牛津教材8B 词组大全




8B Unit One


in the past在过去

go past some place 路过某地

walk past some place 走过某地

at present = now = at the moment现在

present = gift 礼物

times (可数复数n.) 时代;时期

at different times在不同时期

in old times 在古代

time (不可数n.) 时间

much time 许多时间

since1958 1958年以来(直到现在)


an hour ago一小时以前

not … any more 不再

play with sb.和某人一起玩

by air = by plane以乘飞机的方式



east 东方      eastern东方的

west 西方      western西方的

south 南方     southern南方的

north 北方     northern北方的

in the southern part of the town

= in the south    在城市的南部

till 1965 = until 1965直到1965

get married = be married 结婚

over the years经过许多年

go to the cinema= go to the movies

see the film 看电影

turn A into B A变成B

used to do sth.过去常常做某事

pollute the river污染河

pollute the air污染空气

pollution (n.) 污染

realize sth.意识到某事

reduce the pollution减少污染

in some ways在某些方面

space room 空间

keep the window open让窗子开着

a bit = a little一点点

a bit lonely一点孤独




feel a bit lonely觉得有点孤独

a lonely boy 一个孤独的男孩

live alone一个人生活

a boy alone一个独自一人的男孩

from time to time = sometimes = at times

有时;不时 (常用于一般现在时态)


know sth. well很了解某物


at that time 在那时

since then从那以后(用于现在完成时)

in the center of town

= in the town center 在市中心

at/ on weekends = every weekends


play cards 打牌

play Chinese chess下中国象棋

later后来 (常用于一般过去时)

take action to do sth.采取行动去做某事

than before比过去

however(副词) 但是    (常放在句首)

move to some place搬到某地

make me very happy使我快乐



throw away sth.= dump sth. 扔掉某物

have/ take an interview参加一次面试


because of sth.因为某物

     as often as before和以前一样频繁

as well as有两个意思:和一样好;和,

A as well as B, 相当于A and BAB



miss (vt.) 有两个意思:错过;想念



repair the bike修理自行车

make sentence造句

the past/ last century上个世纪

over/ in the past century在上个世纪

the 20th century     20世纪

the 21st century     21世纪


time(可数名词) 次数

a few times好几次

since last Monday自从上周(直到现在)

for a long time好长一段时间

changes in Beijing北京的变化

decide to do sth. 决定做某事



own a boat拥有一艘船

in fact 事实上 (常位于句首,修饰全句)

by the way顺便问一下


have/ catch a cold 得感冒

hear from sb.= get sb’s letter收到某人的来信

fly to some place飞往某地

enjoy sth.喜欢某物

over 80 years 经过80

one 可以作代词,代表上文出现的某个单数可数名词



environment pollution环境污染

protect the environment保护环境

fresh air新鲜的空气

lend (vt.) 借出

lend sb. sth.= lend sth. to sb.借给某人某物

borrow (vt.) 借进

borrow sth. from sb. 向某人借进某物

provide service提供服务

primary school小学

on one’s own = by oneself独自(做某事)

the same feeling相同的感觉


for example例如

see sth. myself = see sth. by myself

walk to school = go to school on foot

ride a bike to school = go to school by bike

take a bus to school = go to school by bus

free time 空闲时间

after school 放学后

after class下课后

enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

Yes, I agree. 是的,我同意

agree with sb.同意某人的意见或某人的话



look up the dictionary查字典


describe sth.描述某物

be far from some place远离某地

used to be a …= was a …过去曾是一个


a lot more people大量又来的人

be in use = be in service 处于使用中

cause many problems导致许多问题

as good as before和过去一样好

feel是连系动词,后面可跟形容词, feel sad



next to sth. 在某物旁边

years ago many years ago 多年以前

show sb. how to do sth.告诉某人如何做某事

go to some place 去某地

get to some place抵达某地






8B Unit Two


1. a symbol of Japan日本的一个象征


2. go on a trip= take a trip = have a trip


3. time (可数名词) 次数

many times 许多次

4. must be一定是;必定是 (表示一种猜测)

5. join sb.加入某人

6. join sb. in doing sth.加入到某人中做某事

7. take sb. out带某人外出

8. bring sth. with sb. 某人随身携带某物



1. a really fantastic time


2. have a fantastic time= have a good time

= enjoy oneself  玩得很愉快

4. include sth. (动词词组) 包括某物

5. including sth.(介词词组) 包括某物

8. at a high speed 以一个很高的速度

9. ride有两个意思:骑;乘坐(交通工具)

through (介词) 穿过

through the whole ride = during the whole ride


     10. twenty minutes’ ride

= twenty minutes’ drive


11. such as sth./ doing sth.


12. such as A, B, and C 例如A, B, C

13. look cute = look lovely看起来很可爱

14. wave to sb.向某人挥手

15. through across有区别:


through the forest, through the building


across the street, across the river

March (n.) 三月;远征

16. watch a three- D film看一场三D电影

17. be like sth. 像某物

18. smell 有两个意思:闻;闻起来

20. look shiny看起来亮闪闪的

21. in all 总共;共计(作状语,修饰全句)


22. since last month自从上周(直到现在)

23. a week ago一周前

24. for two days两天时间

25. spend有两个意思:花费;度过

spend the whole day度过一整天

26. take photos= take pictures 照照片

27. in front of sth.

在某物的前面 (外面的前面)

   in the front of sth.

在某物的前面 (内部的前面)

28. at the entrance 在入口处

29. have lunch吃午饭

31. be interested in sh. 对某事感兴趣

be interested in doing sth. 对做某事感兴趣

32. rush to some place 冲到某地

34. after lunch 午饭后

35. my favorite character 我最喜欢的人物

36. all his friends = all of his friends


37. stop doing sth. 停止做某事;不做某事

   can’t stop doing sth. 不能停止做某事;

38. stop to do sth. 停下来去做某事

42. at the end of the day 一天结束的时候

43. watch fireworks 观看焰火

     works 作品

44. stay at the park 待在公园

45. a really exciting trip


46. show sth. to sb. = show sb. sth.




1. scream with excitement

= scream with joy 因为兴奋快乐而高声尖叫



1. success(不可数名词)成功

2. a success(可数名词)


4. a meaningful experience


experience 经历 (可数名词)

5. wait in line 排队等候



have gone to 某地:去了某地 (没回来)

have been to 某地:去过某地 (已回来)

1. have sth. = own sth.  拥有某物

4. gift = present 礼物

buy sb. a gift = buy a gift for sb.


     6. marry (v.) 结婚

married (adj.) 已婚的

marriage (n.) 婚姻


6.       be away 处于离开的状态

7.       be away from some place 远离某地

8.       be on 处于开着的状态

9.       be over 处于结束的状态

10. celebrate sth.庆祝某事

11. fifteen years ago 五年前

     13.see you then =see you later

= see you = good-bye



1. travel abroad 到国外旅行

3. check sth. 检查某物


6. may be 可能是 (表示一种猜测)

7. at that time = at that moment = then

在那时  (常与过去进行时连用)

9. in any season 在任何一个季节

10. all year round 一年到头

11. have some ideas about sth.

= know about sth. 知道某事

12. I have no idea.= I don’t know.我不知道

14. plan to do sth. 计划做某事

15. hope to do sth. 希望做某事

16. wish to do sth. 但愿做某事

17. take a plane there 乘飞机去那儿

18. by the way

顺便说一下 (一般放在句首)

19. talk with sb. 和某人讲话



1. tie up 系起来



2. culture (n.) 文化

    cultural (adj.) 有文化的


4.       our trip to Hong Kong我们到香港的旅行

5.       be excited about sth. =  be excited at sth.


7. It takes sb. some time to do sth.


8. It took sb. some time to do sth.


9. three and a half hours

= three hours and a half 三个半小时

10. the next day

第二天 (常用于一般过去时)

11. have a great time = have a fantastic time

= have great fun = enjoy oneself 玩得很愉快

12.   on the third day 在第三天

16. a good place to buy things


19. enjoy sth. 喜欢某物

20. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

17. enjoy oneself 玩得愉快

22. some day 某一天




1. the day before yesterday 前天

  the day after tomorrow 后天

3. have to do sth. 不得不做某事

6. leave 有两个意思:离开;遗留

7. leave a book遗留一本书

8. lend sth. to sb. 把某物借给某人

borrow sth. from sb.向某人借进某物

10. return 有两个意思:返回;归还

return home = go back home 回家

return sth. 归还某物

注意:return不和back 连用

12. keep 有三个意思:保留;,使;保持是

keep sth. 保留某物

keep sb. doing sth. 让某人不停地做某事

keep sth. + adj. 让某物处于某种状态

keep silent保持是沉默的

14. keep doing sth.继续做某事



8B Unit Three


1. online travel网上旅游

online chatting 网上聊天

3. turn on打开

turn off关闭


turn up开大音量

turn down关小音量


     4. have some ideas about sth. = know about sth.


5. I have no idea.= I don’t know.我不知道

6. look like…看起来像… (强调视觉印象)

be like…

7. Yes, I agree. 是的,我同意

agree with sb.同意某人的意见或某人的话

8. boring = tiring 无聊的

9. send an email to sb. = email sb. 发电邮给某人

receive an email收到电邮

10. search for sth.  搜索某物


11. use the computer for sth.

= use the computer to do sth.为了做某事用电脑



educate (vt.) 教育

education (n.)

educational program教育节目

3. put in a CD 放进一个CD

4. come in 进去

come out 出来;出版

come up 上来

come down 下去

5. design a program设计一个程序

7.itchy feet 痒痒脚

itch (vi.)

His feet itch. 他的脚痒

His head itches. 他的头痒

8. asleep 是个表语形容词,用法是:

He is asleep. 他是睡着的。


a boy asleep一个睡着的男孩

9. fall asleep 入睡

fall 下落,是个不规则动词:fall – fell – fallen

do sth. correctly正确地做某事

11. play the role 扮演那个角色


14. reach a place = arrive at/ in a place

= get to a place 到达一个地方

15. on the screen在屏幕上

16. pass a level 过一关

17. mark sth. 给某物做标记


20. in eight hours 有两个意思:

1) 在八小时以内 = within 8 hours

2) 一般将来时里,表示 八小时之后

21. at the same time与此同时

22. 下列两句话意思一样,表达方式不同:

His is thirteen years old.

He is a thirteen–year-old boy.

23. lie躺,是个不规则动词:lie – lay – lain, lying

lie on the grass躺在草上

24. have a dream 做个梦

25. every time 每一次 (后面可以跟时间状语从句)

26. carry you off to a place 带你离开去一个地方

27. play the game 玩游戏

28. travel around the world 环球旅行

29.by doing sth.通过做某事

30. look for 寻找

31. find 找到

find out 找出;查明

32. sell out 卖完;售出。不规则动词:sell – sold – sold



1. sound听起来,是联系动词,后面可跟形容词,

sound exciting听上去很令人兴奋

联系动词还有:look 看起来, smell闻起来,

taste尝起来, feel摸上去

keep 保持是, become变得

2. look shiny看起来亮闪闪的

3. smell good 闻起来很香

4. taste delicious 尝起来很鲜美

5. feel soft 摸上去很软

6. none of them 他们中没有人

7. Don’t worry. Be happy.别担心,快乐一点

8. I’m sure + (that)从句:我确信…; 我保证

9. if连词,表示 是否



2. in the menu 在菜单里

3. mouse的复数是mice

4. type (名词) 种类,相当于kind

type (动词) 打字

5. click on sth. 点击某物

print sth. out 把某物打出来

8. much …得多 (放在比较级之前)

much faster更快得多

9. with the mouse用那个鼠标



use sth. widely 广泛地使用某物

16. connect A to B A连到B

do sth. properly正确地做某事

19. run有两个意思:奔跑;使运行

20. personal computer个人的电脑

22. think about 考虑;想起

23. on the computer在电脑上

24. It isn’t working. = It doesn’t work.

= It breaks down.   没有用;坏了

25. have a look = look

have a look at = look at



2. feet有两个意思:脚;英尺

one foot, two feet,类似的one tooth, two teeth

5. an inch一英寸two inches

one mile 一英里

do sth. incorrectly 错误地做某事

8. become变得,是联系动词, 后面跟形容词

become bald 变得秃顶的

9. free三个意思:自由的;空闲的;免费的

10. set 设置,是不规则动词,set-set-set


11. have to do sth. 不得不做某事

12. get 有两个意思:获得;变得


get more difficult 变得更难



1. daily English 每日英语

Zhenjiang Daily《镇江日报》

an English course 一节英语课

3. talk on the telephone在电话上交谈

telephone sb.= phone sb. = call sb.给某人打电话

4. go on a tour = go on a trip进行一次旅游

tourist = tour + ist 游客,相当于traveler, visitor

6. on the radio在收音机上

8. cover sth. 覆盖某物

9. order (n.) 顺序

in a good order以一个好的顺序

order (vt.) 预定;点()

order a package 预定一个包裹

order sth. for sb. 为某人预定某物

12. simple 的同义词是 easy


13. include sth. (动词词组) 包括某物

14. when necessary = when it is necessary


15. listen to sb.听某人的话

listen to sth.听某事

hear sth. 听见某事

17. be good for sb. 对某人是好的

18. learn from sb.向某人学习

19. show sb. how to do sth. 告诉某人如何做某事

20. tell sb. how to do sth. 告诉某人如何做某事

21. mind doing sth. 介意做某事

22. appear (不及物动词) come out出现  


produce sth. 生产某物


4. hide 藏,是个不规则动词:hide- hid - hidden

6. be to do sth. = be going to do sth. 要做某事

7. begin to do sh. = begin doing sth.开始做某事

10. work on the computer 在电脑上工作

11. let sb. do sth. 让某人做某事



1. create a file 创造一个文件

2. save a file 保存一个文件

3. control sth. 控制某事


8B Unit Four


1. a charity show慈善表演,

2. hold a microphone手握麦克风

3. raise有两个意思:筹集;使...升起

raise fund = raise money募集资金

4. advertise on Internet在网上上做广告

advertise sth. 做广告宣传某事

5. give out sth. 分发某物

give them out (要把them放在中间)


7. Congratulations! 祝贺你!

8. only if只有

9. during the day在白天期间

10. I’m sure +(that ) 从句

11. practice (不可数n.) 练习

  practice (v.) 练习

   practice a lot多练习

 practice doing sth  练习做某事  

12. organize a show组织一个表演

13. ask sb. to do sth.叫某人做某事

14. Why don’t we do sth

Why not do sth? 


15. to do sth.为了做某事



1. the host of a show一个表演的主持人

3. do sth. on time 准时做某事

4. jobwork不同,


You did a good job.

It was hard work. (没有a)

They do very important work. (没有a)

5. It’s my job to do sth. 做某事是我的工作

6. introduce sb.介绍某人

introduce A to B  A介绍给B

introduce oneself 作自我介绍

7. on duty  值班;值日


①seem + adj

②seem + to do sth

③It seem + that从句

11. be busy with sth. 忙于某事

be busy in doing sth. 忙于做某事

12. take part in + 某个活动,相当于join in

join + 某个组织


13. write to sb. = write a letter to sb.

14. help 用法总结:

1) help do sth.帮助做某事

2) help sb. do sth. 帮助某人做某事

3) help with sth. 帮助某事

4) help sb. with sb. 帮助某人的某事

16. I was chosen to be the host.


17. because of + sth:因为某物

   because + 从句:因为

18. watch the show观看表演

19. start doing sth. = start to do sth.开始做某事

20. work on sth. 从事某事;做某事

21. have to do sth.不得不做某事

22. remember to do sth  记得要做某事

   remember doing sth. 记得做过某事

23. right 有三意思:右边;对的;恰当的

at the right time在恰当的时候

at the same time在同时

24. in the beginning开始, 起初,

反义词是in the end  

at first 的反义词是at last

25. keep doing sth.一直做某事

26. be able to do sth. = can do sth. 能够做某事

27. make noise制造噪音

28. feel nervous感到紧张

31. not…at all 根本不

32. success (n.) 成功

a big success一个巨大的成功

successful (adj.) 成功的

successfully (adv.) 成功地

33. It will be a success. = It will be successful.    它会成功。

34. do sth. successfully 成功地做某事

35. speak loudly 大声地讲话



1. organization (n.) 组织

organize (vt.) 组织

2. make money 赚钱

  by doing sth. 通过做某事


3. donate money to sb.捐钱给某人

4. raise money for charity 为慈善募集资金

raise money to do sth. 为做某事募集资金

     5. be to do sth.= be going to do sth.


His job is to introduce sb.

6. as well也,相当于too,常放在句末。

7. as well as 有两个意思:和一样好;


8. A as well as B AB


1. on the stage 在台上

in front of the stage在舞台前

2. sound “听起来”,是连系动词, 后面可跟形容词, sound loud 听起来很大

3. make sb. do sth.让某人做某事

4. perform    (v.) 表演

performance (n.) 表演

performer   (n.) 表演者

5. hang悬挂,吊着,

是不规则动词:hang- hung - hung



1. arrangement (n.) 安排

arrange    (vt.) 安排

Seats can be arranged.座位可以被安排。

2. speaker = speak + er

speak + 某种语言:说某种语言



1. pay for sth.为某物付钱


4. be glad to do sth.很高兴要做某事

5. receive your letter = hear from you


6. tell sb. about sh.告诉某人某事

7. sb. be interested in sth.某人对某物感兴趣

8. It was great fun to be a host, wasn’t it?


10. appear (不及物动词) come out出现

11. We believe + (that) 从句:我们相信

12. let sb. do sth.让某人做某事 (没有to)

13. wish sb. to do sth. 祝福某人做某事



1. set up sth. 搭建某物

2. among between不同,

among三者或更多之间,among the students

between两者之间,如:between you and me


4. hold 有两个意思:举行;手握

5. hold a meeting举行一个会议

6. decide to do sth. = make a decision to do sth.


8. cost spend都表示花钱,但主语不一样:

某物cost 某人some money

某人spend some money on 某物

9. hope的用法:

1) hope for sth.

2) hope to do sth.

3) I hope + (that ) 从句

10. know how to do sth.知道如何做某事



1. in the evening在晚上

on a snowy evening

在一个下雪的夜晚 (注意介词不同)

2. keep “保持是,是个连系动词,后面可跟形容词,keep silent 保持是沉默的



1. donation (n.) 捐赠

donate (vt.) 捐赠

2. break 有两个意思:

1) break (n.) 指活动中途的休息。

have a break.休息一下。

2) break (vt.) 打碎

词组break down 坏了;不好用了

3. give a speech 做一个演讲

4. purpose目的,相当于goalaim


5. Donations are always welcome.

6. You’re welcome有两个意思:不用谢;


7. instead (adv.) 代替,通常位于句末

instead of sth. 代替某物;而不是某物  

10. ’d like = would like

would like to do sth. 想要做某事

11. thank sb. for sth 为某事感谢某人

12. make sth. + adj. 让某物保持某个状态



1.rise 升起,是不及物动词,后面不能跟名词。

它是不规则动词:rise – rose – risen

2. need to do sth.需要做某事

  need to be done 需要被做

3. because + 从句

  because of + sth.

4. pass(动词) 路过;通过    (过去式passed)

  past (介词) 路过

pass the exam 通过了考试

5. at the end of sth.在某事的末尾

clap and shout with excitement


6.       did very well = did a good job干得漂亮



8B Unit 5词组


1. pocket money零花钱

pocket money left被留下的零花钱

2. used to do sth. 过去常常做某事

be used to sth. 习惯于某事

be used to do sth. 被用来做某事

3. furtherfar的比较级,any further更远

4. health care医疗保健


5. need sth.需要某物

6. give sth. to sb.

= give sb. sth. 给某人某物

7. have lunch 吃午饭

have a big lunch 吃一顿大餐

before lunch 午饭前

after lunch午饭后

8. be kind to sb. 对某人和气

9. weak week读音一样,但表示 虚弱的,反义词是strong

10. so…that + 结果状语从句:太以至于

   such…that + 结果状语从句:如此的以至于

11. take sb. to some place 带某人到某地去

12. next to sth. = near sth. = beside sth. 在某物旁边



1. affect sth. 影响某物

2. cure sb.治愈某人

3. medical treatment药物治疗

4. volunteer doctor 志愿者医生

volunteer to do sht. 志愿做某事

5. eye operation眼科手术

6. operate on sb.

=do an operation on sb.

= perform an operation on sb. 给某人做手术

7. afford to do sth.


8. teach sb. sth. 教某人某事

teach us English教我们英语

9. train sb. 训练某人

10. A friend indeed is a friend in need. 患难见真交。

11. be proud of sb.为某人感到自豪

   be proud to do sth. 自豪做某事

12. modern medicine现代医学

13. treat sb.治疗某人;对待某人

14. improve sth.改善某事

15. carry on with sth. = go on with sth.



16. tell sb. sth. about…告诉某人有关的事

17. 45 million people  45百万人

18. people all over the world

= people around the world全世界人民

19. prevent sth.阻止某事;防止某事

20. 80% = 80 percent 百分之八十

21. have money for sth.

= have money to do sth. 有钱做某事

22. a flying eye hospital一个空中眼科医院

23. on the plane在飞机上

24. be used as a teaching center


25. have to do sth.不得不做某事

26. learn about sth. 学习有关某物的事

27. share sth.分享某物

28. on video在录像上

29. hope to do sth.希望做某事

hope + 从句:希望

30. by sb. 被某人

31. by doing sth. 通过做某事

32. even more people甚至更多的人

33. during a visit在一次访问中

34. hard (形容词) 艰难的;坚硬的

it’s hard work.它是艰苦的工作

35. such an important job如此的一个重要的工作

such. + n. + that 从句:如此的以至于

so + adj./ adv. + that从句:太以至于

36. be grateful to sb.

= be thankful to sb.

= thank sb. 感激某人

37. help sb. do sth. 帮助某人做某事

38. be able to do sth. 能够做某事

39. so many people 如此多的人


   so many

   so much

   so few

   so little

40. thank sb. for sth.因为某事感谢某人

41. anything else 别的某事

42. say to sb.对某人说话

43. develop very quickly 发展很迅速






1. rich:富有的,它的反义词是poor:贫穷的

2. travel around the world

travel all over the world环球旅行

3. with (介词) 带有

many people with eye problems许多有眼睛毛病的人

4. without (介词) 没有

We can’t live without water.

5. fly to some place飞往某地



1. Yes, I agree. 是的,我同意。

agree with sb. 同意某人的意见

2. invent sth. 发明某物

3. punish sb. 惩罚某人

4. ugly 的反义词有:beautiful, pretty, handsome, good-looking


6. advertise sth. 做广告宣传某事

 advertise on TV在电视上做广告

7. kind (adj.) 仁慈的;和蔼的,反义词是unkind

kindness (n.) 仁慈;善良

8. organize a show 组织一场表演

9. sick的近义词是ill, sickness的近义词是illnesssickill有区别:


The boy is sick. The boy is ill.

只有sick才能作定语,如:a sick boy

10. ill的比较级、最高级和bad一样,即:

ill – worse – worst



1. worklive都是著名的不及物动词,如:

work on a plane在飞机上工作

live in a flat 住在公寓里

2. spend money on sth.      花钱在某物上

spend money in doing sth. 花钱做某事

3. most:最;最多的;大多数的

  mostly (adv.) 主要地;大部分地

most weekends=most of the weekends





1. feel tired觉得累

2. enjoy the work = like the work喜欢这个工作



1. voluntary work志愿的工作

2. because of the war 因为那场战争

3. instead of sth. 而不是某事

instead of doing sth. 而不是做某事

4. set up sth. 建立某物; 搭建某物


5. at that time在那时(用于一般过去时或过去进行时)

6. make the world a better place


7. get money获得钱        make money 挣钱

8. raise money by doing sth.通过做某事募集钱

9. so that + 目的状语从句

10. try to do sth. 尽力做某事

11. ought to do sth.= should do sth. 应该做某事

12. to do sth. 的被动语态是:to be done



1. invite sb. to some place 邀请某人去某地

2. 注意work后面的不同介词:

work for + 机构

work on + 工作内容, 如:work on the show

work on + 工作地点, 如:work on the farm

work in/ at + 工作地点,如:work in the hospital

work with + 同事

3. be afraid of sth. 害怕某事

4. care about sb. 关心某人

5. finish school毕业    go back to school返回学校

6. decide to do sth.决定做某事

7. What do you think about sth?


8. train as a nurse训练成一个护士

9. enjoy doing sth.like doing sth. 喜欢做某事

10. travel by car坐汽车旅行

11. I couldn’t read or write.




1. do research on sth. 做有关某物的研究

2. donate money to charity给慈善捐款

3. have big meals吃丰盛的饭食

4. such as A, B, and C

such as UNICEF = like UNICEF, 像世界儿童基金会

5. hard (adv.) 辛苦地,如:work hard 辛苦地工作

6. join an organization加入一个组织

7. grow up 长大,是不及物动词



8B Unit 6  词组


1. a blind person一个眼瞎的人

2. a disabled person 一个残疾人

3. an elderly person 一个年纪大的人


4. a charity walk一个慈善步行活动

5. train for sth. 为某事受训

6. support sb. 支持某人

7. It’s meaningful to do sth.


8. more有三个意思:更;更多;又,再

9. finish sth. 完成某事

finish doing sth. 做完某事

10. help sb. do sth. 帮助某人做某事



1. group sb. into a team将某人分成一组

2. a tough hike 一个艰苦的步行

3. a 100- kilometer trail


4. within 48 hours48小时之内

5. an excellent chance 一次极好的机会

6. team spirit 团队精神

7. record sth. 记录某事

8. train sb. 训练某人


9. one of + 复数名词:之一

10. since 1981:自从1981年以来(至今)

11. be known as 作为而出名

12. It means + that从句:它意味着``````

13. two days and nights 两天两夜

14. without sleep 没有睡觉

15. walk through some place 穿过某地

16. over hills and mountains翻山越岭

17. team member 队友

18. team spirit 团队精神

19. plan everything 计划所有事

20. It is necessary to do sth. 做某事很必要。

21. support each other 互相支持

22. carry everything with sb. 随身背所有东西

23. it is useful to do sth. 做某事很有用。

24. keep sb. comfortable让某人舒服

25. Why not do sth?为什么不做某事?

= Why don’t you do sth?

26. an experience  一次经历

27. used to do sth.过去常常做某事

be used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事

be used to do sth. 被用于做某事



1. fit (adj.) = healthy, 健康的

2. fitness and training健康和训练

3. take place = happen,“发生”,是不及物动词,


4. The aim is to do sth. 目的是去做某事

5. the aim of sth 某事的目的


6. form a group形成一个小组

7. provide sb. with sth.

= provide sth. for sb. 给某人提供某物

8. collect money for sth.

= raise money for sth. 为某事筹集资金



1. look down on sb.

= look down upon sb. 看不起某人


2. need可做情态动词,如:

need do sth. 需要做某事

need not do sth. 不必做某事

3. need也可做普通的行为动词,如:

need to do sth. 需要做某事

don’t need to do sth. 不必做某事

4. to do sth. 为了做某事

5. to keep fit 为了保持是健康的

6. exercise 可作名词或动词,如:

exercise to keep fit

= do exercise to keep fit为了保持健康而锻炼

7. buy sb. sth.

= buy sth. for sb.为某人买某物



1. a perfect place一个极好的地方

2. pay attention to sth. 注意某物

3. an umbrella 一把雨伞

4. a useful book一本有用的书

5. It’s wise to do sth. 做某事是明智的

6. lose (vt.) 丢失

7. loss (n.) 损失

8. lost, lose的过去分词, 可以作形容词,


9. get lost 变得迷路的


10. play hide-and-seek 玩捉迷藏

11. fly kites 放风筝

12. close (形容词) 靠近的;亲密的

be close to sth. 接近某物

13. information 信息(是不可数名词)

14. see the beautiful view 看见美景

15. by the lake = near the lake = beside the lake


16. take about 2 hours. 花费大约两小时

17. on the way to some place 在去某地的路上

18. on my way home 在我回家的路上

19. because of sth. 因为某事

20. early in the morning 一大清早

21. hear sb. doing sth. 听见某人正在做某事

hear sb. do sth.听见某人常做某事

22. find the information useful 发现信息有用

23. What else 别的什么东西

24. enough water 足够的水



1. play the violin 拉小提琴



1. receive a certificate 获得一张证书

2. contact sb.联系某人

3. contact sb on 5558 6390


4. for further information 为了更进一步的信息

5. download sth.下载某物


6. Don’t miss the chance. 不要错过这次机会。

7. be interested in doing sth.对做某事感兴趣

8. remember to do sth. 记得要做某事

remember doing sth. 记得做过某事

9. collect sth. 收集某物

10. by mail = by post 通过邮寄的方式



1. take part in an activity 参加一个活动

2. join in an event 参加一个活动

join an organization 加入一个组织

3. make friends with sb. 和某人交朋友

4. be happy to do sth. 很高兴做某事

5. even though 即使

6. make sth. better 使某事更好

7. try to do sth.

= try one’s best to do sth 尽全力去做某事

8. try doing sth. 尝试做某事








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