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听力部分 (40%)
一. 听音,选择,并将序号写在前面括号里。(18分)
1.(  )    A. doing homework   B. doing the dishes     C. doing morning exercises
2.(  )     A. cook             B. book                 C. boat       
3.(  )     A. see you          B. bye                  C. good bye  
4.(  )     A. grandpa          B. grandfather          C. grandparents        
5.(  )     A. eat breakfast    B. eat lunch            C. eat dinner 
6.(  )     A. clean            B. cleaning             C. cleans     
7.(  )     A. study            B. bedroom              C. living room
8.(  )     A. call             B. tall                 C. fall
9.(  )     A. visiting friends   B. visiting parents    C. visiting grandparents     
10.(  ) A. going to school       B. go shopping        C. go swimming
二. 听音,选择相应的答句,并将序号写在括号里。(14分)
1.(    )A: I’m reading a book.          B: I usually read a book.
2.(    )A: Hi, I’m Chen Jie.             B: Hello. It’s Chen Jie.
3.(    )A She is cooking dinner.         B: He’s doing the dishes.
4.(    )A: Sure, please hold on.          B: Sorry, I don’t know.
5.(    )A: I’m writing an e-mail.        B: Yes, I am.
6.(    )A:I often watch TV and play the piano. B: I’m watching TV.
7.(    ) A: Yes, I often go shooing .         B:  Yes, I like going hiking.
三. 听短文,判断对错。(8分)
1.(    )John is playing the piano.
2.(    )Mike is listening to music.
3.(    )Wu Yifan is drawing pictures.
4.(    )Amy is answering the phone.
1.(   ) A. answer      B. cooking         C. washing       D. cleaning
2.(   ) A. listen to music  B. read a book  C. watch TV    D. playing sports
3.(   ) A. how         B. what          C. which        D. watch
4.(   ) A. bread       B. lunch         C. dinner        D. breakfast
5.(   ) A. go          B. see           C. dish          D. play
6.(   ) A. go hiking  B. visit grandparents C. go shopping D. eat breakfast
7.(   ) A. write       B. picture       C. draw          D. listen
8.(   ) A. watch TV    B.  at noon     C: do homework   D. climb mountains
二. 选择,并将序号写在括号里。10%
1、(     )I am ________  a  picture.
   A、draw      B、drawing      C、drawwing
2、(     )When do you watch TV?
I usually watch TV  ______seven o’clock.
   A、in       B、on        C、at
3、(     )My grandma likes _________ the room.
  A、clean     B、cleaning      C、cleans
4、(     )Can I ____to your mom ,please?
  A、speaking      B、speak       C、speaks
5、(     )What are you doing?        ---_____________
  A、I am read a book.    B、I’m  doing  homework.    C、I’m a student.
6、(     )Are you writing a letter?       Yes,_______
   A、I am.       B、you are        C、it is
7、(     )Man:  Hello.
Mike: Hello._____ Mike. Can I speak to John, please?
A、My name is       B、This is          C、I’m
8、(     )What is your mother doing?_____________cooking dinner.
A、she is      B、He is      C、She is

9、(     )________________________________ I’m writing an e-mail.
  A、Are you writing an e-mail?        B、What are you doing?      
 C、Where are you?
10、(     )Is your dad reading a book?______________
  A、Yes, she is.       B、No, he isn’t.        C、No he is.
(   ) 1.What do you do on the weekend?       A: Sure, hold on please.
(   ) 2.What are you doing?                  B: She is cooking dinner.           
(   ) 3.What is your father doing?           C:I’m speaking to you.
(   ) 4.What is your grandma doing?          D: Thank you.
(   ) 5.Can I speak to your mother, please?     E: He’s reading a newspaper.
(   ) 6.There is a call for you!         F: I play the piano and watch TV.
1、what  doing  you   are  ?
2、 cooking   My   is   dinner   mother .
3、dog   is    whose  it  ?
4、grandma’s  when  is   birthday  ?
Tom: Hello.
Amy: Hello. This is Amy.
Tom: Hi, Amy. It’s Tom.
Amy: What are you doing?
Tom: I’m__________          __(画画). What about you?
Amy: I’m__________            _(读书).
Tom: Come on, Amy, What are you doing?
Amy: I’m _________            ___(打扫房间).
Tom: Can I speak to your brother, Teddy, please?
Amy: He’s _________          __(做家庭作业).Please hold on.
Tom: Thank you.
六. 阅读理解。8%
   My name is Tim. I’m a student in Class Two, Grade Five. I am twelve. Now let me tell you something about my family. My father is a doctor. He is writing an e-mail in the study. My mother a is a teacher in a middle school. She is cooking dinner in the kitchen. What am I doing? I am doing my homework, today is Friday, We have a lot of homework to do. After homework, I will play the piano. I like playing the piano very much.
(    ) 1、Tim is a student in Class Five, Grade Two.
(     )2、Tim’s father is a doctor. He is writing an e-mail .
(     )3、Tim’s mother is a teacher. She is washing clothes.
(     )4、Tim is playing the piano.
(     )5、Tim likes playing the piano. 

文 章
来源 莲山 课件 w w
w.5 Y k J.cOM



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