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w.5 Y k J.cOM

姓名:           分数:
A.     B.      C.      D.   
E.    F.     G.      I.   
J.     H. (   ) (   )  3.on foot.(   ) bus (   ) 5.dictionary (   ) 6.newspaper (   ) office (   )
8.cinema (   ) bike (   ) subway. (    )
(   )1.How do you go to school?        A.祝你生日快乐!
(   )2.Stop at a red light.              B.我怎么才能到博物馆?
(   )3.Excuse me.Where is the library?  C.红灯停。
(   )4.How can I get to the museum?    D.对不起,请问图书馆在哪?
(   )5.Happy birthday to you!          E.你怎么上学去的?
(   )1.How do you go to school?      A. This afternoon
(   )2.Where is the library?          B.I`m going to the cinema.
(   )3.Thank you.                  C.You`re welcome.
(  )4.What are you going to do this evening?
  D.It`s near the post office.
(   )5.When are you going?           E.I go to school on foot.

(    )1.I go to school _____foot.      B. on
(    )2.Where ____  the  cinema?    A. are
(    )3.-----Is there a library near here? 
    ----- _____ there is.         A.No,    B. Hi,  C.Yes,
(    )4.What are you ______ to do?  A.go    B.going go
(    )5.The cinema is ___ to the hospital.
(   ) 6. 当你想知道对方打算做什么,,应该怎么问:
        A. What are you going to do ?     B. What do you do ?
(   ) 7. 当你不知道医院在哪儿,,应该问:
A.Where is the hospital, please ? 
B.How can I get the hospital, please?
(   ) 8. 下午碰到熟人怎么打招呼:
      A. Bye .         B. Good afternoon .
(   ) 9. 当对方说谢谢的时候,你应该怎么回答:
A. No,thanks.          B. You’re welcome .
(   ) 10. 当你邀请别人下午一起去公园,应该说:
      A. How do you go to the park ?
 B. Let`s go to the park this afternoon.
1. to , the, next, It’s, hospital (.  ) 
2. to , get, I, How, cinema, the, can (?)

3. on ,left, the, is, the bookstore( .)

4 .traffic you the do rules know (?)

5.NO.55 can the you bus take(.)

A. Where is it?  B. How can I get there?
C. Thank you very much.    D. What are you doing to do there?
E. Is it far from here?      F. That's OK.
G.When are you going ?
A: Excuse me, I'm new here. I want to go to the post office.             
B: It's near the bookstore.
A:                        B:Yes ,it is .
B: You can go by the No.302 bus.Get off at the hospital,and then turn left .You can see it.                              
A:I'm going to buy a post card,and send it to my cousin.          
B:You're welcome.
1.We can go to the park on foot.(改成否定句)
2.I am going to see a picture show.(改成一般疑问句)
3.My home is far from here. (用Where提问)
4.I go to the shop on foot.(用 how提问)
5.I go to school on foot.(对划线部分提问)
Tomorrow is Sunday.Wang Jie isn't going to school.He is going to get up early. In the morning,he is going to visit a science museum.He's going there by subway.He's going to have lunch in McDonald's. In the afternoon,he is going to play football with his friends,At about 3:30,he is going home to do homework.Then he is going to clean his bedroom.He's going to cook the meals for his father and mother in the evening.
(    )1.What day is it today? Today is          .
A. Sunday.    B. Saturday.
(    )2. What’s Wang jie going to do on Sunday morning ?
 He is going to            
A. visit a science museum    B. visit his grandparents
(    )3. Wang Jie is going to have dinner          ?
A. At home .   B. In McDonald's
(    )4. Wang Jie is going to the science museum by        
A. train.  B. subway.
(    )5. Is Wang Jie a good child?
A. Yes,he is.     B. No,he isn't.
(二) 阅读下面的短文,判断对错。
  I'm Jack.I'm very happy every holiday. I usually go to the library. Sometimes I go to the park .The library is not far .I usually go on foot . I walk straight for fifteen minutes. Then I turn left,the library is on the right.The park is very far.It's near the post office .I often get there by the No.206 bus,get off at the post office.It's easy to find it .
(   ) 1. I have a good time every weekend.
(   ) 2. I usually go to the library on foot.
(   ) 3.Jack usually goes to the park on holidays.
(   ) 4.I go to the park by bus .
(   ) 5.The park is near the post office.
(is, am, do, get, apples, books, bus, bike, library, bookstore, read, from, what, where)
Tomorrow     Children’s Day. We don’t go to school. I     ____going to ___ up early and ____ my homework in the morning. I’m going to the ____ and buy some ____ with my friends in the afternoon. I’m going there by ____ , because the bookstore is far _____ my home. In the evening, I’m going to _____ my new books. ____ are you going to do tomorrow? 

文 章
来源 莲山 课件 w w
w.5 Y k J.cOM



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