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课件 w ww.5 y kj.Co m

(如频度副词always usually often sometimes on Mondays)
1. 一般情况下直接加s。
2. 以s/x/ch/sh/o结尾的动词加es。
3. 以元音字母+y结尾的动词直接加s。
4. 以f/fe结尾的动词变f/fe为v加es。(仅了解)
5. 特殊:have的三单是has
主语+be going to +动词原形+将来时间
(如 tomorrow /this morning/this... /next week/next.../one day )
1、buy  _______  ________
2、clean_______  ________
3、help_______  ________
4、find_______  ________
5、pass_______  ________
6、try_______  ________
7、get_______  ________
8、come_______  ________
9、fly_______  ________
10、love_______  ________
11、eat_______  ________
12、pack_______  ________
13、wait_______  ________
14、speak_______  ________
15、finish_______  ________
16、wash_______  ________
17、watch_______  ________
18、do_______  ________
19、read_______  ________
20、play_______  ________
21、sing_______  ________
22、dance_______  ________
23、draw_______  ________
24、cook _______  ________
25、swim_______  ________
26、learn_______  ________
27、study_______  ________
28、want _______  ________
29、send_______  ________
30、live_______  ________
31、have_______  ________
32、take_______  ________
33、make_______  ________
34、start_______  ________
35、late_______  ________
36、need_______  ________
37、win_______  ________
38、pick_______  ________
39、meet_______  ________
40、plant_______  ________
41、look_______  ________
42、climb_______  ________
43、jump_______  ________
44、drink_______  ________
45、sleep_______  ________
46、listen_______  ________
47、talk_______  ________
48、like_______  ________
49、say_______  ________
50、teach_______  ________
51、catch_______  ________
52、see_______  ________
53、ask_______  ________
54、give_______  ________
55、tell_______  ________
56、wear_______  ________
57、visit_______  ________
58、join_______  ________
59、share_______  ________
60、use_______  ________
61、type_______  ________
62、chase_______  ________
63、hurt_______  ________
64、hear_______  ________
65、worry_______  ________

1.Mike _________ (do) his homework every day.
2.He _________ (like) swimming.
3.We like ________ (play) basketball after class.
4.I like singing. I often _________(listen) to the music in the evening.
5.My grandma_________(watch) TV every day.
1. ____Alice often play the piano?  
No, she _____.
A. Do; do   B. Does; does     C. Does; doesn’t
2. ___ your pen pal _____ in Beijing?
A. Do; live     B. Do; lives      C. Does; live
3. Tom and Mike_________very excited, they will take a trip.
A. is      B. are     C. am
4. I like ________ very much. What about you?
A. dance     B. danced     C. dancing
5. Bill and I ___ good friends. 
A. is     B. are      C. am
6. Sandy often ___ his homework on Sundays .
A. do     B. does     C. did
7. What do you usually do on the weekend?  
I __________.
A. went swimming      B. go swimming  
C. visited grandparents
8. What do you usually do on your holiday?
A. saw elephants      B. sing and dance     C.took pictures
9. I ____ a student. I go to school ____bus every day.
A. is; by      B. am; on       C. am; by

1. look! Chen Jie and Mike are ___________(sing)now.
2. The small bear is ____________ (climb) the tree.    
3. Mike is ____________ (draw) picture.
4. She is ____________ (do) the dishes.           
5. My brother is ___________ (make) kites.
6. My father is ________ (read) a newspaper in living room.
7. Ted is ______________(answer) the phone.          
8. My uncle is ___________ (drive) a car.
9. The students are ________(listen) to their teacher carefully.
10. Chen Jie is _________(wash) clothes.           
11. His sister is ________ (write) an e-mail.
12. We__________(clean) the classroom now.         
13. I’m ________(work) on my computer.
14. They______________(play) basketball.            
15. The tiger is ________(walk).
16. The elephant______________(drink) water with its trunk.
17. The monkeys are _________ (swing).              
18. Peter is ________(take) pictures.
19. They are ________(pick)up the apples.          
20. We _____________(catch) butterflies。
二、 选择正确答案     
1. Every one ____ to their teacher in the classroom.
A. are listening      B. is listening    C. listen
2. They are singing and ___ together at the party now.  
A. dance     B. danced    C. dancing
3. Listen! The birds ____. 
A. is singing      B. are sing      C. are singing
4. Look! The kite ___ in the sky.  
A. fly    B. flies     C. is flying 
5. They ____ riding a horse.  A. is     B. are      C. am
6. Kate ____ playing chess.  A. am         B. is      C. are
7. Are you washing clothes? -----
A. Yes, you are        B. Yes, I am      C. No, I am
8. Is he ____ TV?Yes, he is.  A. watch   B. watching   C. not
9. ____ they taking pictures.?    Yes, they are. A. Am   B. Are  
10. It’s 10 o’clock. Ben _____ TV in the bedroom.  
A. watch     B. is watching      C. watches

1. I _______ ________ _______ _______ (see) a film tomorrow.
2. A: What _______ you _______ ______ _______ (do) next Saturday?
B: I ________________(swim) with my parents.
3. There ________________ (be) a party in our school.
4. Mike __________________ (visit ) his grandparents next week.
He __________________(buy)a bike the day after tomorrow.
5.I________ (fly)a kite with my father next week.
6. He will not _________ (go) school tomorrow.
(   )1.I’m going to _____ some chopsticks ____ Sunday afternoon.
A. bought; on     B. buy; on      C. buy; on
(   )2. When are you going to Hong Kong?  I’m going there ____ .
 A. this weekend     B. by plane     C. yesterday 
(   )3. I’m going to____ my friends this weekend. 
A. visit       B. visited      C. visiting
(   )4. I’m going to____ homework tomorrow. 
A. does     B. do      C. did
(   )5. Are you going to take a piano class? ____  
A. No, we not     B. No, I am      C. Yes, I am
(   )6. I am ___ eat breakfast at 7:15.
A. will     B. going to     C. shall
(   )7. We are going to ____ to the park tomorrow. 
A. go       B. goes     C. going
(   )8. What film are you going to ______ ?
A. see     B. watch      C. look 
(   )9. We _____ a play tomorrow. Will you please join us? 
A. are going to see     B. saw     C. sees
(   )10. He ___ a race with Ming Ming.
A. shall have    B. will have    C. going to have
(   )11. Where _____ you go tomorrow?
A. are     B. will    C. shall 
(   )12. ___ his brother going to climb mountains?
A. Is     B. Are     C. Am
(   )13. I ____ free this afternoon. 
A. be     B. will be      C. going to be
(   )14. They will ____ roast ducks in Beijing.
A. ate     B. eats     C. eat
 (   )15. I __ visit my friends this weekend.  
  A. go to     B. am going to     C. going to 

 意思 用法 例句
who 谁 问人的身份,姓名等 He is Li Li.        Who is he ?
He is my brother.    Who is he ?
what 什么 问人的职业或事物是什么 He is a worker.    What is he? 
He has a book.    What does he have ?
which 哪一个 问一定范围内特指的人或物 The big box is mine. Which box is yours?
The girl at the door is Ann. Which girl is Ann?
whose 谁的 问所属关系 This is her book.  Whose book is this ?
This book is hers.  Whose is this book?
what color 什么颜色 问颜色(表语) My skirt is red. What color is your skirt?
what time 几点 询问时间 We play games at five in the afternoon.
What time do you play games?
when 什么时候 询问时间 We play games in the afternoon.
When do you play games?
where 什么地方 询问地点 We play games at home on Sunday. 
Where do you play games on Sunday?
why 为什么 询问原因 He isn't at school today because he is ill.
Why isn't he at school today ?
how 怎样 问健康状况、 做事的方式等 He is fine/strong.   How is he ? 
I go home by bike.  How do you go home?
how old 多大年龄 问年龄 He is ten.     How old is he ?
how many 多少 跟复数名词,问数量 There are thirty boys in my class. 
How many boys are there in your class?
how much 多少 跟不可数名词,问数量或价钱 There is some milk in the bottle. 
How much milk is there in the bottle?

文 章
课件 w ww.5 y kj.Co m



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