2017-2018北师大版必修1英语Unit 2 Section Ⅰ Warm-up &; Lesson 1 — Pre-reading (带答案)

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2017-2018北师大版必修1英语Unit 2 Section Ⅰ Warm-up &; Lesson 1 — Pre-reading (带答案)

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 Section_Ⅰ Warm­up & Lesson 1 — Pre­reading
National Hero
China’s first manned spaceship① lifted off② at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, October 15th, 2003 in Jiuquan, Gansu Province③. The spaceship, called Shenzhou Ⅴ④,was carrying China’s first astronaut⑤, Yang Liwei. Yang, who was a pilot in the army⑥,was chosen from 1,500 other army pilots and started training⑦ for his space flight⑧ in 1998.
The launch⑨ was very successful. “When the spaceship was lifting off, I could really feel the high gravity⑩”, said Yang Liwei. “When the spaceship separated⑪ from the rocket⑫,I suddenly got a feeling of soaring⑬ into the sky because of the zero gravity⑭.”
①manned spaceship载人宇宙飞船
②lift off起飞;升空
④过去分词短语作The spaceship的后置定语。
⑦train v.训练,锻炼
⑪separate v.(使)分开,侧重把原来连在一起的东西分隔开来。
divide v.分成,侧重把整体分成若干部分。
⑭because of“因为,由于”,其后跟名词、代词或动名词。
2003年10月15日,星期三上午9点,中国第一艘载人宇宙飞船在甘肃酒泉发射中心升空。这艘名为“神舟五号”的宇宙飞船载着中国第一位宇航员杨利伟飞向太空。杨利伟是从1 500名部队飞行员中挑选出来的,1998年就开始为他的太空飞行接受训练。
During⑮ the 21­hour space flight, the Shenzhou Ⅴ circled⑯ the earth 14 times. While the spaceship was circling the earth for the sixth time⑰,Yang Liwei spoke with ground control in Gansu. He was also able to speak with his wife and 8­year­old⑱ son. Yang Liwei had several tasks to complete⑲ during the flight and only slept in the spaceship for about 3 hours. While he was sleeping, the spaceship circled the earth twice.
When the spaceship was doing its seventh circle⑳,Yang Liwei showed the flags of China and the United Nations○21, ○22expressing the wishes of the Chinese people to explore○23 and use space peacefully○24.
⑮during prep.在……期间
⑯circle vt.环绕,围绕
⑲complete vt.完成;结束
had several tasks to complete中包含动词不定式作定语的用法。
○21the United Nations联合国
peaceful adj.和平的,平静的 peace n.和平
At 6:23 a.m. on October 16th, Yang Liwei landed in Inner Mongolia safely. He told reporters○25 later, “The surface of the spaceship was glowing○26 red when it came back into the earth’s atmosphere○27. When Shenzhou Ⅴ let out ○28 its parachute○29, I felt the ship was shaking○30.” As Yang Liwei returned into the earth’s atmosphere, helicopters○31 were flying to where he would land○32,ready to collect○33 him○34.
Millions of○35 people all over China○36 were watching TV when the spaceship landed safely○37. When Yang Liwei climbed out of○38 the spaceship, he smiled and waved○39 to the crowds waiting for him○40. Yang Liwei was happy to be home but he said, “I thought 21 hours was too short to○41 stay in space.”
○28let out释放
○30shake v.摇动;(使)颤抖
shake one's head摇头 shake hands握手
○32where he would land为where引导的宾语从句,意为“他将着陆的地方”。
○33collect vt.接走
○34形容词短语ready to collect him作状语。
○35millions of数百万 million/'mIljən/num.百万
million, hundred, thousand表示具体数目时不用复数形式。
○36all over China全中国 all over the world全世界
○38climb out of爬出
○40waiting for him作后置定语,表主动意义和动作正在进行。
○41此处并非too ... to ...(太……而不能……)结构。
 Please match the words with their proper meanings.
1.reporter            A.镇静的,沉着的;平静的,无风的
2.violent B.人物;性格
3.atmosphere   C.太空船
4.million D.宇航员
5.spaceship   E.大气,气氛
6.astronaut   F.百万
7.peacefully   G.挥手示意,致意
8.flight   H.慷慨的,大方的
9.explore  I.猛烈的,暴力的
10.wave   J.和平地,平静地
11.generous   K.飞行;航班
12.character   L.探测,勘探
13. calm   M.记者,通讯员
1~5 ________ 6~10 ________ 11~13 ________
答案:1~5 MIEFC 6~10 DJKLG 11~13 HBA
1.Please write down the names of the astronauts.
答案:①Yang Liwei ②Wang Yaping
2.Are they heroes?Do you know them?Please match the people with their main deeds (事迹).
A.led the 1911 revolution and founded the first republic of China
B.won many championships in big badminton events
C.made great contributions to China’s aerospace business
D.face life with a strong will despite her disability
答案:①~④ BCDA
Scan the text and then match the paragraphs with their headings.
Paragraphs     Headings
Para.1   A.Astronaut lands safely
Para.2 B.Welcome home
Para.3   C.Good wishes of Chinese people
Para.4 D.An exciting lift­off
Para.5   E.Introduction
Para.6  F.During the flight 
答案:Para.1~6 EDFCAB
1.Read the text carefully and choose the best answer.
(1)Which of the following is the right order of the text?
①Yang Liwei expressed the wishes of the Chinese people.
②Yang Liwei talked with his son.
③Yang Liwei felt the high gravity.
④Yang Liwei felt zero gravity.
⑤Yang Liwei was trained as an astronaut.
⑥Shenzhou V took off.
⑦Yang Liwei climbed out of the spaceship.
⑧Shenzhou V landed safely.
(2)From the passage we know that________.
A.Yang Liwei wanted to fly in a spaceship again
B.Shenzhou V circled the earth seven times
C.Yang Liwei wished to stay in space longer
D.when Yang Liwei landed, no helicopters were sent to collect him
(3)We can learn from the first paragraph that________.
A.China’s first pilot ever served in the army
B.Shenzhou V carrying Yang flew around the moon
C.Shenzhou V is the first spaceship of China
D.Yang began his space flight on the morning of October 15th, 2003
(4)What is the main idea of the 5th paragraph?
A.Yang Liwei was welcome home.
B.Our national hero returned home safely.
C.Helicopters flew to collect Yang Liwei.
D.Shenzhou V let out its parachute.
答案:(1)~(4) ACDB
2.True (T) or False (F).
①When the spaceship separated from the rocket, Yang could feel the high gravity.__F__
②Yang Liwei spoke with the ground control when the spaceship was circling the earth for the sixth time.__T__
③Shenzhou V can glow red because of the earth’s atmosphere.__T__
④ ...When Yang Liwei was doing his seventh circle, he showed the flags of China and the US, expressing the wishes of Chinese people to explore and use space peacefully.__F__
⑤Yang Liwei felt the ship was shaking when Shenzhou V landed.__F__
Analyze the following difficult sentences in the text.
1.When the spaceship was doing its seventh circle, Yang Liwei showed the flags of China and the United Nations, expressing the wishes of the Chinese people to explore and use space peacefully.
[尝试翻译] 宇宙飞船飞到第七圈时,杨利伟在飞船上展示了中国国旗和联合国国旗,表达了中国人民和平开发、利用太空资源的意愿。
2.As Yang Liwei returned into the earth’s atmosphere, helicopters were flying to where he would land, ready to collect him.

[尝试翻译] 杨利伟返回地球大气层时,直升机已飞向他将着陆的地方,准备迎接他返程。
Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in a rich family. Bill strongly believes in hard work. He believes that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence, you can achieve anything.
From childhood Bill was ambitious, intelligent and competitive. These qualities helped him to achieve the top position in the profession he chose. In school, he had excellent records in mathematics and science. He used to be really bored in school and his parents knew it, so they always tried to feed him with more information to keep him busy. Bill’s parents came to know about their son’s intelligence and decided to send him to a private school, known for its intense academic environment. It was a very important decision for Bill, and it was there that he was introduced to a computer.
Bill Gates and his friends were very much interested in the world of programming and formed “Programmers Group” in 1968. Being in this group, they found a new way to apply their skills in University of Washington. In the next year, they got their first opportunity in an information company, in which they were selected as programmers.
Soon afterwards, Bill and his close friend Allen started a new company of their own — Traf­O­Data. They developed a small computer to measure the traffic flow. From this project they earned around $20,000. The company Traf­O­Data came to an end when Bill left the college. In 1973, he left home for Harvard University. He studied law and mathematics there. He did well there, but he found them boring soon. Within a year, Bill dropped out from Harvard. Then he formed Microsoft.
Bill is a person with big dreams and works very hard to achieve them. His belief in high intelligence and hard work has put him where he is today. He does not believe in luck but just hard work. He likes playing the game of risk and keeping the whole world under control. His beliefs are so powerful, which have helped him increase his wealth and his monopoly (垄断) in the industry.

1.What made Bill Gates so successful?
A.His wealthy family.
B.His intelligence and hard work.
C.His university education.
D.His great luck in life.
解析:选B 推理判断题。综观全文,特别是最后一段第二句,我们可以知道,使Bill Gates走向成功的因素有两个:一是他的聪明才智,二是他的勤奋和努力。
2.Bill’s parents sent him to a private school because ________.
A.that school has computer lessons for students
B.that school is more famous than the others
C.it has a better academic environment
D.Bill didn’t work so hard at the public school
解析:选C 细节理解题。根据第二段的倒数第二句,我们可以知道,比尔的父母之所以要送Bill去那所私立学校,是因为这所学校有着浓厚的学术氛围。
3.Which of the following statements about Bill is TRUE?
A.He dreamed of making more money at university.
B.He didn’t do well in his studies at university.
C.He didn’t get on well with others at university.
D.He didn’t have much interest in university classes.
解析:选D 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段的“In 1973, he left home ... found them boring soon,”我们可以知道,Bill虽然在大学成绩优异,但他无法对所学课程感兴趣。
4.This text mainly tells us about ________.
A.how Bill Gates becomes a success
B.why people admire Bill Gates so much
C.Bill Gates’ family background
D.Bill Gates’ outstanding intelligence
解析:选A 主旨大意题。综合本文的内容,我们可以看出,本文主要讲述的是Bill Gates是如何获得成功的。
Not long ago, few little girls imagined they could grow up to become astronauts. For years in the United States, only men had that opportunity. In 1983, that changed. Sally Ride made history by becoming the first American woman to travel to space.
On Monday, Ride died at the age of 61. “Sally was a national hero and a powerful role model,” President Barack Obama said in a statement. “She inspired generations of young girls to reach for the stars.”
Ride became interested in space when she was a kid. “If you asked me when I was 12 whether I wanted to be an astronaut, I’m sure I would have said yes,” she said in a 2010 interview. “But I didn’t even think about that as a possible career.”
After studying physics in college and graduate school, Ride got her chance. She was accepted into NASA’s astronaut training program in 1978, and then chosen to be the first American female in space. In 1983, she blasted into space aboard the Challenger shuttle. “There is no amusement park ride on the Earth that even comes close,” she said.
Ride returned to space on the Challenger a second time in 1984. Between the two missions, she spent a total of 343 hours in orbit. After that, she remained involved with the space program and also worked to share her passion for science with kids. She co­authored six science books for children, and started her own science education company.
Ride knew that she held a unique place in history. “I realized how important it was for a woman to break that barrier and open the door for other women to be able to do the same exciting things that men had been doing,” she said.
Since Ride’s historic trip, more that 40 other American women have traveled to space. They all had Ride to thank for opening the door to the final frontier.
语篇解读:本文是一篇记叙文,介绍了美国著名的女航天员先驱者Sally Ride的事迹。
5.Sally Ride was regarded as a national hero because she ________.
A.was the first American to travel to space
B.opened a door for women to find jobs suitable for them
C.became the first American female in space
D.was the first to travel on the Challenger
解析:选C 细节理解题。依据全文内容尤其是第一段最后一句可知,Sally Ride被认为是一个民族英雄是因为她是美国第一位进入太空旅行的女航天员。故C项正确。
6.What’s the correct order of the following events that happened to Sally Ride?
a.Was accepted into an astronaut training program
b.Spent a total of 343 hours in orbit
c.Co­authored six science books for children
d.Traveled to space aboard the Challenger
e.Studied physics in college and graduate school
A.e—a—b—c—d     B.a—d—b—c—e
C.e—a—d—b—c   D.e—a—b—d—c
解析:选C 时间排序题。结合文章第四、五段内容可知,C项排序符合事件发生的顺序。
7.The passage mentions the following EXCEPT ________.
A.where Sally Ride was born
B.when Sally Ride made her first trip to space
C.how many science books Ride co­authored for kids
D.what role Ride played in US space history
解析:选A 细节理解题。文章中分别提到Sally Ride第一次进入太空的时间,她与人合著了六本科学书籍的事情以及她在美国航天史上的先驱者作用。只有A项没有提及,故选A项。
8.The passage is most probably taken out of ________.
A.a novel   B.a report
C.a diary   D.an essay
解析:选B 推理判断题。结合本文内容可推知,本文是一篇新闻报道,通过介绍美国著名的女航天员先驱者Sally Ride生前的事迹来纪念她。
Many people in high school cannot wait to go to college and leave their hometowns behind. Questions arise, though, when it comes to all of the decisions involved in choosing a college.
One of the first considerations may be finance. State and public colleges are often the least expensive. Often, though, the better colleges are  private and more expensive. It is sad when gifted students cannot attend a college of their choice just for financial reasons.
Another major factor is location. Whether the college is in a small town or large city can have a major impact on its activities. A water lover probably will be more comfortable spending four years near an ocean or a lake. Those who cannot tolerate heat will probably be more comfortable at a northern college. Distance from home may also come into consideration. If family is a top priority, that person should stay close to home; on the other hand, if independence is desired, a campus farther from home would be more appropriate.
School size also plays a major role in the decision process. If you want to get to know your teachers, a small college is suitable. For those of you who consider yourself a “people_person” and want a wide range of activities, a large college is more fitting. Your area of interest is another factor to consider in the decision­making process if you want to get the most from your education. The whole point of college is to learn what is of interest to you.
Crucially (至关重要地), one must take into consideration the colleges by which you can realistically be accepted. An Ivy League school for an average student would probably not be a good match. Similarly, an average school for an above­average student would not work well. The college should provide enough of a challenge for the student to work hard. Although there may not be the perfect college out there, there probably will be one that is close. Those who cannot find a suitable college are probably not looking hard enough.
9.When it comes to going to college the author thinks ________.
A.students will become homesick
B.students are unwilling to leave their home
C.financial situation is the first to consider
D.students are eager to attend their ideal university
解析:选C 细节理解题。根据文章第二段第一句可知应选C项。
10.What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A.The location of the college is a main factor.
B.A long distance will make students upset.
C.Students can be independent at college.
D.The climate must be taken into consideration.
解析:选A 段落大意题。文章第三段讲述了大学所在城市的地理位置是选择大学的一个主要因素。故选A项。
11.What does the underlined part “people person” in the passage mean?
A.A person of great capacity.
B.A very sociable person.
C.A very particular person.
D.A person of great importance.
解析:选B 词义猜测题。依据画线词所在句中的“want a wide range of activities”可知,画线词所表示的是“想在大学期间参加很多活动的人”,即喜欢社交的人。故选B项。
12.Which is the most important factor when choosing a college?
A.The location of a college.
B.School size.
C.The examination results.
D.The coming challenges.
解析:选C 细节理解题。依据文章尾段的第一句可知,在所有的建议之中,至关重要的是选择大学要现实一点,要考虑到你是否能被这所大学录取,因此要考虑个人的成绩,故选C项。

How to Become a Good Student
Student life is the most important time period for the development of career. __1__ You have to closely follow your teacher’s advice and tips to become a good student. So, let’s start our best tips on how to become a good student.
Pay attention during lecture time. __2__ You should note down important topics in your notebook. This is the best sign of a good student. And it is also important for every great and best student to concentrate on lectures.
__3__ It is impossible for every student to understand any topic at once. They have some questions in their mind while they study any topic. Most of the great students raise their hands to ask questions. You should ask your teacher any topic related questions to solve your doubt.
Do your homework regularly. Generally, every teacher gives some types of homework to all students. It is important to do that homework regularly because it can help you develop good habits and leave a good impression on your teacher. But only doing homework regularly is not enough. __4__
Pack your school bag very well. Preparing for school bag early will save your time as well as make a big impression as a student. __5__ A checklist will prevent any items from being left out. So, it is better to prepare your bag carefully every day.
A.Lecture is important for your learning.
B.Study at least a few days before a test.
C.Raise your hand if you have doubt in study.
D.It is good to review what you have learned that day.
E.It is also recommended to have some checklist of bags items.
F.If you have a good student life, then successful career chances are increased.
G.The writing of your homework must be neat and clean without  any spelling mistake.
答案:1~5 FACGE

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