2017-2018北师大版必修1英语Unit 1 课时跟踪练(五) Communication Workshop Culture Corner &; Bulletin Board (附答案)

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2017-2018北师大版必修1英语Unit 1 课时跟踪练(五) Communication Workshop Culture Corner &; Bulletin Board (附答案)

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课时跟踪练(五) Communication Workshop, Culture Corner
& Bulletin Board
1.My English teacher offered (给予) me some tips on how to learn English.
2.I met my favourite writer on several occasions (场合).
3.I like popular music while my father likes classical (古典的) music.
4.Many of the health workers had no formal (正式的) medical training.
5.It seems that the dress she bought yesterday is in the latest style (样式).
6.The Americans and British not only speak the same language but also share (共享) a large number of social customs.
7.He served (服役) more than 20 years in the army.
8.A survey (调查) conducted in 2014 showed that the car accidents were still increasing at a very high rate.
1.Jenny nearly missed the flight as result of doing too much shopping.as后加a
2.The summer holiday she was looking forward to coming at last.coming→came
3.The students have decided to come up a peaceful solution.up后加with
4.Tom, as well as Jane and Rose, are going to the farm on foot.are→is
5.The media play a important role in influencing people’s opinions.a→an
6.It makes no difference for me whether you go today or tomorrow.for→to
7.Do you like sports?If not, come and play football with us.not→so
8.We must study hard in order to serve for the people better in the future.去掉for
Nowadays computers play_an_important_part/role_in_our_lives.
As_well_as_(being)_an_actor,_Morley was a theatre manager.
He was often late for work. As_a_result,_he was fired.
We have two bicycles for sale at_the_moment.
The fresh air has made_a_difference_to_her_health.
Do you like this sweater? If_so,_take it away.
目前(at the moment),TFBOYS 在青少年中很受欢迎。因此(as a result),他们经常应邀参加一些重大的正式(formal)场合(occasion)。对于他们的成功,不同的人提出了(come up with)不同的观点。有些人认为他们的演唱风格(style)与当年 “小虎队”的很相似,这对他们的走红有很大的影响(make a big difference);也有些人认为他们成功的关键(the key to)是他们的音乐天赋和勤奋努力。当然,帅气的外表也起到了重要作用。
1.Betty is_leaving (leave)for Guangzhou by plane at 3 o’clock this afternoon. Her brother Bob is_seeing (see) her off.
2.I’ll give the book to him as long as he comes (come) back.
3.Lucy was about to go out when someone knocked on her door.
4.The two girls are so alike that strangers find it difficult to tell one from the other.
5.We will_know (know) the result of the state examination tomorrow.
6.When I pushed the door, I found her lying (lie) on the ground.
7.I’d prefer to_work (work) in the office rather than stay (stay) at home watching TV.
8.I couldn’t stand you/your (you) coming home so late all the time.
9.It’s a small informal (formal) party, so you don’t have to dress up.
10.It is reported that the prices of houses in big cities have reduced by 10% recently.
1.If_possible (如果可能的话), I’m going to visit some homes for the old in the city.
2.As_a_result_of_the_heavy_rain (由于大雨), we had to stay at home.
3.They offered_him_a_very_good_job/offered_a_very_good_job_to_him (给他提供了一份很好的工作), but he turned it down.

4.I’m going to complain_to_the_manager_about_this_matter(就这件事向经理投诉).
5.The_more_difficult_the_questions_are (问题越难), the less likely I’ll be able to answer them.
6.He came to ask me what_was_wrong/the_matter_with_my_bike (我的自行车有什么毛病).
7.As_long_as_it_doesn’t_rain (只要不下雨), we can play outside.
8.She has been suffering_from_the_loss_of_memory (患了失忆症) since she had that car accident.
How to achieve a healthy lifestyle
We all know that it is good to live a healthy life. __1__ (live) a healthy life means we should eat healthy food. Yet for many of us keeping a healthy lifestyle is very difficult. Part of this is because we are creatures of habit.
So if you want __2__ (live) a healthy life, you have to change your habits that are not so healthy. In order to feel less tired, you have to replace your habit of sleeping only 4 hours a day with sleeping at least 6 hours a day.
Now when most people decide to live a more healthy life, they try to deal with all of their habits all at once. Take losing weight __3__ example. They go on __4__ quite strict diet, and yes, they do lose weight, sometimes a lot of weight in a short period. But they do not really change their eating habits. So these people often notice they will gain the weight __5__, and more even, once they stop the diet.
And the same holds true for these people. They start exercising in order to lose weight or to overcome a physical problem. Once the weight has been lost or the problem has been overcome, many stop __6__ (exercise). It has not become a habit.
In fact, a lot of people don’t look forward to __7__ (create) these habits, such as eating breakfast, regular physical exercise and enough sleep. People complain these habits are so __8__ (bore) and difficult to achieve that they have __9__ (little) time to spend on things they like to do. So people should change their attitudes first. What if you thought of chocolate as a kind of boring food? What if you thought of physical exercise as something __10__ (relax)?
答案:1.Living 2.to live 3.for 4.a 5.back
6.exercising 7.creating 8.boring 9.less 10.relaxing
All of us know the old saying “Practice make perfect.” It tells us unless we want to realize our aim, we should practice, and one day we will make it. It’s easy to understand. Once I wanted to learn swimming. At first I found difficult to control my body. I just sank into the water. I feel very frightened. Then I watched others who were good at them and asked them the key to succeed. I went to the swimming pool every day, learned from them and practiced. A day, when my friend pushed me into the swimming pool, I sudden found that I could swim. How exciting I was! Now I can swim much more better than before.
第八句:第一个them→it; succeed→success
第十句:A→One; sudden→suddenly
参考词汇:减肥药weight­loss pill 慢跑jogging
I’m sorry to learn that you are upset about being overweight recently.___________________
I’m sorry to learn that you are upset about being overweight recently. I think you should stop taking weight­loss pills in no time because they are harmful to your health. Besides, you need to eat a healthy diet to recover your strength. There are many other ways to lose weight. For example, jogging is quite a popular form of exercise. You may do it in the morning or after supper. Another way is that you can go to the gym regularly, which is also an effective way of losing weight and keeping healthy. In a word, if you insist on exercising, you are sure to have an attractive figure and stay slim and healthy.

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