人教版高中英语必修一Unit3 Travel journal单元检测题(带答案)

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人教版高中英语必修一Unit3 Travel journal单元检测题(带答案)

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单元仿真检测三 Unit 3 Travel journal
满分:120分 限时:100分钟

答题栏 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
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1.After months of hard work, the building was completed ahead of ________ .
A.journey B.distance    C.schedule    D.insurance
2.I don't ________the price, as long as the house is in good condition.
A.set down   B.give away   C.add up   D.care about
3.As a typist, the most important aspect of the job is to be able to type quickly and________.
A.faithfully   B.actually   C.roughly   D.accurately
4.Tom is ________ to pass the exam, so he is studying very hard these days.
A.excited   B.reliable   C.upset   D.determined
5.Mary didn't agree with me at first, but I finally managed to ________ her.
A.suggest   B.persuade   C.support   D.organize
6.This year Jim and his brother won't return for Christmas ________ any more because their parents died last month.
A.as usual   B.in turn   C.at first   D.at present
7.While he was in the office, he ________ doing something to doing nothing.
A.stayed  B.kept  C.prevented   D.preferred
8.Doctors ________ the old man not to smoke so much, but he just couldn't give it up.
A.persuaded   B.promised   C.accepted   D.advised
9.The manager of the company told us that was their final decision and that we had to ________.
A.give in   B.give off   C.give back   D.give away
10.The professor ________ his thoughts before giving his lecture, so that he could make himself understood well.
A.organized     B.recognized C.realized     D.advertised
The most unforgettable thing during my long summer holiday last year, of course was my trip__11__England. This was my first time to go abroad, so it really made me__12__.
There were quite a lot of interesting places in England,__13__Oxford. When we walked around Oxford, we saw quite a lot of ancient buildings on__14__sides of the streets. One of the most famous tourist__15__in Oxford is Christ Church, it's__16__one of the Oxford University's 39 colleges. There is a huge hall in Christ Church,__17__was used as the dining hall at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter__18__. I felt really excited when I heard this.
__19__place that impressed me__20__during my trip was a place called Stratford­upon­Avon. It was a small town. Maybe you haven't__21__it, but I'm sure you have heard about William Shakespeare — it's the great man's__22__. In Stratford­upon­Avon, I could__23__Shakespeare's Birthplace, Shakespeare Countryside Museum, the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and a lot of places that are connected with__24__.
I went to Shakespeare's Birthplace. It was the house__25__Shakespeare was born and__26__his early years.__27__sitting room, hallway (走廊), bedrooms, and kitchen were furnished (布置) in 16th­century__28__. I also went to see the Shakespeare Exhibition. It illustrated (以图解说明) Shakespeare's life and career in both Stratford and London.
I really enjoyed this nice trip to England, __29__I learnt a lot. I'm very happy that I could visit such an interesting__30__. I want to go there again in the future.
11.A.at    B.for   C.from   D.to
12.A.excited   B.appointed   C.stubborn   D.determined
13.A.for example   B.such as   C.as such   D.for instance
14.A.both   B.either   C.neither   D.each
15.A.views   B.scenes   C.sites   D.interests
16.A.also    B.too   C.still   D.yet
17.A.that    B.which   C.who   D.where
18.A.novels   B.records   C.films    D.songs
19.A.Other   B.Every   C.Each   D.Another
20.A.deep   B.deeply   C.high   D.highly
21.A.thought about B.heard about   C.listened to    D.dreamed about
22.A.hometown   B.office   C.play   D.theatre
23.A.speak   B.say   C.talk   D.see
24.A.Shakespeare   B.Oxford   C.England   D.Harry Potter
25.A.who    B.that   C.when   D.where
26.A.paid    B.spent   C.cost   D.took
27.A.It's    B.Its   C.It had   D.It was
28.A.style   B.site   C.shape   D.shade
29.A.for which   B.which   C.from which   D.in which
30.A.place   B.town   C.country   D.summer
I am afraid of heights but two summers ago I climbed to a high place. Most of our high school had come along on a day trip to a beautiful beach village in Peru. After eating our lunches, many of us wanted to make the climb to an area around the village.
Do I turn back? “Yes!” Will I regret (后悔) it late? I really want to get to the top, but ... At last, I decided at least to have a try.
My friend Tom was in front of me. Then, suddenly, he slipped (滑倒)  and was about 10 feet back! My heart was beating faster until he stopped himself. Knowing that my friend Seth would be right behind me, I began the climb. I was soon past the first challenge safely, but not feeling much better about the rest of the climb. Looking down, I saw rocks everywhere. My breathing sped up, and my heart beat even faster, growing loud  in my ears.
My friends kept climbing. But they did not forget me. Someone was always behind me to help hold my feet when necessary, and someone else was always in front to offer a hand up. With friends helping me by words and actions, I slowly gained_ground.
Then we came to the worst part. The climb looked very close to vertical (垂直的). To me, the wise choice was to go back down. Melody encouraged me to go on and she made it safely first. I stopped, unsure of my footing. “You can do it, Jean! I'm right here,” Melody called. She waited patiently, not asking me to hurry. I took a few deep breaths and kept climbing.
With no more mistakes, we came to the top finally. I was dirty and tired. But it didn't matter. I was at the top! I had never felt so alive.
31.According to the text, the climb________.
A.was done by all of the high school students
B.happened on a morning two summers ago
C.was near a beautiful beach village
D.lasted for about two days
32.After passing the first challenge, Jean________.
A.felt more confident about the climb
B.didn't feel any better about the climb
C.chose to go back down
D.couldn't breathe easily
33.The underlined part “gained ground” in Paragraph 4 probably means “________”.
A.lost heart   B.moved forward
C.climbed to the top   D.accepted the friends
34.What do we know about the worst part of the climb?
A.Melody gave Jean words of encouragement.
B.Jean waited patiently for Seth to catch up.
C.It was dirty and dangerous.
D.Jean had the first try.
Today's children are the “result” of the modern society. Our parents have jobs that keep them busy almost all day long. They only have a free day in a week. This doesn't allow them to keep an eye on their children.
On the other hand, the modern society gives more freedom to the children than they could “handle”. As a child, you don't know how to grow up by yourself until you reach a certain age. That is why you need school and parents to be by your side all the time. If you don't have either of them you may make a lot of mistakes. The social system of the modern society is very lenient especially with the children.
Most of the children today are rebels (叛逆者). They are rude. They are given too much freedom by their families. This is their parent's mistake. They ought to know that the freedom they give to their children is misunderstood.
For example, it is a bad thing for a 17­year­old child to go out in the evening on weekends. Parents are also guilty of the way their children show up in the street or at school. The same guilt belongs to the teaching system as well. Pupils shouldn't be allowed to dress like they were on a fashion presentation at school.
Another important fact we can think of regarding the freedom of children is their free will of spending money. Parents shouldn't allow their children to spend money on whatever they want.
I think children are given too much freedom not only by their parents, but also by the society. The latter is more to be blamed!
35. The writer implies that parents' busy lifestyle ________.
A.makes their children become independent
B.may lead to a tense parent­child relationship
C.is harmful to their children's health
D.is likely to create a troubled generation
36.What does the underlined word “lenient”  in Paragraph 2 mean?
A.Not responsible.   B.Not strict.
C.Unkind.   D.Unfair.
37.It seems that the writer agrees that students ________.
A.should stay at home on weekends
B.can wear trendy clothes at school
C.had better wear school uniform at school
D.can be allowed to go out in the evenings
38.According to the writer, which of the following takes the primary responsibility for children's problems?
A.The social environment.   B.The educational system.
C.Each family.   D.The school.
Do you remember what happened on SpongeBob Square Pants yesterday?  The day before? If so, you may be in need of a TV timeout!
Kids today are watching more TV than they watched before, researchers say. Kids ages 6 to 11 in the United States watch more than three hours of TV each day. Ten years ago, children watched only about two hours and 40 minutes of TV each day.
Why the increase? Experts (专家)say more TV shows today are focused,_or aimed, at kids.
Some people want to limit (限制) kids' TV time. Researchers say that children who watch TV shows for more than three hours a day do  not do as well in school. However, some programs can help kids learn. One example is BrainSurge.  Some people say the show teaches kids facts.
How do you know whether a TV show can make you smart? Think about what you learn from watching, says Aletha Huston. She is a TV expert. But, she warns, don't spend too much time watching. “Limit the amount you  watch. Get off the couch and do something else.”
TV Guide
This pie chart (饼状图) shows how long kids ages 6-11 use different types of TV technology each week.
39.The underlined word “focused” can be replaced by ________.
A.aimed   B.unusual  C.suitable   D.pleasant
40.What is the main idea of the text?
A.BrainSurge helps kids learn facts.
B.Kids do not watch proper TV shows.
C.Kids today watch more TV than they did before.
D.More TV shows today are created for kids ages 6-11.
41.According to the pie chart, kids spend the least time using________.
A.Video games   B.VCR  C.DVD  D.TV
42.How many kinds of TV technology are mentioned in the chart?
A.Three.   B.Four.   C.Five.   D.Six.
Watching news about the environment on TV can be sad. The problems seem so big that it's difficult to imagine how one single person can do anything about them. Rebecca Hosking, however, thought differently.
Rebecca is a wildlife camerawoman and she was filming a documentary (纪录片) for the BBC in the Pacific Ocean when she saw something that made her cry — hundreds of birds that had died because they had accidentally eaten the plastic that was thrown into the sea. Beaches on Pacific islands that should have been the most beautiful places in the world were covered with plastic toys, drinks bottles, pens — every plastic thing you can think of.
Rebecca decided she had to do something. Back at home she thought about what she could do to help solve the problem of plastic. In her hometown of Modbury, she asked local shopkeepers to stop using plastic bags in their shops.
Plastic bags are used everywhere in Britain — every supermarket, every shop. The numbers are amazing. Britain uses nearly 17 billion plastic bags each year. And the bags can take hundreds of years to break down because they are chemical rather than natural so each year the sea and the environment become more and more polluted.
To Rebecca's surprise, the shopkeepers agreed and Modbury became the first plastic bag free town in Britain. Instead, shops offered cotton bags.
Other towns followed Modbury's example and towns around Britain and around the world are becoming plastic bag free. It won't solve all of the world's environmental problems, but it shows that people are becoming active and starting to think about how the little things in their daily lives can have a big influence. It also shows us that there is something we can do and that one person can make a big change with a strong enough belief.
43.What do we know about Rebecca?
A.She owns a shop.   B.She works as a reporter.
C.She makes videos of wildlife.   D.She organized an environmental group.
44.At first, Rebecca thought to persuade the shopkeepers to stop using plastic bags would be ________.
A.a piece of cake  B.hard   C.impossible   D.a waste of time
45.We can learn from the text that________.
A.small actions may have great importance
B.some shops in Modbury are still offering plastic bags
C.plastic bags may take thousands of years to break down
D.some birds in the Pacific Ocean are fond of eating plastic
46.Which of the following can be the best title of the text?
A.The Plastic Pollution   B.The Shopkeepers' Contributions
C.The Bag Lady   D.Life of Sea Animals
 The Gen­90s are coming!
Wearing earphones, using complicated Net language and constantly text­messaging friends, the Gen­90s following the Gen­80s begin to make their world debut(亮相).
Each generation or age group has its own symbols and lifestyle. Read on and judge yourselves if you fit the Gen­90s profile.
These little devices seem to grow on the heads of the Gen­90s. They might give these young people a plugged­in, cool and perhaps self­indulgent look. Of course, life is not always music to the ears.
Martian Language
They have created their own code­like online language. It's a mixture of English, Japanese and Chinese that perhaps only Martians can understand.
This is an imaginative generation, though they need to be careful to keep it out of their term papers.
Saying “cheese” to their own digital cameras is common for this generation. A little bit of narcissism(自恋)never hurts anyone. It helps them reflect a little on their own lives. But be aware of the risks of posting private photos online.
They can type as fast as they can speak. This is a generation that respects efficiency. Nevertheless, oral communication is important and will never go out of style.
47.Who are the intended readers of the passage?
A.Teens.   B.Educators.   C.Socialists.   D.Parents.
48.According to the passage, if you belong to the Gen­90s, you will________.
A.just appreciate yourself and ignore others' strengths
B.have your own symbols and lifestyle
C.have the same symbols and lifestyle of the Gen­80s
D.like music and dance very much
49.The main idea of the passage is about________.
A.the Gen­90s' happy life
B.the differences between the Gen­80s and the Gen­90s
C.the Gen­90s' unique lifestyle and some practical warnings
D.the similarities between the Gen­80s and the Gen­90s
50.According to this passage, which is FALSE?
A.Not all teens are cautious about posting photos.
B.They can type as fast as they speak.
C.The Gen­90s have a preference for some music players, and even regard them as a necessary part of life.
D.They don't use the cool and complex online language in formal writing.
51.Mike has dreamed about taking a bike trip for a long time, so he ____________________
______________ this afternoon.(buy)
52.____________________________, mother will wait him to have dinner together.(come)
53.When the term is coming to an end, many students _______________________________
54.________________________ sounds right to Helen. That's why she has made up her mind to leave the matter to him.(whatever)
对海伦来说,无论David_说什么听起来都是对的。 这就是为什么她决定把这事留给他。
55.Try the medicine for a week and see if you find ____________________ get to sleep.(easy)
56.______________________, he always sets aside some time for physical exercise.(busy)
57.Bob, it's never too early to start thinking about your career, especially ______________
________________________ and look for a job in this city.(graduate)
Bob, 现在开始考虑你的职业也不为早,特别是当你即将毕业想要在这个城市找份工作时。
58.After ________________________, we finally got the chance to take a bike trip.(graduate)
59.I'm very excited now because I ________________ college tomorrow morning.(leave)
60.He insisted that he wasn't tired and that ______________________ , and I finally had to give in to him.(cycle)
假设你是英国伦敦大学的中国留学生李华。由你负责为在该校就读的20名中国留学生筹划暑假期间为期5天的苏格兰之行。请你给伦敦某旅行社的经理Mr Martin发一封电子邮件,联系有关事宜。要点如下:
Dear Mr Martin,
Yours truly,
  Li Hua

Ⅰ.1.选C 根据After months of hard work 可知,大楼“提前(ahead of schedule)”竣工了。journey“旅行”;distance“距离”;insurance“保险”。
2.选D 根据as long as the house is in good condition可知,“我”不“在乎(care about)”价格。set down “记下”;give away“赠送;泄露”;add up“合计”。
3.选D 打字员在工作方面最重要的是打字速度要快而且准确无误,因此选D,accurately表示“准确地;精确地”。faithfully“忠实地”;actually“实际上”;roughly“粗略地;大概”。
4.选D 根据so he is studying very hard可知,汤姆下定决心要通过考试。determined意为“坚决的;有决心的”,符合题意。excited“激动的;兴奋的”;reliable“可靠的”;upset“心烦意乱的;不安的”。
5.选B 根据but表示转折可知,“我”最终“说服(persuade)”了她。suggest“建议”;support“支持”;organize“组织”。
6.选A 句意:今年吉姆和他的弟弟不再“照常(as usual)”回去过圣诞节,因为他们的父母上个月去世了。in turn“轮流”;at first“首先”;at present“目前”,均不符合语境。
7.选D 考查动词辨析。句意:当在办公室时,他喜欢做点事,而不喜欢无所事事。prefer(sth./doing sth.) to (sth./doing sth.)“喜欢……而不喜欢……,宁愿……而不愿……”。
8.选D 句意:医生们建议老人家不要再抽那么多烟了,但他就是戒不掉。advise sb. not to do sth.“建议某人不要做某事”;persuade强调说服,不合语境。
9.选A 句意:公司的经理告诉我们那是他们的最终决定,我们只好放弃。give in“放弃”,符合句意。give off“发出;散发出”;give back“归还”;give away“赠送;分发”。
10.选A 考查动词辨析。句意:教授在演讲之前组织他的思想,以便于别人能很好地理解他的意思。organize“组织”,其宾语常常是“会议、活动”等;当以one's idea, one's thoughts, oneself作宾语时,其意思是“使思想条理化、打腹稿”。recognize“辨认;辨别”;realize“实现”;advertise“做广告”。
Ⅱ.11.选D 强调方向性,表示“去”,故用to。
12.选A 根据上下文可以判断,这次旅行是令人“感到激动的”,故用excited。
13.选B such as 强调“列举”,for example即for instance,强调“举例说明”。
14.选A “街道两边”用both。
15.选C tourist site指“游览地”。
16.选A 强调Christ Church “也是……”,故用also。
17.选B which引导非限制性定语从句。
18.选C 根据常识可知,一些关于“哈里•波特”的电影。故用films。
19.选D 根据上文的意思,下面要说的是“另一处”给“我”留下深刻印象的地方。
20.选B 抽象意义的“深深地”,常用­ly副词。
21.选B hear about表示 “听说”。
22.选A  下文已提到,伟人的“家乡”,故用hometown。
23.选D 表示“看到……”。
24.选A 上下文已提到“莎士比亚”。
25.选D where引导定语从句。
26.选B 强调“度过”其早年生活。spend含“度过时光”之意。
27.选B 形容词性物主代词its作定语,修饰sitting room, hallway (走廊), bedrooms, and kitchen。
28.选A 以16世纪的“风格”来装饰,用in 16th­century style。
29.选C learn from表示“向……学习”。
30.选C 此处的country指上文提到的England。
31.选C 细节理解题。根据第一段的“a day trip to a beautiful beach village in Peru”和“make the climb to an area around the village”可知,作者他们是在村庄附近爬的山。
32.选B 细节理解题。根据第三段的 “I was soon past the first challenge safely, but not feeling much better about the rest of the climb.”可知。
33.选B 词义猜测题。根据本段中的“必要时,在我身后的朋友托住我的脚,在我前面的朋友搭把手拉我”以及“friends helping me by words and actions”可知,作者开始慢慢有所进展,向着山顶前进。
34.选A 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段的“Melody encouraged me to go on”和“‘You can do it, Jean! I'm right here,’Melody called”可知。
35.选D 推理判断题。第一、二两段指出,孩子成长到一定的年龄才能自立,在此之前,如果没有父母和学校的教育指导,孩子容易犯很多错误,而现代社会,父母都比较忙,无暇给孩子足够的教育,由此可知作者言外之意:这种情况下成长起来的孩子,容易出各种问题。
36.选B 词义猜测题。前文说,现代社会给予孩子的自由太多了,故可知此处是说社会制度对孩子太过于宽容,不够严格,故B项正确。
37.选C 推理判断题。第四段作者说孩子们太过于自由也体现在他们的穿着上,学校不应该允许学生在学校里穿得像时装表演一样,由此可推知作者极可能赞同学生在学校里穿校服。
38.选A 细节理解题。最后作者说给孩子们太多的自由,父母有责任,但社会更有责任,由此可知对于孩子的问题,主要责任在社会环境。
39.选A 词义猜测题。文章作者有时会在稍难的词后对其作补充说明,本文对focus的处理就是常见的一种手法。or后的aimed就是对focused的解释说明。
40.选C 主旨大意题。第一段引出话题,第二段首句是本文的主题句“Kids today are watching more TV than they watched before”,故选C项。
41.选B 图表理解题。孩子们所花时间的顺序为:TV>DVD>Video games>DVR>VCR。
42.选C 细节理解题。从图中可看出一共提到了五种电视技术。
43.选C 细节理解题。根据第二段的“Rebecca is a wildlife camerawoman and she was filming a documentary (纪录片) for the BBC in the Pacific Ocean”可知,她的职业是一名野生生物摄影师。
44.选B 推理判断题。根据第五段的“To Rebecca's surprise, the shopkeeper agreed”可以推断,Rebecca本以为说服店主们很难,没想到,店主们很爽快地答应了。
45.选 A 推理判断题。根据最后一段内容可知,Rebecca发起的不用塑料袋的活动带动了其他很多城市。可见,小举动也可能产生大作用。
46.选C 标题归纳题。文章主要介绍了Rebecca通过自己的行动让她的家乡Modbury成为英国第一个不用塑料袋的城镇。故C选项最准确。
47.选A 推理判断题。由“Read on and judge yourselves if you fit the Gen­90s profile.”中的you可知这一篇文章是写给青少年的。
48.选B 细节判断题。由“Each generation or age group has its own symbols and lifestyle.”可知B项正确。其他三项与文章内容不符。
49.选C 主旨大意题。本文主要介绍了90后独特的生活风尚,并且给出了切实的忠告。
50.选D 细节理解题。由“...though they need to be careful to keep it out of their term papers.”可知,有些孩子把这种网络语言用在了考试中,故D项与文章内容不符。
Ⅳ.51.is buying a new bicycle 52.No matter how late he comes back 53.can't wait for their vacation 54.Whatever David says 55.it (is) easier to 56.However busy he is 57.when you are going to graduate 58.graduating from the university 59.am leaving for 60.we should cycle to work
Dear Mr Martin,
I am a Chinese student in University of London. I have a group of 20 Chinese students who want to take a five­day trip to Scotland during the summer vacation. I'd like you to organise a trip for us.
We would like to travel by coach to get close to nature. We also need a local guide who speaks standard English and knows Scotland well. I would be very grateful if you can work out an itinerary as soon as possible and tell me about our meals, hotels as well as costs. If you have any information, please either email me at lihua@sohu.com   or call me at 020­74018865.
Looking forward to your early reply.
Yours truly,
  Li Hua


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