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w.5 Y k J.cOM

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(   )1.go  over  (   )2.swim  swing  (   )3.under   study
(   )4.jump  run   (   )5.have   skate   (   )   watch
(   )7.walk  call   (   )8.catch  kangaroo  (   )9.insects   experiment
1. climb_________   2.run_________ 3. swim_______________ 4.get________ __________ 6.take__________ 7.make________________ 8.write__________
9. have_____________ 10.shop__________ 11.plant__________12.walk__________
(   )1 Thank you for _______ about your day.
       A. to tell me  B. telling me   C. tell my
(   )2.Everyone _____ to get birthday cards.
       A. like    B. likes   C. likes to
(   )3.I am ______ a birthday chart.     
   A. make  B. makes   C. making
(   )4.Can she _____ a snowman?      
   A. makes  B. making  C. make
(   )5.Do you _____TV in the evening?        
 A. looking  B. watch  C. watching
(   )6.What___ your sister ______?      
 A. is,doing  B. is, do  C. do,do
(   )7.What___ the elephants ______?,doing  B. are, doing  C.are,do
(   ) 8. The birds_____ flying.            
  A. are    B. can    C. is  
(   ) 9. Mother lion isn’t________.          
 A. walks   B. walking   C. walk
(   )10. What do ants _____ eat?    B.liking  C. like to
(   )11.Can the tigers really ____?        
A. runs   B. running  C. run
(   )12.Look,the tiger______.         
 A. is sleeping   B. sleeps  C. sleep
(   )13.Listen!The students______English.          
A. is read   B .reading  C. is reading
(   )14.Look,the boy can______ABC.       
      A. writes  B.writing  C. write
(   )15.Here______ two tigers.     
 A .come  B. comes  C. coming
(   )16.He_________ the desk and chairs now.    
A. clean  B. is cleaning  C. cleaning

(   )17.Do you see _____ tigers?      
 A. some  B. any  C. a
(   )18.What ___ Sarah _____ over there?     
  A .is doing  B. does do   C. are doing
(   )19.I can play___ the cat.  B.and  C.with
(   )20.The elephants are drinking water____ their trunks.  B.on  C. with
(   )21.We can write E-mail _____ my computer.  B.and  C.with
(   )22.Are there______sheep in the nature park?.      
    A. some B. any   C. a
(   )23.Are your friends and you walking?---________          
A.Yes, we are. B.Yes,they are. C. No, I’m not.
1. Are the pandas _______(爬) trees?
2. Mike likes _______(观察)insects.
3. Chen Jie is _______(捉)butterflies.
4. Let’s do some ________(实验).
5. How many ________(季节)are there in a year?
6. My teachers are writing ________(报告).
7. Do you see any ________(袋鼠)?
8.Let’s ________(游泳).
9.猴子在荡秋千吗?________ the monkeys ________?
10.爸爸不在散步。Dad ________  ________.
11.妈妈每个星期写信给我。Mom ______ a _______ to me every week.
12.那些蜜蜂在做什么?What ________ the bees ________?    
________ your classmates ________ water? No, they ________.
2.counting,she,insects,is_________________________________________________. , look , tiger , the __________________________________________________.
4.trees , are , they , climbing _____________________________________________? , what , it , doing __________________________________________________?
6. see, the, lions, can, you___________________________________________?

1. The tiger is run. _______________________________________________
2. The fish is swimming. ____________________________________________
3. What is he do?__________________________________________________
4. I often walking with my mom.___________________________________
5. He’s write a letter in the study.________________________________

     例子:They are fight.
  例子:The bear is swimming.
 例子:He is catching butterflies.

  例子: What is he doing? He is answering the phone.

It’s very hot today.We are in the zoo. We can see many animals. Look, the monkey are very interesting. The baby monkey is eating an ice-cream!The mother monkeys are climbing from trees to trees. The elephants are walking.
The tigers are swimming in the lake. The bears are not eating; they are playing under a big tree.The giraffes are watching around. They want to pick up leaves. Oh, a lion is running to them. It looks very hungry.Help!
(   )1. It’s warm today.
(   )2. The baby monkey is eating an ice-cream.
(   )3.The elephants are swimming.
(   )4. The bears are eating under a big tree.
(   )5. The giraffes want to pick up leaves. 
九、作文。(看图,描述Amy,Sarah,Chenjie,Wu Yifan,John and Zhang Peng所进行的活动)

Look at the picture. There are many children in the park. Mike is picking up apples.______________________________________________________________________.

文 章
来源 莲山 课件 w w
w.5 Y k J.cOM



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