2017-2018北师大版必修1英语Unit 1 课时跟踪练(二) Warm up &; Lesson 1— Language Points (有答案)

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2017-2018北师大版必修1英语Unit 1 课时跟踪练(二) Warm up &; Lesson 1— Language Points (有答案)

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课时跟踪练(二) Warm up & Lesson 1— Language Points
1.Jack has been to a remote (偏远的) village to do some voluntary work for two months.
2.Don’t respond to any e­mail requesting personal (个人的) information, no matter how official they look.
3.He pretended to be reading an important document (文件) when the boss came in.
4.There was a big storm after midnight (半夜) and the rain poured down.
5.She had to change her lifestyle (生活方式) and eating habits.
6.Moving a new house is a very stressful (紧张的) experience.
7.The documents have been typed into a portable (手提的) computer.
8.My husband loves an exciting life while I enjoy a more peaceful (平静的) one.
9.People are always complaining (抱怨) about the constantly rising prices.
10.The children in that area are in urgent (急迫的) need of medical care.
1.Traveling can broaden our view and it can make us feel relaxing after a long period of studying or working.relaxing→relaxed
2.They are discussing what they should do it next.去掉it
3.Filling with shame, the boy lowered his head, ready for the punishment from his dad.Filling→Filled
4.That will take a long time for her to recover from the illness.That→It
5.He made so rapid progress that before long he began to write articles in English.so→such
6.Zhang Yimou thought Zhou Dongyu was the most suitable person play the role.play前加to
7. Why are you still working on this project? It’s 4 pm; you’re supposing to have finished it by noon.supposing→supposed
8.My brother used to complain me of his boss’s rudeness.me前加to
complain about, at the moment, wake up, take up, switch over, get changed, go off, as soon as
1.He takes_up a pen and writes down his name.
2.I can’t go to the new sports shop with you because I’m as busy as a bee
3.As Mrs. Roosevelt says, I’d rather light a candle than complain_about the darkness.
4.Hurry up or you won’t have time to get_changed.
5.Our neighbor’s car alarm is always going_off in the middle of the night.
6.He always switches_over channels. No one knows what he is interested in.
7.What time do you usually wake_up in the morning?
8.As_soon_as she entered the room, she knew there was something wrong.
A Couch Potato
When Brian Blakey wakes up, he doesn’t get up ①immediately (immediate).He turns on the television and watches ②it until about half­past ten.Then he goes downstairs and switches on the TV in the living room.He often watches TV and if there is a good play on BBC 2, he switches ③over and watches it.He usually switches off the TV at about two o’clock.
He also takes Tina, the dog, for ④a walk every afternoon, but doesn’t go far. He always takes his portable TV and watches it on the stone wall.
He can live this lifestyle ⑤because he has a good wife. He always holds the remote control. He has got the world at his feet.Great!
A Workaholic
Bob Black is sitting at his desk and ⑥working (work) his way through his paperwork. He always gets up early and is always the first person ⑦to_get (get) to the office. He is very busy all day.Every minute of the day is filled ⑧with urgent matters.By around eight o’clock, he usually finds some time to do his own paperwork and answers some personal e­mails.
When he gets home,he looks at some documents ⑨that/which he brings back from the office so that he can be ready for the next day’s work. He seldom has time for fun. His family complains about it. But he will get ⑩bored (bore) if there’s nothing to do.
进入五年级之后,越来越多的作业充斥着(be filled with)我儿子的生活,这使他压力(stressful)很大。尽管(while)我总是第一个(the first to do)起床给他准备早餐,可是他还是老抱怨(complain)我们住的离校太远(far away from)。他每天到校大约花30分钟的时间(It takes sb. ... to do),这会占据(take up)他很多宝贵的时间。看到儿子又累(tired)又烦,我意识到他需要一些放松(relaxing)活动。因此我建议他打开(turn on)MP5听听美妙的音乐或抽出些时间打打篮球。他听了我的意见,很快就适应了(adapt to)这种忙碌的生活。
After_entering_Grade_Five,_my_son’ s_life_was_filled_with_more_
Several days ago, I met a stranger in the street who stopped and asked me directions. I __1__ to show him the way to the destination but to my __2__, he coldly refused my offer. I asked him why. Finally he told me that he was __3__ I would ask him for money if I __4__ him in this way.
Money! I  5  deep into thought. Is it money that comes between us? Money has no __6__; it cannot be __7__ with good or bad.
The problem __8__ what attitude we have towards it.
At present, we have a more __9__ material life than ever before, but we’re becoming more and more __10__. Why? In my opinion, the __11__ is the change in people’s personal __12__. They wrongly believe that __13__ money should be their only aim in life, so they __14__ all sorts of ways they can to __15__ this aim.
They are afraid of being __16__ and fooled. If everyone acts like this, what will our __17__ be like?
Needless to say, money is becoming more and more important in our society, __18__ it shouldn’t be the “be­all and end­all” of life. If a person only concentrates (全神贯注) on __19__, he will be lonely and void (空虚), and even go astray.
It is up to us to make our lives happy, not money. We should try our best to help others __20__ and freely. If everyone does so, our society will be better and better.
1.A.advised        B.offered
C.asked   D.wished
解析:选B offer to do sth.意为“主动提出做某事”。从后文“...he coldly refused my offer.”也可得出答案。
2.A.joy   B.fear
C.excitement   D.surprise
解析:选D “我”主动提出要帮他,但他冷冷地拒绝了,这出乎“我”的意料,因此用surprise。
3.A.anxious   B.glad
C.sorry   D.afraid
解析:选D 此处语境为“他担心’我’会向他要钱”。
4.A.stopped   B.told
C.asked   D.helped
解析:选D 从前文“I __1__ to show him the way to the destination ...”可知此空应填helped。
5.A.fell   B.felt
C.kept   D.caught
解析:选A fall deep into thought意为“陷入沉思”。fell是fall的过去式。
6.A.problem   B.price
C.life   D.use
解析:选A D项有一定的干扰性,从倒数第二段“...money is becoming more and more important in our society ...”可知,作者承认钱是重要的,因此D项不合题意。从下句“...it cannot be __7__ with good or bad.”可知,作者认为问题并不出在钱本身。
7.A.joined   B.judged
C.connected   D.seemed
解析:选C be connected with表示“与……有关”。
8.A.takes in   B.depends on
C.results in   D.suffers from
解析:选B 本段是对第二段的总结。钱本身与好坏无关,问题取决于我们对待钱的态度。
9.A.powerful   B.beautiful
C.plentiful   D.healthy
解析:选C 句意:目前,我们的物质生活比以前更充足了……A项有一定的干扰性,powerful意为“力量大的”,不合题意。
10.A.cold­hearted   B.warm­hearted
C.good­looking   D.easy­going
解析:选A 由转折连词but可知应选A项。物质生活丰富了,但是我们却变得越来越冷漠了。
11.A.key   B.money
C.man   D.matter
解析:选A key在这里的意思是“关键”。

12.A.worth   B.habits
C.stress   D.values
解析:选D 句意:我认为,关键是人们个人价值观的改变。personal values表示“个人价值观”。
13.A.taking   B.costing
C.spending   D.making
解析:选D 这里表示“他们错误地认为赚钱应是他们生活中唯一的目标”。
14.A.think up   B.pick up
C.give off   D.break out
解析:选A think up在这里的意思是“想出”。
15.A.realise   B.recognise
C.take   D.shoot
解析:选A 这里表示“因此他们想尽各种办法来实现这个目标”。realise意为“实现”。
16.A.found   B.discovered
C.cheated   D.followed
解析:选C 从空后的fooled可得出答案。
17.A.health   B.society
C.belief   D.life
解析:选B 通过上下文可以看出,作者在此由个人推及到整个社会,因此B项为最佳答案。
18.A.or   B.but
C.if   D.since
解析:选B 前后两分句为转折关系,故选but。
19.A.life   B.nature
C.society   D.money
解析:选D 整篇文章讲的就是人们对钱的追求,因此选D项。从空后的“he will be lonely and void(空虚), and even go astray”可以得出答案。
20.A.separately   B.obviously
C.absent­mindedly   D.whole­heartedly
解析:选D whole­heartedly意为“全心全意地”。
I live and study in a small town to the south of Jiangsu, and now I am a Senior 3 student. For long time, I’ve been dreaming of studying in a famous university in a big city, such as Beijing, Xi’an and Guangzhou. I often talk with my parent about my dream. But until now they haven’t been agreed with me. They always said that I am just a girl and the only child in the family, so you had better choose a university within the province. I can understand they will certainly feel alone if I leave them. But I really want to experience an exciting and complete different life. I don’t know how I can do to persuade them.
第二句:For后加a; and→or
第五句:said→say; you→I

莲山 课件 w ww.5 Y



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