pep六年级英语上册易错题 句子填空

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pep六年级英语上册易错题 句子填空

莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y
M 一、按课本句子填空
1、I want ____ (buy) a postcard.
2、I want _____ (send) it today.
3、I ____ (not)know.
4、_____ me.
5、A _______ (talk)robot.
6、_____ a great museum.
7、What ____ interesting film.
8、It’s next _____ the park ____ Dongfang Street.
9、How can we get_____ there?
10、Turn left _____ the bookstore.
11、He now _____(have)GPS.
12、Don’t go ____ the red light.
13、You must pay attention _____ the traffic lights.
14、How do you come ____ school?
15、_______ I come by bike.
16、Take the No.57 bus ______ there. 
17、They’re ______ my cousin in the USA.
18、____ _____ and ____ at a yellow light.
19、Stop and _____ at a red light.
20、____ at a green light.
21、Some ______(child) go to school on foot.
22、Some ______(kid)go to school by sled.
23、What are you _____ ______do tomorrow?
24、I’m going to have_____ art lesson.
25、______ great!
26、I have_____ do my homework now.
27、We’re going to see a film____ space travel.
28、Why not ____(go) on Tuesday?
29、My family ______(be)going to get together.
30、My aunt is going to _____ (make) mooncakes.
31、He lives _____ a farm.
32、He _______ (also/too) likes singing.
33、You like singing,______(also/too).
34、I’m going to teach____(he)the Chinese song.
35、What are you ______?
36、I’m writing _____email to my new pen pal .
37、There ____ (be)a dance class on Sunday.
38、He works ____ sea.
39、She can _____(type) very quickly.
40、What’s this cartoon ______.
41、They’re afraid _____him.
42、The cat is angry _____ them.
43、Because the mice ____(be) bad.
44、Maybe our cat is_______ a mouse now.
45、What’s wrong _____ you?  
46、Don’t ____ sad.
47、Everyone _____(be)happy. 
48、Can you help ______.(I) 
49、There _____(be) a pet hospital in my city.
50、Is this _____(you) bike?
51、They will_____(go) by bus.
52、The bus is _______.(come)
53、You must drive _______.(slow)
54、Mike is ________(going) to see a film.
55、Are they going by bus ______(and) on foot?
56、Two students like _______(play) football.
57、My aunt is a _______.(science)
58、He often goes to other _________.(country)
59、He _______(have) a very healthy life.
60、Sarah likes ______(use) computers.
61、______(be) your father here today?
62、She wants _____(work) in an office.
63、______(do)he live on the South Island?
64、He likes ______(read)stories.
65、What are your ______(hobby)?
66、Two students like ______(dance).
67、He lives in Australia,but he _____(study)Chinese.
68、What _____(a) interesting film.
69、They are_______(talk) about a sport meet.
70、They are from ______( I ) cousin in the USA.
71、I have lots of comic _______(books).
72、I’m going to __________(visit)my grandparents.   
73、It’s next ______(to/of) the bookstore.
74、Now we ______(are/do) in front of Tian’anmen.
75、Let’s eat ______(first/one).
76、Can you make sentences with ____(this/these) words.
77、Wu Yifan _______(but/and) his friends want to eat some pizza.
78、_____ can I get there?(where/how/who /what)
79、That’s _____good exercise.(an/ / /a/one)
80、How do we _____?(get there/ gt to there) 文章来源
莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y



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