1、他是词,你是谱,你俩就是一首和谐的歌。天作之合,鸾凤和鸣。 He's a word, you're a score, you two are a harmonious song. The combination of heaven and earth, Lufeng and Ming.

2、好事连连,好梦圆圆,祝新婚快乐,百年好合。 Happy New Marriage and a Century of Harmony.

3、祝你们永结同心,百年好合!新婚愉快,甜甜蜜蜜!互相照顾,祝福你们! I wish you all the best for a hundred years. Happy new marriage, sweet! Take care of each other, bless you!

4、真心愿你们福星高照,幸福每日递增。 I sincerely hope that your stars shine brightly and happiness increases daily.

5、相亲相爱到永远,海枯石烂心不变! Dear and dear to each other forever, the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten and the heart remains unchanged!

6、红妆带绾同心结,碧树花开并蒂莲。 Red make-up bands knot together, green trees blossom and Tilian.


May all the lover in the world get married, be doomed in his previous life, and be happy to get married. Happy New Wedding! A harmonious union lasting a hundred years!

8、花烛笑迎比翼鸟,洞房喜开并头梅。 Candles laugh at the winged birds and the cave opens happily with plums. 9、愿耶和华从至圣所赐福于你,愿你们一生一世都看见圣城耶路撒冷的好处! May the Lord bless you from the most holy place, and may you see the good of the holy city of Jerusalem all your life!

10、洞房昨夜停红烛,待晓堂前拜舅姑。妆罢低声问夫婿,画眉深浅入时无? The cave stopped red candles last night to pay homage to uncles and aunts in front of the dawn hall. Make up and ask your husband in low voice. Is the eyebrow deep and shallow?

11、新人新婚,新居闪闪。好时好景,好日绵绵。 Newlyweds are newly married and new houses are shining. Good times, good scenery, good endless.

12、春暖洞房鸳被叠,柔情蜜意交相。 Spring warmth cave mandarin ducks are folded, tender and sweet.

13、海枯石烂同心永结地阔天高比翼齐飞,好事连连好梦圆圆合家欢乐双燕齐飞。 The sea is dry, the rocks are rotten, the sky is wide and the sky is high, the good things fly together, the dream is round, the family is happy, the two swallows fly together.

14、新娘如此可爱,新郎必定英俊不凡。 The bride is so lovely that the groom must be handsome.

15、细瓷茶盅一朵花,他爱你来你爱他,夫妻俩个齐努力,明年得个胖娃娃。 A flower in a fine porcelain tea cup. He loves you and loves him. Both husband and wife work hard together to get a fat baby next year.

16、相亲又相爱,共苦与同甘,祝贺新婚快乐美满。 Best wishes for a happy marriage.

17、灯下一对幸福侣,洞房两朵爱情花,金屋笙歌偕彩凤,洞房花烛喜乘龙。 A couple of happy couples under the lamp, two love flowers in the cave room, the golden house singing together with the colorful phoenix, and the cave flower candles are happy to ride on the dragon.

18、祝你们永结同心,百年好合,新婚快乐。 I wish you all the best in your life and a happy new marriage. 19、开心锣鼓双截棍,红梅绽雪贺新婚。劳斯莱斯红地毯,礼炮齐鸣喜震天。 Happy gongs and drums, double truncated sticks, red plums blossom snow to congratulate the newlyweds. Rolls-Royce red carpet, salutes burst into joy.

20、最亲爱的闺蜜,真的为你开心,希望你们能够携手到老! Dearest lady, really happy for you, I hope you can join hands in old age!

21、今夜洞房,两头鸳鸯,先生儿子,再生姑娘。 Tonight in the cave, there are two mandarin ducks, Mr. son, and a new girl.

22、爱海无际,爱情永固,爱心永恒,白首成约。 Love is endless, love is eternal, love is eternal, white head contract.

23、愿你们牵手人生风雨,永远不离不弃! May you join hands in the storms of life and never give up!

24、新娘真慷慨,新郎好人才;好语讲归载,为着您相爱。 The bride is so generous and the groom is so talented; the good words are recorded for your love.

25、作为朋友,我要把深深的祝福送给你,祝你们一生幸福,一辈子相依。 As friends, I want to give you my deep wishes. I wish you a happy life and a lifetime of interdependence.

26、真是郎才女貌,祝福你们夫妻感情增,早生贵子,家庭美满,永结同心。 It's really a talented woman. I wish your husband and wife more affection, younger children, a happy family and a lasting union.

27、灯下一对幸福侣洞房两朵爱情花金屋笙歌偕彩凤洞房花烛喜乘龙。 Under the lamp, a couple of happy couples in the cave, two love flowers in the golden room, singing and singing, and the colorful Phoenix in the cave, the candles are happy to ride on the dragon.

28、洞房里面样样新,满屋闹房是笑声。新郎新娘百年好,幸福生活万古春。 The cave is new and full of laughter. The bride and groom live happily ever after.

29、千禧年结千年缘,百年身伴百年眠。天生才子佳人配,只羡鸳鸯不羡! Millennium knows the edge of the millennium, a hundred years with a hundred years of sleep. Natural talent and beauty match, only envy mandarin ducks do not envy!

30、好事连连,好梦圆圆合家欢乐,双燕齐飞。 Good deeds come in succession, good dreams come round and family are happy, both swallows fly together.

31、祝你们两个在今后的日子里能够幸福快乐,恩爱一生。 I wish you two a happy and loving life in the future.

32、兄弟,我终于喝到你的喜酒了,我真是太开心了,你可要与新娘好好的。 Brother, I've finally drunk your wedding wine. I'm so happy that you can have a good time with the bride.

 33、上帝赐福于你,愿你们一生一世都看见圣城耶路撒冷的好处! God bless you. May you see the good of the Holy City of Jerusalem all your life!



Happy Birth, dear friends, on your wedding day, let me sincerely wish you a happy new marriage! 35、看见你俩开始生活在一起,我内心充满了欢愉。 Seeing you two begin to live together fills my heart with joy.






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