down again and was  57 ? sobbing for the second time.? 38.A.unhappy        B.unsuccessful       C.unhurried          D.unhealthy ? 39.A.seem             B.look                   C.act                     D.pretend? 40.A.construction   B.control               C.difficulties          D.pressure? 41.A.learn             B.separate              C.reduce                D.recover? 42.A.arrive            B.eat                     C.speak                 D.call? 43.A.subject          B.object                C.argument            D.report? 44.A.ready            B.unprepared         C.famous               D.anxious ? 45.A.life               B.son                    C.belief                 D.self-control ? 46.A.because         B.that                    C.thus                   D.as? 47.A.permitted       B.admitted             C.promised            D.managed ? 48.A.fell               B.wrote                 C.broke                 D.brought? 49.A.sat                B.calmed               C.turned                D.handed? 50.A.moving         B.merry                C.funny                 D.serious? 51.A.thought         B.action                C.position              D.character? 52.A.worry            B.think                  C.set                     D.talk? 53.A.habit             B.hobby                C.feeling               D.thought ? 54.A.office            B.attention             C.side                   D.home? 55.A.as if                     B.as                      C.so that                D.though? 56.A.never            B.ever                   C.yet                     D.already? 57.A.made             B.heard                 C.felt                    D.seen? 答案:38~42 CDBDC 43~47 ABDDC 48~52 C BADD 53~57 CCABD?? 五、阅读理解? That afternoon Molly almost danced along the street, as she walked home with her father from the station.They had seen Mrs.Gibson and Cynthia off to London.She wished her step-mother would take herself off toLondonmuch more often. “Well now, dad, ”she said, “I’m going to have you all to myself for a whole week.You must be very obedient(听话的).” “I hope you aren’t going to boss me, Molly.You’re walking me out of breath already.We mustn’t pass Mrs.Goodmays in our hurry.”They crossed the street to speak to Mrs.Goodmays, one of the doctor’s patients.“We’ve just been seeing my wife and her daughter off to London.They’ve gone up for a week.”? “Dear me, to London, and only for a week!”said Mrs.Goodmays, with surprise.“It seems hardly worth the packing.It’ll be lonely for you, Molly, without your step-sister.”? “Yes, ”said Molly, suddenly feeling as if she ought to have taken this view of the case.“I’ll miss Cynthia.”? “And you, Dr Gibson, I hope you won’t feel like a widower(鳏夫) once again.You must come and have supper with me one evening.What about Tuesday?”? Dr Gibson felt a sharp blow on his leg from the toe of Molly’s shoe, but even so he accepted? the invitation, much to the old lady’s satisfaction.? A moment later Molly said to him, “How could you go and waste one of our precious evening!We’ve only got five now.I’ve been planning all sorts of things for us to do tonight?.”“What sort of things?”? “Oh, I don’t know.Things you used to like, ”she looked at him boldly.“Forbidden things now.” Her father’s eyes lit up, but his face remained serious.“I’m not going to be pulled down, Molly.With hard work and sensible guidance I’ve reached a very fair height of civilized? behaviour, and there I’m going to stay.”? “Oh no, you’re not.We’re having bread and cheese for supper tonight, in armchairs in front of the TV!And you shall wear your dressing-gown at breakfast tomorrow—and every morning for a week!And you shall read the paper at the dining-table!That’s only a start.I haven’t finished by a long way yet.”? 58.What were Molly’s feelings as they walked home from the station?? A.She wished she had gone to London too.? B.She was delighted to be alone with her father.? C.She was looking forward to Mrs.Gibson’s return.? D.She hated being apart from Cynthia.? 59.Mrs.Gibson was __________.? A.Dr Gibson’s mother B.the doctor’s patient? C.the doctor’s wife D.Mrs.Goodmays’ sister? 60.From the passage we can be certain that __________.? A.the doctor’s first wife had died? B.Mrs.Gibson had no children of her own? C.Mrs.Gibson had never been married before? D.The doctor had never had another wife? 61.When Molly kicked her father __________.? A.she urged her father to accept the invitation? B.it seemed to have been a pure accident? C.she meant him to turn down the invitation? D.it showed that she didn’t like Tuesday? 62.What was Molly’s father afraid of?? A.He feared he might lose his position as a doctor.? B.He suspected Molly wanted him to do something criminal.? C.He believed Molly was trying to make him leave his wife.? D.He thought Molly would encourage his old habits.? 答案:58~62 BCACD?? 六、书面表达? 请根据下面表格, 以“南极洲”为题写一篇短文(词数80~100)。?

名称 南极洲
位置 地球的最南端
面积 大约14万平方千米(extreme south)
气候 世界上最寒冷的地方,常年有冰雪覆盖
自然资源 企鹅(penguin)、鲸(whale)、铁、煤等
人口 只有科学工作者?

Antarctica Antarctica, which is the coldest continent in the world, lies in the extreme south of the earth.It has an area of about 140 000 square kilometers.It is covered with cold thick ice and keeps snow all year round.But it is a very rich continent.It has many well-known animals? such as penguins, whales and it is also rich in mineral resources included iron, coal and so on.Up to now only some visiting scientists live there.Maybe one day lots of households? will live there.??

Answers to the Workbook Exercises Page 12 Suggested answers to Exercise 2 (Learning about language)? 1.whispered 2.asked 3.smiled 4.screamed 5.begged 6.agreed 7.answered8.shouted 9.complained 10.suggested 11.decided 12.advised Page 49 Suggested answers to Exercise 1 1.unfriendly 2.impatient 3.dishonest 4.impossible 5.redo 6.underground 7.had misunderstood 8.overslept 9.disagree 10.impolite 11.undress 12.disappeared 13.reopen







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